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Committee Members for 2017-2018 Chairman

Steve Dyson


Vice Chairman

John Dawson



Owen & Lorraine Richardson



Robert Todd


Club Captain

Suzanne Anderson


Parts Department Keith Blackman


Peter Bootsma


Bill Ryan


Club Room Convener Barry Duff Newsletter

Barry Anderson

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Coming Events December 2nd

Windsor Rally

Nth Otago


Christmas BBQ Run



Christmas Parade


2018 1st January New Year day Parade


10th February Wallaby Rally


10th December Christmas BBQ run meet at Clubrooms by 10.00

Cuppa & Parts Morning 1st Thursday and 2nd Saturday of every month 9:45—12.00 noon

VCC Saves Christmas. 'twas the night before Christmas The thing wouldn't start all that was needed was one tiny part. It had to be somewhere in the box there came three but now that same box was completely empty. Perhaps there's an old one just hidden from view despite endless searching the score was still two. So down from the shelf came a big wooden box with parts from old motors, dishwashers and clocks. Each piece was examined but finally tossed nothing was found to replace the part lost. Mumbling and nashing and tearing of hair a whole year of waiting, now total despair. But a fairy was watching that cold winter night and out went a call describing the plight. They came in their dozens from near and from far all of them members of Vintage Car Club. Some came alone, in other cars three there was even a member from distant Makikihi Stuarts Model T was next to appear with twenty more helpers and all of their gear. They searched every inch from the ceiling to ground then up went a shout "hey, look what I've found" With spanners and wrenches plus odd looking tools when it comes to mechanics, these guys are no fools. Connections were fitted and bolts turned down tight gaps got adjusted until they were right. The battery was last to be placed in position now was the time to go for ignition. The button was pressed and the old engine turned these guys were all experts and none were concerned. With one tiny bang a splutter and cough it paused for a second and then it was off. Covers were fitted and paintwork was cleaned everything polished until it all gleamed. He strode from the shadows, that man dressed in red each looked at the other, but nothing was said. Only memories remain now of one special night when they did what was needed, they did, what was right.

Minutes of Monthly Meeting Waimate Branch VCC, at Clubrooms 16-11-2017

Chairman’s Report HI EVERYONE

Present;- as per attachment. Apologies;- John Dawson, Margaret Rogers Marie Mehlhopt, & Lorraine Richardson, Moved Trevor Holland & Owen Richardson passed Minutes of previous meeting circulated in November Newsletter & taken as read, moved Steve Dyson & Bill Ryan passed Matters arising;- Club Captain Suzanne Anderson asked what the mileages for the short & long routes in the Wallaby Rally are. Lyndsay Hossack said they were to be about 30 & 50 miles, with the short one being mainly sealed roads. It was suggested that Suzanne look at copies of some of the previous runs to help her organising routes. Steve said that the 50 year awards night at Makikihi Hotel had been a great success. Lyndsay Hossack & Trevor Holland thanked the club for putting the evening on for them. Reports;- Club Captain Suzanne said that she was organising a Xmas run to Pleasant Point for the 10th December. Was working on the Wallaby run, would appreciate some help.

Last report for the year .First I would like to thank everyone for there Help and support and wish you all a happy and safe Christmas John and I have delivered some of the calendars to those who helped By holding a garage raid ,just a small thank you and I will on behalf of the Waimate branch VCC give the management of Waimate coach lines A thankyou calendar for the use of the bus I have been approached by Vee Mclean on behalf of the heritage society To see if we could give some of the members a ride in the Christmas parade We will need a few helpers early in the new year to do the packs for the Wallaby rally so please keep this in mind we would like a few new faces Instead of the usual ones this is our clubs rally everyone’s not just a few. There is still a few calendars left so if anyone wants more let me know

Parts;- Keith Blackman said that some scrap had been sold, & a few parts. Clubrooms;- Barry Duff said lawn mower is hard to start, & wrought iron gate is in the leanto shed. Reports moved, Bill Ryan & Barry Duff

I would like to take this time to give a special thankyou to Barry for all The work he puts into the newsletter every month thanks Barry a great Job


General Business;- Steve reported that the Waimate 50 organisation was having a thankyou afternoon for helpers, etc, at the Showground’s hall on Sunday 19th starting at 2pm. The chairman also said that he had spoken to the Waimate 50 chairman expressing the disappointment of many people at the lack of access & the distance to walk, to the Car show at the unless you paid to go to the Racing event.

Last but not least thanks to all the committee members and members That helped keep the club going MERRY CHRISTMAS AND DRIVE SAFE YOURS IN MOTORING

Positive Waimate is hosting a Xmas parade on Saturday the 16th December at 11am, want cars for parade, some volunteered. Also asked if members would make their cars available to take children for rides, after a lengthy discussion members felt that it would probably be to dangerous to do so,


Members reminded North Otago swap meet is on Saturday 18th & the Windsor Rally is on Saturday Dec 2nd.

Next Meeting: 21th December

Meeting closed 7.50pm

Business Meeting 7.00pm followed by General Business at 7.30pm

Club Captains Report Here we are nearly at the end of the year, and as usual I haven't done half the things I wanted to do. Planning for the Wallaby Rally is slowly taking shape. Grateful thanks to those offering help and Suggestions. The final run for the year is being held on Sunday Dec 10th, day after the strawberry fair. We will be having a picnic cum barbeque at Pleasant Point. Hopefully the weather for the weekend will be fine, if not I will arrange for us to picnic under cover! If you wish to cook food we have the means to barbeque thanks to Bill and Steve. I will also take a few sausages for those extra hungry people! To those I don't see before the end of the year, have a safe Christmas and a New Year That is all you wish for. To the rest of the members I look forward to seeing you on the 10th of December. Safe driving, and merry Christmas Suzanne.


We are looking for 2 person teams ($10 per team). On the first evening we will show you how to play the game and have a practise session. The follow Wednesday evenings in February we will run a doubles competition – half hour games, with possibly 3 games per evening. Croquet Club members will not be playing but will be there to supervise and give some assistance as to rules etc. All equipment will be supplied. Croquet is a low impact sport so why not give it a go and enjoy the fun. Further details and entries to Anne McMaster 689 8309 by 20 January

Waimate VCC Members cars at the Waimate 50 Display


Lindsay Hossack Receiving 50 Year Badge

Waimate 50

35 Ford doing what its best at

A triumph trying what its not best at

Lynda Holland Receiving on Behalf of Trevor the 50 Year Badge

The Venue Makikihi Hotel

Lindsay & John Coomber

Peter Master of Ceremonies

Guest Speaker Allan Dick

Waimate VCC December 2017