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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The The Wellington Wellington Branch Branch Newsletter Newsletter December / January 2018 December / January 2018 2015

Roger and Diane White reminiscing about their first rally together. They drove the Darracq in the 10 th November Rally in 1967 and it was their first date! Diane has participated in all 50 November Rallies since as navigator, driver or organiser, quite an achievement (Roger missed several while overseas). Photo by Stan Garmonsway A variety of starfish in the touching tables at Marine Education Centre. Most starfish have five points. Why does one have six?

59 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2017

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Bill Pinkham

Well, that is November over. Less than four weeks until Christmas and we start all over again. The November Rally was a success and enjoyed by all. “The dinner” - what a great night! Good food and good company. Amazing to see how many 50 year badge members were in attendance. Then the Car Show, what a great day; the weather was good, just starting to cool down as we were leaving. Lots of people, an awesome selection of cars, trucks and bikes. Everything was covered; veteran to almost modern, British and European to American, a credit to the organisers and everyone that helped out in any way. Without that level of participation it would not have been such a success. And the committee have agreed it would be worthwhile repeating the display, perhaps every five years or closer. The Guest speaker for the November Club night was Steve Marks from Vero Insurance. Steve is a car enthusiast who races a BMW, and in his spare time works for Vero Insurance. It was a rather interesting look in to the New Zealand insurance industry, the challenges that they face, and their attempt to provide us with a service at an affordable price; challenges that are not often known of by the general public. On a totally different subject - Club rooms; with the rise in property values we have been lucky to cash in on that with the value of the club rooms increasing, but on the downside, the cost of insurance has increased. You just can’t win. See you all at the December club night and BBQ. Get your tickets now! This being my final column for 2017, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Be careful out there!


Many thanks to Gazleys for giving us publicity in their advertisement in the Dompost Saturday Motoring Section for our vehicle display at Queens Wharf on 5 November 2017 to celebrate our 60th November Rally. 3


Neale Ryder

December has turned up early again it seems and with that brings the start of an enjoyable summer getting out and about with family and friends in our old cars, bikes and trucks. One of the first events that comes to mind is not even one we organize, the Sunbeam Car Club’s run to Lake Ferry. This event has been going for something like 37 years, leaving Lyon St, Featherston outside the Fell Engine Shed(the same start point as our November Rally) at around 11.00am on Saturday December 9th. Anyone is welcome regardless of what you drive or which, if any, club you belong to. I have always enjoyed attending, you just never know who or what will be there. New Year’s Day is our first event of 2018, nice and easy, a picnic at Kaitoki Regional Park, watch out for our signs and of course our cars. Anniversary weekend in January sees us on our "Monte Carlo Rally" to Whanganui where they are also holding the very successful Vintage Weekend. A good number of you have already made bookings for this, which promises to be a lot of fun. Rally briefing for this will be at our January club night. If you can't make it please contact either Dianne or myself so we can post the information that you will need to you (text me as I don’t always hear my phone). As ever, the rally committee is working away busily to give what we hope will be a range of events throughout the coming year that will suit you all. Finally, a big thank you to everyone who attended and assisted in our November Rally, Annual Dinner & Sunday Display Day; you all did the Club proud! Best wishes, Merry Christmas and happy New Year from your rally committee


Claire Benge

This month’s Motoring Spirit is brimming with photos from a very busy beginning of the month. They say that a picture saves a thousand words – with 18 photos covering the 60th November Rally Celebrations, I have certainly saved you all a lot of verbiage. No photos of the Children’s Party however, but hopefully there will be some of the Christmas Barbeque for February’s issue. I am always pleased to receive photos of Club events for publication so email them in (or if you aren’t in to the 21st Century yet - post me a copy and I will scan it). Looking back, it has been a very busy year with club rallies, Sunday Runs and Kapiti Coast Mid Week runs to report on, plus the Club night speakers who have offered us a variety of talks, not just about cars, but also other subjects ranging from electric cars, the Learning Connexion, to sustainable building and, from Vero, insuring your cars and house in various ways. Many thanks to all of those who have contributed articles, information, reports, gossip and photos to the Motoring Spirit over 2017. January is a quiet month with an informal run on Club night, plus for those going on the Club Captain’s Safari to Whanganui will receive their instructions for the Monte Carlo style rally. Looking forward to seeing you there! Claire 4


Michael Curry

In the last month we received a significant donation from David Wilkens of documents from the three All American Days, 1991, 1992 & 1993. David as the organiser has given us all the records from the three events; planning, accounts, list of entrants etc. Stan Garmonsway has added to his earlier donations with around 150 photographs from the 1898 McLean Act’s 1998 Commemorative Rally that was run jointly by Wellington and Wairarapa Branches, and also some later branch runs that need confirmation of event. For those who don’t know, The McLean Act 1898 originated because William McLean, a Wellington businessman and member of Parliament, imported two tiller-steered Benz cars in February 1898. Although it was decided that the new technology, while having no category for excise, could still be levied at £75. McLean's lawyers weren't content that it would be legal to drive them on the highways without an Act of Parliament. The original bill allowed for McLean to charge £3 for every succeeding car imported, but that was chucked out as being monopolistic. Quite right, too. So this was the first bit of motor vehicle legislation in the land from October 1898, with a following Act coming along in 1902, and others since. Work is continuing with displays of events of past years. Phil Benge, Bruce Benge’s brother and a keen photographer, took photos of the November 60th Annual Rally Sunday Display at Queens Wharf and is donating the photos he took there. Please support the Branch Archive by donating a copy of your photo images of the Display or the Saturday Rally and Annual Dinner 60th Anniversary weekend Rally and Sunday display at Queens Wharf, for our records. We cannot have too many!!



Richard Davies

The November Sunday was cancelled so that members could take their vehicles to Wellingtons Queens Wharf Display that was held to celebrate the 60th November Rally. This was a very successful day and can be read about on page 12 - 15 of this issue.

The December Sunday 2017 Run - 3rd December 2017 This is to be a visit to the Vintage Machinery Club at Maungaroa, Upper Hutt where a BBQ will be put on and a viewing of their display of stationary engines and a traction engine. A tractor will be provided (probably a Massey Fergusson) for anyone to drive around a large paddock. Unfortunately this issue is a week late, so unless you are on the club email list you will have missed it (as usual, meet at Janus Bakery at 11 for coffee). Let us know if you would like to be add to that list. There will be a write up in the February issue. 5


David Crooks

A Century Ago cont’d. Some recent commemorative and historical references have drawn attention to a largely forgotten field of action in WW1. The Ottoman-Turkish Empire was founded about 1300 AD and over the next 400 years expanded to encompass SE Europe (the Balkans etc.), the Levant, the Red Sea shore of Arabia and the Mediterranean shores of North Africa. This territorial extent began to contract through the 1800s but by 1914 it still included most of Syria, Iraq, Palestine and the Arabian coast. When Turkey sided with the Central Powers in WW1 it became a significant threat to the Suez Canal, British interests in and around Egypt and in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company – a vital fuel source for the Royal Navy. The main conflict on the Western Front in France and Belgium absorbed most of the military resources of the British Empire, leaving exposed the second priority area of the Middle East. As a consequence the main body of the first Australian and New Zealand contingents, originally intended for the European theatre, were diverted to Egypt. Although mostly comprised of mounted cavalry units, they were sent to Gallipoli in April 1915 as on-foot infantry. After withdrawal to Egypt in December the units were re-united with their horses to form the NZ Mounted Rifles brigade, which became part of the ANZAC mounted division. This in turn was joined with other British and Imperial units – mostly infantry and artillery - to form the Egyptian Expeditionary Force which would act against the Turkish forces threatening the Suez Canal and occupying territories of the Levant. The NZ and Australian mounted cavalry units were among the last of their kind to see action in modern warfare, but they did so with distinction. They were employed to great effect on the flanks of the main forces where their comparative speed and mobility through difficult terrain enabled them to out-flank enemy formations, cut communications, block escape routes and inflict serious disruption in rear areas. As the force advanced and supply lines lengthened, demands stretched the capacity of slow moving animal transport, and the need for supplementary motorised transport became apparent. As they became available motorised vehicles also began to take up scouting tasks, courier duties, mobile wireless posts, ambulance work and so on. But early vehicles were scarce and often not well suited to the tasks. Which brings us back to the inimitable Model T. For all the reasons previously acknowledged the “T” was recognised as able in varying degree to meet these requirements and was to become the most widely used vehicle in this theatre of operations. With its off-road ability (below left) it became the standard light patrol car with 3 crew and armed with a light machine gun (below right); organised as Light Car Patrol units of 6 cars with 30 crew and support personnel (bottom left). A line-up of Australian LCP units (bottom right).


The records do not refer to the existence of specifically NZ LCP units, but the NZ brigade did have a machine-gun squadron which may have used Model T’s. However, NZers did serve in the in the British Model T LCP units, two of them as unit commanders. Alfred Stewart Lindsay went to Scotland in 1914, on the outbreak of WW1 joined a Yeomanry regiment, served in Gallipoli and on re-location to Egypt became commander of the first LCP unit fighting the Turks in Sinai-Palestine. A fine leader he was awarded the Military Cross, the French Croix de Guerre, and the MBE. Another NZer, whose name or details are not known, commanded No 7 LCP in Sinai-Palestine from 1916. We can now note two even more remarkable NZers, one who served in the Western Desert and the other in the Palestine campaign. Gisborne sheep farmer Claude Williams volunteered in 1914 but, at age 38, was not accepted for service. Not deterred, he worked his way by sea to San Francisco, crossed the US and took passage to England where his further application was accepted. After training he was posted to Egypt where he was assigned to the LCP service, was promoted to Captain and appointed to command of a unit operating in the Western Desert and Libya against Senussi Arab insurgent forces who, backed and armed by Turkey and Germany, were raiding into Egypt. The Model T’s in this area were stripped down to reduce weight and improve performance over loose surfaces where they proved more effective than the heavy Rolls-Royce armoured cars. The main enemy force was defeated at the famed Siwa Oasis near the Libyan border where Williams was awarded the Military Cross for his actions. With the immediate threat reduced Williams with his unit was tasked with mapping the Western Desert for future needs. His extensive, thorough and meticulous work is recorded in his official report “The Military Geography of the North Western Desert of Egypt”. It was officially recognised as of such value that it remained a classified document and became the basis for charts and descriptive texts issued to Allied forces operating in the Western Desert in WW2. In the course of this operation he devised a sun compass for survey work and developed a “water-economiser” to preserve cooling water in the vehicles that is the basis of systems used in every motor vehicle today. This remarkable man returned to his sheep farm, became actively involved in a range of organisations at local and national levels. He spent his last days on his beloved farm, and passed away in 1970 aged 94. Edward Walter Chaytor was born in Motueka in 1868, educated at Nelson College and became a sheep farmer at Spring Creek near Blenheim. He joined a local volunteer reserve unit in 1886, was commissioned and rose to Captain in 1893. He served in the Boer War where he rose to command the South Island mounted regiment and remained in the Army as a professional officer. In 1914 he went with 1 NZEF to Egypt, served in Gallipoli. On return he was promoted Brigadier and took command of the NZ Mounted Rifles, which became part of the British Imperial force that mounted the campaign against the Turks in Sinai and Palestine. In 1917 he took over command of the combined Australia-New Zealand division and was promoted to Major General. His command was later extended to include British, Indian and other formations, which became “Chaytor Force” and played a major part in the remainder of the campaign including the clearance of Transjordan and capture of Amman. A fine field commander, Chaytor established a distinguished record. On return in 1919 he was appointed commandant of the NZ Military force, was knighted in 1920, retired in 1924 and died in 1939. He is remembered locally in “Chaytor Street”, the main route into Karori. Below left, Claude Williams in his Model T; centre, Major General Chaytor, and right, with his Model T staff car.



Trevor Barnes

Meeting Monday November 20th Attendance 21 people. New attendees were Jim Simons (1950’s Douglas) and his friend Richard.

Past Events Trevor and Gerry had a successful trip to the Southland Branch’s 51st Arrowtown Rally with the target met – both the 1930 Sunbeam & the 1927 Triumph completed the course, unlike last year when the Triumph died. Peter Simpson mentioned the 60th Annual November Rally, where only one motorcycle entered the Saturday rally (Trevor with the Suzuki), though Adrian MacNee also had his justrestored Indian on display on the Sunday. You all passed up on some very enjoyable motorcycling.

Future Events Xmas Dinner Ride: Wed 20th December 10:30 Meet at Brown Owl Corner, Upper Hutt. Riders own discretion regarding the weather. Wellington Biennial Rally: 26th-28th January Rally planning status Sponsorship: Hal O’Rorke. Pub Charity funding has been granted for T shirts. Also some sponsorship vouchers from Red Baron. Catering: Dinner catering is organised. Lunch catering is organised via Wairarapa VCC. Entry mail out and publicity brochure: Ashley Blair. The entry form has been mailed out to members and to other bike clubs and VCC branches. Peter has a number of printed forms to take to the Gold Medal Trial. Admin: Peter Simpson: The first entry has been received Prizes: Warrick Laing has enough “stock” from previous events so has not sought further donations. South Island Tour: “Quadruple Bike Pass”: Thu 15th – Sun 25th March There are 11 riders plus one van passenger.

Murphy’s Law No 15 When you go into court, you are putting yourself in the hands of twelve people, who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty. 8

Other Business Meeting dates for 2018: The Motorcycle meeting nights are the 4th Monday except January and October. These dates have been confirmed with Butcher & Brewer: January:




April : June: August: October

23rd 25th 27th 15th

(3rd Mon because of Wgtn Anniversary)

March: May: July: September:

26th 28th 23rd 24th



(3rd Monday because of Labour


December - Join the club night for Xmas

Next Meetings December:

VCC club night barbeque 19th at the clubrooms. Refer to page 10


15th at Butcher & Brewer

Wairarapa Gold Medal Motorcycle Rally 25th November (since the November meeting) The total entry was 58 bikes with eight Wellington riders on the Reliability Trial. Starting at the clubrooms there were short and long routes to be enjoyed in fine weather. The long route included some gravel as well as extra distance. In the morning it was back roads near Masterton before heading to Wainuioru School for lunch. The gravel turned out to be Te Parae Rd. After a generous paper bag lunch we continued towards the Flat Point Road, Gladstone and Ponatahi before turning back to the Carterton clubrooms. Trevor Barnes and Ashley & Margaret Blair were the only Wellingtonians to attend the dinner, so we have had to bring home the prizes. A bronze medal for Peter Wright, a silver for Aaron Janes, and gold for David Gwynn, John Viner and Warrick Laing. The Veteran section was won by Ashley on his 1914 Humber. John Viner won two sections, Post-80 and Sidecar, on his Honda Gold Wing and Sabiston sidecar. Riders Choice was won by David Gwynn (by one vote we were told). The Ken Bull trophy was allocated to the Riders Choice this year, so Margaret had her photo taken as receiving the handsome trophy on David’s behalf. A good days motorcycling followed by an enjoyable dinner – what more could you ask for? MEDALS Bronze - Peter Wright +5.33 Silver - Aaron Janes +2.33 Gold - David Gwynn - early .22 Gold - John Viner - early .22 Gold - Warwick Laing late - .38

TROPHIES Best Veteran - Ashley Blair - 1914 Humber Post 80 - John Viner Best Combination - John Viner - W.G. Laing Combination Trophy and bag (Kawasaki) of goodies 9


Jocelyn White

There was a staggering turnout of cars for the 60th Annual November Rally on 4 November 2017. We gathered at the Fell Museum in Featherston for the briefing by Neale and distribution of rally packs/instructions. It was a cloudy day as we set off, on new and some familiar roads (though one truck struggled with ‘new’ technology requiring phone calls to get underway!). Round back roads we went, on to the highway, showing respect to other drivers, some gravel roads on upper stretches for the morning section. The lunch stop was scheduled for Queen Elizabeth Park (is it becoming a favourite!). A challenging question from Neale on the new Minister of Transport – that caught quite a few people out! Here we could picnic or café dine. Picking table mates was tricky – some unnamed fifties bopper (and his sheila) stepped in a dog deposit, and some smells do linger! Following lunch, some elected to head back home via Greytown and a spot of retail therapy whilst those staunch ralliers headed east and saw the scarecrows hanging out in Gladstone, where there was a scarecrow festival, and other rural delights. Thanks Neale and Joanne for discovering some interesting and scenic roads in the Rapa for us to motor along. Apparently, there were 4 silent checks – how many did you see? I swear the grass grew a foot higher once they were placed! An enjoyable day, followed by a great evening of celebration.

Phil and Coral Kidd in their 1919 Essex Phaeton

Richard Davies in his 1957 Simca Chambord

NOVEMBER KAPITI COAST MID WEEK RUN by Anne O’Rourke Once again we had a lovely day out with the Kapiti Coasters; this time to the Wairarapa. Hal and I didn't manage to make it to the coffee stop first as a trip to the tip took much longer than anticipated! However the lunch at the Wairarapa Working Men's Club refuelled us more than adequately - they really have some good cooks there. Sadly it was a very small group this time and only three ladies despite the lure of shopping in Greytown! Then it was on to Dudson's Car Collection in Carterton. What a treasure trove! It was started by the late Kerry Dudson and is now continued by his son, Kevan, and daughter. Although there are a number of British cars, notably the Morris Minors, it is the American cars especially the Hudson Terraplanes that feature hugely. The cars are all displayed beautifully and renovation work is active in the surrounding mechanics' areas. A real treat! - thank you Alison and John. 10

ANNUAL and NOVEMBER RALLY RESULTS 2017 VINTAGE – NOVEMBER RALLY TROPHY. 1st Barry & Hilary Pettengell - 1926 Chrysler 70, also 1st Overall Gavin Croft Memorial Trophy 2nd John Wilkens - 1930 Essex, also 2nd Overall 3rd Terry Mathers & Judy Wood - 1929 Ford Model A also 2nd Overall. POST VINTAGE-POST VINTAGE CUP 1st John & Deirdre Blakemore - 1937 Hudson Terraplane 2nd Lynn & Sandra Cross - 1935 Auburn (Central Hawkes Bay) 3rd John & Shirley Foot - 1937 Buick (Central Hawkes Bay) POST WAR - POST WAR SALVER 1st John & Jenny Jackson - 1954 MGTF 2nd Bruce & Claire Benge - 1946 Ford V8 Jailbar 3rd= Alastair McCarthy & Angelica Edgley - 1960 Jaguar Mk2 3rd= Bernie Quin - 1951 Vauxhall POST 60 - THE TANKARD 1st Peter & Daniel Keller - 1967 Peugeot 2nd Kevin & Joanna Buck - 1966 Daimler 3rd David & Petal Jolliffe - 1967 Triumph TR4 MURITAI CHALLENGE TROPHY - PEOPLES CHOICE: John & Fran Southward - 1930 Bugatti GENERAL MOTORS TROPHY: Bernie Quin 1951 Vauxhall POSH ATTIRE: Alastair McCarthy & Angelica Edgley 1969 Jaguar M2 COMMERCIAL TROPHY: Bruce & Claire Benge 1946 Ford V8 Jailbar HARD LUCK TROPHY: Bruce & Olivia Bixley 1929 Studebaker

JUNIOR NAVIGATOR: Daniel Keller 1967 Peugeot

ANNUAL TROPHIES Challenge Trophy - Doug Banks Navigator of the Year - Claire Benge Junior Navigator of the Year - Daniel Keller Club Captain’s Award - Ernie & Norma Pailthorpe. 11


Mike Pattison

Bit of a chilly start to the day, but it brightened up as we parked up on Queens Wharf following Roger White’s directions. Centre stage was occupied by the venerable trio of 1905 Darracq, 1930 Bugatti and 1902 Crestmobile while one side featured a roadster line-up worthy of Hollywood Boulevard in the thirties including a 1930 Chrysler 77, 1928 De Soto, 1930 Hudson, 1929 Chrysler 65, 1930 Model A and 1925 Oakland. More than 50 vehicles in all made a splendid sight, summed up by a well-dressed woman who commented “I was just walking past. I’ve never seen half of these cars in all my life. It’s just fantastic.” Another asked “Is this on all day?” Told we were there until 3 pm she replied “Good, I’ll let all my friends know on Facebook so they can bring their children along.” The number of on-lookers built up steadily, with small children kneeling on the ground in order to write answers on the activity sheets which were being handed out by Diane. Helpful Dad spelling it out to young son “It’s Olds……..bile”. Parents were encouraging their children to read the window cards on each vehicle and the youngsters were set on taking their sheets home to “show to granddad or take to school”. They had some good questions too such as “Why did old cars have wooden wheels”? An instant crowd formed at one point when John Southward fired up the Bugatti for five minutes, reminding me that whenever we wanted to attract the punters at a food fair we used to simply start cooking! I was also reminded of simpler times by the period advertisement in the window of the 1968 Riley Elf happily proclaiming “She’s Gay, She’s Safe, She’s Unashamedly Fast”. Members were enjoying chatting to visitors, looking at each other’s cars, and sharing tales of ones they had owned and others that had got away. Roger and Diane had their photo taken in the Darracq, the very car in which they had done the 10th November Rally. They observed that they didn’t fit in as well as they used to, prompting Tasi to helpfully advise that obviously the car had got smaller. As a very pleasant and worthwhile day drew to a close I wandered back to the Lotus to find a very small child occupying the driver’s seat. He looked a bit over-awed by the experience, but when his mother opened the door he refused to get out! Once he had been removed I cruised out the Brandon Street gate, reflecting that 32 years ago the Lotus and I had been racing through there as we took part in support races for the inaugural Wellington Street Race.

An overall view of the display under the sails photos by Stan Garmonsway


The club’s 1926 Dennis Fire Engine

THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAD CARS AT THE DISPLAY! A huge thanks to the following VCC members who brought their vehicles to the Display at Queens Wharf on Sunday 5 November, and to the many owners who stayed on to talk to the public about our cars and the club. With one person joining there and then, and several others taking away information about the club, it was a very successful Public Relations exercise. VETERAN Moss Delany - 1902 Crestmobile Southwards Museum - 1905 Darracq VINTAGE Phil Kidd 1919 - Essex Phaeton David Nesbit - 1919 Hupmobile Ian McCulloch - 1925 Oakland Wellington Vintage Car Club - 1926 Dennis fire engine John Stratmore - 1928 Austin 12/4 Mulliner Roadster Hal & Ann O’Rourke - 1928 Austin Seven Chummy Roger & Diane White - 1928 De Soto Roadster Ray & Tasi Betteridge - 1936 Ford V8 Fordor Peter McKeown - 1929 Chrysler 65 Roadster Terry Mathers - 1929 Ford Model A Bruce Bailey - 1929 Studebaker President Ernie & Norma Pailthorpe - 1930 Austin Seven John & Fran Southward - 1930 Bugatti T29 Bruce Poole - 1930 Chrysler 77 John & Deirdre Blakemore - 1930 Ford Model A Colin White - 1930 Hudson Post vintage Terry O’Leary - 1934 Buick Sedan Lynn Cross - 1935 Auburn Phaeton Terry O’Leary - 1936 Packard Roadster Ivan Gardiner - 1937 fiat Topolino John & Deirdre Blakemore - 1937 Hudson Terraplane Bernie Quin - 1937 Vauxhall 14 DX Ivan Gardiner - 1938 Bantam Roadster

POSTWAR Bruce & Claire Benge - 1946 Ford Jailbar ½ ton Pickup Peter Simpson 1946 - Sunbeam Talbot Greg Haines - 1947 Ford Jailbar ½ ton Pickup Neale Ryder 1949 - Vauxhall Velux Caleche Paul Hooper - 1959 Jaguar Mk V Marc O’Connor - 1951 Jaguar Mk V Saloon Neale Ryder - 1951 Vauxhall Velux Peter Chaney - 1956 Packard Caribbean Murray & Kay Hislop 1957 - Jaguar Mk 1 Richard Davies - 1957 Simca Chambord Aaron & Margaret Janes - 1958 Mercedes Benz Alastair McCarthy - 1960 Jaguar Mark II P60 Terry O’Leary - 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Trevor Stone - 1962 Vauxhall Velox Pasx Geoff McCarten - 1964 Peugeot 404 Saloon Roger & Diane White - 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Bill & Bev Munro - 1965 Vauxhall Viva HA Kevin Buck - 1966 Daimler V8 250 David & Pauline Gwynn - 1966 Morris Mini Cooper Shaun Leahy & Stephanie McGreevy - 1968 MG C Roadster Robin Simpson - 1971 Rover P6 2000 T C Mike Pattison - 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint P80 Diane & Roger White - 1981 BMW 323i MOTORCYCLES Adrian MacNee - 1941 Indian Scout 741 Trevor Barnes - 1980 Suzuki GS850G


Hal O’Rouke with his 1928 Austin Seven Chummy

Ray and Tasi Betteridge with their 1936 Ford V8 Fordor

David Nisbett proudly shows off his 1919 Hupmobile

Photos not identified


The 3 Pickups in a row: Greg Haines’ 1947 Ford 6 cyl. Jailbar 1/2 ton Pickup, Bruce Benge’s Ford V8 Jailbar 1/2 ton Pickup John Hollis’s 1937 Ford V8 1/2 ton Pickup Photo by Claire Benge

Lyn Cross shows off the motor of his 1935 Auburn Phaeton

Shaun Leahy talks about his 1968 MG C Roadster to a visitor with John Jackson observing Photo by Stan Garmonsway

d - by Phil Benge



Many Congratulations to all Members of the Wellington Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand We wish you a great 60th Anniversary Rally in spirit we will drive along with you


Ernie and Norma Pailthorpe - Club Captain’s award

Ian McLean, with his family, received his 50 years membership award


Deidre and John Blakemore - Post Vintage

Hillary and Barry Petitngell - Vintage, and 1st overall photo by Warren Corkin

John Southward - His Bugatti won the peoples choice

Bruce Benge - Commercial Trophy Photos not identified by Claire Benge


VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NZ Wellington Branch Biennial Motorcycle Rally January 26 to 28, 2018

The Wellington Branch of The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) invites you to enter their 14th Biennial Motorcycle Rally. The rally route(s) set out to suit the different types of machines over a route of approximately 100 miles on sealed roads. The aim of the rally is for an enjoyable event for all participants. This year’s rally will be in the Wairarapa.

Programme: Friday 26 February 6:00pm Saturday 27 February 8:30am 9.30am 10.00am 6.30pm

Wellington Branch Clubrooms open Registration at ANZAC Hall, Featherston Rally briefing First machine away Meet at branch clubrooms for pre-dinner drinks 7.30pm Rally dinner & prize giving Sunday 28 February 10.00am Sunday ride to place of interest from clubrooms Return to the clubrooms for a BBQ lunch. Contact the Rally Secretary - Peter Simpson, 04 566 2675 or Entries close 15 January 2018


THE MANGAHAO VALLEY & 3 DAMS RUN – HOROWHENUA BRANCH MONTHLY RUN This is a day trip to the Mangahao Hydro Power Station, Museum and Dams in the hills behind Shannon. Winter of 2016 caused delays in maintenance on the dams. Staff at the Power Station are unable to firmly commit to assisting with a visit at this point due to work commitments. Every effort will be made to attempt to allow VCC members into the Power Station. Regardless the run will go ahead. BYO lunch with tea and coffee supplied at the Hokonui Bush Club lodge situated at the top dam. This will go ahead rain, hail and snow. All weather conditions the Tararuas can turn up make each trip spectacular and interesting. The lodge is fully appointed; with a modern inside toilet, electricity and a lovely fireplace. Date: Meet: Time: Bring: Cost: Venue:

Sunday 25th February 2018 Horowhenua Club Rooms 14 Tiro Tiro Rd Levin 9.45am Depart: 10.00am BYO Lunch, Coat, Warm Clothes and Suitable Shoes There are no costs Power Station/Museum at 10.30am

Wellington Branch members contact Diane White at


from the Archives

A lot of work to keep our club running is done by general members volunteering in the kitchen. This photo is probably in the 1970s and is of (from the left) Ray Ivan, John Wilkens, Eileen Barnes, Ivan Benge in front of his wife Rita, and Nita Ivan on the right.




WELLINGTON VCC EVENTS 2018 NEW YEAR’S DAY PICNIC Pack your picnic and head to Kaitoke Regional Park. Look for the red VCC arrows to find where we are. Someone will be picking a spot for us to picnic and enjoy the sun and good company. Picnic from 11.00am to whenever.

JANUARY 2018 16th January Club Night Fun Run. This is just an informal event to be held on Club night for about 1 hour. Emphasis on Fun. Bring your Cars and enjoy the run. Also the briefing and handout for the Club Captain’s Safari.


AND BURMA RALLY Entry Form available now - Contact Diane White on 04 5636236 or email to Briefing and collection of destinations on Club night - 7.00pm 16th January (Club night) - Contact the Club Captain for info to be emailed if you can’t attend (04 528-2580 or 0274 493-014, Entries close 5th January.

Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or tit bits. Electronic versions are preferred but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the Editor - or arrange by phone with her to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights



Tasi Betteridge

VCC WELLINGTON CHRISTMAS BARBEQUE CLUB NIGHT TUESDAY 19 DECEMBER - 6.00 PM Earlybird tickets - $12-00 latebird tickets (Friday 15 Dec onwards) - $15.00 WEAR - Eye glasses - outrageous, wacky, tacky, but Chrismassy!! ($2.00 shop has frames you can titivate) BRING - a wrapped gift of not more than $3.00 AND your BBQ ticket AND cash for the raffles! Book by emailing Tasi - It would be great to know our numbers for catering

Supper Roster: All you need to do is turn up to help serve and clean up. Everything is supplied. If you are unavailable on the date given please let Tasi know – thank you.

Children’s Christmas Party A big Thank You for all the help in setting up and on the days of the party. I would not have been able to do it without you all. Another geat day and Santa’s Helpers did very well. Thank You All and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Diane White


photos in February Motoring Spirit

The 37th Annual Lake Ferry Run Organised by the Sunbeam Car Club of NZ (Wellington) each year.

Saturday 9th December

Open to anyone – club member or not, English cars, American cars - and we absolutely welcome classic Japanese cars along on the day. Saabs, Volvos, Fiats, Lancia, Porsche, Ferrari, Mustang, Datsun, home-built… whatever your car is, if you are an enthusiast we welcome your attendance. Meet at the Fell Museum in Featherston at 11am for a quick drivers’ briefing at 11.15 and an 11.30 departure to Lake Ferry at the big oak . At Lake Ferry we will meet to talk over a BYO picnic lunch. The hotel at Lake Ferry have confirmed they will be open and should have food available (there are no functions booked at this stage), or you can bring your own picnic lunch to have by the lake. 21

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

13 December 2017

Christmas Lunch at Masonic Village Café, Levin Meet at 12.15pm for a 12.30pm start.

Traditional fare, lamb and ham, roast vegetables, peas, carrots, broccoli & cauliflower, green salad, pavlova and Christmas pudding. Cost $35 per person. The café is not licensed so please bring your favourite drink. Glasses will be provided. The village has asked we bring as many vintage and classic cars to show the residents. These can be parked on the village grounds.

Directions: From the South, travel through Levin and turn right at the second set of lights into Queen Street East (Clock Tower) Take second exit at the two roundabouts on Queens Street East and the café is 400 metres on the left from the second roundabout.

If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday 10th December Email to:, Phone (04) 234-1262 or John on 027-4524326 Annual Swap Meet and Collectables Day - Saturday 17 March 2018 Horowhenua Branch VCC

Levin Show Grounds Events Park Levin

enquiries to Pete Collins 06 368 85656,


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Wanted, a gear lever knob complete with an overdrive switch as fitted to an M G B, please phone John Kinvig 2341262 or 0274 524 326.


For Sale - 1956 ROVER 90 in good original condition. Rego on hold needs very minor work to get back on road. Lots of spares. $3,000 ONO Phone Neville Trethewey 9381127 (Neville was a long term member of our branch) 2/4

Car for Sale 1978 Triumph 2500 TC Mark II Saloon 6 cylinder. Mileage - just 14,454 For viewing and more information contact evenings or weekends Daniel 027 557 1306 or Edith 027 548 447

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For details refer to the noticeboard in the Clubrooms or contact the Branch Secretary


See page 22 for contact details We are the company that offers you Total immersion stripping of Car bodies and panels WE TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS Contact: Warren Leslie Phone: (04) 232 6880 Fax: (04) 232 6882 11 Wall Place, Tawa Email:

VERO INSURANCE If you arrange your car and household insurance through Vero, the Wellington Branch gets a commission. Last year it amounted to $2,300.00.


66 Killarney Rd

Apex Auto



0800 10 27 39

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Mention this ad and receive 10% discount BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Bluebridge has notified us of the latest discounts for vehicles on their ferry between Wellington and Picton for Vintage Car Club members as follows: Now to 30 June 2018 The VCC code for discounts is ANTIQUECAR. Valid Travel Dates: Discounted - 10% off all available fares. Ring 0800 844 844, for conditions NOTE; Warren Corkin, one of our members, reminds us that to get this discount you must present your VCC membership card when you check in on the day of your trip. It is not enough to have quoted it when you booked and paid for the ticket. Also it may not be enough to have booked electronically. You need a printed copy of your electronic booking on the day or you may have to pay again then go for a refund for the original booking These rules may apply to the Interislander also. BEWARE.

THE INTERISLANDER The Interisland has sent us an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all so we suggest that if you are planning to book from 1 February to 18 December 2018 ring the Interislander for quotes or click on Group Bookings at the foot of their home page www.interislander. To access the VCC rates, insert the reference WH5465 26

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Clubnights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone at 7:30pm. DECEMBER


Sunday Run


New Year’s Day Picnic


Lake Ferry Run


Sunday Run


Committee meeting


Club night Fun Run


Kapiti Coast Midweek Xmas Party


Club night and Motorcycle meeting combine for a Xmas BBQ

Club Captain’s Safari Whanganui Vintage Weekend

19th 20th - 21st


Bi-Annual Motorcycle Rally

26th - 28th

Club Night Supper Roster: Tasi Betteridge and the Social Committee

Club night supper roster; Dave Gwynn and Alick Jenner

DECEMBER CLUB NIGHT Christmas BBQ Tickets for this event will be on sale from the October clubnight. $12.00 per head early bird and $15 late bird. To avoid the late bird fee you can “book” a ticket(s) by emailing me on Latebird date: Friday 15 December – (that means if you buy or book a ticket on that date onwards you will be charged $15.00) Bring a wrapped gift of not more than $3.00. And this year you are asked to wear your most fabulous designer Christmas glasses. Use your imagination and come with outrageous or wacky or tacky or over the top glasses. $2



Sunday Run


Sunday Run


Committee meeting


Committee meeting


Motorcycle Group Meeting


Napier Art Deco Festival

14th to 18th

Club night


Club Night


Motorcycle Group Meeting


Kapiti Midweek Run


Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run


Rally Committee Meeting


Rally Committee meeting


Club night supper roster: Alastair McCarthy and Angelica Edgley

Club Night Supper Roster: Deidre and John Blakemore


Moss Delany with his two grandsons sitting in their Great Grandfather Bill Delany’s 1902 Crestmobile which was at the first November Rally 60 years ago

Photo by Phil Bemge

Ernie and Norma Pailthorpe having a break in their 1930 Austin 7 at the Display day at Queens Wharf on 5 Sunday 2017

Photo by Phil Benge

John and Fran Southward’s 1930 Bugatti T29 on the rally

Photo by Stan Garmonsway


Wellington VCC December 2017