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November 2017

SEND IN YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS// ARTICLES, PHOTOS, REMINISCENCES, MECHANICAL TIPS, NOTICES, FUNNIES.. DEADLINE 20th of the month (late contributions are accepted if time allows, please phone to check if this is ok) Email:


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HAWKE’S BAY BRANCH CONTACTS// Chairman: Ian Elmsly (Kay) p. 06 845 0577 c. 0274 790 682

Club room Hire: Ana Brock-Jest p. 06 835 1722 c. 021 022 75635

Past Chairman: Steve Donovan (Pam) p. 06 835 9956 c. 027 217 7730 stevedon@xtra

Mag Printer: Liv Coleske p. 06 845 3276

Club Captain: Esther Smith (Graham) p. 06 843 9668 Secretary: Peter Ball (Helen) p. 06 843 6979 Treasurer: Lyndsay Browne (Barrie) p. 06 835 8370 Committee: Steve Trott (Jo) p. 06 835 2452 c. 021 460 159 Malcolm Blair (Lesley) p. 06 843 7664 c. 021 576 360

Trevor Charman (Lyn) p. 06 844 5140 c. 027 292 6068

Spares Manager: Brian Taylor (Margaret) p. 06 844 5982 c. 027 443 6009 Cruise Ship Co-ordinator Beaded Wheels: Helen Ball (Peter) p. 06 8436979 Spare Crew:

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Librarian: Allan Twort (Helen) p. 06 845 0438 HB Branch Life Members Allan Harris life member Trevor Charman life member

November 2017

Volume 96 // Number 11 // November 2017

CONTENTS HB Branch Contacts 4 Chairman’s Report 6 Club Capains Report 7 October Run 8 Up & Coming Events 9 Children’s Xmas Party 10 Safari Weekend 11 Your Branch Photos 14 Hooters 17 Messages To Club Members 18 Homestead Run 19 Club Spare Parts Corner 20 National Veteran Rally 21 Notice Board 22 Calendar of Events 24 Branch Events 25 For Sale/Wanted 26

BRANCH DETAILS POSTAL: PO Box 3406, Napier 4142 Clubrooms: 67 Sandy Rd, Meeanee, Napier Phone: (06) 835 1483 email:

Club night 2nd Wednesday of month 7.30pm at Clubrooms supper provided. Clubrooms, library & Spares DEPARTMENT OPEN Tuesday morning 9-11am. Morning Tea available. 5


It has been an interesting month! The weather has been up and down, the world of politics has been bizarre, but the world of Vintage & Classic Cars has continued on its merry path. Those of you who have been attending our club meeting will have noted a less formal style, which I hope you are enjoying, and going forward, if you wish to BYO refreshments please feel free to do so. The committee are trying to ensure we have guest speakers along, so if any of you have someone you think may be interesting please let Esther Smith know. A few stats for you: Our club nights are running at an attendance level of some 35-40 members! Kitchen nights run at 50 plus! Monthly club runs seem to be 15 odd cars, although the last one saw 18 vehicles for what turned out to be a great few hours without traveling too far from home.

November 2017

As I write this we are about to embark on the annual Safari Rally to Levin, and I understand that there are 18 cars gathering at Waipukarau to start the adventure. Watch this space in the next issue for a report. Art Deco (yes I know you are all starting to yawn!!) but things are progressing with the speed and urgency about to be ramped up. The Friday night is FULL, and numbers are swelling for the Saturday and Sunday events. If you have not already registered you had better be quick. Helpers are always required so PLEASE contact each of the days co-ordinators and offer. This is the Clubs major fundraiser and we can’t always rely on sponsors. That’s it from me. Happy motoring.

CLUB CAPTAIN// By Esther Smith

There is a lot happening in the branch. Our regular activities and events such as Final Friday kitchen night, club nights the mid-week runs, monthly club runs and the weekly Tuesday morning tea give members a range of opportunities to get together. So come along and join in. Thanks to those who have put their hands up to organise a variety of runs, so watch out over the coming months. In essence we have three months a year where we have planned annual events, those been November the Homestead run, February/Art Deco and May/ the lady drivers run. Generally in January we have an informal run so if my maths is correct that leaves eight opportunities for members to put their hand up and come up with an outing or event. Many of you know places and have contacts that give us access to previously unexplored byways and venues, so please talk to me about your idea and timing, organise a run if you can or else we can and then off you go. The club run this month was organised by Bob and Trixie Ackerley, we went to two place both within coeee of the clubrooms, neither of which we had been to before. They were the Zeeland brewery in Esk Valley and a visit to Steve Wheeler the knife man /si/fi author/slash si/fi model maker, what an interesting man, it was a really great day out. November is the Homestead run, Sunday Nov 12th 10am at the Farmers market, we are heading south so bring a full tank, more

details elsewhere in the mag. ALSO WATCH OUT FOR: Coming Events: Upcoming events are: • the aforementioned Homestead Run. Sunday 12th November. • Club Night Speaker-Doug Dickson and the Stanley Steamer Car. • Children’s Christmas Party. Sunday 3rd of December. • December 13th Club NightAnnual Auction. • Christmas Barbecue run ably organised by Steve Donavan – Sunday 17th December. • Late Jan we will do an informal run so watch this space. As mentioned above, our annual auction will be on the December Club night, so time to be on the lookout for amazing objects to bring along. The more amusing or outrages the better Just a reminder Art Deco planning is well underway, so lots of volunteers are needed to assist. Each element of the weekend has a different person as the organiser. Friday night is Steve Donavan, Saturday Morning is Esther Smith, Car Rides Sat and Sun afternoon is Ian Elmsly and Sunday morning is Malcolm Blair. So if you haven’t already, please let the various events organisers know that you are available. 7


The promise of a visit to a brewery and a knife maker saw 20 odd cars gather at the clubrooms and set off for an easy run via the port to the Esk Valley. We had to act as outrider to a certain Erskine owner who was missing in action when the instructions were handed out by organisers Bob and Trixie Ackerley. We headed around Ahuriri, out to Bay View, over Hill Road and into Zeelandt Brewery for our first stop. There the brewer Chris Barber explained the intricacies of brewing and where they sourced the raw ingredients. Interesting that while some of the barley is NZ grown some comes from the UK and the USA. Many of us partook in the optional (and modest) sampling of four brews poured from 500ml bottles with very original labels that in themselves were virtually works of art – very pleasant indeed and quite a few left with a box containing a good selection of produce under their arms. It was rumoured that the run organiser left his box behind. Back onto SH 5 and further up Esk Valley we turned into Waipunga Road and onto the property of Steve Wheeler. It is a constant surprise to me just how well presented are the grounds of many of the rural properties we visit and this one was no exception – a credit to Steve’s wife in this case who apparently also does the lawns (make mental note to raise this at my next performance review). However the main purpose of the visit was to see what happens in Steve’s shed. Being Sunday Mr/ Miss/Ms/Ma/Moo/Mog Osh was absent so we all found a spot in the shed without touching anything too sharp and listened to Steve’s interesting account of knife making, been a published science fiction author and model making for film sets. There was a great deal November 2017

going on in a relatively small shed and I was pleased that he admitted that he didn’t know exactly where everything was – just the general location. I felt so much better! I am sure we all learned a lot about knife making and the time and skills involved. The knives on display were surely works of art too. Interesting that he found the best glue for the handles was gorilla glue and that kerosene, not engine oil, is the thing to use on the sharpening stone before the final edge is put on with a ceramic rod (made mental note to fill one oil can with kero.). The obligatory chairs, tables and hampers then came out and we all found a pleasant spot for lunch. As we were finishing a few spots of rain had everyone packing up and most heading for home, but the sun came out again so, out with the chairs again to enjoy a little more of the pleasant surrounds and convivial company. Thanks Bob and Trixie for a very enjoyable and educational run.


HOMESTEAD RUN 12th November

Guest speaker will be Doug Dickson who will give us a talk about the Stanley Steamer Car.

This is our November Club Run. See page 12.

LADIES LUNCH Saturday 11th November • Time: 12.30pm

CHILDRENS XMAS PARTY 3rd December Details page 10.

• Where: Vidals Winery 913 St Aubyn St East Hastings Please contact Kay Elmsly on 845 0577 or 027 2866480 or email by Friday 3rd November. Come along & join us!

DECEMBER XMAS PICNIC 17th December Hello to all Branch Members. As Christmas is fast approaching I am sure you are all starting to make plans for December. Could you please put in your Diary 17th December because that is the day of our last branch outing for the Year. This year it will be starting at the Club Rooms and going to a great little spot in the country for a BBQ lunch. There will be a cost of $5 per head to help cover some cost of food and donation for the Venue. All you need to bring is what ever you wish to drink. Toilets are on site and running water. Your Chairman will be sending you off at Maybe 10.30 am. So think about making this a fantastic end of year outing. More details to follow. 9

November 2017

SAFARI WEEKEND// By Malcolm & Lesley

Labour Weekend 2017 Friday morning saw us heading south to Waipukurau where we rendezvous at Zinc Cafe with rest of the group. There were 19 cars.

the bridge to view the Mangahao Power Station. There is also a White Water Centre Slalom Course which I'm sure our son in law would love to tackle.

Everyone enjoyed their morning tea which was accompanied with delicious scones There were two gluten free people in the group and they had lovely raspberry slice. Thank you Trevor & Lyn for organising that. On waiting for our coffee I got sidetracked with my phone and didn't hear my name called out more than once. I was awarded the first monkey of the weekend.

Back in our cars and headed south to Levin. Stopped off at RJs liquorice factory where there was a lot of sampling of different flavours. Many people managed to purchase some of the products. We ended up buying a whole box of seconds which weighed about 6kg.I think we will be eating them forever. From there we headed off to our different motels which were all close by.

From there we headed south winding our way through back roads and some lovely scenic countryside. We continued on to Pahiatua which was our lunch stop. We set up our picnic chairs on the grass berm. After lunch we carried on over the Pahiatua track heading south towards Shannon. We turned off just before entering Shannon and meandered about 4km down the road where we parked up and walked across

Happy hour was at 4.30 at Bassingers motel where we all drifted in from where they were staying. Evening meal was your choice. Saturday morning was a leisurely start as we didn't have to be at Southwards car museum until 11.45am. Lot of the ladies went shopping at Otaki but I don't know how successful that was as there were men in toe. On we went to Museum where there was a pre- organised 11

SAFARI WEEKEND// (Continued) lunch for us which was very enjoyable. After lunch we went out the back of museum to the sheds were they do restoration work and saw some of his collection still to be restored. Went back inside to museum and went through to view the many different vehicles. I think the guys were in there element. The ladies wandered around for a while but one by one they came back out to rest there tired feet and then waited and waited for their other halves to appear. From there headed back to Levin. Happy hour at Bassingers.Evening meal your choice. Sunday morning was an early start, leaving by 9 am with picnic lunch on board. Went down to Horowhenua Vintage Car Club to check out there spares. Tea, coffee & biscuits was provided.Horowhenua members were very hospitable. We were on quiet a tight schedule today so back on road again and along to Dave & Debbie Hobbs business which is Trayla Trailers Ltd. We were there for about an hour so not all the ladies went in choosing to stay in their vehicles were they caught up with their crosswords, reading, knitting etc.

November 2017

Dave assemble a trailer together which the men seemed to enjoy. On leaving we went to Marangi gardens where the owner gave a talk about her property. We wandered around her gardens and home which we all enjoyed. We headed off to Dave & Debbies home were we set up for our picnic lunch. The weather was quiet cool so most of us managed to sit in his garage. After lunch most people headed off to Mr Karl Lutz property who had a collection of Ford Tractors with some rare examples. For a man in his early 90s he was still very actively involved in displaying his collection at shows etc. Care was needed in parking as the ground was very soft. Back to motels. Happy hour at Bassingers. Evening meal was at Murrayfield which was a cafe & function room. Speeches and awards were given out and then we had a lovely meal. There was light entertainment after dinner provided by Dave Hobbs which everyone enjoyed. Another great safari run. Many thanks to Trevor & Lyn from us all.

*Refers to 136LiL & 136LiHD45


See Ron or Paul JYOUNG MOTORS | 590 Main Road, Bay View Ph: 836 6126 |



» Rj’s Liquorice Shop Levin

» Too much Liquorice had to sit down

» Happy Hour on arrival to Levin

» Southward Car Museum

» Back shed at southward car Museum

November 2017

» Marangi Gardens, property of Teresa & Paddy Sanazzaro & Cars outside Marangi Gardens


» Knife’s / Si fi model maker for films plus Author, all made by Steve wheeler

» Dinner at Murrayfield with Dave Hobbs entertaining the group

» At Steve Wheeler’s Property at Esk Valley. 15


38 Thames Street, Pandora, Napier Ph/Fax: 835-9656 Mobile: 0274 837 155

Come and talk to Tony before you spend those hard earned dollars * Discount for HBVCC members

HOME & BUSINESS COMPUTER SUPPORT MY SERVICES: • In-home windows computer support • Emails, printers, modem/router • WIFI, firewall, antivirus support • Tablets, iPads, iPhones CONTACT PETER: p. 021 800 488 // 0508 ITTECH (0508 388 324) e. Also available after hours - by appointment only

November 2017

EFTPOS Available

HOOTERS// Ana @ Hooters

Hi Folks, Well it’s been an action packed month for the Hooters team. We are all very glad to have David (Dad) back from his travels. He has been regaling us with stories of his antics throughout Europe. Goodwood, Beaulieu and a whole variety of car shows and hijinks have had us all a little jealous and envying the wanderer avoiding the NZ winter. Back in ‘Hooterland’ we have been flat out with the conference season with a whopping 3 day conference for 350 people, where we supplied 10 vehicles for city tours, a photo booth for the Gala fun and a static display car for those all important selfie pics. It was an absolute Hoot! We have also had a few more serious style convoys with most notably a 15 car convoy from the new Porters Hotel in Havelock. It was great to give the girls a really good run at the start of season. It all went perfectly and customers were suitably impressed by the line up as we delivered them in style to Elephant Hill. Almost home and dry (well, not dry at all, we were all rather wet to be honest) when our 1926 Dodge ‘Clyde’ decided he’d had enough on the bridge in Clive. Luckily our Trevor was driving and managed to coast off the bridge and out of traffic’s way and Trevor and I had a fun tow back to the showroom. We still haven’t worked out why Clyde decided to play up and he’s currently sitting in the naughty corner whilst we concentrate on getting the new gals up to scratch. Talking of new gals, yep he’s been at it again and the newest addition to the fleet is a beauty. A 1928 Hudson Super Six, should be arriving from the South Island in the next week or so. It’s an addiction…Compulsive vintage car syndrome! Father’s Day saw us launch our first ‘Hooters Drivers Day’ where you could book in and get trained by one of the team on how to handle a

true vintage. We are running a ‘Ladies Drivers Day’ event on the 29th October. For only $120 per person it’s a great chance for people to try their hand at vintage driving. Most people are entirely shocked at needing to double de-clutch and having the accelerator in the middle, let alone adding a floor starter and no seatbelts! I am amazed that you can get a license in an automatic without even having to learn manual in this day and age. So whilst the rest of the world relies on computers and annoying beeping sounds to get from A to B we’ll be teaching people what it’s really like to drive, the good old fashioned way :-) Behind the scenes we have been flat out preparing the new gals, going over mandatory training sessions with the team and new procedures for this season, along with Port Inductions, Council meetings, NZTA meetings and meetings for the sake of meetings I reckon, thanks to all of the law changes because of Uber, not that it really seems to affect us that much. When it comes to the rules and regs I’m quite happy to sit up front and be the teachers pet. We have also been doing some famils as believe it or not we are still trying to spread the good Hooters word along, with helping to bring more visitors to sunny Hawke’s Bay. Well the first cruise ship of the season was a bust with it not being able to dock, although I have to say it wasn’t looking to be a pleasant day for the team out there so perhaps it’s best left till next month. Our official start date now is the 3rd November with a visit from our old friend the Noordam, who visits us twice before we see the return of the Golden Princess. By then we’ve ordered the sunshine and look forward to seeing you all out and about in your finery showing our visitors just why Napier is the best Port in New Zealand. Well that’s it for another month, be seeing you… 17

MESSAGES TO CLUB MEMBERS// Hi to all Branch members. I have now been appointed Club Rooms Custodian. So if you have any problems or suggestion about your club Room please let me know. You do have a team of members who have various responsibility’s with the running of these facilities. As follows. Grounds are looked after lawns mowed etc. by Trevor Charman. Spares Shed manager and team leader Brian Taylor who’s role is to look after all incoming and outgoing parts plus keep the facilities tidy. Kitchen and Library is being looked after by Alan Twort but he is not there to clean up after any events it is your responsibility. Health & Safety. Malcom Blair has this very important role in our Branch. But do not forget it is every body’s duty to ensure we are all safe and do not come to any harm. On Club nights it is the chairman’s role with the help of other to ensure the rooms are set out ready for the members. Remember if you have arranged a guest speaker it is your responsibility to ensure any equipment they need is available for them. Please do not try and set up just as they get up to speak. Guest speakers are a very important part of our Meetings Club Rooms Hire is being handled by Ana Brock-Jest. She should be your first point of contact as she will check the availability and ensure you are a current financial member. If all checks out you will then be required to pay the deposit as per the rule enclosed in this Mag. The committee has asked that we tighten up on who is hiring the club rooms. The rules are that the member must be the primary person to check out the hall and then when the key is handed over the check sheet signed by the member. If you are organizing function for a family member eg wedding, birthday etc. you must be present at all times. I do not wish to embarrass people by refusing entry that are sent to check out the Club Rooms or come and collect the key and are not the member hiring the Club Rooms. These rules may appear harsh but we must abide by our lease with the City Council. Regards Steve Donovan

November 2017

HBVCC HOMESTEAD RUN Sunday 12th November 2017. Meet at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market. Off Kenilworth Road, Hastings (Second entrance - look out for the VCC Sign)

Be ready for a 10am departure While you are at the market, stock up for your picnic lunch at an iconic Hawkes’ Bay Homestead. We are heading south this year. We hope you can join us, for what is always a good day out. The route is approx. 80 km’s (50 miles) to its furthest point, but you need to allow for a total distance of approx.122 kms (76mls) before you can reliably refill your tanks. Please leave your pets at home Organisers - Esther and Graham Smith 06 8439668 or 027 464 7314


1928 FORD MODEL A PHAETON Current Reg. and WOF. Garaged. Runs well, very tidy condition and fully restored in 2012. $32,000. Phone Kevin 021 586 360 or email

CLUB SPARE PARTS CORNER// Large selection of Austin 7 Ruby Parts. NEW STOCK. Call in and have a Look! DISC PADS – ALL $20.00 A SET for the following – Toyota Rave 1994, Toyota MR2 1991, Toyota Land Cruiser 2007, Toyota Estima 1990 to 1997, Honda Legend 19871989, Ford Laser, Nissan Bluebird 1986, Mitz Galant, Mitz Chariot, Mercedes 1986

For any enquiries phone Brian Taylor on 027 4436009 or contact the Club’s Spares Dept. on Tuesday mornings between 9am & 11am on 06 835 1483.

November 2017

National Veteran Rally

MAGNETIC CLUB BADGES FOR SALE// If you would like to order a new name badge {With Magnetic back} please Speak to your secretary Peter Ball. TOTAL COST IS $14.50 per badge PAYMENT ON ORDER PLEASE:

CLUBROOM HIRE: Contact Ana Brock-Jest

Work: 06 835 1722 (Hooters Vintage & Classic Vehicle Hire) Mobile: 021 02275635 (Please only bet ween the hours of 9am - 5pm) Email: 68 Thames St, Pandora, Napier 4110


NOTICE BOARD// If you want to add any notices to the notice board please contact the Editor.

Rotorua Vintage & Veteran Car Club Inc proudly present the


6th Annual Rotorua LAST F R IDAY K IT R A Lakefront Car Show NIG HT FOR THE Y E mbe r 10am - 2pm, Sunday, 21st January 2018 ALL CARS, BIKES AND COMMERCIALS WELCOME! The venue is the Rotorua Village Green at the Lake Front, off Whakaue Street. This is an informal car show open to any individuals or clubs to display their vehicles. Drivers will be asked for a gold coin donation upon arrival. All monies raised will be donated to St Johns Ambulance Rotorua. Car clubs are welcome to display their vehicles in a group. During the day drivers and their companions can enjoy their own picnic lunch under the trees, or take advantage of local eateries, including Rotorua’s “Eat Street” which is at the southern end of the show area. Rotorua’s Soundshell Market will be in operation adjacent to the Car Show, as well as other holiday attractions.

Over 200 vehicles have been on display in previous years, and the event has been very popular with locals and holiday makers alike. Vehicles have ranged from early vintage to almost new. For further information email or like our Facebook page (Rotorua Vintage Car Club) for any updates. We look forward to seeing you there!


November 2017

t h No ve Fr id ay 24 ia l P h o ne t n e s s E g B o o k in t e le n Two r All a n & H 438 P h . 845 0

Wairarapa Stretched Gymkhana Sunday November 5th 2017

The Wairarapa Branch of the VCC would like to invite our members to attend a new event they are holding in November. Inspired by some of the “off-tarmac” events reported on in the Beaded Wheels, that are held by other branches (especially branches like Banks Peninsular and Waitemata), on Sunday November 5th 2017 the Wairarapa Branch is holding their first annual Stretched Gymkhana. The aim of the event is to drive as consistently as possible drive around a 3/4 mile grass course. Full details of the event and entry forms can be obtained from the secretary (, and are also available on their web site Or please contact the organiser Paul Furkert (06)3795355 or Notice for this event will be put on the Club Notice Board inside door of our clubrooms.


We lc o m


e to o u


r Bra n

• G ly n ch Wa M o r r is te rfie ld – Re 8 se r ie joi ned s E 19 39 • Neil C ave – B MW 1 974 • Ly n n e Ski n ner


Xm as Picn ic ru n Su nd ay De c 17th






08 club night

03 kids xmas party

11 ladies lunch

13 club night/auction night

12 homestead club run

17 xmas picnic run



November 2017



FOR SALE WANTED// CLOTHING TAPE Mend your furs in time for Art Deco Weekend 2018. $3.50 per metre. Phone Carolyn on 06 844 3324 or email FOR SALE 1939 Plymouth P9 Touring Sedan. HB Car sold by Tourist Motors in Napier Nov. 1939. Many Spares, full history sound reliable Art Deco era vehicle. $19,750. Contact Mark 06 8765180, 0279421146 or email FOR SALE. Tanner Band Saw .Model 14BFG On base .2.4 high. Tradesman Quality. Very good condition $350. Ph 8435151 WANTED Second hand tyre & tube - 30x3 (or similar) to fit 23inch rim - any condition considered - phone Bruce 06 878 6141 or 0274 511 824. WANTED 1930 to 1945 Roadster must be in excellent condition. Don’t mind a bit of work good money paid for good car. Phone 06 8431992. WANTED Black TV cabinet, 350x700x430 with two glass doors. Phone Dave Roberton 843 5151 WANTED 3.5 kg LPG bottle. Any condition. Phone Dave Roberton 843 5151 MORRIS MINOR PARTS WANTED AND FOR SALE. I have bought a rough 1958 MM as a workhorse. I need the windscreen washer assy, a brake upgrade, (the larger bolt on Wolseley system for choice, or the 60’s 8” MM drum set up, but anything considered), perhaps headlining hoops, an indicator stalk, a few little bits. I have a pair of warrantable crossplies for the originality buff and a new set of russet carpets to trade or sell. David Gardiner 06 835 9492 STORAGE WANTED. I need somewhere secure to keep spares and parts, anything up to a small car. There simply isn’t enough room at home! It could be a small lock up area or I’d consider a proper workshop and take everything there. The closer to the Bluff the better. I expect to pay rent! David Gardiner 06 835 9492

November 2017

Allan Jones Joinery New Kitchens, Renovations, All Joinery Work, Repairs & Maintenance 30 years serving the Bay

“The Trunk Man”, maker of fine “Vintage Car Trunks” since 1992 View us on: TradeMe No: 1051398663

Ph: 06 844 3959 Mobile: 0274 469 331 Napier, N.Z.


Proud sponsors of Art Deco Weekend Feb 16, 2017

Hawkes Bay VCC November 2017