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Manawatu Branch

Volume 1779

May 2017

Discounts on Cook Strait Ferry Crossings All financial members of the VCC of NZ Inc can obtain a discount on ferry crossings, for individual or group bookings. You must show your membership card. Quote the required codes: Interislander WH5465 0800878898

Blue Bridge – ANTIQUECAR 0800844844

Number 09/300139

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting the above number results in a commission being made to the Manawatu Branch. Thank you for your ongoing support.


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May 2017

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Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Manawatu Branch Post Vintage Rally Steam Punk Experience PN City Library Club night 7.30pm. Presentation of Vintage clothing. The Grove Mid Month Meander 11am Feilding Railway Stn Sunday Run 1.00pm Chesters Whanganui Burma Rally Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Manawatu Branch Night Trial Club night 7.30pm The Grove Sunday Run details tba Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Central HB Twilight Run Horowhenua Night Owl Run Club night 7.30pm The Grove Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Club night 7.30pm The Grove

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Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Manawatu Branch Vintage Rally Club night 7.30pm The Grove

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Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Club night 7.30pm The Grove

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Committee meeting 7.00pm The Grove Club night 7.30pm The Grove

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THE FORDS FOR 1908, MODELS K, N, AND S 13from the 1907 with Committee meeting 7.00pm The December 2017 The 1908 line continued but minor changes. The Model S, introduced aboutGrove August tbc 1907, replaced the Model R. Added to the line was a roadster version of the Model K, called the "6-40

Gentleman's Roadster." Notes Sunday Run details are in the Club Captain’s Corner each month. During production the use of Vanadium began, making a muchcover more substantial automobile. Regular monthly events are steel listed on thefor back in each issue. Following is a reproduction of the 1908 Ford brochure.

Ford 4-cylinder 15-18 H.P. Runabout---Model "N" We had learned no less from the mistakes we had seen 1908 others make than from the uniform success of all former It is a little over two years since the Ford four-cylinder, 15 Ford models, that the most delusive thing in the building horse-power runabout (Model "N") was first announced. of motor cars is the seeming cheapness of cheap materials. We have made automobile history rapidly since. Then, a A car made from such shows a big gross profit. But the The Tourer mere conjecture in the minds of many-now, the most replacement of defective parts, the repairs that must be

Ford Model "N"


Notes from the Chair Hello fellow enthusiasts, Club Captain Bryan Abraham continues to produce interesting runs for members. Please come along and support these. You are very welcome to come in your modern if your club eligible car is off the road. Work continues at the Clubrooms with the new vinyl now down. It will be sealed shortly. We have arranged for a contractor to remove the large pile of green waste at the rear of the property. The remaining dormer windows have been repaired, painted and replaced and the chiller has been repaired. We need to update the key register. If you have any clubroom keys please let me know. Editor Esmee continues to produce an excellent Tourer magazine. Please keep supporting her with stories and photos.


At April club night we viewed part of a collection of slides which appear to have been taken in the late 1950s early 1960s. The subject matter included a large rally at New Plymouth, some of the Giltrap and Southward collections, and marshalling for an event that those present could not identify. We had fun identifying the various cars. We will show the rest of these slides at future club nights. If you have any ideas for club nights please let me know. Next club night we will have a presentation about vintage clothing. Please come along. Happy motoring Sarah

The Tourer

The ABC of the Manawatu VCC K is for 1913 Krit Owned by Brendon Fox

Member of the Horowhenua Branch VCC In 1909 the Krit motor car company was formed in Detroit featuring cars designed by Kenneth Crittendon. Kenneth had earlier worked at Regal and Ford. The Krit used several proprietary components and the body was built by Fisher body works who also built bodies for Ford. The four cylinder engine used a mono block design, ie fixed head. It had a cast aluminium crank case and three speed sliding gear and reverse transmission, a ball bearing crank shaft, and a multiple disc clutch. It cranked out 22 -25 horse power. Using light weight construction they managed to get a top speed of 40mph.The Krit did very well at hill climb events and reliability and economy trials achieving 25 mpg. In 1913 customers were given the option of electric starting and headlights. This was the best export year for the company. A lot of Krits went to England, Australia, and New Zealand. Krit had numerous agents throughout New Zealand. Krit’s other main market was midwest USA due to its performance and reliability. Unfortunately in 1914 a drought and a weakened economy began to take its toll on sales. At the same time Europe was The Tourer


gearing up for war. By January the company was bankrupt. A salvage company managed to assemble some more cars from the remaining parts. One unique feature of the Krit was its swastika emblem. At the time it was a very popular good luck symbol. Above: passenger seat Unfortunately it Left: Back seat didn’t seem to Below: Progress work for the Krit. Not a lot of Krit cars have survived. I know of only two in Australia. One of them was brought to NZ in 1972 and driven from Auckland to Christchurch in the Pan Pacific rally. And I know of only two New Zealand Krit survivors. Both are 1913 tourers. One was 90% restored by John Hurley of Nelson , and nicely finished by the team at the WOW museum in Nelson where it is on display in the back shed with a lot of other very nice cars. It’s well worth a look. The other NZ Krit is my project. My father bought most of mine in the 1970’s from the Otago area where it had finished its working life running a saw bench. Consequently the mudguards, diff, wheels and most of the body, apart from the front door pillar forward, were gone. Approximately two years ago I got serious about restoring my Krit. I bought the rear half of a 1913 model


The Tourer

KT tourer body, including a whole roof, and a pile of parts, potentially two project cars, from mid-west America. Prior to that, various parts had been found scattered all around NZ, including an engine from Wellington that had been used to operate a private cable car. If only more cars or parts had survived. To help with personal motivation I decided to tackle the body first. Having experience assisting my father to do coachwork in various vintage cars came in handy. The task was made a lot easier with the help of Keith Person from Ireland who sent me over 65 photos and the dimensions of his very original 1912 KT tourer. To date the woodwork is 95% complete and the main body is 90% panelled. I’m currently contemplating whether to repair the existing front guards or to build new ones. There is no time schedule for when the car will be on the road. Not a lot happens over summer as there are fish to be caught and vintage cars to be driven but I’ve something to do on winter nights that is a lot more satisfying and productive than watching TV. There is another Krit in NZ that looks like it will be on the road soon. It’s a left hand drive, very original and complete 1913 Krit roadster owned by Kelvin Finlay from Christchurch. Kelvin brought it in from America and is currently working on it. I can’t write an article about Krit cars without telling the readers what happened to Kenneth Crittendon when he found himself desperate for a job after his company was gone. He went back to Henry Ford for work. Henry took him on, on the condition that he gave him his word that he would never quit again. He soon regretted agreeing to that as he found that the atmosphere at Ford was The Tourer


nothing like the old days. So he bought himself a nice new Hudson six and drove it to work parking right outside the main office. He knew Henry wouldn’t see the funny side. He got sacked. It is thought that he went on to become vice president of Chrysler of Canada. Note from the Editor: Brendon asked me why I went outside our branch for the K is for …. article – he was sure there were some members with cars starting with a K – Knackered!

Talk about getting old. I was getting dressed and a peeping tom looked in the window, took a look and pulled down the shade. Joan Rivers 8

The Tourer

MTA100 Car Show of the Century Wellington

Open to the public 29-30 April. To book a ticket go toÂ

The Tourer


Club Captain’s Corner SUNDAY RUN TO ASHHURST DOMAIN – 26 March 2017 The weather was threatening rain so the ‘wet day’ picnic option was dusted off. The cars left the Chesters Plumbing carpark and took a fairly direct route to Ashhurst skirting around Bunnythorpe, past our clubrooms, along Grove Road, and through Ashhurst. At the destination seven cars parked up to be admired and scrutinised by members of the public who were at the Domain. Meanwhile we all headed indoors and had lunch in the sheltered pavilion. As it turned out the weather slowly improved during the afternoon so we may have got away with an outdoor picnic, but out of the wind and elements was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon - with the picnic and ensuing natter all taking in excess of three hours. Bryan and Catherine Abraham MID MONTH MEANDER – 18 May 2017 The May Mid-Month Meander is on a Thursday and is a 20 mile (30 km) run to a Café and General Store for lunch. Meet in the Feilding Railway Station carpark at 11.00 am.


The Tourer

While the Café we are going to does not have the ‘usual’ sandwiches, filled bread rolls and savouries, there is a range of pizza ($14-$18 each) and one pizza shares nicely between two, soups, wraps ($8), pasta, burgers, pies with salad ($14), pasties / turnovers ($8), desserts ($6-$8) and cakes. The Café also has a range of handmade gift items for sale ranging from soaps and candles to woodwork and textiles, with things in between. Don’t forget that if for any reason it is not convenient for you to use your club eligible vehicle on any of the branch events you are more than welcome to join in using your ‘modern’. SUNDAY RUN - 28 May 2017 For a leisurely run on easy roads to a Café for afternoon tea and a chit-chat meet at 1.00 pm at the Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth). The total mileage for the afternoon (i.e. including back to Palm Nth) will be approx. 60 miles.

LADIES May clubnight may interest you as the topic is Vintage Clothing. Please come along and look at / discuss examples of clothing which suit the periods of our cars.

The Tourer


Restoration Record 1914 Fiat Tipo Zero Owners - Derek and Becks Haycock by Derek Haycock

Part TWO 1999 - 2017 I purchased the collection of parts in 1999, took them back to Dad’s, sorted and catalogued all the parts before putting them away, as I was still working on my 1932 Chevrolet pickup. The Fiat project would have to wait a while. In the mean time I managed to collect two carbs, gauges, side lights, steering wheel, parts description book and another radiator. The Chevrolet Pickup took a bit longer to finish than intended (doing Tony’s Durant and Dad’s 404 Ute as well did not help) so early February 2015 Dad and I loaded the Pickup on to his trailer and off to the testing station for the compliance process then straight home to load all the Zero chassis parts and running gear on the Ute and take them to the sand blasters. Later that week we collected the now not rusty bits of steel, but when unloading it all out of the van things did not look great!!! Left hand chassis rail was good as were two of the four cross members. I stood there staring at it thinking this is buggered!! So went away thinking I needed to find another chassis from goodness knows where. A couple of days later after a couple of beers I go back and have a look thinking it can’t be that bad! Left rail is good, right is very rust pitted with a VERY ugly repair that is cracking, so I grab the spare left rail section, flip it over onto the right one and it lines up very well, eliminating the repaired section and the worst of the rust pitting. Front cross member has one end missing and broken in half so a new one will have to be made. The second cross member is mint! The third one needs a small new piece welded into it but otherwise good. Rear cross members (I have three) were all very sad in different places with one of them still having the ends of the hacksawed off chassis rails attached! In the mean time I emailed the Fiat historic centre in Turin, Italy to see what information they had and the response was great! And a bit costly. They not only supplied me with the production date of my car, but they had some of the original technical drawings for the car including the chassis drawing so with that in hand it’s time to get brave and attack the right rail with the dropsaw. I cut the centre out with the bad repair and then cut the replacement piece to go back in then weld it together; that looks better but still takes a many hours and 1.5kg of mig wire to fill the remaining rust pits and then grind it all smooth. Next is to make front and rear cross members. I made a cardboard pattern of the front one, Dad took that and a rear one to Roadrunners in Bulls who scanned the shapes into their computer and high pressure water jet cut out new ones. Ok


The Tourer

- now I have some nice shapes of flat steel - off to my friendly engineer to fold and weld them up to look like they should. While all of this is happening Dad said he had no projects to do so I suggest that the Zero diff down in the shed needs to be dragged out / cleaned up / disassembled / cleaned out and checked. All was well inside, everything is a beautiful machine finish, but we replaced all the bearings while we were in there. Strangely enough the outer axle bearings are the same size as my 29 Chev! Next is to line up the chassis rails with the cross members and the original rear member with the rails still attached and the result is pretty good!! A couple of small tweaks and then tack weld the rear of the rails on. To line up the new front cross member I had to bolt up the lower engine gearbox casting as it bolts to the chassis in three places including the front cross member. But to bolt the front up I had to make the bolts first as they have a strange countersunk head that fit into the aluminium casting. Now all the chassis is lined up, welded and all the holes are sized ready for riveting in a few weeks time. In the two years of working on it I have managed to collect a steering box, another gauge, a headlight, a veteran Jones speedo in kilometres, but best of all I have the original chassis plate back with the car as Snow still had it!! I just needed to go and get it from him, nothing like an 800km round trip in a day to Omokoroa Beach to collect it but worth every minute!

The Tourer


NORTH ISLAND CLUB CAPTAIN’S TOUR 2017 by Ian Rowden The Tour had started with a day trip around Taupo on 3 April and went to Taumarunui on Tuesday, then National Park and Whanganui. Because of the heavy rain, the tour had to travel via SH1 to reach Whanganui where it stopped for two nights. Esmee and I joined the tour at Wanganui on April 7 in our 1935 Chrysler. This was the beginning of a good spell of weather and the tourers and convertibles revelled in it. We went to Bruce Ardell’s business and collection in Fordell, Ed Boyd’s collection, saw Ian Chamberlain’s 1906 Reo and its mini counterpart The model Reo and the real one. and heard his fairground organ, and saw a Spitfire and Tiger Moth at Richmond Harding’s airfield nearby. These were four entertaining speakers and friendly hosts. In the evening the three VCC guys became caterers for us along with some helpers and Fay Chamberlain tickled the ivories for a singsong. Given the threatened flooding the Branch really turned it on for us and this day was probably the highlight of the tour. The next day we headed to Stratford via Bason Gardens, a bookshop in Waverley, Elvis memorabilia in Stratford and the Tawhiti museum. We by-passed the Taranaki Pioneer Museum. The NICC Paul Collins bought fish and chips that night when there was confusion over restaurant bookings. The next day we had the first Devonshire tea at Whangamomona Hotel before going crosscountry to join a


A sculpture at Bason Gardens. The Tourer

Mount Taranaki. boat ride on the Mokau River and our second Devonshire tea. This proved to be extremely interesting and the industry of various settlers and enterprises was notable. One sawmill was shipping timber direct from upriver to Sydney! Most tourists stayed at Mokau motel while Esther and Dave Williams had to take a motor camp cabin and we had to stay at Awakino Hotel. Neither can be recommended. Next morning while parked on a slope awaiting the tour group to join us at Awakino for the third Devonshire tea, a petrol leak from our car became apparent. It eventually appeared that a recently fitted electric boost pump had a higher working pressure than the mechanical pump and found some weaknesses in the fuel system. Dave Williams got us going after several hours in the sun, supported by Esther and his mobile Plymouth workshop. This caused them and us to miss a show near Waitomo after which the tour group stopped at that night’s motel. This was the end of the golden weather and next day we curtailed our trip, missing the next afternoon’s boat trip at Raglan. However we did visit the natural bridge at Mangapohue west of Waitomo which is a secret gem and is highly recommended, before swinging north and around the head of the Kawhia Estuary to travel east to rejoin SH39 and pass through Pirongia to Ngaruawahia and then up SH1 to Auckland. The tour ended the next day Wednesday at Pukekohe, after travelling from Raglan, but we travelled from Auckland back to Palmerston North to try to avoid the forecast cyclone Cook weather and the high winds expected on the Easter Thursday. We were largely successful in the morning as far as Taupo but had rain on the Desert Road and further south. The car performed well and we took less than 8 hours on the road. Many thanks to the many volunteers who made this such a worthwhile adventure. These tours offer something different with new roads and sights as well as meeting new VCC members. We are now thinking about the 2018 South Island CC tour; I wonder where it goes? Who else wants to go from Manawatu?

The Tourer


NIGHT TRIAL – 17 June 2017 Join your fellow club members for an approx. 55 mile (90 km) night trial on easy sealed roads. The night trial concludes at the White Horse Inn, Longburn with a 7.30 pm roast pork meal and dessert of apple crumble with ice cream and cream. Meet at the Manawatu Branch VCC clubrooms any time after 4.00 pm for a hot drink and a biscuit or two before the 4.30 pm briefing. The first car will be away at 4.45 pm. • • • • •

For those who enjoy a challenge the night trial will be competitive. For those who do not wish to be competitive just come along and enjoy the run. There are no unsealed roads on this night trial. The night trial route passes 2 public conveniences. Bring a torch.

Entry Form Options: • Complete the form that is in this Tourer and mail it to the address on the form. • If you would like to avoid having to cut into your Tourer, email the Rally Organiser requesting that a PDF version be emailed to you. • Alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details required on the form. Payment Options: • Send a cheque in the post with your entry form. • Pay on the day. • Email the Rally Organiser requesting account details so that you can pay by internet banking. Register early for the night trial as numbers for the meal are limited to 50 and must be booked with your entry for catering purposes. The meal is to be paid for on the night – not with your night trial entry. A minimum of 20 persons required for a meal to be available. If you do not wish to participate in the night trial but would like to come along and join the group for the meal please book in by contacting the Rally Organiser (phone or email) no later than Wednesday 7 June. Rally Organiser: Bryan Abraham email phone (06) 3584014


The Tourer


Night Trial Saturday 17th June 2017 For all VCC eligible vehicles Meet at the VCC clubrooms in Kelvin Grove Road any time after 4.00pm for cup of tea / coffee. The briefing will be at 4.30pm with the first car away at 4.45pm. Total distance for the night trial is approx. 55 miles (90 kms) – additional information is in the May Tourer.

ENTRANT: ............................................................................................................................... NAVIGATOR: .......................................................................................................................... ADDRESS: ……………………….......................................................................................... TOWN / CITY: .……………….….......................................................................................... TELEPHONE: (........) .....................................

Email ........................................................

VEHICLE MAKE & MODEL: ................................................................................................. YEAR: .............................. ENTRY FEE: $20.00

REG NUMBER: ....................................................

or $35.00 with Rally Plaque (optional)

PAYMENT METHOD: Cheque attached 

TOTAL $.................

Pay on Rally Day 

Internet Banking 

PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE to ‘Manawatu Branch VCC’ ENTRIES FOR THE NIGHT TRIAL CLOSE: Wednesday 7th June 2017 - no late entries if you are after a meal as numbers are needed for the meal booking NUMBER OF MEALS REQUIRED: $30.00 per head .............................. PAY FOR YOUR MEALS ON THE NIGHT

The night trial concludes at the White Horse Inn, Longburn with the meal at 7.30pm.

RALLY ORGANISER : Bryan Abraham : Phone (06) 358 4014 : Email (email the Rally Organiser for a PDF copy of this entry form - or for Internet Banking account details)

ENTRIES TO: Bryan Abraham, 81 Apollo Parade, Palmerston North 4414.

The Tourer


Tourer Trader Large Tin Trunk 90 cm wide x 59 cm deep by 39 cm high. Offers to Cathy Beale 06 374 6911

Thanks to all those who took the time and effort to support the recent “Fun and Skills” day at the Coachhouse Museum in Feilding. Your presence was greatly appreciated by all. Thanks again…….Trev Hardy

Futures Past Manawatu Steam Punk Experience Palmerston North City Library 13 and 14 May 10.00 am – 4.00pm Bookings essential – go to


Please note that all VCC ID Cards have an expiry. This expiry is upon change of ownership, or 10 years from the issue date. Your vehicle must also be as described on the Card. A Renewal form personalised for each vehicle ID Card is distributed by the National Office to current financial members, approximately 3 months before the expiration. Even if your vehicle has had no changes, this form must be checked, signed and forwarded to your Branch, along with the ID Card (if the photo correctly shows your vehicle in its present state), or three new photos, as stated on the form. Upon receipt at the National Office, the ID Card will be reissued and will be valid for a further 10 years unless there is a change of ownership or major changes to the vehicle during that time. It is compulsory for all National and International VCC Rallies that vehicles entered must have a current valid ID Card.


The Tourer

AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION 180 Plus lots of automobila and related collectibles. Auction to be held at the HB Vintage Car clubrooms at 67 Sandy Road Meeanee Napier at 10am on Sunday 7th May 2017 in conjunction with the 25th Hot Rod and Classic Car Festival being held by the Marineland Street Rod and Kustom Klub.


The Tourer



99a Lombard Street Palmerston North Ph 06 357-2972 Fax 06 355·1634 Mobile 027-241·3413

B&H ENGINE SERVICES 2015 Ltd 298 Broadway Avenue- Palmerston North (Member NZ Engine Reconditioner’s Assn) Specialists in all • ENGINE RECONDITIONING and • PARTS SUPPLY of any make or model. • • • • • •

ALSO Shell Bearing Conversions Remetalling Line Boring Unleaded Fuel Conversions Balancing “Hard to Get” parts manufactured TELEPHONE: 357 1182 FAX 356 6722 Email:

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. Jerry M. Wright

Feilding Farm Meat Processors Ltd Home Kill Servicing the greater Manawatu

* MAF Registered * Farm Meat Slaughtering & Processing * Packed & Frozen Complete Home Kill Service Ph/Fax 06 323 6288 A/hrs 06 323 4265

Steve Bright 021 519 077 20

96 Churcher St Feilding The Tourer

Winken Blinken (and Nod) by Ian Boag

Is an American nursery rhyme that has nothing to do with vintage cars. I have a 1950’s vehicle (Citroen Traction) with semaphore trafficators. Trafficators with their little amber bulb are not easy for other road users to see. These days we all expect turn signals to flash. There are several ways to convert a trafficator to achieve this. Replacing the festoon bulb with a modern flashing LED is very effective and dead easy. The photo shows a normal festoon bulb from a trafficator, and a (plug-in) LED replacement. The LED unit is brighter and it blinks. Installation was a 5 minute job and now people know I am turning. The cost is GBP25(+postage) for a pair from (

The Tourer


I’m so old they’ve canceled my blood type. Bob Hope

Len Shailer Ltd THE CAR TAILORS 191 ALBERT ST, PALMERSTON NORTH PHONE 357-9098 * All types of car upholstery * Vintage cars a speciality * Carpet Overlocking

“NZ’s Finest Automotive Platers” New Style 68 Wilson Street- Wanganui Name Badges The acknowledged experts on all types available of Vintage and PostThese Vintageare Nickel from the secretary and Chrome Plating. For $18.00 each We are one of those old-fashioned firms that (member’s name is take pride in the quality of our work. printed (Ask anyone who has dealt withbelow us) For all your wings) METAL FINISHING REQUIREMENTS Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Alloy Plating,Gold, Antique Finishing and Metal Polishing



Phone Dave on Wanganui (06) 345 5042 for prompt and efficient service The Tourer

POST VINTAGE RALLY - 06 May 2017 The clubrooms will be open from 9.00 am to allow you and your crew to indulge in a hot drink and a biscuit or two before the 9.30 am briefing. The route for the Post Vintage Rally has been set and because it is of similar terrain to the recent Ruahine Ramble it has been decided that this year the Rally will be open to Vintage classification vehicles (Jan1919 > Dec1931) allowing them to participate as non-competitive entries. A slightly shorter morning route has been prepared for this group. Morning section of rally: Vintage entries – approx. 70 miles (112 Kms) Post Vintage entries – approx. 75 miles (120 Kms) Afternoon section of rally: All entries – approx. 30 miles (45 Kms) Members who have only a veteran classification vehicle, or whose ‘vintage’ is currently off the road are more than welcome to participate in their ‘modern’ as non-competitive. There are no unsealed roads on this Post Vintage Rally. Bring your own lunch, hot water etc., plus chairs, picnic rug or whatever - to help you settle in for an enjoyable lunch stop. If the weather is against us there is a sheltered area at the destination in which we can have our picnic lunch. After the short afternoon section the rally concludes at a café. After the café there is approx. 20 miles (30 Kms) to return to Palmerston North. Entry Form Options : complete the form that is in this Tourer and mail it to the address on the form. If you would like the form emailed to you to prevent you from having to cut into your Tourer, email the Rally Organiser requesting that a PDF version be emailed to you. Alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details that are requested on the form included in the email text. Payment Options : send a cheque in the post with your entry form ; pay on the day ; or email the Rally Organiser requesting account details so that you can pay by internet banking. Rally Organiser email :

You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, “See if you can blow this out.” Jerry Seinfeld

The Tourer


Feilding Auto Electrical Ltd “All auto electrical faults repaired on Alfas to Zephyrs�

Alternators & starter motors reconditioned or new Batteries - automotive, commercial, marine Computer diagnostics - Engine, ABS, Airbags etc MP3/CD Players supplied and fitted Car alarms Air conditioning Automotive parts and accessories at: Feilding Auto Electrical 71 Stafford Street, Feilding Ph: 323 8427 Mobile: 0274 423 967 Email: 24

The Tourer


Post Vintage Rally Saturday 6th May 2017 For Post Vintage, Post War, Post 1960 & Post 1980 vehicles and Vintage classification vehicles as non-competitive entries

Meet at the VCC clubrooms in Kelvin Grove Road any time after 9.00am for cup of tea / coffee. The briefing will be at 9.30am. BYO lunch & hot water for drinks etc. and chairs etc. for a picnic. Total distance for the day is approx. 125 miles (200 kms) – additional rally information is in the April Tourer.

ENTRANT: ............................................................................................................................... NAVIGATOR: .......................................................................................................................... ADDRESS: ……………………….......................................................................................... TOWN / CITY: .……………….….......................................................................................... TELEPHONE: (........) .....................................

Email ........................................................

VEHICLE MAKE & MODEL: ................................................................................................. YEAR: .............................. ENTERING AS: PV/PW/P60/P80  ENTRY FEE: $20.00

REG No. ..................................................... Non-competitive - Vintage (or Modern) 

or $35.00 with Rally Plaque (optional)

PAYMENT METHOD: Cheque attached 

TOTAL $.................

Pay on Rally Day 

Internet Banking 

Cheques payable to ‘Manawatu Branch VCC’ ENTRIES CLOSE:

Thursday 27th April 2017

RALLY ORGANISER: Bryan Abraham : Phone (06) 358 4014 Email (email the Rally Organiser for a PDF copy of this entry form - or for Internet Banking account details)

ENTRIES to: Bryan Abraham, 81 Apollo Parade, Palmerston North 4414.

The Tourer



Sarah Howell (Ian) 06 374 6645


Bryan Abraham (Catherine) 06 358 4014


Ron Persson (Josie) 06 354 5266


Bryan Abraham (Catherine) 06 358 4014

VICE CLUB Vacant CAPTAIN: TREASURER: Ian Howell (Sarah) 06 374 6645 COMMITTEE:

Trevor Hardy (Sandra) 06 323 4040 John Ireland (Anne) 06 323 4170 Brian McPherson (Deirdre) 06 354 6310 Bill Williams (Lynda) 06 323 2717

CLOSING DATE FOR NEXT TOURER – 20TH MAY 2017 The next issue of the Tourer will be June 2017.

Please send your contributions: rally reports, your motoring stories, cuttings, technical reports, humorous articles, photos, drawings etc

to: The Editor


The Tourer


Trevor Hardy (Sandra) 06 323 4040


Esmee Rowden (Ian) 06 3567871


Gary Millar (Marion) 06 354 8298


Gary Millar (Marion) 06 354 8298


Sarah Howell (Ian) 06 374 6645



BEADED WHEELS: Ian Howell (Sarah) 06 374 6645 PARTS SHED:

Gary Millar (Marion) 06 354 8298


Murray Martin (Dot) 06 354 5960

John Ireland (Anne) 06 323 4170

New Members contact the Secretary, Ron Persson, to organise for a name badge to be made. The Tourer


Manawatu Branch Meetings held at the Clubrooms “The Grove”, 684 Kelvin Grove Road, Palmerston North Third Wednesday of each month from 7.00pm. Meetings start at 7.30pm. (Please wear name badges at all Club events) • Committee Meeting— 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm. • BYO Tea — First Sunday of each month from 5pm at the Clubrooms. • Parts Shed — Opens from 2pm first Sunday of each month. • Library — Open on club nights, and by arrangement with the Librarian. • Noggin & Natter — First Tuesday of month at 7:30pm. Murray’s Irish Bar Feilding. Vintage Car Club Vehicle Classifications • Veteran Motor Vehicles constructed prior to 31st December 1918 • Vintage Motor Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1919 and 31 Dec 1931 • Post Vintage Motor Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1932 and 31 Dec 1945 • Post War Motor vehicles constructed between 1st January 1946 and 31st Dec 1960 • Post 1960 Motor vehicles constructed between 1st January 1961 and 31st Dec 1980 • Post 1980 Constructed after 1st January 1981 provided that no vehicle is accepted for this class until January 1st of the year that is 30 years after its original year of construction • Factory Built, & Historic Racing Vehicles -as described in the Club By-laws • Period Specials - as described in the Club By-laws

THE TOURER: New Zealand Registered Magazine.

The Official Newsletter of the Manawatu Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc) Email: Phone: (06) 354 8582 Clubrooms: ‘The Grove” 684 Kelvin Grove Road PO Box 385 Palmerston North 4440

Manawatu VCC May 2017  
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