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Gerald Lynch-Blosse Rally


May 2019

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

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From the Committee April 2019 Annual General Meeting of the North Otago VCC will be held on Wednesday 12th June 2019 Nominations are open for Committee positions form enclosed with this magazine how about contributing to your club. The Committee is looking at the option of installing a heat pump in the club rooms and a quote has been accepted for a door to seal up the basement below the parts shed. We are looking for an organiser for the National Daffodil rally which is being held on August 25th

Hi all. Anyone with an answer to this request? Patrick writes: “Anyone got Austin A40 Farina MK2 parts need dash top and some red upholstery.� Ross Ross Holden Communications & Marketing Officer Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) Email: Phone 021 2638488

Adventures of an Old Restorer I have managed at last to construct a cover for the gear box, I used the same sheet that I use for the inside panels of the car, it is called PALIGHT foamed PVC sheet, it comes in 8ft x 4ft sheets and is about a 1/8ins thick, the beauty of it is that it is very flexible, you can bend it in quite a tight radius, and it is about the same price as hardboard. You can get it from Streeter Concepts, who also sell clear plastic sheet, which I shall use for the rear window and side windows [side curtains] With the removal of about half a dozen screws the gearbox cover comes away. Try as I might I could not find any videos on how to construct a vinyl roof on a Morris 8, but I did find them for a early MG. If anyone has any information on the construction of a vinyl roof please let me know. Made up and shaped the wood to go around the rear of the body where the vinyl roof is fitted to, this is also covered with vinyl. The roof is still a bit of a daunting task but it won't make itself, I am trying to use the old brittle roof as a pattern. I am hoping to finish her before the Windsor Rally this year. All the best, Clive. `

2019 Gerald Lynch Blosse Rally Report A good turnout of 29 riders on a clear sky as a good omen for our 2019 GLB rally. Entrants cme from as far afield as Rangiora, Christchurch, Timaru, Alexandra, Balclutha, Dunedin. Motorcycles from 1927 to 1996, from Japan, America, Italy, Germany, England. Riders young and old came to tackle the hills, winding roads and scenery of North Otago. After a great morning tea from Wanda and the girls we left the clubrooms for the Enfield tavern for a BBQ lunch at mid-day. A newly restored 1927 Indian on it’s first rally was looking really neat and a few adjustments on a n original and rare Matchless V4 OHC engined Silver Hawk of 1931 vintage with rear suspension, along with BSA, Triumph, AJS, Ariel, Ducati, BMW, Frances Barnett, Honda, Norton, Velocette and Harley-Davidson cont page13

NOMINATION FOR COMMITTEE OFFICER “We the undersigned wish to nominate _________________________________for The position of _______________________________________________” Name of Proposer _______________________________signature______________ Membership # ___________ Name of Seconder _______________________________ signature ______________ Membership # ___________ “I accept nomination for the above position in which I agree to serve if elected” Signature of Nominee __________________________ Membership # ___________ NOMINATION FOR COMMITTEE OFFICER “We the undersigned wish to nominate _________________________________for The position of _______________________________________________” Name of Proposer _______________________________signature______________ Membership # ___________ Name of Seconder _______________________________ signature ______________ Membership # ___________ “I accept nomination for the above position in which I agree to serve if elected” Signature of Nominee __________________________ Membership # ___________ NOMINATION FOR COMMITTEE OFFICER “We the undersigned wish to nominate _________________________________for The position of _______________________________________________” Name of Proposer _______________________________signature______________ Membership # ___________ Name of Seconder _______________________________ signature ______________ Membership # ___________ “I accept nomination for the above position in which I agree to serve if elected” Signature of Nominee __________________________ Membership # ___________

Youtube links The Shotwell

s How GM's Variable Compression Engine Works - Patent Review

Rally Report Gerald Lynch-Blosse Memorial Motorcycle Rally If you're not a motorcycle rider then you may not appreciate the importance of smells whilst rallying. Those who prefer to rally in an enclosed steel box miss the best and worst of the day. Those who drive open cars might understand. The North Otago annual motorcycle rally with the longest name on the calendar began with the olfactory delights of 30 or so freshly polished and degreased bikes arriving at the club rooms, mixed with the smell of hot coffee and soup. Thanks to Mandy, Leigh and Wanda for their efforts in the kitchen. A great way to start a rally on a crisp, clear morning. Rob Hutton's instructions took us out through Weston into the best of curving motorcycle roads. Oamaru Creek Rd, Devil's Bridge, Airedale Rd then back through Weston towards Windsor through dairy country. To minimise the smells of fermenting silage and cow dung it's best to open the throttle. So we did. Down the good, fast straights the quick bikes passage through the slower bikes and we exchange the smells of two stroke mix, fresh paint burning, melting boot rubber, oil smoke and fuel. Everyone was well behaved and having fun. Up into the back of Windsor and once more into the curves with smells of burning rubber around the intersection of Post Office Gully Rd and Kakanui Valley Rd as some of us got too excited coming down the hill and missed the turnoff. Through Five Forks and another chance to open the throttle then back to Enfield for lunch. Wise is the man that allows a fast average speed on a timed rally. Good on you Rob. Lunch at Enfield was a superb BBQ and salads. With the bikes parked neatly in front of the pub and the helmets off we can clear

the nostrils and enjoy the smell of steak and onions mixed with coffee. The sun shone brightly and made beautiful rainbows in the oil film on the back of Harvey's otherwise immaculate Norton 650SS cafe racer. It also cast shadows across Bruce's flat rear tyre. Thanks to John in the back up vehicle. The run home after lunch was out to Teschemakers and back through Kakanui, Maheno and Gemmel's Crossing. Fresh salt air and more dairy cows. Lots more curves and many fast straights passing shelter belts that bounce the exhaust noise back towards you. It's heady stuff! Home to the Club rooms and back to the smell of soup and savouries and hot coffee. After a stretch and a yarn and loading bikes onto trailers we assembled for Rob to hand out the certificates and prizes to the well behaved. Thanks to the Club for the sponsorship. Russel Dale's Indian Scout on its maiden voyage won the vintage time trial. Bill Veitch's Norton won Rider's Choice, Bruce Murray's BSA won Post Vintage and the overall King of the Road prize. Post War was cleaned up by Garth on his military M20 and P80 went to Tony’s beautiful Ducati which looks great from behind. I couldn't catch him. It was another great Lynch-Blosse rally. Well organised and well supported. Very nice that Ken bought Gerald's BSA along to remind us why we do this. Also great to hear Wendy's thoughts on a possible moped rally. In my view a sensible way to get young members into the Club and a cheap way to have fun. Thanks to Rob for a great day. I'm off to look at mopeds on Trade Me. See you on the road! Stu.

AGENDA Annual General Meeting 12 June 2019 7.30pm 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Welcome Apologies Minutes from the last AGM Matters arising Correspondence Financial Report Balance Sheet Reports, Chairman, Club Captain, Parts, Librarian, Archivist Election of Officers Business a. Delegate to National AGM b. Events for the National Calendar of events c. Rally Organiser’s for Windsor, M/C and all British d. Branch Solicitor e. Branch Auditor f. End of Year function

10 General Business

84 miles were ridden during the day with no breakdowns and only one puncture. Another good rally with help from Wanda & John, Bruce, Mark Young & members who donated a plate and the smoko ladies. Rob Hutton Results Overall winner

Bruce Murray


Russell Dale

1927 Indian

Post Vintage

Garth Boulton

1939 BSA

Post war Vintage

Bruce Murray

1952 Ariel

Post 60

Stu Adamson

1992 Triumph

Post 80

Tony Travaglia

1983 Ducati

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Latest Listings : Cars - Rolling Cars Low Lite Morris Minor, Straight, looks rust free, complete, good for restoration. Austin A30 and 2 A35's 1954 Hillman Husky SV Austin Ruby bonnet and front guards in restored condition. Offers wanted Rare Spares: 1 Dort Block 1 Saxon Car Motor CITROEN motor spares STUDEBAKER COMMANDER blocks (2) 1926 Buick chassis and parts Chev blocks and heads, some crack tested NOS BMC parts some panels and bumpers 1954-55 Vauxhall diffs and suspension parts Ford 10 motors complete 1 100E 50's Chev doors and bonnets, chromes and spats Reconditioned crank shafts for Wolseley Austin 110 and Morris Oxford Van Large selection tail light lenses Assortment new tie rod ends Hub caps and speedos Parts shed open every Tuesday afternoon 1:30pm to 4:00pm or by appointment Contacts:

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North Otago VCC - May 2019  

North Otago VCC - May 2019