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May 2018

PO Box 458, LEVIN 14 Tiro Tiro Road, LEVIN


Tom Hayes


Colin Brooks

04 298 5458

Deputy Chair

Des St Clare

0274 191412


Winton Cleal

04 293 3369


Jackie Job

06 368 2565

Club Captain (Joint)

John White Bob Barton

06 368 3299 06 367 8216

Branch Delegate

Warren Birch

04 905 2130


Derek Ransom Pete Collins Warren MacMillan

06 368 1011 06 368 8656 06 362 6156

Custodian Groundspeople

Andrew Judd Wayne Thrower Julia MacMillan

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Spares Team

Callum Farmer Rex Williams Mike Khull Bob Barton Jeff Fox Colin Brooks Robert Cammish

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Library Archives

Peter and Bev Kelly

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Spark Editor

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Spark Distribution

Mark Gibson Bob Barton

VIC Team

Verdon Heath, Ivan Horn, Jeff Fox and Mark Morgan

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06 367 8216

Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9 00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night

We welcome one new member this month, Keith Bade from Paraparaumu Beach. We hope he enjoys his time with us. th

Some of our members were involved in the Mitsubishi Motors “Heritage Day” on 15 April. This was a day to celebrate cars that were either imported or assembled by Mitsubishi Motors and the Todd Group. As our Hillman Minx qualified, we went along for the day with around 100 other vehicles. We ended up at Southwards Car Museum, where we were given a complimentary lunch and tour of the museum and workshop. All in all a most enjoyable day. Cheryl was looking for an example of her beloved 1988 Mitsubishi V3000, which she had for 18 years before I made her sell it! She loved that car, and found only one example on this day. The Club Run for April was to our club rooms for a BBQ with the Machinery Club. 40 of our members were there, but only 4 from the Machinery Club, which was a bit of shame. However, we had a good day and chat amongst ourselves. Unfortunately I have to report that some of our members are not well at the moment. Joan Bishop is in hospital, as is Rita Benge. We send our best wishes and love to them and their families. Warren Birch has not been at all well for several months. However, he managed to make it to Club Night last week. Good to see you Warren, and keep up the good work on getting better. A group of our members are going to the Wanganui Annual Rally at Queen’s Birthday Weekend. Any of you are more than welcome to join us. Contact me or Winton, or Mark Gibson for further details. Most of us intend staying at the Grand Hotel, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there to be in the group. The more the merrier! We have a new printer now in operation in the Library, thanks to the generosity of Symonds Business Equipment and our member, Norm McBrearty. This is appreciated so much, as the old one was not functioning at all well. It will be well used, that’s for sure! Des St.Clare has organised banners for our windscreens which read Horowhenua Vintage Car Club in white on a blue ribbon. They look very smart, good to display when we are parked on rallies or such. They are $15 each. The next Club run is to Murrayfield Café, not too far out of Levin on the Shannon Road. See details in the Club Captain’s report. th

Our AGM is next on the agenda on 6 June. Please put your thinking caps on for the vacant positions, and come along to the meeting to cast your votes. We need your input and assistance!


Our mid-winter luncheon is on the 24 June at the club rooms. This is a catered meal by Raewyn’s Caterers, always a good meal. At $25 a head it is a real bargain. There will be three members receiving their 50 Year Service Badge, plus one a 60 year Service certificate. This is a first for our Club, not too many make it to this stage! Come along and witness these presentations, and have a good day out. See advert in “Spark” on how to book. We had 26 around the table for a cuppa and chat at the Working Bee last Saturday, including some visitors who were “shopping” for Spares. This is marvellous, and great to see such support. I really appreciate it, and enjoy seeing you all. See you at Murrayfield, and the AGM!!!



Roster for June 2018 Keith McCormick, Don Macdonald, Alistair MacDougall, Don McIntyre, Graeme McKenzie. If you cannot make it for either kitchen duties on club night, 6th June, or the Working Bee on Saturday 9th June (9 am till 12 noon) please let myself or Cheryl know on 04 298-5458. June Club Night (6th) is our A.G.M. Therefore, there will be no Speaker. ________________________________________________________________

………to attend the Wanganui Branch Annual Rally! A group of Horowhenua members have expressed an interest in attending the rally to be held over Queen’s Birthday weekend, June this year. We invite all those interested, to attend as a group and enjoy a weekend away. We can travel together. See Coming Events. The entry form is held by the Secretary and the Editor. Sing out and it can be forwarded to you, see the simple programme and be part of a great weekend away.

If you know you’re due a significant milestone membership badge for continuous financial membership to the Vintage Car Club, could you please see the Secretary. Winton would like to discuss the application and presentation of the badge to you. Thank you.


The 20 May run is a short one, meet at the clubrooms at 10 30 am and we’ll drive to Murrayfield for lunch. Or you could just cut straight to the café if you like, we’ll see you there at 11 00 am.

Internet Banking: Acct No: 03 0667 0269227 00 – Quote your ‘Surname’ and event ‘Mid Winter’

Please advise Bob Barton of your booking

If you were a participant on trip, then I’ll probably have a photograph of your car rounding this corner with the bush in the background. If you would like a digital copy of the picture contact the Editor via email and I can forward it to you. Ed.

Winton is in the process of establishing an up to date email contact list for the branch. This means members will be contactable more rapidly in cases of emergency, of assistance required, and perhaps last minute changes to rallies and meeting points. Collation is expected to take some time. However, please email Winton on to be included. A short email is sufficient, so he can accurately record your email address. UPDATE: Thank you for your response, a significant number of members are now included. There is still time to have your address added. Keep them coming.


THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NZ INC HOROWHENUA BRANCH Notice is hereby given: That the Annual General Meeting will be held in the Branch Clubrooms, 14 Tiro Tiro Road, Levin on Wednesday, 6 June 2018 at 7 30pm

Winton Cleal Secretary

AGENDA 1 Apologies 2 Confirm 2017 AGM Minutes 3 Matters Arising 4 Chairman’s Report 5 Treasurer’s Report 6 Appointment of Auditor 7 Election of Officers 8 General Business Election of Officers Chairman Secretary Club Captain Committee Spark Editor Librarian/Archivist

Deputy Chairman Treasurer Welfare Officer Custodian Beaded Wheels Scribe Parts Team

Nomination Form – Office Bearer for Year 2018 – 2019 I nominate ________________________________________________ For the position of __________________________________________ Proposer _________________________________________________ Seconder _________________________________________________ I accept nomination _________________________________________ Completed form to be returned to the Secretary to arrive no less than TWO clear days prior to the date of the AGM: PO Box 458, Levin.

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 2 May 2018 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Colin Brooks welcomed 58 members. VISITORS: Warwick Long. APOLOGIES: Barry Walker, Mark Dunn, Bill Laney, Denise Liddle. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/Graeme McKenzie CORRESPONDENCE: A letter from the Grand Hotel in Wanganui offering groups a special room rate. Also a new website to buy and sell cars/parts etc. 1 person wants a car for a school ball. Winton/Colin TREASURER’S REPORT: Jackie read out the amounts we have in the various bank accounts. Jackie/ Pete Collins CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: 22nd April BBQ with Machinery Club. 40 of our people turned up but only 4 of theirs. 20th May run to Murrayfield Café for lunch. 24th June mid winter lunch. See Spark for payment details. LIBRARY: A new Printer is coming, thanks to Symonds Business Equipment and Norm McBrearty. One of Bob Disher’s old cars is on the market for $420,000 after being restored by Jim Baird, Patea. SPARES: The Austin A30 which was sold at the Swap Meet went to Wanganui and is being restored for the Kidney Kids Foundation. They are looking to organise a rally from North Cape to Bluff to raise funds. GENERAL BUSINESS: On Queen’s Birthday weekend some branch members are going to Wanganui for the Annual Rally and are staying at the Grand Hotel. Everyone is welcome to join in. SPEAKER: There was no speaker but several members recounted amusing tales/experiences that they have had. The Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

BBQ with the Machinery Club, Sunday 22 April at the clubrooms. A lovely start to the day, beautiful weather and quite warm. Linda made some scones and a coffee cake. Pete and Rex did a marvellous job with the Barbie. Did you taste the onions that Pete knocked up? The best I have ever tried! I can’t give you folks the recipe, Pete said he would have to kill me if I did! However take it from me they were great!!!! We had a good turnout of over forty people on the day, unfortunately only four were from the Machinery Club. I put this down to me not contacting Rod or Stephen earlier. I do apologise for that. Not to worry though, the day went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. I would like to thank everyone who turned up and made it a great day yet again, it is really nice to see you all, and it makes it all worthwhile. Special thanks go to Pete Collins, he ran the show brilliantly. I could not have done it without him, thanks Pete. Also thanks to Rex and the rest of the merry gang of washer uppers who just turned up yet again and got stuck in. Sunday 20 May 12 midday Murrayfield Café for lunch, we will be leaving from outside the Club Rooms at 10.30am, taking a steady run to Murrayfield. This is a social event so bring your family and friends and have a nice lunch and a chat. If you decide to make your own way there, it is not a problem we will see you there. Wednesday 6 June 7.30pm the AGM. Please turn up for our annual AGM, it is important that you have your say and use your vote; it is no use complaining after the event if you do not turn up in the first place. Sunday 24 June 12 midday for 1pm sitting Midwinter Luncheon. $25 per person, you can pay by cheque/ cash/ bank draft. Please contact me or look at the details of how to pay in this month’s issue of Spark. The cost is non refundable, once I have informed the caterers of the numbers it is then set, if you don’t turn up you lose your payment and the club loses the subsidy that it provides to keep your costs down. Sunday 15 July 7pm Night Owl. Meet at the clubrooms, more information to follow next month. There could be fish and chips again folks? And finally, do not forget that John and I are standing down at the AGM. Please consider taking over the Club Captains role, it is all done until the end of the year, so you can slide into the job at a nice steady pace. That’s all for now. A ‘BIG’ thank you goes out to you all.

Bob and John Club Captains

Don McLaren and I went on the Model T run held in the Manawatu this year.

Two other branch members also attended, Andrew Heffey and Dave Collins. Dave in his 1914 brass T and Andrew in his 1915 T Tourer. I tagged along in Matilda the ‘30 A. I was a bit upset, on some of the hills Andrew with his Ruxtall diff and me in top gear, he slowly pulled away from me!

The run was 130 miles. It left Manawatu clubrooms and zig zagged its way to Apiti for a pub lunch. Then it went across and down the Pohangina Valley Road back to Palmerston North. A great run, very scenic, some metal and a few hills.

The Sunday BBQ with the machinery club saw our members out in force, only one modern in the paddock and plenty of time to look at members’ cars. About five farm machinery club members turned up for the day, however contrary to last year, there were no items on display. A very fine, social and relaxing day.

George McLean had his original Jeep there and was most interesting, explaining the difference in the Arms carried during the Pacific campaign. The Japanese for instance had small calibre Arms but long bayonets. The idea being they could carry more ammunition as it was lighter than the .303 used by the Allies. The rifles were also shorter.

See the 6mm bullet hole left in his Jeep. This was aimed at the driver but struck just in front.

Graham Cottle of the Farm Machinery Club had his 1932 Ford V8 present which his family has owned from new. It’s on the road again and in its original condition.


Mitsubishi Motors ran its inaugural Heritage Day on Sunday, 15 April. This was a free event hosted by Mitsubishi Motors, initially at Todd Park in Porirua and then later in the day at Southwards Museum in Paraparaumu. For owners of ‘well-loved’ classic vehicles from Todd Motors and Mitsubishi, they initially thought the event would be supported by about 30 vehicles - 107 vehicles registered and turned up for the days outing! All cars were marshalled onto the front lawn in Porirua and drivers ushered into the auditorium in the head office of Mitsubishi. Tea, coffee and biscuits were provided for morning tea. The atmosphere was clearly excited with all attendees busy chatting to one another. A presentation was put on and Mike Todd, who spoke, provided a detailed and extremely interesting photographic trip through Todd Motors history starting in 1902. He speaks very well and provided the occasional giggle regarding family misdemeanors in the factory and business. An auction was held at the conclusion with an assortment of bits and bobs being sold to raise money for the Wellington Free Ambulance. The oldest item being a set of standard rings for a 1948 Hillman Minx. Apparently someone found them sitting on a shelf somewhere! The auctioneer stated they would make an excellent wind chime! After, we travelled at our leisure to Southwards where Mitsubishi vehicles were parked to the right on the lawn and all others to the left. The display was varied and interesting. All attendees were invited to a free lunch in the cafeteria upstairs and a visit to the museum. An excellent day out and hosted to perfection by Mitsubishi. Entry to the restoration workshops was included. This was a topic of discussion and all were looking forward to it. However, it proved to be a little disappointing as we only saw the main workshop and very few exhibits. All other garages remained closed. I can sympathise and understand this, as I’m aware previously people have been granted access to all garages and subsequently valuable parts have gone missing. People’s Choice voting forms were handed out to entrants. I found the results interesting with First Place going to Fred Alvrez’s baby blue Sunbeam Tiger, Second to Bruce Poole’s 1930 Chrysler 77 Roadster and Third Place to Diane White’s shiny red Mitsubishi Starion! Who would believe any of these were left. Well there is one, an immaculate survivor! Horowhenua attendees were: Don and Louis McIntyre – Chrysler Valiant Mark Dunn – Plymouth Savoy Colin and Cheryl Brooks – Hillman Minx Mark Gibson – Sunbeam Alpine The Vintage Car Club was well represented with many other attendees from all over the country. The event is expected to be repeated, however not annually, further to be advised.

Ray Sanson Tom Hayes challenged ‘bike buffs’ to identify Ray’s motorcycle after this photo was published in the April edition of Spark. Hello Mark My guess is the bike is a 1929 BSA Sloper. Tank, engine, crankcase, knee pads, front wheel and mudguard fit the Sloper profile. The headlight looks as if it is off a car and the muffler does not appear to be a Sloper fishtail. I will be interested to know what others think. Let us know. Keep up the good work. Regards Ian Bade

That bike, I would guess it’s maybe a 1928-29 BSA Sloper, with a car headlight fitted. Looks like one I owned a few years back. Hope this helps Cheers, Shorty Cole. ________________________________________________________________ NEW SPHERES I.F.H.S.'' DIRECT FACTORY '' To improve the suspension, our brand spheres I.F.H.S. traditional model, combines the reliability and quality. The specifics of spheres of origin are met to OEM specifications. (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

On our web site:


Answer later in this issue of Spark

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

This all started a couple of years ago, when I decided that I needed a K model Bedford, which I have always been partial to! So one night when looking through Trademe I found one in Hastings that had been parked up in a dry shed for over 20 years. It was a runner, so bid away I did and won the auction! Off I go to get it having only seen the photos and not knowing quite what to expect. Well by hooking up a wire from the battery to the coil, because there is NO wiring at all and a makeshift fuel system, we got it started and drove it onto the trailer. It rained all the way home and do you think it would start when it was time to unload, no b+#*y way! So after flattening the new battery with the starter motor drastic measures were called for. Out came the tractor to pull it off the trailer and push it into the shed. I think some water got into the distributor because next day it fired up no problem. So this means, let’s go for a drive, who needs brakes! After a few more drives it was time to strip it down to a bare chassis and cab. No more Bedford driving for me for a few years and lots of dollars. So far this has only cost the purchase price and a trip to Hastings. Many hours of labour don’t count.

Right, the chassis which is 99.5% rust free is ready to go to the sand blaster. All the brake wheel cylinders and master cylinder are packed up in a labelled box to be sent by courier to Christchurch for their rebuild with stainless sleeves. Half the cab has been stripped back to bare metal and primed. I’ve even found a NOS wiring loom in the UK. Bugger me! There is a 1952 K Bedford, the one on the front cover that has been completely restored in Inglewood, Taranaki for sale on Trademe. It’s with a new WoF and Rego. Umm, what do I do? Well by this time I have learnt that things like front wheel bearings are like rocking horse poo to find and mega bucks! When you can find them along with a whole list of other parts? Also, I’m not a “know it all” when it comes to restoring a truck that is almost old enough to be my father. It wasn’t a real hard decision to cut my losses and buy a truck which I could use without having to wait years and lose heaps of skin off my knuckles or learn how to say shit, damn and blast or even worse in several languages. This time I went on a road trip to look first and buy second! I should have done that with the first truck. This truck had not done any real long runs since it was restored, so I decided to trailer it home. In hindsight I could have and should have driven it back to Levin because it came with most of a spare truck, cab, guards, motor and gearbox, front end, diff, everything really apart from the chassis that was all stacked on the back. It gave my Ranger ute quite a good workout on the way home. It was way over my legal towing weight limit.

Bedford under way at the start of the 2017 Tararua Trundle

Footnote! YES, I know that it is an M model

diff in the truck and the K model has a single wheel diff!! There is one in the shed should I ever decide to change it back to original.



This year the rally was held in Blenheim, the three “Foxton Hogs” arrived at the Interislander with plenty of time to spare. The wind just cut through you, bitterly cold it was and just as well we were all suited up. Just before boarding, a light check… no blo@#%$y lights. The battery I was assured was good when given to me showed a full charge the morning on the charger. Too late to do anything about it so we settled down for a fairly smooth crossing. We arrived just on dark, so it was a race (if you can call it that) to Blenheim. Steve in front with the only head light, Alan on the Indian with push bike lights in the middle and me follows up with tail lights only. We were like teenagers all over again, watching out for cops, getting ready with all the excuses, dodging pot holes and dead possums. We arrived all hyped up just in time for dinner, those sausages tasted sooo good, so after a chat it was off to the bunk room. Our accommodation was at the Top Ten park and very good it was, clean and warm. Quiet and practicable, I can highly recommend it. The following morning after a good breaky we were off. A short jaunt around the back of town then out to Taylor Pass Road. The road was good with metal in the middle section, which the sidecar handled very well, you could drift it from corner to corner and two fords to cross just to keep you on your toes. It was then on to Seddon to look at Ron Hebberd’s private collection and other items. Very interesting. Then it was a ride back to Blenheim for lunch at Pollard Park, where a lovely packed lunch was provided and the judging was carried out. After lunch it was off to the Omaka Aviation Centre, where we all visited the car museum, followed by a tour of the hangars which had been arranged. All very interesting. With time to spare before dinner and the AGM, some riders went on a tiki tour, others had a quick nap or coffee. Dinner that night was at Dobson Street Garden, which was excellent with plenty to eat. Sunday, we managed to get on the earlier sailing, where we all filled up on chips, pies, chocolate, coffee etc. All the good stuff, then it was off up the hill back to Foxton. My bike pulling the side car used $12.40 in petrol from Petone to Blenheim, the run included, and $11.01 from Blenheim to Otaki, which is pretty good for an old girl. The hills just kill the speed, so a repower is planned in the future. Alan’s Indian was trouble free and Steve’s Ariel was as reliable as always. Next year we are all off to Gisborne, so plenty of saving and planning ahead. Thanks to Mac and the crew for a great rally.


2018 Ted Green Memorial Motorcycle Rally Sunday, 8 April 2018 The day dawned clear and bright. A muster of 17 bikes turned out for the event, 9 of them BSA’s. The Horowhenua Branch was represented by six entrants. A member of the public came into the branch while we were registering entrants and wanted to join there and then, as he had been passing and seen the line-up of bikes! An interesting and sometimes challenging course was set. This year the rally scoring was set around silent checks and challenging questions. There were 9 in all. Each year we have different methods of scoring, just to make it varied and interesting! The half-way point was marked with a very tasty ‘sausage sizzle’ organised and carried out by our own Pete Collins. Well done Pete! Thank you. The ride itself rode north through Koputoroa to Queen Street East, Tararua Road, Manakau South Road and Waitohou Valley Road. Then Ringawhati Road exiting in Otaki, up Otaki Forks Road to the Tararua Forest Park for the halfway point, our mid morning stop. The return journey was a somewhat convoluted return, through Otaki Beach, back to State Highway 1 and onwards. A stop at Manakau Cemetery was included. The challenge here was to find Row ‘E’, Plot 6 and record the middle name and date of birth of the inhabitant namely a certain Mr ‘Ted’ Green!

The ride ended back at the clubrooms for lunch and prize giving. This year the committee decided against presenting badges, instead will be awarding certificates to the entrants and winners. They will post these out. Although, in general motorcyclists are not of a competitive nature when it comes to these kinds of competitions, some commendable efforts were made. One entrant completed the event with a 100 percent score! Thanks for the assistance in running this event needs to go to the following folk. These are Bob Barton, Chris Clarke, Derek Ransom, Don McIntyre, Pete and Bev Kelly, Rex Williams, Keith Staples and Pete Collins. There are one or two others who also assisted on the day. My personal thanks go to the Horowhenua Branch members who entered on the day.

Results: Vintage: Post War: Post 1960: Post 1980: Hard luck:

Don MacDonald the solitary entrant on his Norton Basil and Bev Gowenlock (BSA) Warwick Laing (Norton) John Viner (Honda) Damian Geris (BSA)

Overall for the ‘Ted Green’ Plate: Basil and Bev Gowenlock (BSA) Again there were no Matchless, or AJS entrants, sadly we were unable to award the Tony Wallace Memorial Trophy.


Mid morning stop at Tararua Forest Park-Otaki Gorge

Photo – Ashley Blair

Photo – Ashley Blair

Initial contact:

Simon O’Hara Anniversary Committee

MID-WINTER ‘BIG DAY OUT’ – 23rd June 2018 There are three club activities to look forward to on Saturday 23rd June. Hopefully you can join in on all three, but if not just choose the one or the two that you are able to participate in and take the opportunity to have an enjoyable day out with fellow club members. All three events are at / leave from and return to the Manawatu Branch VCC clubrooms (The Grove) 684 Kelvin Grove Road, Palmerston North. Mid-Winter Wander – The first event of the day is an easy afternoon run to a country Café for afternoon tea. If you are wishing to give your Vintage Car an airing and you are not feeling up to the 1½ > 1¾ hour Night Trial then this ‘Wander’ is definitely for you. The format of this outing is based on the end of month outings and is an approx. 45 mile (70 km) run on easy sealed roads to a café – then an approx. 25 mile (45 km) run back to the clubrooms / Palmerston North. Meet at the clubrooms for a 1.00 pm briefing. Just turn up on the day (there is no entry form, no entry fee or prior notification of attendance required). Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner – The catered meal which was prepared by Creative Catering for the Branch Christmas Party in December was very much enjoyed by those who participated. As a result a Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner - again with Creative Catering preparing a catered meal, has been arranged for Saturday 23rd June. -

The venue is the Manawatu Branch VCC clubrooms and the meal will be served at 5.00 pm.


The cost of the meal is $25.00 per person. BYO drinks.


R.S.V.P. and payment for this event is required by Thursday 14th June.

Use the form which is included in this Tourer or contact Bryan Abraham – 06 358 4014 - or email to confirm your attendance. Night Trial – The last event for the day is the Night Trial. The total distance for the night trial is approx. 47 miles (75 kms) – of which approx. 7 miles (11 kms) is on unsealed roads. The unsealed roads are of a good surface and are suitable for a ‘modern’ car if you prefer to not tackle the night trial in your vintage. The briefing for night trial will commence at approx. 6.45 pm - after the Mid-Winter Dinner, and the short rally can be either competitive or not for those who participate in their vintage vehicle. It will be a non-competitive entry for ‘moderns’. There will be no photographic clues on this rally nor is there any straight line navigation and the instructions will be easy to follow. But this is a night trial so don’t overlook bringing a torch – especially if you are intending to be competitive.

Night Trial Entry Form Options : 

Complete the form that is in this Tourer and mail / email it to the address on the form.

Alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details that are requested on the form included in the email text.

Night Trial Payment Options : 

Send a cheque in the post with your entry form or Pay on the Day (Night Trial only).

Email the Night Trial Organiser (email : ) requesting account details so that you can pay by internet banking.

Entries for the Night Trial close Thursday 14th June 2018. Rally Plaques may not be available in time for the event for any entries received after this date.

Mid-Winter ‘BIG DAY OUT’ The entry form and the above promotional information are held by the Editor and Bryan Abraham. Please contact either of us for the documents and they can be forwarded via email.

The Secretary and Spark Editor also have the entry forms and rally information. Sing out and it can be emailed should you require it.


We love to have members using the library for many reasons including borrowing the books and manuals. Just a reminder for all of our members; once you have decided you need to borrow a book or manual, you need to 'sign it out' in the Borrower's Book. Ask the librarians for help. We suggest you borrow the book/manual for one month. Borrow on club night, bring it back the next club night. That way should help you remember to return the book/manual. We would love to find more of you borrowing the 'coffee table' books because they would be a great relaxing read on a cold, wet winter's day, especially when you need 'time-out' away from your new project. We thank the folk who continue to supply 6�x4� size photos of their vehicles for us to frame and display on the two boards in the clubrooms. We ask you to tell us if you sell or otherwise dispose of your vehicle so we can retire your photo from the board and place it in the scrapbook in the Archive so we retain a record of vehicles that have represented the Horowhenua Branch of the VCC of NZ. Please support your new librarians Don McLaren and Pauline St Clare as they settle into their new roles. Peter and I have always appreciated your support as we strove to create your library from your many donations of books, manuals and magazines and we thank you.

Bev and Peter Kelly Librarians and Archivists

I would like to start this report with an apology; I reported last month that the Austin A30 was going to Wellington. This was a mistake on my part. With more details coming to hand this month, it was actually purchased on behalf of the Kidney Foundation in Wanganui, they are planning to finish off the restoration, and use it as their Charity Car. There is a rally being planned, so we will be seeing more of this car in the future. Last month’s working bee was back to normal after a busy March. A complete 1929 Essex motor, diff and front axle came into spares, they were quickly purchased and picked up on ANZAC Day by a Horowhenua Member. Last weekend we opened up for the Horowhenua Farm Machinery Club Members; however sales were slow as only two of their members turned up. Safe travelling everyone.


WANTED Any Ariel 500 head parts, valves, guides, springs etc. I have a bare head that I am setting up. Phone Shorty 06 3636795 1952 Sunbeam Talbot, 2 door convertible, 90% restored only needs carpet and hood, drivable, no WoF or Reg. Been off the road since 1989, offers around $12,000. Tel 06 7584244.

For Sale: Ladies vintage clothing, some authentic and some replica. A little Mens included. Also accessories. Of 1920’s style suitable for vintage rallying. All contained in a vintage leatherette trunk with straps. Phone and discuss price. Contact Alison Milner phone 06 5689824. FOR SALE: One Wolseley 6/90. One Wolseley 4/44. Both are in very good condition. The 6/90 requires some mechanical work. For details, please contact Winton 04 2933369.

‘Urgent Sale – Must Make More Room’ Engines and Cars For Sale BMC A Series 1000cc, 1100cc, 1300cc – BMC B Series 1800cc. These engines are ex Morris Marinas. North South engines. Morris Minor 1000cc engine and gearbox complete. Engine and box run okay. Morris 1300 Engine, complete with gearbox, radiator ex front wheel drive car. 2 x 1100cc engines complete. 4 x 1100cc engines, no heads. 2 x 1800 engines complete. All engines have SU carburetors. Boxes and boxes of spares galore. 1 x 1956 Split Window Morris Minor, 2 x Morris 1000 cars, 2 x A40 Farina cars all with many spare windscreens, side windows etc. Make an offer for the lot or whatever. I live at Foxton Beach. The cars and engines are in Ohakea. Phone Ross Caske on 06 3635731 if interested.

1929 Buick 6 Partly Restored. Upholstery done. Lots of spares. Offers. Contact Katrina Avison (owner) in Nelson 027 5394198 or contact Graham Lawton 04 9023622


1936 Austin Ruby brake shoes and Austin Big 7 or Any parts for a 1952 Commer Austin 8 3 stud pressed Karrier. All parts considered, steel wheels. Contact Barry more particularly after front Walker; 027 3487661

guards. Help appreciated. Contact: Don McLaren Phone: 021 1172418

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 Visit to Phil and Coral Kidd’s home, 81 Mangaroa Valley Road, Mangaroa, Upper Hutt. Phil will show and talk about his restoration work on his 1923 Essex 4 cylinder Speedster. This car is a replica of the car built for Mr R B Jackson who was the President of the Hudson Motor Company. 11 45am Meet for lunch at the Fig Tree Café, 386 Ferguson Drive, Upper Hutt. They have cabinet food and meals. Plenty of choice. 1 30pm Leave for Phil and Coral’s home. Instructions will be available. If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday, 27 May 2018 E-Mail: Phone (04) 234-1262 or John on 027-4524326 Directions: Travelling from the south on State Highway 2, turn off to the right at the lights and sign to Silverstream (Ferguson Drive). 386 Ferguson Drive is approximately 3 km along Ferguson Drive and the café is on the right. Travelling from the north, come over the Haywards on to State Highway 2. Turn off as above.



A short run followed by lunch at Murrayfield Café. Start at the clubrooms 10 30 am or go straight to the café for 11 00 am. rd June 3 Wanganui Annual Rally. Note correct date. Not 6th. th June 6 Horowhenua AGM and Club Night th June 24 Mid Winter Luncheon at the clubrooms. A delicious catered meal put on by Raewyn’s Caterers. Arrive midday to be seated at 1 pm. Cost $25. See this issue. th July 4 Horowhenua Club Night th July 15 Night Owl Rally August 1st Horowhenua Club Night th August 12 Run to Coach House Museum, Fielding th August 26 VCCNZ National Day – Daffodil Rally. Support for Daffodil Day and the Cancer Society. TBA. th September 5 Horowhenua Club Night th September 16 Visit NZ Police Museum, RNZPC, Porirua October 6th Manawatu Branch Swap Meet - Manfeild Park Feilding Sellers ($20) from 7 am, Public ($10) from 9 am th October 14 Run to Southwards Car Museum and lunch in the café th November 18 Tararua Trundle th December 9 Horowhenua Branch Christmas Party March 3rd Transmission Gully Motor Show. Held at Battle Hill Farm by the Plimmerton Rotary Club. Any enquiries to: John White Phone 06 368-3299


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Horowhenua VCC May 2018  
Horowhenua VCC May 2018