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December 2017

Overall Winners of the Tararua Trundle Jeff Fox and Grant Prankered.

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Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9.00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night

This is the last “Chat” for 2017. Where has the year gone? We have had a busy year in all departments: Library, Spares, Club Captain’s th runs, and of course our 40 Anniversary. I have been very happy to see our newer members getting involved in Club activities, in all departments. It’s great to have you all on board. The “Tararua Trundle” was very well run, with many of us traveling roads we didn’t know were even there! Thanks Bob and John, for a most enjoyable day. This month’s Speaker, John Hanns, Chief Superintendent from the London CIB, gave us a look into the determination and detail involved when trying to solve a murder. A most interesting talk, with pictures to illustrate as well. Recently, members Warwick and Murray Doreen lost their mother, Carol. Also, older members will remember Des Mead, who recently lost his wife, Shirley. Our thoughts and sympathy are with those families. Our Librarian Bev showed us the coming year’s Levin promotional Calendar with the picture for August being our Club cars and the Cancer Society raising money for Daffodil Day. A great ad (for free!) for our Club! Also I was glad to see that National Head Office has decided to put together a “Membership Pack” for prospective new members. Our Club Librarian has been putting these packs together for the last six years, and it does help to interest people to join our Club. From now on our Treasurer, Jackie Job will be taking online banking bookings for coming events. Further details are in “Spark.” Our Club Delegate, Warren Birch has not been having good health, and has been in hospital for about a month. He is back home now and making a slow recovery. Best wishes, Warren. We have in the Library the key-ring CPR glove and mouth guard packs at only $12. Put one in your car glove-box to “be prepared!” It might save a life. The Club Christmas Lunch went very well, although Father Christmas seemed to have shrunk since last year! I’m sure he was a lot shorter. Members enjoyed a good meal, and received some quirky $5 presents! 3 cars entered the “Restoration of the Year”, with the winner being Rex Williams for his Sunbeam Rapier. Well done, Rex! Four of our members joined into the Levin Christmas Parade, which clashed with our Lunch once again! So from Cheryl and myself, I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas. Don’t eat or drink too much (Yeah, right!) and we’ll see you next year!


Roster for February 2018 Murray Horn, Elvery Hunt, Bill Isles, Bruce Jacob, Andrew Judd. If you cannot make it for either kitchen duties on Club Night, 7th February, or the Working Bee on Saturday, 10th February (9 am till 12 noon) please let myself or Cheryl know on 04 298-5458.

Introducing our latest new bod, Don McLaren. Don is Shona Nightingale’s brother, Peter’s brother-in-law. Don has a background of 20 years in the apple juice industry, plus as a mechanic. Also a stint as a Corrections Officer - just what our club needs, a bit of law and order! Don is currently assisting Peter on his numerous projects and is the proud owner of a ’55 Commer Karrier truck. Welcome aboard Don, we will have the pleasure of seeing you on some of our outings. Cheers, John W

We are getting an excellent response to the use of internet banking and the use of the club bank account. Payments for the Tararua Trundle and Christmas Dinner have rolled in and the system is working well. It makes the job so much easier all round. So ‘thank you’ from me. Remember to use your surname and the name of the event.

The following article is an interesting read. I can only publish the first of the four page article in Spark. There is an opinion piece later in it from a fella where he gives the VCC a bit of a knock with some incorrect facts. Worth a read, contact the Editor or your Secretary, we each have the complete document and can email it. Ed.

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Shirley Mead. Des and Shirley moved to Ohau with family from Wellington in 1998 and purchased a farm towards the beach. Des and his son purchased the Ohau Garage. As a family they were all very involved in local affairs. Some years back Des and Shirley decided they would enjoy the Vintage Car Club so purchased their Dodge from Timaru and enjoyed our branch activities. Shirley kept a beautiful home and garden. She died at 90 years of age from a sudden illness. A wonderful, friendly person who will be sadly missed. Peter D Nightingale

The Mead Dodge is present at Shirley’s funeral, held on Tuesday 28 November at their home.

________________________________________________________________ Supercheap were approached prior to the Tararua Trundle regarding sponsorship for prizes. The Manager, John, has been exceptionally generous and provided suitable items which will assist with future Trundles too. We thank you very much Supercheap.

This December issue is a wee bit of an experiment. While you may not notice too much variance in this printed newsletter, the shading in the black and white copy may be slightly darker than usual. Go online to the Vintage Car Club website, to News from our Branches and there you will find the Newsletters from other branches. Look up „Spark‟ and see what you think about how this is published online. I am very interested to hear what your thoughts are? A work in progress. Ed

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 6th DECEMBER 2017 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Colin Brooks welcomed 52 members APOLOGIES: Warren Birch, Mark Dunn, Bruce Scott, Barry Walker, Mark Gibson, Shirley and Hec Newton, Bob Barton, Derek Ransom, Barry Cardiff, Mick Peryer, Murray Doreen. VISITORS: John and Pauline Hann BEREAVEMENT: A minute’s silence was called for the passing of members Warwick and Murray Doreen’s mother. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/Wayne Thrower. CORRESPONDENCE: Winton read out a message from the National President regarding the International Rally. Also an email regarding the Manawatu Veteran Rally now being on 4th Feb 2018. Winton/Colin TREASURER’S REPORT: Note internet Banking working very well. Jackie Job /Pete Collins CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: The Tararua Trundle went very well with 25 cars and 50 people taking part. Super Cheap Autos supplied a lot of product for prizes, enough for future events. The council were meant to open the toilets at Tokomaru Hall but failed to do so. In future a certificate will be given out instead of a badge. 53 people have booked for the Xmas lunch. If people turn up on the day and have not booked or paid then they will be turned away. Working bee on Saturday to set up tables. Club Captains resigning at the next AGM. Feb 11 British Car Day at Trentham. Feb 25 Three Dams visit. March 17 Our Swapmeet LIBRARY: Wanganui Branch entry forms for Burma rally. Need more photos of your cars to put up on club wall. Levin calendar for 2018 has VCC Cancer event date printed in it. SPARES: Clean up of spares. Hudson body might be sold. Spares closed till the third week in January. Spares reluctant to open over the Holiday period. SPEAKER: Retired Kent Chief Inspector John Hann gave a power point presentation on how he solved a murder. Meeting closed at 9 pm.

A great Tararua Trundle, I have been told that it has been one of the best runs in a long time. Twenty five vehicles and over 50 people turned out on a nice sunny day to meander down lanes that a few locals had never been down and a stop at a lovely cafe in Shannon for lunch as well. Instead of badges for the competitors that turned up we have decided to obtain certificates for the competitions that we are now doing and they will be sent out to all who have entered as soon as we receive them. Thank you to all who turned out and made it, yet again, another great success. You will no doubt be reading this with your Christmas meal, if you did not book it you will not be eating it. We booked for 55 people and I hope we got that many, a very slow start yet again and because the club heavily subsidises the meal we have had to give a number to the caterers that we had to make firm. It was the first 55 and that was it. I hope you all enjoyed it. John and I would like to wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We will be handing over the reins to new Club Captain/s at the next AGM in June. We already have next year’s runs provisionally complete so it should not be a problem for whoever takes over. Sunday, 11 February - British Car Day at Trentham - We will hope to have the gazebo there and also tea/coffee etc. Meet at Trentham (Upper Hutt). Sunday, 18 February - Shannon Car Show - Meet outside the club rooms at 8 am or drive straight to Shannon where John will be awaiting you. Sunday, 25 February - Mangahao Dams Shannon - Meet at 9 45 am outside the club rooms and travel in convoy to the power station - northern members, 1030 am at the power station. It will be a very interesting day with lots to see and do. Toilets provided, bring your lunch. Unsealed road to the dams. See information later in Spark. Saturday, 17 March - Swap Meet - DON'T FORGET IT’S THE SWAP MEET, get your names to Pete Collins so you can help. Safe driving folks.

Bob and John Club Captains

Veteran Vintage Post Vintage Post War Post 60 Hard Luck Trophy

Dave Collins Jeff Fox Phillip Janes Mike Khull Mark Gibson Peter Roe

1914 Model T 1930 Model A Roadster 1933 Morris Oxford 1957 MGA Coupe 1964 Sunbeam Alpine 1966 Mercedes 220SE

Peter had a technical issue but managed eventually to sort it out and finish the run.

Peter, wasn’t there a problem the other year too? Is the common denominator ‘Gerry’ built?

The Tararua Trundle began with the weather providing an almost perfect day, hot and sunny. We started at the clubrooms with a 10 am briefing and instructions. Pauline and I went along just for the day’s outing and to make up the numbers. As Pauline is not a good navigator we weren’t interested in taking the rally to seriously and arranged with Warren and Julia McMillan that we would follow them and just have a fun day, which is exactly what we did! This is the longest trip we have done in our series E Morris and we were very pleased with it’s performance. This has given us the encouragement and the pleasure to take the car further in the future. There were 25 cars entered in the trundle.

We left the club rooms just after 10 30 am and headed north along roads that I had never heard of or knew that they existed. We enjoyed playing follow the leader and even saw the funny side of the fact our leader had missed a turn and for 20 minutes or so we were going the wrong way! However, this was easily remedied once we noticed most of the other cars going in the opposite direction.

Now lads if you get lost don't blame me!!

So now that we are heading the right way our next stop is to use the toilets at the Tokomaru Hall. This of course was to Pauline’s delight. However, on reaching the hall, it was all locked up and there was no sign of any toilets! This wasn’t a problem for me, but most embarrassing for Pauline who had to squat in the long grass beside the hall. Of course as soon as she got started, I called out ‘quick here come some more cars’. Well I thought it was funny! Pauline is talking to me again now. Until she reads this, married life is not too bad. So we are now heading to Shannon for our lunch break and when we get there Andrew has opened the funeral hall and provided proper toilets and parking for anyone who wasn’t interested in the long grass. The lunch stop café was just across the road from the parlor and everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal and enjoyable laugh about the day’s fun. After lunch we headed off again. Our next stop would be back at the club rooms which was much to my delight as I know where it is, even if I don’t follow the designated instructions, I won’t get lost. Pauline is reading the instruction sheet on the way back and asks me about all the clues we needed to fill in. So I guess at most of them, this probably helps explain why my score for the trip was minus 40 out of 50 or something like that. We all enjoyed tea and coffee at the club rooms where prizes etc were awarded. Dave Collins won the vintage class with his immaculately presented Ford T despite the fact that during the trip the fan had come loose and miraculously didn’t damage the radiator. The next prize went to Phil with his 1933 Morris Oxford. Of course I came last! It was a great day, very well organised by Bob and John and I applaud them for the hours that it must have taken them to work out the route and questions. Overall a great day was had by everyone with an excellent number of entrants. If you didn’t participate you missed an excellent day.

A very brave man!

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

The Mangahao Valley and February 2018 Horowhenua Branch Monthly Run An invitation is extended to Wellington Branch After our successful similar run in 2012, Wellington Branch expressed an interest about a week afterwards. A promise was made to include them on a future occasion. This is a day trip to the Mangahao Hydro Power Station, museum and dams in the hills behind Shannon. Winter of 2016 caused delays in maintenance on the dams. Staff at the power station are unable to firmly commit to assisting with a visit at this point due to work commitments. Every effort will be made to attempt to allow VCC members into the power station. Regardless the run will go ahead. BYO lunch with tea and coffee supplied at the Hokonui Bush Club lodge situated at the top dam. This is a run that will go ahead rain, hail and snow. All weather conditions the Tararuas can turn up make each trip spectacular and interesting. The lodge is fully appointed; more importantly it has a modern inside toilet, electricity and a lovely fireplace. Should the weather be inclement you will be warm and comfortable.

Date: Meet: Time: Bring: Cost: Venue:

Sunday, 25 February 2018 Horowhenua Club Rooms 14 Tiro Tiro Rd Levin 9 45 am Depart: 10 00 am BYO Lunch, Coat, Warm Clothes and Suitable Shoes There are no costs Power Station/Museum at 10 30 am

Wellington Branch Members - Your contact is Diane White

I’ve been going into the Mangahao Valley for a little over 16 years now. I am a member of the Hokonui Bush Club Inc, a private club who have a lease over an old house built around 1920. It was built to house management staff building the dams. It is one of only two surviving examples. This is now referred to as a hut, is fully appointed with electricity, toilet, shower, bath etc. This is an ideal location to relax and get away from the stresses of work. I suppose you could say we have restored it as best as possible as funds have allowed. No tramping is required to access the hut. Access to the valley is on the original metal road built to transport materials and staff. It is a 10½ mile trip from the power station through regenerating native bush to the top dam. Our hut is a short walk of no difficulty from the top dam. We are just off the road. Recent repairs to the road have kept its surface to a good standard. There are a few spots where low cars just need to go slow. Very low cars probably might like to avoid this, however if you’re keen, go for it. I regularly travel up in my old Toyota Corolla 1300. The road is usable in all weather. There are no fords. Walking on all three dams is encouraged and quite safe. Considering construction started almost 100 years ago, these old beauties are still functioning as intended. There is plenty of parking at the top dam. Your instructions will provide several period photographs. It is of particular interest to see how time has changed and covered human impact on the valley. Weather conditions through 2016 have prevented maintenance to the upstream face of the top dam. It is likely to be empty with maintenance crews and machinery working. Dam management are well aware of our visit. Should you have any concerns please contact me, via email or phone. Mark Gibson – – 021 190 9844 Horowhenua Branch

Whatâ€&#x;s been happening in the sheds? I called in to Mark Morganâ€&#x;s workshop last week and had a good chat and a look at his 1933 Chev pickup. There has been great progress and the truck is at the running chassis stage of restoration. Mark has rebuilt a Buick motor for a Taranaki member in exchange for the woodwork, so it seems that it soon will be on its way.

Don McLaren is also making progress having found spring parts in ours, Palmerston North and Blenheim Spares. Both rear springs and shackles were badly rusted. After sand blasting they could be seen, so time spent with a big hammer and anvil soon retentioned and set the bits. After reassembly they‟re like new. Using rethreaded U bolts, rebushed eyes and refitted on the chassis it‟s just like new. Don said it was a learning curve, but that‟s what it‟s all about. Brakes and some rust repairs to the diff and fit a new seal then that part is all done. A handy hint, we also found that a hot water cylinder spanner fits the large lock nuts on the axle tubes! Weka

by Mark Gibson Sunday, 5 November 2017 saw the Wairarapa Branch hold their new event called the Wairarapa Stretched Gymkhana. Touted to be inspired by other branches ‘off tarmac’ events, they were to hold the first annual event, opened up to other branches to attend. This took my fancy, similarly it interested Barry Walker too! We discussed it briefly and decided to attend. After all the Wairarapa has an excellent reputation for organising rallies. The write up in the October Spark made the whole event sound very interesting and thought through. Barry has done this sort of stuff before, I had never participated in any similar events, yet was envious of those who had after reading Beaded Wheels’ accounts. We were looking forward to the ‘Stretched Gymkhana’, whatever that was? Barry’s not silly, he was thinking well ahead and purchased another set of rims and tyres for the Rambler. A set of wheels should they get damaged, could be removed and his white walls returned to keep the AMC looking smart. I was concerned about mud and water obstacles. I was to take the Sunbeam Alpine and that’s considerably lower. Leading to the day, the week before had been terribly wet and as you do, the talk created more concern. However, the latter part of the week was fine and windy which dried the paddocks involved. My fears were unrealised. The water feature was canned over concerns by horsey people we would pollute it. The Wairarapa Branch used the grounds next door to their club rooms, these were the gymkhana eventing grounds for the local pony club. All their obstacles and jumps remained in place and became just that for us. Yeah, yeah we went round not over! Paul Furkert and his organising team put together a course that was approximately a mile in length. It wove in and around much of the pony club’s course and through four separate paddocks! So gates had to be negotiated in addition to their stick mounted arrows, mounds of soil, ruts and tall grass! This was great fun.

We arrived early to attend the driver’s briefing and were joined by Doug Curtis in his ‘45 Chevrolet pickup. To our surprise we found the Scott family was present in full force with support from grandparents through to grand kids. An excellent turn out! They were well equipped with covered trailers, mobile workshops and deck chairs! The T Raceabouts were all lined up polished and looking grand in the sunshine. Ivan Horn was also there with his lovely lady friend who also was a separate competitor on his T Ford too! The Scott’s used the same principle with multiple drivers using the same vehicle, a very good idea. A well prepared briefing was informal and covered everything this rookie was thinking needed to be answered. Following this we travelled in slow procession behind Paul in his beautiful ’49 Landie to have a familiarisation run. An excellent idea as the course covered considerable distance and an intricate route. Not that this stuck in my head! Altogether there were 27 participants in vehicles ranging from ‘14 and ’15 Ford T Raceabouts, ’22 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (no bull – for real), a ’52 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley, a ’29 Chev boat tailed special powered by an 8 cylinder Buick and several Minis, one a genuine Cooper! There was also a Hillman Hunter, a BMW 2002 and believe it or not, a Subaru Brumby! This was very competitive. As it turned out, this vehicle is owned by Horowhenua member Basil Sharpe now in Dannevirke, with his son Troy. An exceptional representation from our branch! The event was run in a very relaxed fashion with everyone taking a turn in no particular order until all had three runs through. Each run was timed and your best time was taken to be your target. Each following run meant you had to achieve a time the same, or very close to, to pass to the next round. The 16 best drivers meant they progressed through to the next round. Following that, eight best close times made it through to the following elimination round. Four made it to the semi final, this was reduced to two outstanding performers in the final. This was battled out between a ’34 Austin 7 Special and ’30 Plymouth Sedan would you believe. Neither car really would be considered competitive with one another, but shows that the competition was really with yourself. This is an exceptionally sound concept as there was never any need to drive silly to achieve a better time! As it transpired both finalists drove so well, there was no appreciable difference in their times. They then ran again as this was considered a draw, finally producing a first and second place getter both from the Wairarapa Branch. The winner being the ’34 A7 Special maintaining exactly the same times until the ’30 Plymouth driver increased his time by a single second putting himself into the runner up position! Outstanding performance by both men! Interestingly, the Plymouth sedan ran several times, the full course on 3 cylinders, yet still achieved an impressive second place! A brilliant effort on behalf of both competitors.

The event was well run and I believe, professional with an informal air. The concept was exceptional as no one ‘raced’ one another, they competed against themselves attempting to gain consistent times, which in turn encouraged all to drive safely and not go stupid. Well there were a couple that pushed the limits, there always is! Myself included! In the tall grass in an open paddock on my first run I exceeded my own common sense! Sunbeam Alpines can achieve neat little crop circles while standing in one spot! Completely disoriented I was now looking at three closed gates in a fence line. I knew my next gate had been left open, but I couldn’t see the damn thing! Watching my back was Ivan Horn on the other side of the fence in the previous paddock. He, seeing my predicament bolted the fence and sat alongside me in the passenger seat and navigated the rest of the course. Thanks Ivan. Barry’s Rambler started going through one gate sideways, a little finesse on his behalf corrected the car and the rear quarter chopping strainer post only removed the polish from the paint! The video camera going at the time will require some audio editing! An over exuberant young fella in a Mini rearranged the driver’s door while backing into the finishing slot. If he cut a couple of parallel slots in the panel at the leading edge of the ding it would’ve looked like it was supposed to be there! The competition encouraged one driver of a modern car to choose a constant speed using his speedo to attain a similar time. Not really within the spirit of the event! Only trouble was, it was too slow and a fiercely competitive Ivan Horn had to overtake in the Raceabout near the finish to maintain his time. Trying to squeeze two cars into the finish box was a challenge. No harm done.

The Gymkhana is said to have had some detractors. Whereby concerns regarding safety to persons and property is an admirable and natural concern, I believe the organisation team involved in this event, particularly Paul Furkert did an exceptional job and addressed these concerns. At no time were the competitors put at risk during the event. For that matter competitors who became spectators when not on the course were never at risk of injury. The finish, which you might think would encourage drivers to go fast couldn’t, as the finish involved stopping, reversing and placing the car into a coned ‘box’ representing a garage within a confined area. Overall an exceptional day out, enjoyed by everyone, gauged by smiles, compliments and enthusiasm throughout the day. There are some very keen Horowhenua members wanting to participate next year. I foresee a problem! The places were restricted to 32 participants and this event will become so popular, therefore difficult to attend.

As we go to print we learn of two significant birthdays, Callum Farmer turns 40 and Rex Williams 70 years young! “Once upon a time you must‟ve been a beautiful baby” Thankfully none of us wish to see you in your birthday suit now! Best wishes to you both.

Answer later in this issue of Spark

: Owlcatraz Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2017 12:33 PM Cc: Subject: "Supercheap Auto" Spectacular Car Show Hi everyone, hopefully you’ve already seen or heard that it’s on again SUNDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2018 at Shannon Domain from 10am although gates will be open from around 8am. That is the “Supercheap Auto” Spectacular Car Show. Last year there were over 500 vehicles on site and we’d love to see them all again. We are open to any particular make, model or variety of vehicle so just come along. It is our annual community fundraiser so just $2 per person please to your hosts Shannon Progressive Association. Stall holders $50 per site or Car boot sales $10 each. Phone to book stalls or car boot and pay at the gate please. Spread the word and see you there. As usual there’s a great raffle and prizes on the day all sponsored by our local Supercheap Auto Team. Kind Regards Janette Campbell Secretary Shannon Progressive Association Ph 06 3627872 or 0272533955


MID MONTH MEANDER – 9th December 2017 Promoted in the November Tourer as Sunday 10th December – I have since realised that I arranged this mid-month meander to ‘Flowers with Flair’ in Colyton clashing with the Feilding Christmas Parade which a number of our branch members enter their vintage cars into. I have been able to change the date of the meander to now be the day before - Saturday 9th December. Meet at 1.00 pm at the Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth) on Saturday 9th December. ‘Flowers with Flair’ is a small business run by Julie O’Connor who uses imported silk flowers to create flower arrangements for Special Occasions ; Memorials and Gravesides ; Home & Office Décor ; Wedding Flowers ; Horseshoes & Garters ; Christmas Arrangements etc. While you may have seen Julies’ stall at a local market, Fete, or Expo, this run will let you look at the Floral Studio at her home and give you the opportunity to talk to her about her business and the goods that she makes and sells. The visit will probably only take half an hour so there will be time to take a 12 km run afterwards to the Herb Farm (or an 18 km to County Fayre in Pohangina) - for a tea or coffee.

SATURDAY RUN – 30th December 2017 For the last ‘Café run’ for the year meet at 1.00 pm on Saturday 30th December at the Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth) for a leisurely and fairly short (20 mile / 35 km) run on easy roads to a Café for afternoon tea and a chit-chat. RUAHINE RAMBLE – 3rd March 2018 Planning for the 2018 Ruahine Ramble is well under way with the route now set and the first check having been completed. With the Saddle Road having busied up through being the main route to the Wairarapa the decision has been taken to not subject entrants to crossing the ranges. Also considered was that not having the gorge as a ‘flat road’ alternative (which was used by some of the entrants in the 2017 Ramble to Ormondville), could preclude some lower powered vehicles from participating in the Ramble. The 2018 Ramble will therefore not follow the ‘Ruahine’ theme by crossing or staying close to the Ruahine Ranges and as a result the morning route is an easy one of approx. 75 miles (120 Kms) through rolling countryside which will suit vehicles of all VCC Vehicle Classifications. The Ramble will follow the theme of recent years and will be a relaxing non-competitive outing. The afternoon section is also on good roads and is quite short – ending at a Café which will be the end of the Ramble. There are no unsealed roads on either the morning or afternoon sections – just approx. 1¾ miles (3 Kms) of driving on a State Highway in the morning and a similar distance on a State Highway in the afternoon. So keep 3rd March free, and the Entry Form and other information will be in the February Tourer. If for any reason you need a copy of the entry form before it is published please email me requesting a copy. ( )

JANUARY PICNIC – Saturday 27th January 2018 Back to picnics, and hoping for the weather to be on our side for 2018. The destination for the first picnic for 2017 was Cross Hills Gardens at Kimbolton, and the first picnic for 2018 is back to Kimbolton but this time to the Heritage Park. There is an entrance charge for this park - $7.00 per person. Please try and bring the correct change. Although the park is well known for its rhododendron collection (which will not be in bloom at the end of January), there are also Azaleas and other fine trees and shrubs in the well maintained 11 acres of grounds. As well as bringing your picnic baskets and chairs etc., bring appropriate footwear for walking around on the grass paths. Meet at 11.00 am in the carpark in front of the Coach House Museum in Feilding on Saturday 27th January for an approx. 22 mile (35 km) drive to Kimbolton. Dogs on leads are permitted at the Heritage Park and the Chalet building at the park will be open to provide access to the conveniences and shade for anyone who might prefer to picnic under shelter rather than outside in the sun. If the weather is against us there will still be a picnic – a route to the Ashhurst Domain will be used where there is shelter (as we had to use on a couple of occasions earlier this year), and we will try for the Heritage Park the following month.

VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NZ Wellington Branch

Biennial Motorcycle Rally

January 26 to 28, 2018

The Wellington Branch of the VCC will be holding the Biennial Motorcycle Rally on 26-28 January 2018. As in the past this will be an opportunity to ride in parts of Wellington not often open to the public, meet a great bunch of riders and share good food. The Rally Pack will include a badge and free T-shirt. On Sunday 28 there will be a non-competitive ride and barbecue. Any questions to Rally Secretary, Peter Simpson (04) 5662675 Please circulate this to all motorcycling members of your branch.

The Horowhenua Secretary and Editor hold the entry form and information sheet. Sing out and we can forward this to you. Ed.


Special........For Sale! We have $2.50 packs of stamps, issued for the 1972 13th International Rally of NZ, featuring Vintage and Veteran vehicles. The stamps still have 'face value' - in other words, you can use them for postage. We are using our stamps for Christmas postage, even though you need a large envelope to put enough postage on. Seems we are not the only ones 'retiring' and looking for replacements. Now the photocopier wants to be allowed to retire too. Those of you who were entrants on the recent Tararua Trundle will be aware of the way the photocopier made it's point … by printing a black tyre type track down the middle of each page! Especially when Bob started to hand out the instruction sheets, telling our members, "There is straight-line navigation included in the directions!" We send our condolences to Des Mead. Shirley, his wife of 65 years, passed away on 25 November. Older members will have fond memories of when Des and Shirley were active HVCC members.

“We wish you all a Merry Christmas and enjoyable and safe motoring in 2018.”

Bev and Peter Kelly Librarians and Archivists

Short Notice! Once again we wish to remind a small group of members that Spares needs at least one week’s notice regarding sourcing parts outside our normal open times, as we can’t drop everything to come to their aid. Anything less than five to seven days’ warning is not appropriate, especially when Spares volunteers, like branch members have busy lives. However, over the last three months, less than one hour’s warning has become common. With Christmas coming up, Spares last day will be 10 December. We will reopen in the third week of January. Remember the Spares team have family commitments. Moving on! November’s working bee was a cracker with Des and myself taking on the post war Morris 8 Series E. I then had to pull away to help Bob, thankfully Don and Rex took my place. The same has happened to the ‘75 Austin Mini, with Robert and John having finished stripping that. The Manawatu Motorcycle Club Swap Meet was a success, with Spares having a store this year. This was to help sell off some of the Japanese parts we had in stock. On offer from stall holders, were a 1950’s Dot trials bike, a 1923 Douglas and an English Excelsior, all ripe for restoration.

Merry Christmas everyone! Callum

The Librarians have packs of these stamps for sale. They commemorate the VCC 13th International Rally from 1972. Packs contain 6 of each stamp and are reasonably priced at $2.50 ea. See Bev and Pete.

Two very rare Morris Oxfords, a 1960 GENUINE flat deck, lower regions of the cab are rusty. Otherwise a sound project. A 1958 SE 1V Estate model, very little rust but tired! Both rego’s are on hold, prefer to sell both together, $3,500. I can separate if need be, $1,000 for no1 or $2,500 for no2. Many original type parts go with them. Phone Wayne 021 1118176

1951 Sunbeam Talbot Mk2 Sports sedan 2.3 litre $5000 ono. Original, with seat belts and indicators, leather refurbished/ replaced, rust-free. Needs a new paint job. Runs well. Has both 15 inch and 16 inch wheels. Good 15 inch tyres. Owner downsizing. First four owners from Wanganui 1951 to 1995, then Taihape (Graham Robertson member VCC), then Palmerston North 2004, off road, always shedded since 2006. WOF and reg on hold. Ian Rowden Phone 06 3567871


Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 - Christmas Lunch at Masonic Village Café, Levin Meet at 12 15 pm for a 12 30 pm start. Traditional fare, lamb and ham, roast vegetables, peas, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, green salad, pavlova and Christmas pudding. Cost $35 per person. The café is not licensed so please bring your favourite drink. Glasses will be provided. The village has asked we bring as many vintage and classic cars to show the residents. These can be parked on the village grounds. Directions: From the south, travel through Levin and turn right at the second set of lights into Queen Street East (clock tower). Take second exit at the two roundabouts on Queens Street East and the café is 400 metres on the left from the second roundabout. If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday, 10 December 2017. E-Mail:, Phone (04) 234 1262 or John on 027 452 4326.

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Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run. Christmas Lunch in Levin. No Club Night Horowhenua Spares reopens for business. Please make contact a week or more before, if outside hours. 21st Burma Rally – Wanganui Branch. Wellington Anniversary Weekend. th 28 Dannevirke Wheels with Attitude and Swap Meet 10am to 2pm. 7th Horowhenua Club Night th 11 All British Car Day, Trentham Memorial Park - A fundraiser for Wellington Free Ambulance - further TBA th 18 Super Cheap Auto Spectacular Car Show. Shannon Community Fund Raiser by the Shannon Progressive Assn. Further to be advised. See ad this issue of Spark. th 25 The Mangahao Valley and 3 Dams Trip - Wellington Branch have been invited. See this issue for details. 7th Horowhenua Club Night th 17 Horowhenua Branch SWAP MEET. Gates open 7 am. See ad in this issue of Spark. th 4 Horowhenua Club Night Any enquiries to: John White Phone 06 368-3299


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Horowhenua VCC December 2017  
Horowhenua VCC December 2017