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Chairman’s Report Greetings all - This is the last report until the new year so read up. Yes I survived the school holidays. Thanks to Ian Chamberlain for last club nights entertainment and excellent DVD on the Waimarie survey. Credit to Ian for his involvement in the slipping plan and modification of the cradle used during the exercise. This was Ian’s idea and took a great amount of work and diplomacy to follow it through the planning and execution. It was, of course, a very big team effort by many individuals and local companies and should bring a sense of pride to all of us seeing what this town can do. December 6th club night is our Restoration of the Year which also includes any items of interest that you feel would be worth sharing. There are no guidelines here except they are interesting, surprise us! January 10 club night is our traditional picnic night and this year will be in the form of a Barbeque at the clubrooms meeting at 5:30pm. Bring along a salad for the table and any preferred meat you may have for the Barbeque. (Sausages and patties will be supplied. The Burma Rally and Vintage Weekend is rapidly approaching so get your entries in. We are expecting a good turn out from out of town clubs Note the Friday night Vintage Weekend Launch which has been put on by Mainstreet for our vintage car club members as a thank you for our weekend involvement. I would like as many of our Car Club members to

attend as possible, you do not have to be a rally entrant. We need to support this Friday night event. It’s $10 per head and can be paid for with the Burma Rally fees as it’s included on the entry form.The venue is Franks on Victoria Ave in the old National Bank building and parking for our cars is on Majestic Square. The October Working Bee was well attended including by a 93 year old. (You know who you are Alan!) Water blasting, gutter cleaning and hedge trimming were done and thanks are offered to all involved. Jennifer and I took the Vanden Plas and a trailer load to support the Palmerston North swap meet. It was a very enjoyable day catching up with frineds and we sold plenty and promoted our Burma Rally. This year’s Christmas Parade is on Dec 2 with a 1pm meet for 2pm start at Cook Street. It is optional to decorate your cars. Route will be Ingestre, Victoria Ave, Ridgeway street and finish in Bates Street Continued next page.....

Continued.... The Carlton School Gala was a great day with our cars on display and the Club Truck giving rides. Again, thanks to all who helped, especially Rob whose rides on the Club Truck were very popular. Jim O’Neill’s Sunday run to the Poulson’s Farm was a great day, take a look at Peter’s report on that. I had the 28 Chev ready parked up on the lawn to join the

2017 Gumboot Rally

When, 1st January 2018, 9:30 meet for 10 am start Where, Memorial Park, Taihape. Prizegiveng and BBQ afterwards, food supplied Contact Robert Bains for further details Work 06 3880178 Home 06 3880706 for further details Wanganui members as they drove past. However, when I arrived

home after the run, well, I had had a fast Fiat 500 and James Whibly’s broken Citroen L15 parked on the same front lawn after the run. (See page 8) Oh dear! Linda Kendrick is organising the Chirstmas Raffle which will be drawn at the December Club meeting, tickets $2 so don’t forget to bring some money with you. Also welcome, donations to the raffl e pri z e in the form of consumables or whatever you fancy. Members will notice the water damage to the ceiling has been repaired and replastered. Thanks to Chris White and friends. What a great turnout for the Night Trial organised by Karl and Rebecca Brown and what an interesting run. It was a most enjoyable evening for all and congratulations to Rob and Linda O’Keeffe, winners of the Emerson Cup and of course they will be our hosts next year! Supper included a rendition of Happy Birthday and cakes with candles for Fay (75), Ed (65) and Linda O’Keeffe (declined to say). Tally Ho The Fox Merry Christmas to All.


News from the Editor. Most of you remember the Grumpy old men, well they are neither gone nor forgotton they have moved forward to greater things and have been recognised for their achievements as well. (See below) This is the last RIVET this year so I will be back with you again in January Supreme Award winners “Grumpy Old Men Enterprises” (GOMES) raised nearly $35,000 for local schools and charities with their scrapmetal recyling.The group received a prize of $1500 to finance their work and a trophy made by local artist Lindsay Patterson.

And while the GOMES were busy rejoicing in Whanganui Peter Wilton was busy celebrating his 80th in Taihape at the Gumboot Manor, where else? Make sure you congratulate him whilst attending the 2018 “Gumboot Rally” advertised in this RIVET. Finally, Happy Christmas and See you all in Taihape on Dec 1st


The Gomes in all their glory, including Nicky of couse A funeral service is being held for a women who has just passed away. At the end of the service, the pall bearers are carrying out the casket when they accidentally bump into a wall, jarring the casket. They hear a faint moan. They open the casket and find that the women is actually alive! She lives for another 10 more years, and then dies. Once again, a ceremony is held, and at the end of it, the pall bearers are again carrying out the casket. As they carry the casket towards the door, the husband cries out; “ Watch that wall� I was standing at the bar of Terminal 3 in the International Airport when this small Chinese guy comes in, stands next to me, and starts drinking a beer. I asked him, "Do you know any of those martial arts things, like KungFu, Karate, or Ju-Jitsu?". He says "No, I don't. And furthermore, why the hell would you ask me that? Is it because I'm Chinese?". "No", I said, "It's because you're drinking my beer!

Octobers Run. Well Jim really excelled this time, a very well judged distance, just right for the time allotted, lovely weather and typical fantastic rural scenery, what more could we ask for, well a road some of you may suggest. First half of the day, getting there, was going so well until our leaders were sudenly confronted with a wall of soil. OK maybe not a wall but a slip that was obviously going to stop us going ahead. It was at this time that decisions needed to be made, do we stay or

do we go now? Some settled down with a portion of the afternoon tea being disopsed of,

others, decided to ration the meager food options as we may be there sometime and the others, you know who you are, the “Townies� as they were described, decided to abandon the sinking ship and head back home again. Maybe as punishment some did not even make it home!

Off went Charlie to rally the troops, and maybe some earth moving equipment, to resolve the issue. But, as Charlie left to the east a John Deer appeared in the West and lo and behold started to attack the slip. In no time at all, well maybe half an hour, they had smoothed

out the problem and we with little wheels were advised to, “Go for it!� which we did and very soon found ourselves at our hosts, Donald and Liz Polson, homestead with hot water, coffee and tea already for our traditional afternoon tea. What a great pair of hosts who had previously seen the Annual Rally pass by their home and had invited us back again for a closer look at the cars. Great afternoon, thanks to all involved

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Wool Wanted: Double knitting wool or acrylic yarn wanted by the creative residents of the Broadview Retirement Village, Mosston Road. Any amount, any colour would be gratefully received. Please put your donations in the box provided at the clubrooms.

From the desk of Jim O’Neill, Wanganui Branch Club Captain Looking forward to your “Restorations of the year”, and your, “Interesting Items”, whatever they may be on December the 6th. Next offical Rally is the world famous “Gumboot Rally” in the world famous “Gumboot Capital of the World”, Taihape! Let’s have a really good turnout on New Years day to keep the Taihape contingent happy. Next big event is the Burma Rally and I am desparately short of marshals so please feel free to call me at any time to offer your services. Last, but not least, is Happy Christmas and have a great New Year.



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Club Calendar All Club Runs meet at 1pm at the club rooms unless otherwise noted.


1st Club Night and Night Run, Karl & Rebecca Brown 19th Sunday Ladies Run, Hinemoa Boyd


Dec 2nd, Christmas Parade, meet at 1pm 6th Club Night, Restoration of the Year

January 2018

1st, Gumboot Rally Taihape 10th Club Night, Picnic Tea at the clubrooms, 5pm 21st, Burma Rally


7th Club Night, VIC card explanation 25th Gymkhana


4th, Saturday, Blue Smoke & Pedals 7th Club Night 18th Sunday Run, Bruce Ardell


4th Club Night 15th, Sunday Run, Peter Hardy, Scatter Run 21st Castrol Motor Cycle Rally


2nd Club Night 20th Sunday Run


6th AGM Annual Rally

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The director at the retirement home invited a hypnotist to do a program for the residents one afternoon. The residents were highly skeptical that he could really hypnotize them but they were willing to go along just to see if he could. The hypnotist took out a very beautiful gold pocket watch that he said had been in his family for over six generations and began swinging it back and forth, back and forth before their eyes. Suddenly the chain on the watch broke and the watch shattered all over the floor. “SHIT� exclaimed the hypnotist. It took two days to clean up the room and they never invited him back. Another little ditty submitted by Neil Farrer, please keep them coming.

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Wanganui VCC November 2017  
Wanganui VCC November 2017