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October 2017

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Submissions for the newsletter need to be received by the 16th of the month

Upcoming events October Saturday 28th

Spares & Truck Shed Open 2pm

November Wednesday 1st Friday 3rd – Monday 6th Sunday 12th Sunday 12th Saturday 25th Saturday 25th Saturday 25th Sunday 26th

Club Morning Tea 10am – 11.30am at the Clubrooms Far North Tour Club Run to Dargaville Bay of Plenty Annual Car Show & Swap Meet Dunny Run Kawakawa Kamo Christmas Parade Spares & Truck Shed Open 2pm Maungaturoto Car & Bike Show

December Sunday 3rd Wednesday 6th Thursday 7th

Motorbike Run Frings 1pm Club Morning Tea 10am – 11.30am at the Clubrooms Club Night 7.30pm

The run to visit the Historic Hotel in Dargaville will leave from the NVCC Clubrooms at 1.00pm on the 12th November. Two hour, 85km run including approximately of gravel road. The 3.00pm afternoon tea on arrival at destination is $10 each.

Dunny Run 2017 Saturday 25th November Starting at Waiomio Rd, Kawakawa 10am Bring: Chairs, Pen, Full tank of fuel, Sunshine For those who wish to buy lunch please let me know by November 13th for catering I need numbers to make it worth it. Email me at: Or call: 09 439 0734 Ernie Dawes

Chairmans report October 2017 Owing to a computer hitch I missed out my September Report. Mainly I thought I had sent it but didn't!! Firstly condolences to Cam Francis on the passing of his wife Janie. Good to see a good representative of our club members attending her funeral. Thank you to Bert & Judy Parrish for a very informative talk at Club night on early cattle movements in Auckland & their recent trip to Vietnam. We are always looking for subjects for this night if you can help please contact Club Captain Lester Appleton. It was great that Joanie & Chris Field filled in for October Club day when the Posh Picnic had to be cancelled due to wet weather, thank you. If you want to go on the Far North you need to get your entries in as we are staring to sort out Catering arrangements. Also Lester needs numbers for the Hotel run if possible in November Sunday 12th September 2017 The club offers its condolences to the Young Family on the passing of Joyce who with her husband George did so much for the Club over many years. Also Carol Spence on the sudden death of Kelvin who many of us knew in earlier years Well it's great to see the Club moving forward because of the effort being put in by so many people, Lawrence's Parts & truck shed is going from strength to strength. Exciting to see the truck shed viewing window nearing completion. Thanks to Trevor and his team of helpers. Once again a big thank you to Virgin concrete for the viewing window floor. The garden has chip laid from the pohutukawa trees that Kiwi North had chipped and donated to us, also the firewood from the puriri tree by the Clubrooms. Which will help warm the rooms in the future. The Hall Custodian has a good system in place for the hall hirers and hopefully the hall will be more available for Club use in the future and recover some of the maintenance costs which in the future will surely increase. The Clubrooms has new door and broom cupboard under the stairs. Also Lawrence has put a protective coat on our signs so they should stay as they are now. Lester Appleton is settling into the Club Captains job and is a great asset in running that side of the Club, a very brave move to take on such a demanding job from scratch. Please support him and give him time if he contacts you. Lynora and Mike have had a huge run around by the Clubs bank but it is finally sorted. Most of us have no idea of the effort and time put in by the above folk. Great to see the entry forms out for the Far North Tour and entries are building this year, we have made a conscious effort to lower costs. Hopefully this will increase numbers and more will be able to attend this great event. It's good to see that a number of our Members are stepping forward and setting events. Good for the Club and good for the person doing the job and seeing it well attended. Rob Vernon did an excellent job. Thanks to Dave for letting us see his collection and the interesting skid steer Mobility all terrain vehicles that he makes. BBQ lunch was excellent and appreciated by all who attended. Good one Rob and all his helpers. Looking forward to the coming months. Sincerely Keith Taylor

Library report Many thanks to those who have previously worked hard in the Northland Vintage Car Club Library and have willingly shared their knowledge with me. Anyone peeping through the glass door will notice that some shelving has been rearranged – in an attempt to create a more friendly looking space I am learning about the library computer programme, working on the masses of “new” books that have been donated and need sorting. Familiarizing myself with the physical layout of the shelving/books, checking that all the sets of magazines are complete and heaps more. It will all take time to do BUT if you would like to borrow a book please come to the Library during open hours (see below) and bring your Vintage Car Club I.D. Card. You will be required to fill in a “check out and check back in form” that includes your club membership number I look forward to meeting you and showing you how you can use the library Regards Lynora

Library Open Hours Wednesday 10am – 11.30am Club Night – first Thursday each month Before and after the guest speaker

Dargaville Doings

Wednesday 4th October I went to the Club Rooms for their first of the month get together for morning tea and a look around to see all the improvements that been done as I have been away overseas for 6 weeks on holiday. Thanks for the ones that supplied lovely scones and cakes etc for great morning tea. On the 25th November Dunny Run I am putting on the run this year, so keep this date free and come along to support the run, meet up with the Far North Members. Starting at at Kawakawa, Waiomio Road (Next to the Kawakawa Bowling Club) Please Bring chairs, pen, bring the sunshine with you, a full tank of fuel. Bring your own lunch or buy (please let me know if you want to buy lunch so I can arrange numbers for catering to make it worth it, by the 13th November) e-mail me: Phone 09 439 0734 evenings

Coming up Events 8th November

Meeting at N W Aero club 7.30pm

15th November

Midweek Run – at the Boating Club 1pm BYO afternoon tea & chairs If arriving late go to Godfrey Motors to pick up instructions


First club morning tea Those that came to help arrived early so there was plenty of time for - The kettle to boil and the scones to be buttered - The tables and chairs to be put out and - Best of all for the sun to shine. The tea was made promptly at 10am followed by hot water container for coffee being filled. A few moments later the first of our visitors (members) arrived – new faces to some of us. They were hardly in the doors when the “Boys” from the parts shed swarmed in and the noise levels increased markedly!! More folk arrived. The teapot got another top up. We were in full swing. One at a time or in small groups the visitors went into the Library to see what was going on in there and eventually the numbers decreased as they wandered over to see the changes made by Lawrence and his team in the Parts Department. By 11.30am we were packed up and heading home – leaving behind some of the “Boys” sitting chattering by the BBQ table. A great first effort - that can only keep on getting better as more folk join us. Can you find another member who would enjoy a daytime outing?? Would you consider collecting and bringing them out with you??? We look forward to our next Morning Tea on Wednesday 1st November from 10am until 11.30am at the Clubrooms.

Book Review Recently while browsing the library book shelves, a small colourful book stood out. There are many story books there and this one really took my eye with a colourful title and cover. It was an Auto Biography by a “1923 Studebaker” as told by Jack Hoven of Tauranga. The story as told by “Rosie” is of the life of a vehicle, who experiences the highs and lows of being owned by a variety of owners before being a favourite of a dedicated Vintage Car Club owner. In The later years “Rosie” is joined by other members of the same family, who are also looked after and treasured by the club member. It‟s a very interesting story, that tells of the many trials and tribulations that arise with re-erecting and living with the older model cars. The work that is required getting them up to standard and what it takes to keep the mileage going under the wheels. There are illustrations, which help form the picture as life is experienced in the family life of a vintage car club member. It covers the life of “Rosie” from birth till the old age of the present owner. What an interesting life. I am sure that other club members will have similar stories to tell. Perhaps a talk at club meetings is where we can all share the tales. I found it very interesting, as our SS1 and MK5 Jaguars also published their adventures in earlier publication of club magazines. In the library there are several similar car storey books, plus heaps of the more technical and vehicle interest books on the shelves for viewing and taking out for home viewing.


Wednesday Review The first Wednesday morning tea-and-talk initiative was an instant success. Absolutely fleets of cars were debated and opinions exchanged. All useful stuff of course, especially for the less mechanically talented. Lynora had the Library open and looking superb. Deputy Librarian (Mia, daughter) just whisked through the lending routines with practiced style. “So, how many books can I borrow?” I asked. “Well, just as many as you like,” came the reply. Overheard(By „Big Ears‟) Mike has bought a Graham Paige from the Sth. Island. Now comes the long drive home. Good luck Mike. Dave has scored a whole set of new tyres for his Model A. (Roll on Summer) Shed Scene – Library Staff


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Northland VCC October 2017