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1st Thursday month – Committee meeting at Shantytown 7.30pm 3rd Tuesday month – Morning tea at Shantytown 4th Sunday month – Club Run

Our sympathy is extended to Shirley and the family of the late Athole Keown who was a member of our Branch.

LOCAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS AT A GLANCE 17th December 19th December 13th January 2018 16th January 21st January

20th February 25th February

Meet 5pm 10.00am 10.00am 8.00am onwards Display starts at 10.00am 10.00am TBA by Colin

Christmas & fish & chip night at Shantytown Morning tea, Shantytown A&P Show, Patterson Park, Westport Morning tea, Shantytown Greymouth Rodders Big Boys Toys Display Aratuna Freighters Yard, Greymouth Morning tea, Shantytown Club Run

EVENTS ELSEWHERE I have entry forms for the 2018 Easter Rally to be held at Invercargill. There are members going from here, please contact me for an entry form if you are interested in joining up with them. NOVEMBER CLUB RUN – 26th NOVEMBER I am told that the Club Run to Slab Hut Creek with gold panning organised by Nigel and Steffan McKay was a huge success, many thanks to you both, the day was very much enjoyed by all. Another beautiful day (of course) and back to another lovely lunch at the Ikamatua Hotel. DECEMBER CLUB RUN – 17th DECEMBER You should all have received an email or had a phone call from one of Colin’s ringers about this weekends Christmas function at Shantytown. Don’t forget a gift from each person (value up to $10 each) for Santa to distribute.

See you all there…………………

I have received an email from Bev Thompson inviting anyone interested to take their cars up to the Westport A&P Show on 13th January. Anyone who would like to go up, give us a ring and we could work on it.

Notes from National Office If you have a Vodafone email address, please let me know your new address. Also to those who have already notified me of their new addresses, could you please let Julie at National Office know at The ones that are closing down through Vodafone changes are as follows … Please keep in mind that if you have other changes eg. address, phone/s, could you inform her as well as me, this is to keep the Club database up to date. The VCC Vero Insurance scheme is set up for those with current VCC membership. If you intend to resign, please contact me or Vero Insurance. The estate of the late Graham Hunter is being prepared for sale. Roger Devlin is helping the family with this and he states that there is a quantity of radiators, springs, vintage “stuff” etc to be sold. Contact Roger for info. The following is a letter from Diane Quarrie our National President … VERO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF HISTORIC MOTORING – NEW PLYMOUTH 2021 As I mentioned in my recent Beaded Wheels column, the Management Committee is fully committed to this event going ahead. I am therefore pleased to advise that Tony Haycock has been appointed as Festival Director. The Management Committee will be having a more hands-on role with the 2021 event, hence the appointment of a Management Committee member as the Director. Although Tony is currently National Speed Steward and is well known for his travel and journalist endeavours, in another life Tony has experience in event management and recently has been involved in organising major motoring events for overseas clubs.

We have taken on board the concerns and comments from many members about the future of our International Rallies and Tony has come up with a new concept (see below) which is exciting and innovative and I have no doubt that with Tony’s enthusiasm and experience it will be a very successful event for our Club. Diane Quarrie National President

Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring - New Plymouth 2021 - A new beginning and whole new concept for our premier International event. Forget everything you thought you knew about VCC International rallies. For 2021 we have a totally new concept for a totally new style of rally. Shorter, sharper and more bang for your buck. This is THE old car, bike and truck event you will not want to miss. I can promise you a week of motoring, entertainment and activities, the likes of which you have never We start the Festival with a massed arrival in New Plymouth on Sunday afternoon from the north and south, so you have the weekend to get there. We will then have four motoring days Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So, what's happening on Wednesday? You might be thinking you can have a day off, and if you want to you can but I don't think you will want to and I'll explain why shortly. The four motoring days will see all entrants on the same route. If some of us are going to Hawera on day X, we all are. You will get to see all the cars, the trucks and the bikes, every day. No more travelling with the same group of vehicles every day while the other 4/5th of the rally has gone somewhere else - your mates included. Until now, there have been no National Rallies in the same year as an International. 2021 will be very different. Wednesday will see the National Veteran, Motorcycle and Commercial rallies taking place. For the other VCC categories which currently do not have a National rally, don't worry – there will be something for you too. Rally headquarters will be the heart of the Festival and there will be good food, good drink, and plenty of entertainment right there - the ideal way to sit down with friends after a great day of motoring to tell lies about what you have been up to. At the same time, the New Plymouth Festival of Lights will be taking place at Pukekura Park, and this world-renowned spectacle is both free, and only a couple of minutes walk from HQ . The public display will be a twilight event, and Friday night will see the final function, giving everyone the weekend to get back home for work. The proposed date at this stage is 17th to 23rd January 2021. The new format is something which has never been done by the VCC before and is the result of listening to comments from members and previous rally entrants over several years. It will be a gathering of the most diverse range of New Zealand and overseas motoring heritage ever to have been assembled in one place. Tony Haycock Festival Director

Don’t forget to mark 17th March 2018 on your calendar. This is the date of our Scenicland Coal Trail Rally.

We are wanting as many local vehicles as possible to take part.

We are receiving enquiries from Wellington to Bluff.


PLEASE NOTE – If it is not suitable to you to use your Club eligible vehicle on the Branch runs, you are more than welcome to come along in your modern as we welcome your company. You can go online to to read the current Branch magazines. On the home page you will see News from the Branches on the left. Click on that and you have access to magazines from other regions.

The Vintage Car Club of NZ is now on Facebook for those who are interested

VCC DISCOUNTS OF COOK STRAIGHT FERRIES – QUOTE… BLUEBRIDGE – Discount Code “Antiquecar” Valid until 30 June 2018 THE INTERISLANDER – Booking Reference “WH5465 Valid to 18 December 2018 For details and conditions refer to the VCC of NZ Website or your local Secretary

SERVICE BADGES – To those members who are nearing 25, 35 or 50 years membership, please contact Membership officer David Campbell. You are entitled to a service badge for your continued membership. Check out the date you joined the Vintage Car Club.

NAME BADGES – Also, please contact David Campbell if you would like a name badge. The Branch supplies your first one.

VIC FORMS - A reminder to all members who have VIC cards that are due to expire, you will receive a personalised RENEWAL FORM from the National Office at least three months before the due date. You cannot download a form off the internet. They are personalised for each individual vehicle.

VERO INSURANCE - If you take your Insurance out with VERO they will then pay the Branch a small Commission which helps with Branch finances. Please note that when applying for Insurance cover with VERO you must quote the Branch number which is 36 plus your membership number. Also you are reminded that this scheme is set up for financial members only.

Seasons greetings to everyone, safe motoring and good health for the New Year. From Chairman Allan and the Committee (Scroll down for photos of the gold panning club run).

West Coast VCC December 2017  
West Coast VCC December 2017