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THE VOICE OF THE VINTAGE CAR FEBRUARY 2018 End of the month run to Farming Like Grandad Taking refuge from the sun Ken Frew, Vickie and Chris Edwards, Alan and Dawn Webb










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KLAXON EMAIL: Fax 07 5746482

CLUB WEBSITE: For anytime Club enquires: Kaaren Smylie (Committee) 07 576 4180 or 021-66-43-41


Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club

The Club Rooms are located at 29 Cliff Road Tauranga. P O Box 660, Tauranga, 3140. Key contacts are— Club Captain– Kaaren Smylie (Jim) Ph 021 664341 or 07 5764180 Secretary—Joe Scott (Jill), telephone 07 544 1941 Monthly events— Club night (except January) 2nd Monday Start time 7-30pm Mid week run. Wednesday following the club night End of the month run. 4th Sunday Committee Meeting. Last Monday of the month Noggin ‘n’ Natter 4th Tuesday at 6:00pm Location Sequence of Noggin ‘n’ Natters 1, Tauranga- held at Tauranga Citizens Club, Corner Cameron Rd and 13th Avenue. 2. Te Puke- at Te Puke Hotel. Contact Martin Carey 573 7136 Paul McIndoe 5733328 3. Tauranga - Tauranga Citizens Club 4. Katikati- at “Forta Leza Café”, SH 2 Katikati. Contact Owen Smith, phone 07 570 2000. If your birthday falls in this month please remember it is your turn to provide a plate for supper. Our thanks go to last months birthday people for the food provided. PLEASE remember to wear your name badges to all events. They can be ordered from David Joblin phone 544 1690 LIBRARY HOURS— The library will be open on club nights from 7pm. Also on most Monday mornings until midday Yvonne & Paul work in the library and members are welcome to call in to search for or return books. If making a special trip please phone home beforehand to ensure they will be there, phone at home on (07 574 8482 or 027 6098510)



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Hall Cleaning Roster Volunteers We all use the hall and love to see it sparkling clean. If you have forgotten to add your name just email the Klaxon or contact Kaaren or Jack and they will do it for you. February: Roger and Rose Clark March: There are no volunteers for March April: Sandy Piercy and Paul Lett

Please enter you name on the notice board list if you are able to help. Thank you to those who HAVE volunteered


February Local Events

Mon 12th Feb

Club night. Shiny Parts auction

Wed 14th Feb

Mid week run: Organisers Sandy Piercy and Paul Lett

Wed 14th Feb

Valentines Day: Evening VCC Movies and Dinner.

Sun 25th Feb

End of month run. A visit to Mike and Val Steiners deer farm. Details to follow

Mon 26th Feb

Committee meeting

Tue 27th Feb “Noggin n Natter”. To be held at Clubrooms. This is a BYO event.


BRING ALONG YOUR SURPLUS PARTS AND PLENTY OF CASH. AN ENTERTAINING NIGHT AND BARGAINS ARE ASSURED Mid week run 14th February: Organiser Sandy Binyon and Paul Lett 14th Feb 10am Run will start club rooms, heading to Welcome Bay Road for country cruise. Bring own meat for barbeque at 15 RogerRoad Ohinepanea,


For Buns, Salads, Tea, Coffee. Full details will be handed out at club rooms before the run. Everybody is welcome. Contact is: Sandy or Paul 07 5333818.

End of the month run: 25th February: Organiser Jim Smylie We will be travelling to Steinvale Deer Farm, 475 Soldiers Road. Top of the Kaimais. This is one of the largest deer farms in the North Island. Meet at the Club carpark 9-15am and we depart at 9– 30am. Bring your own morning tea and lunch. Hot water can be available if required.


Valentines Day Movies and Dinner Evening: Organiser: Kaaren Smylie

Get in the mood and enjoy the 'Day of Romance' On Valentine's Day with your loved one. We will start off with dinner at the Tauranga Fishing Club then move on to the movie showing. Movie - either 'Darkest Hour' or "The Post", I will have a decision a week out from the scheduled movie and will advise members of the session time and the chosen movie by Thursday 8 February. Please contact Kaaren Smylie for bookings RSVP Friday 9 February


Other Club Events Feb: 3rd Feb 10th Feb 16-18th Mar 10th Mar 17th Mar 17– 18th Mar 30th

Eastern BOP - East Coast Rally Katikati Twilight Concert Hawkes Bay Art Deco Lake Taupo Rally Horowhenua Swap meet Coromandel Charity Cruise Waikato. National North Island Easter Rally

Details for many of the above events may be found on our notice board and cloud site

Waikato VCC

We welcome the following new members Suze Wilson and Steve Harris: They have transferred from Wellington David and Tanya Bamford: They have a Morris, Triumph and an Austin

Welcome to the BOP VCC We look forward to meeting you


Chairman’s Chat By Jim Smylie

Happy new year to you all. I do trust you had a wonderful festive season, and look forward to an enjoyable 2018. I certainly had a great break, and look forward to the new-year with anticipation.

There has been little happening regarding our building/the proposed museum for the last month or so, with everyone involved on leave, so it was reassuring to receive an invitation from Clare Dowthwaite of the Tauranga City Council a week or so back to meet with her team for an update. This I did today, together with three from your committee. What is obvious from that meeting is that the Council does have our interest in view as it moves forward, and that open dialogue between us is important. Amongst items discussed were: Would the Council consider renewing our lease, even if it were just for 2 years? Given the extended time frame before a full decision will be made regarding the museum and whether it will be erected on our site, the Council team agreed to consider our request for a lease renewal. They will talk to the appropriate team at Council and revert to us. The Council did point out that even if a museum were not to eventuate on our site we should be aware it wishes to recognise Tanga Te Whenua in respect to the cultural significance of the site, in particular given it has recently established the historical activity that has taken place there. To this end Council have put aside $5,000,000 to acknowledge the significance of the area, which could take the form of a descriptive sign, or maybe a building. Accordingly, our Club could be affected even if a museum were not built on our site. Late last year Secretary Joe and I met with Council staff on our site, where they expressed concerns about drainage of the rain catchment from our building which it appears runs into the bank above the railway line, and is causing stress to it. The suggestion was that we drain the water from our building out to Cliff Road. During our meeting today this was again canvassed. Council staff explained that given the possibility we may not be on the site much longer it did not want us, or it, to expend a large sum of money on the problem at this stage. In the event Council required us to leave our site Council staff assured us, without making a commitment, that it would work with us to find a suitable site to move to and do what it could to assist such a move. So, it was a profitable meeting for both parties closing with a commitment by all of us to have open dialogue and to meet at least quarterly to discuss concerns, or report on progress. This was certainly reassuring for me. On another note; we are having a Shiny Parts Auction at our next meeting. These auctions are a lot of fun so, be sure to bring any items along for the auction, which will be performed by two of the Club stalwarts, Alastair Jones and Ron Elton. My thanks to them for offering to host it.

Wishing you the best of health, happiness, and safe motoring. Jim Smylie Acting Chairman


‘Summer Motoring for you and your vehicle’

By Kaaren Smylie Club Captain Well, another year came and went in a flash, and that was 2017... Here we are in 2018 already, and some of us dare I say are going to be celebrating rather scary special birthdays! Although we are all hot and sweltering at the moment summer still is a whole lot of fun! It’s the time to get out the barby, dust off those jandels and enjoy the great outdoors. Motoring in the summer does help to keep us a little cooler, and with the longer daylight hours, we get to spend more time doing what we get the most pleasure from...Cruising! Whether it’s heading off to the beach with the family or just enjoying the great outdoors, not only do you need to protect yourself and avoid sunburn, but the same goes for your vehicle. Ultraviolet light can burn the clear coat – the layer on top of the paint, causing oxidisation and creating a cloudy look. Paint pigments can also absorb UV over time, which makes colours change or fade. To prevent your vehicle to becoming a victim from the great outdoors, AA recommends some forward planning for your vehicle’s needs. When you are out there motoring and parked up, try and find some shade to protect the interior as well as exterior of your auto. Wash your car regularly with a quality automotive wash, followed by a wax for that added protection... Now you are set put the key in the ignition and ‘zoom’!! 2018 came upon us all with a ‘hoop and a hollow’ especially for the many VCC members attending the numerous events held around the North Island at this time of the year. The Smylies attended the most enjoyable Model ‘T’ International Rally in the Waikato. Folks came from far and wide to go to this event, including many overseas visitors from Australia to the USA. The highlight of the event for us was being ‘crowned’ 1st Overall Winners of the Rally, and being the recipients of a stunning trophy and a travel blanket, not often we get the privilege to be the winners of such an event, and we are still not sure how we became the overall winners, but hey who’s complaining not us. This International Rally ended in Rotorua on Sunday 21st January just in time for folks to attend the Rotorua VCC Annual Lakeside Car Show. A brilliant day weather-wise and an incredible turnout of vehicles from other surrounding VCC Branches, including very good support from our BOP VCC members well-done guys. I am very happy to report the large number of attendees certainly put a huge smile on Rotorua Chairman Dave Tomlinson’s face! It is always great to support other branch events and ‘wave the flag,’ and likewise


for our branch to return the favour and host other clubs to our functions. Speaking of flags, our Club has just taken possession of a brand spanking new promotional flag that we will be able to fly at all our up and coming events in the future, to help promote our wonderful progressive Club. You won’t miss seeing it flapping out there in the wind, it will make a statement! Auckland Anniversary was another eventful weekend; on the Saturday, the ever popular Thames VCC ‘Wings & Wheels’ car show was held and well attended by numerous ‘wings’ and ‘wheels’ type folks, followed by the Sunday where the EBOP VCC branch held their ‘Farming like Grandpa’ day out. In a heartbeat January came and went...and now we are well into the swing of things with the busy month of February. Coming up on the 10thFebruary is the third Katikati Twilight concert. At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to make mention of our members Gideon, Peter, Jan & Murray who year after year offer their assistance to the organisers of this event for the benefit of our Club. You folks are tireless hard working people beavering away behind the scenes, and really do contribute hugely to helping the organisers make these events so successful, a very big thank you to each and every one of you! For our Club Night in February, the Chairman decided it's about time we had another ‘Shiny Parts Auction’, so folks circle in your calendars 12thFebruary. This is a very popular, entertaining, annual event for the guys as well as the gals.

We have two events happening on the 14th February; during the day we have our Mid-Week Run, and the organisers this month Sandy and Paul, have a great day planned for us (see advert). In the evening as it’s the ‘Day of Romance’, the committee decided we could give our men folk the opportunity to ‘feel the love’ and spoil their loved ones, so we have organised a special Club event. A movie at the Rialto theatre, followed by dinner at the Tauranga Fishing Club, there will also be a small token gift for each partner on this special ‘Valentine’s event. The choice of movie is dependent on session times, and we will either see ‘Darkest Hour’ or ‘The Post’ both excellent movies with very good casts, I will email you the confirmed details by 10thFebruary. Art Deco starts the day after (15thFebruary) in the sunny Hawke’s Bay, and I know many folk from our club and all the other clubs around the country will be attending this very special annual vintage & retro event including the Jones & the Smylies. Art Deco is always an entertaining long weekend, and I know we are all really looking forward to it. So tut tut darlings dust off your best threads and polish up those autos. If Deco is one of those things you have had on your bucket list, consider it now. Not only is there the special events you pay to attend, but there are many more on offer for FREE. Even just ‘musing’ around the many hundreds of parked era vehicles is fun, or relaxing and walking the infamous Napier Marine Parade, plenty to entertain everyone and always something happening. You may remember last March we had planned an ‘End of Month Run’ to visit


‘Steinvale’, one of the largest deer farms in the North Island owned by our members Michael and Valerie Steiner. However, due to Michael being taken out of action a few days prior to our visit, the result of him having a very serious tractor accident, we had to postpone the Run to another time. Well that time has now come about, and our hosts are ready for our visit, so this month our ‘End of Month Run’ is to Steinvale (see advert).The farm is looking fabulous and Valerie’s garden would give the Ellerslie Flower Show a run for their money, so all we need now is you folks, so please circle the date of 25thFebruary. Nog ‘n’ Natter is due to be held in Tauranga this month, and because the last ‘Nog’ we had at the Club Rooms was so popular your committee decided we should try another one at the Club. Please make a note of the 27thFebruary and come along with your BYO food and refreshments. And to not overwhelm you too much, I won’t even begin to start to talk about the very busy March calendar of events coming up. However a little reminder to you at Easter, 30thMarch – 1stApril the National North Island Easter Rally is happening, and this year it will be hosted by the Waikato VCC. Rally Director Greg Terrill and his committee have gone all out to provide a fantastic three day programme, which will include a Twilight Run, a Mystery Tour and a Show and Shine to name but a few of the highlights! Last but not least a big New Years welcome to all our new members who have joined the Club over the last twelve months, and there are many of you. Each year we have a special meet and greet evening for new members and this is planned to happen on 18 April. Our presenter for the evening Chris Cole will give you a wonderful informative introduction to our Club, followed by entertainment and a scrumptious supper. You will be advised of further details in the March Klaxon. For many of us, we are fortunate to have good health, however for others not quite the same applies. Bryce and Donn two stalwarts of our Club are both having a rough spin at the moment health-wise, so I just want to mention that we are all thinking of you and sending our best wishes and good luck for a comfortable recovery. Until next month in the words of Winston Churchill, "Never give up, never give in"


Your Klaxon Editor is Paul Beck

Contact Paul at or 07 5748482

All articles must be in writing and received PREFERABLY early in the month, the close off date being Wednesday following the committee meeting. Hi All, Time for me to wake up again and get the Klaxon back underway after quite a break.

I guess many of you have stories to tell from all the visits and travels and I would like to share one as well. Over the break Yvonne and I got a surprise visit from J and M. (no names) J had just got out of his car and his first words were. Yes I know I don’t have any number plates. Lets go inside and I will tell you about it. As we all get older our memories fade (just a little bit) many of us have little checks to ensure things go right for us. Well M had memorized their car number plates as there are many RAV4’s about to make sure they were in the right car. The morning before they dropped in to visit they were staying in at a motel in Rotorua and J went out to the car to get something. M watched through the window and when he came in she said Where's our car. That is not ours. Wrong number plate. They double checked and sure enough the number plates were wrong. They had been swapped overnight. They went to the Police and reported it and were told. Yes the number plates are for a RAV4 reported involved in a burglary. So now probably your number plates are on a car on their way to Hamilton. As J an M did not want the number of the stolen ones on their car they had to replace them but upon going to NZTA to re reregister their car found they were unable to because NZTA computers were out of action NZ wide. Instead they were given a note to say it was ok to drive without number plates. We all joked about it and thought of scenarios like free tolls on the motorways etc. However it brought a point home, that all may not be what it seems as regarding your car sometimes. You could possibly have some explaining to do when all seems to be going so well. Going by Jims report in this issue it seems the committee have done some sterling work as regarding our clubrooms and while the final outcome has not altered the City Council possibly may assist. In what form that takes place I don’t know but I am sure as new information comes to light the club will be informed. We seem to have got off to a slow start this month but like a snowball we are gathering ourselves together and it seems like Kaaren has a full program ahead. The work and effort she puts in for our benefit and is well appreciated by everyone I am sure. So a massive thankyou Kaaren. Also Alastair Jones is gathering up thoughts for our 60th Birthday celebration. Something else to look forward to this year. August to be exact but if anyone has any information as regarding our club history like old photos or articles or you have any thoughts as to what format this event should take place he would like to hear from you.

All for now, Paul


2017 Xmas Cheer Run Around 50 people turned out on this years' Xmas Cheer Run which began at the Omokoroa Country Estate. Some keen residents took up offers to be driven around the latter mentioned complex and some of the Omokoroa peninsula. One resident who is over 90 years of age was very quick to get into a MGB convertible! From there the convey of cars (many carrying a Xmas theme) made their way past Acacia Park Respite Care before arriving at Waipuna Hospice via Snodgrass Road for morning tea. We were warmly welcomed by the Waipuna Hospice team and they showed us a short video outlining the roles performed at the award winning facility. A Xmas hat was passed around and at least $250.00 was quickly amassed for morning tea. Ken Frew who coordinated our 2017 Car Show and Swap Meet then handed over a cheque in excess of $500.00 from BOP VCC. He explained that our club had raised this money from the proceeds of raffles at the Car Show and Swap Meet and the funds were gratefully accepted. From there the convoy joined up with some hectic Xmas Rush traffic on SH2 before branching off a little way down the road at Bethlehem in order to visit the residents at Matua Lifecare. The cars were keenly viewed by the residents and one gentleman claimed that he was the same age as the Smylie's Ford Model T (93 years). From there the convoy made its way back to Bethlehem in order to park at the rear of the Bob Owens Retirement Village where a good number of residents inspected the vehicles and more refreshments were consumed. By Donn White


Children’s Christmas Party


I have just returned from a wonderful afternoon at our clubrooms with the occasion being the children’s or should I say grandchildren’s Christmas party. How great it was to see approximately 15 children having so much fun along with adults equally as much.

At 2:00pm Linda started them all with a treasure hunt, followed by a race whilst hugging a balloon between the knees. Next 2 teams were formed and it was the quickest team to fill their team’s bucket. All this of course was leading up to the moment when the big fella in the red suit made his grand entrance. He arrived on que and in style on the back of Poppa Jo’s Model A truck. All the kids responded with so much excitement where they all followed him inside and awaited nicely in anticipation. Santa sat in his big chair with his fairy helper Shelley and gave each of the children their gift all received with a thank you and big smile. By now everyone was ready for their Christmas feast and that it was, as they all pinned their ears back with second helpings greatly appreciated with everything from fruit to fairy bread. Then it was time for the rides in Poppa Jo’s truck and Jim’s Model T, what a treat with smiles from ear to ear and laughter that could be heard right across the front field. A perfect way to conclude the best children’s party, and a reminder of how 30+ years ago we were doing this sort of thing with our children. In closing many thanks to Kaaren, Linda, Santa Alastair, his fairy helper Shell, Jim, Poppa Jo, and everyone else who made this day possible. Alan Webb


ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS Do you have any early photographs of events or items of interest pertaining to our Branch In August 2018 we will be celebrating our 60th anniversary and would like to collate any history of our Branch.

Even a tatty but important photograph may be suitable. Please send to: Alastair Jones, 7 Chestnut Way, Bellevue, Tauranga 3110. or telephone 07 5761482 Do not forget to put your name on an envelope so we know who to return it to


The Years 1949– 1951 1949: Signalled the end of the Tram Era on the Herne Bay run in Auckland with the arrival of trolley buses. Although trams did survive in Auckland until 1956.

1949: Scheduled night flights on domestic routes are introduced by NAC. A major air disaster occurred also when a NAC Electra crashed near Waikanae and resulted in 15 deaths. 1950: The lifting of restrictions on the sale of petrol and butter represented the end of wartime rationing measures, 1951: The RNZAF entered the Jet Age with the de Havilland Vampire jet distinctive by its twin tail. 1951: Teal began a Christchurch to Melbourne service using a chartered DC- 4. 1951: The road toll rises to 292 deaths. 60 more than the previous year. The previous worst year was 1938 when 254 died and 6300 were injured.


Snapshots from New Years Day Picnic Tuapiro Point. A great turnout.


1st Overall winners at the Model T International Rally held in Hamilton. “Well done the Smylie's�. Smiles all round About to be flattened: The Smylie's at the Model T International Rally in Hamilton with some international guests.


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Through the Klaxon I would like to thank the members who have been so helpful in so many different ways, especially transporting us to special occasions since Snow has been out of action. We have always known that we belong to a very special club and now that our lives have changed we really appreciate this help. So thanks again. Also congratulations to John Lamb and Kerry Hart on receiving their 50 year badges. We know what an achievement that is. It only seems like yesterday when Kerry knocked on our door in Rotorua to ask if he could look at our Alvis as he had bought one as well. John Lamb had serviced our 1924 Fiat when Murray Marenzi owned it while he was working at his fathers garage in Martinborough in about the early 60s. It is a small world. Yours sincerely, Gladys Greaves

An interesting article supplied by Alastair Jones Testing Penetrating Oils This reports a test of penetrating oils where they measured the force required to loosen rusty test devices. The details reported here were validated by the original article author and he also added some details on the methods. The table below extracts the results table with the lower the number of pounds taken to loosen the device the better. Penetrating oil Fluid ounce None WD-40 PB Blaster Liquid Wrench Kano Kroil PSF-Acetone mix

Average load to loosen 516 pounds 238 pounds 214 pounds 127 pounds 106 pounds 53 pounds

Method: Mix 50:50 a simple mix of Acetone (available at Bunnings) and Power steering oil (PSF) works the best. Note from original article author: These are loads required to free the test piece after 8 hours of immersion in penetrating oil. This is probably not representative of a quick squirt just before a wrench is applied


A letter of thanks from Chris Cole and Waipuna Hospice This was the fifth occasion that members of our wonderful club toured some of the many retirement villages and rest homes in BOP to bring a bit of Christmas Cheer to the residents. It was another outstanding success. For many years a number of BOP VCC club members give of their time to clean and service the fleet of cars that take nurses from Waipuna Hospice to visit the 600 or more patients still living in their homes throughout the Bay. Our club has therefore developed a close association with the Hospice which has to raise a huge amount of money each year to be able to continue its work. The run commenced at Omokoroa Country Estate, where, in return for a $10 donation to the Hospice, many elderly residents were given a ride around the peninsula. We then proceeded to Waipuna Hospice where a lovely morning tea had been laid on for us for a donation of $5.00 each to the Hospice. At the previous club night, a raffle also produced a further amount to be presented to the Hospice. I have just received the attached Certificate of Appreciation 'In recognition of 2017 Christmas Cheer Run raising $1051.30 for Waipuna Hospice'. Well done, everyone.


Last of the Summer Days April 2018 Commences Friday 13th, ends Sunday 15th April 2018 Numbers are restricted. The intended run to be as follows: Day 1: Friday 13th April. Assemble Commerce Lane, Te Puke. We will travel to The Chateau Tongariro. BYO. smoko at Aratiatia Rapids. Lunch stop to be advised later. Arrive at the Chateau we check in and if time permits will drive to the “Top of the Bruce.” Day 2: Saturday 14th April. We leave the Chateau and travel to Wanganui via Wanganui River Road. On route weather permitting we will stop at Horopito Motor wreckers “Smash Palace”. The River Road is very scenic and very historic with places of interest such as Jerusalem and the old Flour Mill. An alternative route for those not wishing to travel the River is the Parapara hill road. We will stay at the Grand Hotel in Wanganui. Day 3: Sunday 15th April. The proprietor of the Grand Hotel is a vintage car club member and has promised us a jaunt around Wanganui in a vintage bus to a destination to be advised. On completion of the tour we return home via Marton, Waiouru and the Desert Road.

Bookings must be made through Alan Pram as he holds the reservations. Early registration is essential. Contact Alan Pram: 07 5738428 End of month run -Farming like Grandad:

by Paul Beck

The Water Wheel Trust Vintage machinery day held at Kawerau this year seemed a bit of a let down after last years event. Whether it was because the day was to be a real scorcher or because there appeared to be a lack of information on our behalf to promote the day. We attended with 8 vehicles and about 16 people. Those that did attend took refuge under sun umbrellas and whatever shade they could find. I think the general public felt the same way as us, as the crowd attendance seemed low as well. The Waterwheel Trust put on a good day though, treating us with horses and old tractors displays etc. We were parked by the stationary engines that chugged away all day pumping water or just making a noise to say they were going. One engine by us fired about every 5 seconds making me wonder how it could go so slow without stopping. It must have had a massive flywheel to keep it spinning over. We were also amused by a Mogul Tractor in the parade while going slowly around fired every now and then and each time the loose grass under the exhaust pipe blew everywhere. A good day, but glad to get home and sit under the big fan to cool down. Paul


Farming like Grandad

Above: Mason did invite me in. He reckoned there was plenty of room

Above Left: Shearing demonstration with a Cooper stationary engine powered plant. Above Right: We did fly the Flag. Below left: Clydesdales are my favourite. Below Right: Stacking hay with a hoist and grab.


Book Reviews by Paul Beck

I would like to draw attention to some books in our library that are well worth the read The Wild Roads by T R Nicholson This book is 23 short stories of the early pioneers of motoring and while the writer has named the book The Wild Roads one would wonder after reading the book how he arrived at the title. So far as I made out the travelers were real explorers and for much of their time were blazing their way through forest with no road and many times being bogged down in mud having to be pulled out by oxen or the local natives. Many a time they travelled along railway tracks where there was no other way through, then having to pull their car underwater with a rope because there was no bridge. The book is covering from 1888 to 1958 when Hillary did the South Pole Expedition with a Ferguson tractor. A little ho hum in places but fascinating in others and this book is certainly worth looking at. Land of the Long Wild Road by Bob Goddard It is not often you can pick up a book that is about travel in New Zealand. Land of the Long Wild Road is an offbeat observant and at times humorous journey around New Zealand on 2 small off road motor cycles. Bob and Viv travel over gravel roads that New Zealand is renowned for, over 4 wheel drive tracks and stay in some remote places that many motorists are unable to reach by ordinary motor car. They take a humorous look at our customs and the wide variety of people they meet on the way. Covering 11,000 km they went home with an experience that many people can only envy. At times the going was so tough they were almost ready to chuck it all in and go home but usually these times were in the middle of some wilderness riding on an extremely tough road and miles from anywhere. To give up meant they still had to get somewhere anyway and by the time they got there thought “well they did that so let’s keep going”. In remote outposts, sheep stations and towns, they came across larger than life characters who offer good old fashioned friendship, wonderful hospitality and endless entertainment. Falling in love with our awesome beauty, wide open spaces and Cookie Time biscuits they have had an adventure of a lifetime. It is a good read and I enjoyed every moment of the book, reminiscing with areas we ourselves have travelled and enjoyed. The Kiwi Vintage Car by Steve Reid This book review is short as it is mainly photos of a selection of cars belonging to many NZVCC members. The book is quite well done and interesting reading. It has a small write-up on each car and they are all cars that are something special. It even covers one of our own. Morrie Nottle with his Moon. Published in 2014 it is quite up to date. I enjoyed it as I am sure you will. These books are available in our library for you to enjoy



OUR CLUB ELECTRONIC SITES Klaxon: is available on email. If you are not receiving Klaxon by email then we do not have your email address. To correct this send an email to Paul at If you are receiving Klaxon by email and are happy with it, you may cancel your hardcopy version. This saves the club a considerable amount of money in postage and printing. As an alternative a hardcopy version is usually available on club nights which saves postage costs. You may cancel your hardcopy by contacting Paul at BOP VCC Cloud site: This site is a google cloud document site for our club members to access. It contains other club magazines and run information sent to us and stored in one convenient place for you to access and read. To get access to the site send a request to Paul at BOP VCC Website: Search bay of plenty vintage car club in your browser. It contains our magazine and other club information of interest pertaining to our club. BOP VCC Face book: The club has a Facebook page, however it is a private page only accessible to our members and approved people. Log onto your facebook page and search Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club. Then request to be a friend. If you are not a friend you cannot access it. 22



Contact: Jack 07 5766346 Reminder to all members

Clean out your sheds and bring those surplus parts down that you purchased from our Swap Meet BOP VCC LIBRARY Contact: Yvonne 07 5748482

We are accepting good clean car service manuals or books that relate to Automobile history or travel for our club library.

If you have any of these that are no longer in use at home then why not donate them to the club 23


Come to 200 Waihi Road next to the BP Summit Talk to TONCI BARCOT about tyres. We provide a fast friendly service at a very competitive price. We supply and provide Tyres, new & old, Wheel Balancing, Wheel Alignment, WOF Repairs & Batteries

Ph. 07 578 2381, Fax 07 578 2381 Mobile 027 2899484

Your connected accountants At Walton Railton we understand you have goals and we are passionate about using our knowledge to help you reach them 415 Cameron Road (Cnr Eighth Ave & Cameron Rd).


07 5786161 |

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BUMPER and LAPEL BADGES $30 EACH: Coloured in, Chrome, Nickel or Bronze finish Contact: Owen Smith 07 570200 25

$10 Each LAPEL BADGES Same size as 50c coin Contact: Steve Titmuss or Kaaren Smylie

For Sale and Wanted

Austin 7hp Parts - extensive stock of new spares for all Austin 7's 1923-39 Catalogue available. Also many parts for other pre-1940 Austins’ - Big 7, 8hp, 10hp, 12/6, etc. Peter Woodend. 07 571 5525 or 027 605 4040

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For Sale. 1926 Willy’s Knight Truck. Sleeve Valve Engine. The body is lovely but the upholstery needs a tidy and the parts are there for the motor. $15,000 ono. Contact Eric on 07 5623336 or 0274503601. or email: for further information. The truck is stored in Tauranga for viewing. For Sale. 1981 Triumph TR7 Soft top. 75,000 miles. In excellent condition. Comes with service history and manuals. Rego on hold. Contact Graeme Lusby for further details. Phone: 075761032 or email: 3 x 1938 Morris 12's - reconditioned motor sleeved to original size - 3 bodies with plenty of spare parts - $3,000 for the lot if any of your members are interest. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Triumph 2000/2500 parts - full set of tan leather seats in good order $150, steel rims 14 x5.5 (ex Triumph Stag) $50 for set of 4, Rostyle hubcaps $25ea, 2.5PI manifold & metering unit $25. Contact Paul Denniston 027-5134726 or email

For Sale. 1930 Ford Model A Roadster. NZ new Fully Restored and Registered 36252 Miles.$50000 Phone Derek Bryan.07 5796298. Wanted: 12 Volt Generator suitable for 1928 Austin 12/4. Contact Graham Savage on 07 3087683 or 0274773731 Wanted to buy – For Chev 1937 to 1939 - looking for steering wheel, towbar, original or aftermarket heater, exterior sun visor and period dress up accessories. Phone (07) 863 3554 or email Assistance required please: I am looking for someone in South Africa to check out a 1934 Ford 2x Door Sedan. The vehicle is at Velddrif West Coast, Cape Town, South Africa The task would be to check the paperwork checked to see if it is ok for transport to NZ, and as well, possible help with the money transaction when the car is on the boat to NZ If anyone is able to assist, can you please phone Andy on 027 4291180

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For beaded-edge, high-pressure/straightsided, well-based cross-ply, radial, wide whitewall, imperial, metric, car, truck, motorcycle, also whitewall trims, steel & wire wheels. Warehouse: 4/64 TUKORAKO DRIVE, MOUNT MAUNGANUI

PETER WOODEND (VCC Member) Web: Email: Postal: P O Box 2245 TAURANGA 3140 07 571 5525

Your car adds so much to your life, now you can give it back. The FINAL TOUCH REPAIRS PAINT SYSTEM removes stone chips, scratches, scuff marks and dull paint, Returning your car to the factory finish you first fell in love with.

PANEL BEATERS Bob Hyslop Proprietor ——————————————-


74 Courtney Road Tauranga Phone 07 578 2654 27







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Bay of Plenty VCC February 2018