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Embossed Dapped Ring Tutorial




Once you have determined the design area, place the blank face up on the DecoEmboss die. Close the die on top of the blank.


Place the die between the clear plates on top of the solo shim and platform. Crank it through the machine one time.


To highlight the raised areas of the blank, use the white side of a Metal Reliefing Block. Polish with the light gray side.


Set the embossed blank face up into a large opening on the Wooden Dapping Block. Center the rounded end of dapping punch over your piece. Hammer the top of the punch to start forming center of the blank.


Once the blank is formed, move it over to a smaller opening in the dapping block to create a deeper impression. Dap around the edges of blank and over any creases until you have a smooth rounded shape.


Place a foliage bead cap on a Steel Bench Block and Rubber Dampening Block. Use the flat end of Ball Pein Hammer to completely flatten the bead cap.


Place a Ÿ� nail head rivet on Steel Bench Block. Place the center opening of the diamond trellis filigree face up over the rivet point.


Stack the dapped blank and flattened bead cap onto the rivet over the filigree.


While holding the stacked pieces down tightly, trim the rivet to approximately 1/16� using a Flush Cutter.


While holding the filigree down, use the round end of Ball Pein Hammer to mushroom out and then completely flatten the trimmed rivet.


Rivet should be flat and completely covering the hole of the bead cap, securing the stacked pieces together tightly.


Use the large 8.5mm barrel of Filigree Shaping Pliers near the center of filigree, just below the blank, to start forming and curving it into a ring shape.


Continue to form filigree by moving the pliers down towards the tip. Repeat step 12 and 13 on opposite side to form ring.


Once both sides are curved, use your fingers to lineup and bring the tips together.

Materials: HW0068/ 115246 – 25mm Gear Altered Blank (1) BC160/ 694901 – 8mm Foliage Bead Cap (1) F280/ 694265 – Diamond Trellis Filigree (1) RV010/ 968933 - 1/4 inch Nail Head Rivet (1) Tools: Sizzix BIGkick Machine by Vintaj Sizzix Steampunk Parts DecoEmboss Die by Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block Wood Dapping Block & Punch Steel Bench Block Rubber Dampening Block Ball Pein Hammer Flush Cutter Filigree Shaping Pliers All supplies available at Hobby Lobby stores and their online shop.


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Embossed Dapped Ring Tutorial - Vintaj  

Emboss, relief, dab, and rivet a blank onto a filigree to create a fun altered ring!