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July 2017

CLUB NIGHT; The second Wednesday of the month at the clubrooms Hickling Park, AC Baths Ave Taupo

Taupo Vintage Car Club Officers for 2017 / 2018 PATRON Graham Mock HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS Bob Pettigrew Graham Mock Joe Ridley CHAIRMAN Neil Chave 07 3765262 SECRETARY Eric Foley 07 378 7006 TREASURER Maureen Ransley 07 3776360 CLUB CAPTAIN Tony Mannington 07 377 1598 MAGAZINE EDITOR Greg Nattrass 07 378 9109 378 2691 COMMITTEE Brent Davidson Kelvin Trim 3789055 Pam Mannington 3771598 Peter Ransley 3776360 John Lucas 3769051 Non-COMMITTEE POSITIONS ARCHIVESTS BEADED WHEELS SCRIBE CLUBROOM HIRE LIBRARIAN RAFFLES RALLY SPONSOR SPARE PARTS VIC CERTIFIER

June & Graham Mock Greg Nattrass Eric Foley Trish Jefferies Pam Mannington Vacant Bruce Jefferies Lester Strawbridge

378 7513 378 9109 378 7006 3784774 3771598 378 4774 378 4487

Coming Events for Taupo VCC 2017 JULY

Wednesday, 12th July Club Night 7.30 p.m. Sat/Sun. 15/16th July Hobbies Expo: British Monday 17th July Committee meeting 7.30pm AUGUST Wednesday, 9th August

Fish and Chips/Quiz night 6.0pm

Sunday, 20th August

Club Captain Run

Monday 21st August

Committee meeting 7.30pm

Saturday 26th August

Rotorua Sulphur City Rally

Sunday 27th August

Daffodil Rally for Cancer Run. Keep this date free.

SEPTEMBER Saturday 9 September 50th Jubilee th

Wednesday 15th September

Club Night 7.30pm

Sunday 17th September

Brunch/Breakfast Run

Monday 18th September

Committee Meeting 7.30p.m.

Cover picture; final destination of the ‘Brass Monkey’

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June was again a busy month with a large contingent attending the ‘Bruce McLaren’ film at the Starlight cinema. This film was enjoyed by all that attended as it provided a detailed insight into the life of one of NZ’s most famous racing drivers. Hard to believe he packed so much success into so few years. The movie is presented in a documentary style and one of the best we have seen covering the life & times of New Zealand’s heroes on the track. Also during the month we held the annual ‘pot luck’ dinner with around 25 attending. Numbers were a bit down on previous years but mainly due to a number of members currently overseas and the winter ills kept a few more at home. Those that did attend were treated to some great home cooking and we also were able to sample some of the wines donated to the club by River Lodge. The red was described as ‘quite mature’ and some of what was left found its way into the mulled wine deliciously prepared by Trish & Bruce Jefferies for the Brass Monkey Run. The white was very enjoyable and the balance of the bottles will be available for tasting by those members that come along to the ‘Fish & Chip - Quiz Night’ on the 9th August. On Sunday 18th June we held the Brass Monkey run around Taupo and its environs. Great to see a good number of new club members coming along for the drive & ride – a separate report on the Brass Monkey run in this newsletter. As club captain Tony and Pam are away for a few weeks there is no report from the club captain so as a reminder on what is coming up in the next month or so please remember we have a Club Night on Wednesday 12 th July and this will be a ‘Movie Night’. The movie scheduled is ‘Captain Phillips’ starring Tom Hanks and is based on a true story of the 2009 hijacking of a US container ship by Somali pirates. Should be worth watching! Over the weekend of 15th & 16th July the Hobbies Expo is on again at the Taupo Events Centre and the club will be represented with a display of British cars covering the 1930’s through to the 1960’s. The Hobbies Expo is a great time to bring all the kids and grandkids along to see some of the interesting railways and other models displays from around the region. We have also just about finished with the upgrading of the security of the club rooms and thanks to committee member John Lucas for his input and knowledge to upgrade the doors and other entry points around the building. The last area of work will be to install door bolts on the fixed panel of the entry door as well as building a safe to house our TV. And finally we wish to those of our members with not the best of health and maybe undergoing treatment all the best and a speedy recovery. Neil

Brass Monkey Run 18th June 2017

The day became better as it progressed, from a cool foggy morning to sunshine in the afternoon then low cloud setting in later in the day. The weather did not affect the 38 members who gathered at the Clubrooms for a social time prior to the briefing for the run, there was time to catch up with other members and to make acquaintances with newer members. The gathering of cars was just as interesting as the conversations going on in the clubrooms. The Chevrolet pickup looked splendid, the Godfrey Rover was a new addition, another MG joined the fleet, and then there was the usual sprinkling of American cars mixing it with the predominant number of British cars. A very good collection of mainly post war cars. Trish and Bruce Jefferies were the winners of the 2016 Brass Monkey run and had the pleasure of setting this year’s run. The decision to set the run as instruction only without questions was very well received by the members present. At the start not only did we receive our instructions, we had to select a playing card and write down the details – something was going on here, no this was no poker run! Travelling east to join the Eastern Arterial Highway, then a trip around the airport before driving back to the boat harbour, then over the bridge and out to Acacia Bay where we climbed up Mapara Road through subdivisions on either side of the road then farmland until we reached Poihipi Road. We could still see the countryside quite clearly at this stage, onwards past the Kinloch turnoff then down Tuhingamata Road with a right turn into Oruanui Road and then a left into Link Road. A short drive along State Highway One then a right into Palmer Mill Road. By this time headlights were shining the way as it had become dark very quickly, lights pierced the avenue of trees as we proceeded down the rural roads, we could still make out the brilliant autumn colours of the larger trees. Just past Lava Glass we drove through Wairakei Village (this was a Ministry of Works village in the 1960’s when the Wairakei Power Scheme was at its height) the tavern was doing a roaring trade by the cars parked around! We continued back into Taupo via the old Sate Highway One- Huka Falls Road and reached our destination for dinner. At the Fine Fettle Cafe, Trish collected the rally forms with the card details and Bruce dispensed his famous brew of non alcoholic mulled wine to warm the cockles of our hearts. Slowly the café filled with enthusiastic members exclaiming what a pleasant and informative run that was! Then it was time to order a meal, find a table and enjoy the company of whoever sat next to you. There were new members present; this gave us the opportunity of meeting them and exchanging backgrounds and interests over a very nice meal.

Brass Monkey Run (continued)

Oh! By the way, the card selection was used to decide next year’s plotters, we had the King of Diamonds and the King of Spades was drawn- Branch Chairman Neil and Loraine were the holders of that card, they have the honour of setting the 2018 run. That was a bit close for comfort! Thank you Trish and Bruce. As usual the events that you organise are enjoyable, well thought out with clear instructions- A very successful brass Monkey Run where members could appreciate the beauty of the countryside whilst touring in their club cars -well done! Norman Pointon

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History of the Cadillac badge

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An interview with Norman Pointon Q: What made you decide to get a VCC eligible car. A: We bought a Mark V Jag as a second car Q: Was your car restored or did you restore it? A:It was a running restoration, in fact we purchased a second Jag for parts. Q: How many VCC eligible cars have you owned. A: Nine -seven Rileys and two jags Q: What is your Favourite VCC memory? A: Having members who have completed a run that I have been involved in complimenting the organisers for their work Q: Where would you want to travel in your VCC car. A: To Invercargill, then back up the West Coast as we did this year- or around the East Coast from Gisborne to Opotiki. Q: What would be your dream vintage car? A: A 1935 Riley Lynx 22T Q: What advice would you give someone if they were buying their first VCC car. A: Take advice from someone knowledgeable and buy the best that you can afford. Q: What's the best thing about being a member of the Vintage Car Club. A: The friendships that are formed, enjoying runs together and public displays. Q: Add a little bit about yourself if you wish. A: We seem to have been involved in car clubs for a long time, we joined the Riley Car Club in 1974 and have served in national positions and organised numerous rallies. Involvement with the Vintage Car Club has had the same result plus being on the Executive of the New Zealand Federation of Motoring clubs for the past twenty years and the ten years on the VCC Technical Committee have kept me busy. The Riley Car Club hold five day rallies every three years and a ten day one each fourth year with two in the North Island and one in the South Island, this means that we get to see quite a bit of the countryside. Next year we are travelling to the Whangarei, Bay of Islands, Coopers Beach, Taipa and North Cape. The Rileys certainly get used.

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Who was the ‘nicely dressed gentleman’ at our pot luck dinner?? Tony drove a couple to the high school ball in his model ‘A’, Then next day jetted off to a well earned holiday in the U.S.A.

The information in this newsletter is supplied as a service to members. Articles of interest are welcome The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors, and the club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements

Letters, reports, articles of interest, photos, technical tips and feedback are all welcome and should be sent to the editor before the 20th of the month

The Vintage car club of New Zealand (inc) Taupo Branch, P.O. Box 907 Taupo

Taupo VCC July 2017  
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