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Best of British, Dunedin


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April 2018

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

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Club Captain’s Report. The March Club Night BBQ was enjoyed by all who attended and it was good to meet some of our newer members. The 2nd Jack Crump Trial was held on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Members drove down the coast Road to Waianakarua and we finished at the Glencoe Domain for afternoon tea. The small attendance was disappointing but we omitted to get Jerry to send out an email sooner and it was also held the same week as the Mid – Month Run (which is reported on elsewhere in this Distributor). The members who attended enjoyed their afternoon. The April Club Night is entitled “Where It All Began”. Three or four members will speak for a few moments on this topic and tell us where their involvement began with Vintage Eligible Vehicles. Members will be asked in advance if they are willing to speak – no surprises on the night! Rebecca & Kathleen Coming Events 4th April, Wednesday Club Night 7.30pm. Mid – Month Run TBA. 14th April, Saturday Gerald Lynch Blosse Memorial Motorcycle Rally A REQUEST from Jackie Shirreffs for plates of food for afternoon tea for the motorcycle rally to be left at the clubrooms from 9 a.m. onwards. Jackie suggests sandwiches or loaves. 17th April, Tuesday Committee Meeting. 25th April ANZAC DAY FIELD TESTS & RELIABILITY TEST. Meet at Clubrooms at 1.30pm Other Branch Events 21st April, Saturday Central Otago Branch Golden Times Rally at Arrowtown.

The mid-week run. On the 15th. March , the mid-week run left the V.C.C rooms at 1.30 pm , heading for Kurow. Sadly the Blunden’s didn’t get very far , and decided to head for home. Because of road works , the route had to be slightly altered, but that was not a problem. On reaching Kurow, after a lovely drive up the valley,we all headed to the new Café and Restaurant , “ The Braids” for afternoon tea. Good coffee and nice food was had by all. People were chatting around the tables and reminiscing as to what the building was in days gone by, and the wonderful transformation that has been made. A pleasing number of 24 people enjoyed the afternoon out. Thank you Verna , from us all

Way back In the mid-1950s, John , who later became our Best Man and I were treated to a demonstration by Don. on how to operate {Hot-Wire} his Mothers, the local shopkeepers lovely “Near New, Mint Condition, 1952 Vauxhall car.”

John lived in one of Dunedin’s Dream Historic Properties. A lovely old Home but more appealing to us Teenagers a real Dinkum exciting Courtyard and Traditional Barn with all the trimmings. Ideal for us Kids to congregate, Barn Dances, Hiding, Climbing ,Trapdoors, stalls, Ladders a Loft with pulleys and no doubt other things which I would have forgotten about, being in my eighties .!!!! On the L shaped end of the Barn was an Old brick garage adorned with Virginian Creeper and inside shelving made from old Fuel boxes filled with all sorts of bits n pieces. Not a big Garage but big enough to keep Don’s Mum's “Near New Vauxhall Car” in safely.

John was a good mate, always helpful as best friends usually are. On this particular day, Johns good deed was to teach his Cobber C.J. to drive a Motor Car. One of the most important things in life, what a great friend he was. John decided rather than use his Dads big 1930s Chrysler he would use Dons Mums “1952 Near New Vauxhall Car” As it was smaller a more manoeuvrable.

Now most people who are learning to drive use the more acceptable method of “The Key in The Ignition “ mode to start the car but sadly we never had such a Key !!!! All was not lost as we remembered Dons tuition on Keyless-ness a few days earlier. Everything was going quite well and I think John was reasonably happy with his teaching and my progress to date,

until, John got that very urgent call of nature, as one often does. As he was running from the Courtyard, he turned to me and Called “Don’t do anything, wait till I get back” Well as an enthusiastic pupil I felt that a wee bit of practice would not do any harm as John seemed to be away a long time.

I had one small problem though, it had not been many years since Dad had returned from Overseas and I was still using his big shirts and Army Boots. Well it was a bigger problem as it turned out. “The size 10 Boots were too big”

On about my third practice run in & out of the garage the door passed me quite a bit quicker than before !!!!!

BANG !!! My boots were too Big. More of them covered the “loud Pedal” than the Brake pedal. When John did reappear he did not look very well !!! And I did not feel very well either actually, !!

One hears about Multitasking a bit lately, The result of my Multitasking was, a big hole in the Barn Wall, The Virginia Creeper well pruned, The shelves sorted out a bit and last but not least, Dons Mums “1952 Near New Vauxhall Car” extensively modified.

Footnote, Many years later Don’s Mum and I met at a function, “Ever had that feeling that someone doesn’t like you very much.”

Many of us have had Love & Hate affairs with Horseless Carriages over the last 50 years. There must be one or two funny Stories out there waiting to be told. How about It folks. !!!!!! Back in the 1960 circ. A Former President of our Canty. Branch, one Dave Manhart, had on display his pride & joy. A HURTU Car. While admiring it I saw a very distressed Elderly man crying his Eyes out whilst also admiring it. In an attempt to comfort the poor old Fella, he apologised and said it was his Firms Car, he was a Stock & Station agent and that he had had his first {You know what in it} in the very early 1900s.

Austin ute. Best of British Dunedin

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North Otago VCC April 2018  
North Otago VCC April 2018