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“Dripfeed” NEWSLETTER OF THE BANKS PENINSULA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF New Zealand (INC) VOLUME 41, No 1 FEBRUARY 2018 Editor: Michael Williams 10 Selwyn Parade Lyttelton Ph 328 8043, email

Chairman: Secretary:

Club Officers: Craig Keenan 322 4984 Ron Hasell 942 1105

Branch Address: 27 Showgate Ave, ChCh 8042 E-mail: Noggin & Natter: 2nd Thursday of the Month  

Noggin 7.30 pm at the Papanui RSA. Upham Room – enter either from 55 Bellvue Ave or the first entrance on the left on Harewood Road (Papanui / Main North Road) Thursday 8th of February. We look forward to seeing you there. Supper is provided.

From the Editor: Welcome to the first Dripfeed of the year, with another year of motoring stretching before us. This year is of course Monte Carlo year, the first time we have held it in four years, so a good deal of committee time and energy will go into organising what we hope will be a well patronised event. It will be at Show Weekend, which is the 16th-18th of November, so start booking accommodation at Akaroa soon. Even if you don’t intend to enter, any offers of organisational help will be gratefully received. Most of you will be aware of the death of Bob Scott in December, and will have read an excellent obituary written by John Coomber in the latest Beaded Wheels. Bob was our first chairman, when the Banks Peninsula branch was founded in 1976, and he was instrumental in guiding it through its early years, not always an easy task. Cars and yachting were the two great hobbies of Bob’s life, and John covered these aspects very well. But the other aspects of Bob that everyone at the funeral spoke about were his kindness, his good nature, and his generosity. Like many others, when I first joined the branch, Bob made a point of welcoming me, showed a very informed interest in my car, and at every subsequent event, went out of his way to make time to talk to me. Many other members had the same experience. The story I like the best about Bob concerned a very young George Calder, about 52 years ago, on his first VCC run, on an early Harley Davidson. The

Harley broke down in the middle of the Rakaia Bridge, causing a reasonable traffic jam. As George said, he was”somewhat emotional”.. First VCC man on the scene was Bob, who efficiently directed traffic and generally calmed down the very emotional George while the Harley was coaxed back into life. “Son’, said Bob to George, “don’t let this put you off. You’ll remember it and laugh, for the rest of your life!!” Great advice which George has duly followed. The Banks Peninsula branch extends its sympathy to Carol and Greg. The Canterbury branch has asked us to mention the names of the two new Parts Shed organisers. They are Ross Butler, 3523160, and Wayne Stocks, 3831380. Bruce McIlroy was host last week to a group of Bentleys that are driving round NZ over the next month or so. They called into the shrine of all things Bentley to worship at the feet of the master, and he in turn invited a select group of sycophants along to have a look at the cars, and chat to the owners. There were seven cars, all from the Gloucestershire Bentley Owners Club, and every year they tootle off to a different country for a bit of a drive. Six of the seven cars were pre war replicas, but still impressive, and I was finally able to have one of my many prejudices confirmed. The more erudite amongst you will be aware that Ettoire Bugatti called Bentleys fast lorries, and standing next to a Peterson recreation of a Blower Bentley made me understand. They are huge! The bonnet’s about as tall as me, and the wheels are massive. They make a Bedford truck look tiny! Ettoire was right, as always. The post war Bentley was an S2 or something and was once owned by the Queen Mother. It had a Mulliner extended body that had Bruce and the other cognoscente salivating visibly. I looked for the original LGC (large gin cabinet) and AHW (automatic hand waver) but they had been removed. Another group of overseas cars are tootling around NZ for the next month. These ones, unlike the fast lorries, are genuine factory cars, with impeccable history and lots of real character. Twenty Citroen 2CV’s are arriving in Lyttleton as you read this, and provided they haven’t rusted to death on the ship, will be descending en mass on Akaroa on Sunday with an air cooled roar from their powerful 602cc engines. You tend to hear a 2CV before you see it, especially if it’s going uphill. So, if you feel like seeing the largest group of Deux Chevaux to ever assemble in NZ, come along. Berets are optional. The Mini Team that bravely said they would be entering a team in the Monte Carlo have now amended it to a BMC team, as Mike Pentecost has conceded that his much modified Mini would probably collapse under the strain. He’s taking his Sprite instead. Out of the frying pan etc etc. However, Equipe Escargot is looking a little wobbly as Tony Haycock is selfishly selling his assorted Peugeots and might not have a French car to drive. The Durant has gone too, replaced by another Durant, (?) that was his father’s first vintage car in 1950 something. Possibly a very rare French assembled Durant. Rod Corbett has been a competitor in the Targa event for many years, and has seen it go from an event with a category for old cars to a very serious high cost event for very fast cars only. He is keen to change this and has approached the organisers to see if they might include a new category that caters for older and slower cars. The Targa is in the South Island this year and below is the proposal that Rod has come up with. Rod is to be commended for the time and energy he has put into this idea., so do give it some thought.

Targa NZ-Vintage Car Club South Island Time Trial 2018 Targa NZ is known as “The Ultimate NZ Road Race” & for the second time only is returning to mainland lower South Island for 2018!! With your support an entirely new event to be run in conjunction with Targa NZ South Island Rally may become known as “The Ultimate NZ Time Trial!” Open to all Vintage Car Club members & those of affiliated clubs with VCC eligible vehicles. Why-: To create a unique motoring spectacle of older vehicles being driven & displayed to encourage younger people to join VCC & existing members to use their classic & vintage cars as intended. When-: Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th October 2018 (5 days of driving closed tarmac roads!). Where-: Otago/Southland/Central Otago (Start/finish to be confirmed, but some significant stages include Otago Harbour hill roads, the Catlins, Teretonga, HighlandPark, the Crown Range, Queenstown-Glenorchy return etc). How-: Time trial competitors will have a unique opportunity to drive all closed Targa stages with the safety of knowing that all participants have staggered start times, drive in the same direction, on the same road, with nothing coming towards them!! This is not a balls-out speed event, but rather an exercise in precise driving & time-keeping to maintain a set average speed over iconic lower South Island roads. Entry fee will be significantly discounted from standard Targa competitor fee of $7,280 +gst, but will still cover all essentials including timing, tracking, medical & recovery as for Targa competitors & Targa tour. (Current discussions with Targa NZ management suggest $2-2,500 +gst). We need a minimum 20 registrations of interest to make this work. Please email Rod Corbett to register your interest or call Rod on 03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772 for further information. We’re also seeking a major sponsor for naming rights to this unique event to help minimise the entry fee for participants. Please email suggestions to Rod Corbett

Coming Events: Banks Peninsula Veteran Rally; 25th of March. Further details in the next issue. West Coast Branch Scenicland Rally 17th of March. For an entry form and further details, contact South Canterbury Swapmeet at the Winchester Domain, 24 th of March. For further details contact

For Canterbury branch events visit:

Past Events: New Years Day at Little River. When Kevin Clarkson, the Beaded Wheels chairman refers to an event of ours as “must attend”, you know you’ve done something right, and this year was no exception. Once again, the venue was packed with a variety of vehicles and people, but the attendees are certainly changing, as is reflected by the cars that were there. Club Patriarch Leon Witte was heard to observe that he had seen three vintage cars among the cast of thousands, and Pat O’Conner agreed with me that there were almost too many MGs. I had no idea that there were so many Triumphs still going in Canterbury, and they were all there. On the plus side there were many Morgans, and Ramon Farmer had wisely forsaken his unreliable British cars for the comfort and sophistication of his wife’s Citroen. The suggestion of a drafting gate, as seen in sheepyards, was made and thoughtfully discussed, but the major problem was who should be on the gate? No conclusion was reached, but discussion is ongoing.... Bruce Miles, owner of the rustic Model A had a thrilling duel round the perimeter with a 2017 Aston Martin BB 11 driven by Dave Diggs and American reliability triumphed over British craftsmanship yet again. Bruce generously offered to swap vehicles. So a successful day if numbers are anything to go by, we are clearly filling a need. Thanks to the Little River VFB for their help and co operation.


....want one?

Marx Bros. Reunion – Johno, Tonto, Rono & Gavo

Lake Coleridge Run. A small and exclusive group motored over a quite familiar route to Lake Coleridge, where they were met by Tony & Nicky Tripp and the glorious Bentley, and Richard and Kate Foster in the splendid 14/40 Sunbeam. After lunch they were all invited back to Snowden, the Tripp family station to see the museum that Tony is creating. A great day for those that attended.

The Skope Classic, Ruapuna: This weekend event is always a highlight for many of us, but the VCC field is changing, as both cars and owners age gracefully and decide to retire from competition. However,the earth shattering Stanton Corvette was there, after a lengthy absence, and was in dominating form, winning all of its races, and more surprisingly, it was totally reliable! Marvellous to see that both Russell Greer the lucky owner and the Stanton are in such good form. In fact the attrition rate was remarkably low, probably because there were no Austin 7’s. Graeme Hamilton had “freshened” the motor of the Ace 111, whatever that means, and was too fast for Paul Coghill in the Jag Special and David Owen in the C type replica. Rob Cope-Williams in the Wilco Lotus 23 was remarkably reliable too, and kept up with the C type down the straight. All to do with power to weight ratios I suppose. Bryan Asworth’s Daimler Dart had become a V6, thanks to over fettling, and Peter Leversedge in the wonderful 1949 Stuart Special lost half the exhaust system while hurtling down the straight, but showing true Dunkirk spirit, battled on. So, a great weekend’s racing, but, as John Newell was heard to observe, “not a vintage car in sight”. He must of missed the lunchtime demo on Sunday. Auto Restorations brought out the 1927 Delage that many of us saw on the garage raid, and it was driven very briskly round the track for some laps during the lunch break. The sight and sound of such an historic and important car on our local track is a rare privilege indeed, and for many was the highlight of the weekend.

1926 Formula One Car

Banks Peninsula VCC February 2018  
Banks Peninsula VCC February 2018