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THE WIPER The Newsletter of the Gore Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc.)

August 2017 MEETINGS: SECOND TUESDAY of the month at the Clubrooms, Waimea Street, Gore

Next meeting: 8th August Branch telephone number: 03 208 7424

2017-2018 Committee and Officers Branch Patrons Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer Club Captain Assistant Club Captains

Neil McVicar, Ray Tressler Murray Proctor Greg Elder Katy Parish Tim Walsh John Tremaine Ken Buchanan Jim McFadzien Charlie Davis Greg Elder Bill Sheddan Keith Nunn Branch Recorder (Wiper Editor) David North Assistant Branch Recorder Position not filled at present House Convenor Des Brewster Assistant House Convenor P Corcoran Beaded Wheels Reporter Fay Graves Festival Rally Organiser Keith Dodds Assistant Rally Organiser Denis Knight Bar Manager Chris Scoles Assistant Starr McDougall Social Committee David McDowell, John Parish, Beb Kennedy Maintenance Supervisor Keith Nunn Maintenance Assistants Bill Ainge, Barry Clearwater, Alex McLennan, Keith Dodds Swapmeet & Parts P Corcoran Swapmeet & Parts Assistants Barry Clearwater, Bryan Neilson Evan Henderson Hill Climb Evan Henderson Hill Climb Assistant Alex McLennan Sheriff Denis Knight Librarian Stewart Quertier Raffles Gerry Kennedy National Delegate David North Health & Safety Officer Des Brewster Privacy Officer Katy Parish Museum & HPP David McDowell Tuesday Ramble Co-ordinator Fay Graves Vehicle Identity Card signatories John Tremaine, John Parish, Evan Henderson, Denis Knight

(03) 208 4768 (03) 202 5710 (03) 208 5505 (03) 208 3531 (03) 208 9670 (03) 208 6901 (03) 208 0121 (03) 204 8848 (03) 202 5710 (03) 208 1237 (03) 208 5403 021 172 3281 (03) 208 1960 (03) 208 6862 (03) 208 1093 (03) 208 6038 (03) 208 5404 (03) 208 0052 (03) 208 5450

(03) 208 5403

(03) 208 6862

(03) 208 6479 (03) 202 5868 (03) 208 5404 (03) 208 7932 (03) 208 5806 021 172 3281 (03) 208 1960 (03) 208 5505 (03) 208 6791 (03) 208 1093

Front cover picture: The Kelly’s Stag having a breakdown in Greytown (photo from Jeanette Kelly)



Chairman’s Report August 2017 Hi, First meeting of our new calendar year and those who were at the meeting will have noticed that we have some new office bearers. We all need to realise that while they may have been members for some time it’s all a bit different when it comes to committee positions and talking to a group. Nerves can set in and we can all get tonguetied. So let’s give them a period in which to come to grips. With new position holders there may be some with new ideas and or changes they would like to put into place. These we need to look at with an open mind. Sometimes the old ways can be improved or replaced and new eyes can see things in a different light. It’s nice to see the older vehicles in our Branch being catered for a little more. I have for some time thought that these vehicles have been neglected and as a result have spent too much time in lock up. Thanks have to go to Paul Herron and Greg Elder for getting them out on the road again. This comment is mine alone and is in no way a criticism of our Club Captains, or our members over the years. It’s just a sign of the times. Not long to go before the first run of the year, so we all need to make sure that WOFs and Regos are all up-to-date. That way we avoid any last minute panics and we’re all good to go. Keep warm Murray


Club Captain’s Report August 2017 Hi everyone – Prize giving and Annual Dinner all went well thanks to Gerry and helpers. VCC National Daffodil Day is being arranged for 27th August, $10 per car. This is open to any car modern or otherwise so please support this event. It will be advertised in the newspapers etc. so please get your friends out with you as you never know when you may need the Cancer Society support. Bill Sheddan is organising this event – thank you Bill. Hope the weather starts to improve shortly as it has been cold and wet lately. Get your cars ready for a good season’s rallying. Happy motoring J. Tremaine

From the Editor’s keyboard Welcome to another packed edition of The Wiper, I hope there is something you will find interesting and/or thought-provoking. There is a question mark about the way the eligibility dates for the Post 80 category of vehicles as published in the VCC Constitution and on the website are being applied and I have written a short piece about this (page 8). As part of attempting to resolve this I would be grateful if any of you who applied for a VIC during the year your P80V vehicle turned 30 could look at the outside back page of your VIC and let me know whether or not there is any “qualifying” wording there. Thank you! David North 5



Eligibility of Post 1980 Vehicles I bought a Toyota Corolla for use as a “VCC car” last February and applied for a Vehicle Identity Card (VIC). As the Constitution states that Post 1980 Vehicles are: “Motor Vehicles constructed after 1st January 1981 provided that no vehicle is accepted for this class until January 1st of the year that is thirty years after its original year of construction, such vehicles to be known as Post 1980 Vehicles” and the car was first registered in August 1986 I expected no difficulty in obtaining a VIC and one was duly issued in April 2016. I briefly checked the VIC when it arrived and then filed it away. The Toyota was put to use and I took great delight in assuring anybody who asked that Yes, it was a “vintage” car as far as the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand was concerned. Earlier this year Dave Harris, Editor of the Southland branch Newsletter, The Rumour, asked me if the back of my VIC said that the vehicle was “valid for VCC events from 1st January 2017.” I re-examined my VIC and was embarrassed to discover that it did and that I had apparently been wrongly treating it as a “VCC car” for most of last year. His Editorials in the May, June and July issues of The Rumour (see here: tell of how he received a VIC for his 1987 car which stated that the vehicle was “valid for VCC events from 1st January 2018” and the ensuing correspondence with the VCC. He has apparently been told that this interpretation has been agreed by the Management Committee and endorsed by the President. After much thought, I have written to the VCC asking for an explanation of this wording on the VICs. I think this needs to be followed up as it appears to set a dangerous precedent. It implies that the Executive can “interpret” any part of the constitution in any way they like, thus amending the Constitution without the need to consult the membership! I will be raising this at the next branch meeting to see what the general view of the Gore branch is before I go to the VCC AGM in August. As the branch delegate at the AGM, I will raise this on the branch’s behalf if so directed. Otherwise, I feel sufficiently strongly about it to raise it myself as an ordinary member of the VCC. David North 8

Reminders Non-commercial FOR SALE and WANTED advertisements are free to Club members. Each advertisement will be published in 3 consecutive issues of The Wiper. Please contact the Editor. The vinyl “VCC Wings” badges (as featured on the front cover) are still available from the Treasurer, cost $2 each. VCC name badges If you haven't got one, they are available from Van De Water Jewellers at a discounted cost of $18. The badges are black with white lettering and bear your name and Gore VCC. NB. Not wearing one at a meeting is likely to attract the Sheriff’s attention and result in a fine! The Wiper is also available by email. It arrives earlier than the postal or hand-delivered ones, the pictures are in colour and there are (working) hyperlinks. There are two versions, a pdf file and an online one. Let me know if you would like to try this out. The Editor 9

What We Did On Our Holidays Stag Club Combined North and South Island Get-together in Masterton, Easter 2017 by Jeanette Kelly The Wednesday before Easter saw us driving as far as Christchurch in continuous rain. This continued the next day on our way to Picton as Cyclone Cook was making its presence felt. As most will know the road to Picton now takes 7 hours from Christchurch and rain, traffic and road works add to the challenge. On arrival in Picton, we stayed with four couples from the Canterbury branch of the Stag Club and were booked on the same ferry crossing with them on Good Friday. The crossing was smooth and uneventful and after arrival in Wellington we continued to travel in convoy to Greytown where we stopped for a coffee. In general conversation Noel mentioned that we had owned the Stag for 12 years and it hadn’t caused any problems. Famous last words as when we left the coffee shop, the car wouldn’t start. We were towed the 15km to Masterton where a whole group of experts were on hand to diagnose and treat the problem. The points weren’t opening and of course someone had a spare set with them!

The experts get to work 10

Saturday morning the 25 Stags and 1 Jag drove to Castle Point Beach and some walked out to the lighthouse even though the wind was quite blustery. Pizzas were arranged for lunch then we drove back towards Masterton to visit an air museum at the airport.

Saturday lunch stop

Sunday, the weather was improved and after an hour shopping at Greytown we continued to Martinborough to a winery for a platter lunch. After lunch the black clouds appeared and everyone raced to put up the soft tops. We continued on to the next visit at Stonehenge Aotearoa. This was really interesting as was an explanation of the sun and moon and navigation. Monday was time to say goodbye to the North Islanders for another two years. In 2019 Canterbury is hosting the next run. This is a great opportunity to socialise with owners of the same cars, one car is just another car in a group but 25 cars together turn heads. We had another smooth crossing back to the south then after two nights staying with family in Blenheim, we had an uneventful drive the length of the South Island, home via Twizel. We travelled about 2500km with only one small hiccup. Not bad for a 45 year-old car. Jeanette Kelly 11

What We Did On Our Holidays Second Attempt for a Motoring Weekend Away by Katy Parish After “failing to proceed” in our endeavour to attend the Alvis Car Club’s AGM the weekend prior to Easter we left home two weekends later to attend the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Club’s AGM hoping for better luck. Although we have attended many Southern Region events and been members for many years this was our first National AGM for this club. The day was splendid for open motoring, after a slightly chilly start, and the 3 litre went well climbing the Kilmog hills with no trouble. The countryside showed they had had good growth after early April rain and with autumn colours looked great. We stopped for lunch at “The Roost” café in Oamaru and caught up with friends there. If you are after a BIG cup of good coffee we highly recommend this stop. We then trundled up the road to Mother’s at Greendale where we based our weekend stay. Saturday morning was an arranged bus tour of Christchurch centre but we for-went that and instead washed cars, picked up three bags of Mum’s walnuts, watched a balloon floating by, caught up with family and had a relaxing day. We met up with RR&BC friends that evening at “The Villas” restaurant in Christchurch. The next day was rally day and Emma, our daughter, navigated for me in the 3 litre while John chauffeured Mother, 84 years young, in the comfort of the S3 saloon. It was another lovely day and we headed up towards the Canterbury foothills. The rally took us over the Rakaia Gorge Bridge and through Methven to stop at Bruce McIlroy’s Workshop. The scenery heading to the hills was stunning and I have always loved the gorge with many childhood memories of jetboat trips and picnics there. Methven was a surprise as it’s a while since I had been through there and it has grown and seems a buzzing little hive of new trendy businesses. Bruce McIlroy’s workshop is always a pleasure to visit especially when you have no work being done so no impending bills. They are now getting blocks and sumps cast by Cloughs in Timaru for 4½ litre vintage 12

Bentleys and are then doing all the machining themselves. The workshop was full with 20-odd vehicles from two 4½ litre vintage Bentleys, a number of Derby Bentleys, Mark VIs, an S2 with fully reconditioned engine and the latest Mulsanne and a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 20/25, 25/30 and a few slightly more modern Rolls-Royce. It’s amazing how neat and tidy it is all kept with benches always clean and orderly.

4½-litre Bentley blocks at McIlroy’s

We then travelled on to our lunch stop which was at “Longbeach” Estate. This has been one of Canterbury’s leading farms since the 1850s when John Grigg progressively drained 13,000 ha (32,000 acres) of swamp to produce some of the most productive land in Canterbury. Tiles were produced, along with bricks for the homestead and buildings, on the property and laid at a rate of 30 miles per year for 5 years from 1880 to 1884 inclusive. Over the years, the original size of the property has diminished as it has been split within the family but the homestead is still on 1,300ha (3,250 acres), with 16 acres of lawns and gardens immediately surrounding it. Interestingly, from draining such a huge area and diverting, and confining, the Hinds River they now irrigate 200 ha with a further 180 ha that can be irrigated from drains dug in the early days.


Longbeach and the oak tree

We lunched at the old cook-house and then toured the garden. This contained a magnificent symmetrical oak tree on the main lawn planted in 1850, an enormous duck pond, the family church, the original orchard, an early cob cottage and an old whare all within the grounds and many beautiful trees. The house was the third to be built on the site after a fire in the 1930s. The lawns take one young farm hand three days to mow. We dined that evening at the Christchurch Club which although substantially damaged by the earthquake has been rebuilt incorporating many original features most notably the majestic entrance. The building is the first in that part of town to be rebuilt so is surrounded by blocks of cleared sites with new building only now starting. It rather stands out but I guess will soon be dwarfed. The following morning, we met other club members at the Princess Margaret Hospital carpark. We followed a Mini Cooper S along the base of the Cashmere Hills, through the Lyttelton tunnel then along the 14

harbour coast road to Governors Bay to visit Gavin Bain’s car collection. The Mini was far more suited to the winding route and I really felt like I had had my morning workout by the time we reached Gavin’s. His property is right in the heart of Governors Bay with a lovely view from the edge of the harbour. On Gavin’s lawn, he had parked a Calthorpe Minor with wicker seats and wicker body work beside his Phantom III Sedanca Rolls Royce which illustrated the diversity of his collection. My personal favourite was the 1924 Hispano Suiza used in the Miss Fisher Australian mystery TV series.

Hispano Suiza

Gavin still has his first car he bought when he was 14 years old, a 1924 Humber and his 3 litre Bentley he has owned since he was 17 years old and in which he has driven over 250,000 miles all over the world. One shed had three vintage Bugatti, one of which has a Grand Prix racing history. Another shed housed a chain-drive Frazer Nash, a Humberette, the 3 litre Bentley, Hispano Suiza and an original D-type Jaguar. Another had an absolutely gorgeous old steam launch with beautifully restored wooden decking. 15

Calthorpe Minor

D-type Jaguar

More sheds and more treasures, even an Alvis hidden under a dust cover. His house was the original Dyer homestead so I guess they got first choice of the best site to place their home and the setting is lovely. We left Gavin’s driving over Dyers Pass road and back to where we started for our lunch stop. The extent of the recent fires was visible but it was surprising how quickly it was greening up after the rains they had had. After lunch, we had another shed to visit this time all old Rolls-Royce with one exception, an amazingly original 1923 Lanchester. This was a very interesting car, you entered via rear side doors and accessed the front seats from a gap between them. The interior had all the original features including vases and roll down curtains even for the driver?? The next stop was to be Auto Restoration’s workshop but as our Bentley has seen quite enough of there, and to break our trip home, we left them and travelled as far as Oamaru that evening and home the next day. It was a great weekend and one we will be trying to fit on our calendar in future years. Katy Parish

Did you know that apple seeds contain cyanide? Gerry Kennedy


Sent in by Stewart Quertier 17



Gore Branch events for the 2017-18 Season Event


People Responsible

2017 VCC National Day

27th August

Bill Sheddan

Opening Run

24th September

Jim McFadzien

Veteran & Vintage Run

27th – 29th October Paul Herron

P60 Run

27th – 29th October Keith Nunn

Josephville Hill Climb

26th November

Evan Henderson

Diggers Run

2nd December

Ken Buchanan

2018 Festival Rally

24th February

Keith Dodds, Denis Knight

Clearwater Capers

4th March

Charlie Davis

Frank Robson Run 11th March

Greg Elder

Swap Meet

18th March

Evan Henderson

Ladies Run

8th April

Fay Graves

Night Trial

12th May

Des Brewster


End of Season Run 9 June Tuesday Ramble

Jim McFadzien

Normally the last Tuesday of the month. (Variable in December)

Co-ordinated by Fay Graves

Editor's note to event organisers: if you want to see a report in The Wiper please provide one yourselves or organise somebody to do it for you. (N.B. This usually works best if you ask them before the event!) 20

Other Events 2017 12th August

VCC National AGM in Blenheim. Details in Beaded Wheels No. 345 (April/May 2017) or from National Office, ph 03 366 4461

16th September

Dunedin Autospectacular, Edgar Centre, Dunedin

23rd September

Blossom Rally, Central Otago branch

6th - 8th October

Swap Meet & Display, Canterbury branch. Enquiries to Kevin: phone 021 0270 6525 or email

17th – 19th November

Mataura Scouts Motoring Mad Car Show. Enquiries phone Tony 027 211 3078 or email

2018 20th January

Cromwell Classic Car Show and VCC Swapmeet Central Otago branch

27th January

Dunedin-Brighton Run, Otago branch

16th – 18th February

Evolution Motorsport Classic Speedfest, Teretonga Park, Invercargill

17th March

Scenicland Rally, Greymouth

30th March to 1st April

2018 South Island Easter Rally, Southland Branch Contact Glenys McKenzie, Rally Director Mobile: 021 388 649

21st April

Golden Times Rally, Arrowtown. Organised by the Central Otago branch

22nd September

Blossom Festival Rally, Alexandra. Organised by the Central Otago branch

2021 19 – 28 January Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring New Plymouth 2021 th



Can anyone help? Who? Where? When? What?

Suggestions to the Editor


Hi there I'm currently listing these workshop manuals on Trade Me. I'm selling these on behalf of a charity garage sale. I'm not in the business of selling workshop manuals. Below is a list of the titles and the links to the individual auctions. Half-Ton Van and Pick-up Workshop Manual: JU 250 Workshop Manual - A BMC Service Publication: 1100 Workshop Manual - A BMC Service Publication: BMC Workshop Manual - 2.2 Litre Four Cylinder Diesel Engine: EA Vans: Workshop Manual - BMC: Morris Workshop Manual: 1½Ton (S200): I'll be listing these for the next coming month, or until they sell.

Kind regards Ben Knowles (sahara4)


Tuesday Ramble, 27th June 2017 (Part 1) We met at the Gore Town & Country Club, where Martin Mackereth from Gore St John gave us an interesting update on the new St John ambulance station being built in Charlton Road. He introduced himself by telling us that while overseas he had been in an earthquake and had helped with the recovery operation. He then realised that he would like to be able to help people and decided to train as an ambulance staff member for St John when he returned to New Zealand. Due to the Christchurch earthquake it was recognised that emergency services needed to be able to operate in a disaster situation. The new building has been built with the safety features included so it can operate safely for staff and vehicles in such an event. The new purpose-built premises will be able to house staff 24/7 and have two ambulances available at all times. The youth group (Penguins) and cadets are trained on-site. Martin Martin giving his talk mentioned the great liaison Gore St John has with the local Police and the Fire Service, the envy of many as unfortunately this is not the case in all areas of New Zealand. We were shown a layout plan of the building and pamphlets were available to read as well as free pens and key holders to take away. Martin also mentioned that St John provides vans to take people to hospital appointments, physio etc. Anyone who wished to help by volunteering their time would be welcome and new staff were also required. After Martin’s talk we were treated to soup and muffins followed by a lovely lunch and time to catch up with fellow members. Mary Kennedy 24

Tuesday Ramble, 27th June 2017 (Part 2) After lunch we visited Barry Scott to view progress on his boat, although I don’t think “boat” is the right word for this vessel. Barry and his brother-in-law Mervyn Todd made us most welcome, nothing seems a problem on our visits. Since our last visit a great deal of progress has been made, with the exterior aluminium having been covered with a special coating that has required many hours of sanding. Also the interior has had many hours of work spent on it. Barry suggested that he has “only” another three years of work to do on it and we look forward to another visit in about (L-R) Barry, Gerry & Mervyn two years’ time! Just a few notes I took down about the vessel: 18 metre length 7 metre beam 24 tonne design weight Powered by two Yamaha 440hp motors 3 bedrooms with ensuites 4 heated toilets 7 air-conditioning units 2 garages (for a jet-ski and a rubber boat) Tanks for: 3,000 litres fuel 1,500 litres fresh water 1,000 litres black water (waste) Too many sheets of different sized aluminium to count 72 rolls of MIG welding wire A special sheet of acrylic for the windscreens had just arrived from Germany. Barry was making plywood patterns and then these will be sent to Christchurch for the acrylic to be heated and formed to the required shapes. 25

(Clockwise from above) The catamaran hull, the superstructure, the finished article! (All photos by the Editor)

For those members who hadn’t been on our previous visits, this was a real eye opener – they thought they were just seeing a boat! Many thanks to Barry and Merv for a very enjoyable afternoon. Gerry Kennedy

Crochet & Knitting World Records Fastest time to knit a scarf and wrap it around an iguana in a Toyota Prius! This strange record was set in Los Angeles, California on the 30th and 31st March 2011.???? !!!!!!! The longest crochet chain measures an astonishing 80.78 miles and was made by Anne Vanier-Drüssel. It was presented and measured in France, on 14th October 2009. David Babcock knitted a scarf that was 3.7m long (that’s a little over 12 feet!). David knitted it while running in the Kansas City Marathon. He ran in support of Alzheimer’s Association Heart of America Chapter. Sent in by Donna North 26


Annual Dinner & Prize-giving Saturday 1st July 2017 Numbers were down on last year, but those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves. The evening started at 5.30pm with Happy Hour, followed by the meal around 6.30pm. John Tremaine and Murray Proctor handed out some of the trophies before the meal, some between the meal and dessert with the remainder following later. Finally, Murray presented Barry Clearwater with his 25-year badge and Beb Kennedy with his 35-year badge.

Barry Clearwater (L) receiving his 25-year badge from Murray Proctor (photo by Betty Clearwater) 28

A lot of work goes into setting up and clearing away after this and it was disappointing with such a low turnout and many trophies being “presented” to those not attending. Great to see our two Patrons attending. My thoughts only, perhaps we could forget the Annual Dinner and present trophies one club night!! Gerry Kennedy

ELOQUENT INSULTS An exchange between Churchill & Lady Astor: She said, “If you were my husband I’d give you poison.” He said, “If you were my wife, I’d drink it.” “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde 29


Trophy Presentations (Club night 11th July) The Chairman (Murray Proctor) and Club Captain (John Tremaine) presented several trophies after the formal meeting had concluded.

(Clockwise from top left) David North (L) receives his trophy from John Tremaine (centre) and Murray Proctor (R); Des Brewster with his two trophies; Paul Herron receiving his trophy and then collecting a trophy on behalf of his father, Bob Herron. (Photos by the Editor, except top left, by Fay Graves)


Spotted! In the Transport World Ignition email newsletter of 6 June 2017, a feature on “Bruce McLaren's 1953 Austin Healey 100/4. It has been beautifully restored by Barry Clearwater from Gore in Southland.” Link here: On page 11 of the May 2017 edition of Puff ‘n Stuff, the Central Otago branch newsletter: a feature on Vintage Cars through the decades from 1900 including the comment “Neil and Doris McVicar from the Gore branch who have attended rallies and club events from as long as I have been associated with the VCC.” Link here: may_2017 In the July 2017 edition of The Crankcase, the Nelson branch Newsletter, an article on this year’s Sandy Bay Hill Climb, including, on page 18, a picture of Evan Henderson competing in his Mk2 Jaguar. Link here: H/index.html (Evan’s version of events will be in the next issue of The Wiper!)

On pages 66-71 of the July 2017 edition of New Zealand Gardener: an article on Blue Mountain Nurseries, Tapanui, and John Hughes’ brother Denis. The Editor 32

Newsletters from other branches Many Branch Newsletters are now posted on the VCC Website: A few branches are still sending us printed copies and these are displayed on the stand in the Library for three months. Others are received as pdf files by email and can be forwarded to you on request: Ashburton, Auckland, Banks Peninsula, Eastern Bay of Plenty, Far North, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Nelson, Northland, Otago, Rotorua, South Canterbury, Southland, South Otago, Wellington and WellsfordWarkworth. If you would like a copy, please contact the Editor or the Secretary.

Links to other branch newsletters and websites Southland branch website, includes their newsletter (Rumour): Auckland branch website, includes their newsletter (The Bulletin): Bay of Plenty branch website, includes their newsletter (Klaxon): Hawke’s Bay branch website, includes their newsletter (The Mag): Rotorua branch website, includes their newsletter (Side Curtains): South Canterbury branch website: Wairarapa branch website: 33

Online bonuses this month The McLaren (and Clearwater!) 1953 Austin Healey 100/4: Your (British) Driving Test – 1935: Five Stars Ahead (Ford Anglia & Prefect) – 1952: 1962 London (Earls Court) Motor Show: UK TV Program 1999 History Channel “Forgotten Marques” Rootes:

THANK YOU! Following on from the Treasurer’s presentation of the branch accounts at the AGM, I would like to publicly thank the Tuesday Ramblers who collect their copies of The Wiper in person and especially those Ramblers who take additional copies and hand deliver them. During the 2016/17 financial year this has resulted in over 700 copies not needing to be posted thus saving the branch just over $500. This is the equivalent of another 3½ pages of advertising each month. Well done all of you! The Editor 34

Here Endeth the $50 Lesson Recently, while I was working in the front yard, my neighbours stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog. During our friendly conversation, I asked their 12 year-old daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be Prime Minister some day. Both of her parents, who are Labour supporters were standing there, so I asked her, "If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you would do?" She replied, “I'd give food and houses to all the homeless people." Her parents beamed with pride! "Wow! What a worthy goal!" I said. “But, you don't have to wait until you're Prime Minister to do that," I told her. "What do you mean?" she replied. So, I explained to her, “You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds and trim my hedge and I’ll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house." She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work and you can just pay him the $50?" I said, "Welcome to the National Party." Her parents aren't speaking to me anymore. Evan Henderson (After last month’s submission by Glenise Corcoran, and with a General Election looming, this is published in the interests of political balance! The Editor) 35

Advertisements FOR SALE Austin 8 1939 (we think). Body all panel-beaten. Heaps of spares: 4 motors, 3 heads, 2 gearboxes, 2 sets of windows. Phone Stewart: 0272289370 2/3

WANTED One 15” steel wheel rim to suit a 1962 MGA. Phone Starr McDougall, (03) 208 6501 (business hours) or (03) 208 5450 (evenings). 2/3

WANTED The “square” centre cap for a standard fitment alloy wheel and a windscreen washer solenoid (as pictured) for a 1986 Toyota Corolla 1.6GL Liftback. David North. Phone 02117 23281 or email 1/3


Rear gearbox mount for Flathead Ford V8 1937-39 Phone: 03 208 7932 or email 1/3



1937 car

1938 car (pictures from the Internet)

I'm restoring a 1938 Vauxhall 25 (a big English-assembled sedan car) but I'm missing the bucket seats. They were discarded early on for a conventional New Zealand bench seat. I'm not expecting to find the exact original bucket seats as this wasn't a common car, but I'm wondering if you have in your spares a pair of non-folding bucket seats that might suit. If so please contact me. Thank you. Mike Swanton 325 Horseshoe Bush Road, RD4 Albany, Auckland. Phone 09 426 0011 or email 1/3


COOKERY CORNER Lemon (or Lime) Yoghurt Cake (Ring tin is best for this cake) Ingredients (for a 23cm ring cake) 1¾ cups sugar Rind of 2 lemons (or limes) 2 large eggs 1 cup Canola oil (or other oil – NOT olive) ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup yoghurt 2-3 tablespoons lemon (or lime) juice 2 cups self-raising flour Method Mix sugar, rind, oil and eggs well Then add salt, juice and yoghurt and mix well Lastly, add flour and mix well Pour cake mix into a sprayed non-stick 23cm ring tin Pre-heat oven to 190ºC (180ºC if using a fan oven) Bake for 30 minutes, or until the sides start to shrink, the centre springs back when pressed and a skewer comes out clean Leave for about 10 minutes before carefully turning out onto a cooling rack and cool to room temperature Serve sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with whipped cream Natalie Kennedy



Run reports, articles of interest, photos, technical tips, letters and feedback are always welcome. Please send all contributions to David North

before the 21st of each month for inclusion in the next Wiper If you don't have a computer I can type up a hand-written article or put your notes or jottings into shape for The Wiper. If you prefer I can even take notes as you talk to me and write up the story for you - I am always ready to help so just let me know how! e-mail: physical mail: 4 Trotter Street, Riverton 9822 telephone (mobile) 0211723281 Remember that insuring your vehicle(s), boat(s), house(s), contents or travel with Vero Insurance and quoting the branch number (300135) results in the branch receiving a commission payment Please support our advertisers so that they, in turn, can continue to support the Branch The opinions and statements in The Wiper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the Gore branch or of the VCC. The branch accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any statements. The Wiper is printed by i-Cue 10 Wood Street, Invercargill. Telephone (03) 218 3350 39




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