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August 2017

Vol 54

Venture Waikato Branch

Newsletter of the Veteran & Vintage Car Club (Waikato) Inc.

Xmas Raffle

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Editor’s Snippet Hi Everyone I am sitting here putting pen to paper as it is too bloody cold to do much outside. It is only 6 degrees outside as we endure near blizzard condition country-wide. Recently we held the first Committee meeting of the new committee, It was good to see some new faces (and the return of others) as their opinions will help shape the direction for future of our Branch. At the recent AGM I reported that members are wanting to receive their Magazine electronically. If you wish to receive your magazine this way , please contact me to get the current Venture Emailed out. This trend, I am pleased to report is increasing. I hope you found the new feature about Members cars interesting,. A big “thank you” to Ian McHarg for his contribution. If you would like to do a short article on your car please contact me.


Traditionally the winter months tend to be a little quieter event wise but one event that I hope you will all consider supporting is the VCC National Daffodil Rally for Cancer on Sunday 27th August 2017. All cars will parade from Knox St up the “Main Street” to Liverpool St then through Frankton to the Classic Car Museum. More information later in this magazine so please mark it on your calendar. Till then…. Keep to the left and enjoy your motoring Bozy Chairman Report Secretary’s Report FOMC Report Motor Cycle Upcoming Event PV Rally entry form

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AGM minutes August Club night Sale & Wanted adverts

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Front Cover: Daffodil Day / VCC National Day


C h a ir m a n ’s C h a tter CHAIRMANS REPORT AUGUST 2017 Another month has slipped by and during that time your new committee has met and I have chaired my first General Meeting with Katherine Parsons and her assistant Brett entertaining us with a puppet show and then a talk on puppeteering, how Katherine got started and introduced her “Cast”, many, dating back to the 1950’s. I have always enjoyed the variety of speakers we engage with at our Club and I have experienced so many different interests I would not have otherwise even thought about. Hence our August guest is a friend of mine, a Private Investigator whom I hope none of you recognise! The KM Ford – (Katherine Mansfield) is underway and Reece recently reported to the friends the generous donation of parts from the Model T guys and our club members. So thank you all. You will have a new Calendar of Events by now – we welcome any member who volunteers and would like to take us somewhere or contribute to the activities of the Club. The Motorcycle Event for August has changed to Sunday the 20 th – there is a visit to a Motorcycle Collection in Hamilton. Cars are welcome on these events – be at our Club at 11.30am for 1pm departure. Finally our Hamilton Street Parade, Sunday August 27 th. Help us make this event great, we are like “Air New Zealand” – you get your boarding pass online at our website. This is pretty innovative for us so try it, click on the Cancer Society Daffodil and complete your entry! There will be hundreds of cars out and about throughout New Zealand on the day raising money for cancer – let us be amongst the best with a great occasion to be proud of.

Ian 4

S e c r e ta r y Club Captain

Secretary’s Report Entry forms available – Rotorua Sulphur City Rally 26th August, entries close 19th August Auckland PV, PWV, P60V & P80V Rally 10th September, entries close 1st September Vero Insurance – Vero is very supportive of the Vintage Car Club of NZ, and their policies are very favourable, with discounts applied to second and subsequent vehicles. The Branch receives commission for policies taken out by our members, and this is gratefully received and used in the running of the Branch’s affairs. If you have transferred to our Branch and already have a policy or policies with Vero, would you please contact Vero informing them of your change of Branch, otherwise your commission still goes to your former Branch. If taking out a new policy please quote our Branch’s agent number of 300153. Name badges – Please remember to wear your name badges to all Branch events. It is such a help for we who have failing memories!! That’s all for this month, folks.


CLUB BADGES FOR SALE These are available from the Badge & Trophy Guardian Graham Pate; Lapel or Cap Badges - enamelled Car Bumper Badges - cast in brass Windscreen Transfers Windscreen Vinyl Stickers Club Emblem Jacket Patches Number Plate Surrounds Rally Number Holders Motoring Safety Kits


$10.00 each $35.00 each $2.00 each $2.00 each $5.00 each $5.00 pair $10.00 each $100 each


WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE As you can see there is an advert on page ...... for the up and coming Classic Car Parade as part of the VCC National Daffodil Rally organised by the national office of the VCC. All monies will be going to the local branch of the Cancer Society. Will it be a success? That depends of the number of entries we get in the parade. This is where you, as a member of the VCC come into the picture. Please spread the word. Anyone can enter, so long as they fill out the Entry Form off the Waikato VCC web page. If you happen to be a member of a one make car club please spread the word. Make a copy of the attached advert and send it to another club or better still get an email address off them forward it to me and I will send them a copy of the poster. Once received they can send it out to their members.

Recent Movie Night As a member who went along to support the Club activity I was presently surprised at the recent movie “McLaren”. It was a clever mix of actual footage of the day and new footage combined in a way as to not look spliced and make a very informative story . I knew a bit about Bruce McLaren but not as much as I know now . Bruce McLaren certainly set motor racing on is ear with his Kiwi Can attitude . I guess I was a little young to appreciate his brilliance and the sad loss of a Racing Legend. If you haven’t seen the movie , I would recommend it to you. Editor A young man was walking through a supermarket to pick up a few things when he noticed an old lady following him around. Thinking nothing of it he ignored her and continued on. Finally he went to the checkout line, but she got in front of him. “Pardon me” , she said , I’m sorry if my starring at you has made you feel uncomfortable. It’s just that you look just like my son , who just died recently. “I’m very sorry”, replied the young man, “is there anything I can do for ?”.”Yes”, she said ,”as I’m leaving can you say “Good bye, Mother’. It would make me feel so much better” “Sure ,” answered the young man. As the old woman was leaving , he called out, “Goodbye, Mother!” As he stepped up to the checkout counter , he saw that his total was $127.50. “How can that be?” he asked , “ I only purchased a few this !” “ Your mother said that you would pay for her,” said the clerk. 7


Motorcycle You will have now received the Events Calendar 17/18 unfortunately there is a mistake regards our Motorcycle Run, it is on Saturday the 14th October not Sunday the 15th This is our annual South Waikato Run, everything has been confirmed with Lunch at the Tokoroa Club, then to Murray’s who is looking forward to showing us the work that has been done on the plane that we saw last year. The evening meal will be at the Cambridge Raceway and the entre forms will be emailed out nearer the time. Sorry, another change of dates this time our Run that I said was planned for Sunday the 13th of August will now be on Sunday the 20th We are going to Ken McGeady’s home in Hamilton, he is the President of the Hamilton Classis Motor Club and he has a very interesting collection of bikes for us to see. The club rooms will be opened at 11.30, so bring along your lunch which we can have together before leaving around 1.00 to go to Ken’s. For those wishing to go to The Ride For Ever Motor Cycle Show in Auckland on Saturday the 16Th September please let me know by email so I can arrange car pooling as we did last year. If you would like to know what is happening at the show please see Mr Google, as there is plenty of info there. That is about all at the moment, I will email you if there is any changes re our visit in August. In the meantime Safe Riding Peter Spiller

"STORAGE REQUIRED" Storage required for fire engine currently being restored. Preferably with power though needs to be secure. With the possibility to use as a workshop for further restoration. Please phone Lex on 027 289 9887


Events Ahead


August September October



Club Night



Motorcycle Run



Wednesday Wander



National Daffodil Run



Club Night



Motorcycle Run



Wednesday Wander





Kairangi Hill Climb



Club Night



Motorcycle Run



Wednesday Wander

PV Rally

The Otorohanga Steamfest 19—20 August We were approached to host a weekend visit by the Glenbrook Vintage Railway and a potential 298 passengers for the weekend 19/20 August. We have dozens of stalls and exhibits arranged - but still need more steam related gear, and a steam powered car. We have found a steam power horseless coach. a steam powered fairground organ and a 14 tonne traction engine is coming up from New Plymouth !! Our local vintage tractor club and some classic and vintage car owners will be there too. There will be a Train versus Plane race - with a 1931 Fox Moth - hopefully we can get a steam car to take to the road to make it a 3 way race. If we don't get a steam powered car we have been offered a Model T Ford. Next year we hope to have vintage road bicycles racing too. There will be handicaps in force. Please visit: for details about our festival or contact Graeme Rickard 021 492066 10





Events Ahead


August September



Taranaki Brick Run



Sulphur City Rally



Auckland PV, PW , P60 & P80 Rally

Sat & Sun





Sat & Sun Sat

Rubber Duckie MC Rally

King Country journey through time

21-22nd Auckland Hunua 100 Rally 28

South Waikato Dam Run

Wednesday Wander Events Ahead August 16th September 20th October W 18th Put these dates into your calendar if you wish to attend any Wednesday Wander

Wednesday Wander 16th August Back to hibernation mode for this one. BUT. A few of us will be meeting at a pub for lunch in Morrinsville. In June we went to the Top Pub, and the food was (shall I say) not very good. So this time we'll try the old pub in the middle of Morrinsville called the Nottingham Castle. People in the know say the food is much better there. Parking might be a problem, so you're welcome to come in your modern car to socialise Andy Hammond (07) 8235712


VETERAN & VINTAGE CAR CLUB (WAIKATO) INC. MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Clubrooms, McLean Street, Cambridge on Wednesday 14th June 2017 at 8.00pm OPENING OF THE MEETING: The Annual General Meeting for 2017 was opened by the Chairman, Graham Pate at 8.00pm APOLOGIES: Bev & Pete Taylor, Val Russell, Tracey & Wayne Hayward, Wilber Brown, Don Wise, Jim Madgwick, Warren & Carol Latham, Chris Lawrence ‘Moved that the apologies be accepted’ Stan Richardson/Joe Bruntlett Carried ABSENT FRIENDS : Members were asked to stand and observe a minute’s silence for members who had passed away during the year MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING The Minutes of the 2016 AGM were read out to the meeting by the Secretary ‘Moved that the minutes of the 2016 AGM be taken as read and confirmed as being a true and correct record’ Graham Boswell/ Jan Dearlove Carried MATTERS ARISING: Nil CHAIRMAN’S ANNUAL REPORT The Chairman’s Annual Report was circulated in the June 2017 Venture magazine ‘Moved that the Chairman’s Annual Report be adopted’ Graham Pate/Greg Terrill Carried TREASURER’S ANNUAL REPORT: Copies of the audited financial statements were circulated ‘Moved that the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31 st March 2017, as tabled, be accepted and confirmed’ Graeme Luxford/Heather Boswell Carried Comments were made that we had funds not being used. Graeme Luxford spoke on the possible future expenses that need to be budgeted for, eg new roof, and that present funds was money gathered over past 17 years. Graeme was thanked for doing final accounts in Bev Taylor’s absence. ELECTION OF OFFICERS Chairman: Ian Patton Proposed and seconded by Graham Boswell/Graeme Rickard Elected unopposed Vice Chairman: David Nordell Proposed and seconded by Howard Porteous/Robyn Doughty Elected unopposed Secretary: Jan Dearlove Proposed and seconded by Dianne Porteous/Marcia Pate Elected unopposed Treasurer: Bev Taylor Proposed and seconded by Jan Dearlove/Howard Porteous Elected unopposed 16

Club Captain: Vacancy Venture Editor: Graham Boswell Proposed and seconded by Graeme Rickard/Ian Patton Elected unopposed Publicity Officer: Hugh McInally Proposed and seconded by Graham Pate/Jan Dearlove Elected unopposed Librarian: Robyn Doughty Proposed and seconded by Hugh McInally/Graeme Luxford Elected unopposed Social Convenor: Jenny Patton Proposed and seconded by Hugh McInally/Graeme Luxford Elected unopposed Club Custodian: Andy Hammond Proposed and seconded by Graham Pate/Howard Porteous Elected unopposed General Committee of Four: Graeme Rickard: Proposed and seconded by Graham Boswell/Ian Patton Peter Taylor: Proposed and seconded by Jan Dearlove/Howard Porteous Aaron Kearney: Proposed and seconded by Barbara Brooks/Jeremy Brooks Tony Brierley: Proposed and seconded by Ian Patton/Graeme Luxford There being no further nominations, all were elected unopposed Parts Committee of Four: Reece Burnett: Proposed and seconded by Howard Porteous/Wilber Brown Howard Porteous: Proposed and seconded by Reece Burnett/Jan Dearlove Wilber Brown: Proposed and seconded by Howard Porteous/Reece Burnett Don Wise: Proposed and seconded by Reece Burnett/Howard Porteous There being only four nominations, all were elected unopposed Honorary Auditor: As there were no nominations it was passed to the Committee to appoint a suitable person as auditor Honorary Solicitor: This position to be left for Committee to appoint GENERAL BUSINESS: Branch Levies: ‘Moved that branch levies remain the same for the coming year’ Graeme Luxford/Joe Bruntlett Carried Consideration be given to have an increase next year Notice of Motion: This is an individual vote, and members are urged to read and consider carefully Clubman of the Year presented to Ian Patton Sportsman of the Year presented to Andy Hammond for his perseverance and success with Wednesday Wanders Best contribution to the Venture presented to Hugh McInally Proposal for non-eligibility of vehicles for calendar events in latest Venture. Mooloo Meander – no change Double Fifty – no change Post Vintage – no change Veteran – allow all vintage, not eligible to win Vintage Venture- allow suitable veteran & PV, not eligible to win Those allowed to participate, not compete. Routes plotted to suit intended class. Majority present were agreeable to change. Committee to for preparation of policy 17

Events Calendar – This is being prepared and will be posted out to all members shortly Emailing of Venture – Concern at increased cost of postage. Members encouraged to receive by email, and asked to consider ways of saving costs. Mansfield Gardens replica veteran car – Members are willing and keen to undertake the work. Need funds for project to be started, as there is a short time frame. ‘ Moved that the VVCC support the Friends of the Gardens with the construction and installation of a veteran replica car for the Mansfield Gardens’ Ian Patton/ Stan Richardson Carried ‘ Moved that the VVCC make a donation to the Friends of the Gardens of $5000.00 towards the cost of construction of the replica veteran car for the Mansfield Gardens’ Ian Patton/Colin Dray Motion lost ‘Moved that the Waikato Branch of the VCC ast as the Katherine Mansfield Ford project “banker” on the understanding the all procurements relating to the project and/or any loan of money to the project is approved of by the Branch Executive prior to funds being committed’ Reece Burnett/Colin Dray Carried

i) ii) iii) iv) v)


Notes supplied by Reece Burnett: The Branch Executive has considered and agreed to support the proposal to provide to the Friends of Hamilton Gardens Inc a fit for purpose early Model T Ford replica to be used as a static display in the KM garden The HCC and F of G currently have no funds allocated to the project but they advise they have identified key sponsors and are in the process of seeking sponsorship from them. The F of G is not GST registered, this Branch is. The opening date for the KM garden is Sept 2018, and in order for the KM Ford to be of most benefit it needs to be in place by this date. In order to achieve this outcome there is a need to procure and/or order key components as soon as practical, so the objective of the motion is to get key components purchased or ordered while the F of G obtain sponsorship, with the risks associated with being project “banker” being managed by the Branch Executive. The quantum of the Dollars involved to kick start the project is about $4500 to $5000. The current rough order estimated total cost of the project is $23,000 inclusive of GST and a contingency sum. The estimate assumes significant involvement of Branch members and the business community. The details as to how the project finances are managed with will need to be determined by the Branch Executive and formally agreed with the F of G, but the agreed intent to date is that the Branch will bill the F of G monthly for the cost of the project and claim back the GST component where possible

It was suggested that the Branch Solicitor be consulted re financial conditions 18

VCC National Day ‘Daffodil Rally for Cancer’ is being organized together with HCC and Tom Andrews of the Classic Car Museum. A parade starting in Grantham Street, Hamilton, ending at Classic Car Museum with Car Display. HCC to organize road closures, Rotary will have buckets to collect from onlookers.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS A member queried whether the changed format of the Double Fifty Rally would remain. To be discussed by Committee. There being no further business, the Chairman thanked members for their attendance, and the meeting was declared closed at 10.20pm. Accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting



Club Night 9th August


Our August speaker is Ken from Investigation Services Ltd —a Hamilton agency that has been in business 30 years. Ken is full of adventure and stories. Police trained and a member of the red Squad Ken was A senior officer in the far north prior to moving to Hamilton to commence business on his own account. He travels throughout NZ, is an expert Forensic fire assessor. The Privacy act prevents him from putting on a slide show. He does hope no-one will recognise him from club.


PARTS SHED Need a new WOF? Need new Wiper Blades, need new light Bulbs, Generators or Alternators—We have lots of new “Armatures” and parts to keep your car rolling. See the Parts guys– Howard, Reece, Don and Wilbur.

For Sale 1928 Chev Tourer Ab. Fully restored, excellent condition, shed stored. Owned for 50yrs, $24,000.00. Phone Francis Mason, 07 8718998. 9 Chev parts for sale 1929 Chassis - Front axles’, Brake rods, brake drums, wheels, split rims plus most mechanical parts. 1930 Chassis and brake pedal levers. 1934 complete diff. 1936 Steering boxes, wheels, diff housing, axles, brake drums etc 1952 Boot lid, front left mudguard and rear right Door. I am clearing out the sheds, sensible offers 9

For Sale 1971 Triumph Herald 1360 . Urgent sale needed. Car was fully rebuilt in 1990 and has done very few miles since then. Apart from minor paint blemishes is in very good condition. Asking $8000 but will consider offers .Please contact Snow on 07 5481140 or 021 2803311 9 1967 Wolseley 6/110 Mk2 automatic, This car has not been on the road since 2002 and registration has expired and not on hold, it has been garaged, and the current condition is: Engine is very good with over 50lbs oil pressure, auto has only been tried in my driveway and did ok, hydraulics need doing, (discs on the front drums on the rear) handbrake works well, interior upholstery is in very good condition except for the 2 front seat squabs which need redoing, power steering is good, tyres have excellent tread, water pump seal is leaking, small amount of rust in the 2 chassis outriggers small amount of rust in the 2 chassis outriggers behind the front wheels, Known history, Price: Make me an offer. 20 Phone: 027 449 6875 10

For Sale 1971 Triumph GT6 Mark III 4 speed Manual non– overdrive, rego on hold (EX5533), Car is partially dismantled so needs re-assembly with new and/or reconditioned parts supplied. Paint work sun blistered and faded from sitting outside. Nothing missing, all badges, chrome and trim are there. Brake cylinder's are stainless steel sleeved, lots of receipts eg. rebuild Koni suspension etc. Please don’t ask for picture as I’m a total disaster at modern technology, best to come to Matamata to inspect Contact Jim Madgewick 07 8880772 or 89 Wanted for '65 Singer Gazelle - Chrome front bumper and grille. Please phone Glyn Doughty - 07 8240184


Wanted 1934 Vauxhall 14 AXS 6 cylinder head ph Don 07 8677530 work or 07 8677245

d Wante


Wanted Wanted to Buy, parts for 1923 Ford model T Exhaust Manifold Ignition timer and roller Ball cap for front wishbone. Alan Manning Phone (07) 8247270 10

For Sale & Wanted Adverts If you place an advert in the For Sale or Wanted department we will run the advert for two months and then automatically remove it. If you want it Repeated, please drop me a line.. Please note!! Adverts need to be submitted by the 15th of the Month.

Notice We are getting non members ask about putting an advert in the For Sale or Wanted section of the Venture. After a discussion with the committee it has been decided that an advert from a non Waikato VCC member will incur a $15.00 charge. This will cover a three (3) month insertion. After the three (3) months it will be automatically withdrawn. The information in this newsletter and on the club’s web site, is supplied as a service to club members. Articles and other copy of interest are always welcome and encouraged. The opinions expressed in this newsletter and on the club’s website are those of the author alone. Neither the club nor any of its officers accepts responsibility for the accuracy of any statements or opinions.



Ian Patton Dave Nordell Jan Dearlove Bev Taylor Vacant Graham Boswell Jenny Patton Hugh McInally CUSTODIAN/BOOKINGS Andy Hammond

* * * * * * * * *

07 846 4400 07 855 6899 07 823 5108 07 8235712

021 2900985 027 4934969 0274 362875


* 07 824 0184

021 2320802

Graeme Rickard * Tony Brierley * 07 856 3509 Peter Taylor * 07 855 5128 Aaron Kearney * PARTS COMMITTEE Howard Porteous * 07 888 7596 Reece Burnett 07 855 8974 Don Wise 07 870 4115 Wilbur Brown 07 889 1243 VIC Co-Ordinator Greg Terrill 07 859 1207 VALUATIONS Howard Porteous 07 888 7596 ARCHIVIST Kathryn Parsons 07 855 6774 WEB Co-Ordinator Graeme Luxford 07 827 5671 MEMBERSHIP SEC Peter Taylor 07 855 5128 BADGES/TROPHIES Graham Pate 07 888 0009 BILLETS Co-Ordinator Jenny Patton 07 855 6899 SOLICITOR (HON) Paul Clark 07 856 2737 * Committee Positions

021 492066 027 4599 268

Robyn Doughty


POSTAL ADDRESS PO Box 924, Hamilton 3240 Club Night Library and Parts Shed Hours

07 855 6899 07 843 4542 07 8555128

027 4934969 021 502390 0274 923521 027 4214346

021 1472827 0274 035 009 0273004995 027 2145816 0274 035 009 0220246820 0274 934969 0274 195672

CLUB ROOMS ADDRESS MacLean St, Cambridge 2nd Wednesday of month at 8pm 2nd Wednesday of month from 6.30pm over Summer, 7.00pm over Winter.

Website: Email addresses: Chairman; Secretary: CLOSING DATE FOR VENTURE COPY: 15th of each month Contributions should be emailed to Editor - or posted to — 41 Greenfield Drive. Hamilton 22

F.B. HALL & Co. Ltd EST 1923

Conveyancing, Commercial Wills, Estates, Trusts Immigration and Family 7a Princes Street, Hamilton Phone 07 838-3385 Fax 07 838-3381

4 Wickham St Frankton Hamilton

For New Work and Repairs Domestic and Commercial 50 Greenwood St, Frankton, Hamilton

07-847 4780

4 Wickham St Frankton Hamilton 3204

WBS Waikato Bonding Services 6 Belfast Place Hamilton For all your brake & clutch re-lining services. Specialising in re-bonding of all veteran, vintage and classic brake shoes, pads and drive lines. Steven Hunter - Manager Phone: 0800-BOND-007 0800-2663-007

Open 7 days a week - 9am-4pm We are

11 Railside Place, Frankton Ph: 07 957 2230

Clark and Brown P R O P E R T L AW E R S For all your legal Requirements



Octagon House,1 Seddon Rd Hamilton PH 07 8 9-12 8


07 8 9-12 9

Automotive, Trailer & Tractor Spares, Accessories & Tools 3 EMPIRE ST. HAMILTON PH 07 847 8908

Shock absorbers. Suspension components. CV joints Aerials. Hand Tools. Trailer Components. Disc pads Water Pumps. Timing /Fan/Micro Belts. Gauges. Speedo Cables. Speedo Repairs

Waikato VCC August 2017  
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