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April 2018 The RADIATOR CAP

Our ever popular swapmeet 2018

Wellsford—Warkworth VCC Club


Anne Richardson

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Neil Cremer (Lucy )

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Frances Ross

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Jeanette Lloyd (George )

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Anne Hamilton (Doug )

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John Duffy

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Frances Ross

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James Lawrie (Gloria )

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Neil Cremer

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Chris Harvey (Annette ) HEALTH & SAFETY

Denis Martin

09 4222662 425 0259 VEHICLE ID.

James Lawrie

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Dave Oliver

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Frances Ross

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Denis Martin

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George Lloyd

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Chris Harvey

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Leon Salt (Brendda)

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Denis Martin

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Brendda Salt

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Sheryl Martin (Denis)

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Magazine deadline 23rd of the month

(The opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the view of the branch).

BRANCH ADDRESS P O Box 547 WARKWORTH 0941 VERO: Agency No: 0300159 Free phone: 0800 658411


Chairman’s Report April 2018: Thanks to all those who assisted in making this year’s Swap Meet successful. The profit after expenses was $2,967. At our recent monthly meeting we reviewed the way we operate the Swap Meet and agreed upon some improvements, particularly in communicating what items specific stall holders have for sale. These will require further help from members and an extension to the roster. This year we had 37 Stall holders, which is the highest number since we’ve been on Satellite Station Rd. The weather also helped ensure the event was well supported. We could not have ordered better weather. Our March Club Night was well attended. We joined Doug and Anne Hamilton in giving a slideshow and report of our London-Brighton adventure with all its highlights and disappointments. Sixteen cars entered the “Are We There Yet?” Rally. This year’s winners for the Mike Brown Memorial Trophy were Paul and Debbie Hodder, Brian and Viv Guest took second place while Grant and Sharon Stott shared third place with Dennis and Anne McDonald. The rally took us along backroads to Waiotira then a little further north to the lunch stop at the home of Lloyd and Rosalie McCullough where we enjoyed their extensive 2.5 acres of garden and Rosalie’s many ceramic creations, some of which were purchased by participants. The weather could not have been better. Rain earlier in the week had settled the dust perfectly enabling everyone to finish almost as clean as they had started. Views over Bream Bay during the afternoon run were spectacular. Unfortunately, one instruction fell off the page when the final route was being published but everyone took this in their stride and were soon back on course. The event was the first club event for James and Gloria’s 1937 Chrysler Convertible Coupe. Regrettably, the coffee and cleaning morning saw only two members turn up to clean the clubrooms. It was also found that the barbeque had not been cleaned following Club Night which meant a lot of work for just two people. Please, if you are free, help with this monthly clean-up. Many hands make light work. Notice of our AGM appears in this newsletter, together with nomination forms. Nominations will also be taken at the meeting which will be held at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 17 May at the clubrooms. Please consider joining the committee and sharing in the decisions that need to be made. Happy motoring


Welcome to new members: Murray Dingle: 1947 Ford Mercury Coupe 1970 Ford Cortina GT 1974 Ford Capri GXL 3000 Ray and Raewyn Spick: 1970 Morris 1100 Saloon BMW Isetta M3 Brett and Christine Houston: 1934 Chevrolet

Our branch now has 127 members.


Club Captain’s Report.

Since the last report there have been 2 main events. The Swapmeet was held in good weather with reliable volunteers. Many thanks. I am sure Leon will cover more in his report. The Hamiltons and Salts entertained a good cohort of members on the London to Brighton Rally last November. Thank you for all your effort. The “Are We There Yet” rally was held over one day this year. Leon and Brendda’s route was mainly off the tarseal, and over ground many of us had not driven before. Lunch was at a homestead full of pottery made by the owner in a garden full of charm. We finished at the Salt home for tea and cakes. Thank you to Leon and Brendda for a great day. There were 11 competitors and 5 non competitors. It was great to see the Lawrie Chrysler out on the road. Paul and Debbie Hodder were the winners. The picnic was at Sullivans Bay and although there was some doubt about the weather, it was fine and dry. There were 5 eligible cars and 12 people. I think there would have been more if the forecasters had been more accurate! The committee discussed the programme for this year, and agreed that we would have 2 twilight runs because they are so popular. So our April Sunday -April 29 – will Start in the Warkworth Wharf at 4.00pm with a briefing at 3.45, ending at the Salty Dog, Snells Beach at 5.30 for 6.00 for a meal. Orders will be taken before the start as usual. The route is all tarseal, and covers local views of the changes in the Warkworth area. May 20 will be the Triple Combined Rally, starting at North Shore Club rooms and finishing at Our Clubrooms. More information next month. As hosts at the finish we will need to provide tea and cakes, volunteers please. Our last picnic of the season will be on April 4 at the Parking area by the lagoon in the Tawharanui Regional Park. Franz has put together the programme for the winter Cafes, they are published elsewhere in this newsletter. th



Finally, the National Daffodil Rally for Cancer is not until August, but once the plan of action has been agreed with North Shore, I will be starting to look for volunteers to help. It is vital that we are able to have enough people to make the day run smoothly, so that the public see a well run organisation they may wish to join, and we raise lots of money. Happy and Safe Motoring Anne Richardson and team.


Fruit Tray Bake Ingredients 2 to 3 Peaches, halved, stoned and thickly sliced. Or any stone fruit 1 cup Caster sugar 150 g Butter, softened 1¼ cups Plain flour 2 tsp Baking powder 1 pinch Salt 2 Eggs, lightly beaten 125 ml Milk, at room temperature ½ tsp Vanilla extract, or vanilla bean paste 1 Lemon, use the zest only (finely grated) ½ cup Ground almonds Directions Heat the oven to 180C. Grease and line a 20cm square cake tin. Place the sliced peaches in a bowl and mix with 2 tablespoons of the measured caster sugar. Cream the butter and remaining caster sugar until light and creamy. Sift together the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Combine the eggs, milk and vanilla extract. Sift flour once more over the butter mixture and fold in with the egg mixture and the lemon zest. Your cake mixture should be of soft dropping consistency. Place in the prepared tin, then sprinkle over the ground almonds. Arrange the sliced peaches on top. Place in the oven and bake for 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. Remove from the oven and leave for 15 minutes before removing from the tin. Serve warm with yoghurt or whipped cream. Also very good eaten on its own. Recipe made for ‘workers’ at Swap Meet” - thank you Phylippa.


BRANCH PHOTOS; VIC PHOTOS; Vehicle identification Certificate photos need to be 90mm x 130mm. Please ensure that you take a

frontal three-quarter view, i.e. must include the front of the vehicle plus down one side, and remember the number plate needs to be legible. Also, ensure that the car doesn’t go to the edges of the photo. You need 3 copies. Please note that these photos are an integral part of the V.I.C. which is a legal document, as the NZ Govt now regard the VCC as “The Historical Vehicle Authority of NZ.”.



2018 Committee Nomination Form I nominate: _____________________________________ For the position of: _______________________________

Proposer: ____________________________ Date: ______________ Seconder: ____________________________ Date: ______________ Nominee: I accept nomination for the above position.

Thanks to host Rosemary

Signature: ____________________________ Date: ______________

Completed nomination forms may be mailed to: The Secretary, Wellsford/Warkworth VCC P.O. Box 547, Warkworth 0941 To arrive before 17 May 2018. Nominations will also be accepted at the AGM Elected positions include: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, at least four committee members. Other roles to be decided at the AGM include: Editor, Librarian, Beaded Wheels reporter, Vehicle ID advisor, Motorcycle Rep, Delegate, Health and Safety Officer, Liaison Officers.

Annual General Meeting Agenda 17 May 2018 Apologies: Minutes of 2017 AGM Matters Arising: Chairman’s Report: Treasurer’s Report: Election of Officers: General Business: The AGM will be followed by the May monthly meeting 7 of the Committee.

Notes from the National Executive Meeting


24 March 2018

This was a very full meeting, extending past 5.00 p.m. which is unusual these days. A full report will be provided to the committee and emailed around branch members with the minutes of the April monthly meeting. The Management Committee has asked that Julie be advised where possible of the reasons for members resigning or discontinuing membership. Julie will tabulate this data. In the past, Julie has allowed 10 months for members who have over-looked paying their membership sub to make payment so as to preserve their continuous membership status for the purposes of 25, 35 and 50 year badges. As the March Executive Meeting is where the membership for the year is accepted, it was agreed that this will now be the cut-off date for late payment of subs. VERO is in the process of contacting former VCC members insured with them to advise them of their change of insurance status and premiums. The Club’s VERO profit share from members’ insurance this year totalled $28,896.00. This is over and above the commission paid to each branch. Management Committee member, Tony Bartlett has taken on responsibility to draft a Code of Conduct for the club. The National President hopes to have a draft Branch Constitution template available for discussion at the August meeting. There is a lack of interest in hosting National Easter Rallies and, it would seem, a lack of interest in attending them. The South Island Easter Rally this year has 125 entries while the North Island event has just 66 – similar to the number we had. It was agreed by the meeting that participants can only enter one category of a rally, eg.. they cannot enter both the commercial and vintage categories. The limitation which excludes vehicles with a VIC classification of B5 from entering National and International events is to be removed (Section 21C of the Branch Manual). Branches reported continuing issues with vehicle certifiers and those issuing warrants of fitness. Two conflicting notices of motion were discussed relating to removing the ambiguity around the P1980V category. It is over to the proposers whether both or either proceed. Discussion of the Daffodil Day Rally for Cancer highlighted the need for the Club to have a high profile on the day. This year there will be a more concerted marketing effort. The event is to be as inclusive as possible and open to all members of the public. Several branches outlined how their event was run last year. Tony Haycock gave a progress report on the 2021 International Rally in New Plymouth. The event will be shorter than it has been in the past. All vehicles entered will start from the same venue each day and finish at the same venue also, although different categories will have different rally routes. Many of the support crew of the Taranaki Americana Cruise which had 850 vehicles this year have expressed a willingness to help. The Rally centre will be the New Plymouth Racecourse, just 5 minutes from Pukeora Park which will be the venue for the Festival of Lights running at the same time. There will be an early bird entry form offered. 35 out of the 36 VCC Branches now have their monthly newsletters available on the VCC website for anyone to view. The Club’s facebook page now has 874 followers. Hawkes Bay Branch will be hosting the August National Executive and Annual General Meetings in Napier from 3 – 5 August.


Pictured above is the new updated club badge It will have a polished metal surround The cost will be $15 per badge for either pin or magnet To place an order for one please contact: Sheryl Martin at or phone 09 4250259 or 021 2374032 When ordering please check that your name is spelt correctly and you have specified pin or magnet

Orders by 20 April please. Payment on receipt of badge 9

30 Mar – 1 Apr: National North Island Easter Rally – Waikato Branch 4 April: Mid-week picnic - Tawharanui 12 April Club Night from 5.30 p.m. BYO BBQ and a salad to share. At the clubrooms, Satellite Station Rd. 22 April: North Shore Branch Northern Raid 18 April: Clubrooms Coffee and Cleaning morning – 10.00 a.m. at the clubrooms 19 April: Club Committee meeting 29 April: Twilight Run. Meet at 3.45 p.m. at the wharf in Warkworth. Orders for dinner at the Salty Dog will be taken before the start of the run. 2 May: 10 May: 16 May: 17 May 20 May

Mid-week Café Run Club Night – Rally rules and terminology evening Clubrooms Coffee and cleaning morning AGM and Committee meeting Triple Combined Rally

6 June: 14 June: 20 June: 21 June:

Mid-week Café Run Club Night Clubrooms Coffee and Cleaning morning Club Committee Meeting

4 July: Mid-week Café Run 7 – 8 July: Winter Woollies Wander. Starting at Matakohe, ending in Warkworth


Austin 1100. Complete car. Has not been running for around five years. Garaged. Free to a good home (or any sort of home, really). Contact Ross Hansen on 021 885 138

A few shots from our swapmeet February 2018

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Wellsford Warkworth VCC April 2018  
Wellsford Warkworth VCC April 2018