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April 2017 Issue: 322

Puff ‘n Stuff Central Otago Branch, Vintage Car Club of NZ Inc


Alon & Tracy on the Myers Pass on our North Otago weekend tour, we also had a very enjoyable SUNDAY RUN to Galloway, and the Ida Valley but wont tell you too much about it, except that 11 vehicles and 26 people had a great time guided by Barry and Sharon Walker, visiting some very old and fascinating heritage buildings in some picturesque settings, don’t believe me? well approx. 190 of our members will never know.

Club nights: Second Wednesday of Month. 8pm Clubrooms / Parts Shed: Litany Street, Cromwell. Copy deadline for next edition FIVE days after meeting day. Stories and photos unable to be used in next edition will be saved for later editions.

The stickers are now available e-mail Lindsay <> Or give him a call at 03 4450065 Please !! To date we have sold more than 1298 stickers to 22 Branches, with some repeat orders recently placed. Let others know which Branch you belong to at events away from home. These are produced locally and are made of high quality vinyl. They are external stickers and go on the outside of the windscreen or on the body-work. (They are easily removed with a hair-dryer.) Cost $1.50 each. (A worthwhile profit goes to our club.) To order yours, contact Lindsay Olsen; Phone: (03) 445 0065 E-mail:

The opinions and information presented in this newsletter are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the club or its officers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information or opinions expressed.




Partner: Phone: Chairman:

Bill Crooks


Vice Chairman Murray George Secretary: Treasurer:

Murray Pryde Lindsay Olsen


442 0255 0274333321

Jenny Glenis

443 5020 445 0065

Club Captain: Club Rooms / Yard Rodger Bisset


0274 331 693 Social Conv.:

Roddy Maxwell


445 0682

Parts Conv.:

Roger Healy


442 0861

Alister Stewart


442 1146

Allan McDonald , John Loudon Dave Manson

Elaine Sheila

445 3255 448 7192 443 7906


Graham Taylor



Magazine ;

printers and distributors; Alon and Tracy Mayhew .

Idle Torque

John Loudon


John Martin ,


448 7192


445 0598

Swap Meet: Dave Manson Health and Safety; Greg Doran Area Reps: Arrowtown Alexandra Cromwell Wanaka

443 7906

Alister Stewart , Mary John Loudon Sheila

4421146 448 7192

Lindsay Olsen Glenis

445 0065


Bar manager

Charlie Storey


445 3181

Rally Convener: Blossom Festival ; Graham Taylor Murray George, Murray Pryde Golden Times

; Bill Crooks Kevin Vanderwater Rob Young

Moped Rally

; Lindsay Wilkie John Martin


SUNDAY RUNS and other Events; Next meeting Wednesday 12th April 14th May, Chatto Creek, - Oturehua run

John Wilson

Lunch stop Moa Creek

Ladies enjoying the Day Moa Creek

PV PWV P60V P80V Rally Timaru Sunday 14th May 2017 Contact Ashley Milliken 18 Apsley St Timaru 7910. Good run for those later models, I am entering the 1300, lets see if this branch can do something really enterprising and send a few entrants to Timaru , Just Checking on my fuel and running costs currently the Skeggs Mobil card For March was $2.00 for petrol and $ 1.00 for diesel per litre Running cost of a light diesel is .0629cents per km RUC included below. So at 30 mpg 10.57 km per litre petrol is $18.90 and Diesel $15.70 40 mpg 14 km per litre

$ 14.20



so until we go solar electric the Overland is going to be hard to beat!

( per 100km )


April 22nd Arrowtown Autumn Festival 19th May,2017 Black tie ball Richardson’s Museum Invercargill May 14th PVV to P80’s rally at Timaru September 23rd Blossom Rally January 20th 2018 meet

Cromwell Classic Car show and VCC swap-

March 17th 2018 Scenicland rally Greymouth always good value (contact me to keep in the loop.) as It would make a good trip from here , and you have a whole year to prepare for it, two days from here to Greymouth or longer if that is what is wanted, return as a group through Arthurs Pass . Graham Taylor. Later in the year the NZ Vintage car Club will be promoting an event which will be a national fundraiser and will involve all branches.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I have a 1926 ModelTT ton truck chassis, two more or less complete back axles . A Ford V8 Truck gearbox . Lots of Overland bits , Motor, radiators gearbox Diff etc . All above at near scrap prices.

International 434 Tractor in very good condition remotes plus Kuhn Gmd 44 mower sell as complete unit or individually . We have owned this 434 since 1983 and always maintained to a high standard. Both for $ 8500 plus gst (not negotiable). Graham Taylor 027 248 9942


Keith J Taylor 1926 - 2017

(Brenda Taylor)

First I wish to extend sincere thanks to the members who thoughtfully brought their vintage cars to my husbands funeral service in February. The cars delighted me and certainly were the day,s highlight for our numerous great grandchildren who were present.

Keith's driving career began early in spite of his fathers reluctance to Let him behind the wheel. He was not yet 16 when his Dad suddenly took ill. Who was to drive him to the doctor? Mother had n ever driven. Keith got out the model T and learnt on the 4 miles to Waimate. Later he obtained a licence and a motorbike. When we met in 1946 Keith had his first car - a 1924 Buick 4. He was full of the vehicle's wonders and as the subject was new to me I was fascinated. I didn't tell him that up to that point I had not known the days difference between the diff and the carburettor! Our wedding trip in the Buick started with tin cans tied on behind to drive though Timaru's Main Street Tyres and the patches for them being as they were with shortages after the war, I spent my honeymoon mending tubes in water races. We were married in January 1949 and our first home was near the Hermitage, Mt Cook. Working with the highway maintenance crew Keith learnt to drive trucks and the road machinery, even the grader on the notorious Ball Hut road to the Tasman glacier. After that he worked in fitting shops at the Lake Pukaki and Roxborough hydros. In 1954 we moved to Lake Hawea and while working again on hydro machinery and vehicles Keith was building our house around our young family as we lived In it. As we never had a mortgage he worked all hours to earn extra cash for the building. By this time he was an expert on Chevrolets and a good number of the hydro workers owned pre-war models. Mechanical repairs were a good source of extra cash Many midnight hours I spent holding the torch under a car while Keith tinkered.


Every one had solid fuel stoves. Most collected their own firewood but needed it sawn. Keith built a heavy duty trailer saw powered by a 1925 Dodge motor and spent many weekends cutting wood. The local doctor said hard never killed anyone but Keith was going to be the exception. Well he was wrong. Later Keith was overseer of highway maintenance on the Haast Pass while road was new, almost all gravel and many fords and trouble spots. After 15 years he bought a small contracting business. All his experience was useful as by that stage he was capable of driving anything anywhere and did all his own maintenance of trucks and machinery. By this time we had also built and were running a 4 Unit motel. When the first international Vintage Rally went to the Haast Pass we entertained oversees visitors including a Sydney couple with a lovely yellow Model T.. Our new friends were horror struck hearing that we had allowed the defunct Buick (previously Keith's Dads) to be used as a play house for the youngsters. The remains were rescued and stored under cover. In retirement years Keith did a 7 year restoration of the 1924 Buick 4 finishing on his 86th birthday. Our son Ken took the car to the international rally at Whanganui. We also took our beloved 1939 Chev ute. The Chevrolet was restored as a workhorse in the 1960s and up graded when we joined the VIntage Car Club. It has earned all the rights of a valued family member and will also be kept in the family. We have had many happy rallies with the VCC including 4 internationals, and made very many special friends. The Golden Times has been a real pleasure until recent years when Keith became unwell and less able. Whanganui was on his "bucket list". Glad I made the effort and thanks to members who have gone out of their way to help us at later rallies. Life with Keith's passion for cars has been fun!

Noted that Alan Markby a previous secretary died recently.


Tribute to Keith Taylor, Lake Hawea. Clockwise from the top; The necessary maintenance,, A Long awaited Buick restoration , And ready to have some fun.


Editors Comment, When I rejoined the club in 2011, Keith and Brenda were still strongly active. I guess my theme leading up to the AGM is that it is our club but can only survive if we have some participation ideas and support for events. Lindsay Olsen will be standing down from treasurer, and there is an opportunity to step up and take that on, Lindsay will help getting started. Hopefully Alon and Tracy will get a few hours of relaxation after their shift, there are plenty of good projects in store. There were four cars and eight people on the North Otago overnighter, good company and quite a relaxed run we all made it home safely. Barry Walker who organised the Sunday Run to Galloway and Moa Creek ensured that we enjoyed that too, eleven cars and 26 people and some fine examples of pioneering buildings were seen. But donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take my word for that , itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good chance to see what we have here in our own back yard, so make the effort and come along!


Minutes of the COVCC meeting on Wednesday 12 April 2017 A minutes silence was held on the passing of past member Alan Markby Visitors Dave Cable, Paul Elliot. Apologies Ted Pope, Trevor Tamblyn, Noel White, Kevin van der Water, Murray George, Brian Anderson, Lindsay Olsen. Moved Graham Taylor – Alon Mayhew Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed by Roger Healy – Noel Hassed CorrespondenceA card from Wendy Martin- thanks for the kind thoughts and flowers 100 years of celebration of MTA Wellington Calender of events for the next 18 months Vero reports Email from Lindsay Olsen re financials etc May plumbing accounts for the kitchen – bathrooms $6116.65 Financial Report – Moved Roger Bisset – John Loudon that the inward be received and dealt with and the accounts be passed for payment and the report be accepted – carried Moved Tracy Mayhew – Noel Hassed that Lindsay has the authority to move monies to pay the accounts – carried Moped balance sheet was presented and passed Editor- The last publication of the puff and Stuff by Alon and Tracy as they move to Christchurch this month. Graeme has investigated printing cost Black and white $130.00 per 175 Copies plus GST, and moved by Noel Hassed – Roger Healy that it be printed in black and white Sunday runs – next run towards Omakau starting 11am from Central Stories Alexandra. 14th May Chatto Creek – Oturehua areas. South Canterbury hosting the post vintage rally Timaru. Parts – Lots of new parts, Morris , MG etc Bar – slow. Health and Safety – check list published Kitchen upgrade – Roger Bisset gave a comprehensive report on the upgrade General – Pages 12 & 13 read and comment at the May meeting Tapper trophy- Best restoration of the year by the owner to be decided by the President and Club Captain Loudon trophy- People’s choice on the day at the Xmas party Autumn festival – 27 entries to date to be run Irishman’s style Meeting finished at 9.40pm with coffee to follow.


Alon & Tracy Mayhew Sorry if this sounds like an obituary to the Central Otago Club, but I feel we have just lost two valuable branch members as Alon and Tracy who leave to seek their fortune in Canterbury.

We have been privileged to have Alon and Tracy Mayhew in our midst for a good number of years since the early beginnings of the Central Otago Branch as they have both been very valuable members and will be a great loss to our club Alon is a passionate Model T enthusiast and has an impressive collection of cars and parts. So to follow

is a comparison of Alon and Tracy and to their Model T Fords The T Ford was said to be the peoples Car of the 20s, and so too are Tracy and Alon as they both will do anything for anyone no matter how busy they are in the different groups that they are involved with. Like the wheels on a Model T Ford both Alon and Tracy are well rounded at putting their skills to anything as committee members, Alon has served as chair on two separate occasions, club captain and now south Island Club Captain. Tracy has been an unofficial secretary filling in for Murray on occasions as well as a few terms as treasurer and then Bulletin Editor. The Ford T’s engine is a strong reliable work horse and so too is Alon having organised at least 8 of our yearly Blossom festival rallies and numerous Arrowtown Autumn festival rallies. He has instigated weekenders as well as overnighters to various destinations along with a few back country road runs. He has also been on the committees of three National Rallies that Central Otago has hosted. It is also said that a T Ford will run on an oily rag and as oil is a necessary part to any T engine so too are the well lubricated instructions full of information on the rally routes that both Alon and Tracy have organised, they also provided a page or two of questions to keep the entrants on their toes during their travels. T Fords require fuel and Tracy’s fuel, or more to the point, her deserts she has brought along to our Christmas parties and other catering events were exceptional. Alon’s fuel is a bowl of coffee at least twice a day. The T Fords Transmission’s components work in smooth harmony with each other as does Alon with the working bees that he frequently attended where he was always willing to help with enthusiasm. He completed installations such as the stairs to the parts mezzanine floor, Library shelving, Kitchen cabinets, helped in the construction of the tunnel barn and the clubrooms, plus numerous working bees shifting parts from one place to another. I do hope you will have more time in the future Alon and Tracy for either restoring or motoring your T Fords. The Central Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club wish you all the best for future adventures. Yours in Motoring John Martin.


Promotional Ideas Club Profile First we need to agree on what it is that we are promoting there is no good us saying “this is what we stand for” if half our member don't agree. I have attached a draft profile as a starting point to nail that down. Club Logo/Brand We need some sort of image or logo that forms our “brand”, this needs to be visual and briefly sum up what we stand for. If we then use this brand in all our promotional material we will become recognised by that brand. Given our affiliation to VCCNZ the national logo would probably need to form the main image on our brand, however I can't see anything preventing us from adding our branch designation and some “byline” describing what we stand for. It would stand to reason that this would reflect our club profile. (draft attached). Once we have settled on our brand we can then develop letterhead, Puff n Stuff header, flags, posters and signage etc. to incorporate it. Mass Media Most of the free newspapers around our region have a “what's on” type column these are also in publications like Classic Car magazine. We need to be listed in all these places. There are also opportunities to get publicity for our upcoming events on local radio or an article in the the above newspapers. We could try blasting off a media release to all the local media and see who shows an interest. Some sort of presence wherever there is likely to be car people: a banner and profile brochures at car shows, posters at Highlands and the Wanaka Transport Museums and banners at the speedway and Highlands meetings etc. Within our Club Preaching to the converted is probably the most neglected aspect of any promotion. We need to make sure our events are advertised in a clear and timely manner in both our own magazine and in Beaded Wheels as well as on the National Events Calendar (printed and on the national website). We are all also responsible for the promotion of the club whether this involves encouraging a neighbour with a classic in their garage to join or making sure that people coming to our meetings or approaching us at events feel welcome to join the club. Note: I deliberately avoided mentioning an online presence because I believe this can do more harm than good unless we have someone with good knowledge and an ongoing commitment to maintaining our information. Until recently the VCC national website was a good example of out of date misleading information. It is equally important that we keep a register of all our other listings and regularly check that they are up to date.


Central Otago Branch Profile

What: We are the Central Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand, one of 36 branches with over 8000 members nationwide. Who: A friendly enthusiastic group of locals who enjoy using their vehicles. Why: To encourage/foster the preservation and continued use of a broad range of cars, trucks and motorbikes over 30 years old. How: We encourage others to share our interest in older vehicles through participation in public events (Parades, Displays etc.). By visiting restorations in progress and providing access to expertise and affordable parts. By providing opportunities for owners of club eligible vehicles to use them in a variety of ways; Tours to different parts of NZ often on roads and tracks not normally accessible Rallys Speed Events (hill climbs, circuit racing etc.) Where: We have good clubrooms, including a reference library and an extensive parts department, in Litany Street Cromwell. (Note: could insert an idea of our area and where our representatives are based here) We meet there monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. Note: This is only a rough draft and the format (what, why etc.) is simply a way to help focus on the sort of questions someone wanting to know about us might ask. I also appreciate that the top photo only reflects one part of our scope, ideally a similar photo with a car from each era would be good. I was having trouble stealing any other off the internet but know that we have had some good ones in P n S over the years


From Alf O’Sullivan, Kaitaia’s main street, C late 1920’s obviously a bustling town.

North Otago Tour from top left, ornate bridge Myers Pass, rambling road, Lunch at Dansey Pass Hotel, just the thing for the clubrooms Naesby, Top of the Pass Dansey pass, don’t make them like they used to! Steampunk Museum Oamaru




Lunch stop at Moa Creek





North Otago tour; Myers Pass. New puff n stuff delivery system!

Other good stuff;

in the parts dept

Tyres, Tubes, Wheels, axles, brakes, transmissions, chassis, spark plugs, engines, body parts, gauges, caps, bearings, brake kits, Head and sundry gaskets, electrical bits, Carburettors , fuel pumps, Ford, models T , A and V8, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Austin and Austin 7 , Morris, Minor, Mini , Vauxhall, Standard, Rootes Group, Spark Plugs Galore at $ 2.50 each, some of these have matured to the point where they will be self igniting ! (saving on expensive distributors and all that wiring).



Watch Repairs


Level 2 Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connells Pavillion Queenstown 027 217 0442 5-14

Graham Taylor Mechanical Ltd 114 Shortcut Road, Luggate. 443 1416 027 248 9942


Competitive, relaxed, or just about anything on wheels. Half day, to ten day tours great people lots of fun, some adventures, most of us still married ………….. The only thing missing is YOU!

It is also possible to take part in events almost anywhere in NZ.

Did you know that the New Zealand Vintage Car Club caters to vehicles over THIRTY YEARS of AGE! And drivers over sixteen.

Return Address: 114 Shortcut Road, RD2, Wanaka


Central Otago VCC April 2017  
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