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Just had to put this in, our 59 Chev in a lovely setting @ Oreti Beach

A nice selection of vintages parked at the Invercargill clubrooms


Replica Timaru’s First Car Built by C. W. Wood

May 2018

NOGGIN ANDNATTER First Thursday of the Month

CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2017—2018 August 3rd August 10th August 27th

Thursday Thursday Sunday

Quiz Night with Ashburton Mid Week Run Cancer Run

September 3rd


Opening Run with Ashburton

October 21/22/23


Mt Cook Rally


November 5th Sunday November 10/11/12 Fri/Sat/Sun November 18/19 Sat/Sun November 26th Sunday

Motorcycle Rally Safari Weekend All American Weekend Vet/Vin/Comm Rally

December 9th


Christmas Dinner

2018 January 1st January 7th January 13th January 20th

Monday Sunday Saturday Saturday

New Years Day Parade @Fairlie Ladies Rally Night Trial Open Day

February 3/4/5 February 18th

Sat/Sun/Mon Sunday

Weekend Away Chairman’s Rally

March 4th March 11th March 24th March 30th/April 1st

Sunday Sunday Saturday Fri/Sat/Sun

Mystery Run Mid Island Rally Swap Meet Sth Is Easter RallyAt Invercargill

April 12th


Mid Week Run

May10th May 13th

Thursday Sunday

Mid week Run PV/PWV/P60/P80 Rally

June 3rd June 14th June 17th

Sunday Thursday Sunday

All British Day Mid Week Run Restoration Run

July 5th



COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR 2017 – 2018 Branch Correspondence to PO Box 623, Timaru 7940 Email: – Phone: 03 688 5234 Chairman Ashley Milliken (Evelyn) Immediate Past: John Foster (Marion) Secretary Miles Winter (Trish_) Treasurer Nola Day (Alistair) Club Captain Darren Ladbrook (Jo) Newsletter Ed Bill & Shona Weir Email: C/R Convenor Alistair Day (Nola) Parts Manager John Campbell (Janet) Librarian Barry Barnes (Carla) IT Officer Shannon Stevenson Committee Wayne Irving (Michelle) Frances Irving Clive Merry Neil Manchester Trailer Hire John Campbell

686 0834 615 9066 021 344 883 688 6108 688 8999 688 6750 688 6108 686 0282 688 5105 686 3263 688 6457 688 0370 0274 409 384 688 2112 686 0282

SWAPMEET COMMITTEE Chairman John Knowles 03 693 7680 Treasurer Nola Day (Alistair) 688 6108 Site Convenor Michelle Munro (Gavin) 686 4824 Grounds Convenor Colin Johnstone (Trish) 03 693 9093 Committee Gavin Munro (Michelle) 686 4824 Murray Martin 615 9905 Alan Patrick 615 8803 Lex Westoby 03 612 6556 Allan Geary 021 062 2132 For Identification Certificate Processing – Alistair Day 688 6108 Warren Cox 688 8758



We have a good supply of new Disc Pads. A large selection of new Spark Plugs, Points and Condensors. With winter coming on we also have a number of heaters for retrofilling. A good selection of PBR Brake Cups and some new cylinders. Try your Parts Shed first!!

John Campbell Parts Manager —————————————————————

Penrite Oils

Just to let you all know that I am still able to supply you with Penrite Oils for your Vintage Vehicles. Engine and Gear Box oils, also Steering Box grease.

COMING EVENTS NOGGIN & NATTER, Thursday, 3rd May 2018 7-30pm at Clubrooms, Redruth St, Timaru Kitchen Duty, Volunteers please Bar Duty

————————————————MIDWEEK RUN 10TH MAY 2018 The May mid week run will leave from the club rooms at 1.30 P.M this month courtesy of Rodney and Pat Don. Bring your afternoon tea for which on this occasion we will be returning to the clubrooms . ——————————————————-

PV/PWV/P60/P80 Rally May 13 Sunday Meet at clubrooms 9-30 for 10am start. Entries close 6th May with Ashley Milliken , 18 Apsley St , Timaru ——————————————————-

Phone John Campbell 686 0282 ————————————————NEW MEMBERS


Alan and Valerie Dunn—Timaru Bruce Todd — Temuka

MID WINTER XMAS DINNER 21st July ————————————————-

Welcome to our club and we look forward to having you join us on Rallies and also at Noggins.

GARAGE RAID 4th August

More info elsewhere in this TriCar ———————————————————-

held by Sth Canterbury Branch Keep this date free. ———————————————————-

COVER ————————————————————————————————--

Deadline for Tricar is 17th May New Address


Club members participating in the Pennzoil Challenge at the Easter Rally , Invercargill



On an overcast cool autumn day 15 cars departed the club rooms heading north to Temuka then drove out and around the Clandeboye Dairy Factory then back to SH1 via Muff Road. After crossing across into Orari Station Road, we drove along some back roads and headed back to Winchester. Back on SH1 we turned left into Rise Road followed by Factory Road and Wilkin Street into the Temuka Domain where the weather held off long enough for a natter and afternoon tea. ——————————————————

Due to the above issues the EV revolution may take a little longer 21 than the experts predict but with modern technology who knows. This is just my take on the EV issue, but I do know we have to be ready to protect our right to motor our “historic vehicles”.

Editor Bill ————————————————

MIDWEEK RUN 10TH MAY 2018 The May mid week run will leave from the club rooms at 1.30 P.M this month courtesy of Rodney and Pat Don.. Bring your afternoon tea for which on this occasion we will be returning to the clubrooms . ——————————————————

NEWSLETTER Our Committee would like to get feedback from members as to who use E-Mail and would consider receiving the Tri Car by E Mail. Several clubs have already swung over to using this medium for their newsletter distribution. This has come about due to the cost of printing and the astronomical postage charges, also there is considerable work involved in folding and inserting the newsletter into envelopes etc for mailing out. For those with a printer attached to their computer a hard copy can be printed off for a permanent record, an advantage with this system is that the newsletter will print out all in colour. There will of course be some members who do not use a computer and they would still be mailed out the Tri Car, but if a significant number of members opted for E Mail delivery the cost saving to our club would be huge as the cost at the moment for the Tri Car is approximately $7500 per year. This issue will be discussed at the AGM in July. A form will be circulated for members E Mail address or you can E Mail direct to Your Newsletter Editors Shona and Bill

The Tesla Electric 4 WD car on display at St Luke's shopping mall, Auckland at Easter weekend. Notice the rear gull wing doors & the length of windscreen glass going right from bonnet to the rear doors. Note also there isn't much under the bonnet with about half this area available for storage.

Note the windscreen covering the entire roof.

Photos and script by Grant Mehrtens



Michael Lavender of the VCC management gave an address at the Easter Rally dinner on the advent of EV, (electric vehicles). It appears that the transformation from fossill fuelled vehicles to EV on the new vehicle market will escalate over the next 5 years,( see article in the latest Beaded Wheels), this a motoring revolution akin to the motor vehicle taking over from the horse in the early nineteen hundreds. This “revolution” is going to pose a threat to our hobby of motoring historic and classic vehicles to the point, especially with our current “Green” influenced Govt where we will be taxed and or legislated off the road in the name of a cleaner environment! Our only hope to continue using our vehicles is for all motoring groups, the VCC, hot rod clubs and classic car owners in all fields to make sure they come under the umbrella of FIVA ( Federation of Motoring Clubs), of which NZVCC is a member, as collectively we represent a large number of historic and classic vehicle owners in NZ and will have some “clout” as it were in representing our interest. Now back to EV (electric vehicles),they certainly have their place in city motoring where large distances are not an issue providing users remember to plug the charger in when parked in the garage at home, but this also creates another problem, an electricity supply company announced recently that the suburban electricity network is not equipped to handle the changing requirements of a large percentage of EV vehicle owners in Suburbia! Next point RUC ( road user charges), at the moment EV vehicles are getting off “scott free”, so where is the income going to come from for road maintenance etc? It certainly has to come and quickly, that EV vehicles are connected to “E Road” the system used by the transport companys which is GPS logged to ensure RUC dues are paid. Another issue, at the moment, when we get low on fuel it is no problem to drop into a fuel station and fill up, but I for one don’t think I would have the patience to line up for a plug at a recharging station and wait for 20 mins to charge up! Nissan Leaf EV owners are already having problems with reducing battery life year by year with reduced Kms between charging. Battery life is considered to be 5 years, what then?, I would assume a new battery would be rather expensive, if available, and the environmental issues of disposing of those large batteries?



Another successful swapmeet was held on the 24th March. Sites sold were up on last year income from the gate was down slightly. Many thanks to all that assisted, gate keepers and the committee members that put a lot of time and effort in making the swapmeet a success .Those organizations who are outside the SCVAC such as the Winchester School Committee who organize the car parking and the play centre who check the grounds for rubbish a big thankyou I know that Nola Day spent a lot of time on her knees praying for a fine day( one only had to look at her knees to see the damage.) but it worked one couldnt have booked a better day even though the week was most changeable prior to the Swapmeet' On a sad note we lost one of our committee members Robert Bray who passed away on the 8th April.last year he put all the site numbers out but this year he was to ill to attend he will be sadly missed. A special thanks must go to our President Ashley who cooked our lunch on the Friday while he is not a Jamie Oliver yet in a year or two he may become one As this is my last year as chairman of the Swapmeet Committee I wish the in coming Chairman and Committee all the best in the coming years I have really enjoyed it working in great company Regards John Knowles ——————————————


List of people who have offered to prepare runs this season. May Rodney and Pat Don June Clive Merry July Ron & Linley Hammer August Warren Cox September John Foster There are offers of substitutes if needed Please contact Barry Yates in the event any of the above becomes inconvenient ———————————————————


All British Day 3June


Where – Timaru North end car park, Caroline Bay Entry Fee $15 Per car When – Sunday 3 June Car show from 9am to 10.30 Then a run to the lunch Stop. More info Phone Neil 0272011942

BEHIND THE HEDGE This Ford pickup, Spied by Barry Barnes in Canada is a 1950-52 Model known as a Bonus Built Ford in NZ, I’ve no idea why. This model followed the 40s “Jail Bar” with an upgraded cab much roomier than the earlier series with a much more stylish front end in line with 1950s trends. These trucks were very popular in NZ although with import restrictions along with other USA products you were lucky to get your hands on one. Engine was still “Henrys Wonder” the V/8 flathead but by this time it was in its last years as the O-H Valve 272 V/8 was due to be introduced in 1954.



Notes from the Library Thank you to members who have supplied photos and script for our newsletter. Much Appreciated.

We are always looking for more articles as it makes our job a lot easier. Also if you have an interesting photo for BEHIND THE HEDGE That would be great. Script if possible . We have just about exhausted our supply ED, Bill

by Barry Barnes

On Club Night Grant Stewart plonked down a couple of bags of car manuals and other books. “They’re from Phil O Brien – he’s a member” I’ve since processed them and in all there were 21 books a couple of duplications but by and large items we did not have. A big thank you to Phil for his generosity in donating these items. Also surfacing in the Library were a number of manuals and technical books ex Central City Motors. Many thanks to Alistair and Wayne. Before heading off to Invercargill for the Easter Rally I grabbed a few copies of the Automobile magazine from the Library which were well read over the weekend in the holiday home shared by the Weirs, the Campbells and ourselves. Took some to the Weekend Away too where the guys were well catered for while the girls were scratching to find much of interest to read in the holiday home we used that weekend. If you are heading away at any time I will be happy to supply you with some reading matter for those spare moments.



SCVCC Website Updates

To access other club newsletters go to scroll to News from our Branches as hard copy newsletters are not mailed out now. April Website Updates - April Newsletter placed up - Mid-Week rally info placed up - Events placed up for the rest of 2018, to mid-2019 - PV Rally form placed up - Behind the scenes Wordpress updates Upcoming - More stories of various runs, online version of newsletter, information about upcoming events, members vehicles in gallery Stories and photos from members are ENCOURAGED and can be sent through to

Robert’s recent restoration.. His 1 tonne Chev Truck ——

His well motored 29 Chev Tourer

SCVCC Chairman’s Report

May 2018


Hi fellow enthusiasts Well, 2018 is certainly accelerating to it conclusion with second being engaged already! Easter saw 17 South Canterbury representatives attend the National South Island Easter Rally in Invercargill, (17 out of 126 entries) and a good percentage of results were achieved. I drove the Buick down over 2 days & back in the one day. The weather was good except for the day of the rally with a very strong south westerly and occasional skiffs of rain. Thank you Grant Mitchell on you entertaining presentation (at the April N&N) ,of the old movie clips on the development & quarrying for the port. The club hosted the Sth Island Club Captains Tour participants at the clubrooms on Friday Night, April 6th, Many thanks to Nola for organising the food, Ross & Delwyn Luscombe for running the kitchen ,Evelyn Milliken & Claire McMillan as assistants, Neil Manchester& Alan Geary on the Barbeque, Rodney Don on the Bar. A successful event. Monday 16 th saw the Funeral of Geraldine based member Robert Bray, Robert succumbed to a debilitating illness, but was an active member right up to the Mid Island rally when he attended in his 1952 Packard. Robert was a member of the swap meet committee. The club extends its condolences to his family and close friends. The entries for The PV rally are starting to come in , the route is planned. All we need is a fine day. The All British Car Day is coming up on June 3rd ,preparation is well in hand ,Thank you Neil Manchester. The Swap meet Committee met on Thursday 19th for a debrief , a BIG thank you to John Knowles for his stewardship over the past 2 years. John is stepping down from that role as he has moved out of the district. See you on May 3rd at the N&N Ashley

Club member Ken Cross and Carolyn hosted the USA Classic Car group9 recently on their property at Hazelburn (top end of Totara Valley), for a look at limestone formations and Maori Rock drawings on the farm. It was more of a 4wd rally than a classic car event as access up through the farm was difficult. Luckily Shona and I took the farm Chev 4x4 and together with a Toyota and Rodeo 4x4 loaded everyone on board and on the decks for the drive around. The group are seen walking down to study the Maori drawings.

Thanks to the Cross’s for a great day out. Editor Bill

Our lunch venue was on the site of the original limestone cottage, owned originally by the Blacklers of the area, seen here with Ken’s Chrysler Tourer parked in front. This area with the addition of a Portocom unit has been made into a delightful weekend retreat.



Hosted by Southland VCC Invercargill

A large contingent of Sth Cant members headed south for the above event, seventeen in fact! There was some concerns about travelling south due to heavy traffic flows heading for Dunedin for the Ed Sheeran concerts, however most of us seemed to avoid the worst of the congestion. Friday’s weather was excellent, the only commitment was to register at the Stadium on the afternoon. The weather blew up rough on Friday night which made for a cold and stormy start for rally day. Luckily the rally routes took us west into more pleasant weather, the long route (120 miles) out as far as Tuatapere across to Ohai Nightcaps then back to Winton Race Course for lunch and field tests. Saturday’s evening meal was catered for by Southland club members at the club rooms which was an enjoyable get-together. Sunday’s public display day was held on a park adjacent to the stadium where the Pennzoil trophy was competed for in the form of a group of field tests with each competing club putting forward vehicles from all age groups. An unusual competition was also held with two family groups taking part, one from Southland club and the other, the Manchesters from Sth Canterbury club each fielding four cars, the Manchesters team were Kevin, son Grant, cousin David in 3 Renaults and Neil in his MG The prizegiving and dinner was held in the Southland Club, a very good venue and a superb meal. Our club members took out several awards and trophies, Over All P60 1st Kevin Manchester Over All P60 2nd Ron Hammer PV 1st Time Trial Les Wenlock 2nd Time Trial John Foster Vintage Over All John Campbell

15 HI! A little history 57 years ago on a trip to Haast and back showing Some of the photos i took all those years ago. Please find some photos i took during our deer hunting trip 5 years beforethe road was opened for public use. The road bridge at Haast township had just started to be built.The people in the pictures are Rolly Veitch,John Evans, the late Dave Herrington and myself.My Vauxhall Victor was very new for the trip with no Venison to show for our trip. We never saw any other traffic we had all the road to ourselves so no Pie Cart at Jacksons

Bay. A recent bus tip to the Haast showed a possible Bailey bridge change at Gates of Haast and a new bridge change at Arawhata River. My uncle brother in law at the time worked as a engineer on the project and confirm to me the road was open to cars so the trip is now history. Supplied by Ashley Southgate,


Here’s a photo of Fords first 8 cylinder engine from 1925 called a cross eight. It has 4 banks of 2 cylinders each at 90 degrees to the other. Henry worked on this for a few years; it was fitted to a Model T & had problems (understandably for the time) with both moisture affecting electrics & oil seepage which fouled plugs in the lower cylinder banks. The article I read said the driveshaft height was progressively raised till it was just below the bottom of the dashboard to try & resolve the moisture issues. Henry was going to 8 cylinders as Chevrolet were bringing out their 6 cylinder. Henry eventually gave up on this model & did not revisit an 8 till 1931 when developing the new V8.

11 In winning the Vintage Over All John Campbell will have to acknowledge Nola Day’s assistance as crew in the field tests as Janet had an arm in plaster so would not have handled that sector too well! One of our members attending, we were told doesn’t apparently need 8 cylinders in his Buick as he drove all the way to Invercargill on seven cylinders due to one spark plug lead being detached!, was this to save fuel or what?

An example of the cross 8 engine is in the Ford Greenfield Village Museum in Michigan.

Supplied by Grant Mehrtens

Chairman Ashley’s Buick competing in the Field Tests

Didn’t know the McGillen’s A70 was a Veteran!!!

Scenes of our members at the 12

Sth Island Easter Rally , Invercargill

The Manchester’s Competing in the Family Challenge


South Canterbury VCC May 2018  
South Canterbury VCC May 2018