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Vinehall Clubs & Activities

Introduction In this booklet you will find all the activities we offer, as part of our Enrichment Programme, at Vinehall School. As you will see we offer a wide range of activities to appeal to all the children and to support our desire to provide different experiences, that they may not get outside of school, as well the activities they would expect to see as part of a regular programme. The programme is based over the three terms of the year, so not all activities will be held every term due to the weather or daylight hours. However, there are some all year-round activities which enables the children to develop their skills or chose different activities across the year safe in the knowledge they won’t have missed out. There are a small number of activities that incur an additional cost, usually because we have brought in outside help and expertise to run those activities. These are indicated by a ‘£’. We are very proud of our enrichment programme and think it is wonderful that some of our children complain because there is too much choice.

Index Academic Enrichment

Book Club BOFA Classics Computing General Knowledge Discussion Group History Languages Maths Verbal Reasoning Writers’ Club Mindfulness Science STEM Club

Creative Arts

Art Origami Photography Carpentry & DT Pottery


Astronomy Board Games / Card Games Cookery Lego Chess


Cross Country Croquet Cyclocross Fencing Gymnastics Gymnastics Squad Judo Rugby Skills Hockey Fitness Club Netball Cricket Skiing Athletics Girls’ Football Swimming Tennis Yoga Golf Clay Pigeon Shooting Rug Club Bikeability

Performing Arts

Dance Drama Music Sibelius Music Club Gardening Choir Orchestra Ensembles

Academic Enrichment

Book Club Junior & Senior In Junior and Senior Book Clubs, we choose a novel to read together as a group and take turns to read aloud and discuss the book as we go along. Recent choices include Roald Dahl's The Twits (for the Juniors) and Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (for the Seniors).

BOFA Planet BOFA tests, teaches and retests then tracks student progress, personalising each step, boosting learning with a laser-focus on weaker areas.

Classics Greek Greek for beginners and beyond - Suitable for Years 6-8 Latin An opportunity for potential scholars and Common Entrance candidates to enhance their skills

Computing A range of Computing clubs on offer including; Basic software e.g. Word, Page Plus Building a Joomla Websites for Years 6-8 Scratch programming for Years 3-5

General Knowledge Discussion Group An opportunity for Year 7 and 8 to meet each week to discuss the week’s affairs; gaining a wider picture of national and world events. This is of particular value for those contemplating scholarship but all lively minded are welcome!

History Scholarship and CE History. A varied weekly session covering skills, topics and general knowledge in preparation for scholarship exams and CE for those in Year 8.

German An introduction to the German language and culture through a range of interactive activities. Emphasis on speaking and understanding the spoken word through simple board games, flash cards and computer resources. Pupils will learn how to introduce themselves, their pets, likes and dislikes and ask simple questions.

Spanish An introduction to Spanish through the use of online resources, flash cards, games and songs. The pupils will be introduced to the language and learn basic questions and responses for conversational Spanish.

Mandarin This activity aims to introduce Chinese culture and a fun way of learning Chinese Mandarin. During the activity the children will learn about Chinese culture and will develop the ability to be able to speak simple sentences, learn numbers in Chinese and understand and celebrate Chinese New Year by making Chinese dumplings.

Japanese The pupils learn how to have a chat in Japanese through eating, songs, dancing, games and talking. The children should be prepared to be active and move around.

French A club in which pupils are given the opportunity to practise and reinforce their learning through fun activities in small groups, such as board games and using the Interactive Whiteboard resources. It is a chance to explore a topic in more depth, such as grammar or a cultural topic, e.g. La cuisine francaise. The activity also caters for the complete beginner. The sessions can go back to the basics.

Maths Maths Senior Extra / CE Support Year 7-8 - This session is for additional support for both Common Entrance Examinations and Scholarship examinations. Junior Maths Year 3-6 an opportunity for junior mathematicians designed to support class work. We use the ICT bay where the students can also use Manga High to support their mathematical learning. Maths CE / Scholars Support Year 7-8 - This session is for additional support for both Common Entrance Examinations and Scholarship examinations.

Verbal Reasoning Verbal (and Non-Verbal) Reasoning. Suitable for Year 6, 11+ candidates, Year 7 Year 8 for entry to Future Schools (Cranbrook, Mayfield, Brighton College, Tonbridge, Eton, Winchester & Marlborough College)

Writers’ Club If you love writing and like sharing your stories with other budding writers, then this is the club for you! We welcome anyone from Year 4 - 8.

Mindfulness Mindfulness for Beginners and those who have completed the .b course. Mindfulness is a training in paying attention to experience as it happens. It helps to break unhelpful habits such as anxiety and to enhance our well-being, our relationship with others and our performance in all kinds of areas from work to sport to music. For further information on the 9-week course visit Senior Mindfulness Club Year 8s who have already done the course before, are very welcome to join us again.

Science Senior Science Scholars In this session the pupils examine scientific principles and theories that are required at scholarship level. Science CE Extension An opportunity to delve deeper into the CE syllabus more deeply.

STEM Club An exciting and thought provoking activity where the pupils take on a challenge each week and develop their understanding of the 4 areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to work towards a CREST award.

Creative Arts

Art A number of opportunities are available throughout the week; Scholars and Portfolio Practice (Invitation only) For those who are taking an Art scholarship or require greater experience of techniques as well as guidance with developing ideas. In order to offer further individual development and provide a realistic experience of producing a portfolio prep will be set each week. General session For all ages who enjoy developing their art skills Juniors and Scholars A session particularly aimed at Years 3-5 and time for Scholars to develop

Origami In origami club the pupils use traditional methods to produce authentic designs. The pupils love to create their own designs using professional origami paper.

Photography Vinehall photographers have excellent opportunities to practise using composition, lighting and depth of field in their images. They can record still life, landscape and portraiture.

Carpentry / DT Juniors - Year 3-5 An activity for those who want to develop their carpentry skills Seniors - Years 6-8 - An activity for those hoping to build on existing skills with opportunities for more advanced work

Pottery Sessions for all ages who want to enjoy developing their pottery skills.

Rug Club Open to all - A craft-based activity where the children enjoy creating and designing their own rugs.



(2nd half of Michaelmas and 1st half of Lent term) Year 6-8 An opportunity for the children to look through the telescope and do some star gazing, as well as learning the features of our solar system that can and can’t be seen.

Board Games / Card Games An opportunity for all ages, Year 3-8, to play traditional board and card games. Bring your own game or play the games on offer.

Cookery Wednesday (Borders only) Year 6-8: This is also extended for further rising time! Saturdays For all Years to have an opportunity to start their cookery skills.

Lego Club This club is open to Years 3 - 6. Come along and have fun building models, monsters or whatever you fancy!

Chess An opportunity to get to grips with the basics of chess, learn the rules and challenge a friend to a battle. For more advanced Chess players, they can look at opening moves and other elements to improve their play.

Gardening Club This club is open to all and will introduce the children to the basics of gardening including seasonal planting and bed management culminating in the joy of watching their crops grow and eating the fruits of their labours.


Cross Country Utilising the 47 acres of parkland on site the activity looks to improve the runner’s stamina and speed. It focusses on the skills of hill running and the ability to cover uneven terrain.

Croquet The sedate sport of croquet is perfect in the Summer Term on the Front Lawn. Come along, learn the intricate rules and challenge your friends.

Cyclocross This is a form of bicycle racing. Races typically take place in the autumn and winter (the international or "World Cup" season is October–February), and consist of many laps of a short (2.5–3.5 km) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount. Requirements: A working bicycle. This doesn't have to be a Cyclocross bike, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes will be fine. If road bikes are to be used then the tyres should be changed to a grippy style as the terrain will be 'off-road'. Children should be competent in handling their bicycle, although guidance on how to improve this will be given. Helmets will be compulsory. The sessions will depend on numbers, involve some warm-up drills both on and off the bikes followed by timed loops of a circuit.



Fencing is a fast and fun sport that requires skill, timing and fighting spirit. In the beginners' class, you'll learn the basic techniques and have bouts against your classmates in every session, as well as playing games that will train your reaction times. In the experienced sessions you'll develop your tactical awareness, learn new moves - such as the flèche (arrow), balestra and compound attacks - and have the chance to take your British Fencing épée awards.* Sign-up for both of the experienced sessions and you'll improve twice as quickly! Minimum of 6 pupils required to be able to run this activity. * Each award is an additional one-off payment of £10

Gymnastics Gymnastics activity runs weekly and enables the children experience gymnastics in a fun way concentrating on basic gymnastic skills and techniques. There is an opportunity for children to show off their skills in our gym display which is at the end of the summer term.

Gymnastics – Squad Entry into gym squad is by invitation only. In most circumstances gymnasts have been spotted displaying good work ethic and the potential to develop their gymnastics further. Squad gymnasts train for up to four hours a week preparing their floor routines and practising on the vault ready for competitions. National ISGA & IAPS competitions are held several times a year at various schools all over the country, including Vinehall.



Do you know the difference between Tomoe Nage and Ippon and want to gain fitness, strength, stamina, balance, agility and awareness through a fun and fast sport then Judo is for you. Judo combines the excitement of battling head to head with great discipline and respect for ones opponent. The sessions will take the player through the basic holds, throws and pins, as well as teaching the children how to fall properly and safely. The more advanced player will learn more difficult throws and pins, as well as techniques to avoid being thrown and pinned. These pupils will also be encouraged to progress through the grades and to enter competitions for the school.

Rugby Skills An opportunity for the pupils to work on their handling and evasion skills out of season, through targeted skill based drills and small sided games, including touch rugby. These sessions are held on the astroturf and look to prepare the children for the season ahead.

Hockey An opportunity for the pupils to learn some specific skills, ie. Reverse stick hitting, flicking and 3D aerial skills, as well as playing small sided, rule managed games and bigger games.

Fitness Club All aspects of fitness are covered in this activity, including cardio, core strength exercises and TRX work. All sessions are age appropriate and good fun.

Netball We off sessions to different age groups, but both of which are aimed to practice specific elements of the game, from shooting, defending, court balance and footwork. These sessions are fun and focussed enabling the children to make even more progress in the major game.



Cricket is available to both boys and girls and provided by our external coaches from Skillz Cricket. These sessions are held indoors in the sports hall utilising the indoor nets, or outside on the playing fields or astroturf. The sessions are aimed at all children who enjoy their cricket and want to hone their skills of batting, bowling and fielding under the watchful eye of expert coaches.



For children who have skied before. We take the pupils to Bowles Dry Ski Centre in Tunbridge Wells weekly. The children practice a variety of warm up exercises to improve their skiing, as well as training for slalom racing through gates testing their turning at speed.

Athletics The athletics activity caters for the enthusiast to those pupils who are in the athletics team. Those children who want to join in and try different events are coached in the different track and field events, whilst those who are using for training will work on technique for the specific event.

Girls Football The girls work on their basic skills of first touch, passing, movement, dribbling and shooting. These are all showcased in a fun match at the end.

Swimming We offer two different swimming sessions Rother Otters and Swim Squad. Rother Otters (ÂŁ) consists both Vinehall pupils and pupils from other schools and caters for the non-swimmer to the swimmers who are looking to improve their general swimming ability. Swim Squad is for those who compete for the school and are invited to attend. These sessions are focussed on technique and targeted to improve their swimming. They will work on starts, sprints, long swims and tumble-turns.



Led by an external tennis coach these sessions are suitable for the beginner, intermediate or more advanced players. The sessions will include drills for specific shots, footwork and balance and will lead to match play. These sessions are held on our courts which are also floodlit.



Tuesday Years 3-8 - Yoga physically enhances a child's flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. In addition, their concentration, sense of calmness, awareness of their breath and their relaxation improves too.

Golf The activity includes the basics of how to hold the clubs, course safety and the different clubs for the new players, whilst the more experienced players will focus on the different types of shot ie. Chipping, irons, et. Initially the activity will take on a driving range form, on site, before moving to the 9 hole course at Vinehall.

Clay Pigeon Shooting


This activity caters for the beginner and the more experienced shot. Gun safety and the basic introduction to stance and gun handling are covered before the pupils fire the gun at moving targets. Due to the experience of our instructors, it is possible for the pupils to be hitting clays on their first session. The more experienced shots will have a variety of trap settings to shoot, testing their abilities and preparing them for competitions.

Bikeability Level 1


Years 3, 4 and 5 - A four week course starting after half term on the New Tennis Courts to develop bicycle control skills and good cycling habits. Skills covered are: • preparation of cyclist and bicycle ready for cycling • start and stop in control • emergency brake • ride along and avoid objects • effective use of gears • share space with other cyclists • ride behind and overtake other cyclists safely • look behind and signal in control At the end of the course, children will receive a Level 1 Certificate and Badge. They will then have the necessary skills to join the Off Road Club (Cylcocross) or participate in a Bikeability 2 Road Course based in Hastings in Year 5 or 6. A minimum of 4 children is required to run this course.

Performing Arts



A variety of dance classes are available, from Street Dance, Ballet and Tap, across different age groups. These are led by our outstanding dance instructor who also prepares the children for their examinations.

Drama We offer practical and enjoyable workshops to improve drama skills and stage craft; activities include improvisation, mime, mask work, theatre games, voice and movement. Pupils often prepare short scripted pieces and the term ends with an informal performance to parents. The activities run as follows: Michaelmas Term: Yr5, 6 & 7 Play Lent Term: Drama Skills Summer Term: Yr8 Musical

Music Theory - classes are available from Grade I - Grade V and take place during the week. Examinations are taken each term. 'Early Bird' practice sessions from 7.45 - 8.15 am, practice sessions at the end of the day from 4.40 - 5.20 and boarder's practice from 5.20 - 6.00.

Sibelius – Computing Music Composing

Sibelius Music Club An activity for those children wishing to develop their computer music skills. Sibelius is a scorewriter program goes beyond editing and printing scores, Sibelius can also play music back using synthesised sounds and produce legible scores for editing and printing.

Choir All the children sing in either the junior or senior choir and there is also a chamber choir for pupils who wish to explore more demanding repertoire. There is also an acapella group.

Orchestra Senior Orchestra The senior orchestra comprises of children of approximately Grade III standard and above, and is split into senior strings and swing band for rehearsal purposes. Rehearsals take place once a week during the school day. Junior Orchestra The junior orchestra is split into junior strings and junior wind and brass for rehearsal purposes, but we all play together for a final concert at the end of the Summer term. Rehearsals take place once a week during the school day. Both orchestras have fully stocked sections although we can never have too many violinists!

Ensembles There are instrument specific ensembles for the junior and senior brass, junior and senior flutes, a junior and senior string quartet, a 'cello ensemble, a clarinet and saxophone group, a percussion ensemble and a guitar group. Rehearsals take place once a week during the school day.

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