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“Dripfeed” NEWSLETTER OF THE BANKS PENINSULA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF New Zealand (INC) VOLUME 39, No 10 NOVEMBER 2017 Editor: Michael Williams 10 Selwyn Parade Lyttelton Ph 328 8043, email

Chairman: Secretary:

Club Officers: Craig Keenan 332 1066 Ron Hasell 942 1105

Branch Address: 27 Showgate Ave, ChCh 8042 E-mail: Noggin & Natter: 2nd Thursday of the Month  

Noggin 7.30 pm at the Papanui RSA. Upham Room – enter either from 55 Bellvue Ave or the first entrance on the left on Harewood Road (Papanui / Main North Road) Thursday 9th of November. It’s been and gone! We look forward to seeing you there. Supper is provided.

From the Editor: A grovelling apology seems in order, as I proved that I was unable to read a calendar correctly, and consequently this august journal is a week late. As Ron said, it’s hard to get to good help. Some went further and implied that the delay was typical and that the owner of a French car was as unreliable as his car. Sacre Bleur! As the late Tom Skinner reputably said, “Allegations have been made, and I intend to find the alligator”. At our last committee meeting, the Monte Carlo Rallye was again discussed, and we went so far as to toast this prestigious event with some excellent French wine provided by Ramon and Trish Farmer. Things are clearly getting serious. We already have some entries, amongst them Morris Wright, that rare creature, a young member. Morris competed some years ago with Andy Bain in the Bain family Citroen L15, and next year he intends to return, but is unsure of what to drive. I kindly suggested that he borrow his father in law John Ferguson’s RR Phantom and apply to join the Rolls Royce team, as they mount another futile challenge. Morris is thinking about this and has already begun applying to the major banks for the substantial loan that will be required to buy the petrol for the Phantom, which generally does about 9 m.p.g. Equipe Escargot is already making plans, and Tony Haycock intends to go mad and change the oil on the Peugeot 404 ute that will be

his stead. We are thinking of allowing Michael Pidgeon to join the team with the Bugatti Type 35, as this might add a certain je ne sais quoi. As always, there is talk of an entry from a team of Minis. Equipe Escargot doubts this will eventuate, but we have got out the rule book, and are already formulating cunning regulations that will make a Mini victory unlikely, even if they do finally find the correct headlight bulbs. So interest is certainly building. It’s always a great weekend, so set aside Show Weekend of next year. You can enter as an individual or as a team, and the complex regulations that we haphazardly apply do favour the older cars. It’s only the 1960s and onwards cars that have to cover vast distances. The Alan Meredith owned 1905 Talbot has recently been reunited with it’s original motor, which had been sitting unloved and unused for about 40 years. The Jaguar XK120 that was owned for many years by the late Ian Archibald, and then by his daughter Prue, has been sold recently. It’s gone to a good home in Wellington where it will join a growing collection owned by the Whitteker family of chocolate fame. Ian bought the car, which was sold new in Masterton, from the original owner, so it’s a very straight and original car. Talking of Jaguars, Andrew McGuire has bought a very tidy Mark 7 to add to his fleet. Andrew was keen to move upmarket and buy a Citroen DS, but this plan was vetoed by his wife Fleur, so he had to settle for the Mark 7. Marriage is about compromise I suppose. Andrew and Jeremy, of Bains Motor House fame were at Hawkswood with a matching pair of S2 Bentleys, and they looked very impressive as they swept into the paddock. The Bentleys looked quite good too. Andrew is selling one of them, a lovely two tone green example that was first owned by the Empire Box Company, and he is advertising it as having ”colonial springing”.Brisk discussion ensued at lunchtime as to what this really meant. Does it mean an extra leaf in the springs, an extra coil in the seats or something else? I expect Bruce McIlroy will know. Welcome to new member Mike Pentecost with a replica Mini that he was thrashing at Hawkswood. It’s replica of the Daily Express rally car that competed in the 1975ish rally from London to Sydney. The real one got to Italy before expiring, which is quite a distance for Mini I suppose. The event was of course won a Citroen DS, with Citroen and Peugeot filling 6 of the top 10 places. Mike is very keen to put together a team of Minis for the Monte Carlo and his car has been beautifully done, with marvellous attention to detail.

Coming Events: Oldtimers Event, Ruapuna 26th of November. There is a VCC class so once again, see the all knowing Ron for details. This event really replaces what was Wigram and is run by the Classic Motor Racing Club. The field will include Formula Ford and single seaters.

Selwyn Motor Fest and Family Fun Day 26th of November. Selwyn car guys have banded together to hold an outdoor car, truck motorcycle and farm equipment show at a central location opposite the new Rolleston College. A bit of a contrast to the event at Ruapuna.

New Years Day at Little River. This annual event, first thought of many years ago by Annabelle Bain, has become a real destination event for car clubs as well as individuals, and massed invasions by assorted Fords were not quite what was had in mind when the event originally started at the Hororata Pub carpark about 20 years ago. Clearly it fills a need in the motoring calendar, and with a Jazz band tootling away in the background, is always a pleasant way to spend New Years day.

Past Events: The Peninsula Run: Contributed by Digby Gemmell. Peninsula Run Sunday 5th November A hardy group of drivers and passengers gathered at Tai Tapu on a beautiful morning Sunday the 5th for a run around some of the bays of Banks Peninsula. There was quite a mixture of cars, Geoff Owen in his Rover sports, Avon Hyde in his neat looking MG, a Porsche Spyder replica, another MG, a Toyota coupe ,Linda Dawber and two sons in a 1928 Plymouth sedan , Craig Keenan in his Sunbeam tourer and myself and three passengers in my 1928 Graham Paige. We set off at 10am in lovely sunshine with a brisk North wester behind us over Gebbies Pass and on through Diamond Harbour, Purau and onto Purau- Pigeon Bay road some steep uphill climbing here and onto Pigeon Bay road (metal surface) with more steep ups and downs, through Pigeon Bay and into Little Akaloa, then onto Chorlton Road down into Okains Bay where we all stopped for lunch on a nice grassy area opposite the museum. After lunch the Dawbers took off early to go to Duvauchelles to get some fuel as they were running low and then travelled into Le Bons Bay where we were heading then around the bays to Wainui and up over the Bossau Road and home. The others in the sports cars decided to head to the Hilltop and then home. Craig decided to go with them as the Sunbeam was only running on 5 of its 6 cylinders but it apparently came right on the way home My passengers and myself decided to tackle Camerons Track,I had been down this track before but not up it and it is very steep in places ,I was glad to have the extra low gear in the gear box as I had to use it at one really steep section. From Camerons track we turned into Lavericks Ridge road another metal which follows the coast around the top of the hill, great views of the ocean and bays if you can stand up in the wind which was blowing a gale. This road brings you down into Le Bons Bay again a very steep descent on the last section where I used the low gear again to give the brakes a rest, they had been working hard. After a short stop here we decided to head home also as time was getting on so back up the sealed road to the Summit Road and onto the main highway to Little River and home, all in all a good day. The North Wester was blasting across the road all the way home but apart from that it was great weather. I hope everyone enjoyed their day out.

Hawkswood Sprint: After a year off because of earthquake damage, this wonderful event, organised jointly by RATEC and Country Gents roared into life. Under the watchful yet benevolent eyes of the Big Three, (Messers Bain, Walls and Bain), and with the paddock/pits in a new location, a marvellous assortment of vehicles roared, slid, hurtled, spun and spluttered over the demanding course, with five runs each if competitors wanted to. The VCC was well represented this year, and Jaguar was the most common marquee competing, with 4 Mark Two’s, two XR8’s, two E types and a 420G. The fastest car was a Ford GT 40 replica, which looked and sounded amazing, and at the other end of the scale was the somewhat slower, but no less spectacular 1912 Chater Lea cycle car,

piloted by bravely by Mr Toad, often known as Gavin. The Chater Lea, a very rare car indeed, was actually new in NZ and Tony Haycock remembers seeing it when he was a very small boy. It’s a two cylinder vehicle of 950cc, with a wicker work body and very little else, and with help from a few pairs of hands, it completed two runs, getting up the hills by itself. A car of great visual appeal.. Cycle cars were killed off by the advent of the Austin 7, so I was informed, as it was more durable and reliable, (?) and almost as cheap. I wonder what killed off the A7? Good taste probably. David Owens, in his Ford Escort rally car was fast, spectacular and a real crowd favourite as he waggled the tail round the hairpin, and Bert Govan and Jeremy Stace were less spectacular, but actually faster. Watching them both getting the power down off the start line was a joy to behold. John McDonagh had his 3.4 Jag going well, with the 20 year old Pirellis gripping better than one might have thought, with the 5 speed box helping the take offs. John last raced the car about 30 years ago, but with a new block and other sundries, it was going well. The Rinaldos brought along two superb cars, the 1948 Ferrari V12, and the 1931Alfa,6C 1750 and there was another Alfa recreation, an 8C 2300 Touring, looking and sounding superb. The ex Scott Wiseman E Type was driven by Ken Larsen, and the MG V8 was also going well. There were Minis, Mistrals, Porsches, Ford V8’s, a Renault Meganne Clubsport, a Daimler SP250, a Nash Metropolitan and even a homemade special called a Panache. For me part of the pleasure of the day is the variety of cars competing, and the variety of spectator cars too. The Jaguar club came out to support the competing Jags, as did a group of Alfas and Fiats, and assorted Australian vehicles mercifully parked at the far end of the paddock, where they couldn’t really be seen. I hadn’t been for a few years, and greatly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, and the efficiency with which the day proceeded.

Gavin, praying that the basket case will get to the top.

Prowling cat storms the hill


Another example of Brexit,, Townsend MG leaves Porsche in it’s wake

Phipps in the fabulous Ferrari

David Owen, entertained the crowd

Craig Pidgeon eventually finding some traction

Two wise men and a very fast fridge.

Thanks as always to John McDonald for his photos

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