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October 2017

PO Box 458, LEVIN 14 Tiro Tiro Road, LEVIN


Tom Hayes


Colin Brooks

04 298 5458

Deputy Chair

Des St Clare

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Winton Cleal

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Jackie Job

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Club Captain (Joint)

John White Bob Barton

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Branch Delegate

Warren Birch

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Derek Ransom Pete Collins Warren MacMillan

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Custodian Groundspeople

Andrew Judd Wayne Thrower Julia MacMillan

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Spares Team

Callum Farmer Rex Williams Mike Khull Bob Barton Jeff Fox Colin Brooks Robert Cammish

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Library Archives

Peter and Bev Kelly

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Spark Editor

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Spark Distribution

Mark Gibson Bob Barton

VIC Team

Verdon Heath, Ivan Horn, Jeff Fox and Mark Morgan

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06 367 8216

Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 8.30 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night

This month we welcomed visitors Grant Frankerd and Shona Nightingale’s brother, Don McLaren, to our Club Night. Don is joining up as a member. Recently, our members Brigid Williams and Wendy Heffey have both lost their mothers. This is a very sad time for them, and we offer them our sincere condolences. Our September run took us over the hill into “Tui” country to look over the brewery at Mangatainoka. We nearly lost our way in the mist and rain going over the top of the Paihiatua Track, but we all had a good day out all the same. My thanks to Bob and John for arranging the run. The “Tui Girls” were a great attraction for photo opportunities for some of those amongst us! Say no more! At this month’s Club Night our much-loved Librarians, Bev and Peter Kelly announced that they would be standing down at the next AGM, after around seven years of what has turned out to be a nearly full-time job setting up our magnificent library and archives. It would be great if a member(s) could carry on what Bev and Peter have put in place. The new addition to the Spares Department is now full up, with three part-bodies of cars looking for new owners. This week we had a meeting to sort out the programme for the 2020 North Island Easter Rally, to be held from 10 to 13 April. Our branch will be hosting this in the Horowhenua region. We will be calling for ideas and help to run this function, as time goes on. I have to thank the 20 people who turned up to help at the working bee this last Saturday, and enjoyed having morning tea together. The weather was not good, so thank you for turning out! We look forward to a good run to Murrayfield just north of Levin for lunch on the 29 October. I will definitely see you there!


Roster for November 2017 Basil and Bev Gowenlock, Gary Gill, Alton and Leah Harrison, Tom Hayes, Tony Haythornthwaite. If you can’t make it for either kitchen duties on Club Night on 1 November, or the Working Bee on Saturday morning, 4 November (9 am till 12 noon) please let myself or Cheryl know on 04 298 5458.


________________________________________________________________ A special thank you to Cheryl Brooks this month who has contributed most of the typing for Spark. She has also spent many, many hours researching Shona Nightingale’s history with Horowhenua. This has involved obtaining accurate dates and events from every Spark newsletter over 40 years!! Cheryl has compiled a very interesting and informative account of Shona’s club involvement. Yet she still had time to take phone calls for collection of rusty old bombs and attended the working bee and the Easter Rally Committee meeting. Checks and scrutiny of the Editor is still to come!! Thank you very much Cheryl your input is greatly appreciated. Even when at times it has left you frazzled!!

From: Les Callear [] Sent: Thursday, 14 September 2017 2:09 PM To:;;; Subject: Transmission Gully Motor Show Hi, I am with Plimmerton Rotary Club and we are planning to hold a Motor Show in conjunction with the Transmission Gully motorway developers in April next year. The aim is to exhibit everything to do with motoring including vintage cars, classic cars, hot rods, fire engines, bikes, police vehicles, motorway construction equipment, etc. It will also include a presentation of the motorway development progress to-date. It is to be a family day with activities for all the family including helicopter rides, children's rides, food, bike rides, games, etc. It is a fund raising event with proceeds to go to a charity yet to be confirmed. So we are hoping that you may be interested in exhibiting your vintage cars as a major part of the show. We don't expect there to be a charge for exhibitors. If you could just indicate at this planning stage your possible involvement in the show it would be gratefully received. Regards Les Callear Planning Team Leader


MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 3 rd OCTOBER 2017 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Colin Brooks welcomed 49 members. APOLOGIES: Warren Birch, Michael Wintringham, Norm McBrearty ,Ivan Benge, Bruce Scott, Robert Cammish, Win Bishop, Don McIntyre, Tom Hayes, Verdon Heath, Hec and Shirley Newton, Andrew and Wendy Heffey, Colin Geange. VISITORS: Don McLaren, Grant Frankerd. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/John Rapley. CORRESPONDENCE: Notice of car show next year for Transmission Gully Road. No date at this stage. TREASURER’S REPORT: Read by Jackie Job /Pete Collins. CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: Tui Run: 39 out of 45 people turned up, the BBQ meal was good. In future members must pay for the meal before the run. The Hot rod show was a bit disappointing and it was very quiet in the club rooms. If members are going to the Manawatu swap meet, please let Club Captains know if you want a run organised. 29 October: Run to Murrayfield for lunch. Meet at club rooms leaving there at 10.30am. 12 November: Manawatu VCC club having a motor bike run. 19 November: Tararua Trundle. A long run of 4 hours. Toilets on the way. 20 Questions. A Café at end of run or bring your own lunch. 10 December: Christmas party. LIBRARY: Half price sale of mags. Ken Savage donated 9 cartons of magazines, also Warren Birch donated 1 carton of magazines. Bev and Peter our Librarians are standing down at the next AGM. We are looking for someone to look after the Library. SPARES: The new extension is now full. There is a Hudson, Morris series E, also a very rusty Mini. SPEAKER: There was no speaker so looked at Model T videos. Meeting closed at 8.30PM.

Tui Brewery - 25 September 2017 About a dozen cars set off on a damp Sunday morning from the clubrooms to meet up with those who drove directly to the Tui Brewery at Mangatainoka. Thirty nine people out of 45 who had pre booked turned up and Freddie the dog. We had a good BBQ meal with plenty to eat and still plenty left over. Afterwards, it continued to rain all day but it did not dampen our spirits, we had live music and a group of bikers to amuse us. To be fair the biker lads had some beautiful bikes and were quite good company, I enjoyed their banter. Future venues like this, I am afraid must be paid for upfront. Numbers required and booked etc are fixed and if people for one reason or another don't turn up, we still have to pay for the meal and it is the club who has then got to stand the cost. Please be aware of this if you are going on any future trips. The Hot Rod Show was a bit of a disappointment, the AP&I showground was wet underfoot so no vehicles were allowed which meant footfall was greatly reduced around our clubrooms. We still managed a few people visiting us and we had a good day with the ladies and the gents that turned up to help. Thank you to you all that came and did your bit again for the club, you are the backbone of the club and I am really grateful to you all, thanks again. Saturday, 14 October - Manawatu Swap meet at Fielding - If you are interested in going please let John or myself know we will be leaving the clubrooms at 8 am. Sunday, 22 October - The Hawkes Bay Branch will be hosting the Safari Rally. Our clubrooms will be open at 9 am for the club to view the Library and Spares. Sunday, 29 October - A trip to Murrayfield Cafe for lunch. Meet at the clubrooms 10 30am or go straight to the cafe and we will meet you there.

Sunday, 12 November - Manawatu Motorcycle Swap Meet - 8 am start at the clubrooms, if interested contact Bob. Sunday, 19 November - TARARUA TRUNDLE - Leaving at 10 30am for a great rally this year. We’ve got sealed and unsealed roads, a short break stop with toilets and lunch at a cafe. Approximately four hours, fill up before you start, and make sure the navigator hasn't got a hangover. That’s all for now folks, see you on the runs.

Bob and John Club Captains

The Tui people have demanded the members return.... to clean up their dribble on the floor!

Most of us met at the clubrooms for a 10 am departure. We had a slowish trip to see the Tui girls but an enjoyable drive. I’m pretty sure there were 45 attendees and nine club cars, the others opting for a modern in the damp weather. It was pretty misty over the Saddle Road. There was an impressive variety of cars and all made the trip okay. About half of the group went for the Tui Tour. I didn’t and stayed near the wood burner fire as it was cold outside. We listened to the guitar being played and enjoyed the chat. It was low key, very relaxed and enjoyable. There were two Tui Girls in skimpy gears who took the tour, they all covered up in High Vis Vests for the tour, just as they should do. I wasn’t looking.

Lunch was, as promised, a barbeque and what a feed! We had a magnificent meal with more than you could handle, the food was beautiful. The trip back was a little quicker, Mike in his MGA and me in the Rambler, pushed it along a bit over the Saddle Road. Nothing silly, but the cars did what they were supposed to and we had a bit of fun. In fact the whole day was a bit of fun! Bazza A great day out, thank you.

Shona met Peter at a party at Peter’s brother’s flat in Wellington around 1956. It was obviously love at first sight, as Peter spent the next year or so motoring through the Manawatu Gorge to see his lady love at every chance he got in his 1928 Tudor Ford ‘A.’ She was working as a teacher in Dannevirke, where she was brought up, he was working for an agricultural contractor in Palmerston North. Peter claims he holds the record for the most trips through the Gorge in a Model ‘A’ Ford! The romance developed into marriage (on Peter’s 22nd birthday in 1958) and after a couple of years in Palmerston North they moved to Maharahara to start sharemilking, still with the Ford named ‘Gertrude.’ The family grew to four, and finally ‘Gertrude’ was sold and the 50 pounds realised was converted into a sewing machine. Clothes were made by Shona for the family as they grew up. Years went by and a Ford Model ‘A’ truck was bought, named ‘Henry’. All the family learned to drive ‘Henry’, and in the end he was laid to rest totally exhausted from chasing cows and doing all the things that kids do on a farm. In 1970 the 1931 Model ‘A’, ‘Matilda’, was purchased for $125. At this time they joined the Manawatu Branch of the VCC and decided to restore ‘Matilda’ to original Phaeton. It took two years to complete. They moved to Ohau in 1973 to Vista Road, the family home. Eventually the Horowhenua Vintage Car Club became a reality, and in 1977 Shona was elected as the reporter for “Spark” and wrote articles for “Beaded Wheels” as well. In 1979 she was elected Treasurer of HVCC at the AGM. In April 1980, Shona was now the editor of “Spark”, until early 1982. In 1982, Shona and Peter entered the North Island Easter Rally in Tauranga in ‘Matilda’.

This began a long association of being involved with and organising rallies of all descriptions, from Easter to Pan Pacific, Model ‘T’ rallies to veteran rallies, motor shows etc etc. Shona supported and helped Peter in everything he became involved in. In 1993/94 Peter, Shona and ‘Matilda’ circumnavigated the South Island with two other Model ‘A’s from Manawatu. This was to raise funds for children with cancer, organised by an Auckland group called “Camp Quality Caper.” This was a challenging drive, but they raised $27,000 for the cause. Shona had a lot to do with the organising of this, and was very

pleased with the result. A team of other cars and a fire engine all from Auckland accompanied them, plus two All Blacks. In 1995 at the Palmerston North Motor Show, Shona and Peter ran the display for our club. This was the first outing for our 1930’s garage, for which we won 1st Prize for best display. Shona ran a “Scarecrow” competition for school kids in conjunction with the show. Apart from this, Shona was a teacher at TeHoro School, then Ohau School, finishing her teaching career at Koputaroa School. On her retirement she became a talented quilter, painter and woodworker. She was obviously a very busy lady! In 1998 Shona was the Assistant Club Captain of HVVC. The same year she and Peter went to ‘Wings over Wanaka’ including lots of adventures along the

way, Taieri Gorge train trip, Moeraki Boulders and Ashburton Swap Meet. October 1998 was the first Veteran Rally Peter and Shona ran. In May of 2001 Shona and Peter embarked on the Club Captain’s Tour of the South Island, plus the Easter Rally. Three weeks, and 3,000 miles! It must have been a sight to see with them going onto the ferry, with the “T” on a trailer behind the “A!” Shona drove the “A”, so presumably Peter drove the “T”! In July 2001 Shona was presented with her 25 Year Service Badge of the VCC. In August 2002 Peter and Shona were our delegates to the VCC AGM in Masterton. They also organised the Tararua Trundle/25th Birthday outing/opening of our new clubrooms. July 2003 the Tillson Trophy was awarded to Shona and Peter for the outstanding job they made of organising the 25th Anniversary celebrations and the Tararua Trundle. 2004 saw Shona as the Secretary of our Clubrooms Relocation Committee, a position she held until we finally moved into our present clubrooms in 2007. The ensuing years saw them both involved in organising several rallies, including two veteran triangular rallies. Shona drove ‘Matilda’ on many occasions, often when she was being used as a wedding car. She obviously was very experienced at driving her, for which I admire her greatly! These old cars are not the easiest to manage. On one occasion Shona won a Hawke’s Bay rally, and ended up towing Bruce Hutton back to Dannevirke. He gave her strict instructions to use the back roads only! In October 2008 Shona was elected as the Welfare Officer of our branch, which she held until June of 2012. In July of 2009, Shona broke her ankle/foot in eight places in Sydney at the beginning of their Australian holiday. That put paid to the holiday, as she was

hospitalised and eventually flown back home. This slowed her down considerably, as it took a long time to heal. In February 2011, Shona and Peter went on a Model ‘T’ rally to Wanaka, and visited Mt Aspiring, where Peter had his first job in NZ on a cattle station after arriving from England as an 18 year old. A “Raw Pom with soap behind his ears!” Peter’s words! July 2011, Shona took on our “Spark” production in the interim. August 2011 Shona had several hospital visits, and in 2013 she had a hip operation. In November 2014 she became the proud driver of a motorised scooter, which enabled her to get around on her own, at last! She was a fiercely independent person, who attended every event she could of the club. She was always at the Swap Meets, and every run she could, plus mid-winter dinners, Christmas functions etc.

In September of 2015 she fell and broke her arm. Peter was also in hospital with heart problems at the time, so a stressful time for the family. September 2016 saw Shona in hospital for chemotherapy. She recovered well from this and returned home.

December 2016 a family celebration was held to celebrate Shona’s 79th, and Peter’s 80th birthdays, plus their 58th Wedding Anniversary. We were privileged to be at the occasion, and witnessed the high regard Shona was held in by her extended family. At the club Easter run of 2017, Shona fell while getting out of ‘Matilda’. She broke bones in her leg and arm. This put her in hospital yet again for some weeks. She did come back home, only to return to hospital for more chemotherapy. She was determined to attend our club’s 40th Anniversary Dinner on 25 June, which she did. We were very privileged to have her there, and she enjoyed it all immensely. Six weeks later, she sadly passed away in Peter’s arms. After all of their adventures together, it was most fitting that ‘Matilda’ escorted Shona on her final journey after her funeral service, with friend John Pratt at the wheel and son Tony as passenger. A parade of our club cars followed behind, in tribute to Shona. Shona was a foundation member of our club, and we could not have wished for anyone to have worked harder or to have been more dedicated to the club than her. We thank her most sincerely for her efforts over the past 40 years. Our sincere condolences go to Peter and the family.

Cheryl Brooks

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

Answer later in this issue of Spark Something a little different for ‘What Am I’ this time round, Jackie Job discovered it in High Street, Chiswick, London on a recent trip. Jackie noticed a little rust and that there was nothing to indicate the manufacturer. She took these pictures hoping a member could identify it.

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

MID MONTH MEANDER – 13 October 2017 The October Mid-Month Meander is on a Friday and is a 30 mile (48 km) run to Hansen’s Café and General Store in Kimbolton for lunch. Meet at the Railway Station at the end of the Matthews Ave cul-de-sac (Palmerston North) at 10.45 am. While the Café does not have the ‘usual’ sandwiches, filled bread rolls and savouries, there is a range of pizza from their own pizza oven ($14>$18 each) (and one pizza shares nicely between two) along with a selection of other light lunch options, and a choice of cakes to complement your tea or coffee. At the Café there is also a range of handmade gift items for sale ranging from soaps and candles to woodwork and textiles and other things in between.

SUNDAY RUN - 29 October 2017 For a leisurely 37 mile (60 kms) run on easy roads to a Café for afternoon tea and a natter. Meet at 1.00 pm at Chester’s Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palmerston North). The total mileage for the afternoon (i.e. including back to Palm Nth) will be approximately 65 miles (100 kms).

Your Secretary and Editor hold an electronic copy of this document and the entry form. The following Burma Rally entry form is also held electronically. Please sing out should you be interested. A printed copy can also be made available if requested. Ed.


We have continued to receive regular donations to the library from members John White, Warren MacMillan, Norm McBrearty, Robert Cammish and Murray Tinsley. We thank you all very much. The boxes of magazines in the extension section are now almost complete sets thanks to Ken Saville, his friends and neighbours for their generous donation of magazines. Several books were included in their donation too. We recommend that you "take a look" at 'Vintage' by Euan Sarginson. It is all about NZ Vintage cars 1972. Just one of the treasures added to the library shelves from the Ken Saville donation. Check the Latest Arrivals folder for details. No doubt you all took advantage of the many surplus magazines for sale on club night. We were delighted with our fellow members for taking advantage of the ½ price sale of all marked items in the For Sale section of the library on club night and at the working bee on Saturday. Monies received will enable us to continue to operate your library and archives. Thank You! You will notice a few more photos of members' vehicles now on the two display boards in the club rooms. If you would like a photo of your vehicle on display too, just hand the librarians a 6x4 photo of your vehicle with your name and the name, make and date of your vehicle, and we will see your photo is framed and added to the boards but: WE NEED YOUR VEHICLE PHOTO FIRST!

Bev and Peter Kelly Librarians and Archivists

“In the past a person’s handshake, was as good as their word! How times have changed.” I am of course talking about the Jaguar SS1 radiator surround Spares was offered on the last club night. In the normal course of events Spares cannot buy parts, because of the club rules. However I was more than happy to put up the money for this rare item, only to find out on the Saturday morning of the working bee when Bob and I arrived to pick it up that a member from a different branch south of here, had stuck their nose in and the deal was off. I’m sorry to say this doesn’t wash, as a deal is a deal. Moving on from the disappointment of that, Spares now have the 1928 Essex/Hudson parts that were mentioned in last month’s Spark. Members will be able to see for themselves the body, bonnet, two back guards, front axle and front seat on club night. Also the Morris 10 or 12 front wheels which came with the front axle. They will also find that since the last working bee spares has picked up a near complete 1975 Austin Mini, only missing the rear window and boot lid, a nice restoration for someone starting off in the Vintage Car Club.


Wanted: A rotor or crab distributor for my ’47 Ford V8. NOS or a good second hand one will do. I have run out of spares and the new ones give nothing but grief! Phone Mike K on 06 3635633

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 Visit to the Boneface Brewery and Dave Turner’s Model Steam and Petrol Engines, Upper Hutt 11 am

Meet at the Boneface Brewery for a tour of the Boutique Brewery, beer tasting and platter lunch. Price $22 per person. (pizza, southern fried chicken, cheese platters, brisket and pickles)

1.15 pm

Drive to Dave Turners in Pinehaven. The ladies are welcome to visit at Tasi and Ray Betteridge’s home next door.

If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday, 22 October 2017. Email:, Phone (04) 234 1262 or John

on 027 4524326 Directions to Boneface Brewery:  Heading north, travel along State Highway 2 (River Road). Do not turn off onto Ferguson Drive but continue on SH2  Turn second right onto Gibbons Street and sign posted Upper Hutt City Centre  At roundabout, take 2nd exit to stay on Gibbons Street  At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Main Street  Immediately left onto Ferguson Drive  At roundabout, 2nd exit onto Blenheim Street  At next roundabout, 2nd exit to stay on Blenheim Street  Straight ahead through the gates  Through the second set of gates, turn sharp left and Boneface is in the Dunlop Building on the right



Manawatu Branch Swap Meet - See ad this issue of Spark. Depart from the clubrooms at 8am. nd October 22 Hawkes Bay Branch Safari Rally visit our clubrooms at 9am. Spares and the library will be opened for them. You are all welcome to come down and see the cars. October 29th Lunch at Murrayfield Café. Depart clubrooms 1030am to travel in convoy or make your own way there. st November 1 Horowhenua Club Night th November 12 Manawatu Motorcycle Swap Meet – Depart clubrooms at 8am - travel together. Please contact Bob to advise. th November 19 Tararua Trundle - Please see Club Captain’s report this issue. Depart clubrooms 1030am. A four hour day with sealed and unsealed roads. Touted as a stunning run! December 6th Horowhenua Club Night th December 10 Branch Christmas Party - further TBA rd January 3 No Club Night th February 7 Horowhenua Club Night th February 11 All British Car Day, Trentham Memorial Park - A fundraiser for Wellington Free Ambulance - further TBA February 25th The Mangahao Valley and 3 Dams Trip - Wellington Branch have been invited – further TBA Any enquiries to: John White Phone 06 368-3299


the print bureau 06 367 9330

Horowhenua VCC October 2017  
Horowhenua VCC October 2017