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From Student to Scholar, the Choice of Pursuing Academia




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Dean’s Update Now in my second year as the Helen and William O’Toole Dean, I continue to be impressed by our extraordinary students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends and look forward to supporting and encouraging this outstanding Villanova community. In this issue of Villanova Business, you’ll read these talented students, award-winning faculty members and inspiring alumni, all using their VSB experience to make a positive impact in the business world. I invite you to learn more about our new associate deans, Jonathan Doh, PhD; Julie Pirsch, PhD; and Wen Mao, PhD. Together, these dedicated faculty members are each taking their respective responsibilities for research, teaching and learning, and faculty to new levels as part of our strategic vision to enhance VSB’s national visibility. Read more about them on page 20.

I hope this issue of Villanova Business finds you refreshed at the start of a new year! As we look into 2018, I am filled with gratitude and excitement about what lies ahead for Villanova School of Business.

Our students also distinguish themselves as scholars, including Evan Schultz ’19 VSB, who is currently studying Mandarin in Shanghai on a Boren Scholarship while fulfilling his duties as an ROTC Army cadet. Read more about his accomplishments on page 16. And our alumni, like Abby Butkus ’10 VSB, carry the mission and values learned at Villanova out into the world. On page 13, read about how she applies the business acumen and compassion learned at VSB to better the lives of people around the globe. VSB develops business leaders for a better world. We are in the business of training future leaders to excel and inspire. I am honored to serve that mission as your dean. Best,

Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD The Helen and William O’Toole Dean Professor of Management Villanova School of Business



From Student to Scholar

The Choice of Pursuing Academia When Kelley Bergsma, PhD, ’09 VSB, ’11 MSF arrived at Villanova in the fall of 2005, she wasn’t thinking about a career in academia. Fascinated by micro– finance, she imagined herself working in an organization that gives microloans to economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the developing world. When Michelle Casario, PhD, assistant professor, Economics, suggested an academic career path, Dr. Bergsma, then an honors student, wasn’t convinced, despite her work as a tutor in VSB courses and a Bible study leader. Then the financial markets collapsed in 2008, which prompted Dr. Bergsma to rethink everything. Concerns over her studies and her future led her to talk with Associate Dean of Undergraduates Melinda German, who also encouraged Dr. Bergsma to consider becoming a professor. With support from her father, who holds a PhD in molecular biology, and her faculty advisor, Dave Shaffer, PhD, chair, Finance, Dr. Bergsma decided to pursue an academic career. In her senior year, she engaged in a hefty research project on microsavings, which earned her the Adam Smith Prize—given by the Economics department for excellence in undergraduate research—and a publication in The American Economist.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

What I enjoy most about academia is sharing practical knowledge and exploring new questions.

– Dr. Kelley Bergsma


The Uncommon Path Many within that small but elite group who pursue their PhDs credit VSB for laying the essential groundwork for a career in higher education. One of those is Theodore Waldron, PhD, ’03 VSB, ’06 MBA, associate professor of Management at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. Dr. Waldron became interested in higher education while working in hospital administration. His manager at the time taught on a part-time basis at another Philadelphia university and spoke with Dr. Waldron about the intellectual challenges and professional freedoms of higher education, which “planted a seed of curiosity,” as Dr. Waldron describes. While considering the switch to academia, Dr. Waldron returned to Villanova for his MBA and subsequently took a graduate research position to get exposure to the rigors of a PhD program. Working closely with Kevin Clark, PhD, the Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Scholar in Management, and Jonathan Doh, PhD, associate dean, Research, Waldron became indoctrinated into academia. “Dr. Clark spent countless hours with me explaining the responsibilities of a business scholar, the process of earning a business PhD, the factors that distinguish quality PhD programs, and the requirements for getting admitted to one of these programs. He also involved me on a research project and encouraged me to attend an academic conference, the confluence of which led me to meet my eventual dissertation chair, to attend The University of Georgia and to publish in an academic journal,” Dr. Waldron explains. “Even after I graduated from Villanova, Dr. Doh offered important advice as I completed my dissertation and found my way as a new assistant professor.”

Dr. Waldron’s experience is far from singular. In fact, most VSB alumni who pursue a PhD readily commend the faculty and the degree to which they support students, even well after leaving VSB. Such was the case for John Costello ’10 VSB, ’16 MBA, a PhD candidate in marketing at The Ohio State University. Similar to Dr. Waldron, Costello also spent time in the corporate world, working for leading consumer retail brands before changing directions to pursue academia. As he began to consider a career shift, Costello reached out to various VSB faculty who encouraged him to pursue an MBA and apply for the Research Fellowship Program for some meaningful research experience. It afforded Costello the chance to work with some of VSB’s most respected faculty, including Michael Capella, PhD, associate dean, Graduate and Executive Programs; Ray Taylor, PhD, the John A. Murphy Professor of Marketing; and Beth Vallen, PhD, Associate Professor, Marketing & Business Law. He also added some worthwhile academic credentials to his CV, including two papers and book chapters based on his work with Dr. Taylor. “I acquired invaluable skills from my research with Dr. Capella and Dr. Taylor and through Dr. Vallen’s mentoring. I learned how to design experiments and analyze data— all skills that I put to work on day one of my PhD program,” Costello describes. “It was an excellent opportunity and somewhat rare. Few programs allow students not on the doctoral level to get hands-on research experience as I did at VSB.”

Bentley University

VSB graduates who have been inspired to pursue academia have gone on to earn their PhDs at many prestigious institutions including, but not limited to:

Boston College Florida State University The Ohio State University Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University of Delaware University of Florida University of Nebraska



Developing Leaders for a Better World For many, the VSB experience left such an impression that it still influences their approach and philosophy toward teaching and scholarship today. Justine Rapp Farrell, PhD, ’07 VSB, ’09 MBA, assistant professor of Marketing at the University of San Diego School of Business, describes coming to Villanova with a passion for learning and looking to faculty like Mary Kelly, PhD, associate chair of Economics, and Julie Pirsch, PhD, associate dean, Teaching & Learning, as role models. “Their approach to teaching made the material so relevant and meaningful and I saw in them who I wanted to become,” Dr. Farrell explains. Dr. Farrell describes her scholarly work as very communityminded and her teaching approach as practical and hands-on, much like what she saw at VSB. Her research aims to raise awareness and cut down stereotypes, focusing on vulnerable consumers, including those struggling with addiction, and other groups such as the LGBT community that experience the marketplace differently. “It’s important to engage in research that’s applicable, but coming from Villanova, I also see how research can have an impact and help inform the greater good. That inspires me,” Dr. Farrell says. Dr. Farrell incorporates her research into her digital marketing classes to encourage students to think more broadly about the community. For the last five years, her classes have partnered with two San Diego-based nonprofits to create marketing strategies using paid Google ads. Students learn about these organizations and their missions, develop the ads, and analyze the data for meaningful insights to advance the strategies. “My students are getting practical experience but they’re also touching upon what it means to be at a Catholic institution,” Dr. Farrell explains. Across the board, there’s a remarkably similar view about the importance of tying theory to practice.

“The heavy dose of practical application in VSB’s courses encouraged me to ensure that all of my research addresses meaningful business phenomena and that all my courses afford students with actual business experience.” – Theodore Waldron, PhD, ’03 VSB, ’06 MBA


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

“My life’s calling is to diligently advance financial research and to educate the next generation with financial skills they need to succeed. By God’s grace and with Villanova’s support, I found my purpose.” – Kelley Bergsma, PhD, ’09 VSB, ’11 MSF “Offering insights from my research that change how business researchers and practitioners think, as well as designing my courses around consulting projects that give students actual work experience, hone their cognitive skills and differentiate them on the job market, has been particularly enjoyable for me,” Dr. Waldron concludes. Many, like Dr. Bergsma, sum up the experience in higher education as more than a career. Although Dr. Bergsma began her undergraduate studies at VSB with no expectation to pursue academia, she discovered it was her destiny. After completing her undergraduate degree, she remained at VSB to complete a Master of Science in Finance and immersed herself in research with Shelly Howton, PhD, associate chair, Finance. The experience prepared her well for a PhD program in finance at Florida State University. Dr. Bergsma completed a paper within a year of starting her PhD program, which ultimately appeared as a lead article in Financial Management. In 2015, she joined the finance department at the Ohio University College of Business as an assistant professor where today she studies behavioral finance and teaches introductory finance classes. \v/


Coming Full Circle Four alumni who have earned their PhDs have found themselves returning to where it all began—except this time they’re at the front of the classroom to teach the next generation of business leaders.

Caitlin Dannhauser, PhD, ’05 VSB Assistant Professor, Finance It’s an opportunity to work alongside those who helped her pursue a brief career on Wall Street and then encouraged her to seek her PhD. “The Finance department is full of world-class faculty, who passionately convey important, yet complex theories into understandable and relevant lessons.”

Denise Hanes Downey, PhD, ’05 VSB, ’08 MA Kevin Tedeschi ’71 Assistant Professor, Accounting “Working with VSB students is energizing, they are ambitious and intelligent, and want to make a difference in the world. It’s the Villanova spirit created on campus and carried on by our graduates that makes me proud to be part of Nova Nation.”

Mary Kelly, PhD, ’83 VSB Associate Chair, Economics Dr. Kelly credits the former Economics chair, Ed Mathis, PhD, for giving her the opportunity to explore her interest in teaching as an adjunct faculty member over 20 years ago. “I only ever wanted to teach at Villanova. Teaching here just feels right.”

Benjamin Scheick, PhD, ’03 VSB The Kenneth ’84 and Pamela Roessler Assistant Professor of Finance Returning to VSB is a way of supporting others the way others supported him. “Teaching at Villanova is a unique opportunity to give back to a community that has given me so much and… I relish the possibility of being that same person for the next generation of Villanova students.”

Not only does VSB produce ethical business leaders, it also produces world-class teacher-scholars who advance the understanding of business through cuttingedge research.



Faculty Achievements VSB boasts world-class faculty members that are nationally recognized experts in their fields, with 90 percent holding a PhD or the highest degree in their discipline. They excel across the board—in research, instruction and innovation. Our renowned faculty are media savvy professionals and can provide insightful commentary on a multitude of businessrelated topics both nationally and locally. Among their many qualifications are degrees from prestigious institutions, articles in premier academic journals and experience working with the world’s top organizations.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

Denise Hanes Downey, PhD Selected for year-long fellowship in the Office of Economic Research and Analysis at the PCAOB Denise Hanes Downey, PhD, ’05 VSB, ’08 MBA, the Kevin Tedeschi ’71 Assistant Professor, Accounting was selected to spend the 2017–2018 academic year in Washington, DC as part of a year-long fellowship in the Office of Economic Research and Analysis at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). The PCAOB is a private-sector, nonprofit corporation that oversees the audits of public companies and other issuers to protect the interests of investors and further the public interest in the preparation of independent audit reports. Dr. Downey will be working on several research projects that she proposed to the Board, all of which directly tie into auditing standards on multi-location or group audits. She is uniquely positioned to contribute to this discussion as her dissertation and research have focused in the area of coordination and communication challenges in global group audits. Her time in DC will also afford her the opportunity to learn more about the PCAOB and bring a more complete perspective of this key regulator into the classroom upon her return to Villanova.


Jeremy Kees, PhD

Quinetta Roberson, PhD

Named Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Endowed Chair in Business

Named Vice President-Elect of the Academy of Management

Jeremy Kees, PhD, professor of Marketing & Business Law and faculty director, Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights, was named the Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Endowed Chair in Business. Dr. Kees has authored more than 30 publications in some of the most prestigious business academic journals and has been recognized as by Poets&Quants as one of “The 40 Most Outstanding Business School Profs Under 40 In The World” for his excellence in teaching and research.

Quinetta Roberson, PhD, the Fred J. Springer Endowed Chair in Business Leadership and professor of Management at VSB, has been named vice president-elect/ program chair-elect of the Academy of Management. With a membership of nearly 20,000 professors and PhD students from business schools in over 125 countries, AOM is the preeminent professional association for management and organization scholars.

Richard J. Naclerio ’54 VSB and his wife, Barbara, endowed this chair in 2006 to support a faculty member to advance the research mission of VSB. Dr. Kees was appointed by the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75 CLAS, University president, at the recommendation of University Provost Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD, and Dean Joyce E. A. Russell. Dr. Kees serves as a member of the FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee, where he advises various govern­ment agencies about risk communication strategy and policy, and is an ongoing Special Government Employee, a role in which he provides direction on various government initiatives.

“I am honored and humbled to have been elected by my peers within the Academy for this leadership role,” said Dr. Roberson. “As an active member of AOM for more than 20 years, I have served in various capacities within the organization, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to impact the profession in this way. I truly look forward to the next five years.” Dr. Roberson teaches and researches human resource management and organizational behavior, specializing in diversity and inclusion, talent management, managing global teams, and leadership.


Dean Russell Named to The Forum for Executive Women VSB extends its congratulations to Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen and William O’Toole Dean, Villanova School of Business, as well as Adele Lindenmeyr, PhD, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of Villanova University, as they join The Forum of Executive Women. This prestigious group looks to increase the number of women in leadership roles, expand their impact and influence, and position them to drive positive change across the Greater Philadelphia region. The organization holds events and publishes reports on local women in the boardroom and C-suite. Dean Russell commented on her placement in the organization, remarking “Dr. Lindenmeyr and I are delighted to be a part of such an important organization within the area. The Forum of Executive Women provides an opportunity to support women in the region and promote the placement of women in leadership positions. This mission aligns deeply with our commitment at VSB to helping women achieve business excellence and provide a positive influence to unite change within their companies and communities.”

Michael Castrilli and Charles E. Zech Win Catholic Press Association Award Michael Castrilli, business fellow and adjunct professor, and co-author Charles Zech, PhD, research professor of Economics, of VSB’s Center for Church Management (CCM) earned second place in the 2017 Catholic Press Association Awards for their book Parish Finance: Best Practices in Church Management. The book won in the Professional Books category of the competition, and was praised by the Catholic Press Association for being extremely well outlined and providing a helpful overview on how to develop, understand and implement a church budget. “The recognition given to this book by the Catholic Press Association provides further acknowledgment of the increasing awareness of good financial stewardship in parishes, and in fact at all levels of the church,” said Dr. Zech, co-author of the book.

“The goal of our book was to offer a practical, user-friendly guide for priests, seminarians, and parish managers to learn the essentials of church finance. We are excited to be recognized for delivering on this promise.” – Michael Castrilli

O’Donnell Center Professional Presents at National Conference Jackeline Vega, assistant director for Internships and CoOps, was invited to present at the 2017 Cooperative Education and Internship Association’s (CEIA) annual national conference held in Denver. CEIA is the leader in work-integrated learning and provides a supportive member-driven learning community for participating programs, students, educators and employers. She presented two of VSB’s signature initiatives: “Backpack to Briefcase: Professional Development in the Curriculum” and “Making Full-Time Internships & CoOps Work in a 4-Year Program.” Attendees of both sessions considered the unique initiatives a “best practice” other institutions can aspire to.

Jackeline Vega, assistant director for Internships and CoOps


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018


VSB Leads the Way on Analytics As demand for data-savvy business professionals escalates, VSB has positioned itself at the right place at the right time. An Early Adopter VSB’s early entry into analytics wasn’t a matter of luck. Several years ago, VSB faculty sought input from industry leaders on how students could be better prepared for the corporate world and most called for a stronger emphasis on problem-solving with data. VSB introduced a required analytics course in 2012—well ahead of other business schools. “We needed a course that blended theory with practice, so we designed one from the ground up,” explains Daniel Wright, PhD, faculty director of the Center for Business Analytics. “When students saw how analytics applied in a business context, they wanted more.” VSB responded by launching the Business Analytics minor in 2012 and within a year, it became the most popular minor within VSB. The online Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) followed in 2014 and has experienced a 354 percent increase in student enrollment since. Today, undergraduates can also pursue a Business Analytics co-major to go deeper on business intelligence and data mining and pursue an applied project using advanced analytics.

A Data Infusion Still, employers wanted more. Last year, KPMG partnered with VSB to build a graduate-level program tailored to the particular data and analytic needs of KPMG’s audit practice. VSB applied what they learned from that experience to now puts more emphasis on transforming accounting data into actionable intelligence. Similar efforts are also underway with undergraduates. Through the Center for Business Analytics, Dr. Wright works with business leaders to give students hands-on experience with data through real-life consulting projects and direct exposure to companies using analytics. “Across all our programs, we’re focused on developing leaders who can not only understand data, but leverage it to derive insights that propel businesses forward,” explains Dr. Wright.

What is Business Analytics? Business Analytics provides students the understanding of business intelligence, business performance management and business tools such as statistical analysis and data mining.

After being among the first business schools to offer analytics, VSB’s latest initiatives put analytics at the core of the curriculum to prepare students to understand data and use it wisely.

2010 Center for Analytics Established

2011 Business Analytics Minor

2012 Required Analytics Course

2013 Business Analytics Student Society

2014 Master of Science in Analytics MBA Specialization in Analytics

2016 Business Analytics Co-Major

2017 KPMG Master of Accounting with Analytics

2018 MSA earns #1 ranking in U.S. US News and World Report’s Best Online Graduate Business Programs



VSB and Catholic Relief Services

A Working Partnership

VSB’s unique partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is built on a model of mutual learning and collaboration, bringing together students, faculty, aid experts and local communities to promote the global common good.

Pascasie Musabyemungu

Pascasie Musabyemungu, project manager at CRS, and Nicole Anderson ’19 VSB are two women who share a mission and purpose to address the humanitarian needs of vulnerable communities suffering from the impacts of inadequate housing and sanitation, poor nutrition, and other challenges to global health and social injustice. What’s more is both of these women were able to fulfill their mission with the help of a growing partnership between VSB and CRS. Musabyemungu, a participant in VSB’s Certificate in Church Management webinar program, has more than 15 years’ experience with CRS building the institutional strength of the Catholic Church and serving the vulnerable communities in her home country of Rwanda. Because of her success in the online certificate program, she is now planning to enroll in VSB’s Master of Science in Church Management program.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

Nicole Anderson ’19 VSB

Nicole is an International Business and Economics major and one of 10 Villanova students who participated in the 2017 summer internship in Madagascar, a multi-year, multidisciplinary program and joint initiative between the University and CRS. According to Aronté Bennett, VSB associate chair, Marketing & Business Law and faculty liaison for the 2017 internship program, the experience is an opportunity for students “to understand the difference between theory and application, and to come away with their world view expanded.” Nicole, who used her business education to evaluate private utility companies working with CRS, can certainly say her world view is larger than ever. These women are just two of many VSB students who have benefited from Villanova University’s working relationship with CRS which began in 2005 and was built upon the shared values of the two institutions to draw on their respective resources to advance global solidarity through education, research, advocacy and service.

Musabyemungu photo: Philip Laubner/Catholic Relief Services


“The ongoing programs and new initiatives with CRS offer faculty and students opportunities for sustained engagement with partners in the field, in work they view as part of their own mission.”

– James Gallo, EdD, director, Center for Church Management

As described by Maureen McCullough, director of the CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, Villanova has taken its partnership with CRS further than any other intuition and the partnership continues to reach new levels. For example, due to the success of the Certificate in Church Management program’s pilot program, the series has been expanded to reach 19 sisters of the Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa as well as other CRS partners across the world. Focusing on topics such as strategic planning, facilities management and church budgeting—and with access to an online discussion board—participants have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices across the globe to better serves their churches. Building on the experience of the Madagascar internship program, a new pilot program in Tanzania was created with three students participating during the 2017 fall break—and new initiatives in Ghana and Liberia are taking shape within the next two years to set up VSB-certified, on-the-ground masters programs for local students.

And in July of 2017, VSB hosted the inaugural Perfecting Partnership workshop where 50 CRS staff from 24 countries gathered to share experiences and best practices in institution capacity strengthening and inter-agency partnership with the help of James Gallo, director of VSB’s Center for Church Management and Eric Hamberger ’04 CLAS, ’08 MPA, Director of Online Graduate Programs in VSB. “The work CRS does so closely aligns with our University’s mission and we are proud to have them as a partner to help us extend our impact around the world with our online and ground programs,” said Hamberger. \v/

What’s Next? Villanova will host the the 2018 Perfecting Partnership conference to support CRS’s ongoing efforts to promote collaborative and innovative partnerships around the world.



Villanova Consulting Group

Experiences Impressive Growth Since the society’s founding in 2014, the Villanova Consulting Group (VCG) has equipped students with the tools and techniques necessary to succeed in the consulting industry, offered opportunities to network with professionals in the field, and provided the chance to gain real-world business experience. “The Villanova Consulting Group was formed in direct response to student interest: students spoke and we listened and VCG was born,” says Stephen J. Andriole, PhD, Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology, who serves as VCG’s faculty advisor. “Interest in consulting careers has exploded and VCG channels that interest into careers with some of the best consultancies.” Under Dr. Andriole’s leadership, the four student members of the executive board have helped the group gain recognition within VSB as a group that effectively prepares students for careers after college. In just three years, VCG has experienced impressive growth and success with an increase in membership, greater engagement and stronger relationships with alumni. Now boasting over 75 members, the group has launched its own mentorship program specifically to provide training as students prepare for interviews in the consulting field. “As part of the new mentorship component, students were divided into groups and paired with alumni mentors from McKinsey, Bain and BCG. Mentors helped students sharpen their case interview skills and familiarized students with what to expect when they enter an internship or full-time position,” explains Morgan Goodman ’18 VSB, a Marketing major and president of VCG. “Connecting students with experienced consultants will be an essential way they learn about our industry and the skills essential to joining it,” says Jeff Maurone ’05 VSB, associate partner at McKinsey & Company. Indeed, VCG is already responsible for facilitating at least three career opportunities; Kyle Coleman ‘18 VSB and Abigail DeVito ‘18 VSB were recently hired as interns at McKinsey & Company and Peter Coyle ‘17 COE, former VCG president, is the first Villanovan hired by BCG.

What’s next for VCG? This spring, VCG members will have the opportunity to work for clients on a variety of projects ranging from e-commerce to movie production strategies.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

Left to Right: Nicole Hawkins, Patrick Goetzke, David Cole, Amanda Peck

Bartley Briefcase Challenge Each academic year, VSB juniors team up to design solutions to real-life business problems in the annual Backpack to Briefcase Challenge. As winners of the competition, these team members each received $500, as well as an engraving on the Backpack to Briefcase Trophy.

Fall 2016 Julia Barnett ’18 VSB, Jake Kunz ’18 VSB, Samantha Russell ’18 VSB and Luke Fleming ’18 VSB Students studied Nestlé and their challenge to plot a course for the company’s future as the food and beverage industry deals with issues including access to healthier foods and the improvement of supply chain sustainability.

Spring 2017 David Cole ’18 VSB, Patrick Goetzke ’18 VSB, Nicole Hawkins ’18 VSB and Amanda Peck ’18 VSB Teams examined Amazon, which prioritized growth and investment in new business areas over profits but needed new investments that would drive Amazon’s growth and profitability.


Villanovans Making a Difference Abby Butkus ’10 VSB talks fast—and moves faster. She’s on a mission to make a positive social impact during her entire professional career. Ambitious? Yes, but take a look at what she’s achieved in the seven years since graduation. She’s just back in the United States at a new job after spending three years in Rwanda at the One Acre Fund, an agriculture financing and distributing organization. “One Acre was very much a startup environment, with an entrepreneurial approach. During my first year, I managed the finances for the Rwanda operations, but then it made sense to consolidate these functions to take advantage of scale,” Butkus says.

One Acre Fund

5,400 staff serving over

40,000 farmers, providing seeds, fertilizer and equipment on credit to local farmers

After a year, she transitioned to serving as the financial and operations manager for the entire enterprise. As Butkus explains, “We had to be innovative. One Acre has 5,400 staff, and it’s serving over 400,000 farmers, providing seeds, fertilizer and equipment on credit to local farmers—all of this in countries where cash is king and there is little infrastructure. We were told to go for it—try things, fail fast, learn from it and try something else. Our teams were working with the major telecom companies to bring in mobile phones so we could set up mobile banking—it’s a main distribution channel for our loans and how we were repaid.” She spent her final year at One Acre building up her team, and iterating process improvements and change management. Butkus is now in Boston, serving as director of Finance and Accounting at New Profit, which takes a venture capital approach to philanthropy. It identifies early stage, high-impact social enterprises and nonprofits making transformational improvements in the education space, and makes grants. “At New Profit, we use what already works instead of inventing something new. [It’s] a big contrast to the approach we used at One Acre, and a great opportunity for learning,” Butkus says. While at VSB, Butkus applied for and was accepted into a management trainee program at General Electric where she’d learn all aspects of the business via six-month rotations. Butkus says, “It was great for me. At that stage I didn’t even know what I didn’t know—I wanted an opportunity to learn so I could see what would be a good fit.” At the end, she chose to move on, spending a year at a World Bank think tank as an analyst. “It was very meta— all theory. Then I joined One Acre, where it was all down to the individual.” Butkus continues to make her career choices based on what will help her continue to learn—building skills and broadening her experiences so that she can continue to have a positive social impact on the world. At New Profit, she’s looking forward to gaining a better understanding of how the donor funding flow works, and how that funding gets to organizations where it can make the biggest impact. She’s particularly interested in the possibilities New Profit is uncovering in the field of education. Her passion for service, commitment to lifelong learning, and sense of adventure is a winning combination that will serve her—and those she serves—well in the years to come.

Butkus credits VSB for giving her foundational business skills and wonderful opportunities.

“I loved the sense of community, the chance for internships and simply how friendly everyone was. I’ve been able to harness the skills I received at VSB in a way that feeds my passion for service.” – Abby Butkus ’10 VSB



Raising the Next Generation of Business Leaders Growing up in West Philadelphia, Siani Garrison-Lloyd never considered a career in business. Then in 7th grade, she spent her first summer in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), an initiative supported by the Center for Church Management aimed at helping kids in at-risk neighborhoods learn about business by designing and selling their own products. Siani started out making hair ties out of duct tape and sold them every weekend during the summer at neighborhood parks and festivals. She remained with YEP for five summers and grew her business with new products— including jewel-encrusted cellphones, sunglasses, even selfie sticks—while becoming a mentor to younger kids. Now, Siani attends Pennsylvania State University, studying business and marketing on a full scholarship. “I learned marketing tactics, budgeting and calculating projecting revenue. I became more confident at public speaking, socializing and working in teams. The program brought me out of my shell and made me realize that my art can be my business,” Siani describes.

VSB supports several programs that help young people, especially girls, see career possibilities in business.


Many young people imagine business as sitting behind a desk and understandably, that seems boring. In these programs, they learn that marketing, finance andentrepreneurship are a part of business and it’s exciting. – Sue Metzger

YEP offers youth of West Philadelphia something that many of them need— exposure to a career in business. What’s remarkable about this program are the demographics: Nearly all the participants are young girls.

TechGirlz TechGirlz is a Philadelphia-based, national nonprofit that offers programs to help young girls explore technology careers. In recent summers, TechGirlz held a week-long entrepreneur camp at Villanova for girls ages 11–14 where they imagined new products and apps and built the business plans to monetize them. The camp wrapped up with campers presenting their ideas to a panel of judges similar to the TV show Shark Tank.

Agnes Irwin School Sue Metzger, instructor, Accounting & Information Systems at VSB, and a leader of VU Women in Tech, an organization of faculty and alumni supporting women in technology and related careers.

Programs like these help young women gain confidence and develop their business acumen.

VSB continued to champion entrepreneurship last spring with the Agnes Irwin School, an all-girls school in Rosemont, Pa. After developing a product idea in their classrooms, 19 freshmen came to VSB for two days to learn about marketing and presenting their ideas. At the end, they pitched their ideas to VSB’s own Shark Tank, including two entrepreneurs, Vanessa Kungne ’17 COE and Chinasa Nwokocha ’17 VSB, along with Dean Joyce Russell. Above: Siani Garrison-Lloyd


Villanova Business / Winter 2018


VSB Summer Internships Jessica Roberts ’19 VSB

Ryan Dorrycott ’18 VSB

Lizzie Kaczorowski ’19 VSB

Advertising Sales The OWN Network as part of Discovery Communications, NYC

Promotions Philadelphia Phillies

Consumer Retail Operations Dyson, Chicago

Carrie Boromisa ’13 VSB with Lizzie


My experience included a wide variety of projects such as developing a marketing plan for targeting black female millennials which I presented to the VP of Sales and Partner Solutions and the CMO!

I was responsible for assisting in all promotional events, from coordinating theme nights and on-field events to working with sponsors and entertainment companies.

I was responsible for visualizing business processes, presenting content at sales-out meetings and developing resources for the field team. I also helped HR, marketing and logistics to get a well-rounded understanding of the business.

When I served as the liaison between the Phillies and country singer Hunter Hayes and I got to drive him around Philadelphia and grab coffee with him!

My VSB mentor, Carrie Boromisa ’13 VSB, assistant marketing manager at Dyson, provided valuable career advice throughout my internship. We discussed my projects and ambitions. I could not have asked for a better mentor match or internship!

VSB encouraged me to find an organization that I was passionate about. The leadership and teamwork skills I learned during group projects helped prepare me for the sports and entertainment environment.

I was surprised how some of the material from my classes directly applied. By the third week, I was using applications from my Business Analytics class to model data trends. I learned how to navigate Mintel in my CE class, which helped with marketing research projects.

I learned how to be a self-starter and prove that I was motivated to take on any task. I also learned how to overcome mistakes by learning from them and trying harder the next time.

I learned how to be proactive and that the most effective way to contribute is to take advantage of all opportunities. Some of my favorite projects were the result of me asking to get involved. I was fortunate the office encouraged collaboration!


Attending the closing bell ceremony at NASDAQ. Little did I know that it would be broadcast live in Times Square! Another highlight was seeing my team’s partnership with the 2017 Essence Festival come to fruition in New Orleans! HOW VSB PREPARED ME

Networking, networking, networking! I’ve made great connections with Villanova alums and other professionals because of the skills I learned at VSB. My Competitive Effectiveness class prepared me for conducting market research, business writing and time management! WHAT I LEARNED

I learned so much about the ad sales process, from researching marketing strategies to finding solutions for how to best fit their advertising budget. This experience gave me the tools to keep growing in the marketing field.



Evan Schultz ’19 Finance Major, ROTC Army Cadet Evan Schultz ’19 VSB has his eyes firmly focused on the future, while taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way here in the present. Evan is currently studying Mandarin in Shanghai on a Boren Scholarship. This is a return trip for Evan, who also spent the summer of 2016 there as a Freeman scholar. The summer of 2015 was spent in Jinan and Beijing, China, in the Army’s Project Global Officer (Project GO), which focuses on countries and languages of the Middle, Central and Far East; Africa; and South America. Evan came to Villanova from San Jose, Calif. because his family is from the East Coast. “My family has a bit of an East Coast bias when it comes to higher education. I was eager to move East—I wanted to see other parts of the country,” Evan says. He chose Villanova University because of its Catholic roots and the opportunities he’d have here. Evan started out in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, set on a military career. “I come from an Army family. My uncle is a lieutenant colonel, and my dad did a four-year tour before moving to the private sector and a business career,” Evan explains.

Evan is one of 35 ROTC Army cadets at Villanova and one of the seven in VSB. Major Michael J. Repasky, of the Villanova ROTC and an assistant professor of military science, had this to say about Evan: “I am extremely proud of Cadet Schultz and this unique opportunity for him to study abroad after being awarded the Boren Scholarship. As he progresses in his Army career, he will bring knowledge and understanding that will enhance international cooperation, broaden the dialogue between countries concerning national security and, most importantly, build relationships.”

His dad is the reason, in part, why Evan is in Asia learning Mandarin. “I took Mandarin in high school on the advice of my father,” he said. “My dad suggested I focus on China because he felt it’s the future—they’re surpassing us economically and they have four times our population.” But that first class didn’t go very well. “I never intended to study Mandarin ever again, but then the officers in ROTC at Villanova asked me to pick it back up.” After a year at Villanova, Evan’s goals began to change. He transferred to VSB at the end of his freshman year, majoring in Finance. “I like the strategic focus of finance. In finance, you can influence the outcome and get things done.”

So what will be next for Evan? He’s busy learning Mandarin in the mornings and interning at a tech startup working on education apps for Chinese students, but he still has time to research additional ways he can spend time learning overseas. He’ll be applying for a Fulbright and maybe a Schwarzman Scholarship. He wants to learn as much as he can, though his activities after graduation will be up to the Army, as he is obligated to serve for four years. He values his military training and is grateful for the time ROTC has given him to figure out what he wants to do in his career. “Our military has begun to put emphasis on cultural experience to help reduce tension. My experience on the ground in other countries will be valuable,” Evan says.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018


Adam Smith Contest Winners

Veronica Scott ’17 VSB

Julia Barnett Philly Ad Club Scholarship Winner

VSB is pleased to announce the winners of the Economics department’s 2016– 2017 Adam Smith Contest: Veronica Scott ’17 VSB, first place, and Allison Iannolo ’18 VSB, second place. The Adam Smith Contest is an annual student research paper competition funded by a gift from John Haines ’79 CLAS. The competition scores students based on the quality of their written paper and their oral presentation. Veronica won with her piece “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Geopolitical Implications of Chinese Development Assistance and Other Financial Flows to Africa,“ while Allison scored second place with her paper “Does the Implementation of Presumed Consent Increase Deceased Organ Donations?”

Allison Iannolo ’18 VSB

Julia Barnett ’18 VSB, majoring in Business Analytics, Marketing and International Business, was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from Philly Ad Club. Scholarships are awarded in accordance with their mission of “mentoring young people who plan to pursue careers in the industry.” The Philly Ad Club places importance on keeping young talent in the Greater Philadelphia region.

VSB All-Area Team Ryan E. Bell, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Andrew Marston Excellence both on and off the field Ryan E. Bell ’18 VSB (Football, Finance and Accounting), Tanoh Kpassagnon ’17 VSB (Football, Finance and Accounting), and Andrew Marston ’18 VSB (Cross Country, Marketing) were named to the Academic All-Area Team. This designation, awarded by the Philadelphia Inquirer, highlights individuals that embody the term “student-athlete” and showcase their abilities in the classroom and in their sport.

Tanoh Kpassagnon (left), Ryan Bell and Andrew Marston (right)



LEADING SCORERS If you think all the action and excitement of professional sports happens on the field or on the court, think again. Those making the biggest plays for professional sport franchises don’t always wear a jersey and many got their start at the same place: VILLANOVA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Jim Curtin at the 2015 Open Cup Final

Philadelphia Union

Meet three of VSB’s leading scorers. Jim Curtin ’00 VSB

// Head Coach, Philadelphia Union

When Jim Curtin got drafted to play professional soccer for the Chicago Fire, he had no idea that he was joining something of a training program for future coaches. In Chicago, he played for Coach Bob Bradley, a legend in professional soccer who challenged players to see the game like a coach. That approach turned 14 of the 18 members of that Fire team into coaches, general managers or technical directors of Major League Soccer (MLS). Now Curtin coaches the Philadelphia Union, where he draws upon not only the lessons as a player, but also ones from VSB, where he learned that relationships and collaboration matter. “Whether in the classroom or on the field, you need to connect with people and understand one another,” Curtin says. The Union’s 30-man roster ranges in age from 16 to 36, where only 60 percent are native English speakers. With such a diverse group, Curtin focuses on strengths to get the most out of his players. In fact, the Union coaching staff conducts testing to determine each athlete’s preferred learning style and adapts their coaching tactics accordingly.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

“Winning is the number one goal, but you also want to help the people around you reach their full potential. That’s what any coach or CEO should do.” – Jim Curtin


76ers, Devils, Team Dignitas, 87ers

Alex Martins ’86 VSB Chief Executive Officer, Orlando Magic Alex Martins came to Villanova with no intention of going into sports. Then as a student worker in the sports information office, he had a front row seat when the men’s basketball team won its first NCAA National Championship in 1985, and that made all the difference.

Scott O’Neil, CEO, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment

Scott O’Neil ’92 VSB Chief Executive Officer, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) For Scott O’Neil, running a multi-franchise sports and entertainment organization depends on one thing: culture. As the chief executive officer of a portfolio that includes the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA); the New Jersey Devils (NHL); the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ; Team Dignitas (esports league); the Delaware 87ers (NBA G League); and other holdings, he strives to create a world-class work environment where “talent flourishes and the priorities are crystal clear.” O’Neil got his first exposure to this type of environment during a summer internship in college with a leading sports marketing firm. There he saw smart, hardworking, talented people eager to start working on Monday and reluctant to leave on Friday, which left an impression on O’Neil.

Shortly after graduating VSB, he joined the Orlando Magic, then a startup franchise, as its first director of Public Relations. After 10 years, he left briefly to pursue other opportunities, including an MBA, but returned to lead business operations for the Magic. Six years ago, he became the CEO. Today he oversees both business and team operations, including the NBA franchise, the Lakeland Magic (NBA G League), and the Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL hockey league). Under Martins, the Magic became the first NBA team to leverage analytics for the business, using data to help drive ticket pricing and maximize yield on a game-by-game basis. Now analytics informs the entire business, enabling them to know their fans individually and customize their entire arena experience from tickets to food to merchandise. Martins is also leading the franchise through a transformation into a sports and entertainment organization, which includes a $300 million sports and entertainment development in downtown Orlando and the expansion of the NBA 2K esports league. “We’re using the Magic and NBA brands to grow locally and internationally. It’s an exciting time,” Martins says.

Orlando Magic

So did the strong sense of community he found at Villanova. He describes his current role with HBSE as an amazing place to work because, much like Villanova, mission and purpose unite the organization for positive outcomes. In fact, even as the Philadelphia 76ers struggled through several losing seasons in recent years, the number of season ticketholders quadrupled. That success, O’Neil explains, stems from a deep sense of conviction in their purpose. “It’s one of those great stories where everyone from communications to marketing to sales embraces the message and delivers on it powerfully,” O’Neil says. That energy also compels O’Neil and his staff to do even more. Through the Sixers Innovation Lab Crafted by Kimball, HBSE supports early stage startups that align with the organization’s core holdings. “We are always looking at the world differently and asking, ‘What if?’” O’Neil explains. “Working with entrepreneurs keeps us looking forward, and not back.”

Alex Martins, CEO, Orlando Magic



Expanding the VSB Senior Leadership Team VSB appoints three of the school’s most respected faculty members to serve as associate deans and lead key parts of the experience In their new roles Jonathan Doh, PhD; Wen Mao, PhD; and Julie Pirsch, PhD each bring to their respective responsibilities for research, faculty, and teaching and learning a level of insight and energy that equals their impressive credentials. Even as they work through the details of the new roles, the new associate deans aren’t wasting any time setting forth ideas, priorities and, most import antly, plans for collaborating—all to take VSB to the next level.

Articulating a Vision Prior to joining the senior leadership team, the new associate deans engaged in lengthy discussions with Dean Russell, prompting them to think deeply about their vision for the discovery and dissemination of knowledge. “These new roles were created as part of my ongoing strategy to propel VSB, our students and all of our programs toward enhanced national visibility,” explains Dean Russell. For Dr. Doh, he views his job as more than facilitating top-quality research—he wants to make the findings more accessible and actionable for VSB’s broader constituents while pushing the conventional boundaries of research. “I want to explore how we bring together researchers on multi-dimensional problems that don’t lend themselves to traditional disciplined-based approaches,” offers Dr. Doh. “We also need to get students more involved with research. It’s happening today but not consistently. We ought to draw on our best and brightest students at the graduate and undergraduate levels and structure ways for them to engage in cutting-edge research that provides the proper incentives for faculty and students alike.”


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

Dr. Pirsch wants to bring to light the innovative teaching and learning happening throughout VSB and share them as best practices. “Learning is happening in a multitude of ways: in classrooms, online, through live case studies, even in the field. We engage with alumni and recruiters to keep our curriculum current with the marketplace which makes for such a robust experience. We have a responsibility to share it more proactively within VSB and beyond to further our students’ employment opportunities.” Establishing the right faculty governance enables all of this good work to happen, Dr. Mao explains. “Faculty have hours of interactions with our students. Their research puts us on the map. They are at the forefront of what we do. Our governance and our policies should be designed to keep our faculty engaged so they help shape the vision of the school.” And attracting, promoting and retaining the right faculty is critical for the future of VSB. Working closely with Dean Russell, Dr. Mao will be helping to ensure that VSB has the faculty it needs to position the school well into the future.

Why Now? Growth of the leadership team comes one year since the arrival of Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, The Helen and William O’Toole Dean of Villanova School of Business, as well as the start of the University’s strategic planning process. “VSB is ensuring that our offering aligns with our strategic goals and the University’s broader vision while delivering something our audiences value,” explains Dean Russell.

Photography: Ed Cunicelli



In the near term, the associate deans want to focus on areas where they can have an immediate and significant impact. For example, within a few weeks of starting in his new position, Dr. Doh worked with Dean Russell to double research expenditures to support travel and data acquisition resources. Dr. Pirsch has embarked on an onboarding process to familiarize new hires with VSB’s approach to teaching and learning and to highlight best practices. With faculty, Dr. Mao is committed to enhancing transparency through clearer communication. “No matter how fast we move, we always need to clearly communicate our purpose and our mission,” Dr. Mao says. Additionally, there’s a strong commitment to collaboration. As they began to implement VSB’s overall vision, it became clear that each role depends on one another along with the rest of VSB’s senior leadership team (see list at right). Dean Russell notes, “These talented professionals bring unique perspectives and are committed to VSB’s mission and helping the school become a national powerhouse!”

Michael Capella, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate and Executive Programs; Professor, Marketing & Business Law Terrill Drake, MBA, Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives Lee Every, MPA, Director, Finance and Administration Melinda German, MBA, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs Cathy J. Toner, JD, Director, Communication and Marketing Department Chairs Eric Karson, PhD, Interim Chair and Associate Professor, Marketing & Business Law Michael Peters, PhD, Chair, Accounting & Information Systems and Alvin A. Clay Professor of Accounting Narda Quigley, PhD, Chair, Management & Operations and Associate Professor of Management David Shaffer, PhD, Chair, Finance and Associate Professor Peter Zaleski, PhD, Chair, Economics and Professor

Jonathan Doh

Wen Mao

Julie Pirsch



Teaching & Learning

Associate Dean

Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business n

n n

n n


Senior Leadership Team

 aculty Director, Elenore and F Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership Professor of Management

Associate Dean


n n


 ublished more than P 75 articles, 35 chapters, 12 teaching cases, eight books Joined VSB in 2001


 hD, Strategic and InternaP tional Management, George Washington University


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

 ssociate Professor of A Economics Interim Vice Dean, 2015 Chair, Department of Economics, 2007–2015 Organizes the Business Internship and MBA Business and Cultural Immersion Programs in China

Associate Dean






Joined VSB in 1995 PhD, Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

n n

Assistant Professor of Marketing Associate Director, Center for Marketing & Consumer Insights Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2017 Thomas J. Carmody, Jr., Award for Teaching, 2014 Gerald Dougherty Excellence in Teaching Award, 2012 Joined VSB in 2002 PhD, Marketing, Temple University


A Gift with a Greater Purpose For Rita Donahue, a recent donation to the Villanova School of Business carries a special significance. The wife of the late Joseph Donahue ’35 VSB, Mrs. Donahue made a $500,000 gift to establish the Joseph and Rita Donahue Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will provide financial support to academically talented students in VSB. Mr. and Mrs. Donahue met Father George Riley through mutual friends in 1970. At the time, Mr. Donahue was president and CEO of Connelly Containers in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., and Father Riley was the vice president of University Relations overseeing Development, Public Relations and Alumni Affairs. Father Riley invited Mr. Donahue to join the University’s Development Council and from there, a friendship grew out of shared values and a mutual commitment to serving the University’s mission. Over the years, the Donahues made a variety of contributions to the University. Mr. Donahue worked closely with the late Dean Alvin Clay to support the College of Commerce and Finance, to which he attributed much of his success. As a Board member of the Connelly Foundation, he also played an instrumental role in securing several gifts for the University. He joined the University’s Board of Trustees in 1982, where he remained actively involved for over a decade. Today, Donahue Hall on South Campus bears the family’s name along with a room in St. Mary’s Hall that reflects his mother’s name. It’s also rumored that Mr. Donahue anonymously paid the tuition for several qualified students.

The fund was inspired by the Donahues’ nearly 50-year friendship with the Rev. George F. Riley, OSA, ’58 CLAS, who shared the couple’s devotion to helping others. In a complementary way, Father Riley also dedicated himself to Villanova and the Augustinian Province of St. Thomas of Villanova. Over the course of his nearly 60-year career, he taught ethics and contemporary religions, served as the University’s first liaison to the newly established Peace Corps, and worked as the secretary for the Augustinian Province, which at that time had oversight of a university, two colleges, six high schools, and many parishes in the United States, Cuba and Japan. Most notably though, Father Riley spent 20 years as vice president of University Relations and played a major role in several highly successful capital campaigns involving the building of the Connelly Center and the athletic Pavilion.

“Joseph always believed that his education at VSB allowed for so many opportunities in the Philadelphia business community. He wanted to see others succeed the way he did. ” – Rita Donahue

Father Riley and the Donahues remained close and socialized regularly until Mr. Donahue’s passing in 1996. In his eulogy for his friend, Father Riley aptly quoted Winston Churchill, saying “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Through this scholarship, Mrs. Donahue commemorates two lives well lived.



VSB Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) The DAC provides advice and guidance to the dean of the Villanova School of Business on important strategic initiatives under consideration at the school. Josef “Joe” Allen ’89 VSB

Lisa M. Gray ’86 VSB

John F. Phinney P ’17

General Manager, US Global Operations Center GE

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Phoenix IP Ventures

Co-Managing Partner Convergence, LLC

Robert “Rob” Arning P ’17

Peter J. Hofbauer ’84 VSB

Paul D. Ridder ’00 MBA

Chief Operating Officer Concord International Investments Group

President Tasty Baking Company

Martin “Marty” Hughes ’79 VSB

President and Chief Executive Officer BWAY Corporation

Vice Chair, Market Development KPMG LLP

Madeleine Barber Esq. ’85 VSB, ’88 CWSL, ’92 CWSL Senior Vice President and Chief Tax Officer CBRE

Richard “Rick” Betz ’84 VSB CEO Resolute Energy Corporation

Peter Cieszko ’82 VSB, P ’20 Chief Client Officer – Americas American Century Investments

Stephen “Steve” DeAngelis ’88 VSB Executive VP and Head of Distribution FS Investment Solutions

Joseph V. “Joe” Del Raso, Esq. ’74 VSB, ’83 CWSL Partner Pepper Hamilton LLP

Justin DiGaetano ’02 VSB Founding Partner and Principal Fidato Partners

Peter P. DiLullo ’72 VSB CEO LCOR

Christine Dorfler ’97 VSB CFO NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations

Charles P. Dougherty ’93 MBA President and Chief Executive Officer Hardinge Inc.

Kevin J. Dunphy ’82 VSB Managing Director, Head of Public Finance Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Ltd

Michele Etzel ’87 VSB CFO and Executive Vice President National Graphics, Inc.

Christopher Gheysens ’93 VSB; Chair President and CEO Wawa, Inc.


Villanova Business Winter/Spring 2018

Chief Executive Officer and Director Redwood Trust

William M. “Bill” Kelly ’72 VSB Chief Executive Officer Blue Tee Corporation

Peter Knobloch ’75 VSB Retired Chief Investment Officer Assembly

John McCarthy P ’15 President and COO McCarthy Tire & Automotive Centers

Bill R. McDermott Chief Executive Officer SAP SE

Clare McGrory ’97 VSB, ’08 EMBA Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer     Atairos Management LP

Michael “Mike” McLaughlin ’88 VSB US Country Head and Head of Credit Markets Macquarie Group Limited

Robert A. “Bob” McMahon ’79 VSB President, US Markets Merck & Co., Inc.

Robert J. “Rob” McNeill Jr. ’88 VSB Managing Partner, Greater Philadelphia Deloitte & Touche LLP

Robert Mulhall ’80 VSB, P ’07; VUAA Liaison Partner, Assurance Ernst & Young LLP

Francis I. “Frank” Perier Jr. ’81 VSB Retired EVP Finance and CFO Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Michael “Mike” Petrane ’93 VSB Partner, Assurance Services Ernst & Young LLP

Kenneth M. “Ken” Roessler ’84 VSB

Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD The Helen and William O’Toole Dean Villanova School of Business

Michael P. “Mike” Russomano Jr. ’79 VSB Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Business Head – Wyeth Nutrition Nestlé S.A.

Christopher G. “Chris” Ryan ’83 EG President, Americas; Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

William M. “Bill” Shockley ’83 VSB, P ’14, ’16 Partner Tinicum Capital Partners

Celestine “Tina” Simmons, ’89 VSB Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Central Division Comcast Corporation

Stephen “Steve” Spaeder ’88 VSB, ’92 MBA SVP, Acquisitions and Development Equus Capital Partners, Ltd.

William “Bill” Tucker ’81 VSB, P ’15 Executive President Association of National Advertisers

Lorraine “Lori” Waldron Esq. ’90 VSB, ’93 CWSL, ’93 MBA Partner Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.

Valerie Wieman ’92 VSB Assurance Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Susan Wolford ’77 CLAS Managing Director, Group Head of the Business Services and Media Group BMO Capital Markets Corp.

HOW CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT THE FUTURE OF VSB? By making a gift to the Villanova School of Business, you are helping us provide a transformational experience for our students, elevate our faculty research and enrich our community in countless ways. Your support allows VSB to be entrepreneurial and move in the competitive space of top-tier business schools by providing superior student services through the Clay Center, supporting worldclass faculty, enhancing classrooms and technology, and funding the Centers of Excellence.

You can choose to support any of our five featured designations To support VSB, please contact Brendan Glackin, director of Major Giving, at

VSB’s Capital Improvement Fund Diversity and Inclusion Fund

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Dean’s Fund for Strategic Initiatives Villanova School of Business Fund The Clay Center




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