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Traction Engine & Transport Museum Horse Power Rally 1-2nd October 2022 Classic & Vintage Will be a HUGE Weekend plan to bring your car for the whole weekend Waimate Branch The parts shed will opened from 9.30 to 12.00am every 1st 3rd Thursday in the month Join us for look around and as cuppa Regards BarryAnderson Waimate VCC Branch 24 SOUTH CANTERBURY BRANCH 3 DAY TOUR 9,10,11 Dec 2022 The South Canterbury Branch of the VCC invites entries from fellow members for a 3 day tour in December 2022. Leaving Timaru with 1st overnight stop at Oamaru Friday 9th Dec, 2nd night Omarama Sat 10th Dec, 3rd night Timaru, 11th Dec. Your choice of all sealed roads or a combination of sealed and unsealed Accommodationroads. and meals are entrants responsibility. Get in early to book your accommodation. Entry forms from All enquiries to : Grant Stewart 027 378 6149 or Alistair Day 027 203 5007 NOGGIN NATTERANDFirst Thursday of the Month CLUB ROOMS 19-25 REDRUTH ST TIMARU SOUTH AORANGI TRICAR NEWSLETTER OF THE SOUTH CANTERBURY BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NEW ZEALAND INC. TimaruReplica ’s First Car Built by C. W. Wood September 2022

2022 14th July Mid-week run 4th August Quiz night (South Canterbury hosting) 6th August Garage raid (organised by South Canterbury) 11th August Mid week run (Last one for 2022) 28th August Daffodil run (Cancer Run) 4th September Opening Run (South Canterbury hosting) 10th September Swap Meet 25th September Continental run 21/22/23/24 October Mt Cook Rally 4/5/6/November Safari weekend 12/13 November All American weekend 20th November Vintage / Veteran / Commercial run 3rd December Xmas Party 2023 1st January New Year’s Day Fairlie 29th January Ladies run 4/5/6/February Away weekend 19th February Chairman’s run 25th February Open day 5th March Motor bike rally 12th March Mid Island 1st April Swap meet 7th May PV Rally 14th May Mid week run 28th May End of season run 1st June AGM 4th June All British 8th June Mid week run 24th June Night trial Calendar of Events for the South Canterbury Branch of the VCC for 2022/2023 2 Garage Raid Photos August 2022

Garage Raid Photos August 2022 COMING EVENTS —————————————NOGGIN & NATTER, Thursday September 1st 7.30 pm at Clubrooms, Redruth St Timaru. Speaker :- Colin Hawke KITCHEN DUTY :- Ross & Delwyn Luscombe BAR :- Nola Day Swap Meet September 10th If you know that you can help on Sept 10th or the week leading up to it, Let Nola know . Ph 6886108 3 Not even a flooded yard will stop the paper work getting done!!!

The opening run with Ashburton is on 4th Sept. Further info is in this Tri RememberCar. we are looking for speakers for our Noggin Nights. If you know of someone but are too shy to ask them, then talk to a committee member and we will take it from there. We need a few people to be the welcoming person for new members that arrive at our clubrooms. It is most embarrassing to ask at a Noggin for someone to show a newcomer around, and not one person offers. That is appalling. If we have several names then you are not committed to attend every Noggin. Please consider doing this.

There is also a big range of car handbooks as supplied with new vehicles, not all will be at the Swap Meet. If anyone wants one for their car. Inquire!

Chevrolet 1942, Chev 1.5 ton truck also 1942 Ford: Anglia, Cortina Mk 2, Mk3, Mk4

Rover Triumph20002000 Mk 1 Vauxhall: Model E and Bedford CA, Viva HB, Velox, Wyvern. There will also be a large range of general motoring books.

Think back to when you first came to the club, who showed you around, or who made an effort. It is a poor club who doesn't make a newcomer feel Thewelcome.motoring season is coming up so get your cars and yourselves sorted and enjoy likeminded people for some fun days out. Your club captains put a lot of effort into organising rallies for you. Don't let them or you club down. Happy motoring Alistair.

Notes from the Library September 2022

Greetings from your Chairman Alistair. Colin Hawke and myself attended the AGM in Auckland on your behalf. Some-thing that came out of it was the Incorporated Societies Act 2022, which hasn't been updated since 1908. It will need to be gone through very thoroughly with the National Office, then sent to Branches for adopting. It has been a long time coming. Another discussion was on the membership long service Awards. As expected the Executive have decided that there may need to be adjustments made as to how these are to be awarded in the future. At present the Club has awarded 424 x 50 year badges with 25 in progress not including the 7 for our branch. 66 x 60 year Badges, 837 x 25 year badges, and 547 x 35 year badges. The VIC cards are going to be online, including the photo of the vehicle, so this will be a massive learning curve for me and the other inspection officWe'veers. had our garage raid and thanks to Ashley and his team for making the day run smoothly. Thanks to all those who offered their help for the Daffodil Deliveries, and you will all be aware that the Daffodil Day Car Rally for Cancer will take place on the 28th. We would appreciate a lot of support for this well worthwhile cause.

Riley 1.5 and 2,5 litre (RMA model)

Things have been ticking over pretty well in the Library over the last few months although I have only been putting in relatively intermittent appearances. It’s pleasing to note that members are still using the Library even though I haven’t been to a Noggin night for some Recenttime. arrivals include 3 motor racing books. 2 cover Aussie legends Mark Scaife and Alan Moffat and the other US motor racing great Richard Petty. Thanks again to Phil O’Brien who has been a generous donor to the Library in the past. I have continued work on dealing with newspaper clippings etc which have been given to us over the years. Currently I am still filling up the clearbook which had been partly completed before arriving in the Library but there’s a few pages to fill up yet. This will be an ongoing exercise for a quite a while. Duplicate holdings have built up and I will have a stall at the Swap Meet again to try and move on some of it, particularly the duplicate magazines which will be offered free. Here is a list of the workshop manuals, I intend to take. Please get in touch with me if there is one you want before they go on general sale. $5 per manual. (Bargain price!)

Barry Barnes Librarian


Austin A70 and A90.

Jaguar: S Type 3.4 and 3.8, XJ6 Morris: 8 and series E, Mini, 1800 Renault 16TS.

Hillman: Avenger, Hunter, Husky, Imp, Minx Holden: Torana, Sunbird.







I currently need a few more people to help with supper duty on the Noggin and Natter nights ( 1st Thursday of each month) any members think they could help please contact Tony McGillen. 027 373 5055 or (03) 6158755 or approach him in person.


Parts Shed Report for September 2022 No. of members and visitors about average this Month. Items in include a16'' tyre and rim complete plus a 16'' tyre, from Stu AlsoBarklay.foundin paddock and dropped off is a large hexagonal Hub cap inscribed with the words 'Road Runner', possibly off a truck!

Allan Holland and Rob Hopper have come up with a design for roofing over the Gearbox container. When we get some warmer weather will put a material list together. We have good stocks of Bearings, Oil seals, Oil and Air Filters along with many other items.

Just arrived in are a quantity of 12volt non- ballasted Ignition TheCoils.N.O.S.PartsShed open from 9am till 12 noon each Wednesday. Cheers , Barry Smith, Parts Manager.

6 Office Bearers 2022-2023 Chairman: Alistair Day (Nola) 6886108 Vice Chairman: Colin Hawke (Glenys) 6889955 Immediate Past Chairman: Ashley Milliken (Evelyn) 6860834 Secretary: Pauline Young (Wayne) 6861833 Treasurer: Nola Day (Alistair) 6886108 Club Captains: Gavin and Michelle Munro 6864824 News Letter Editor: Les Rzepecky (Helen) 021122 0011 Convener:Clubroom Krystal Munro 0278567940 Parts Manager: Barry Smith (Lynette) 6847405 Librarian: Barry Barnes (Carla) 6885105 IT Officer: Shannon Stevenson 6863263 Committee: All of the above and John Lester ( Mary ) 6158135 Identification and Certificate: Alistair Day, John Lester, Colin Hawke. Swap Meet: Chairman: Colin Johnstone (Trish) 36939093 Secretary / Site convenor: Michelle Munro (Gavin) 6864824 Treasurer: Nola Day (Alistair) 6886108 Ground Convenor Barry Smith ( Lynette) 6847405 Committee: Gavin Munro (Michelle) 6864824 Krystal Munro 0278567940 Lex Westoby 036126556 Sandy McMillan 6155150 Alan Patrick 6158803

Deadline for Tricar is 20th September New Address 18 Welcome to New Members Barbara Elston Sharon Nelson Steve Cunningham 7

SCVCC Website Updates 8 To access other club newsletters go to scroll to News from our Branches as hard copy newsletters are not mailed out now. August Website Updates - August newsletter placed up - Events for Mt Cook Rally and Daffodil Rally placed up as homepage banners - Mt Cook Rally entry page, PDF form and online form placed upDaffodil rally page placed up 17 Other Coming Events in the District & Elsewhere Timaru Daffodil Run for Cancer August 28th 2022 Timaru Opening Run with Ashburton Sept 4th 2022 Timaru Traction Engine & Transport Museum Horse power Rally @ Levels Raceway 1 2nd October 2022 Blenheim Marlborough Branch Biennial Rally Email: October 14 16 2022 Timaru Mount Cook Rally October 22 24 2022 ( Labour Weekend) Auckland National Veteran Rally 2023 Franklin Auckland Email: 23 25 February 2023 Wanaka Wheels at Wanaka 7th 9th April 2023 Some assembly required

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Quiz Night. 4th August 2022. 8 Teams entered the Quiz between SCVCC and Ashburton VCC with 5 rounds of 8 questions. Our brains were tested by the Quiz Master, Wayne Young, on a multiple range of subjects.

The eventual winners were Team “Buick Bimbo’s” scoring 28 out of a possible 40 points.

The team comprised of Ashley & Evelyn Milliken with Clive Merry & Penny Seyb.

The trophy was presented by SCVCC Chairman Alistair Day. Thanks goes to the Scorers Team of Nola Day, Janet Campbell & Michelle Munro.

10 *Monday - 5-9-2022 5.00pm Main Fence *Tuesday - 6-9-2022 5.00pm Motor Camp Fence Wednesday - 7-9-2022 Free DayRain Check Day *Thursday- 8-9-2022 8.30am Mark out Grounds, Gates, Etc., *Friday- 9-9-2022 8.30am Put out Numbers, bins, signs…. Saturday- 10-9-2022 6.45am** Gate Keepers, Van, General Helpers. Sunday- 11-9-2022 Clean up, Pack Containers, Debrief. Working Bee’s Set-up week Entry from Rise Road *Working Bee’s Bring own tools, trailers etc., ** Gate Keepers To be on site for 1st shift by 6.45am Members required for parking duties at top railway gate ( Site Holders Entry) and Lower Car Gate. Gate Keepers to enter off Rise Road Site Holders and Display Cars only Entry off Rise Road Public only entry off SH1 Grounds Convener Barry Smith Gate Keepers & Parking Gavin Munro Site Sales - Michelle Munro Treasurer - Nola Day Display Cars - Sandy McMillan Chairman - Colin Johnstone Swap Meet Programme 2022 15 Now to the “Garages”

The third “shed” was that of Colin and Donald White’s at Albury where we saw a large collection of ModelAFords plus a 1930 Buick & 1918 Buick Roadster plus an original 1913 Model T.

First was Don Pelvin’s collection of Mainly WW2 Vehicles but there was a 1908 Lacre Truck configured to look like a WW 1 truck & a 1914Albion Truck which will bodied to look like an period ambulance plus a Scorpion light tank powered by a Jaguar XK4.2 engine.AWW2 Daimler Scout Car is nearing Luckilycompletion.therain cleared so the visit to Dave Diamond’s workshop , sheds & yard went well despite being wet under foot. Lots to take in and see.

The fourth shed was Peter Cooke’collection atAshwick , because the recent heavy rains, access was somewhat water logged but going by the photo’s the shed had plenty worth Iseeing.havehad lots of positive comments on the day from the other club’s with oneAshburton member saying today that it was the best he had ever been on. I’m sorry that more SC Branch members didn’t come, it will be 4 years until the next local one so who knows where we will be Ashleythen. Milliken (Some Photo’s of the day on Pages 22 & 23)



Ross & Delwyn Luscombe did a sterling job serving the morning tea at the clubrooms before we left.

4th September Meet at the Clubrooms from 9.30am

Great day planned Bring your lunch WINCHESTER SWAP MEET


For morning tea and to meet the Ashburton members First cars away by 10.30am

Thank you to everyone who is helping with gate Keeping.

Please let us know asap if you are unavailable. We require another 5 people please for between 7 9am. We have made some changes this year to try and ease the congestion on SH1 first thing in the morning. This means we need more helpers first thing in the morning between 6.30 & 9am to help. Also a few more throughout the day as needed.

Evelyn, Shona Weir & I went up toAlbury the Thursday before to set up the tables, & double check the gear needed.

AHUGE thanks to everybody that helped make the day successful.


(SC Hosting)

Please phone Gavin and Michelle if you can assist. 03 6864824 Leave a message please if we’re not answering.

The hall was cleaned up & gear including the dirty dishes and cutlery loaded by 2 -15 pm. Evelyn & I did the dishes on Sunday morning at the Clubrooms.

Report on SCVCC Garage Raid held on Saturday August 6th 2022 I got the idea for this garage raid after seeing Don Pelvin’s collection of Military vehicles at the Sth Canterbury Traction Engine & Machinery Club”s open day earlier this year . I was also aware that Donald White was keen for us to pay him a visit, Bill Weir had a word or two with Dave Diamond, Peter Cooke came on board and it was all on.

Evelyn organised the food for the event, On the day we had Evelyn, Shona, Marion Foster in the kitchen with myself doing the heavy lifting, draining the spuds & vege’s, Bill Weir collected the lunch tickets & helped stack chairs afterwards.

Evelyn & I thought theAlbury hall was well located & went up to visit it with custodian Debbie Brown, we were pleased with what we saw .The hall is undergoing an upgrade but not all the equipment that we needed was on hand yet so we needed to take our own crockery, cutlery, large pots, pie warmer, large hot water urn up there as well as the food.

We are celebrating 100 years of Steam Locomotive AB699 on the Sunday 25th September 2022. This is South Canterbury Anniversary weekend. I am asking if your club would like to be involved with a static display? This will be a huge event and a good opportunity to show your cars.

0279144645KentRegardsGreenwood 13

On an overcast day, fourteen cars left the club rooms for the final run for this year. We travelled via SH1 and Otipua Rd, through the Scenic Reserve where there was still plenty of autumn colour. Turning right then left into Gleniti Rd, we turned right into Pages Rd, left onto Kellands Hill, right at Cartwright Rd and turned left onto SH8. Turning into Rolling Ridges Rd we turned into Fraser, Brockley and Hadlow Rds. Plenty of water on the paddocks and the verges on the roads were very wet and cut up owing to farm movements. We then travelled along several roads, some with great views of the harbour and sea and then continued via Beaconsfield Rd back to the club rooms for afternoon tea and a natter. Thank you to Pat & Rodney for arranging an interesting run. Thank you to all those who arranged runs for this NOTE:season. Due to swap meet commitments there will be no run in September.



FROM Pleasant Point Railway VCC Members


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