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Newsletter March 2018

Cover photo On the recent Remembrance Day Rally—Judith provided transport for Nola Groves. See page 12. Closing Date for Wairarapa Zenith: 15th of each month. Contributions should be emailed to the Editor— or posted to: PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms Postal Address Branch Website Club Night Spare Parts Committee Meet

A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840

First Monday of the month (except January— none) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Open each Tuesday morning following club night. Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm

Call and see

Trevor Kenavan for all your joinery requirements

150 Main Street, Greytown Phone: 06 379-8008 Fax: 06 304-9004 2

Your Committee 2017/18 Chairman:

Willie James

372 4890

Immediate Past Chairperson John Clark 378 0380 Vice Chairman: Andrew Dittmer 379 6967 Treasurer: Robert Notley 0272121091 Secretary: Tina Goodin 02041099552 Club Captain: David Hunter 379 9224 Committee: Paul Furkert 379 5355 Gary Lang 372 7593 Brian Billing 021 242 6240 Hugh Hunter 306 9847 Custodian: Earl Goodin

0204 0624986 379 7918

Librarian: Pat Dutton Beaded Wheels Reporter: Kevin Ball 377 1236 Social Convenor: Val Ball 377 1236 Spare Parts: Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore 379 7573 Magazine Editor: Jim Philps 370 9118 Vehicle Inspectors: Francis Pointon 378 6710 Graham Reidy 372 7855 3

What’s on locally… MARCH Monday 5th

Saturday 10th Sunday 25th APRIL Sunday8th

Club night. Door Gary and Barbara. Our speaker is Lester Price talking on the aftermath of the typhoon in the Philipines. Rex Porter rally. Entry form in previous magazine. Bangers and Beer afternoon at the clubrooms.

Saturday 29th

Club Captain’s Run. Organized by David Hunter. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE. Club night. Door David and Hugh Hunter. Speaker from VTNZ talking on vehicle certification. Veterans rally.

MAY Monday 7th

Club night. Door John and Sheila Clark.

Monday 9th

50 YEAR CELEBRATIONS Please read the article on page 7 regarding the arrangements needed for this important club event. Maureen Bull has already put in a mammoth amount of work to produce a written history. We now need to compliment this by celebrating the book and the achievement of the club making this milestone.


REX PORTER MEMORIAL RALLY Saturday 10th March 2018

Entries close 24th February, 2018 N.B. As in previous years the entry fee is discounted to $12.50 for entries received by this date. This information was omitted from the entry form. Dinner starts at 6 pm. 5

From the Chair Hello Members. Gosh February is here already and the Rex Porter Rally is just around the corner. HAVE YOU PUT YOUR ENTRY IN?? Cut off day for discounted entry fees is the 24th February. At $12.50 - what a cheap day out! Our thoughts go out to those of you whom are unwell especially our Librarian Pat Dutton. Your Committee is going to need new blood for the next AGM as the Treasurer and Editor will be standing down so I look forward to hearing from positive members wishing to take on these jobs. A few of the motorcycle members are heading down to Kaiapoi for the National BSA rally this coming weekend, stopping off at Kaikoura on the way down. I hope there are no breakdowns. Last Sunday the Remembrance Rally was held. Thank you to Tina and Earl for organising a wet but enjoyable trip to the Dursley Gardens. The mighty Magnette is up on blocks having new front wheel bearings installed. I think the Gymkhana may have been a bit much for the old girl. David Hunter kept telling me there was a squeal coming from the front right but due to my deafness I couldn't hear it when we drove the Rex Porter route. Tim Wilson was our guest for Club night where he covered Police forensics from woe to go along with two of our members. We all certainly learnt a lot. Have you all been following what's happening in England in the Vintage car and bike area? All vehicles older than 40 years will not require a WOF as long as they have not been modified. The new rules come into effect in April this year. In other words the onus is being put onto the owners to keep them up to scratch. There has been much debate about the pros and cons of this scheme. Do we need this to happen in NZ???? Food for thought! Willie James


50th Year Celebration Planning A special meeting will be held at the clubrooms on Wednesday 28th February at 7.30 pm. to discuss the planning of our 50th Anniversary. Any members able to help with the organisation of this event are invited to attend. This is an important milestone for your club and deserves your input to provide a memorable event. Maureen Bull has worked hard to prepare a suitable record in the form of a book. We need to complement this with a suitable event. Horowhenua Branch Annual Swapmeet Saturday 17th March 2018 Gates open at 7 am Levin Show Grounds Events Park 14 Tiro Tiro road, Levin Stall holders $10 – Public $5 – children free Enquiries Pete Collins – 06 3688656 or sandracollins@xtra 7

Club Captain’s Report - David Hunter The magnificent weather enjoyed by the participants of our January run stretched all the way up the North Island’s East Coast that day. I happen to know that because Lynette and I were part of a large extended family group camping in Tologa Bay at the time. On the Sunday a bunch of us drove up the coast to Tokomaru Bay to have lunch at the pub (Te Puka Tavern) on the waterfront. The first thing I saw on arrival was a lovely restored black Mark 1 Zephyr parked on the road. After doing the normal things (photographs and smearing my nose on the window while looking inside) I heard the throb of V8 engines, turned around and observed a cluster of American classics coming into the car park. Thinking it may be cars on a club outing I made it my business to find out and quickly learnt it was just a bunch of friends from Gisborne on an impromptu cruise up the coast to lunch at the pub, just like us. Several weeks after returning home I ventured down to Martinborough to look at the Martinborough Cruise cars, parked up on display around the Square. The papers were saying there was up to 400 of them and although I didn’t bother counting, there was certainly a lot. The interest in old/classic cars has never been higher. Many middle aged blokes, once the mortgage is under control, seem to be attracted to them like moths to a light. Since import restrictions were relaxed in the late 1980s, older cars, mostly from the USA, have arrived in droves and found enthusiastic owners. Sadly, only a small number have found their way into Vintage Car Club ranks. Many of these cars have been subjected to extensive modifications so don’t really fit the VCC template but there are also those which are still original, or only slightly altered. These would fit in nicely. We all know that younger people these days do not readily join clubs as we oldies did years ago. One of the main reasons given is they don’t like the formality, rules and regulations that go with club membership, so how do we convince them that joining us is to their advantage? At a committee meeting last year, Hugh Hunter made the point that the big reason owners of old cars should belong to a club is to be part of any defence we need to confront legislation trying to curtail out activities on public roads. He is quite correct of course. There is strength in numbers and the more there is of us in the various old-car clubs the stronger our defence can be. We just have to convince the “cruisers” that it is in their own interests to join a club. 8

February Club Night Our guest speaker for February was Tim Wilson. Tim is a Forensic Officer attached to Masterton Police Station. He offered a very interesting insight into crime scene investigations and highlighted the role that recent technology advances have made to them. It was interesting to compare what we see on TV to real life procedures. Tim brought along numerous exhibits including plaster casts of footprints and tyre patterns. He explained that in some very technical cases results must be sent overseas for analysis. The talk also included the role that CCTV has in crime solving. Altogether, a most interesting evening. Gary Lang

Recent Coastal Run On our recent Coastal Run certain members did not follow instructions, taking a short cut and arriving at our destination/ comfort stop before the rally organiser. This should not happen. The directions to use Langdale road were there for a reason – to keep club vehicles off the main road as much as possible! Also vehicles were asked to allow other traffic to pass wherever possible. This basic rule was not adhered to with long queues forming. Please consider other road users and pull over when possible allowing other traffic to pass. Follow the rally instructions – they are there for a reason. Branch Committee

Celebrate Carterton – Sunday 4th March Holloway Street will be shut off to traffic for the day. We are allowing space for your club to park up to 8 cars at a rate of $20. Please contact as soon as possible to ensure a space. Information available at Contact Mike: – 04 934 2821 – 021 675 010. Please note: The club will not be officially supporting the event. Gary Lang


Situations Vacant Two important positions will become vacant at our June AGM:Club Treasurer and Magazine Editor. These are vital roles in the smooth running our branch. Please give these vacancies some consideration. Both positions come with a small honorarium.

Treasurer—Some basic accounting knowledge is required. Can you prepare a monthly cash sheet? Fill in a GST return? Prepare end of year final accounts? Have you used a computerised accounting package? Even if you say “no” but are ready to learn then give it a go. Plenty of help will be available.

Magazine Editor– Basic computer knowledge is an asset. Can you write a letter on a computer? Use email? This job is not onerous and can be most enjoyable. Once again there is plenty of help available. If you are interested in either of these positions please contact Willie James (06) 372 4890 and have a talk about it.


Torq Hudson Trophy Progress Report February 2018 We are now two thirds of the way through the club year and it is time for the second points update. This trophy is of course the one that recognises participation in the various activities the club puts on. The 1st progress report was current to October 2017 when Tina and Earl Goodin were heading the field with 40 points. Since then we have had Christmas parades to add to the normal activities of club nights and rallies etc, with some members jumping up the ladder and others not making as good a progress. Here then are the current leaders up to and including the February club night. Current points total with previous points in parentheses: 88 76 72 70 64

(38) (32) (32) (38) (28)

Alec O’Hara Paul Furket Simon O’Hara Brian Billings Francis Pointon

52 52 48 42 40

(30) (32) (26) (22) (26)

Simon Byrns Ian Ingram Andrea Byrne Robert Notley Kevin Ball

62 62 62 58 58

(40) (40) (36) (22) (34)

Tina Goodin Earl Goodin Hugh Hunter Willie James Myrna Lane

38 38 38 36 36

(24) (20) (24) (22) (30)

Val Ball Peter Groves Gaye Pointon John Clark Gary Lang

58 54

(34) (38)

Andy Dittmer Tom Mitchelmore

36 34

(26) (22)

Jean Mitchelmore Pat Dutton

So it can be seen that Alec O’Hara has opened up a healthy lead over the field, and Paul Furkert has leapt from 10th equal to 2nd. Can they be chased down? Simon O’Hara and Brian Billings are handily placed and may be pacing themselves for a strong finish. There is still almost 4 months of points gathering until the AGM and that is the night when the leader will get the chequered flag at the winning post (to mix some racing terms). David Hunter 11

Remembrance Rally February 2018 With a forecast predicting heavy rain and the competition of the British Car Day at Trentham, there was no surprise that the entrants for this rally were modest in number. However, in the plus column, there were several new faces amongst us. Ian Johnstone , we had met before at last year’s Remembrance Rally. A resident of England, Ian also owns a house in Martinborough and comes out here to enjoy our summers each year, and enjoy motoring in his Model A that he keeps here. Ian was accompanied by a friend Willie Sellers, visiting from England and an Austin 7 enthusiast. Hitching a ride with them was local man Bruce Lambert who although not owning a club eligible vehicle is interested in joining the club. The rain was holding off when we departed Masterton but began on our way to Bideford. By the time we reached our morning stop at Dursley Gardens it was fair pouring down. Tina was asking if we should abandon the visit but Willie James was all for going on with it (walking around in the rain being of no concern to a farmer), and it proved to be the right decision. Judy Callaghan was ready for us in a covered outdoor space, cups of tea on hand and while we supped told us in entertaining fashion the history of the property and people who had lived there over the last 100 years. By the time she had finished the rain had magically stopped and we could go for a wander. Judy’s extensive and very productive vegetable garden drew the admiration of us, a credit to Judy who, as she freely admitted, is nearly 80. Next stop was Alfredton by way of the Whangaehu Valley road. The planned picnic lunch at the Domain obviously was a non starter but our organisers had a ‘Plan B’, the Community Hall across the road. There we were able to sit in the lounge, talk and look out the windows at the rain. When it was time to hit the road again the rain had stopped and the drive over to Eketahuna and back to the clubrooms via Mauriceville was made without much wiper activity. The finishers numbered less than the starters with some dropping out along the way or heading home towards the end of the run. We had a number of observation type questions to answer along the way and when Tina marked the papers, added the points, found that Willie and Sharon James had won. Problem was they were in a modern (their farm ute), unable to use their MG Magnette because it was undergoing urgent wheel bearing surgery. Continued over ………. 12

Right: Club Captain David Hunter with the winners of this years Remembrance Day Rally—our Chairman Wille James and his wife Sharon.

Right: Model A and Mini at the lunch stop, Alfredton Hall.

Above: Alec, Earl and David wait in the rain at Dursley homestead. Judith Callahan's 100-yearold house and garden.

Left: There was a surprise under the dust cloth. Ian Ingram keeps dry.


Should the 2nd placed team be declared the winner? Some discussion took place with someone pointing out that it was only sickness (the MGs) that necessitated the modern replacing it. A show of hands was called and the result unanimous: Willie and Sharon were declared the winners. Thanks to Tina and Earl for putting this one together. The weather threatened to derail it but failed and the visit to Dursley’, the gardens and a wander through the old house still with much of it original character was of much interest. Assembled at the Town Square in Masterton for the start: Peter & Nola Groves HQ Holden Tina & Earl Goodin Valiant Ute Kevin & Val Ball Toyota Starlet Gary & Frank Wall Riley Pathfinder Graham & Annette Clark Ian Johnstone, Willie Sellers, Bruce Lambert Gary & Barbara Lang Don & Marlene Robbie with Vivienne & Owen Phil & Lyn Smith

’47 Hillman Model A

Willie & Sharon James Alec O’Hara & David Hunter Ian Ingram

Modern ’79 Mini Hillman Hunter

Mustang Model A Modern

Winners: 1st Willie & Sharon James nd 2 Alec O’Hara & David Hunter 3rd equal Ian Ingram Gary & Barbara Lang David Hunter


Gary Walls’s Remembrance Rally 2018 My brother Frank and I took part in the rally in our Riley Pathfinder. There were about 10 cars that took part in the event starting from Masterton Town Square. The instructions took us up Te Ore Ore road to turn north towards Bideford. Once on the Bideford road we were looking for Waterfall Road. We had not found it when we came upon Dursley Gardens which it was recommended that we visit. After Waterfall Road the next instruction was to find a flag at a school and then to turn south towards Masterton after visiting the gardens. As it was raining we did this rather than get drenched looking at the garden. Next we had to turn into Whangaehu Valley Road and proceed to Alfredton for lunch. There were heavy showers of rain so we had lunch in the Community Hall which was open with good facilities. After lunch we wondered where the other cars had got to. We were the only car there. We decided to leave and continue with the instructions. These took us to Eketahuna, on to SH2 to turn into Falkners Road and travel down the old SH2 going left to Hastwell, on to Mauricevelle and along the Loopline to join SH2 again at Solway. At the clubrooms we found the Clarks having lunch in their car as the clubrooms were locked. There were no other cars there. We decided not to stay but returned home to Martinborough. It was unfortunately very bad weather for this event - very humid with heavy rain around Eketahuna. Gary Wall Thanks for your version of events Gary. Hope the Riley has good wind screen wipers and no leaks! Editor I am MECHANICALLY ignorant, but I think I comprehend this TECHNICAL message!! The daughter asks her father, "Dad, there’s something that my boyfriend said to me that I didn't understand. He said that I have a beautiful chassis, lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper." Her Dad replied, "You tell your boyfriend that, if he opens your hood and tries to check your oil with his dipstick, I will tighten his nuts so hard that his headlights will pop out and he will start leaking out of his exhaust pipe." 15

Peter Chisholm Memorial Economy Run 14th-17th November 2017 Entrants: Beth and Neville Taylor (Organisers) 1997 Ford Mustang Herb and Julie Fox 1994 Bentley Brooklands Murray and Robin Dewar 2017 Hyundai Howard and Marion Sims 1996 Volvo 850 Ann Slater and Bruce and Janice Slater 2011 Toyota Landcruiser Will and Ruby Holmes and Evelyn Chisholm 1964 Austin Princess Vanden Plas John and Sheila Clark 1955 Daimler Conquest Tony and Myrna Lane 1973 Mercedes Benz 350SL Day 1: Masterton to Taumaranui We all met at the Farriers. Herb and Julie joined us from Nelson having travelled up the day before. Murray and Robin had to bring their modern as, sadly, their Stag was “sick”. Howard and Marion had to abandon their Fiat Bambino only a couple of miles from home and use their Volvo. Howard then arrived at the Farriers and realised that his driving licence was in the Fiat! Hence they travelled a few more miles than the rest on their first day! It was the first time we had seen Neville and a suitably “colour coordinated” Beth (jacket and shoes) in their newly acquired Mustang (this vehicle used to belong to Martin Hutchinson). It was a cool slightly cloudy morning but we decided to lower the hood which remained down all day. We travelled north over the Pahiatua Track via Maungamaire to Ashurst and then over SH54 to Flat Hills for lunch. Fortunately the traffic was light and there were no mishaps. From Flat Hills we travelled on SH1 to Waiouru and then turned off through Ohakune and finally arrived in Taumarunui about 3.45pm. Plenty of time to settle into our motel, put the car to bed and enjoy “Happy Hour” with our fellow travellers. We dined at the RSA where Beth and Neville’s friends Mike and Pauline from Katikati joined us. Day 2: Taumarunui We were collected from the motel at 7 am and taken by bus to Whangamomona. This took about 2 hours. Here we were given a welcome refreshment at the pub and then we assembled at the Rail Trail station Continued …………... 16

for a briefing before boarding our Rail carts. They were petrol driven vehicles and seated 2, 4 or 6 passengers. Very easy to drive – just like an automatic car – but there was no need to steer! We joined John and Sheila in the 6 seater cart and we set off with John “driving” for our big adventure. It was a lovely sunny day and it was great fun travelling the rail track through fields, over narrow bridges (best not to look down) and through narrow cuttings. We travelled at about 20 kph and enjoyed all the smells of the outdoors from honeysuckle to silage! We came across stock – mostly sheep – which quickly moved off the track. Beth and Neville had the only mishap when their cart derailed! They blamed a stray stone thrown up by the cart in front of them. We all had to quickly stop and fortunately a helpful farmer helped them lift the cart back onto the track. By the time our Tour leader had backed up they were ready to set off again. At another point on the track we saw a sheep stuck in a boggy pond. Some of us stopped and Herb, Mike and John got over the fence and into the paddock and rescued the animal which went off shaking itself on very wobbly legs. We were provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea stops along the way. Most of these had been stations employing people and towns where the population is now either non-existent or miniscule compared with a century ago. We travelled 80 km and went through 20 tunnels varying between 125 and 1250 metres in length. Gosh, the temperature really dropped Continued …………... 17

travelling through them! Many of the tunnels were built with the work parties approaching from either end and meeting in the middle – without GPS! The final tunnel was the longest with a curve at each end. We stopped in the middle at a prearranged signal and turned off the lights – wow it was dark! It was a great day – just short of 12 hours – but enjoyed by all. The weather was great and we were well fed. Day 3: Taumarunui – National Park – Taumarunui This was a leisurely start and drive east to Tokaanu. Unfortunately the weather gods provided us with heavy drizzle and we couldn’t see much of Lake Taupo. After a coffee at Tokaanu we carried on to the Chateau for lunch. Always a lovely treat to dine at the old building – everything is “nice”. After a relaxed lunch we drove up to “The Bruce” which was shrouded in cloud – not much to see! We returned for a photo stop outside the Chateau and then continued north to Taumarunui. Suddenly struck very heavy rain around Raurimu. I was so glad we didn’t have the hood down. It was fine once we arrived back in Taumarunui and after “Happy Hour” we went to a Thai Restaurant for dinner. The evening concluded with our Prize Giving. “Best Economy” Cup Will Holmes Austin Vanden Plas (sadly there were only 3 eligible VCC vehicles!) “Best Economy” (modern) Murray Dewar “What a Bummer” Trophy Neville Taylor (This trophy is presented as a “Hard Luck” trophy. Neville was a “no contest” winner having run off the rails as well as losing his car keys on the day we arrived!) Day 4: Taumarunui – Masterton and beyond Lovely clear day. We lowered the hood for the trip south. We stopped at Horopito for 29 mins which probably turned into much longer for those who really wanted something or had never been before. It hasn’t changed since I was last there! Just a “sea” of wrecked vehicles spoiling the view of our beautiful mountain (Ruapehu). Stopped at Raetahi for a comfort stop and a coffee and then travelled to Wanganui via the Parapara route. Lovely day again and fortunately no mishaps. We lunched at Virginia Lake before setting off home across through Martin and Ashurst using the Saddle Road back to Masterton. Thank you to Neville and Beth for organising a great trip and thank you to our fellow tourists for the great companionship. Myrna Lane 18

Left: The group enjoying “Happy Hour” at the motel. Below: “All aboard” the rail trail at Whangamomona station.

Above: Where has the track gone! We drove through some remote spots. Right: “Smash Palace” at Horopito. From a female perspective a great waste of prime real estate - Ruapehu looked spectacular! 19

National North Island Easter Rally URGENT MESSAGE It has been decided that the closing date for entries be extended to 12th March, so that will give you a little more time, although I would ask that you send in your entry as soon as you are able to assist my workload!! This will be a fantastic weekend with a little bit of everything for everyone. Starting on Friday night with a Twilight Run, followed by a BBQ at the clubrooms. Saturday is the more serious rally day, with lighter moments in between. Starting with hot cross buns for morning tea, followed by rally briefing at 9.30am. Sunday will be a more relaxing day with a mystery tour starting at 10.00am. Just a reminder that entered vehicles are required to have a VIC. This is a Vintage Car Club of NZ requirement for all National rallies, and need to be verified by Head Office prior to the rally.


What did you guess?


Mitsubishi Heritage Day—15th April 2018 Join us for the inaugural Mitsubishi Motors Heritage Day—a free event for owners of well-loved classic vehicles from Todd Motors and Mitsubishi Motors NZ. Starts at Todd Park, Porirua, 9 am / Ends at Southwards Car Museum 4 pm.  Prizes for Best Todd Car, Best Mitsubishi and Best Overall.  Charity Auction.  Lunch.  Includes entry to Southwards Museum and Tour of Restoration Workshop.  Rare Classic Car Film Footage. To attend this FREE event, please send your name, the number of people in your party (max. 2 persons) vehicle model and photo of the vehicle to before 31st March 2018. Terms and conditions: Eligible vehicles are those built or imported by Todd Motors or Mitsubishi Motors NZ Ltd and older than 20 years. However we may accept newer models or Japanese imports that are considered Mitsubishi special vehicles. Only pre-registered owners and vehicles may attend. Vehicles will be registered at the discretion of Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand.

Club Library Members are most welcome to borrow books/articles from the Club Library. Please record your name and the book’s title(s) in the Lending Book so that they can be tracked is necessary. If you have any old books/manuals and wish to get rid of them, Pat Dutton, our Librarian, would be love to take them off your hands. Pat can be contacted on (06) 379 7918.



VCC National Day To All branches You will recall that we were looking into the possibility of moving the date for our National Day away from the closest Sunday to Daffodil Day so that we could get more support from the national office of the Cancer Society. As you can understand, Daffodil Day is the busiest time of the year for them. However, following feedback from branches who wished to keep the date the same and after discussion at our Management Committee meeting this weekend, we have decided to keep the event on the closest Sunday to Daffodil Day as we feel that if we moved the date out a few weeks we could be in danger of losing the momentum and buzz etc around Daffodil Day. The date will therefore be Sunday 26 August 2018. Could Branches please mark this on their calendars and email Melissa at with the contact details of your co-ordinator so that we can get things underway. The Club achieved a magnificent result in terms of the funds raised as well as raising the profile of our Club and I am sure that this year, with all our Branches behind it, we will do even better. Kind regards Diane Quarrie National President Three sisters age 92, 94 and 96 live in a house together on Bodmin Moor. One night the 96 year old runs a bath, puts her foot in and pauses. She yells down the stairs, “Was I getting in or out of the bleddy bath?” The 94 year old yells back, “I don’t know, I’ll come up and see.” She starts up the stairs and pauses, then she yells, “Was I going up the stairs or coming down?” The 92 year old was sitting at the kitchen table having tea listening to her sisters. She shakes her head and says, “I sure hope I never get that forgetful.” She knocks on some wood for good measure. She then yells, I’ll come up and help both of you as soon as I see who’s at the door.”… 24

New donations to library Thank you Bernie Cheer for the Workshop and Technical manuals you kindly donated. Bernie hasn’t been in the best of health lately and would love to see or hear from other members.



Buying & selling Property Powers of Attorney Commercial Matters Relationship Property

• Refinancing • Family Trusts • Subdivisions • Estates/Wills

0800 PPTY LAW (0800 778 952) 26

VEHICLE INFORMATION VEHICLE ID Members who wish to apply for Vehicle Identification Certification (VIC), are asked to contact one of our Branch Vehicle ID Officers. Their names and contact details are provided in each Zenith magazine (generally on page 3). If you wish to participate in any National VCC event, you need to have a Vehicle Identification Certificate. Please don’t leave it to the last minute as it takes some time for the processing of paperwork. VIC Applications: Must be accompanied by the appropriate form which can be downloaded from the VCC NZ website or contact your club secretary. The form should be sent to your local branch secretary for processing. SELLING YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle has VIC Certification and you sell your vintage vehicle, please notify NZVCC, P O Box 2546 Christchurch. Ph: 03 366 4461 Fax: (03) 366 0273 or E-mail: INSURING YOUR VEHICLE/ POSSESSIONS? When you insure through VERO, you are helping our Club financially. Just let them know that you are a member of the Wairarapa VCC and quote this number: 043302 COOK STRAIT FERRY BOOKINGS Both the InterIslander and BlueBridge Ferries offer a variety of discounted fares to VCC Members. Contact the companies directly using the Vintage Car Club group booking codes. The staff are generally very helpful. INTERISLANDER: Ph: 0800 878 898 Quote Group Booking Reference Number WH5465 BLUEBRIDGE FERRY: 0800 844 844 Quote Discount Code: ANTIQUECAR 27

FOR SALE Parts Department Remember the Parts Department is open every Tuesday morning following our monthly Club Night or contact Frank or Tom for a private viewing - (06) 379 7167 (Frank), (06) 379 7573 (Tom) This months specials !! 2 X 1952 Chev 6 Engines 1952 Front suspension Austin A40 parts – engine, gearbox, diff etc. etc. (Donated by Jeff Percy) Box of flexible radiator hoses (new) (Donated by Bruce Smith)

1936 Series 1 Morris 8 In good running order. Older restoration, has been sitting in a carport for about three years so has surface rust.An easy fix for someone with a bit of time. New fuel pump and battery. Rego on hold. $3,000 ono Ph: Kevin 027 243 0053 (1)


Advertising in the Zenith You are welcome to advertise your goods for sale, swap or buy. The advertisement does not have to relate to cars/parts, anything goes. These advertisements are free to VCC Members. Contact Jim Philps, phone: 06 370 9118 or Please note advertisements will only be published for three consecutive months unless I am notified otherwise.

Don’t forget our business advertisers Their advertisements help to pay for the production of this publication. When you need a product or service consider using one of the companies advertising in the Zenith. They help us—why not reciprocate by giving them your custom.


Saturday 10th

Ruahine Ramble. Manawatu Branch. Contact the organizer Bryan Abraham for an entry form. Ph.06 358 4014 or email Lake Taupo Rally. Contact Secretary Eric Foley 07 378 7006.

Friday 30th to 1 April North Island Easter rally hosted by the Waikato Branch. Tina has entry forms. APRIL Saturday 21st

Taranaki Branch – Maunga Moana Rally. Tina has entry forms.


Sender: The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Wairarapa Branch (Incorporated) P.O. Box 7 MASTERTON 5840


Wairarapa VCC March 2018  
Wairarapa VCC March 2018