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APRIL 2018

Committee Members 2015-2016 Chairman

Steve Dyson


Vice Chairman John Dawson

Hi everyone


Secretary Owen & Lorraine Richardson


Treasurer Robert Todd


Club Captain Suzanne Anderson


On the 27th of March 7 of us turned up at Centennial school to attend a car day for the younger children of the school. We had a good selection of cars e.g. from Owens Model A. a ford prefect, Vauxhall. Duffs 72 Honda, 39 ford V8 pickup, chev raceabout, and Lorraine’s Volkswagen. The children meet us with a barrage of questions from tyre size, to how far we have driven them. There was heaps of interest in the different makes and models, with the rear engine VW and model A taking special interest. A very enjoyable and interesting morning.

Parts Department Keith Blackman


Peter Bootsma


Bill Ryan


Club Room Convener Barry Duff

Chairman’s Report


Newsletter Barry Anderson


I attended the executive meeting in Christchurch on the 24th Match which I found very interesting. Some of the facts were staging, with some countries banning fossil fuels, cars being banned in city’s by 2040 Toyota hoping to produce 70% of all its cars powered by electricity by 2025. In future fossil car owners will have to join clubs like the VCC to even buy fossil fuels (scary Thought) Once again if anyone has any ideas on getting more interest in the running of the club please let us know THANKS AGAIN FOR YOU HELP AND SUPPORT



Next meeting: 19th April Business Meeting 7.00pm Followed by General business at 7.30pm

Coming Events 2018 April 14th 3 Passes Run




ANZAC In Action

Island May 5th

Swap Meet


Anzac in Action 2018 Rangitata Aerodrome Brodie Road Saturday 21st April 9.00am Sunday 22 April 2018 9.00am Remembering WW1 100 Years on

Club Captains Report I won’t be around much for the next month as I am having a knee replacement. So l will miss the three Passes Run, on the 14th of this month. Hopefully the weather will be kind, we have been pretty lucky with events so far this year. A big thank you to Steve Cutler for driving and planning this run at short notice, and I do hope the members will be supportive, as it very disheartening to organise an event and the same dedicated few turn up. Thankfully they do or we would have no vintage car club! Meeting at 8.30 on the 14th at the club rooms, for the briefing, and don’t forget to pack you lunch. The run will not be held if the weather is wet, or, perish the thought, snowing! Time is approximately 5hrs As per My report the Lister visit was an enjoyable moment for both the residents and members. I know we all have other commitments, but I am sure a few hours to bring some enjoyment to folk not as mobile as we are is not that much of a hardship, so it was a shame a few more didn’t make the effort to turn up. Thank you to those who did. Don’t forget the Rangitata Anzac display, working and static, on the 25th. Well worth the trip. Take your vintage car, they have an area set aside for them. For more information ( l have lost mine), look it up on their web page. Safe driving Suzanne.

Cuppa & Parts Mornings 1st Thursday and 2nd Saturday of every month 9: 45 – 12.00 noon

On the afternoon of March 11th three Ford vehicles, and one Honda 50 descended On Lister Home. The Honda gave rise to an interesting story. One lady went from London to Dover, (133km or 83miles), in the sidecar of her Husbands Norton bike. Their friend rode an AJS. The journey took 6 hours. Traffic must have been bad, imagine what it is like these days! One gentleman tells of spending the last eight years restoring his vintage car, and feels he is running out of time! Know the feeling? Those who braved the unknown and went for a ride appeared to enjoy the experience. Thank you to those who took time out to bring their vehicles. Club captains report Packard’s At Wings over Wanaka

Quality A 1939 Deluxe Ford

Not A Packard

Minutes of Monthly Meeting Waimate VCC


Present;-As per attachment Apologies;- Geoff & Karina Bellman, Donald Mewburn, Len DenBrave, Marie Mehlhopt, Lorraine Richardson Anderson & Barry Duff passed Minutes;- in newsletter taken as read.

moved Suzanne

Moved Trevor Holland & Bill Ryan th

Matters arising;- 3 cars & 1motorbike at Lister House On Sunday 11 , successful afternoon. Suggested by ones that were there it might be useful to use their van to have taken some occupants down to Bushtown steam up day. Robert has purchased & set up the new Laptop for the club. Correspondence;- Usual Newsletters via email, Emails from Head Office re executive meeting, Membership etc., 2 sympathy cards. Reports;- Finance, as per attachment, Cheque a/c $3030.99, Savings $5032.95, TDP $18,378.35 Total $26442.29-$!399.30=$25,042.99.

moved Robert Todd & Lyndsay Hossack


Club Rooms;- Barry Duff reported that everything is OK. Parts;- Keith reported that 2 vehicles have been taken out of storage. Scrap man is going to be taking the scrap away soon. Chairman suggested that we stop taking scrap for 2 or 3 months as buyers don’t really want it. Club Captain;- As per attachment. Suzanne said that she is looking into the hiring of the theatre & supplying or getting an older film in as a fund raiser. Reports moved Trevor Holland & Owen Richardson



Main School have requested some cars for viewing on Tuesday 27 to follow up a school project. Club agreed & 6 or 8 have said they will attend. Chairman Steve Dyson to attend executive meeting, 24-03-18 in Christchurch. Robert Gibson has requested storage space for a car trailer, agreed to. Suggestions of things that the club could look into doing;Steve Cutler has suggested that the club should do a 3 pass run, Meyers-Haka-McKenzie, & is prepared to look into run & then find a suitable day for it to be held. Meeting agreed that he go ahead & sort it out. Barry Anderson suggested that we have an fun afternoon & do field tests etc following a barbecue lunch at Knottingly Park or some other suitable venue. Trevor Holland said day a trip to Omarama taking in Murray Stuarts collection again. Graham Dennison said that Higgins at Twizel have an excellent collection of heavy machinery that is well worth viewing. Steve said that the club will probably have to have a working bee to do something about the spouting on the sheds on the west side of the buildings. Trevor Holland requested the use of the pie warmer by the Waitaki Ploughing Assn on 7-4-18. Parts dept members to look at fork lift at secretary’s place next Tuesday, 20-7-18. Meeting closed 8.20 PM

Waimate VCC April 2018  
Waimate VCC April 2018