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January 2018

BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB of NZ (Inc) Lamb Country Branch Email: Contributions should be emailed to the Editor no later than (25th of each month)

Club Nights

7.30pm 3rd Wednesday of every Month

Triumph Roadster—1946—1948—1,775cc or 2,088cc Straight Four The quirky Roadster was one of several cars killed off by the high purchase tax levied on big cars.

Postal Address 3 Fergusson Avenue Waipukurau, 4200 NOMINATED POSITIONS CHAIRMAN Lynn Cross 06 858 9814 VICE CHAIRMAN Bruce Poole 06 858 9940 SECRETARY Shirley Foot 06 858 8301

TREASURER Suzanne McCool 06 856 8087 CLUB CAPTAIN Rod McKenzie 06 858 9562

Sir John Black of the Standard Motor Company had newly acquired the Triumph Motor Company and had the task of producing a competitor to the new XK120 Jaguar. The plans that emerged where to evolve into the post world war 2 Triumph Roadster which never did manage to be any sort of competition to the new Jaguar which was a classic in its own right.

COMMITTEE John Foot V.I.C. (I.D. Card) Coordinator 06 858 8301

while two more could perch on the rear dickey seats via a step on the back bumper. This pair were protected by a folding windscreen, but forever remained outside the folding soft top. The sweeping front wings were slightly bulbous and the headlamps appeared to hang in midair, while the grill was set well back from the front bumper.

Barry Smales 06 858 9956

Peter McCool The first Triumph Roadster 1800 was launched at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1947. A bench seat was designed to accommodate three (necessitating a column change) 06 856 8087

PUBLICITY OFFICER Sandra Cross All of which added up to a very attractive car. The 1800 was succeeded by the 2000 Roadster with its larger engine, but the old fashioned styling that so appeals to mod- 06 858 9814

ern taste now, was not appreciated in the early 1950’s and with the purchase tax on larger cars at the time saw the demise of the Triumph Roadster in 1949. Only 2,500 1800s and 2.000 2,000s were ever made and those that have survived are jealously guarded by besotted owners.

EDITOR Joyce Calder 022 166 1403

Wednesday 17th January - Club Dinner and Meeting To be held at Hatuma Cafe, 2398 Takapau Road, Waipukurau. Arrive for refreshments from 6.00pm. Meal at 6.30pm followed by the Meeting at 7.30pm

Buffet – Ham, Fish, Potatoes & Salads and Desert $25.00 per person Please contact Barry (06) 858 9956 or 2018 with numbers attending. (please note our change of email) by Sunday 14th January

Barry is required to forward numbers to the restaurant a few days before to ensure we receive the service we require.

Sunday 21st January— First Club Run for 2018 Leaving Russell Park Waipukurau at 10.00am and going by various roads to arrive at 196 Pourere Beach Road at about 11.30am, the home of Owen and Pam Spotswood. Toilets and BBQ are available and plenty of car parking. Homeward bound will be via different roads to pass Patangata Hotel. Bring chairs, food, drink and have an enjoyable day.


HBVCC for the 30th Anniversary of the Art Deco Weekend in February from the 16th - 18th - 2018. We want to show the public what the earliest cars look like, how they perform and where it all started from. Our programme for 2018 has changed a bit as we have moved the annual rally from Saturday to Friday and plan to have a 3 or 4 hour run plus a picnic lunch at an historic Hawke's Bay homestead. There will be a special rally route for the early veterans (plotted by early veteran owners) to get you to the picnic on time. There will be a Special Prize Draw ($250 of petrol vouchers) Just for the 100 year or older cars that enter and participate in the 2018 Rally Event. Come and join the other 200 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2018—30th Anniversary Event.

Go to the HBVCC website( for an Entry Form and Event Programme or email Entry forms for 2018 will be available from 20th August. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. You will need to arrive on Thursday 15th to be ready for the rally on Friday 16th Feb. 2018.


CHB Branch




Other Events

Mon 15th

Committee meeting

Wed 17th

Club dinner and monthly meeting

Sun 21st

Pourerere Beach [Bruce Poole]

Sun 25th

Norsewood Adventure [Pip and Jenny Halford] Sun 4th

Veteran Rally Manawatu

Wed 21st

Club dinner and monthly meeting


Art Deco Napier

Mon 19th

Committee meeting


Group visiting CHB from Waikato

Wed 21st

Club dinner and monthly meeting

Sat 24th

National Executive meeting ChCh [Rod attending]


Easter Rally Waikato

Nothing Planned as yet


Model T's in Manawatu

April May

Events Calendar

Date TBA


MTFCNZ Rally Hamilton

Sun 28th Wheels with Attitude Dvke

Annual Night run {Bruce Poole]


Nothing Planned as yet


Nothing Planned as yet


Nothing Planned as yet

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting the CHB number (39) results in a commission being made to our Branch.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 3

Letter to members from the National President VERO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF HISTORIC MOTORING – NEW PLYMOUTH 2021 As I mentioned in my recent Beaded Wheels column, the Management Committee is fully committed to this event going ahead. I am therefore pleased to advise that Tony Haycock has been appointed as Festival Director. The Management Committee will be having a more hands-on role with the 2021 event, hence the appointment of a Management Committee member as the Director. Although Tony is currently National Speed Steward and is well known for his travel and journalist endeavours, in another life Tony has experience in event management and recently has been involved in organising major motoring events for overseas clubs. We have taken on board the concerns and comments from many members about the future of our International Rallies and Tony has come up with a new concept (see below) which is exciting and innovative and I have no doubt that with Tony’s enthusiasm and experience it will be a very successful event for our Club. Diane Quarrie National President Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring - New Plymouth 2021 - A new beginning and whole new concept for our premier International event. Forget everything you thought you knew about VCC International rallies. For 2021 we have a totally new concept for a totally new style of rally. Shorter, sharper and more bang for your buck. This is THE old car, bike and truck event you will not want to miss. I can promise you a week of motoring, entertainment and activities, the likes of which you have never experienced before! We start the Festival with a massed arrival in New Plymouth on Sunday afternoon from the north and south, so you have the weekend to get there. We will then have four motoring days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So, what's happening on Wednesday? You might be thinking you can have a day off, and if you want to you can but I don't think you will want to and I'll explain why shortly. The four motoring days will see all entrants on the same route. If some of us are going to Hawera on day X, we all are. You will get to see all the cars, the trucks and the bikes, every day. No more travelling with the same group of vehicles every day while the other 4/5th of the rally has gone somewhere else - your mates included. Until now, there have been no National Rallies in the same year as an International. 2021 will be very different. Wednesday will see the National Veteran, Motorcycle and Commercial rallies taking place. For the other VCC categories which currently do not have a National rally, don't worry - there will be something for you too. Rally headquarters will be the heart of the Festival and there will be good food, good drink, and plenty of entertainment right there - the ideal way to sit down with friends after a great day of motoring to tell lies about what you have been up to. At the same time, the New Plymouth Festival of Lights will be taking place at Pukekura Park, and this world-renowned spectacle is both free, and only a couple of minutes walk from HQ . The public display will be a twilight event, and Friday night will see the final function, giving everyone the weekend to get back home for work. The proposed date at this stage is 17th to 23rd January 2021. The new format is something which has never been done by the VCC before and is the result of listening to comments from members and previous rally entrants over several years. It will be a gathering of the most diverse range of New Zealand and overseas motoring heritage ever to have been assembled in one place. Tony Haycock Festival Director


Chairman's Report The beginning of December was the Christmas parade through town in which we had fifteen cars, I think. Unfortunately Sandra and I couldn’t attend due to our having to meet a plane. Then we had a lovely Christmas function at Vicky and Michael Harding’s. The day was fine and hot. The planned gymkhana, which was to be held there, prior to the barbeque was canned because Rod thought it might rain. “He was right.” It actually poured and later on it hosed down, and then it bucketed down and, eventually, it did rain. Proper rain. (Lest anyone doesn’t know, both Sandra and I grew up on the West Coast and love rain.) Unfortunately it dampened some spirits for a while and barbeques had to be moved to shelter and umbrellas ferreted out of car boots. Some people whom I will not name turned up with their tops down and no doubt earned wet sets in more ways than one. Somehow Santa arrived with not a spot on him and dished out gifts and good cheer all round. In a previous “Bleat” article I called “Start, Ya Bastard” I challenged readers to figure out why the Auburn wouldn’t start. Graham Cheer was the only member of our Branch who came up with the answer which was “The engine was being spun backwards”. Interestingly, I had three replies from members of other Branches which goes to show how widely the “Bleat” is read. New Year’s greetings to all.

LYNN CROSS CHB Branch Chairman


Rod’s Rattling's The year is at an end and Christmas will have been and gone by the time this hits your email letter-box. Best wishes for a Happy New Year, and some good and safe motoring in your elderly cars. We have been to numerous places and had several interesting visits this year of 2017 which seem to have been enjoyed by those taking part. It is always the same old story ……… the more you put in the more you get out! The month of December started out with the branch entering around 20 cars into the Waipukurau Christmas parade, the oldest being Tony Prebensen’s 1903 Holley, and the latest one something from the era of cars just a little over 30 years of age [when vehicles become eligible for VCC events]. It was fine and hot and the slow speed down the main street was a bit hard on some of our cars, particularly the veterans. We planned on heading out to Michael and Vicki Harding’s home after the parade was over for our branch Christmas BBQ and a good number of our members turned up …………. But so did a huge thunderstorm! The rain poured down and came into the venue. The gymkhana we had also planned was washed out. We all felt very sorry for Michael and Vicki who had gone to quite some trouble putting up [sun] umbrellas and gazebos in the morning, only to have the whole thing washed out. Fortunately, they have a covered swimming pool around which we all gathered where we had a sumptuous meal and waited on Santa who turned up in dry clothes. The reindeer must have had him flying above the clouds. Thanks to the Harding’s for a pleasant evening which was not completely ruined by the rain. As I have said above, the more you put in to an organisation such as this branch, the more you get out of it. I would like some input from members who are prepared to have a go at arranging an event later in the year. The committee don’t have a monopoly on all the ideas of places to go and things to see and do. Let me know how you can help the branch and what you would like to do and I’ll see to it that you get all the help you would need in setting something up for sometime later in the year. Pip and Jenny Halford have put up their hands and will be taking us to places of interest most of us have not seen in the Norsewood area later in February. And that is the sort of thing I would like YOU to do too. Like a number of you, we will be AWOL for a time in mid-January. We will be at a Model T event in Hamilton, but should be home in time to travel out to Pourerere for Bruce’s trip. Details should be found elsewhere within the “Bleat”. And there are so many events you could be going to in one place or the other throughout the country. It would be handy if there were about 14 weekends in February!

Rod McKenzie CHB Branch Club Captain


A Story from 1982 …………… Half a lifetime ago!

BY Rod McKenzie

One of the advantages of being the branch’s “Club Captain” is that I get to read some of the “hard-copy” magazines printed by other branches. You could too if you were to go into the VCC website and look at the latest magazines from all our club’s other branches throughout NZ. I was delighted to read an article printed in the Gisborne Branch November 2017 magazine, “The Carlton”, where an article had been written by one of their members 35 years ago, Burnley Cooper, who attended a HB Branch Safari Rally in 1982. The rally came to Waipukurau and was one of several that Geoff Brannan[ Waipawa police constable stationed in CHB with family and 1929 Erskine], Bruce Poole and I had quite a bit to do with organising way back then. I shall quote from that article, and also from a report that our own CHB VCC member, Hank Hurley, wrote at the time about that rally in the Hawke’s Bay VCC “Mag”, for we certainly had some fun at that event. “Burnley Cooper penned an article on the HB Safari which that year was centred in Waipukurau. They travelled to Napier on the Friday, with the rally travelling to Waipukurau on the Saturday, finishing up at a “woolshed party” that night, which was described as an hilarious affair with a group of entertainers all in Fred Dagg style outfits. The rally attracted 75 entries, and the lunch stop was at Porangahau. Later in the afternoon they “were treated to a horror stretch of goodness knows how many miles of mountain unsealed roads up in the clouds. Cold wind, rain, hail and snow greeted us. Then we quickly dropped down into the warmer air and sunshine to the final check at Mangaorapa Station”. The prize-giving was a jolly affair which culminated in a hilarious incident when some recipient was presented with the keys to a “Commodore” which turned out to be the door off a wrecked Commer truck”. The woolshed evening was held at Mangatarata Station about 5 miles from town with a certain rural theme which must have gone down quite well it seems. “Entertainment was by the “Talented” Hawke’s Bay crew with some assistance from the CHB chaps and Patoka lads giving them a hand” according to Hank. Brannan had his guitar, I strummed the banjo, and I seem to remember Poole rattling away on the “Lager-phone”. Hank recalled that in starting from Awatoto, the entrants wound their way through Clive, Havelock North, Longlands and Bridge Pa, taking Raukawa Rd to end up in Waipukurau. The run must have included a requirement to accumulate “stuff” in a scavenger run picking up “ wool, empty cans, cigarette packets, papers, cones, and all that sort of junk” and also “ count all the schools, churches, halls, railway crossings, etc, etc” so as to ascertain a winner of the Saturday morning leg. A gymkana and afternoon tea filled in the afternoon for the “Big H.B.’s while the little H.B.’s were taken for a ride on a cart pulled by Jack the Clydesdale”. The Sunday event started with “straight-line” instructions followed by “tulip” diagrams and then a bit of cryptic to keep them on their toes. “Eventually Te Uri Rd was reached and we headed to the coast and into some snow-type rain to turn towards “Timbuktoo”, then down “Hollywood Boulevard”, and then lunch at Mangaorapa Station woolshed”. We had made special signposts for the event, and could imagine the entrants traipsing over Te Uri Rd with the next instruction being “Right at Timbuktoo”. “Where on earth are these blighters taking us, Mavis?” I could imagine the driver enquiring of his navigator. The long place name was on Mangaorapa Rd in those days, so that was the next place to go. “As it was raining rather hard no one stayed long, but we headed for Porangahau and the “Hill-arity Test” over Old Hill Rd. Question? How fast do you go in inches per hour? 1.5 million is 22 mph apparently. The top of the hill was reached and with all the flat road 22 mph was a piece of cake until we came to the first silent check which of course had to be written down: Tamatawhakatangihangaoauauotamateaturipukaoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. Then damn me if the next silent check was: Llanfairrpwlgwyngyllgogeiychwyrndrobwllantysiliogogogoch! We didn’t really have time to stop and write them down. Then the next silent check was “Bloody Hell” and I’m inclined to think I would have to agree with that. Down the bottom of the hill the marshal was collecting the paperwork, and then it was a free run back to Waipukurau.” The highlight of the prize-giving in the evening for Hank was when “Dizzy” Harris from Havelock North was presented with the keys to his “new” Commodore which was actually a very worn Commer truck door salvaged from the transport operators out at Elsthorpe by our police friend. It didn’t fit his ’29 Chev, but he was certainly fitted up with the prize which, incidentally, was won fair and square. Thirty-five years later and we are still having fun!


Xmas Rides in the Park

Tony Prebensen and the Holley, all dressed up to the nines, giving the young ones a ride in the park after the Christmas Parade. Some of the young ones took a lot of interest in Tony’s car Holley.

Bruce Poole’s granddaughter Mya driving the Holley and she actually drove for quite a distance around the park.


WAIKATO DOUBLE 50 RALLY 3RD & 4TH JUNE JOHN & SHIRLEY FOOT Saturday morning and the Buick is packed, filled with fuel and we are away on our trip to Cambridge. We had light rain interspersed with heavy showers until just before the RangItaiki Hotel after which we had gloriously fine weather for the rest of the day. From Taupo we travelled via Poihipi Road to Whakamaru then Wharepapa and Arapuni roads to Te Awamutu to do some visiting then on to Cambridge and our accommodation. After getting settled in we went to the Waikato Branch Clubrooms for a get together with other entrants, collect our rally packs followed by a very nice meal catered and served by Branch members. Sunday morning, was crisp and beautifully fine, we met at the clubrooms for a rally briefing with the first car of 58 away at 10.00am and we were number 3 away at 10.01am. The rally route took us over very good roads with very little traffic and great scenery but we were also looking for silent checks and questions, there was also a timed section. After approximately 50 miles we had lunch at Te Kowhai School which was catered by the parents as a fund raiser for the school. When we had finished lunch we carried on with the rally for another 50 miles of glorious countryside and getting near the end of the rally we were expecting a trap and sure enough there was a very subtle one and luckily we didn’t fall for it and found the correct manned check. The dinner/prize giving was held at Gail’s of Tamahere where there is a restored church and also a restaurant. After dinner there was an auction of donated goods including a bathroom vanity unit complete with tapware. The prizegiving took place after the auction with Auckland Branch members picking up most of the placeings and also the Teams Trophy and the Auckland Waikato cup. Two of the Auckland members finished the rally with no loss of points. We were not among the place getters but overall it was a very enjoyable event and we were able to meet up with old friends. Monday dawned wet and we had rain most of the way home (Vacuum wipers are not much fun on the Napier/Taupo) until we were coming down into the Esk Valley then it was fine for the rest of the trip home. We covered 550 miles and had a very enjoyable weekend. If you haven’t rallied in the Waikato you should do it sometime as they have a great range of roads with all types of surface and terrain and very little traffic.



The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY 23 August 2017 to 30 June 2018 The VCC code for discounts with Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry are as follow: Discount code: ANTIQUECAR Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2018 excluding peak season between 15 December and 15 January plus Easter Weekend. Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares

Promotion Terms & Conditions •

• • • 

Members must present a current Vintage Car Club of New Zealand membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding. Full payment is required at time of booking. Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. Bookings can be made online at by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply. Full Bluebridge ticket terms & conditions can be viewed at


RATES QUOTED FORNZ Vintage Car Club Booking Reference: WH5465 The below rates are based on prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability. Off Peak Fares: Each Way Adult $47.00 Children $25.00 Motorcycle $40.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $124.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $20.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Off Peak Travel Dates 01-28 March 18 04 April – 18 December 18 Peak Fares: Each Way Adult $52.00 Children $25.00 Motorcycle $50.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $137.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $22.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Peak Travel Dates 01-28 February 18 29 March – 03 April 18 Booking conditions and instructions for members are: • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– or click on “Group Bookings” at the foot of our homepage • To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” • Payment is required at the time of booking. • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. • Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refundable if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. • Fares valid for specified dates only • Members are required to present their current NZ Vintage Car Club Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged. Fares valid for travel 01 February through to 18 December 18 No discounted fares for travel 19 December 17 through to and including 31 January 18 Bookings over this will need to be made online


Angela Annear An authorised Travel Broker for Searle Travel Ltd. Consultations are by appointment.

Our mailing address is: Angela Annear Travel Broker PO Box 264 Waipukurau, Central HB 4242 New Zealand For more details: Phone: 06 858 9082

Email: Cell: 027 281 1306 Website:

Fountainhead Auto Museum, Fairbanks, Alaska. Graeme and I recently visited Alaska and these are some pics of the Auto Museum we visited. It is a little different to most museums as it had fashion as well as pre-World War 2 autos on display. An amazing user-friendly display and social commentary on that time in the USA. For more information on touring Alaska contact Ph 8589082.


For Sale 1951 Sunbeam Talbot, Mk2 Sports Sedan, 2.3 litre $5000 ono Original, with seat belts and indicators, leather refurbished/replaced, rust-free. Needs a new paint job. Runs well. Has both 15 inch and 16 inch wheels. Good 15 inch tyres. Owner downsizing . Ian Rowden 06 3567871 First four owners from Wanganui 1951 to 1995, then Taihape ( Graham Robertson Member VCC), then Palmerston North 2004, off road, always shedded since 2006. WOF and reg on hold.


1914 Overland Model 79T Touring Fully Restored A great motoring vehicle Spare parts and information Won best restoration award in 2008 at the Willys Overland Club Victoria, Australia. Price: $60,000 Phone: Neil Cox 021 023 33948

Competing in the CHB Veteran Rally, February 2016

1931 Cadillac LaSalle 3 window rumble seat coupe, needs finishing. Not much more to spend but a bit of labour that will keep you out of the pub for a while. These are listed as classics in the Classic Car Club of America. I think there are around six of these world wide out of the six hundred odd manufactured in 1931. I am Looking to get around $85,000. Same old story owes me more just don't have the time/will to finish. Contact Keith Hopping 021742302 . Can be viewed at home in Waipawa, CHB. 15



Gavin Harris


Architectural Designer Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2

For all engine reconditioning and parts supply 298 Broadway Avenue Palmerston North

27 Coventry Avenue Napier

Phone: 06 35 71182

Phone: 06 844 4267

Fax: 06 356 6722 Email:

Cell: 027 478 4215 Email:

For Sale 1982 XJ6 Jaguar Series 3 Looks and runs great $3500 ono Sold with new WOF and Reg Ph: 027 445 3199 Labour $50.00 per hour + GST and Materials

FOR SALE — 1977 MGB Roadster — $11.500 — Contact Rod McKenzie — 06 858 9562 This car was imported from California in the early 1990's. It was changed to RHD and the black bumpers removed and fitted with the earlier chrome style bumpers after it arrived in NZ, which gives it the look of a much earlier car. It is a manual and has O/D fitted. Mileage is indeterminate as the Speedo was changed when the O/D was fitted, but is thought to be 71,000 miles (presently shows 18,042 miles) Includes an unrestored Hard-top. A good little car for summer motoring, but we can't take guests or grand-children. It has a VCC VIC card.

See Tony Haycock's report p96 of "Classic Driver" magazine issue 60.



Free Advertising available for members OR non members for PRIVATE SALE Vehicles, parts, machinery etc —please contact Bruce Poole, Rod McKenzie, Shirley Foot or “The Bleat” Editor to place your advertisement.

Club Badges


for Sale


Vintage Car Club of NZ Central Hawke's Bay

$3.00 each Contact Suzanne McCool 06 856 8087

HAWKE’S BAY NEW ZEALAND CHB Information Centre at the Old Railway Station Phone 06 8586488 17

Central Hawkes Bay VCC January 2018  
Central Hawkes Bay VCC January 2018