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Since 2003, Absolute Taste has offered a truly bespoke inflight catering service. Our aim has always been to provide the best and most delicious food alongside a tailored concierge service that is available to the business and private aviation sector. Put simply, we make food worth flying for. We are now thrilled to further enhance our offer having combined our strengths with Gate Gourmet to launch our new Centre of Excellence for Private Aviation in Geneva. As Absolute Taste Inflight powered by Gate Gourmet, we are bringing together Absolute Taste’s reputation for excellence, customer service, food and contemporary innovation with Executive Gourmet’s vast industry experience, infrastructure and deep local knowledge. This is just the beginning of a future together with many exciting plans ahead. We are therefore delighted to be showcasing our new menu. This is the first stage of the things to come from our exciting new entity. It celebrates the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients, responsibly sourced and prepared with passion by our team of dedicated chefs. Some things, however, have not changed. The service we provide will be just as tailored and attentive as it has always been. Our menus and packaging have been created with compatibility in mind, as we understand the facilities and restrictions that crew have to work with, so we continue to take great care and attention to detail to ensure our food is as easy to serve as it is to enjoy. As with everything we do, our emphasis on providing great tasting food that people really want to eat, with beautiful produce and outstanding service, remains.


Breakfast 6 Juices & Smoothies




Cold canapés


Warm canapés








Main courses


Build your own


Pasta & Risotto


Afternoon Tea




Lebanese corner


Further information





Sliced cured meat platter

Homemade granola with Greek yoghurt and a fresh berry compote

Sliced European cheese platter A selection of cereals Sliced European cheese Organic porridge

and cured meat platter

with almond milk, dates Lightly smoked Scottish salmon

and caramelised pecan nuts

with all the accompaniments Bircher muesli Selection of sliced seasonal fruits

served plain or with red berries Green apple bircher muesli


with chia yoghurt and a strawberry and rhubarb compote

A basket of freshly baked Viennoiserie

Soft fruit salad


Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe melon

Pain au chocolat

Chunky tropical salad

Pain au raisins

Pineapple, mango, cantaloupe melon, watermelon and kiwi

The Absolute Taste muffin

Fresh fruit skewers

Banana bread

with a yoghurt, honey and passion fruit dip

Bagels and bread rolls

Greek yoghurt

Bonne Maman jams,

Assorted fruit yoghurts

honey pots and Isigny butter

Toast with a selection of jams, honey and nutella





Back bacon

with blueberry and maple syrup

Crispy streaky bacon

(option of crispy bacon)

Pork sausage

Buttermilk pancakes with poached peaches and raspberries

Chicken sausage

and coconut yoghurt

Grilled plum tomato

Eggs Benedict served on English muffin, with honey roasted

Sautéed fresh mushrooms

ham, free range poached egg and hollandaise

Baked beans

Egg Royale with home cured sea trout and topped

Hash browns

with a yuzu hollandaise

Free range eggs

Free range scrambled egg with Scottish smoked salmon and caviar

Poached, fried or scrambled

Cornish crab omelette


with spring onion and chilli

with a choice of fillings, including Gruyère, cheddar cheese, ham, onion, mushroom,

Sweetcorn fritters

peppers or chilli

with sweet chilli tomato jam, smashed avocado, spinach, lime crème fraiche

Overloaded Croques

and treacle bacon

Honey roasted ham, Emmental, leek fondue and a pear and cider chutney

Sour dough toast with smashed avocado, vine tomato

Honey roasted ham, blue cheese,

and cottage cheese

Emmental and quince jam Wild mushroom, cream cheese, Emmental and parsley




We can make any fresh juices and smoothies to order. To whet your appetite and provide some inspiration, please see the following:




Strawberry and banana


Just very berry


Blueberry and mango

Grapefruit Please note that the availability of juices Apple and raspberry

and smoothies is dependant on the season and supply of fresh produce

Carrot Carrot, apple and orange Pineapple, cantaloupe melon and watermelon Just very berry Kiwi Mango Orange and raspberry Cranberry Cranberry and raspberry Watermelon




A variety of bespoke platters can be built entirely to your own specification, or choose from the selection below: Plateau Valaisan


selection of Swiss cured meats (herbed dry

chunks of parmesan, diced tomatoes with basil,

bacon, Viande de Grisons, black forest ham)

mozzarella balls with fresh basil, marinated

and TĂŞte de Moine cheese

artichoke, deli olives, cherry tomatoes and sliced Italian cured meat served with toasted ciabatta

Sliced cured meat


selection of sliced cured meat

Manchego cheese chunks, toast with tomato

Cheese board

pesto, deli olives, cashew nuts, ham, chorizo,

selection of sliced European cheese, served

pita bread and Romesco sauce

with crackers and fig compote Sandwiches

Sliced European cheese and cured meat

selection of freshly cut sandwiches

selection of sliced European cheese Sandwiches and wraps

and cured meat

selection freshly cut sandwiches,

Lightly smoked Scottish salmon

mini baguette and wraps

platter of Scottish smoked salmon with rocket salad, caper berries, cream cheese

Delice sandwiches

and lemon wedges

selection mini delice sandwiches


Mini baguette sandwiches

smoked salmon, prawns, smoked halibut,

selection mini baguette sandwiches

smoked trout, lobster, crab meat served with

Seasonal sliced fresh fruit

cocktail sauce and lemon wedges

selection of seasonal fresh fruits including Smoked fish

pineapple, Galia melon, cantaloupe melon,

salmon, halibut, trout, haddock,

watermelon, mango, kiwi, plum and fig

mackerel, caper berries, cream cheese

Afternoon tea cakes

and lemon wedges

selection of cakes including carrot, lemon Rustic cruditĂŠs

drizzle, raspberry and almond, walnut,

Red and yellow bell peppers, cucumber,

brownie and banana loaf

radish, baby carrots, baby asparagus,


fennel, celery, endive, cherry tomatoes

Petit fours

and a selection of two dips

selection of homemade petit fours 13


SERVED COLD Parmesan shortbread

Beef carpaccio on a horseradish blini

topped with buffalo mozzarella and slow

with a shaving of parmesan

roasted cherry tomato and homemade pesto

and drizzled with truffle oil

Fresh peach, buffalo mozzarella,

Home cured gravadlax on a dill blini

fig, mint and prosciutto

with crème fraiche and a dill and mustard sauce

Fresh tuna, avocado, carrot, basil and mint wrapped in rice paper

Gruyère and Grisons mille feuille

topped with a wasabi mayo

with Tête de Moine

Bang bang chicken

Tuna Niçoise tarlet

with julienne of peppers and coriander

Home cured sea trout

Superfood rice paper roll

on a tiny chive scone with a crème fraiche

with avocado, alfalfa, spinach, mung beans,

and a splash of Bloody Mary ketchup

carrot, rice vermicelli noodles and wasabi

Lemon crab salad

Foie gras terrine on a brioche croute

served on a tiny cucumber cup

topped with Sauternes jelly and topped

topped with a green tomato and herb salad

with a fig croute

and cucumber jelly

Foie gras mousse tartlet

Marinated chicken with kaffir lime, crispy betel leaf,

with exotic fruit chutney

fresh mint with nam jim wrapped

Black truffle pearls

in a spring onion pancake

and sour cream tartlet




SERVED WARM Baby brioche filled with wild mushrooms

Skewers of slow cooked pork belly

and topped with a lemon hollandaise

with star anise, chilli and pineapple jam dip and a crackling dust

Wild mushroom risotto cakes

Fresh crab cakes

with a crème fraiche and basil dip

with a smashed avocado and chilli topping

Thai chicken skewers with a sweet chilli and crème fraiche dip

Lobster thermidor

Wild mushroom and asparagus tartlet

Charred chicken skewers marinated

with a chervil cream

with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs served with a orange and miso glaze

Caramelised onions with dolcelatte tartlet

Spiced lamb koftas

Salt and pepper crusted fillet

with minted yoghurt, rocket and coriander

of beef skewers with a herby hollandaise dip

Spring lamb on rosemary skewers

Panko crusted Mediterranean prawns

with redcurrant and mint jelly dip

with a sweet chilli dip Pumpkin seed toast

Caprese arancini

with cauliflower cheese and homemade pesto

Wild mushroom and truffle arancini

Deep fried chilli squid served with a chimichurri dip, deep fried chilli and garlic and julienne of spring onions




SERVED COLD Tuna tataki

Classic prawn cocktail

with a salad of apple and mustard seeds

Mediterranean prawns with a Marie Rose

and smashed avocado

sauce, iceberg lettuce, julienne of apple, julienne of cucumber and topped with a spicy

King crab and avocado

tomato salsa

with butter lettuce, served with a lemon Raw and cooked crudités


with a sour cream dip in a tartlet

Fillet of lightly smoked Scottish salmon and caviar duo with lemon zest

Carpaccio of beef

and fresh herbs on a focaccia croute

with truffle oil, rocket salad and shaved parmesan

Smoked salmon, tartare sauce,

Heirloom beetroot, carpaccio and roasted

capers and rocket

with Crottin de Chavignol and quince jelly

Fresh crab and avocado stack

Fresh burrata served with beautiful

with a lemon dressing and baby leaf garnish

heritage tomatoes served simply with

Roasted vegetable stack

Virgin olive oil, sea salt and the perfect Haas

red and yellow peppers, aubergine, courgette

avocado topped with fresh torn basil

and slow roasted cherry tomato with buffalo Grilled halloumi

mozzarella and pesto served with rocket

with Mediterranean vegetables,

Butter poached lobster stack bound

cherry tomatoes, oregano and chilli

in a lemon and herb crème fraiche with caviar, seeded croute and a baby leaf salad Balik salmon with chive dill blinis, lemon crème fraiche and a baby leaf salad






Classic “Quiche Lorraine” tartlet

Fresh oven roasted tomato and basil

served with a baby gem and fresh herb salad


Thai crab cakes

Pea and mint

with avocado salsa and a baby leaf salad

with a truffle crème fraiche Wild mushroom tartlet

Creamy mushroom with cognac

with goats cheese and baby leaf and fresh herb salad

French onion and Gruyère croutes

Fresh fig, caramelised shallot


and blue cheese tartlet

with crème fraiche, pumpkin seeds

with rocket and hazelnut salad

and butternut crisps

Roasted scallops

Crab and sweetcorn chowder

with chargrilled cauliflower, raisin puree and a lemon dressing

Creamy chicken Carrot and coriander Fresh pea and ham with pea shoot Lobster bisque Tom Kha Gai with Thai spiced chicken and coconut Healthy chicken noodle




Classic Caesar salad

Buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto

baby gem, rustic croutes, shaved parmesan

with black figs, fresh mint and rocket

with a homemade Caesar dressing

with large croutes

Option of:

Poached salmon

chargrilled free range chicken breast,

with shaved fennel and cucumber salad

grilled salmon, grilled Mediterranean prawns

with a lemon and olive oil dressing

or crispy prosciutto

Crispy aromatic duck

Plum, cherry and vine tomato

with spring onion, cucumber, rocket

with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

and a hoisin dressing with wonton crisps

with a pesto dressing

Spinach, avocado, crispy bacon

Endive, Roquefort, caramelised

and rustic croutons with a French dressing

pecan and red and yellow chicory with a lemon dressing

American chopped mixed salad with Cobb lettuce, chopped cucumber,

Hand cut Iberico ham

chopped red onion, chopped Gruyère and

with rocket, peach, fresh mint and rocket

chopped tomato

with a Jerez sherry vinaigrette

Roasted butternut squash, caramelised

Classic tuna Niçoise salad

pecans and crumbled Roquefort

chargrilled fresh tuna, new potatoes, green

with rocket salad

beans, cherry tomato, black olive, soft poached quails eggs with a French dressing

Fresh lobster salad with crayfish and king prawns, new potatoes,

Traditional Greek salad

baby gem and a julienne of cucumber

Persian feta, Kalamata olive, cucumber,

served with a lemon mayonnaise

tomato, red onion and a lemon and olive dressing

Perigourdine salad with rocket, foie gras, duck confit, smoked

Superfood salad

duck magret and a balsamic dressing

quinoa, alfalfa, roasted beetroot, roasted butternut, edamame beans, fresh peas, sprouts

Swiss potato salad

and spinach with a light French dressing

with crème fraiche, spring onions and chives

Traditional Cobb salad




Grilled lamb chops

Salmon “a la Grenobloise”

with rosemary and thyme, sautéed potatoes,

cooked with onions, capers and lime

steamed vegetables with a rosemary sauce

served on braised baby fennel

Seven hour cooked lamb shank

Fera fish from the Lake Geneva

served with a creamy mash and seasonal

with beurre blanc sauce, served


with basmati rice

Rump of lamb with a pine nut

Perch fillet from the Lake Geneva

and wild garlic crust

Meunière style with steamed potatoes

served with boulangere potatoes, tarragon

and chopped parsley

butter carrots, spinach and a shoulder

Roasted duck breast, confit of duck leg

of lamb filo cigarette

with a salad of fregola, wild mushrooms, Veal Zurich style

blackberries and goats cheese

with Swiss rosti, spinach and fine French beans

Toasted freekeh and silver skin

Beef filet

with minted yogurt, confit shallot

with a horseradish and shallot confit, fondant

and lemon dressing (V)

pumpkin salad

potato, celeriac puree, wild mushrooms,

Thai green chicken curry

hispi cabbage and a Bordeaux sauce

with Thai rice and sautéed Asian vegetables Roast breast of chicken stuffed with boursin, pine nuts,

Beef stroganoff

sunblush tomato and basil

with fluffy rice

served with dauphinoise potatoes,

Angus burger

pan fried spinach and creamed leeks

with truffled wild mushrooms and foie gras

Roasted turbot on spinach puree

Vegetable tagine

with wild mushrooms, roasted baby fennel,

and mixed nuts

crispy potato galette Omble chevalier (white river fish) served hot and cold with a tartare sauce and pilaf rice




Please choose from the following, and make your own style:



Fillet steak

Jacket potato

Rib eye steak

SautĂŠed potato

Sirloin steak

Boulangere potato

Sea bass

Hasselback potato

Salmon fillet

Wild and white rice

Halibut fillet

Portabello mushrooms


Onion rings

Lobster tail

Grilled tomatoes

Duck breast

Seasonal steamed vegetables Green salad


Tomato and red onion salad


Rocket and parmesan salad

Herby hollandaise

Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables

Peppercorn sauce Blue cheese sauce Lemon beurre blanc




We will gladly prepare any combination of pasta dishes to meet your request, or choose from the selection below:



Penne pesto

Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil, rocket and parmesan crackling

Penne arrabbiata

Primavera risotto, green vegetable with

Penne with wild boar ragu and tomato sauce

parmesan, rocket and parmesan crackling

Penne carbonara

Butternut squash puree and roasted butternut squash with parmesan and

Penne with tomato and basil sauce

parmesan crackling

Penne with white tuna, spicy tomato sauce,

Fresh pea and crab risotto with pea shoots

black olives and capers

Spinach risotto with crispy green vegetables

Spaghetti aglio e olio

topped with parmesan crisps and crispy kale

Spaghetti Bolognese

Lobster, prawn, langoustine, squid and mussels with spinach and shavings

Linguini with lobster, prawns, squid,

of parmesan

chilli and tomato sauce Linguini with crab, chilli and tomato sauce Linguini with a creamy wild mushroom sauce Wild mushroom ravioli with a creamy mushroom sauce topped with rocket, shavings of parmesan and crispy parmesan crackling Butternut squash ravioli with roasted butternut, sage and brown butter and shavings of parmesan




Lemon and lime tartlet

Vanilla panna cotta

topped with Swiss meringue

with lemon curd, poached rhubarb and a ginger crumble

Baked New York cheesecake

Chocolate mousse

Cinnamon panna cotta

with a liquid raspberry centre

with apple jelly, topped with a Granny

and fresh raspberries

Smith and cinnamon compote, with a crisp apple slice

Eton mess


Chocolate espresso torte with a vanilla marscapone

Elderflower panna cotta

Chocolate brownie

with a strawberry and basil salad and Eton mess

Dark chocolate and caramel mousse

Chocolate truffle torte

with raspberries, salted peanut ice cream

topped with gold leaf and chocolate

and banana tuilles


Seasonal fruit crumble

Passionfruit cheesecake

with an Amaretto and macadamia topping

with spiced pineapple

and classic crème anglaise

Chocolate fondant

Banoffee pie

with a crème fraiche ice cream and fraise des bois

Granny smith apple tartlet

(fresh, according to seasonality)

with light vanilla cream and cinnamon crumble

Raspberry and strawberry millefeuillle with crème patisserie with white chocolate dipped raspberries Classic crème brulee Milk and white Toblerone chocolate mousse with almonds and pistachios tuile




Salted caramel pecan brownie Oat, caramel and chocolate brownie Gluten free brownie (please ask about our other gluten free cakes) Anzac biscuits Choc chip cookies Double choc chic cookies Assorted “Absolute Taste� mini muffins Raspberry and almond cake Carrot cake with cream cheese and orange topping Chocolate brownie Lemon drizzle cake Lemon and blueberry tea cake Orange and polenta cake Scones with double cream and jam Mini fruit skewers





Please ask about our Lebanese menu, we can arrange



We operate 365 days a year and you can

Our catering is fully halal compliant and has been certified by MHCT-UK.

whatever you would like, including the following selection:



reach our operations assistant at any time


Mixed grill

matter, please call our duty manager.

with lamb, chicken and a minced lamb kebab

Through our VIP service, our dedicated


Chicken shish Taouk


between 5am and 11pm. For any urgent

A copy of this certificate can be provided upon request and we guarantee to all our customers full adherence to their faith.

team have the capability to adapt their working hours to your specific needs.


Lamb kebabs


Chicken, lamb or shrimps biryani


King prawns


with garlic sauce or spicy sauce


Quality, freshness and hygiene are our

We take great pride in the service we

by independent external companies,

provide, and our resourceful team will do

our hygienist ensures we strictly follow

everything possible to ensure your order is

the hygiene rules as per Gate Gourmet

fulfilled. If you need assistance with your

procedures and expertise.


trolley and dishwashing, your laundry or


Through our local knowledge and strong

top priorities. Audited on a regular basis

store your cool bags, we’re happy to help.


working relationships, we have a wide

Cheese sambousek

Your body faces multiple challenges when

network who can supply the finest

travelling at altitude, and so we also

products and source the most unique

Meat sambousek

offer a menu which uses appropriate and

requests. Whether it’s a special gift, fine


wine, home comforts or a reservation


dedicated team is at your service.

balanced nutrition, specifically designed to lessen the negative effects of flying.

at one of Geneva’s top restaurants, our

Working with a leading aviation nutritionist, we have designed an innovative menu which focuses on foods

Manakiche Chargrilled halloumi


which are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free

We take the utmost care in ensuring all

refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

and rich in antioxidants – whilst avoiding

your requirements are met. If you have any

As with everything we do, our emphasis

allergens or food intolerance, please speak

on taste, freshness and quality remains,

to a member of our team who will be

so you can still be assured of delicious

able to advise of all ingredients used and

flavour at altitude.

provide guidance on alternatives.






Absolute Taste powered by Gate Gourmet

Our VIP inflight and kitchen team works

is based on the tarmac, in close proximity

as one, helping us to maximise our

to the main private jets area. We operate

performance and ensure you have a

our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles

smooth flight.

and have the capacity to reach you in

With a vast amount of hospitality

any airport in Switzerland, subject to

experience across aviation and 5 star

sufficient notice of location and timing

hotels, our dedicated operational team are


fully involved to ensure your expectations

We also have access through Gate

are met and exceeded, and personally

Gourmet to its highloader fleet, providing

oversee catering deliveries to your aircraft

additional capacity and flexibility.

in Geneva.

We are proud of our ability to cater to all

Our Executive Chef, supported by our

types of aircraft, providing the same level

Head Chef, lead a multi-skilled team of

of outstanding service and attention to

chefs. Both have worked in some of the

detail to all clients, no matter what their

world’s most luxurious and prestigious

individual requirements are.

hospitality companies. They combine their passion and attention to detail with an open minded approach to provide you


with the best possible culinary support and expertise.

Working closely with you on a daily basis, we are fully aware of the flexibility that the private business aviation requires. As our guarantee of freshness, your order is always produced on the delivery day. If our chefs have not yet started preparation, there will be no cancellation fee. However, if our team have already purchased specific items from external suppliers to meet your expectations, those costs will be reflected on the invoice. Our team will always do its best to minimise any potential cost due to a late cancellation.






T: +44 20 8875 4080

T: +41 22 799 50 12

T: +44 1252 526 326






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