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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The Wellington Branch Newsletter October 2017

The award winning 1931 Hispano Suiza

59 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2017

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Neale Ryder

If you did not attend September’s Twilight run, you missed out on not only a pleasant run up to Waikanae, but on a really great evening at Norma & Ernies house. Good food, good company & an amazing view. I think we will be going back again some time if we can. Coming up is the "Heritage Rally", which looks to have the potential for us to learn a bit more about our local environment. While the concept of the Heritage rally is to encourage the use of Vintage & Veteran type vehicles (pre 1931) all are welcome to attend. Of course our main event for the year is coming up, the "November Rally". This year the rally on Saturday has no entry fee, & currently fuel prices are cheaper in the Wairarapa than in Wellington. Add in the scenic roads you will travel over, along with less traffic why wouldn't you enter. You can be competitive or not, its up to you. One trophy that seems to have been forgotten about is the "Posh Attire" award, donated by Fred & Elizabeth Smits. How about a bit of effort for this, you don't have to do an exam to be in the running, just dress to suit your vehicle. I'm sure Fred & Elizabeth would love to see a few photos of well dressed entrants. Saturday night’s dinner will see the presentation of a 50 year membership award, quite an achievement. Sunday is our display day at Queens Wharf. You don't need to have entered the Saturday rally in order to attend this, which should be a great day out showing the people of Wellington what we are all about. So try to stay around the cars for at least part of the day to talk to interested passers by, any one of them could be a potential new member. Also you will need to bring along something to put under the car just in case it decides to mark its territory. Regards

Neale 3


Bill Pinkham

Another month has sneaked by. My neighbourhood is now looking a bit better and I can once again drive into my driveway after over a month of having to park somewhere down the road as the road was fenced off and a great big hole in it while the sewer and storm water were being replaced. Twilight rally. The one I didn’t really do, but did end up at Ernie and Norma’s Waikanae home for the end of rally gathering and to see the sun sink into Kapiti Island. I found the Club night speaker to be interesting, talking about his efforts to build a PassiveHaus (Passive House) This came at an interesting time for me as I had recently attended a lecture on Passive Energy in commercial buildings in the northern hemisphere, where there are buildings that have no conventional heating systems as we know them but they survive the harsh winters of places like Helsinki. They do this simply by use of natural heat sources, ie the sun and the earth, combined with super insulation and thermal mass. Summer getting closer, the temperatures are rising slowly, all we need is for the rain to stop. There is a busy time coming up with the Heritage Rally weekend, the Christchurch and Manawatu Swap meets, a special General meeting, and 60th November Rally combined with a display at Queens Wharf and in there somewhere, I have to squeeze in a few days holiday in the sun.

See you all at the next club night and don’t forget the November dinner.



Claire Benge

This has been a busy month with notices of up and coming rallies, extra contributions, and last minute news forcing me to reorganise, and delay a couple of articles including the September Club Night talk on ‘the Passive House’, a personal interest of mine , which from all reports was very interesting to you petrol heads as well. My apologies We have a very full couple of months ahead with the Heritage Rally - a change from old buildings, and the November Rally - our 60th - and Display of Vehicles. And the Rain!!!! Lets hope it will stop so that we can enjoy ourselves. And amongst other activities in the past month I have to mention the display of VCC vehicles at the Upper Hutt Spring Festival. There was a good turn out and we received a $200 donation from the Festival organisers. A big thank you to those owners who turned out on a very wet day, and to the Festival organisers for their Donation.


Happy Rallying 4


Michael Curry

DISPLAY OF EARLY PHOTOS FOR 60TH NOVEMBER RALLY! As we celebrate our 60th year I have used the donations to the archive to display our collection of photographs of our inaugural rally from Upper Hutt to Lower Hutt on 22 November 1958. Most of these photos came as 35mm colour slides or 35mm contact prints in black & white. Some of the colour slides required colour correction, which Jane Curry achieved using Photoshop (many thanks Jane!) This display will be expanded during the next year to cover a variety of Branch events over our 60 years.

DONATIONS OF EARLY PHOTOS FOR WELLINGTON BRANCH ARCHIVES! The archive is looking for photographs, slides, negatives and digital images for the Branch records. Please could you look at your records to see if you have images that can be used to enhance our records. These images could be scanned or donated to the archive. Of interest are photos of our annual November Rallies for 1967(10 th), 1979 (21st), 1983 (25th). Also any other Branch event. Almost no photos exist for the years 1960 to 2000. Recent donations included a 8mm movie of the 1959 Mardi Gras at Eastbourne. This will be transferred to digital copy. Also photographs from Robin Simpson and Brian Christensen.

PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS OF OUR 60TH NOVEMBER RALLY FOR THE FUTURE! This year is the 60th Annual Rally, please take some photos with your digital camera or cellphone and they can be uploaded into the Branch computer as this is a big anniversary event that is part of our history.



Richard Davies

Sunday 1st Oct - meet at the Janus Bakery on High Street around 11 am.

The September Sunday Run The day dawned cold and heavily overcast. Three cars took part: Paul in his 1960 Prefect, Phil and Dianne in their 1939 Vauxhall and myself in the 1967 Skoda. We all met outside the Janus Bakery at 11.15 and at Paul’s suggestion we drove to the Petone Settlers Museum on the Esplanade in Petone. We found it quite an interesting little place with much of the history involving early Petone and the Hutt Valley. By about 1.35pm we had all gone.

Richard Davies Welcome to our new club members: Ruth and Adrian Duncan who have recently purchase an Austin 7 Ruby (ex Ross Marbeck). 5

A New Zealand First –

(without Winston!) – Ray Betteridge

In 1931 Hispano-Suiza introduced its first V12 car. The rolling chassis was coach built by coachbuilder Saoutchik with a “Transformable” body and shown at the elite car shows in Paris, London and Geneva. While in Geneva it was purchased by the Shah of Persia who used it as a parade vehicle. The car was eventually sold in the 1950’s to the USA. In 1979 the car was bought by Wellington Branch member, the late Roy Southward. The car had only 20,000kms on the clock and was in poor condition. Roy restored the car with some input from Bristol Motors. After some use, Bristols were engaged in 2000 to rebuild the engine and gearbox. This was the most challenging engine rebuild that Dave Wilkens and Neale Ryder had ever undertaken, with wet liners that had become well attached to the block and many other challenges. In 2011, Roy sold the car to Mark Richter. Mark is also a Wellington branch Member who lives in Wanaka. At this point the car had still only done 24,000kms. In 2012 Mark returned the car to Bristols with instructions to paint it in more attractive colours. This turned into a major body off job with wood and both doors requiring replacement. Since returning to the road in 2013, the Hispano has visited every corner of New Zealand and has clocked up 60,000kms. The car was again returned to Bristols in 2016 and the original leather upholstery repaired, the wheels re-spoked and other cosmetic work like plating attended to. In April this year Mark received an invitation to show the car at Pebble Beach which is the most elite car show in the world. So Bristols were given 8 weeks to bring the car up to the concourse level that this show demands. Dave had made a new hood, with some practical redesigning, that involved 7 layers of fabric to achieve a magnificently finished product. The car was loaded into a container with minutes to spare and shipped to Seattle where Mark and his wife Sonia drove on the “Pre Pebble Beach Tour” of 1700 miles.


At Pebble Beach a team of groomers was engaged to detail the car for show and then Mark and his wife Sonia spent a further day to complete the task.

No serious entrant drives a concourse entry on the open roads and the locals, therefore, did not rate the car at all! The car was awarded the Alec Ulmann Trophy for the “most exciting Hispano-Suiza on show and 1st place in the Pre War European Car section”. There has never been a New Zealand owned and restored car achieve a placing at Pebble Beach let alone a win! The car will stay in America for a year and be toured periodically there by the Richters. This is all a tremendous achievement by respective Wellington Branch Members – the late Roy Southward, David Wilkens, Neale Ryder and Mark Richter.

In brief the 1931 Hispano-Suiza is powered by a 9.41 V12 engine producing 220bhp and capable of 115mph. A CAR FOR EVERYONE’S WISH LIST

COLONIAL CUP and DAFFODIL DAY RALLY From Diane White Sunday 27th September dawned bright and beautiful for the Wellington Annual Colonial Cup Rally. Head Office had decided that the VCC should have a National Donation Day and nominated The Cancer Society Daffodil Donation, but had only given short notice about it. We decided therefore that we would make the Colonial Cup Rally the Daffodil run. We had 16 vehicles at the event and this was only club members. I made cup cakes that were sold for a gold coin donation and this added to the day. (Diane is modest - the cup cakes were beautifully decorated with daffodils made from icing - see photo on back page - Ed.) We had a drive around the Hutt Valley and back to the clubrooms for afternoon tea. No cup cakes were left after the afternoon tea and a great donation of $150.00 was collected for the Cancer Society.

Results Vintage. Peter Keller & Family 1st 1st Overall Hal & Ann O’Rorke 2nd 2nd Overall Terry Mathers & Judy Wood 3rd P60 David & Petal Jolliffe Roger & Diane White Ivan Gardiner

Post War Alastair McCarthy & Angelique Edgley 1st John & Jenny Jackson 2nd Bernie Quin 3rd

1st 3rd Overall 2nd 3rd



Ray Betteridge

In 1928 the Soviet Union had only 20,000 vehicles and a single truck factory, producing International trucks, so they approached Ford with their advanced engineering and manufacturing methods to help (Fords had a reputation for always getting you home). Henry Ford was always in favour of his free market company doing business with communist countries. He was quoted in The New York Times as saying “No matter where industry prospers, whether it be India, China or Russia, all the world is bound to catch some good from it”. Douglas Brinkley notes in his book “Wheels of the World” that Henry Ford believed that the best way to undermine communism was to introduce capitalism. (This currently seems to be the case in China!) All this happened at a time when USA did not formally recognise the USSR in diplomatic negotiations. In 1928, in Dearborn, a contract was signed stipulating that Ford would oversee the construction of a plant at Nizhni near the Volga River to manufacture Model A Fords. In return the USSR agreed to buy 72,000 unassembled cars, trucks and necessary spares perannum over the next 9 years.

Well, Austin got the consolation prize and were contracted to build the plant and associated accommodation for the 50,000 workers and their 250,000 dependants. (It seems Austin cars were not required.) 40,000 comrades were paid $2 a day, mostly peasants with no construction skills or commitment to the task. This caused a massive turnover of staff. But then it would be hard to get excited working in temperatures of at least 22 below zero, ground frost 6ft deep, the river frozen to 4ft deep and a cafeteria that served cabbage soup. The best entertainment the workers had was the waitress who walked along the table tops wiping the tables with a wet rag between her toes.

Concrete aggregate was carried in sacks from barges and the timber was whip sawn on site. American engineers and skilled workers were employed to set up and commission the plant which was named Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod. The Russian Model A’s were hence GAZ-A (cars) and GAZ-AA (trucks). Production started in 1930 and Frank Bennett, the project manager, recalled that “we didn’t get started immediately, it was probably a week or 10 days before we got going. The cars would be put together and maybe miss a part here or there. As a matter of fact it was the first car of it’s kind in the country. My major problem was the workers handling tools, they 8

did not know how to use them. The Russian labourers were slow in comparison with what we do in the USA because they don’t know what to do, when it comes to team work they are not good”. Some cars had hydraulic brakes (not available in USA until 1939), some trucks had International grilles, Chev horns and some Phaetons had AA truck grilles. Sometimes materials were of poor quality and production would stop awaiting supplies. A number of American workers stayed on after the commissioning and became caught in Stalins “Great Terror” and were shot or exiled to Soviet gulags. By the late thirties production of Russian “Fords” was 80-90,000 per year. In all about 985,000 GAZ-AA trucks were built between 1932 and 1950. These were 40 bhp model A powered with a 4 speed box. The early models had a worm drive and were slow! They came in a variety of wheelbases and configurations – 2 axle, 3 axle and track drive. These vehicles gained immortality in the 3 year siege of Leningrad when they transported food across the frozen Lake Lagoda. The GAZ Company is still thriving today. In 2010 they were the third largest auto company and currently employ 40,000 highly skilled workers and provide employment for 400,000 in related industry.

1st GAZ of the line in 1930

GAZ Phaeton – note different radiator surround 9

GAZ Half truck


Trevor Barnes

No report on the September meeting as your scribe was on the Rubber Duckie Tour

Past Events Taranaki Rubber Duckie 16 September: Those attending were Peter Simpson, Warrick Laing, Hal O’Rorke, Paul Switzer, Ashley Blair and Trevor Barnes (six entrants). Paul trailered his 1937 Royal Enfield and provided backup using Peter’s trailer. Just as well, as you shall read. Friday saw us riding to Taranaki for Saturday was rally day, and the Taranaki branch put on the usual good rally, though the numbers were down, at 32 entrants. There were some rain showers (but not soaking wet) as we rode back country roads including the obligatory tunnel and unsealed roads. A huge amount of food was provided at the tea stops and lunch. Not good for the diet eh Hal, but we won’t tell Ann. The results included the following Wellington riders: PV 2nd Paul Switzer, PW 3rd Ashley Blair, P60-P80 2nd Warrick Laing. There were no enroute breakdowns requiring a trailer so the hard luck trophy went to Ian Hubbard, whose Triumph Bonneville would not start after a stormy Friday night in the rain. Rubber Duckie Tour: Sunday 17th – Tuesday 19th September: The planned route headed north to Waitara, via backroads to Whangamomona and the Forgotten World Highway to Taumarunui before heading to Ohakune for the night. Trevor only got 38 km from New Plymouth before the rear tyre went flat, so onto the trailer it went. Some rain but not a bad trip. The Hobbit Motor Lodge had a drying room so next morning the gear was dry and warm. A tyre repair place was located in Ohakune but they were not allowed to remove the wheel from the bike. So Trevor had to do this to the Honda for the first time. With much help from Paul this was achieved and the wheel handed to the guys to put in a new tube. The cause of the flat was found – a shard of bottle glass! Trevor fancies himself as an Art Glass collector but that was definitely not a wanted item. The tyre hole was patched, new tube fitted, the wheel put into the bike and we were off to Waiouru. A few miles on, the Honda motor died. Just a fuse dislodged so away again, and at speed to catch the rest of the riders. Paul pulled away in the backup car only to run out of petrol (as we later discovered). At Waiouru the bikes refuelled and then it was off to a café. Still no Paul, so Peter & Hal set off back towards Ohakune to find him. All good until Hal realised his gear lever had fallen off! After a further wait at the café the others became anxious. Trevor rang Paul to find he was waiting for the AA to bring petrol. Peter or Hal rang Ashley to say they were looking for the gear lever. So Trevor headed back, slowly, to look for the lever. Thankfully Hal & Peter found it at the rail crossing where Hal had last changed gear. We were eventually all back at the café. Lesson to be learned: ensure the backup driver has some rider phone numbers. From there it was over the Gentle Annie to Hastings, a cold but barely wet ride through spectacular scenery. After lunch it was off to Waipukurau via Middle Road. 10

Motorcycle Section cont.

Tuesday saw us riding very enjoyable back roads to Dannevirke then to the Bridge Café. From there the two coast dwellers headed home via the Pahiatua Track while the others went home via the Wild Oats Café (lunch) in Carterton. A smidgen of rail before Masterton but it was otherwise fine.

Coming Events Auckland Motorcycle Rally & Swap Meet: 17-19 November, if anyone is interested. Wairarapa Gold Medal Motorcycle Rally: 25th November according to the national calendar. Wellington Biennial Rally: 25th-28th January: see you all there We are still waiting to hear if Pub Charity will sponsor T shirts. South Island Tour - “Quadruple Bike Pass”: Thu 15th – Sun 25th March I hope all riders have made the up-front payment of $512.00 which was due by the September motorcycle meeting. Next Meeting: October 30th

5th Monday at The Butcher and Brewer, 7:30pm.

OBITUARY - RAYMOND JOHN DUFFELL 25 June 1930 – 8 September 2017 I have known Ray since 1961 when I first met him through the Wellington Car Club. Ray was heavily involved in car club administration and also used equipment that he had developed to time the speed events. Also, a skilled navigator on rallies and trials including National events, Ray’s quiet, unassuming and confident manner made him many friends all over NZ. In later years Ray brought his considerable experience to bear in the administration of very successful NZ International Rallies. Ray was made a Life Member of Wellington Car Club. Ray’s motoring interests then turned to the restoration of vintage vehicles and his meticulous approach and engineering abilities could be seen in the 1928 Austin 7 “Top Hat” saloon that he restored, for which he received the Wellington VCC Branch Colonial Cup restoration award. His engineering knowledge helped with the many challenges faced in the restoration our good friend Dave Barker’s 1923 Delage DI tourer, and our various Crossley cars too. In fact Ray and family were with visiting our family over Easter 1971 and helped in recovery of a trucked 1925 Crossley tourer - restored in time to compete on the 1972 International Rally. A qualified fitter and turner by trade with a Marine Certificate, Ray served his apprenticeship with William Cable from February 1946 then in the Design Office about 1957 until his retirement age of 60. Ray then did a stint at Windsor Engineering, Tawa. He quickly learnt computerised drawing and plan printing for the shop floor workers. His professional design and drafting abilities were well respected by all. With his engineering knowledge any problem was quickly solved in the best possible fashion. I will miss his vast knowledge, lathe skills and help in the future. Ray would help anyone with a problem. Farewell my friend. 11

Alan Pratt


Claire Benge

We met at the clubrooms at 4 pm, in sunshine after a very wet Upper Hutt Spring Festival, for the Twilight Rally. The instructions were peppered with questions which was rather scary but Bruce and I set off resolving to try and concentrate and not let the instructions get in the way of the questions. We zigzagged up the Hutt Valley to Haywards and over to Plimmerton and over the back road past John Kinvig’s workshop and the Cemetery. We were back on SH1 for a short time before diverting at MacKays Crossing and on to the timed section on the old back road to the east side of the railway crossing at Paraparaumu. Right on SH1 briefly to go straight ahead rather than veering right over the railway bridge – the first time I can ever remember doing this. More zig zags to duck back on to SH1 to Waikanae and Ernie and Norma’s house for a glimpse of the sun plunging behind Kapiti Island. The weather held off for us all to barbecue our sausages and share the salads and sweets bought by the ralliers with numbers swollen by Alick Jenner bringing a van load of revellers to join us. Bruce and I must have done something right because look who won :-) . RALLY RESULTS Vintage & Post War Bruce & Claire Benge 1st 1st Overall nd Ray & Tasi Betteridge 2 2nd Overall rd Terry Mathers & Judy Wood 3 P60 John & Jenny Jackson 1st 3rd Overall nd Doug & Carolyn Banks 2 Lyn & Richard Baines 3rd


By Trevor Barnes

I had failed to put the Colonial Cup date on my calendar so when I saw via the National Facebook page that the Wairarapa Branch was holding a run starting in Martinborough I contacted the organiser (Andrew Dittmer) to get the current details. We were to start in the Martinborough Square at 10am. Instructions were issued as entrants donated to the Cancer Society, and many gave much more than the "entry fee". The route was designed to keep off SH2 as far as possible. A number of other car clubs were invited including the Mini Club so there were a lot of interesting vehicles from Vintage onward. Under a clear blue sky about 70 vehicles including three motorcycles set off on the first leg to the Greytown Working Men's Club where the instructions for the next stage were issued. This entailed more back roads to arrive in Carterton by the Carter Statue (Wild Oats Cafe). From there it was via Gladstone to finish in Masterton in "The Farrier" carpark. The stops for new instructions gave a good chance to socialise with old friends and new, as well as reducing the convoying. My congratulations to the organisers for a truly enjoyable social rally. Yes they had some silent checks - I even saw one! But the winner on the day was the Cancer Society. 12


Mike Pattison MG PA 1327

Near the end of my first year at Victoria University I spotted this car sitting under a canvas cover on the side of Grant Road in Thorndon. Having left a message on it asking the owner to contact me, I purchased it for £110 (but paid only 100, promising to return with the rest). A couple of weeks later the Ford Ten engine blew a head gasket so I fitted a replacement and set off into the city in triumph. Unfortunately I had never heard of a torque wrench and the engine expired in a spectacular cloud of steam on the corner by the St George Hotel. I headed home to Hawkes Bay to join a pea harvesting gang, leaving the MG to have another gasket fitted by a local garage before being collected by my father to leave at a garage in Waipukurau for an engine rebuild. I drove it back down to Wellington, taking Old West Road behind Massey University, a back road heavily used by dairy farmers. The limitations of the aluminium cycle guards on the front wheels were demonstrated by the huge clump of cow poo that flew back and covered the sleeve of my thousand acre tweed jacket. I think that the MG cruised at about 50 mph and it proved quite reliable. It was an entertaining little car though replacing spokes and retightening loose ones was routine maintenance. The connection between the Ford engine and the MG four speed box was not the best and mistimed changes without adequate double declutching produced nasty graunches. The PA lived in the carpark at the back of Weir House, with a cream TC and a red J2 as stablemates. The owner of the TC, Gary Plowman, and I tended to drink at the Midland Hotel on Lambton Quay and on more than one occasion the pair of us would race each other up the Terrace , the winner being the first to enter the Weir House driveway.

At the end of the academic year I drove home for another season of pea-harvesting. Robbie Booth had a Wolsley Hornet Six engine at home which he was happy to fit to the MG. Unfortunately the Wolseley had proved to be a couple of inches too long. By this time I had acquired a 1933 AC Acedes. The MG I sold to Al Ross who had also worked the season at Watties and I handed it over to him early one morning outside the factory whereupon he set off to drive back to Auckland. A postscript – some thirty years later I met up with the deputy headmaster at my son’s secondary school. Said I “Peter, I’m sorry to have to confess to still owing you 10 pounds for that MG I bought off you.” His response “no need to be, I was terrified that you were going to want me to take the car back.” 13



Heritage Rally SUNDAY 15th October. Meet 1pm outside Parliament, Molesworth St. Meet at 12:45 for a 1pm start in Molesworth St out side Parliament. Plan is to travel to the Marine Education Centre, Owhiro Bay, then back around the coast and Miramar Peninsula, stopping at a few points of interest finishing at the Chocolate Fish Cafe for afternoon tea. Heritage is more than just old buildings. Lets look at some natural heritage. This run is shorter than usual but what it will be is an interesting trip, to find about Wellington’s South Coast. You may have been on the south coast before but there is always something new to learn. The Taputeranga Marine Reserve is on the South Coast at Island Bay. Hear about why it is there and of some of its features. Having been involved with the setting up and management of the reserve in its beginnings, I have been following the reserves progress since I retired. The Marine Education Centre is the place to see some of the creatures that live on the waters off the south coast. This should be a good trip for the kids as well as adults. Our marine heritage is something that probably does not get a lot of thought as most of it is hidden below the waves. Why was the frigate F69 sunk there and not elsewhere? Why do mussels not grow on the South Coast? What happened after fishing stopped? Do whales and seals visit the south coast? The Marine Education centre know we are coming so let’s have a good turn out. Hopefully the weather will co-operate and we don't face the teeth of a full blown southerly !! Peter Simpson

ADVANCE NOTICE FOR CLUB CAPTAINS SAFARI 19TH, 20TH, 21ST January 2018. We will be doing the Monte Carlo Rally again this year on Friday so that those that wish can join the Whanganui Branch’s Vintage Weekend celebrations on the 20th and 21st January. Accommodation: - Diane has struck a deal with 151 ON LONDON MOTEL for a discount to those who book now and say they are with the VCC Wellington Branch. Only ring the following number - 0800 151 566. If you book any other way you will not get a discount. We are the only ones to book at the moment so let’s be all together at this venue. This is a most enjoyable weekend and not to be missed. Contact Wanganui VCC Branch for details of entry for their Vintage Weekend celebrations. 14

TWILIGHT RALLY FAVORITE POTLUCK RECIPE Broccoli Salad. 2 heads of broccoli cut into small pieces 250 grams streaky bacon chopped and fried A good cup grated cheese 1 small red onion chopped Mix and put in plastic bag in fridge Just before serving make dressing below. Place in bowl and add dressing. Mix well. Mix 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 dessertspoons Red Wine Vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar. (I make it in a jar and give it a good shake before pouring over salad.) Optional Extras 1 cup raisins or sultanas, 1 cup toasted almonds. (cook these in pan after bacon has cooked I always add these. A 75 gram bag of slivered almonds work well), 1 cup sunflower seeds.

Diane White Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or tit bits. Electronic versions are preferred but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the Editor - or arrange by phone with her to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights

This month we have changed the theme of jokes about engineers for Bill Pinkham’s sake (he’s an engineer) to jokes about architects. Now the Editor (a retired architect) is upset but determined to show how fair she can be. A young couple - one an Architect and the other an Engineer - go on a camping trip, set up their tent, and soon fall asleep. Some hours later, the Engineer wakes the Architect and asks: "Look up at the sky and tell me what you see?" The Architect replies, "I see millions of stars." The Engineer asks "What does that tell you?" The Architect ponders for a minute and then says: "Astronomically speaking, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically speaking, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, it's evident the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Why ... what does it tell you?" The Engineer is silent for a moment, and then speaks. "Practically speaking ... it seems selfevident that someone has stolen our tent". 15


60th November Rally

November 1957 was the first vintage car rally in Wellington. The Wellington Vintage Car Club will be having a special rally on Saturday 4th November over in the Wairarapa, with drinks and a dinner at the Clubrooms to commemorate the occasion, and a display of photos from past years decorating the Club Rooms. On Sunday 5th November there will be a display of Club vehicles in Wellington on Queens Wharf from 9.30 to 3pm. All Club Members can enter any of these events.

SATURDAY 4TH NOVEMBER Rally starts at Featherston Fell Engine Shed. 1st car away 9.30am. Lunch is BYO or Café Lunch in Masterton. Dinner & Prize giving 6.30pm at the Club Rooms. You don’t have to go on the Rally to come to the dinner but please fill in an entry form. You can get these from the Rally Secretary, Diane White, see details below

SUNDAY 5TH NOVEMBER Display on Queens Wharf Wellington under the sails. If you want to display your vehicle we have a special form to fill in with information of your vehicle. These will be printed up and laminated to display on your vehicle. Please contact Diane White to get a copy of the form and to register. We would like to see as many vehicles as possible. Diane’s details are: 5636236 or e mail 16


Tasi Betteridge

November Rally Dinner - Saturday 4th November This year there will be no dinner tickets sold. Diane White will take your names from your entry forms for the Rally and keep a record of the numbers attending the dinner from that. Please remember if you are not attending Rally you are still very welcome to attend the dinner – you will need to let Diane know if you are only attending the dinner as the caterers will need to know our numbers – thank you.

Christmas BBQ – December Clubnight – Tuesday 19 December Tickets for this event will be on sale from the October clubnight. $12.00 per head early bird and $15 late bird. To avoid the late bird fee you can “book” a ticket(s) by emailing me on Latebird date: Friday 15 December – (that means if you buy or book a ticket on that date onwards you will be charged $15.00) This year you will be asked to wear your most fabulous designer Christmas glasses. Use your imagination and come with outrageous or wacky or tacky or over the top glasses. $2 shop has frames you can titivate. Great prizes for female and male winner. You will also be asked to bring a wrapped gift of not more than $3 so you have plenty of time to look around and find something suitable. Lots of sales on so go help the local economy and spend up large finding your $3 item!! Supper Roster: All you need to do is turn up to help serve and clean up. Everything is supplied. If you are unavailable on the date given please let Tasi know – thank you. Please check roster for the next four months on the inside back page.

CHILDRENS CHRISTMAS PARTY SUNDAY 26th November 2017 1.00 PM to 3.00PM To be held at the Car Club Rooms - Halford Place, Petone. Plenty of activities for the children and Santa will be along later in the afternoon. Please provide a present for your child clearly named so Santa can read it. (He is getting old you know.) Children up to the age of 12 years old. Presents up to the value of $10.00. $5.00 per child for Bouncy Castle. Please add you name to the list on the notice board or ring before 15th November

Diane White 563 6236 or email If you can help please contact me. I will need help on the 22nd November to decorate the hall and set up. Also help on the craft tables on the day. Also on the 20th December to clean up and pack everything away. Thanks, Diane 17

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Visit to the Boneface Brewery and Dave Turner’s Model Steam & Petrol Engines, Upper Hutt 11 am Meet at the Boneface Brewery for a tour of the Boutique Brewery, Beer Tasting and Platter Lunch. Price $22 per person (pizza, southern fried chicken, cheese platters, brisket & pickles) 1.15 pm Drive to Dave Turners in Pinehaven. The Ladies are welcome to visit at Tasi and Ray Betteridge’s home next door If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday 22 nd October 2017 E-Mail:, Phone (04) 234-1262 or John on 027-4524326 Directions to Boneface Brewery:-Heading North, travel along State Highway 2 (River Road). Do not turn off onto Ferguson Drive but continue on SH2 Turn second right onto Gibbons Street and signposted Upper Hutt City Centre At roundabout, take 2nd exit to stay on Gibbons Street At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Main Street Immediately left onto Ferguson Drive At roundabout, 2nd exit onto Blenheim Street At next roundabout, 2nd exit to stay on Blenheim Street Straight ahead through the gates Through the second set of gates, turn sharp left and Boneface is in the Dunlop Building on the right


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FOR SALE - MORRIS AND BMC PARTS Our neighbour has heaps of Morris Oxford/BMC parts – 50 years worth! 6 x Lucas Regulator cut out & Morris Oxford instruments 1622 cc, 1500 cc Gasket Sets, Lucas Fuel Pumps and new parts, SU Carburettors, Distributors, 1500 Motor Complete, 1600 Motor, 3 4 speed gear boxes, Diff and axles dismantled. Manifolds. Clutches. Starting Motors, Generators and more. Offers Required. Please contact Roger White 5636236.

3/4 18

Advertisements are free and will be repeated four times


Advertisers: please advise editor when items are sold

Storage wanted for up to 3 medium sized cars, preferably in the Hutt Valley but anywhere nearby considered. Please ring Richard on 04 577 0450 4/4 Wanted, a gear lever knob complete with an overdrive switch as fitted to an M G B, please phone John Kinvig 2341262 or 0274 524 326. 2/4 For Sale – 1972 Honda CB350F: Superb condition, very low mileage, just 19,650 miles on clock, which is believed be correct. Original Handbook and tools. A sweet running OHC 4 cylinder which set the sports motorcycle market on its head in the early 70s. Ready to ride and a great addition to any collection. $7,500 Phone Roger 04 5636 236 or email for additional photos. 1/4

Gemac Motor Services 5 Parliament Street, Lower Hutt, 04 589 5483 Ring Gordon for WOF and other work on both vintage and modern vehicles

PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR THIS STOLEN CARAVAN John Rapley, a Horowhenua VCC member, has had his pop-top caravan stolen from his Paraparaumu home over the weekend. Rego is R970S. This van has been especially modified to take his Brabham Formula Junior racing car that was inside it at the time. The white pop-top van is distinguished by its fully opening rear, and a drawbar mounted winch (see attachment). If you spot this anywhere, or hear of race car parts offered, especially Cosworth Ford 1100cc pushrod engine or Hewland gearbox, John's number is 029 902 4862 19

your one stop automotive shop We can offer almost any service required on a motor vehicle and all under one roof. We do complete engine rebuilding.We can service modern, vintage and classic cars, performance and muscle cars, hot rods, micro cars and most importantly, your car. Other services we offer:  Upholstery  Vintage Wooden Bodies Contact us at:

40 Ward Street Upper Hutt Ph/Fax 04 528 2580 20



For details refer to the noticeboard in the Clubrooms or contact the Branch Secretary


See page 18 for contact details We are the company that offers you Total immersion stripping of Car bodies and panels WE TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS Contact: Warren Leslie Phone: (04) 232 6880 Fax: (04) 232 6882 11 Wall Place, Tawa Email:

VERO INSURANCE If you arrange your car and household insurance through Vero, the Wellington Branch gets a commission. Last year it amounted to $2,300.00.


66 Killarney Rd

Apex Auto



0800 10 27 39

FOR HARD TO SOURCE CABLES, BRAKE PARTS OR HOSES Speedo cable, Handbrake cable, Accelerator cable, Choke cable Reline shoes, Cylinder repair Stainless Resleeving, Booster overhaul Brake hoses, Braided hoses, Power steering hoses

Call the Specialists Mention this ad and receive 10% discount BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Bluebridge has notified us of the latest discounts for vehicles on their ferry between Wellington and Picton for Vintage Car Club members as follows: 1 August 2016 to 30 November 2017 The VCC code for discounts is ANTIQUECAR. Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 November 2017. Discounted - 10% off all available fares. Ring 0800 844 844, for conditions NOTE; Warren Corkin, one of our members, reminds us that to get this discount you must present your VCC membership card when you check in on the day of your trip. It is not enough to have quoted it when you booked and paid for the ticket. Also it may not be enough to have booked electronically. You need a printed copy of your electronic booking on the day or you may have to pay again then go

for a refund for the original booking These rules may apply to the Interislander also. BEWARE.

THE INTERISLANDER The Interisland has sent us an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all so we suggest that if you are planning to book from 1 February to 18 December 2017 ring the Interislander for quotes, or click on ‘Group Bookings’ at the foot of their home page www.interislander. To access the VCC rates, insert the reference WH5465 22

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Clubnights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (Eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone at 7:30pm. NOVEMBER

OCTOBER Sunday Run Committee Meeting Heritage Rally Club Night / Entries Close for Annual Rally Kapiti Mid Week Run

1st 9th 15th

Rally Committee Meeting


Motorcycle meeting


17th 25th

Club night supper roster: Jenny and John Jackson

Annual Rally and Dinner Display at Queens Wharf Wellington Sunday Run Committee Meeting Motorcycle meeting Club night Petone Christmas Parade Childrens Christmas Party Rally Committee Meeting Kapiti Mid Week Run

4th 5th 5th 13th 20th 21st 24th 26th 27th 29th

Club night supper roster: Alison and John Kinvig

OCTOBER CLUB NIGHT Peter Chaney will bring along his 1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible; the only one in New Zealand and one of only 276 produced. The most powerful car produced in 1956 with 310bhp-18`6” of pure American muscle. 4 speed auto, electric everything and truckloads of chromium plating. Don’t miss this amazing machine! DECEMBER


Sunday Run


New Year’s Day Picnic


Lake Ferry Run


Sunday Run


Committee meeting


Club night Fun Run


Kapiti Coast Midweek Xmas Party


Club Captain’s Safari


Club night and Motorcycle meeting combine for a Xmas BBQ


Bi-Annual Motorcycle Rally

Club Night Supper Roster: Tasi Betteridge and the Social Committee


27th - 28th

Above: Colin White wields the BBQ tools after the Twilight Rally Left: The table set for afternoon tea for the Colonial Cup Rally and Daffodil Day- Great job Diane! Below: The Hispano Suiza in a very elegant setting during the Pebble Beach Car Show - the most elite Car Show in the world.


Wellington VCC October 2017  
Wellington VCC October 2017