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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The Wellington Branch Newsletter May 2017

Lyn Baines driving the beautiful 1972 Triumph Spitfire talking to the Gymkhana marshals Trevor Barnes and Doug Banks

Riley Concours - The lady participants seem to be attracted to the little 9hp Kestrel in the Lower Buller Gorge

Two Rileys going through Hawkes Crag

59 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2017

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Neale Ryder

Unfortunately Neale was unable to meet the early deadline (because your Editor was heading off to Taranaki for the Maunga Moana Run) but I am sure he would want to remind you of the upcoming rallies The Ladies Rally on 21st May at 1pm at the Club Rooms. Men bring a cake made by themselves The Leprechaun Rally is on 25th June so start blocking off that date And of course the Annual General Meeting is on the normal Club night - 3rd Tuesday of the month - 16th May. It is important that you be there to have your say. Enclosed with your May Newsletter is the Financial Report and the draft amendments to our Branch Constitution for discussion. See you there

Murphy’s other laws: *9. **It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end-to-end, someone from California would be stupid enough to try to pass them.*

NEW MEMBERS Welcome to Wendy Beyer – 78 Main Road, Wainuiomata – 1954 Mk 1 Zephyr 3


Bill Pinkham

Well another month over and the annual Winchester Swap Meet trip is also now history. The trip down on the Friday was long, starting with a 2:30am sailing then the road south. That was a bit of a chore. Following the November earthquake we now have to drive south via Murchison and Springs Junction. Slow with a lot of roadworks requiring numerous stops while machinery moved back and forth. When we were moving we were restricted to 30 and 50 kph speed limits, This road is narrow and was never designed for the use that it is now press ganged into. At one point while approaching yet another set of road works, a lolly pop man clad head to toe in bright coloured wet weather gear emerged from the row of identically coloured road cones. Didn’t see him until he stepped clear of the cones with stop sign in hand. Luckily I was only doing about 25kph. TOO much HiViz stuff out there, and we are getting immune to it. Swap meet was the usual relaxed social affair, and as usual not much purchased. Back to Christchurch for Saturday night and then back north on the Sunday over the same rough narrow roads. Only difference was there were no road crews out on the Sunday, but still a lot of gravel, 30 & 50 kph areas. I feel that it would have been quicker to have driven the Molesworth A welcome break on the outskirts of Blenheim took us into the new section of the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre to look at the WW2 aircraft display, this is just as interesting as the WW1 displays. Not a lot of aircraft in there but very well displayed and the sound effects and lighting make it a very pleasant visit. Check them out on Next time we will have to get there a bit earlier so we can visit the Classic Cars next door. And the final note; Remember to contact the Secretary to get a nomination form for the up coming AGM Bill

Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or tit bits. Electronic versions are preferred but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the Editor - or arrange by phone with her to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights 4


Claire Benge

We have a report this month on the Riley National Rally that was held earlier this year in the top of the South Island. Alastair’s comment about the condition of the roads is extremely interesting to those who have or intend to travel in the next through months. It also brings in mind that the single make clubs get a lot of support around the country, and that maybe we should be involving them in our activities, perhaps send invitations to them for our local rallies. Any feedback would be welcome? And feedback too on the Whangamata Beach Hop which was so enjoyable I wanted to share. While there was a concentration on hot rods, there were many original cars there too, mostly American of course. I hope you enjoy the Dawn Breaker Rally which is becoming really popular. A write up on it next month from a volunteer? Happy motoring



Michael Curry

The November Annual Rally this year will be our 60th. A photo display over the years will be part of this important event. Do you have any photos that we could use to celibrate this anniversary. Please contact me or any other committee member (see inside front page. Thankyou to Brian Christensen for photographs in digital format from the 1958 November Rally. These came from Mrs Christensen’s aunt who was a Senior Nurse at the Hutt Hospital in those days. Michael


MOTORCYCLE SECTION The May Motorcycle Meeting night is after the printing of this newsletter, whereas the April issue of the newsletter was after the April Motorcycle meeting. Thus there is nothing to report. Just in case you forget what a they look like we have found a couple of photos

1954 BSA Goldstar

1909 Harley Davidson Model 5-D (V-Twin)

VCC Wellington Branch – Summary of proposed changes to the Constitution

The proposed update of the 1994 Branch constitution includes changes in the following area: 1) 2) 3)

4) 5) 6)

Modernisation: - Provision is included for electronic communication (clause II (h)), electronic banking (clause IV (e)) and electronic voting (clause X). Financial controls: - More rigor around financial controls and the requirements for obtaining a declaration of tax free status have been added in section XIX. Election of Officers: - To provide flexibility, it is proposed to limit the election of officers to the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Club Captain. Between five and eight committee members will also be elected and other roles and responsibilities will be allocated to these people by the committee (Section VIII). It is proposed to increase the limit of tenure for the Chairman to five years and remove the limit for other office bearers. Discipline: - Reference is made to the newly adopted discipline provisions in the Club Bylaws (Section XXII). Patron: - Formal provisions for appointing a Patron (if thought appropriate) have been added. Minor additions and wording changes: - Our solicitor has made minor additions and word changes to make the constitution more robust. 6


Richard Davies

The March Run Four members met at the usual place - The Janus Bakkerij in High Street Lower Hutt for coffee and a scone at about 11 am. They were Ian and Katrin in their 1929 Chrysler, Bernie in his 1937 Vauxhall, Paul in his 1961 Ford Prefect and Richard in his 196 Simca. Ian suggested Shelly Bay and Bernie added that we could visit Weta Works in Miramar which was jumped at so off we went. After lunch at Shelly Bay we went to the Weta Workshops for a quick look and on to the Roxy Theatre in Miramar. A lot to cram in so we were on our way home at just before 3 pm. Paul had a bit of trouble with his Prefect on the way so we had to leave him at Oriental Bay. We hope he got home safely. The April Country Run A Country Fair was the Sunday run destination this month. The Mangaroa School was approached about two weeks before the day to see if they would like some old cars to be put on display. The lady in charge readily agreed, and Ian McCulloch contacted few other VCC members by email. We arranged to meet at the old petrol station on the corner of Ward Street and Fergusson Drive in Upper Hutt, and arrived at the Country Fair just before 9 am. That gave us until 2.30 pm to enjoy participating in a great day. The participants were varied in both age and models to give the people at the fair an idea of the variety of members; Richard in the 1960 Simca, Ian in his 1925 Oakland, Tony in his 1978 Mercedes Benz. Stewart in hjs 1953 Armstrong Siddely, Martin in his 1930 Model A Ford and Dave in his 1929 Chevrolet Truck: quite a broad variety for the public to see.

This coming month (7 May) meet outside the Janus Bakkerij at 11 am 700 High Street, Lower Hutt (north of the Hutt Hospital). We will have a coffee there and decide where the run is to be, depending on the weather. (some parking out the back off Mitchell Street). 7


David Crooks


David Crooks

A Century Ago cont’d. The first two French tanks of WW1, the medium Schneider CA1 and heavier Saint Charmond were described, with their limitations, in the March issue. A follow up 70 ton superheavy machine, the Char 2 went through prolonged development but did not see service and only a few were completed just after war’s end. The limited effectiveness, production difficulties and unit cost of these efforts led to consideration of the place for a more simple and light tank suitable for mass production. The concept was taken up by Louis Renault who directed the design and specifications for a machine with a weight limit of 7 tons. The resulting light tank was technically advanced with a rear engine layout clear of the forward located two man crew and, with a fully rotating top mounted turret, set the general configuration of tanks to this day. Below left the Renault FT (restored example), and right an illustration of the layout, with hand and foot controls it required only one driver.

Powered by a Renault standard 39 hp, 4 cyl., 4,5 litre engine for a speed of 8 km/h and range of 60 km, and to prevent cut-out at high tilt angles was fitted with a force feed fuel system. It was armed with a 37 mm Puteaux light cannon or 8 mm Hotchkiss machine gun. While only 5 metres long an extended rear skid gave it an acceptable trench crossing ability, see below left. With plenty of torque, favourable power to weight ratio and flexible gear range it had an outstanding angle of climb capability for vehicles of this type, below right.

Design features of the FT facilitated mass production and unit cost was one-fifth that of heavier tanks. Although design work begun in 1916 progress was slow due to reservations at official levels as to the 8

merits of a light tank, competing priorities with other projects and the limits of production capacity. The first prototype appeared in March 1917 a direction to proceed came in May and after further refinements the first two production examples rolled out in August but only 87 FTs had been built by the end of 1917. Government orders increased progressively and manufacture was licensed to three other vehicle manufacturers in order to fulfil the demand. Altogether some 3500 FTs were built in 1918, 1850 by Renault, 800 by Berliet, 600 by Schneider and 280 by Delaunay (figures rounded with some variation by source). Below, the Renault factory with 30-40 tanks visible on the assembly line.

The FT first saw combat in the Foret de Retz in May 1918 and 480 were fielded at the nearby Battle of Soissons 100 km NE of Paris in July. Although it lacked the firepower of heavy tanks it was effective in large numbers which could overwhelm infantry defences, and with its narrow section and small height was also a difficult target for artillery. Employed en masse as the conflict became a war of movement the FT proved highly effective and was widely used by the French, Americans and a few by British forces, for the remainder of the war as seen below. Upper left, French units assembling in the field for an engagement and right, passing through a re-captured village. Lower left, an American unit in the Argonne and, right, a British FT in support of a Canadian infantry unit.


GYMKHANA AND FAMILY PICNIC DAY by May Haines The weather forecast said, going to be fine, rain clearing. So off we went to our first gymkhana: hood down (ever the optimist), picnic basket in back and oh yes raincoats as it was “spitting”. We were the first to arrive except for the organisers who were already setting up. The park was a hidden gem and perfect for the event. Diane had an awning up and had tea, coffee, scones with jam and cream, and muffins out – more than enough for everyone. What a generous person to give so freely of her time in creating such a great welcome. Others started to arrive and soon we had a good number of cars and participants and after a beautiful morning tea we were given instructions on the first exercise. Drive around cones and numbered pegs in whatever time you needed, except you had to do it again in the same time or as close as you could get to avoid penalty points. How easy was that what could go wrong? Well I don’t know if it was stage fright or Greg’s creative slant but we managed to make a wrong turn! But what fun, we all participated in three separate exercises, with lots of encouragement and a break for lunch in between. Again, Diane had gone the extra mile and had back up food and soft drink for lunch. I wish I had brought our grandsons as there was an added bonus of the chance to ride a motorised Go Kart around the field. How cool for the kids, they had a great time. The exercises were fun and well thought out, they appeared to be easy but a different story when you actually got in your car and tried to do what they had described. Greg and I came 6 th which I guess wasn’t too bad for a first attempt (I didn’t know you couldn’t put the stick on the ground). We definitely want to do it all again and improve on our place, and I’m going to work on my listening skills. Thank you to the organisers, Roger and Diane White, and Marshalls, Trevor Barnes and Doug Banks for all the effort put in to make this annual event a great success. It has certainly made us want to enter more as it was a great time and everyone was so friendly. I got to chat with people that I hadn’t spent time with before.

Ian McCulloch in his 1928 Austin


Alastair McCarthy and Angelique Edgley in their 1935 Riley

And, it also gave Greg and I the opportunity to take the old girl out for a spin (our MGTD!!), and spend a day together on a family picnic making new friends. Thankfully no cones were hurt in the making of this event and everyone had a great time. The only thing is that it was a shame the weather wasn’t colder as then we could have used our gorgeous quilt that we won in the Christmas raffle! (sorry Diane and Tasi I had to mention the quilt).and everyone had a great time. The only thing is we wished was that it was a shame the weather wasn’t colder as then we could have used our gorgeous quilt that we won in the Christmas raffle! Name Ray Betteridge

Car & Class 1930 Model A Ford Vint

Class Place 1st

Overall Place 1st

Ian McCulloch

1928 Austin




Bernie Quin

1937 Vauxhall




Neale Ryder

1951 Vauxhall




John Jackson

1954 MGTF




Jenny Jackson

1954 MGTF




John Stratmore

1986 Scimitar




Lynn Baines

1972 Triumph Spitfire




Ernie Pailthorpe

1968 Austin Mini





This is a photo from Snow Benge’s Collection. The collection says that it is H Webley on a 1918 BSA Motorcycle, but one observer over my shoulder questioned that. If anyone can confirm this could they contact me please Claire Benge Editor


Report on the Riley Club Annual Rally 2017 In February Angelica and I and John and Jenny Jackson participated in the “Top ‘o the South” Riley Club Annual Rally, and learnt first-hand about some of the impacts that major earthquakes can have. The substantial increase in traffic volumes on the Wairau Valley and Lewis Pass Roads are having a very significant effect on the travelling public and the roading infrastructure. The rally began in Blenheim on 14th February when 32 Rileys and their owners, drivers, navigators and passengers assembled at the Marlborough VCC Clubrooms in Brayshaw Park for an introductory BBQ meal. The next morning was warm and sunny and we reconvened at Brayshaw Park for the Gymkhana event. Three tests were set; the first involved posting a handful of letters into three letter boxes in the minimum time. Sounds easy, but the names were cleverly mixed up so that some brain work was required to get each letter into the right box. The second test involved driving up a short ramp set on a fulcrum, arranged so that if you went too far a steel pin attached to the ramp detonated a handily placed balloon, with the object of embarrassing the occupants of the car of course. The third test required the driver to screw together a rather motley collection of nuts and bolts in the shortest possible time. And who was the quickest? – Jenny Jackson! Whatever next, it must be all those hours spent helping John in the garage! After lunch the cars were lined up in classes for the judging of the Concours competition. The judging was by popular choice rather than by panels of supposed experts pouring over every detail of each car. I believe this is a good approach as it took a lot less time and involved everyone in the process (also our car won 2 nd in class and 3rd overall). . On Thursday morning headed off to the Omaka Aircraft Heritage Centre outside Blenheim, where a whole new building featuring World War II aircraft has recently been added. The aircraft and material on display here are amazing, and the dioramas built by Weta Workshop in the WWI display are outstanding. Lunch, followed by browsing, at the “Vines Village”, a tourist attraction on the outskirts of Blenheim, followed. On Friday we again assembled at Brayshaw Park and then headed inland towards St Arnaud and Westport. We had been warned that there would be heavy traffic and delays at road reconstruction sites on this route but the first section of road was ok. However, nearer St Arnaud, the road deteriorated and we encountered numerous road works. Murchison was humming with tourists, and trucks, and a large group of Chev. Corvettes was observed heading north as we drove south. Past Sullivans Bridge we enjoyed a quieter drive through the very scenic Lower Buller Gorge. Right : Lesley Adams enjoying a drive of Dad’s pretty 12/4 special during the Riley Gymkhana 12

A notable feature along this road is Hawkes Crag, dug out from solid rock by hand almost 150 years ago and little changed today. On Saturday afternoon a run from Westport down to Punakaiki was organised, with a stop off for a picnic lunch at Tauranga Bay, immediately south of Cape Foulwind, where the weather was warm and still. A short walk led to a viewing spot on the cliff above a seal colony and some of us enjoyed watching the seals and pups basking in the sun, splashing in the rock pools and surfing the large rollers. Next morning we headed for Inangahua Junction and Reefton, where we had morning tea, followed by a beautiful drive over the Rahu Saddle to Springs Junction. Springs Junction was very busy with traffic on SH7 stopping there for lunch. We stopped for a picnic lunch at a spot further south at a very pleasant spot called Marble Hill. The traffic from Springs Junction south to the Hanmer Springs turnoff was very heavy and given the limited overtaking opportunities, we were pleased when we reached the turnoff. Hanmer Springs is a very pretty spot with lots of large shady trees and the hot baths are a great draw-card for tourists. Angelica and I elected instead to go for a walk in the exotic forest adjoining the town. The forest was pleasantly cool but also very interesting, as it comprises early trial plantings of potentially commercial forestry trees including Larch and Norway Spruce - beautiful tall straight trees. On Monday afternoon the club AGM was held in the Memorial Hall , followed later by the Final Dinner at the Five Stags Restaurant. From Hanmer Springs some rally entrants ventured further south as far as Stewart Island, while others returned home. A few of us decided that the Molesworth Road would be preferable to the main route, so at 9 on Tuesday morning five Rileys and a Pajero set off up Jacks Pass. The grade (and an engine miss) quickly proved too much for the Kestrel and a phone call to the Pajero was required, requesting a tow. The top of Jacks Pass was successfully reached, the ignition points adjusted, and it was all (well mostly) downhill from there. Apart from Wards Pass, which again required a tow, we had no further problems. However the road surface was very rough in places and we seemed to going sideways down some of the steep rough sections. We stayed in Blenheim for the last night then a trip on the ferry rounded out a very enjoyable week of motoring, scenery and socialising. Many thanks to George and Karen Calder, and their helpers, for a great week. Alastair McCarthy and Angelica Edgley Right: Molesworth Station Road coming Downs Wards Pass and approaching Molesworth Homestead 13

The Whangamata Beach Hop

22nd to 26th March

The Whangamata Beach Hop is touted as a Rock’n’Roll Festival with mainly 40s, 50s and 60s American cars, lots of V8s, many of them hotted up, plus bands from all over New Zealand, from Australia and the USA, all of them playing rock’n’roll and various adaptions. The festival had a reputation for being a bit wild with some people just treating it as an excuse to get drunk but drinking in public areas is now forbidden and strictly enforced so it is now a family show with lots of activities over the five days, and lots of friendly faces and happy crowds. With a 1946 Jailbar and a passion for Rock’n’Roll, Bruce decided that he wanted to attend this year’s festival. Accommodation is scarce, so we were lucky to obtain a beach house through a friend.whose brother (the owner) said it was the last place he wanted to be. Although this was not a “Vintage Car Club” function, the public and entrants alike were all car enthusiasts and many vehicles there were as as is our Jailbar and many other VCC cars. We had to wait for likeminded friends from Blenheim with a 1979 Chevrolet truck to join us so on Friday morning we were driving from Coromandel Town to Whangamata. Several Yank Tanks roared past us in the gorge with a friendly toot (the Jailbar being considered one of them albeit slow). We met a few more heading towards us and were halted by a go/stop man to allow the tail end of the “Thunder Cruise” from Whangamata to turn off to Onemana. The excitement was rising as cars coming towards us were predominantly 50s and 60s with those big flat boots and bonnets I think of as “ping pong tables”. We parked amidst the other American cars and found a café table right on the main street for lunch. Even with a thousand cars still at Onemana we were entertained by other big monsters bellowing fumes roaring up and down. Bruce and his mate were in seventh heaven; the mate’s wife and I a little bemused but beginning to pick up on the jargon. The bright colours, the chrome, the extra fancy bits were surprisingly appealing. We began to realise there was another major thread through the festival – 50s dresses, hairdos, make up and shoes. Low heels, lacy petticoats, florals predominantly red and black. My flared skirt, starched cotton petticoat and old tee shirt were not going to impress.

Above: a 1956 Chevrolet Station Wagon with matching surf board


Above: Rat Rod – a new trend – nothing painted, nothing original and oh the noise!

Going to bed that night there was the not unpleasant sound of V8s roaring in the distance. Saturday morning was the traditional parade through the streets of Whangamata. Our Standard Pass parade started at the Rugby Club rooms at the back of the town at 11 am so after a leisurely breakfast we arrived at 10am to find we were right at the back of the queue – with only 20 or so cars behind us. Lesson number one; when they say 8 am to 10 am they mean 8ish. We still had to wait until 11 before moving so admiring, goggling and examining the vast range of vehicles there. Some like ours were pretty original including a beautiful 30s Cadillac roadster, a 1971 Bedford Dormobile, a 37 Ford V8 pickup, a VW Combie Van with the early split screen. Many of the cars had original bodies but the motors etc had been modified, the extreme being a Morris Minor with a huge motor in the front sticking out through the bonnet and pushing the driver’s seat back towards the rear. When we left the park we were astounded at the size of the public waiting to cheer us on. We wound through the back streets where balconies were full of people, and those without balconies had deckchairs and even couches lining the side of the road to watch us. We reached the main road to find people lining the streets 3 or four deep, still cheering and waving to us at the end of the long parade. We went past a container with an Elvis Presley impersonator performing – our very own Brian Childs from Upper Hutt. I leant out of the window to take a photo of him, catching his attention, so he pointed to me while crooning “All Shook Up”. I nearly leapt out of the car to join him. We were parked for display and told to come back at 5pm to collect our vehicle so off we went on foot into town to see other cars, motorbikes, caravans etc, to listen to the bands and to check out the Vintage Market, us ladies drooling over the Rock’n’Roll dresses and accessories, while the guys looked at the memorabilia. When we picked up the Jailbar it was time to go home for another BBQ and much discussion about what we had seen. An old acquaintance from Upper Hutt arrived for a drink in his newly finished Hot Rod - a reproduction 1932 fibreglass Model A roadster but the motor sure wasn’t original. Before I knew it, I was up in the dickie seat enjoying a roar around the streets. The activities were still in full swing when we left about midday on Sunday. We had had a delightful few days and are keen to go back again next year as it was such a warm and interesting time with people all keen to interact and enjoy themselves (however, as a greenie, I need to plant a few trees somewhere to offset all the petrol burnt up over the four days of fun).

Right: only some of the cars lining up for the parade

Elvis directs his charm at me




Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday 31 May 2017. Trip to Greytown, Wairarapa 10.00am: Meet for coffee at Aston Norwood Gardens (formerly Kaitoke Country Gardens), 1747 Main Road, State Highway 2. They are situated 10 mins North of Upper Hutt. You can view the extensive gardens for $2.50 per person. See 12.30pm: Roast lunch at the South Wairarapa Working Men’s Club, 120 Main Street, Greytown. The roast lunch includes a small dessert, total $20.00 per person 2.00pm: Visit the Cobblestones Museum, 169 Main Street, Greytown to view the Regional Early Settler’s Collection If you would like to join us, please contact John or Alison Kinvig by 28 May 2017 Either: E-mail, phone (04) 234 1262 or (John 027 4524326)

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This year is the 48th Ladies Rally. Meet at the Clubrooms at 1.00pm for a 1.15pm start. Everyone is welcome to come but Lady Drivers will be eligible for the Trophy. Males may come along for a drive and make a cake or something for afternoon tea. This will be judged and a prize awarded for the best effort. After the rally we will be treated to a chocolate making and tasting event. If you can’t come on the rally please feel free to come to the demonstration. We would like to see a big turn out this year and lots of creative baking by the male members. There is great creativity put into baking by some of our males. If you are willing let a wife, daughter, grandchild, or even a lady friend drive your vehicle - this is the rally to let them loose behind the wheel. See you there on the 21st May 1.00pm.

Please note changes of rally dates The Leprechaun Rally is now 25th June

The Colonial Cup Rally is now 20th August

Gemac Motor Services 5 Parliament Street, Lower Hutt, 04 589 5483 For WOF and other work on both vintage and modern cars 17



AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION 180 PLUS LOTS OF AUTOMOBILA AND RELATED COLLECTIBLES AUCTION TO BE HELD AT THE HB VINTAGE CAR CLUBROOMS AT 67 SANDY ROAD MEEANEE NAPIER AT 10AM ON SUNDAY 7TH MAY 2017 IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE 25TH HOT ROD AND CLASSIC CAR FESTIVAL BEING HELD BY THE MARINELAND STREET ROD AND KUSTOM KLUB lots of petrol tins lots of oil tins several signs many old style jacks heaps of old collectible spark plugs boxes of old and interesting tools large old pedestal type spark plug cleaner old repco sign lots of other goodies … something for everyone Net proceeds from the sale will be going to the family of the late Dick Goodall who was a member of the branch for many years. Catalogue and some photos will be available to download from the HBVCC website from early April. Viewing and registration from 8am Sunday 7th May. Early viewing and registration for hbvcc and Hot Rod Club members from 3pm to 5.30 pm on Saturday 6 th may 2017. Payment can be by cash or eftpos (credit cards will incur a 2% fee). If you need to draw out more cash an eftpos machine will be available at the hot rod club. Sorry but no cheques will be accepted.

Correction Last month’s cover had a picture of a fire engine lined up for the opening day on the Pekapeka Expressway which I thought came from the Hutt Valley. I have an email from Bruce Hutton stating that it was “the Hunterville Volunteer Fire Boards 1919 Dodge motorised hose reel appliance. It was purchased second hand and made into the fire appliance and commenced service in 1930 and finished in 1958. It is now owned by Bruce Hutton QSM and Seona Ashton”. My apologies

Claire Benge Editor

Understanding Engineers #8 The graduate with a science degree asks, "Why does it work?" The graduate with an engineering degree asks, "How does it work?" The graduate with an accounting degree asks, "How much will it cost?" The graduate with an arts degree asks, "Do you want fries with that?" 18

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FOR HARD TO SOURCE CABLES, BRAKE PARTS OR HOSES Speedo cable, Handbrake cable, Accelerator cable, Choke cable Reline shoes, Cylinder repair Stainless Resleeving, Booster overhaul Brake hoses, Braided hoses, Power steering hoses

Call the Specialists Mention this ad and receive 10% discount BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Bluebridge has notified us of the latest discounts for vehicles on their ferry between Wellington and Picton for Vintage Car Club members as follows: 1 August 2016 to 30 November 2017 The VCC code for discounts is ANTIQUECAR. Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 November 2017. Discounted - 10% off all available fares. Ring 0800 844 844, for conditions NOTE; Warren Corkin, one of our members, reminds us that to get this discount you must present your VCC membership card when you check in on the day of your trip. It is not enough to have quoted it when you booked and paid for the ticket. Also it may not be enough to have booked electronicaly. You need a printed copy of your electronic booking on the day or you may have to pay again then go for a refund for the original booking These rules may apply to the Interislander also. BEWARE.

THE INTERISLANDER The Interisland has sent us an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all so we suggest that if you are planning to book from 1 February to 18 December 2017 ring the Interislander for quotes, or click on ‘Group Bookings’ at the foot of their home page www.interislander. To access the VCC rates, insert 22 the reference WH5465

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Clubnights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (Eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone at 7:30pm. MAY Sunday Run Committee Meeting Club Night Ladies Rally Motorcycle Group Meeting Kapiti Midweek Run Rally Committee Meeting

JUNE 7th 9th 16th 21st 22th 24h 26th

Club night supper roster: Tasi Betteridge and Colin White

Sunday Run Committee meeting Motorcycle Group Meeting Club Night Leprechaun Rally Kapiti Midweek Run Rally Committee Meeting

4th 12th 19th 20th 25th 28th 30th

Club Night Supper Roster: John and Deirdre Blakemore

MAY CLUB NIGHT This is the very important AGM See you there

JULY Sunday Run Committee meeting Motorcycle Group Meeting Club Night Rememberence Rally/ Social Country Run Kapiti Midweek Run Rally Committee Meeting

AUGUST 2nd 10th 17th 18th 23rs 26h 28th

Club Night Supper Roster: Diane and Phil Janes

Sunday Run 6nd Committee meeting 7th National AGM Marlborough 11th, 12th, 13th Club Night 15th Judging for Colonial Cup and VIC day 19th Colonial Cup Rally 20th Motorcycle Group Meeting 21st Rally Committee Meeting 25th Kapiti Midweek Run 30th

Club Night Supper Roster: tba


Above: Crowds lined the street at Whangamata Above right: Russ Clarke from Upper Hutt’s newly hot-rodded Model A Right: The woody Morris Minor with the ‘minor alterations’

Left: Greg and May Haines out in the MGTD for their first time at the Gymkhana, and Doug Banks’s Jaguar in the background. Doug was one of the essential Marshals Below left: Jenny and John Jackson’s 1954 MGTF Below right : Neale Ryder in his 1951 Vauxhall joined Bernie Quin in his 1937 to make a good turn out of Vauxhalls


Wellington VCC May 2017  
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