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This is a Town Square Publication created and produced for the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce 211 S. Main St. • P.O. Box 326 Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 Phone: (608) 326-8555 Email: info@prairieduchien.org Website: www.prairieduchien.org Copyright© 2015 Town Square Publications 155 E. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60005 www.townsquarepublications.com Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this publication. The Chamber and Town Square assume no responsibility for misinformation. Please contact the Chamber with any additions or corrections. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission of the Chamber and Town Square is prohibited. Chairman, CEO and Publisher Douglas K. Ray President and Chief Operating Officer Scott Stone Director Scott Ray Editor Gerry Alger Production Manager Joe Nugara Client Liaison & Content Coordinator Stefanie Mikutis Graphic Designer Kirsten Riedl Ad Production Coordinators Tiffany Salerno & David Abraham Directory Coordinator Michael Sumrak Acquisition/Sales Manager Terri Groves



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The region’s newest Medical Center A state-of-the-art, patient-centered healing environment

More than 60 services - right here, close to home. • • • • •

Assisted Living Clinics - Prairie du Chien and Fennimore Diagnostic Services Emergency and Urgent Care Hospice

• • • •

Obstetrics Pain Management Rehabilitation Services Surgery

For a complete list of services and our provider directory visit crossingrivers.org

Bridging the changing currents of healthcare in our communities 37868 US Hwy 18 • Prairie du Chien, WI (Across from the Airport)

Medical Center 608.357.2000

Emergency Room 608.357.2222

Clinics 608.326.1072


3M has been a proud member of the community for over 50 years.


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At a Glance


he Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce Community Guide. This impressive presentation of our community is made possible by the support of our membership and those who have advertised in this publication. Please patronize these fine businesses and help the local economy continue to grow and prosper.

provides the ability to experience the area’s wide variety of beautiful natural and man-made wonders. If you are relocating to Prairie du Chien, you will come to discover the strong economic base, industrial interests and business opportunities.

The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is a strong and vital organization made up of local businesses, service professionals, business and community organizations, bodies of local government and individuals who have joined together to support and cultivate our local community’s economic and civic development. In addition to promoting our member services, we take great pride in the having a community that has a variety of health care providers and educational opportunities dedicated to the well-being of the community. There are many advantages for businesses of all scopes and sizes to benefit from participation with the Chamber.

The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is at your service, ready to assist you. If you would like to learn more about what the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce can offer your business, or answer a question about our great community, contact us at (608) 326-8555 or visit our website at prairieduchien.org.

If you are considering a visit to our city, you will find a variety of recreational activities sure to make any vacation memorable. Located on the majestic Mississippi River, Prairie du Chien


Modern Family on ABC



Robert Moses Robert Moses, President/CEO




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Chamber ofCommerce


eadquarters for the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is located on the Mississippi River between the two bridges one block south from beautiful historic downtown. Chamber offices are located in the Travel Wisconsin Welcome Center. Prairie du Chien is proud to be home to one of the eight “official” Wisconsin Welcome Centers. Open year round, the Chamber and official Travel Wisconsin Welcome Center welcome over 40,000 visitors to the community each year. We are proud to be able to promote our Chamber members by displaying hundreds of member brochures and state-wide publications to the traveling public.

Celebrating 65 years as a strong membership-based organization and with an expanding roster of new members and affiliations, we look forward to an equally active future. Visit us at www. prairieduchien.org to learn more about our dynamic Chamber and the members we serve and represent. ■

With over 350 members, the Chamber is a strong voice for business. The Chamber Board of Directors, staff and volunteers work together to improve the Chamber’s impact to support and grow our workforce, membership services and benefits, economic development and tourism promotion.

Stephanie Klett (Cabinet Secretary at Wisconsin Department of Tourism) & Robert Moses (President/CEO of Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce)


Chamber members also participate in frequent networking opportunities. The Chamber is a catalyst that ignites community spirit through events such as the Annual Ice Fisheree, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Holiday Parade, and the Annual Chamber/Rotary Golf fundraiser.


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Community Introduction


he breathtaking views of Southwest Wisconsin are distinguished by rolling hills and picturesque ravines and valleys, which divide the rocky bluffs overhead. Nestled within this natural beauty is the City of Prairie du Chien, a community bordered on one side by the mighty waters of the Mississippi River, and on the other by steep bluffs rising as high as 600 feet. This area’s terrain remained unscathed by the glacial drift that covered and flattened much of the state’s landscape, making it a “driftless area” featuring a unique Midwest panorama. This charming community of nearly 8,100 residents serves as the county seat for Crawford County and a hub for commerce, tourism, and outdoor recreation. It is recognized as the oldest settlement on the Upper Mississippi River and is the second oldest city in the state, with roots extending back to the French-Canadian Fur Trade of the late 1600s. If you are considering a visit to our city, you will find a variety of recreational activities sure to make any vacation memorable. If you are relocating to Prairie du Chien, you will come to discover the strong economic base, industrial interests and various business opportunities available here. You will discover a health care system dedicated to the well-being of the community. Our new state-of-the-art hospital, Crossing Rivers Health, was recently constructed in 2015. Crossing Rivers Health offers more

than 60 services to help meet the health and wellness needs of the people throughout Southwest Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa. The Crossing Rivers Health campus includes a one-of-a-kind Medical Center and a new primary care clinic. The 105-acre health care campus provides a peaceful setting which complements the highquality care provided by expert staff, providers and collaborative health care partners. Educational excellence is enjoyed at all levels through the Prairie du Chien Area School District, private and parochial schools, Upper Iowa University, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College and University of Wisconsin campuses nearby, along with the availability of online education. Prairie du Chien is a city that has placed a high value on preserving its historical landmarks, while also displaying a progressive side evident by the revitalization of the downtown area. It is a community of great spirit and pride, which can be experienced at the numerous events occurring throughout the year. The scenic area gives way to unmatched recreational opportunities and the diverse business sector continues to be vibrant and growing. Prairie du Chien is a wonderful place to call home and a choice destination to visit time and time again. If you would like to receive a relocation packet or visitor’s guide, contact the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce or visit the Chambers website, www.prairieduchien.org. ■

Come enjoy a ride on the



and Enjoy this unique crossing of the Mississippi River. Cassville Car Ferry Cassville Tourism

The Pride of Cassville Car Ferry connects two National Scenic Byways; the Great River Road and the Iowa Great River Road. The ferry served the early settlement as far back as 1833 and it continues today, making the same trip back and forth across the mighty Mississippi. It is the oldest operating ferry service in the state of Wisconsin.

RIVERSIDE PARK • CASSVILLE, WI 53806 • 608-725-5180


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“Where the Fun Begins!” 608-326-8682

Rivers & Bluffs Directory #1 Phone Directory

in Prairie du Chien & Surrounding Areas

We wish to welcome you to the area.



1100 E. LaPointe St. • Prairie du Chien, WI

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Ladies Day

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Prairie Motor Sports

37885 Selch Road Suite 103 • Prairie du Chien WI 53821 • 608.326.7267 Nathan Plaza – Next to New Hospital





(PH) 608.326.4690 (Fax) 608.326.5399



(Cell) 608.412.3120

(Cell) 608.412.3110



Your local

dish and DIRECTV retailer.

ALTHOF’S TELEVISION CENTER Family owned for 38 years, serving Prairie du Chien and surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service satisfaction.

We also do custom home theaters and home automation. 116 E Blackhawk Ave., Prairie Eu Chien, WI | 608-326-6117


DEALER 120 N. Marquette Rd.

603.326.2387 Prairie du Chien

(608) 326-8400 Sales Service Parts Your Full Service Dealer

OPEN: Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM, Sat & Sun 10AM-5PM






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he braided streams of the Upper Mississippi River, history, scenic beauty and abundant natural resources entwine to make Prairie du Chien a place of captivating allure. Situated near the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, successive Native American cultures lived and prospered here for more than 10,000 years. European contact began in 1673 when Father Marquette and Louis Jolliet mapped a water route from Montreal to the Mississippi. They first recorded the Wisconsin River as “Meskousing” and established a canoe route that remained a major fur trade artery for more than two centuries. Following the Fox-Wisconsin waterway, explorers, missionaries and fur traders crossed Wisconsin to the Mississippi River and to the site that would become Prairie du Chien.


At the end of the French and Indian War, New France was ceded to Great Britain and control of the profitable fur trade was taken over by British-Canadian traders. The bulk of fur trade labor continued to be carried by French-Canadians, and in remote villages like Prairie du Chien, their culture remained dominant. In 1781, three French-speaking Prairie du Chien residents petitioned the British Governor at Michilimackinac to purchase the village site from resident Mesquakie Indians. The land sold by the Mesquakie, also known as the Fox, stretched from the confluence of the Wisconsin River to a point where the bluffs arc back to the west and meet the Mississippi River, a length of about nine miles. The Mesquakie living here were associated with the Dog – or “chien” family – and hence the fertile plain had been named Les Prairie des Chien – shortened to Prairie du Chien.

Prairie du Chien was well known as an important fur trade gathering place for fur traders working along the scores of minor waterways throughout the region. Each spring and each fall the village population swelled as traders and voyageurs assembled on the prairie. These gatherings were known as rendezvous and were renowned for their festive games, gambling and other diversions. The community was culturally diverse with many Métis families, where French-speaking men and Native American women raised large families of mixed-blood children. An incremental transition to American identity and control began in the early 1800s with a major turning point occurring during the War of 1812. American troops from St. Louis, led by William Clark, built Fort Shelby in the Main Village of Prairie du Chien in an attempt to gain control of the British fur trade still active in the region, and sway the Indians away from their allegiance to the British. The fort provoked the only battle to take place in what is today Wisconsin, where more than 650 British-Canadian soldiers, militia and Indian allies opposed a vastly smaller force of Americans. The battle ended with the American force surrendering the fort, and the British establishing Fort McKay on the prairie. The treaty that concluded the war resulted in an end to the British trade and influence in the upper Mississippi region. After the War, American soldiers fortified their western frontier with a chain of forts including Fort Crawford constructed at Prairie du Chien in 1816. The fort was the site of the Great Council and Treaty of 1825, which established boundaries for the Indian nations. As part of the Winnebago Uprising of 1827, Red


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Prairie du Chien continued to grow and prosper throughout the 1800s. It became an important steamboat stop in the 1830s, and the first railroad to cross Wisconsin connected Milwaukee to Prairie du Chien in 1857. The coming of the railroad prompted an unprecedented building boom including the historic downtown, today concentrated on Blackhawk Avenue. There was much focus on new industry and education with a broad range of ethnic diversity. Slowly, the old fur trade village gave way to a regional center for agricultural, commerce and transportation.

In the depths of the nation’s economic depression of the 1930s, area residents rediscovered the fascinating past of their storied town, the oldest community on the upper Mississippi River. Streets were re-named to honor historic figures associated with Prairie du Chien and the city embraced heritage tourism as an economic and commercial pursuit. The Villa Louis, the Dousman family home built on the site of the first Fort Crawford, was opened as a historic site. It has been restored, displaying the richness and colors of the late 19th century Arts and Crafts movement. The Military Hospital, the only building remaining from the second Fort Crawford, was restored and is open with exhibits on the military history and aspects of the community’s history of Prairie du Chien.


Bird was imprisoned in the fort. Five years later, American soldiers pursued Black Hawk and his band of Sac across Wisconsin. Black Hawk was surrendered to Zachary Taylor, commandant at Fort Crawford, which has been relocated to the mainland. With the end of hostilities, the United States signed more treaties at Prairie du Chien, relocating Indian tribes. With land available, settlers from the eastern United States and Europe were drawn to Prairie du Chien and the upper Mississippi.

Like the river itself, the history of Prairie du Chien is old, varied and endlessly fascinating, inviting a pause for reflection and for romance … ■

The Area’s Premier Small Animal Hospital

Visit our website for information regarding special events and programs

Dr. Amber Jensch • Dr. Laura Johnson Dr. Jami Quick

1420 E. Lessard St., Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 608-326-7101 • www.tendercareanimalhospital.com


Home of Happy Tail’s Grooming • Day & Weekend Boarding • 24 Hour Emergency Care • Avian Medicine Laser Surgery • Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound


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Historic Downtown


rairie du Chien, the oldest Euro-American settlement established on the Upper Mississippi River, was a rendezvous point for early commerce and trade. The rich history of this second oldest town in Wisconsin, is the focus of the PdC Main Street volunteers as they work to reestablish downtown as the social and economic heart of the community and promote the Downtown District. Nestled between bluffs and the Mississippi River, the Downtown District is a shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment destination for sightseers, recreationalists and regional residents. The 20-block district begins on the west side at St. Feriole Island, running straight east to Blackhawk Junction and includes businesses one block north and south of Blackhawk Avenue. Architecture in the district reflects the history and date back to the 1840s with many buildings restored to their unique charm and character. Local businesses include professional services, restaurants, bars, a bakery, specialty retail shops and public services.

Ten years ago, PdC was designated a Wisconsin Main Street community which has helped spur downtown revitalization. Improvements include new streetscapes, period streetlights, benches and planters and landscaped flower beds. There are many locations to host street music, family movie night or art festivals and seasonal farmer markets. Throughout the year, the downtown shopping district hosts several unique events for tourists and locals to enjoy – including PdC Palette featuring Zen Doodle and art events that involve an evening of painting and sipping at local dining establishments. Downtown is the social and economic heart of our city and it reflects how our community sees itself. The Prairie du Chien Main Street program will champion the historic preservation of downtown to create a unique and aesthetically rich environment that is a lively and friendly destination for both consumers and businesses. ■


Local Artists & Artisans offering Original Art, Hand Crafted Gifts, Primitives & More QUILT SHOP • CANDY STORE 3000+ Bolts of Fabric • Notions & Patterns 60 Varieties of Chocolates and Specialty Candies

The Planted Tree Gallery & Gifts

Mon-Fri 10-5:30 Sat 10-5 Sun 12-4

200 W Blackhawk Ave Prairie du Chien, WI

100 W. Blackhawk Ave. · Prairie du Chien, WI 608-326-4593 · www.fencepostfabrics.com

When you’re looking for something you won’t f ind any place else.

608-326-TREE (8733)


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Prairie Du Chien Memorial Library 125 S.Wacouta Avenue Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

• Business packages for entrepreneurs • Housing opportunities • Recreational opportunities • Nature, nearby hiking and biking trails, fishing, boating. www.cityofmarquetteiowa.com www.ci • Come and stay awhile! (563) 873-3537

Joseph W. Wachute, And His Wife, Emma Linzenmeyer Wachute Memorial Library

(608) 326-6211 • pdcdirector@swls.org Monday - Thursday 9 am to 8 pm Friday 9 am to 5 pm Saturday 9 am to 1 pm Internet terminals/wireless access


Southwest Vet Services 24 hour emergency service, Boarding, Grooming, Companion Animal and Large Animal Services

37460 Hwy. 18, Prairie Du Chien (608) 326-6464


You’ll be glad you heard of Marquette!


902 North Street, Seneca (608) 734-3351


451 Canal Street, Bloomington (608) 994-2724

109 Gunder Road, Elkader, IA 52043 Toll Free (800) 747-2505 • Local (563) 245-2505


1105 Beetown Road, Lancaster (608)723-2504

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Thornburg-Grau Funeral Home

118 N Wacouta

Prairie du Chien, WI 53821



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Location& Transportation


estled along the mighty Mississippi River, Prairie du Chien residents and businesses take pleasure in the community’s strategic position in the panorama of Southwest Wisconsin. Access to various modes of transportation has proven to be one of the area’s most important assets. Quality highway systems, railroad facilities, air transportation and water transport are key components to the high standard of life for residents, travelers and businesses alike.

several major truck carriers and the Coulee Cab Company, which provides taxicab service throughout the area, and the Southwest Mississippi Regional Transport or S.M.R.T Bus, serving three area counties. The main line of the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad and the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad service the area on land, while waterway service is available through the port of Prairie du Chien on the Upper Mississippi River. The waterway links Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico. The port handles some 600,000 metric tons of cargo each year, including coal, salt, sand, cement, grain and fertilizer.


The city-operated airport, adjacent to the new Crossing Rivers Health Center, is composed of two runways; one spanning 5,000 feet by 75 feet, and the other 4,000 feet by 75 feet. Corporate jets utilize the airport, and the facility offers charter and jet fuel services. In total, the airport houses 20 aircraft and sees approximately 12,500 arrivals and departures annually. A new $1,000,000 terminal is planned for construction in 2016.

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin is the second oldest city in the state and is the Oldest City on the Upper Mississippi River. Prairie du Chien is ideally situated along two of the Midwest’s most scenic highways. The Great River Road extends both north and south of the City embracing 250 miles of the meandering Mississippi River. Views from this beautiful highway are considered to be among the best scenery in the nation. Highway 60, stretching from Prairie du Chien to Lodi, follows the historic Wisconsin River. Both routes are designated National Scenic Byways linking more than 30 quaint river towns and plenty of recreational sites. As an added bonus both routes are major flyways for dozens of migratory water fowl, eagles and other species of birds.

Commercial air service is available at nearby Dubuque Regional Airport, offering three daily flights to Chicago via American Eagle Airlines; La Crosse Municipal Airport, with 10 daily flights provided by Delta Airlines and American Airlines; and Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, with more than 100 daily commercial flights every day through six carriers. ■

The city is convenient to U.S. Highway 18 and State Highways 35, 27 and 60, with a link to Iowa across the Mississippi made available via the Marquette-Joliet Bridge. Interstate 90 is reachable within 60 miles at its junction in La Crosse. Prairie du Chien is serviced by


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As the marketing arm for the City of Prairie du Chien, the Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation (EDC) mission is to provide a comprehensive, area-wide approach to economic development with the objectives of quality job creation, business retention and improved quality of life.

Economic Development Corporation 211 South Main, P.O. Box 326 Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

(608) 326-8555 ext. 12 | 800-732-1673

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Economic Development Corporation


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Business & Industry


he Prairie du Chien area has much to boast about, and assets such as its Midwestern location, dedication to revitalization and economic development and strong workforce continue to draw new business ventures to the community. Access to various transportation networks keeps Prairie du Chien connected to regional, national and international markets, as well as labor markets in neighboring counties in Wisconsin and Iowa. The available workforce in Prairie du Chien is robust, with employees exhibiting that notable Midwestern work ethic. Much of the local employee base are products of the area’s excellent educational systems, technical schools and colleges. In addition to Crawford County, the counties of Grant in Wisconsin and Clayton and Allamakee in Iowa make up the primary labor access region for the city of Prairie du Chien. The diversified economy in Prairie du Chien is comprised of several different components. The area hosts a successful mix of industrial firms, which range from local family-owned enterprises to global corporations. Design Homes, Inc., Cabela’s, 3M Co., Miniature Precision Components, Prairie Industries, Prairie Sand & Gravel, Universal Forest Products, Dillman/Aztec, Peavey

Company, Bennett Hardwoods, Rivertown Ironworks, Pattison Sand Company, LLC and Wolf Machine, Inc., are among some of the area’s notable industrial-based companies. With a historic touch and beautiful scenery that lends itself to the best in outdoor recreation, tourism continues to be a major draw in the Prairie du Chien area. The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Council works diligently to attract visitors through large-scale advertising measures. While Prairie du Chien remains on the path of rejuvenation, especially in the downtown district, its surrounding areas are characterized by rich farmland. Agriculture remains an important part of the local and regional economy. A number of family farms utilize the state’s fertile upland soils and excellent climate to produce a variety of products.

Staying Connected Businesses in the area recognize the importance of staying connected in this ever-changing world. Prairie du Chien is connected to information available across the globe via the Internet. Dubbed the “information super highway”, Internet access is a major benefit for businesses in the area. Many businesses employ technology experts, who offer assistance with Web site development and maintenance, computer and network support, security issues and many other technological aspects. In addition, local utility and service providers work to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in this evolving era of technology development. ■


“A Whole City Block’s Worth of Fine Furniture and Carpeting” 520 East Taylor Street Prairie du Chien, WI

Open Monday-Saturday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.


On the corner of South Marquette Rd. and Taylor St.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1950



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Super Center

Always the Low Price Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week


Member FDIC

Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin

300 E. Blackhawk Ave. • 608-326-2424 • firstmerit.com

Fort Crawford Museum at Prairie du Chien

Check’s Antiques


We salute your commitment to our community.


(608) 326-6014



717 South Beaumont Rd. • Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 Open May - October, 9AM - 4PM • 608-326-6960 Visit our website at www.fortcrawfordmuseum.com

we help customers have fulfilling lives. Our pharmacists get to know your medications, condition, and most importantly, you - so you can make the most of every day. 101 S. MARQUETTE RD.




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■ 15

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Residential Living


here has never been a better time to call Prairie du Chien home. From growing families to retirees, this charming Southwest Wisconsin community is ideal for every stage in life. The community is furnished with quality education, health care, and abundant recreation – all of which are complemented by unmatched cultural avenues and spirited community-wide events.


First-time homebuyers and current homeowners looking to relocate are sure to discover the ideal home to suit their needs in Prairie du Chien. The community offers a diverse real estate market comprised of a unique mix of modest family homes and modern, upscale developments. Styles are in abundance here, from raised and one-level ranches and bungalows to traditional, contemporary and Colonial. For those who would rather build, there are plenty of lots ready and contractors available for custom construction. Not in the market to own? Prairie du Chien offers a selection of high quality rental options. Home rentals, apartment units, duplexes, and condos are all available for renters at affordable monthly rates. Finding the house of one’s dreams is the goal of the area’s real estate professionals. Knowledgeable realtors are ready and willing to help prospective home buyers and sellers locate the perfect home at the perfect price. Visit the Prairie du

Chien Area Chamber of Commerce’s website, www.prairieduchien. org, for a listing of referred realtors in the community. ■


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1501 E. Lessard St. Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

608.326.0800 century21welter.com

Email: swelter@welterre.com

Each office is independently owned and operated. Licensed in both IA & WI.


Call Julie Bunders or Chris Mara today (608) 326-4414


Protect your home, your family, your business.


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Senior Living


eniors residing in Prairie du Chien are offered various living opportunities, including maintenance-free rental units, single-and double-wide mobile home units situated in senior parks and quality senior facilities offering care at all levels.

Community Health Services Corporation has served the needs of the area’s growing senior population for several years. The organization operates skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living and memory care facilities in the Prairie du Chien and Soldiers Grove area.

Crossing Rivers Assisted Living offers a home-like atmosphere for the alert older adult. Assistance with medication, housekeeping and personal care, as well as Adult Day Care and plenty of planned activities are also part of the package. Crossing Rivers Assisted Living offers short- and long-term intermediate care, a Skilled Nursing Unit, home health care, hospice and respite care as well. An unmatched resource for seniors in the area is found through the County’s Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of SWI-North, which operates out of an office in Prairie du Chien. ADRC makes sure those residents aged 60 and older have access to comprehensive information regarding public and private senior resources. In addition to a year-round schedule of events, ADRC offers a number of senior-oriented programs and services, including nutrition programs, transportation services throughout Crawford County, a family caregiver support program and a monthly newsletter for seniors. The ADRC office also has an on-site Benefit Specialist, Disability Benefit Specialist and Information & Assistance Specialist for seniors. For more information, call (608) 326-0235 or visit crawfordcountywi.org/seniorresources. ■

Elkader Marquette

Coralville McGregor

Iowa City Walford



New to Prairie du Chien is the Bluff Haven senior living village which is home to residents at Bluff Haven senior apartments, Bluff Haven Memory Care (an assisted living facility for seniors with memory loss), Prairie Maison (an on-site skilled nursing facility) and the Village Plaza, complete with a library, community room, café, and beauty/barber shop. Community Health Services Corporation also operates the LaBatisse on Dousman senior apartments in Prairie du Chien and the nearby Sannes Skogdalen Heim, a skilled nursing facility in Soldiers Grove. For more information, visit chscwi.org.

Turner Pointe Assisted Living in McGregor, Iowa, offers four levels of service (from basic to extensive services) to assist their tenants. Turner Pointe staff members make an active social atmosphere for residents.


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Fudge and Ice Cream Over 30,000 sq. ft. of Unusual and Hard to Find Gifts Country and Primitive

330 N. Marquette Road 300 N. Marquette Road 219 N. Marquette Road


We’re here to help. Expanding? Buying new equipment? Moving your business to Prairie du Chien? Clean burning natural gas is the right choice. We’re ready to help when you need us. Call 608-326-2417.





Real Estate in the Prairie du Chien Area Kristin Kozelka Sales Associate/Owner Cell: 608-412-2021 kmkremax@yahoo.com

Randy Kozelka

Broker/Owner Cell: 608-412-3103 rmkozelka@yahoo.com

934 S. Marquette Rd. Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 Office: 608-326-1600

Ridge-N-River Realt y www.ridgenriver.com

GS2118 07/09/2015

Design Homes, Inc.

We Specialize In Custom Duplexes & Multi-family!

Design your own floorplan! R-21 Sidewalls, R-55 Ceilings, 20-year Windows, Lennox Furnace Kohler Plumbing, Limited Delivery Tax & Crane Work included

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Continuous Production Since 1966!

Free Custom Floorplans! Whirlpool Appliance Specials! Energy Efficiency Package! Exceeds "Stick-Built" Specifications!

Many Stock & Display Homes Specially Discounted And Available Immediately! Call For A Free Brochure Visit our website at:

designhomes.com Financing Available!

Corporate Office: Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Display Home Hours: Weekdays 8-5, Sat. 9-5 pm, Sun. 11-5 pm




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ear-round recreation is at its best in Prairie du Chien. The city’s Parks & Recreation Department oversees a number of well-maintained park sites and facilities throughout the community, which invite visitors to participate in active recreation or find respite through the beautiful surroundings. Just beyond the city limits are two great State Parks, on either side of the Mississippi River, each considered to be a jewel in their respective State Park systems. Moreover, two magnificent national facilities are also located on our doorstep: Effigy Mounds National Monument and the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge. The largest of the city park facilities is the 300 acre La Riviere Farm Park on the south edge of Prairie du Chien. La Riviere includes six miles of marked hiking, biking and cross-country ski trails, restored native prairies and a historic barn that can be reserved for large indoor gatherings. The park further includes more than 50 miles of horse trails, which may be traversed to adjoining horsefriendly sites. Guests to La Riviere Park can enjoy serene nature hikes, bird watching, picnicking, hike-in camping and no-fee horse camping which is one of the largest in the Midwest.


St. Feriole Island spans approximately 240 acres along the Mississippi River on the west side of Prairie du Chien. St. Feriole Island is separated from the mainland by a slough originally named the Marais de St. Feriole. This area was home to the

French-Canadian fur trade village from which modern Prairie du Chien sprang; it is rich in Wisconsin history, but also prone to Mississippi River floods. Beginning in the mid 1970s, homes and businesses were relocated to flood-safe portions of the city leaving a spectacular recreational retreat richly steeped in history. Located on St. Feriole Island today is the Mississippi River Sculpture Park, St. Feriole Island Gardens, the Prairie du Chien Marina, Trail of Presidents Trees, a three-diamond baseball complex and a newly installed 18-Hole Disc Golf Course. Along the west side of the Island is the scenic four acre Lawler Park with two large picnic pavilions, playground equipment, public boat ramps, and a landscaped river walk with flowerbeds, benches and a series of interpretive markers detailing the history of the island. Also located on the Island is the 25 acre Villa Louis Historic Site. With so much great history and wide open spaces, St. Feriole Island is a premier venue for numerous special events held throughout the year. Small neighborhood parks are located throughout the city providing easy access by foot, bicycle or automobile. The Parks & Recreation Department also operates the Charles Wacouta Aquatic Park – an outdoor municipal swimming pool complex along with the adjacent Fort Fun Playground and the newly added Skateboard Park. When the summer swimming season ends, the recreation scene shifts to Hoffman Hall Recreation Center, once part of a residential private school complex. The recreation center is equipped with an indoor Olympic-sized pool, a fullsized gymnasium, a group fitness room and four outdoor, lighted tennis courts. The center is available for rentals and is host to many sporting and special events. The newly renovated Washington Street Park includes an accessible fishing dock, canoe/kayak launch, bike trail, as well as our Outdoor Recreation Center that has access to rentals for canoes, kayaks, bikes, and fish poles. Recreational opportunities in Prairie du Chien extend to many other sites ranging from privately owned fitness centers to golf courses, ball fields and marinas. Bear Foot Bay is an indoor water park located within the Country Inn and Suites. Prairie Fun Land offers something for everyone. Go-Karts, Miniature Golf, Driving Range, Water Wars, and Arcade Fun. Prairie Fun Land can also host birthday parties, class or family reunions or any group event. ➛


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1618 South Marquette Rd. Prairie du Chien, WI 53821


Prairie du Chien Country Club

Two Great Choices For Movies In the Area! For Showtimes go to www.PrairieCinema.com or Call Toll Free 1-855-My-Flick


Six State of the Art Digital Screens Hwy 18 South In Prairie du Chien

Bowling Daily Food Specials Great Piz za, Burger s and mu Happy H ch more our Mon - Fri 11am Free Ban quet Faci - 6pm lity & New Watch all Large Dec your favo k Patio rite sporti ng events 70” T V or on our any of ou r other 14 Live Ente T V’s rtainmen t Most W eekends

• Power Carts • Range • Lessons • Full Service Bar and Grill

Daily Specials

• Pro Shop • 18 Holes - Par 72

(608) 326-6707 South on Hwy. 18-35-60, Prairie du Chien, WI

Turkey River Mall Antiques • Gifts • Collectibles

Historic Single Screen Theater with All Digital Equipment Comfortable Seats - Reasonable Prices - Beer & Wine 108 N Main St in Downtown Elkader

WANTED People who want to have fun!

102 S Main, Elkader, Iowa 563-245-3995

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday Noon to 5 p.m. - Sunday Closed Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas Days

Crawford County Fair August 26-30, 2015


August 26

6 pm Grilled Cheese Contest Enter your famous grilled cheese! 7 pm The Kickapoo Taste featuring local foods

And Everything In Between! Small town hospitality with 14,000 sq. ft. of affordable prices in our 1897 hotel building!

August 28

7pm Blessed FMX Sport Stunt Show & Music by Menace featuring professional biker riders with Classic Rock Band

August 29

At Noon Antique Tractor Pull featuring area antique tractors 7pm Demolition Derby Hard Hit Promotions featuring cars destroying cars. Last one vroorning wins!


Like us on Facebook

Is life happening all at once? We want to help!

August 27

7 pm Tractor & Truck Pull Show Southwest Pullers featuring over 10 classes

August 30

At Noon Talent Show with Music by Class of ‘62 featuring “The Surf Boys” 1 pm Ranch Rodeo featuring bull riders, horse riders, barrel racers & ropers

17725 State Highway 131 | Gays Mills, WI 54631

608-735-4379 • www.crawfordcountywisconsinfair.com

Contact us today at (608) 326-1470 to discuss a loan for you. We Do Taxes







We offer installment loans from

*All loans are subject to credit limitations and our underwriting policies, including verifiable ability to repay. Actual loan proceeds may vary based upon loan terms. Dollar amounts are rounded to the lowest whole dollar and are subject to change.

$300 to $1,500*



55 Riverside Sq Prairie du Chien WI 53821


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Wyalusing State Park is situated a scant ten miles south of Prairie du Chien on the rugged bluff land surrounding the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. The 2,628 acre park is a jewel in the crown of the Wisconsin State Parks system with scenic overlooks of both rivers, plenty of sites for camping, Depression–era park shelters, and miles upon miles of trails that offer great hiking throughout the year. Wyalusing further presents great naturalist programming, an observatory with star-gazing opportunities, and a seasonal concession offering camper supplies and canoe and kayak rentals.

Two golf courses, the 18-hole Prairie du Chien Country Club and the 9-hole Barnyard Golf course, combine to offer great golfing views and challenges to golfers of all skill levels. From wooded bluffs and hidden coulees to the historic waters of the mighty Mississippi River, the Prairie du Chien area offers unparalleled opportunities to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. For bird enthusiasts the Mississippi River serves as a migration corridor for water fowl as well as for raptors, shorebirds, and neo-tropical migratory songbirds. In the spring and summer the river provides important nesting habitat for many species. In the colder months the area serves as wintering ground for northern bird populations in addition to year-round residents. Bald Eagle watching during the cold winter months is a popular activity as these magnificent birds search for food in the isolated pockets of open water.

Three miles north of the U.S. 18 Highway Bridge, on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River, is Effigy Mounds National Monument, a sacred Native Indian site preserved and interpreted by the National Park Service. The monument embraces more than 2,500 acres of land with 200 plus ancient Indian mounds. Thirty-one of these mounds have been fashioned in the shape of birds and mammals. It is from these effigies that the monument takes its name. A Visitor Center provides educational exhibits, orientation, and information about the monument along with a museum store offering topical books and related educational material. Films, lectures, exhibits and related programs are presented throughout the year along with more than fourteen miles of interpreted hiking trails linking the evocative mounds with spectacular views of the Mississippi River Valley. ■


Sportsmen hunt for deer, ducks, turkey and small game and fisherman take advantage of prime fishing in the Mississippi River and its bountiful backwaters. The Wisconsin and Kickapoo Rivers are found nearby for additional fishing, canoeing, boating and other recreational pursuits. The Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge in the Prairie du Chien area provides world class stewardship of our treasured river eco-systems which in turn yields outstanding fishing, hunting, boating, camping and wildlife watching experiences throughout the year.

Photographers as well as nature and history enthusiasts are drawn to the rugged beauty and fascinating history of Pikes Peak State Park, one of Iowa’s most striking public facilities, three miles south of the U.S. Highway 18 bridge. Situated atop the highest bluff along the Mississippi River, it is named for Lt. Zebulon Pike who explored the region in 1805-06. Today the park is elegantly appointed with a cantilevered overlook providing an unparalleled view of the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers at the point where Marquette and Jolliet first saw the fabled Mississippi in 1673. It further boasts a wooden walkway leading to a picturesque waterfall, 77 campsites, picnic areas, shelters, hiking and nature trails and much, much more.


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wide assortment of products and services are waiting to be discovered in Prairie du Chien. Shoppers are welcome to browse through a blend of long-standing retailers and newer establishments – all of which are staffed with knowledgeable salespeople in a friendly environment. Locally owned shops such as The Cannery, The Planted Tree, and Valley Fish & Cheese are mixed with large developments, such as Riverside Square, Walmart Supercenter, Nathan Plaza, and Cabela’s, the world’s leading outfitter. Taste the fruits of the land at Shihata’s Orchard, featuring more than 21 apple varieties and a pumpkin patch. Nearby is Eagles Landing Winery, in Marquette, which offers a flavorful menu of locally produced wines. If you are looking for something unique, the Prairie du Chien area has several antique and specialty shops. There is truly something for everyone in the Prairie du Chien area. ■

COACHES Family Restaurant Family Owned and Operated Proudly Serving Prairie du Chien Since 1970 Family Restaurant ~ Gift Shop Full Service Banquet Facility

(608) 326-5488 1916 S. Marquette Rd Prairie du Chien www.huckleberryspdc.com

(608) 326-8115 634 S. Marquette Rd Hwy 18 & 35 www.coachespdc.com

Conveniently Located Next to Best Western ~ Super 8 ~ Windsor Inn ~ Microtel


Good Old-Fashioned Food & Friendly Service Carryouts & Delivery Professional Catering

• Casual Dining • Diverse Menu / Daily Specials • All You Can Eat Friday Night Buffet & Dance to Live Music • All You Can Eat Sunday Breakfast Buffet • Banquet Hall/Meeting Rooms Available • Beautiful Gift Shop • In-House Bakery


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ining out in Prairie du Chien is a real treat, even for the hardiest of appetites. Casual coffeehouses and cafes are intermixed with family-friendly restaurants, fine dining establishments, and flavorful ethnic eateries. The menus are just as eclectic and the customer service is a point of pride for local restaurateurs.

Hungry diners take pleasure in the assortment of food choices in Prairie du Chien, where they can savor everything from classics like pizza, hamburgers and chicken fingers, to gourmet cuisine featuring prime steaks, succulent seafood and fresh pastas. The community also houses establishments offering a global selection from American to Japanese, Chinese and Mexican. When it comes time to kick back and have fun with friends and family, there are several local grills and pubs providing a relaxed environment complemented by a long list of foods and spirits. In addition to all of this,

Prairie du Chien is spotted with a wealth of fast-food restaurants that cater to the diner on the go. Busy people can quickly grab deli subs, hamburgers and fries, as well as ready-made pizzas when visiting one of these many convenient eateries. Outside of the traditional dine-in options, many restaurants in the area offer banquet and meeting space for parties of all sizes, as well as convenient and reasonable catering services. These establishments and local catering companies accommodate a variety of events including wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners, reunions, corporate parties, birthday parties, and many more. The Chamber of Commerce provides a Dining Guide for your convenience. Visit the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce website, www.prairieduchien.org, for a referred listing of dining options. ■





Your Family Restaurant 531 N. Marquette Road • 608/326-4346 Prairíe du Chien, Wisconsin 53821





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229 E Blackhawk Ave. Prairie Du Chien Wi 53821 (608) 326-6816

Bob’s Bar

Bobs Bar on Facebook

Jeff Hallberg

Phone 608-326-0755 • Fax 608-326-0785 37885 Selch Rd. Suite 109 Prairie du Chien, WI 53821-8309


You’ll Love Our Handbreaded Cheese Curds!

Locally Produced

• Pasta • Sandwiches • Steaks & Seafood Next to AmericInn Downtown Prairie du Chien, Wi 608-326-0639 Carryouts Available!

Open daily at 11 am Happy hour 4-6 Monday - Thursday Fri. Night: All You Can Eat Fish Fri. & Sat.: Prime Rib www.fortmulligans.com



608-326-0960 207 W. Blackhawk Ave. Prairie du Chien, WI Open Tues. - Sat. 7 am - 3 pm thelocaloven3@gmail.com

• Bakery • Breads • Ice Cream • Rural Route 1 Popcorn • and Much More

1501 S Marquette Street

608-326-8000 Dine-In • Carryout • Catering

Order Online at PIZZAHUT.COM •



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isitors traveling to Prairie du Chien, whether on business or pleasure, are provided numerous options when it comes to overnight accommodations. Quality hotels offer modern amenities while charming bed and breakfast inns and an assortment of vacation rentals provide a peaceful retreat for guests. The area also accommodates camping enthusiasts and RVs at several parks and campgrounds.

Full Service Hotels & Motels



Hundreds of comfortable guestrooms are available through more than a dozen hotels and motels in the Prairie du Chien area, which are conveniently located near major thoroughfares and local attractions. While each facility offers guests something different, many include complimentary continental breakfast,* high-speed Internet access, swimming pools, fitness centers, meeting spaces and a multitude of in-room amenities. âž›




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Family owned and operated

Enjoy relaxing accomodations in a recently renovated Victorian Home that was built in 1882 by local lumber baron Peter Stauer. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Stauer House is situated in picturesque Mississippi rivertown. McGregor, Iowa.

w w w. s t a u e r h o u s e . c o m

629 Main St, Box 340 - McGregor, IA 52157 Phone: 563-873-2713 or 563-873-2068 Email: stauerhouse@mchsi.com

Extended Stay Suites

533 N Marquette Rd.,Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 608-326-8404 • info@brisboismotorinnpdc.com

Little Switzerland Inn B&B ~ Unique Residence Suites “It’s a Taste of the Past”

(563) 873-3112 info@mcgregorlodging.com www.mcgregorlodging.com



• Free Continental Breakfast • Free WiFi • Cable • Microwave, Coffeemaker, Fridge in Room • All non Smoking Rooms

Offering a beautiful log cabin bed and breakfast with two lofts. Four spacious guest rooms with fireplaces and private baths with Jacuzzi tubs. Trout fishing, biking, and hiking activities are moments away.

P.O. Box 338, McGregor, Iowa 52157 563-873-2057 or 608-412-0400



SWEET SHOP 126 Main Street McGregor, IA

Award Winning Home-Baked Pies Chocolate Old Fashion Candies

FREE Wireless High-Speed Internet

Romantic Whirlpool/ Theme Rooms


BAR Rate

Call hotel for special rates!! Hwy. 18, 35 South • Prairie Du Chien, WI



• Free Hot Breakfast • Indoor Pool • Spa • Best Rates Available

■ 27

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Sleeping under the stars is a favorite pastime of many residents and visitors to this area. Prairie du Chien host two well-maintained campgrounds, and the surrounding areas offer even more options when it comes to setting up camp. Rustic sites for tenting are available, as are sites for RVs. Amenities generally found at local campsites include water, electricity and sewer, as well as laundry and shower facilities, sanitary stations and plenty of recreational opportunities. In fact, Big River Campground, Sports Unlimited Campground in Prairie du Chien, and Jellystone Park Campground & Resort in Bagley Wisconsin are situated just minutes from Wyalusing State Park, which offers active campers options for hiking, fishing, swimming on the Upper Mississippi Refuge and much more. â–

Bed & Breakfasts Inns For those looking for a romantic getaway or simply a quiet place to rest, several of Prairie du Chien area’s bed & breakfast inns are an ideal choice. Private quarters and tranquil surroundings are a big draw for many—and, of course, home-cooked morning fare is an added benefit when staying at a local bed and breakfast inn.

Cabins, Cottages & Inns Guests looking for more private quarters are invited to take advantage of a number of rental cabins and cottages in the greater Prairie du Chien area. Fully furnished vacation homes are complete with comfortable living rooms, kitchens, guestrooms and beautiful views of the Mississippi River Valley.


At Trickling Waters Retreat, we provide our guests with a place of seclusion and natural beauty that is perfect for romantic getaways, peaceful retreats, and private, relaxing vacations. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with the sight of absolute virtual scenic serenity. Our estate is brimming with plant and wild life that is all brought together by the sound of trickling water from our waterfall and pond. In addition to the picturesque surroundings, guests staying in our quiet,homey suites will enjoy a variety of amenities,including a ďŹ replace,and genuine ďŹ rst class accommodating care; everything you need to just simply relax.

Want to make reservations?

Please call (563) 880-4114

� ��������

&+(&.23(1,1*6 6((025($7

C  C

523 5th St, Marquette, IA 52158




Very Clean & Very Quiet • Seasonal camping sites available. • Fishing, swimming, skiing, basketball, volleyball • 1 Mile from shopping center • Showers / ush toilets • Area for pets to exercise • Boat Launch • 20 30 50 Amp of Electricity

For more information please call:



on Wisc Bag





n Cou


,W y e l ag

1 0 2 2 gley.com 6 99 stoneba

dX a o R




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• Complimentary, hot, continental breakfast • Coffee maker with complimentary coffee • Weekday morning newspaper complimentary • Free admission to on-property Bear Foot Bay Indoor Water Park • On-property Buckhorn Grill & Pub • Fitness Room

• Guest laundry facilities • HBO/Cable television • Complimentary high-speed, wireless internet access • Family Suites and Whirlpool Suites available • Local calls and long distance access – complimentary • Meeting facilities • Fax and copier services • Located next door to Cabela’s

Welcome to the Country Inn & Suites by Carlson! 1801 Cabela’s Lane – Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 Reservations: 1-800-596-2375 US/Canada Toll-free


Fax: 608-326-5724 www.countryinns.com/prairieduchienwi

Come check out our body slide, waterfall spa, activity pool with water basketball, children’s pool with water geysers, kid’s slide, prehistoric fish and loads of fun!


Located inside the Country Inn & Suites

Order from the Buckhorn Grill (Great for birthday parties, family getaways, and incentive programs!






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Cultural Attractions


he area’s rich history is an integral part of Prairie du Chien’s many cultural attractions. St. Feriole Island was the city’s earliest hub of activity, serving as the center of the fur trade on the Upper Mississippi River. The island was also the site of the Battle of Prairie du Chien in 1814, Wisconsin’s only Battle of the War of 1812. After the war, Fort Crawford was built as part of a chain of fortifications erected by the government to secure the U.S. frontier. Fort Crawford served as a backdrop for several important treaties negotiated between the U.S. government and the region’s numerous Indian Nations. A number of regionally significant historic sites are located on the island. Today, much of the old city center has been redeveloped as park land and is used for re-enactments, music events, and other large gatherings. Chief among St. Feriole Island’s sites is Villa Louis, an elegant Victorian country estate that was the home of three generations of the Dousman family. Hercules Dousman, a fur trader and entrepreneur, established the estate in the 1840s. His son Louis built the current residence in 1870 and established a trotting horse-breeding farm. Following Louis’s death in 1886, the horses were sold and the property was named Villa Louis in his memory. Villa Louis was open to the public as a historic house museum in the mid-1930s and is today owned and operated by the Wisconsin State Historical Society. It has recently undergone a meticulous restoration to recreate its 1890s appearance when it was a showcase of British Arts and Crafts design and decoration. With over 90 percent of its original furnishings, Villa Louis is one of the Midwest’s great house museums. It is open daily for tours from early May through late October. Other historic sites on St. Feriole Island include the Fur Trade Museum, housed in the 1850 Stone Brisbois Store, the 1837 Brisbois House, and the Dousman House Hotel. With the Villa Louis, these four sites are designated National Historic Landmarks. Lawler Park is also located along the waterfront on the west side of the island and contains a series of interpretive markers highlighting the island’s rich history. New to St. Feriole Island are an expansive community garden and the developing Mississippi River Sculpture Park. With pathways, a fire circle, and several sculptures in place, the park will ultimately house more than two dozen life-size bronze statues, depicting 10,000 years of cultural activity in and about Prairie du Chien.

& Entertainment

Persistent problems with spring floods prompted the U.S. Army to relocate the 1816 log Fort Crawford, situated on the land where Villa Louis is now located, to higher ground. Under the direction of Colonel Zachary Taylor, later the 12th president of the United States, stone Fort Crawford took shape and was completed. This fort is where Jefferson Davis served and where Sauk Chief Blackhawk surrendered ending the last major war with Native Americans that took place east of the Mississippi River. Portions of the old Fort Hospital have been reconstructed and are part of Fort Crawford Museum, a three-building complex owned and operated by the Prairie du Chien Historical Society. Museum buildings contain more than 50 historic exhibits with new artifacts and displays added each season, complemented by an active annual program of lectures, special tours, concerts and related activities. Fort Crawford Museum is open daily from May through October. Prairie du Chien is more than just history. It’s a place to pursue a variety of cultural and recreational diversions for both adults and children. These include year-round staples such as restaurants, pubs, movies, bowling, and gaming as well as an active, warmweather season of concerts, music festivals, art shows, flea markets and related outdoor events. The six-screen Prairie Cinema offers evening and matinee shows featuring the latest tinsel-town releases, while Prairie Fun Land is a great attraction for thrill seekers of all ages. This entertainment center houses an action-packed water balloon wars game, go-kart race track, miniature golf course, a golf driving range, bumper cars, arcade games, and a NASCAR-style racing challenge for groups of 20–60. Just across the river in Marquette, Iowa, is the Lady Luck Casino, which invites guests to try their hand at numerous slot machines, video poker machines and table games. The casino also offers a marina, a buffet restaurant, live entertainment in the Lone Wolf Bar, and year-round tournaments and events. ■


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Community Minded..... Just like you!


Peoples E-Checking

No monthly service charge No per check charge No minimum balance Unlimited check writing Interest bearing account Free initial order of wallet or duplicate Special Member style Peoples Preferred checks Free ATM or Debit Card Rebate of ATM surcharge fee (up to six per month) at many ATM machines nationwide Free Peoples Online Banking Free Bill Payment Service Free E-statement via Online Banking

We are excited to introduce Peoples State Bank’s Mobile Banking.

Use mobile banking on your smart phone, basic phone with SMS texting, iPads and Android tablets. Bank by phone app, Web browser or text message. Mobile banking gives you on-the-go management of your accounts. Check balances, view activity, transfer funds, pay bills and more. Go on-line to: www.peoplesfinancial.com and enroll in mobile banking today!

Mobile banking….. Make life easier!


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rairie du Chien is always bustling with exciting communitywide events that span the entire calendar year. Residents and visitors from all over come together to participate in a wide variety of activities such as celebrating music, holidays, and history.

Bald Eagle Appreciation Day takes place the last Saturday of February, celebrating America’s National Emblem through various programs and exhibits, discussions with birding experts, outdoor viewing activities and more. Join the residents of Prairie du Chien and the thousands of visitors who participate in the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. The popular St. Feriole Island is home to a number of muchanticipated annual events in Prairie du Chien. Summertime kicks off with the Annual Prairie Villa Rendezvous. Recognized as the largest reenactment in the Midwest, this four-day event is held the third weekend in June and features a re-creation of life as it was back in the 1840s.


Three events happen in July; the first of which is the Chamber of Commerce Fireworks. Next up is the historic War of 1812 in Wisconsin: The Battle of Prairie du Chien at the Villa Louis Historic Site. On July 17, 1814, the current-day grounds of Villa Louis served as the site of a clash between U.S. and BritishCanadian soldiers during the War of 1812. The two-day affair interprets the historic event through a living history camp and a narrated battle. Following the historic celebration is the exciting Prairie Dog Blues Festival, where guests from all over the U.S. come to enjoy the sounds of regional, national and international blues bands. Two stages are set up in a park-like setting at the event, which features

plenty of food and beverages, unique handmade crafts and on-site camping. The month of August begins with Country on the River. Country on the River is a three-day country music festival held annually just outside of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, featuring some of the top names in country music today. From Thursday night’s kickoff concert to the shows on Friday and Saturday night, Country on the River is one of the premier country music festivals in the area. “Cannons at the Fort: Life in Early Prairie du Chien,” a midSeptember event, exhibits life during the time of the War of 1812. Located at the Fort Crawford Museum, the living history reenactment features more than 20 historic stations, including an American camp, candle making, bowl carving, lead pouring, cannon firing and more. Mid-September brings about one of the largest carriage driving competitions in the U.S. The Villa Louis Carriage Classic commemorates the Dousman Family’s once famous trotting horse operation. The competition features more than 100 carriage drivers and includes tours of the Dousman family estate. The first Friday in December kicks off the Prairie du Chien holiday tradition as the Prairie du Chien Chamber of Commerce hosts its Annual Holiday Parade. Capping off the events on St. Feriole Island is the widely popular New Year’s Eve Droppin’ of the Carp, an annual event that got its start in 2001 when a Mississippi River carp by the name of “Lucky” was lowered onto a throne at the entrance to St. Feriole Island (Blackhawk Avenue) at midnight. The tradition lives on today and is accompanied by a bonfire and live entertainment. Prairie du Chien offers other events which occur throughout the year. ■


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GREAT FOOD...Close to the Marina! N, I E V I R D SAIL IN

Come join us for a wonderful evening of relaxed dining in a rustic barn style surrounded by antiques. Enjoy intimate dining rooms or plan a party in our main lounge and party rooms.

Champagne Brunch 10 AM to 1 PM (Seasonal)

Golf Course

Spring through November


with Swimming Pool and Shower Facilities

Located just north of Prairie du Chien, WI North on Hwy 35, one mile north of Cabela’s. Turn left on Limery Rd. Right at first stop sign. 3 blocks up on right.

Showers - Gas - Pumps

Public Dining

Open Tues-Sat; 5PM to close

Prairie du Chien, WI



Winnishiek Marina


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Education Prairie du Chien Area Public Schools

Innovation for Success TM


he children in the Prairie du Chien Area Public Schools (PdC) are exposed to the best quality and challenging curriculums. Students from three years old to graduation have high expectations and meet those expectations. PdC is recognized statewide, and increasingly nationwide, as being leader in educational innovation, technology, and student academic achievements. The professional instructional staff and support para-professionals serve the children of the community as caring role models and create a vigorous and challenging year-round learning environment within the culture of very high expectations. PdC offers a comprehensive educational program that is both rigorous and relevant. The overall educational goals are to develop and enhance young people’s creativity and entrepreneurship within a college or career ready preparatory program. The school district is


constantly exploring ways to improve or offer better service to the community, such as starting out strong with thee year old kindergarten and a full day four year old kindergarten option. Across the public school curriculum, the core academic skills are covered in a basal format that has high expectations for all children. Interventions are present to help children in need of more help, and challenging coursework is in place for those students who have already mastered grade level information. In addition, PdC presents students with encore opportunities for wellness, recreation, performing and visual arts, additional literacy, and other academic enrichments. Specific after school programming is available at all levels of the school. Along with this, the public schools have a full summer school schedule that features 45 days of rigorous academic programming in a more relaxed and enriched setting – including breakfast, lunch, and swimming instruction! PdC schools have instruction that is literally world class and lives up to the trademark of Innovation for Success TM. For example, there is international education from Kindergarten to graduation. It also offers dual Global Language series in both Spanish and Chinese languages. At the public high school there are currently 17 different Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered across


“Innovation for Success”

The Prairie du Chien School District, in partnership with families and a supportive community, shares a strong commitment to provide quality educational opportunities to all, thus encouraging lifelong learning and nurturing honest, respectful, and responsible citizens.

800 East Crawford Street Prairie du Chien 53821 608-326-3700 www.pdc.k12.wi.us


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To highlight the school’s commitment to excellence, the high school is consistently rated in the top thirty schools in the state of Wisconsin by U.S. News, all three Bluff View Intermediate Public School sub groups are awarded as Schools of Recognition by the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the district was awarded with the What Parents Want Award, and B.A. Kennedy Elementary is the premier early learning center in the Midwest starting with three year olds and continuing with multiple levels of early interventions as needed and challenging level instruction for those who are advanced for their grade level.

Along with the entire umbrella of academic offerings, Prairie du Chien public schools offer a full array of cocurricular sports and activities across the grades from sports/recreation activities for the younger students up to competitive WIAA sports in the high school. PdC is small enough to allow full participation, such as a no-cut policy on all activities, but large enough to offer a wide variety of choices to include sports of girls cross-country, football, girls golf, boys soccer, cheer squads, volleyball, boys cross-country, dance, girls basketball, boys basketball, wrestling, boys track and field, baseball, boys golf, softball, girls track and field, girls soccer, and archery.


various disciplines. PdC students earn over 225 potential college credits per year. PdC schools are recognized as nationwide leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). STEM is embedded in elementary lessons. Through the middle grade levels, the school offers Computer Programming and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Gateway to Technology programs, in addition to challenging math and science curriculums. As a capstone, Bluff View grade 8 students take the accelerated Algebra-Based Physics. The high school students have access to an unmatched program of STEM offerings, including PLTW programs in engineering, computer science, and biomedical fields. Students have access to a full array of mathematics offered, including AP Statistics and both AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC. Students across the grades have full access to technology with Chromebooks for all students. PdC also offers full array of on-line classes for students within the district and state-wide through the Mighty River Academy Virtual School.

In the performing arts, there are many full music programs across all grades with extra programming available. Both the band and the choir are high quality. The music students regularly perform with guest artists and concerts featuring these guests. PdC school choir groups have performed at Carnegie Hall. The Drama Department produces high quality musicals and plays that are great learning platforms for the students and superb entertainment for the whole community. Finally, the Prairie du Chien public schools have tremendous community support. Beyond the supportive structure of state and local funding, the giving to the school by individuals and businesses is very generous and greatly appreciated. Visit www. pdc.k12.wi.us for more information on the Prairie du Chien Area Public Schools. ■


YOUR DEGREE. YOUR WAY. • Courses that fit your busy lifestyle – classroom, online and self-paced • Regionally accredited, non-profit university ready to help you succeed • Year-round schedule with 8-week terms

Easy transfer of up to 90 college credits

608-326-4292 www.uiu.edu/prairie


For more information contact


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Health Care Crossing Rivers Health


rossing Rivers Health offers more than 60 services to help meet the health and wellness needs of the people throughout Southwest Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa. Constructed in 2015 on the Southern edge of Prairie du Chien, the Crossing Rivers Health campus includes a state-of-the-art Medical Center and a new primary care clinic. The 105-acre health care campus provides a peaceful setting which complements the high-quality care provided by expert staff, providers and collaborative health care partners. Thoughtful planning, centered around the patient and their family, is evident throughout the building. Key features and enhancements of this new building include a spacious Emergency Department, vibrant Rehabilitation Department, advanced medical imaging equipment and the private patient rooms with space for loved ones to stay. Best practices in health care design were incorporated throughout, creating a more private, patient-centered healing environment. All in-patient rooms are private with modern furnishings, amenities and technology which allow the patients to have control over their care environment. The large windows in each room

provide expansive views of nature, facing either the bluffs or the river valley that spans across to Iowa. A welcoming dining area, meditation room and healing art throughout the public spaces make for an inviting and pleasant atmosphere for family and visitors. Since 1957 Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital, now Crossing Rivers Health, has served as the region’s independent provider of community health and wellness. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your bridge to wellness for generations to come.

Mayo Health Clinic System Mayo Health Clinic Systems – Franciscan Health Care provides Primary Care Services to the population of Prairie du Chien and surrounding communities. Mayo Clinic is the largest health care system in the world. Mayo Clinic aims to be your most trusted health care partner for your health care needs. This clinic provides Primary Care physicians, on-site Behavioral Health services, X-ray, Laboratory, Maternity Counseling and Anticoagulation Clinic services. There are many Specialty services provided from La Crosse by physicians and medical professionals.


Great River Care Center Deanna Kahler

1400 West Main McGregor, IA 52157-8772 www.greatrivercare.com


Phone (563) 873-3527 Fax (563) 873-1941 dkahlergrcc@gmail.com


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There is a Mayo Clinic patient on-line service mobile app for your smart phone or computer. This can be utilized once you become a patient of Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Health Care. For information or to schedule an appointment, call (608) 326-0808. The clinic is located at 800 E. Blackhawk Ave.

If you are dealing with an addiction, depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue, you don’t have to handle it alone. The Gundersen Behavioral Health Clinic in Prairie du Chien offers a variety of outpatient mental health and drug treatment services for children, adolescents and adults.


Services provided include, Audiology, Bone Density, Cardiology, Echocardiography, Diabetes Education and Management, Ear Nose and Throat, Mammography, Ultrasound and Urology. The clinic can provide specialist referrals to the La Crosse campus.

Our medical and behavioral health services are located at 610 East Taylor Street, call (608) 326-3350, for more information or to schedule an appointment. ■

Gundersen Health System in Prairie du Chien Gundersen Health System has three medical facilities located in Prairie du Chien to meet the medical needs of the community. The Gundersen Prairie du Chien Clinic provides comprehensive medical services for the whole family including preventive care and annual exams, prenatal care, diabetes management, nutrition therapy, X-rays, laboratory services, geriatric and chronic disease care, as well as general and orthopedic surgery. Our team at the Gundersen Eye Clinic Prairie du Chien provides routine medical eye exams, laser vision correction consults, contact lens fittings, treatments for cataract and glaucoma, macular degeneration management, emergency and trauma eye care and a full spectrum of eye services, including the latest fashions in eyewear. Our eye clinic is moving to a new location in 2016, call (608) 326-6453.

Mayo Clinic Care in Your Neighborhood Franciscan Healthcare in Prairie du Chien 608-326-0808 | mayoclinichealthsystem.org

WHERE HEALTH BEGINS Gundersen Behavioral Health Prairie du Chien

Gundersen Eye Clinic Prairie du Chien

610 East Taylor Street (608) 326-6466 Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Early Morning Walk in Care: 7:30 to 8:15 a.m.

610 East Taylor Street (608) 326-3380 Call to schedule an appointment

213 East Blackhawk Avenue (608) 326-6453 Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Gundersen Prairie du Chien Clinic

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, Inc. | Gundersen Clinic, Ltd.

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eading the City of Prairie du Chien is a mayor and eight elected aldermen and alderwomen, who together comprise the City Council. The City also employs a professional City Administrator, City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, City Assessor and City Attorney. The government strives to provide the highest quality public services and programs for its residents and businesses; thus enhancing the standard of living for all in Prairie du Chien. Among the many City services are parks and recreation, planning and zoning, community and economic development, water and sanitation, recycling, the public library, the municipal airport and public safety. The City’s official website is www.prairieduchien.info. The Prairie du Chien Police Department supplies 24/7 law enforcement services to the community through the work of 12 full-time officers, 10 part-time sworn officers and one fulltime clerical staff. The Prairie du Chien Fire Department is also dedicated to community safety with one fulltime and 33 volunteer firefighters consisting of a four-member command staff, five line officers and 25 firefighters. The City has joined with

Crawford County to establish the state-of-the-art Crawford County Communications Center, which handles police, fire and emergency calls.

The Seat of Crawford County As the seat of Crawford County, Prairie du Chien serves as the headquarters of County government operations. The City houses the County’s Administration Building and the adjacent Courthouse and Sheriff ’s Department, which together host the various County departments (with the exception of the highway department, which is located in nearby Seneca, WI). The modern Administration Building opened its doors in September of 2005. It is located on N. Beaumont Road, one block north of downtown, directly across from the 1867 Crawford County Courthouse. ■

Houses of Worship


Prairie du Chien is also home to a multitude of community and civic organizations, including locally established groups and nationally known clubs. Faith in Action is an inter-faith volunteer caregiving initiative that brings together volunteers to provide a number of non-medical assistance services to local homebound residents. The Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter began fundraising for an animal shelter in the region in July of 2007. A joint venture between Couleecap, Inc., the Salvation Army and other agencies has funded a community food pantry in conjunction with the Bargain Boutique. Further organizations and clubs that call Prairie du Chien home are the Eagles Club, American Legion, Jaycees, Lions Club, Rotary Club and Women’s Civic Club, among others. The contribution of these groups continues to raise the quality of life discovered in Prairie du Chien today and into the future. ■


pportunities to practice one’s faith abound in Prairie du Chien – a diverse community that is home to a number of major denominations and other faith communities. Traditional services are regularly attended by parishioners, who also take advantage of prayer and study groups, faith-based education and volunteer and outreach services.


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3M .................................................................................3

Crossing Rivers Health ..............................................3

Pizza Hut ....................................................................25

Acapulco Restaurant & Cantina ............................25

Dental Associates of Prairie du Chien, P.C. .........37

The Planted Tree Gallery & Gifts ...........................10

Althof’s Television Center .........................................7

Design Homes, Inc. ..................................................19

Prairie Cinema ..........................................................21

Ashley Furniture Home Store .................................19

The Elkader Cinema .................................................21

Prairie du Chien Area School District ..................34

The Barn Restaurant ...............................................33

Fantastic Sam’s ..........................................................7

Prairie du Chien Country Club ................................21

Bear Foot Bay Indoor Water Park .........................29

First Merit Bank ........................................................15

Best Western ............................................................27

Fort Crawford Museum at Prairie du Chien .........15

Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation.......................................13

Big River Campground ............................................28

Fort Mulligan’s Grill & Pub ......................................25

Blackhawk Motors.....................................................7

Grau Funeral Homes ................................................11

Bob’s Bar ...................................................................25

Great River Care Center ..........................................36

Brisbois Motor Inn ...................................................27

Green Room Spa, LLC ................................................7

Brown’s Elkader .......................................................11

Gundersen Prairie du Chien Clinic ........................37

Buckhorn Grill & Pub ...............................................29


Cabela’s .....................................................................40

Huckelberry’s Restaurant .......................................23

The Cannery ..............................................................19

Hungry House Cafe ..................................................24

Cassville Car Ferry .....................................................6

Lady Luck Casino .....................................................13

Central State Bank ...................................................18

Leisure Time Sports Bar & Bowl ...........................21

Century 21 — Welter Realty...................................17

Little Switzerland Inn ...............................................27

Check’s Antiques......................................................15

Llaughing Llama Farm and Country Cabins .........11

City of Marquette .....................................................11

The Local Oven Bakery ...........................................25

Coaches Family Restaurant....................................23

Madison Gas and Electric ......................................19

Cobblestone Inn & Suites .......................................26

Mayo Clinic Health System ....................................37

Colorlyne Directories, Inc. ........................................7

McGregor Lodging ...................................................27

Cornerstone Church ................................................39

The McGregor Marina — Boatels/Beer & Brats Garden ................................25

Country Inn & Suites................................................29 Crawford County Fair...............................................21 Crawford County Title Services, Inc. ......................7


Advertiser Index Prairie du Chien Memorial Library ........................11 Prairie Motor Sports ..................................................7 The Produce Patch ..................................................19 RadioShack .................................................................7 RE/MAX — Ridge-N-River Realty .........................19 Sadies Sweet Shop..................................................27 Security Finance ......................................................21 Southwest Vet Services..........................................11 Stauer House B&B...................................................27 Tender Care Animal Hospital, LLC ...........................9 Tiller’s Furniture and Carpeting..............................14 Trickling Waters Retreat .........................................28 Tricor, Inc. Insurance ..............................................17 Turkey River Mall .....................................................21 Upper Iowa University.............................................35 Villa Louis ....................................................................9 Walmart .....................................................................15 Waste Management ................................................13

Mediacom ...................................................................4

Windwalker Retreat.................................................28

Peoples State Bank .................................................31

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort ............28

The Pickett Fence ....................................................10

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Profile for Townsquare Publications, LLC

Prairie du Chien WI Community Guide  

The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce Community Guide.

Prairie du Chien WI Community Guide  

The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce Community Guide.