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Getting up close and personal with exotic animals pg 26

Local Chef-Owners Share Favorite Creations pg 80 Stuntman Rich Minga Facing Danger on the Job pg 102

Brett Stokes

A Versatile, Soulful Artist pg 58

The Treasures of Red Cloud Mine pg 22 Fallbrook & Bonsall Home to Many Well Known Sports Figures pg 48 SOURCEBOOK 2001


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Volume 15 • 2016

Published by Village News, Inc. Publisher Julie Reeder Copy Editor Robin Thayer Editorial Tom Ferrall August Fredy Joe Naiman Julie Reeder Sandra Shrader Nathalie Taylor Robin Thayer Chuck Tillotson Andrea Verdin

Publisher’s Note

Overlooking Highway 15. Shirley Binn photo

Sourcebook is a celebration of the communities the Village News serves, which includes Fallbrook, Bonsall, DeLuz, Rainbow, Pala, Pauma Valley, and Camp Julie Reeder Pendleton. It’s an amazing area with thriving agriculture, beautiful landscape, breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, and even the ocean. There’s wonderful parks, trails, and green space. It’s an area that’s unincorporated, so we depend heavily on local boards and nonprofits to provide direction and meet the needs of the citizens. We truly live in a unique area. There are a lot of beautiful places I’ve traveled, but I’m always glad to return home, and it’s more than the fact that it’s beautiful and serene here – it’s truly home here because of the people. We were one of those family transplants from outside the area almost 30 years ago and we couldn’t feel more welcome. I love going to local restaurants where I’ve known the owners or managers for almost 20 years. They’ve known some of my kids since birth, and now my grandkids. My kids, since they were young, have had the privilege and security of many adults around them who care about them, whether it’s neighbors, church friends, or local business people. They are all adults now and really starting to appreciate how wonderful it was to grow up here. That’s what this book highlights – that it’s a great place to live and full of interesting, wonderful people. In addition to the stories of accomplished people who have made this their home, there are also guides to local nonprofits, restaurants, hiking, etc. We hope you will read it through and find some new groups to join, a new restaurant to try, some local shops to experience, or maybe venture out to a park or hiking trail that you never knew existed! You might want to take someone with you or meet a new friend along the way. If you are in River Village or the heart of historic downtown in Fallbrook, pop into your local Chamber of Commerce and say “hi”. There are a lot of friendly faces and someone is waiting to meet you. Thank you for being part of our amazing community

Julie Reeder Publisher

1588 S. Mission Road, Suite 200, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 723-7319 my-sourcebook.com | villagenews.com | myvalleynews.com | anzavalleyoutlook.com villageeditor@reedermedia.com | sales@reedermedia.com

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Cover photography of “Victor,” a cheetah a Wild Wonders, by Ken Seals; Cover artwork by Forest Rhodes


Please note: Village News, Inc. has made every attempt to verify and document all of the information contained in the Greater Fallbrook Area Sourcebook. If you have information or comments that would help us improve our 2017 Sourcebook, which is now in its planning stages, we ask that you contact our office at (760) 723-7319. We welcome your comments and suggestions. The Greater Fallbrook Area Sourcebook and all content is copyright 2016 by Village News, Inc.


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Pat Newell photo

Business Spotlights


Garth Bricker Makes His Mark in the Mineral World


Modern-day Renaissance Woman: Julie S. Rasor

6 Saving Bonsall’s 120-year-old Schoolhouse 15 Encountering New Worlds in Books as a Family 19 Lango Baya Mission Project: Creating Safe Homes for Children Around the World 22 The Treasures of Red Cloud Mine 26 Wild Wonders of Bonsall 32 Celebrating Beck Grove’s Golden Fruit 34 I-15 and Hwy 76 Projects Still in Process 38 Los Osos or Grizzly Bear 42 Vista Valley Country Club - The Great Secret in Your Backyard 48 Fallbrook and Bonsall Home to Many Well-Known Sports Figures 54 Modern-day Renaissance Woman: Julia S. Rasor 4


Chef-Owners Share Favorite Creations

58 Brett Stokes – a Versatile, Soulful Artist 70 The Creative Zone - All’s Fair in Love and Art for Fallbrook Couple 75 Ron Mintle – Man of Adventure 80 Chef-Owners Share Favorite Creations 92 Rain Check – Carl Morrison 98 Smiling Through it All – “Jeeky” 102 Stuntman Rich Minga – Facing Danger on the Job 106 PureartH2o Water Filtration Systems Help Families and their Homes 108 Local Invaluable Benefits of Bees 110 Roy Moosa, A Man of Many Endeavors 114 Acts of Faith 118 Jack Story – the Music Man 125 Local Ruth Haferkamp Makes Rainbow Nation History

31 Fallbrook Solar Electric 40 Cahuilla Casino 47 Kim Steel and Associates 51 Susie Emory, Realtor 53 Autoheim 57 Diane Hartcorn 59 Salon de l’art Nouveau 74 Law Offices of Clay R. Sides 79 Jackson & Parkinson, Trial Attorneys 91 Richard Goble, DDS 96 Temecula Valley Hospital 115 Fallbrook Transportation 116 Fallbrook Vintage Car Show

Guides 10 85 112 128

Non-Profit Guide Dining Guide Church Guide Hiking Guide

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Bonsall’s 120-year-old by Nathalie Taylor

The Bonsall Schoolhouse present day. The exterior has been restored except for the bell tower. The patina on the wood was left as is. Bryce Thayer photo

I stand inside the white clapboard schoolhouse in Bonsall tryOver the years, the old schoolhouse gradually deteriorated, and, ing to imagine what the day was like on August 26, 1895. That was in the sixties, it was scheduled to be demolished. That is when Bonwhen the doors were opened at what was then called Mt. Fairview sall School District Superintendent Norm Sullivan, and other school School…and the bell rang out across the countryside summoning board members, decided to save it from destruction. students to class. “It was a historical building,” Sullivan noted, “there was no reaWhat defined that day? Maybe the students stood in the pristine son for it to be destroyed.” room, inhaling the scent of fresh wood flooring, listening to the subAt Sullivan’s request, the Bonsall Lion’s Club took charge of the tle crack of new books, and feeling the soft, dusty chalk between project. The members, and a man named Jim Benson, were the hetheir fingers. roes who saved Bonsall’s one-room schoolhouse. Then, there was the foreboding “dunce cap” looming on the ho“There was nothing left but a shell of a building,” Sullivan remirizon for those who didn’t take this education nisced, “even the floor was gone.” venture seriously. (An old receipt from the school The floor was rebuilt with planks from the shows that the dunce or “fool’s caps” were not newer – but still vintage – Bonsall School. The purchased individually, but in reams!) planks were from the school’s cafeteria floor and In Virginia Funk’s book, The Little Old Bonhad been stored in a barn for many years. One of sall Schoolhouse, I read that the school clock was the workers commented on how thick the pieces purchased for $6.50; and the schoolroom was were in comparison to modern wood planking. equipped with eighteen new school desks which During the five-year restoration process the cost $6.50 each. bell tower was rebuilt, and the bell, which had Mrs. Elsie Averill, the first teacher, was hired also been stored in a barn, was set in the tower. at $60.00 per month; and Nettie Dusing was apThe building was also re-roofed, the structure pointed “janitoress” at a salary of $4.00 per month, An original window medallion. Nathalie Taylor photo was re-painted, and a kitchen was added. The according to Funk’s book. historical building then began its second life as a multi-purpose hall. It wasn’t until 1919 that the teacher’s salary was increased to The only remnants of its schoolhouse days were the chalk black$90.00 per month and the janitoress was able to earn a monthly sal- boards that lined the walls. ary of $10.00. In 2011, another restoration effort dubbed the “Bonsall SchoolA school bond election victory in 1920 made it possible to build house Restoration Project” commenced under the watchful eye of a new Bonsall School, so in 1922, when that school was dedicated, the Bonsall Education Foundation. Jennifer Leung serves as project the Bonsall Schoolhouse’s one-room schoolhouse days came to a director. The project is funded by the Bonsall Woman’s Club, and close. Gone were the sounds of chalk scraping slate tablets and the also by a grant from the San Diego County Neighborhood Reinvestmurmur of young voices echoing, “I pledge allegiance to the flag…” ment Program. The restoration is still in progress. 6


This restoration effort is focused more Other discoveries include two small closely on historical accuracy. In fact, marbles found in the window ledges. an architect that specializes in historical One is a clear bluish green and the other buildings was hired. is clear with streaks of blue, orange and “The goal is to restore it and to get it back yellow. Were children even allowed to to its original condition as much as we posbring marbles to school? Maybe a child sibly can,” Leung explained. “I am pleased hid them and then couldn’t retrieve them. at how the restoration has gone so far.” Another mystery. Old photographs have been invaluable Some of the original chalkboards to help clarify the restoration process. For remain undisturbed. Other historiexample, an old photograph brought to cal features that still exist are the intelight the fact that the front doors had, at rior wooden moldings and medallions undated vintage photograph of the one-room schoolhouse then some point, been installed upside down. An around the windows. One original black called Mt. Fairview. Courtesy photo One of the goals of the project, Leung comenamel doorknob is still in use. mented, will be to re-hang the doors. The scent of the schoolhouse interior differs from my first visit in From a vintage photograph it was easy to tell that the original 2004. On that day there was no trace of a vintage schoolhouse scent. bell tower differed from the one that was installed during the sixties Now because the lathe and plaster walls are exposed, there is a hint restoration. In 2011, before the school was re-roofed, the bell tower of the aged wood scent. that the Bonsall Lion’s Club constructed was removed. This tower Cobwebs that had been trapped inside the lathe and plaster walls was too tall and too narrow – it wasn’t built to the original specifica- for years are now exposed. The gossamer strands move in the slight tions. Now, there are plans to construct a third bell tower. Leung breeze. How long have they been inside the walls? Like the brittle explained that it will be a, “structurally engineered bell tower with book pages, we will never know. But, they are pieces of the Bonsall the dimensions of the original.” Schoolhouse history. A history that continues to be written. The exterior was restored in 2015. Because the paint used in previous years had been lead-based, lead paint abatement had to take *The Norm Sullivan and Zeda Fox quotes were taken from Nathalie Taylor interviews in 2004. place. When the paint on the window sashes was stripped off, they discovered that the original hue had been red. The window frames were originally green. Matching hues of contemporary paint were TH then chosen for both. The original glass – which is flawed and wavy – has a charm of its own, as well as historical value, so during the window restoration they tried to save as much of the original glass as possible. However, when that was impossible, a product that Leung called “restoration glass” was used. When the schoolhouse interior was tackled, one of the first projects was to remove owl and bird droppings from the attic. Leung went up there herself to help with the daunting task. Zeda Fox, who was involved with the initial restoration, rememSINCE 1984 bered that several owls had taken up residence in the attic for a while. “You could hear them tramp across the roof during meetings,” she related. However, the owls were finally “evicted” and the attic boarded up. In keeping with the historical bent of the project, the kitchen that the Bonsall Lions Club had built was removed. The sixties drywall in the interior was torn out, which exposed the original wood lathe and plaster walls. The walls held a few secrets: Four brittle, water-stained and mice-gnawed pages from “The California Teacher and Home JourStop by or contact us today for information, to schedule a nal” were found after the drywall was removed. The remnants of campus tour, or to enroll for the 2016-2017 academic year. the pages seem to point to the fact that this book was some kind of teacher’s manual, not a book to be read by students. The pages cover consumer education and science. One page is titled The Savings of Science; and offers information about the procuring and sale of animal products, such as rabbit fur. One of the dates referenced in LUTHERAN SCHOOL the article is 1857. But why these pages were hidden inside the walls 1405 E. FALLBROOK ST., FALLBROOK, CA 92028 will always remain a mystery. 760-723-3500 • WWW.ZLCS.ORG








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Bryce Thayer photo - Santa Margarita River



CAST and Mission Theater 200 North Main St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-CAST www.castacademy.org

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Fallbrook Art Center 103 South Main Ave., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1414 www.fallbrookartcenter.org

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Fallbrook Chorale 731 South Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-390-9726 www.fallbrookchorale.org

North County Networking www.ncnetworking.net

Fallbrook Music Society PO Box 340, Fallbrook, CA 92088 111 South Main Ave., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-451-8644 www.fallbrookmusicsociety.org Fallbrook School of the Arts 310 East Alvarado St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-6383 www.fallbrookschoolofthearts.org info@fallbrookschoolofthearts.org 10

Educational Bonsall Education Foundation PO Box 1217, Bonsall, CA 92003 760-631-5205 ext. 1103 www.bonsallschool.org California Retired Teachers Association, Avocado Division 81 760-728-1092 Fallbrook Headstart MAAC Project (Full Day) 901 Alturas Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-2062 www.maacproject.org

Educational Fallbrook Headstart Project (Half Day) 405 W. Falbrook St, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-4189 www.maacproject.org

Environment Fallbrook Beautification Alliance PO Box 434, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookbeautification.org Fallbrook Land Conservancy PO Box 2701, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-0889 www.fallbrooklandconservancy.org landcons@sbcglobal.net Live Oak Park Coalition 2746 Reche Road, Fallbrok, CA 92028 PO Box 2974, Fallbrook, CA 92088 Fallbrook Trails Council PO Box 2974, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-731-9441 www.fallbrooktrailscouncil.com fallbrooktrailscouncil@gmail.com

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Non-Profit Health REINS 4461 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-9168 www.reinsprogram.org




ARC - Association for the Rainbow Community 4805 Fifth St. #135, Rainbow, CA 92028 rpoaarc@gmail.com

FPUD 990 E Mission Rd, Fallbrook CA 92028 760-728-1125 www.fpud.com

Fallbrook Adult Softball League www.ingoldsportspark.com

Bonsall Community Center Assoc. 31505 Old River Rd., Bonsall, CA 92003 760-631-5200

Fallbrook Amateur Radio www.fallbrookarc.org

Bonsall Community Sponsor Group www.bcsg.org

Morro Hills Community Services District PO Box 161, Fallbrook, CA 92088-0161 760-723-3642 www.morrohillscsd.com

Fallbrook Camera Club 760-728-1228 lincraft@tfb.com

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Fallbrook Garden Club P.O. Box 1702, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookgardenclub.org

Fallbrook Democratic Club PO Box 293, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookdemocraticclub.com

Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society 123 West Alvarado Street Suite B, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1130 www.fgms.org

Fallbrook Republican Women Federated PO Box 1328, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookrwf.org fallbrookrwf@gmail.com

Fallbrook Quilt Guild www.fallbrookquiltguild.com

Fallbrook Village Association PO Box 2438, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-723-8384 www.fallbrookvillage.com


Fallbrook Vintage Car Club PO Box 714, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookvintagecarclub.org president@fallbrookvintagecarclub.org



Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Women’s Auxiliary 1175 Old Stage Road, Fallbrook CA 92028 PO Box 194, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-8784 www.vfw1924.com vfw@vfw1924.com

Rainbow Municipal Water District 3707 Old Highway 395, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1178 www.rainbowmwd.com

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Men’s Auxiliary 1175 Old Stage Road, Fallbrook CA 92028 PO Box 194, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-8784 www.vfw1924.com vfw@vfw1924.com

Feed our Community!

TogeTher We Can


Ways to Help: Christel Lakata photo - Backyard Visitor


• Donate canned food & fresh garden produce • Make a financial contribution • Organize a food drive • Support the Fallbrook Thanksgiving hunger walk • Volunteer onsite

our CommuniTy

open from 9:30-12:30 monday-Friday

1042 Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 3008, Fallbrook, CA 92088


Director Jennifer Vetch info@fallbrookfoodpantry.org

www.fallbrookfoodpantry.org 11

Great Futures Start Here OUR MISSION: The Mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County is to inspire & enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Daily Programs Offered: n Character and Leadership Development n Education and Career Development (Homework Help) n Health and Life Skills (Triple Play) n Sports, Fitness & Recreation (Sports Leagues, Special Events) n The Arts (Music, Visual Arts)

Ingold Unit

445 E. Ivy St. Fallbrook CA 92028 760-728-5871 School Year: 2:00pm-6:00pm Summer: 7:00am-6:00pm

Youth Development Strategy:

Our Boys & Girls Clubs programs promote the development of young people by instilling a sense of competence, a sense of belonging and a sense of power & influence. With this strategy, self-esteem is enhanced and an environment is created to provide an opportunity for our youth to be the best that they can be!

School Program Sites: • Fallbrook Street Elementary • William H. Frazier Elementary • Vallecitos Elementary • Live Oak Elementary • Maie Ellis Elementary • Potter Jr. High Hours of Operation: School Year from school dismissal until 6:00pm Closed all school holidays and summer

Building Great Futures: • Academic Success • Good Character & Citizenship • Healthy Lifestyles

www.BGCNorthCounty.org | 760.728.5871

Non-Profit Military Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) 1175 Old Stage Road, Fallbrook CA 92028 PO Box 194, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-8784 www.vfw1924.com vfw@vfw1924.com

Seniors The “Club” Adult Day Care 320 West Alvarado Steet, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-0890 www.foundationforseniorcare.org mason@foundationforseniorcare.org Fallbrook Senior Citizens Center 399 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-4498 fallbrooksc@att.net Fallbrook Senior Citizens Club 760-728-4498 Fallbrook Senior Softball 760-751-8389 760-828-8316 www.fallbrookseniorsoftball.org Foundation for Senior Care 135 S Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 2155, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-723-7570 www.foundationforseniorcare.org fsc@foundationforseniorcare.org

Service Angel Shop; Angel Society of Fallbrook 1002 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 1408, Fallbrook, CA, 92088 760-728-6513 Bonsall Rotary Club PO Box 934, Bonsall, CA 92003 760-695-4024 SOURCEBOOK 2016

Service Bonsall Women’s Club P.O. Box 545, Bonsall, CA 92003 bwc@vcweb.org Bottom Shelf/Friends of the Fallbrook Library 124 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-451-9606 Care Advocates Helping seniors live independently 760-723-7570 Care Van Free transportation for seniors and the disabled 760-723-7570 Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary 232 W. Aviation, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-685-3533 www.fallbrookanimalsanctuary.org Fallbrook Community Center 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1671 Fallbrook Community Center Friends 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1671 www.fallbrookcommunitycenterfriends.org Fallbrook Food Pantry 1042 S. Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-7608 www.fallbrookfoodpantry.org


Service Fallbrook Woman’s Club 238 W. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 208, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-9971

American Association of University Women PO Box 1061, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.aauwfallbrookca.org aauwfallbrookca@gmail.com

Hidden Treasure Thrift Store 913 S. Main Street, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-2800

Cairin Terrier Club of Southern California 760-728-7133

Kiwanis Club of Fallbrook PO Box 54, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-805-1930 Legacy, The Community Foundation 111 W. Alvarado St, Fallbrook CA 92028 760-728-3304 www.legacyendowment.org Milena’s Thrift Boutique 129 E. Hawthorne St, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-2175 Soroptimist Club of Fallbrook PO Box 1258, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-468-3162 St. John’s Thrift Shop 1075 S Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-9520 St. Vincent de Paul 520 S Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-7012

Fallbrook Masonic Lodge No. 317 203 Rocky Crest, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-7830 www.fallbrooklodge.org Fallbrook Village Rotary PO Box 2186, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-723-0150 www.fallbrookvillagerotary.com fallbrookvillagerotary@yahoo.com

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Shirley Binn photo - Monarch caterpillar

California Macadamia Society PO Box 1298, Fallbrook, CA 92088 calmasociety@aol.com Community Learning Center Computer Classes and Open Lab 760-723-7570 Daughters of the British Empire www.dbesocal.org Daughters of Norway Hulda Garborg Lodge #49 760-468-7406 www.daughtersofnorway.org Fallbrook Alumni Association www.fallbrookalumniassociation.org Fallbrook Historical Society 260 Rocky Crest Ln, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-4125 www.fallbrookhistoricalsociety.com Fallbrook Newcomers Club P. O. Box 1392, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrooknewcomers.com fallbrooknewcomers@hotmail.com Fallbrook Riders Club 1627 S. Stagecoach Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028 www.fallbrookriders.com

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Special Interest Fallbrook Running & Walking Club 760-689-8800 Hammerin77@yahoo.com Friends of the Fallbrook Library 124 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-4650 www.fallbrooklibraryfriends.org

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North County Wool Gatherers 760-758-0083 ext. 119 val@rawhideranch.com

Al-Anon Family Groups, Al-ATeen 800-690-2666

Palm Society of Southern California PO Box 1307, Valley Center, CA 92082 www.palmssc.org Rainbow Valley Grange 760-468-7406 Rally for Children PO Box 2575, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.rallyforchildren.org

ARTS IN THE PARK Sunday, April 24 Live Oak Park

Rally has raised over $250,000.00 since 1993, to fund non-profit groups providing programs and projects to the children in the local community.

Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 Grief Support Group 521 E. Elder St, Ste 208, Fallbrook, CA 92028 (Silvergate- where meetings are) 760-728-8880 www.fallbrookhomecareca.com Mothers of Preschoolers 760-941-1430 www.refc.org Palomar Family Counseling 120 W Hawthorne St, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-3235 Phyllis Sweeney’s Encouragement Factor 120 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-3037 www.phyllisencouragementfactor.com

A Non-profit Organization Serving the Children of Fallbrook and Bonsall Since 1993

This annual event was created for children and their families to participate in various activities including drama, music, dance, arts and crafts. The event is open to everyone and all activities are free. Rally for Children raises money through donations and an annual fundraiser. Contact Rally to help fund this wonderful event or volunteer to be a part of the action as kids explore the wonderful world of art!


Women’s Support Group ‘LADY’ (Love, Accept, Discover You) 760-731-3037

Youth Awana Youth Group 221 North Pico, Fallbrook, CA, 92028 760-728-7771 Boys and Girls Club of North County 445 East Ivy Street, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-5871 www.bgcnorthcounty.org Fallbrook Pop Warner PO Box 1866, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookpopwarner.org info@fallbrookpopwarner.org Fallbrook Youth Baseball PO Box 816, Fallbrook, CA 92088 www.fallbrookyouthbaseball.com Fallbrook Youth Soccer PO Box 271, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-529-0909 www.fbysl.webs.com Girl Scouts of San Diego Imperial Council 800-643-4798 760-739-0860 www.sdgirlscouts.org

Join Rally for Children Help us make a difference to the children in our community!

¥ Low annual dues ¥ Monthly meetings & lunch with friendly people

¥ Great annual fundraiser with music, food and wine

¥ Contribute your great ideas

Cheryl Nurse photo

for Arts in the Park

For more information visit: www.rallyforchildren.org

PO Box 2575 Fallbrook, CA 92088-2575 14


New Worlds in Books as a Family:


Fallbrook’s A Leer Program Unites Families in Literacy and Reading


CSUSM professor Mike Croghan enthralling children with his reading and storytelling. Courtesy photos

by Andrea Verdin

eading is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. However, with the busy lifestyles that today’s children live, it’s nearly impossible to have a child sit and read, much less so with a parent. However, there is a day in Fallbrook when hundreds of children are given a chance to sit and read, hopefully discovering a passion for books. For the 12th year, the Fallbrook A Leer/ Reading Family Literacy Day gave children the opportunity to read books at their reading level. Parents are also equipped with tools to help them enforce learning and reading at home, and are given the opportunity to hear special presentations regarding learning and reading at home.

The A Leer program began with a simple dream – to encourage children from prekindergarten to fifth grade to read, said Leticia Maldonado/Stamos, one of the directors of A Leer. She had been invited to a similar event in Vista to be a guest reader 12 years ago, and saw the benefit of having such a program in Fallbrook. “Being in Fallbrook, we are isolated from programs that Escondido and Vista can take advantage of,” said Maldonado/Stamos. “I talked to the individual in charge, and he told me Univision had received a large grant from the Ford Foundation – about $10 million – to put on reading events like this in five major cities. The Vista event had been part of the San Diego event.”

Angel Society of Fallbrook

Celebrating 38 Years of Giving The Angel Society of Fallbrook is a non-profit philanthropy that raises funds for our community through the operation of the Angel Shop. Founded in 1978, the Angel Society has donated more than $3.3 million in support of local charities and other worthy programs. The Angel Shop 1002 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 3pm 760-728-6513 www.theangelsociety.org Members of the 2015-2016 board of directors of the Angel Society of Fallbrook, who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Angel Shop. Front row, from left: D’Ann Kubitz, Rita Pankey, Nancy Chapman, Marilyn Wertz, Jean Dooley, Peggy Gausepohl, Joyce Wood, Diane Mylymuk, Kathy Gausepohl, Billie Foli and Chris Hawranik. Back row, from left: Judy Igoe, Jennifer Anderson, Lila Sandschulte, Lorrie Valeron, Tami Bartholomew, Roberta Kuse, Louise Small, Kelly Bednarski, Connie Loeschner, Geri Ankerman, Marnie Mifflin and Vivien Steere. Missing from photo: Jeannie Bucher, Cheryl Clinite, Eve Miranda Kennedy photo Desborough, Gina Palculich, Fran White and Alex Wilson.


The Angel Shop is run entirely by volunteers. Donations of household goods, clothing, linens, small appliances, jewelry, artifacts and other items are welcome during store hours. 15

San Diego County Library Principal, Cecilia Rincon presenting workshop to parents at Fallbrook A Leer/Reading Family Literacy Day.

Parents and children selecting their books.

Student volunteers helping children make bookmarks at the Literacy Crafts Faire.

Maldonado/Stamos discovered that Univision would be able to provide a similar event in Fallbrook, but she would need to find volunteers and a school sponsor to be a part of the program. In the first Fallbrook event, 35 children and parents attended, with 6th graders volunteering to read to children. Books were given to children based on their age and reading level. The following year, when Maldonado/ Stamos approached Univision to see if they would once again put on the program, they informed her that the grant money had run out. However, Maldonado/Stamos was not deterred. “I said, ‘Well, we can do this ourselves.’ We can find volunteers, have books donated, and recruit more students,” said Maldonado/Stamos. “Every year, the event has gotten bigger and bigger; we have had over 150 students and adults volunteer, with over 600 parents and children be a part of the event.” The A Leer/Reading event occurs on or around Cesar Chavez’s birthday, March 31, as it is an official holiday in California. The event is held at the auditorium at Maie Ellis Elementary School, with the lawn and

auditorium separated into different areas for various activities. “It’s a day of community service and learning, and we want this day to have a more lasting effect on volunteers than simply picking up trash,” explained Maldonado/ Stamos. “We have seen such a groundswell of support from the community, which is so representative of the people in Fallbrook. They give their time and money to try and make Fallbrook a better place for everyone. This is especially the case with Tom Aspell, who opened the door for us. He helped me believe that we could make this a big event, and he believed in us.” Students and parents spend an entire day reading, crafting and learning about literacy. Students move in groups to different readers, while parents attend workshops. Every year, the workshops are different. “The workshop could be anything from how to maintain a home library, to how kids can use their Chromebooks for school and homework,” said Maldonado/Stamos. The program has grown through requests made by parents and students, said Maldonado/Stamos. Because of requests from participants, students can now enter essay and

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Serving Locals Since 1952

Community Member Irene Brennan reading to children.

poetry essay contests, and spend an afternoon making crafts that are related to reading and literacy. Every year, students are given books to read at home, including books about Cesar Chavez. Individuals who might never have had another opportunity to become leaders or volunteers find their place in A Leer. “We are completely grassroots, and have no recognizable organization, but parents and people can feel comfortable coming and helping for this one event. They might want to distribute fliers, or make bookmarks for the day. Parents are involved, even those who have never held leadership positions or had big responsibilities before,” said Maldonado/Stamos. “Everyone is a volunteer – we started with about six to eight, and have moved to nearly 120, with students from every elementary school, the junior high, high school, nearby colleges, and universities.” Maldonado/Stamos stated that A Leer does not turn away volunteers. As a matter of fact, volunteer coordinator Siegrid Stillman is able to create shifts for volunteers to come in and read for a few hours. If students and parents are interested in being a part of A Leer, they can register through the public schools. “A Leer is free, but has limited space,” said Maldonado/Stamos. The basic objective of Fallbrook A Leer is to provide a meaningful opportunity for community service and to encourage parents, particularly parents, to focus on reading at home. Parents are students’ first teachers, and may end up being their last teachers. Reading is so important, especially with underachieving, second language students. Learning is not something that only happens at school.” Maldonado/Stamos also said it’s important for parents to read around their children, even if it is for only a few minutes a day. “Some parents feel like they can’t help their children because don’t know how school works, but by reading 20 minutes with their children, parents can make a big difference,” said Maldonado/ Stamos. “Studies have shown that the number of literature books can have just as much influence as a parent with higher education.” A Leer has garnered awards for its transformative impact on the community, including a Golden Bell Award. “This speaks a lot of our program,” said Maldonado/Stamos. “It tells the story of people who believed in something and accomplished great things. The people of Fallbrook deserve a lot of credit. The community has stepped up and donated books, foods, and canopies. In a small town like this, everyone asks small businesses for support. However, if we ask, Fallbrook supports its own. Members might not be able to give big gifts, but they are able to make a difference.” SOURCEBOOK 2016

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Lango Baya Mission Project: Creating Safe Homes for Children Around the World

by Andrea Verdin

Doug Boggs (center), the founder of the Lango Baya Mission Project, discusses plans with a village coordinator. [Top} Kenyan orphans pose with the village missionary in front of their church. Courtesy photos


illions of children around the world have to grow up without the safety of a home, or without knowing where their next meal is coming from. As a matter of fact, Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence (percentage of population) of hunger. According to the World Food Programe, one person in four there is undernourished. The statistics for children is even more staggering; Poor nutrition causes nearly half of deaths in children under five – 3.1 million children each year. For those who survive, one out of six children – roughly 100 million – in developing countries is underweight. As they grow, those children are stunted, with one in three never reaching their full height and weight because of their hunger. Though these numbers truly are heartbreaking, one Fallbrook man has created a nonprofit organization that will truly transform the way that orphaned children in Kenya, Africa, grow up. Doug Boggs has formed the Lango Baya Mission Project, which focuses on the health and safety of orphaned children in six Kenyan villages. SOURCEBOOK 2016

Boggs’ passion to transform these children’s lives came after meeting a Kenyan missionary who visited St. Peter’s Church in Fallbrook in 2007. “For a long time, I had the desire to be involved in the foreign missions, and within six months or so, I went to Kenya,” said Boggs. “Being raised in our American culture, I was shocked by what I saw, and suddenly became aware that everybody in the world doesn’t live the way Americans live.” Boggs was encouraged by the missionaries’ work within the villages, but at the same time, he was saddened by the conditions that large segments of the world’s population struggle with. “That motivated me to get involved with that area and those people who are trying to create the appropriate development for the culture in which they are working,” said Boggs. “One of the first things I asked the missionaries was, ‘What was their first, most urgent, need.’ They said there are many orphans in the area, and I decided to work with them.” Boggs was unaware that the missionaries quickly spread word of his plan to local residents, and two days before he was to return home, Boggs was approached by Mama Lucy, a church member. “She said, ‘I hear you’re looking for orphans. I’ve got nine orphans here, waiting,’” said Boggs. “I wasn’t planning on doing anything on that first trip, but I wrote down their info on a piece of scrap paper and took their pictures. When I returned to Fallbrook, in the very first meeting I began to help the orphans, all nine were sponsored in that meeting.” Today, the Lango Baya Mission Project helps 425 orphans in six villages. Sponsored children are able to go to school, given medical attention, and most importantly, are also given food support. Before being supported financially, the orphans were eating one meal a day, and were severely malnourished. 19

Clay bricks are made by the entire village during mission trips. This is an effective way to have the community gather together to support each other.

This woman cared for several orphans in this hut, which was recently remudded with the help of Lango Baya Mission Project.

Sponsored orphans show off their school uniforms, which are purchased with sponsor’s donations. The students would not be able to pay for the $3-$4 uniforms without their sponsors.

Sponsored orphans who have graduated from college are given an opportunity to learn a trade, such as tailoring with the help of sponsorship. In addition, caregivers are given an opportunity to earn a wage through similar trades.

Unlike orphanages that group children together in large homes for care, the Lango Baya Mission Project works with the orphans’ living family members to care for the children. “It’s better socialization for the children than if they were in orphanages,” said Boggs. “Caregiving family members can be a grandmother, an aunt or an uncle. We also help the families develop sources of personal household income through small business opportunities such as animal husbandry and agricultural training.” As the children sponsored through the Lango Baya Mission Project grew, new needs arose. Before being sponsored, many of these children did not expect to complete high school. If that had occurred, the children would have stayed in the same cycle of poverty they were born into. As a way to break that cycle, Boggs and the Lango Baya Mission Project are aiding students to continue their education. “We now have many students in two-year and four-year college degree programs,” said Boggs. “It’s an understood fact that education is one of the primary ways for children to move out of the cycle of poverty, but we have the same concern for children who are not destined for college. Therefore, we provide access to trade and technical schools. We also provide motivational goal setting seminars for our high school students, addressing the different issues the children may be facing now, as a way to help them succeed in life.” To insure that the orphans’ needs are being addressed, the Lango Baya Mission Project has six local village coordinators who live in the villages to oversee the orphans’ care. “We use strong local leadership to run the program,” said Boggs.

“It’s a nice cooperative partnership because it restrains our Western tendency to go in with a Western solution, which in fact can do more harm than good.” Though the Lango Baya Mission Project is affiliated with the Catholic Church because Boggs is Catholic, the goal of the mission project is to address the needs of the community, not just a select few who attend the church. The village coordinators also identify any orphans within the community that might need sponsorship, and report back to the nonprofit. “The coordinators know the people, and help us find orphans,” explained Boggs. “We have orphans from all religious groups represented. We help anyone that needs help.” “This has been such a wonderful cross-cultural learning experience,” said Boggs. “Effective poverty alleviation is a complex mission involving history, culture, politics and economics. Within the last 15 to 20 years, organizations are doing long-term development the correct way – coming alongside communities to help them, not rescue them. We have the tendency to do things we feel will most benefit [those in need] with our own biases, and we can really hurt people in trying to help them if it’s not properly done with cultural sensitivity and awareness. We need to work within the community’s desired framework of improvement.” Currently, the Lango Baya Mission Project is looking for individuals to help sponsor orphans, in addition to volunteer their time to promote the project. The project is also in the process of developing a website for further reach into the community. To support an orphan through the Lango Baya Mission Project, contact Doug Boggs at (760) 723-2210 or at langobaya@yahoo.com.



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The Treasure of

Red Cloud Mine

Garth Bricker makes his mark in the mineral world by Sandra Shrader


ith a name that exudes a faintly gothic aura, wulfenite is a mineral prized for its clusters of vibrant red-orange crystals so spellbinding that rock hunters all over the world long to add it to their collections. Although the mineral can be found in other less showy colors, there is only one place in the world that the prized and strikingly ruddy-hued versions of wulfenite reside, and that is the Red Cloud mine in Arizona. And that is also where, down in the mine’s underground shafts and honeycombed tunnels, alongside the fissures and cracks in the earth violently brought forth millions of years ago by earthquakes and ancient boiling waters, Garth Bricker staked out a highly respected reputation among the international mineral collecting community. That’s because Bricker, 84, a retired Fallbrook elementary school teacher and former curator of the Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society Museum, took every opportunity he could for thirty years to descend into the mine in search of its lustrous red treasure. Today he owns a world-class collection of wulfenite specimens from the Arizona site, much of it on permanent display at the museum. “There is just something about the Red Cloud mine’s wulfenite that captured my interest and my heart. It’s a very beautiful mineral that is only uniquely found in one place on the planet,” Brinker said, adding that while

Shane Gibson photos

the mineral can form in other colors ranging from orange yellow, waxy yellow, olive green, blue, brown and black, the brilliant redorange minerals native to the Red Cloud location are considered to be the most desirable of the wulfenite family. “I first started digging there in 1964, and I spent every Christmas vacation, every Easter break, every break that I could to be at the mine,” said Brinker, a tall man with a quiet manner of speaking that doesn’t quite hide the joy of his mineral-excavating memories. “I was lucky that, as a teacher, I could take the time to go digging, and that my wife Janice understood how much it meant to me,” he continued, with a nod and smile to his wife standing by his side. “And sometimes she would come along too!” The Red Cloud mine, located about 25 miles north of Yuma, Arizona and not far from the Colorado River, first began operating in the late 1870s as a silver and lead mine. It was one of sixty mines in what was called the Silver District in the Trigo Mountains in La Paz County. But by 1890 the bulk of silver and lead ore production had ceased at the mine, and wulfenite, a by-product of the ore at the Red Cloud site, began to spark the interest of mineral collectors starting with the first public marketing of the spectacular red-orange crystal clusters in 1880. The mineral, commonly known as “yellow lead ore,” was named after an Austrian-German Jesuit priest and mineralogist named Franz Xaver Freiherr von Wulfen in 1845. It is created when the metal elements of lead in ore deposits become oxidized (exposed to oxygen either by air or water.) During the eons-long oxidation process, the atoms, molecules or ions in the lead A large section of wulfenite Garth Bricker mined and collected from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona on display at the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Society Museum. Wulfenite is noted for its thin tabular crystals with square or octagonal shape.


Courtesy photo

1985 photo of Garth Bricker exiting the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona with mining artifacts dating back to the late 19th century.

A rawhide ore bag used by miners in the late 19th century among other artifacts Garth Bricker has collected from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona on display at the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Society Museum.

all stack together in neat and highly-ordered symmetrical patterns with other elements or by themselves to form crystal structures, thus creating minerals. Wulfenite crystals, which are also found in New Mexico, China, Namibia and Mexico, appear in shapes that are pyramidal, square and tabular which are flat and have smooth planes and sharply beveled edges. The atomic structure of its crystals, however, contain a one-of-kind symmetrical oddity not found in other minerals, and that adds to its desirability among serious collectors, in particular for the flame-colored wulfenite located at the Red Cloud site. Many spectacular specimens discovered at the Arizona mine have been of very large sizes, according to both Brickers, including an unrivaled two-inch-size piece that was discovered in 1938 by a legendary lone wolf prospector named Ed Over. But Bricker himself discovered what has long been considered to be the largest-faceted

wulfenite specimen ever found, “at 5.8 carats, and it is in my collection today,” he said. “The value of a wulfenite specimen is determined by the size of the specimen, the depth of the color, the thickness of the crystals and how translucent they are,” Janice added, explaining that the prized wulfenite from the Red Cloud mine can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars to mineral collectors. But don’t expect to see wulfenite be made into jewelry, said Bricker, because its crystal structures are too fragile for cutting and can shatter easily. Bricker’s excavations for more than thirty years at the Red Cloud mine not only garnered storied accumulation of wulfenite, but they also inspired the telling of his story in a chapter he co-wrote in Peter Bancroft’s book, “Gem and Crystal Treasures.” The 488-page tome was first published in 1984, and features gem and mineral

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information about historical teaching career, he delighted in mining sites throughout the bringing back items from the world including lore about Red Cloud Mine as well as from the camps and the gamblers, other mines where he spent miners, madams and outlaws time in Northern California and who populated them. “Gem and Mexico as well as locally at the Crystal Treasures” is still sought nearby Pala mines. after today, and the collectible “I would take back scraps of editions of the glossy-paged Garth Bricker discusses his collection of wulfenite on display at the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral stuff from the mines for the kids Society Museum. book sell for as much as $500. to examine,” he said. “Not only It’s natural that Bricker’s digging experiences were included in wulfenite, but little stuff like gypsum needles, blue copper micros, Bancroft’s book because his discoveries at the Red Cloud mine were fluorescent rock and other things. It was a great way to teach not just limited to wulfenite. During his excavations, Bricker found science.” historical items left behind by miners who worked in the mine A self-described rockhound since his high school days, Bricker is in the 1870s and 1880s. Those artifacts are also on display at the both pragmatic and humble about his achievements in the mineral museum. world. “I found items like cigarette papers from that era, candle holders “Yes, I suppose it’s true that the wulfenite from the Red Cloud that they used for light, an old ore bag made from rawhide,” he mine is my claim to fame,” he reflected. “But then again, ninety said. “And then one night around 3 a.m., I found a doll from the percent of what I have done has been due to persistence and ten 1880s that looked like it must have been tossed down into the mine. percent has been due to pure luck.” I always wondered about the story behind that. Whose doll was it, Along with other rocks, minerals, fossils and gems from around the world and and how did it get there in the upper part of the mine.” locally, Bricker’s collection of wulfenite and mining artifacts from the Red Cloud mine Bricker, who went to Fallbrook High School before getting a are on display at the Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Museum, located at 123 W. Alvarado college education that included classes in geology, began teaching St., Suite B, in Fallbrook. For more information about hours and other events, fourth graders at Fallbrook Elementary in 1959. During his 31-year call 760-728-1130 or visit www.fgms.org/FGMS/Museum_1.html.


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by Sandra Shrader n the outskirts of Fallbrook is a place where a kookaburra bird laughs and cheetahs pace restlessly past boulders and brush. It is where petite bat-eared foxes native to southern Africa twitch their adorably oversized ears at the slightest sounds, an adolescent alligator lolls in a shallow pool,

and a dwarf armadillo named “Holly Jolly” engages visitors with a stare as placid as that of the Buddha. It’s Wild Wonders, a wildlife rescue and conservation education facility that is home to more than seventy different species and 140 animals from all over the world, including many of the rare and endangered set. But more than just an amazing sanctu-

ary for an exotic array of feathery, furry, four-legged, no-legged, and long-tailed creatures, Wild Wonder’s main purpose, according to Jackie Navarro, executive director, is to introduce people, young and old, to wildlife on a personal level, and to encourage awareness of animal conservation efforts. “We do about 500 to 800 quality education programs for kids who wouldn’t nor-

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Wild Wonders Executive Director Jackie Navarro, with two owl monkeys at the educational animal facility in Bonsall. [Opposite page] Masika is one of two rescued cheetahs at the Wild Wonders facility in Bonsall. Cheetahs Masika and Victor are the stars of the facility. The cheetah pair help educate and promote animal conservation. Shane Gibson photos

mally get an opportunity to see these animals,” said Navarro, a former wildlife biologist and animal educator at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and other major zoos. “We like to think of it as ‘taming’ kids’ curiosity about wildlife, but adults get just as excited as the kids do when they meet our animal ambassadors at Wild Wonders.” Navarro founded Wild Wonders, Inc. in 1991, and today it is recognized as one of the foremost wildlife education organizations in the west, offering “safari” tours and zoo camps at its location on a spacious ten-acre hilltop in Bonsall. In addition, animals at Wild Wonders also are featured in interactive programs at schools and libraries for “face-to-face” and “hands-on” encounters, as well as appearing in television includ-

ing Good Morning America, Ellen Degeneres, Conan O’ Brien, the Tonight Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! shows. Wild Wonders has worked with several notable groups and foundations, including the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Conservation International, the National Wildlife Federation and renowned animal expert Jack Hanna. The organization’s educational outreach programs raise funds for global conservation partners such as Painted Dog Conservation, an organization committed to the conservation of Zimbabwe’s African Wild Dogs, and the Cheetah Conservation Fund, said Navarro, “Less than 7,000 cheetah – the fastest mammals on earth – exist in the wild today, and the largest remaining population is in Namibia,” said Navarro. “Due to the expansion of farmland and livestock, the wildlife habitat for cheetah has drastically been reduced,” she explained. “But a fairly new solution to keep farmers Porcupine “Penelope,” one of two porcupines at the educational animal facility in Bonsall.

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Wild Wonders Educator Stacy Johnson, talks about Masika, a rescued cheetah at the Wild Wonders facility in Bonsall.

Kinkajou “Kima,” hangs from her tail at Wild Wonders. Kinkajous are found in the upper canopies of rainforest from southern Mexico to Brazil.

from killing cheetah which raid their livestock has been the introduction of Anatolian Shepard dogs to protect the herds from predators like the cheetah.” There are two cheetah ambassadors at Wild Wonders, and the graceful and long-limbed cats are the stars of the organization. “We have a male called Victor Cheetah here who came to us in 2007, and he is our ‘flagship animal’,” said Navarro, adding that because Victor was born in South Africa to a captive mother, his training at Cheetah Outreach in Capetown to be an ambassador cat who could be “leash-trained, crate-trained, car-ride-trained” was successful. Thus far Victor has helped raise $100,000 for conservation needs. In 2014, Wild Wonders acquired a female cheetah called Masika (whose name in Swahili means “when the rains stop”), and she

Owl monkey at the Wild Wonders educational animal facility in Bonsall.

has taken a number of star turns herself, including a recent visit to the Kimmel show where she was the first cheetah to ever appear on a talk show without being caged. In addition to educating people about wildlife and the need for conservation programs, another part of Wild Wonders’ mission is to rescue exotic animals, said Navarro. “Some of the animals here have been brought in by Department of Fish & Game or U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials after being confiscated from owners who owned them illegally,” she explained. “Other animals have been injured and generally are not releasable back into the wild, and still others have been relinquished by owners who realize that the little wild animal they thought would make a cute pet isn’t so easy to handle when it becomes an adult.” A young alligator named Dolce was one such rescue case, said

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It’s important to educate people today about the plight of wildlife because natural environments are changing and decreasing.

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– Jackie Navarro, Executive Director Wild Wonders

Female cheetah “Masika” of the Wild Wonders animal facility in Bonsall.

Kim Wright, a staff member at Wild Wonders. “Before Dolce came to us in 2009, she had been found abandoned in a sewer drain right here in San Diego County,” said Wright. “She was small and scared, emaciated and very hungry, but now she is healthy and growing. And she will get to be more than fifteen feet long and weigh more than a thousand pounds!” Tours at Wild Wonders, whether for students or adults, encompasses meeting animals from the African savanna to the Australian Outback to the Amazon rainforest to America’s own backyard. A very playful wallaby named Adelaide aka “Addy” is one of the animals who hails from the Land Down Under. From Africa, the animals include a bushbaby, a hyrax [a little furry rotund creature said to be the nearest living relative to the elephant], and also a serval cat – “otherwise known as a ‘giraffe cat’ that can jump twelve feet in the air to catch birds,” said Navarro, who calls Africa her “second home because I have been there about fifteen times.” The Emerald Forest program includes encounters with kinkajous, coatis, and binturongs, or “bear cats,” which are probably the only animals whose fur smells like hot buttered popcorn! Also on hand at Wild Wonders are hedgehogs and porcupines, arctic and grey foxes, and still-growing 100-pound, thirteen-foot albino Burmese python named “Pugsley,” owl monkeys and opossums, a Siberian lynx and a crocodile and too many other animals to be counted. Wild Wonders is closed to the public, but does offer behindthe-scene tours by appointment only at its site. Prices are $30 per adult and $15 per child aged 17 years and younger, but there is a minimum fee of $125 for all tours so it’s best to bring family and friends along. The organization also offers zoo camps, educational programs, birthday and event tours, and animals for hire for film, television, advertising and still photography. For those animal lovers and budding zoologists who really want to get involved with wildlife conservation, there is also the option of “adopting” an animal at Wild Wonders through donations. “It’s so important to educate people today about the plight of wildlife because natural environments are changing and decreasing,” said Navarro. “And here at Wild Wonders, meeting our ‘creature-teachers’ face-to-face is truly helping everyone understand the importance of animal conservation.” Wild Wonders is located at 5712 Via Montellano in Bonsall. It is closed to the public; however, behind-the-scenes tours are offered by appointment only. To learn more about educational programs, event tours, onsite private tours, sponsoring an animal or donating, call 760-6309230, email wildwonders@att.net or visit www.wildwonders.org or www.facebook.com/ wildwonderscalifornia.


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allbrook homeowners are fortunate to live in a community with large lots, lovely landscapes, and family orchards. However, those same properties can be costly to maintain without the power of solar energy to offset the utility bills. That’s where Fallbrook Solar can transform private and business properties. Fallbrook Solar Electric president Ben Holtz has lived in the greater Fallbrook area for 32 years, and is proud to offer his community a service that many can use on their home, agricultural or business properties. Holtz and his family live and attend church in Fallbrook, and for the past two years, he has led the design and construction of the St. Peter’s Catholic School Christmas Parade Float, which was given the People’s Choice Award in 2014. Holtz is proud to be more than a solar design resource for his community– he is an expert in engineering and installations as well. With Holtz’s leadership and background in engineering and financial evaluations, Fallbrook Solar Electric is a great local resource and a standout among solar companies. After graduating as the Agricultural Engineer of the Year in 2007 from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Holtz began working as the engineering manager for a construction management company in Escondido. He then spent the following two years building the

President of Fallbrook Solar Electric, Ben Holtz.

Escondido Police and Fire Facility, where his passion for hands-on design and construction shined through. Holtz’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to provide project management and agricultural consulting services in the area. This developed into the need to provide financial evaluations for the projects he was consulting on. “It became clear that clean energy was an excellent investment and I began to advise and install solar systems for my clients,” said Holtz. “This led me to start Fallbrook Solar Electric two years ago as a resource for the community.” Since becoming a fully licensed bonded and insured contractor and commercial electrician, Holtz has designed, engineered and installed numerous solar systems, both residential and agricultural, ranging in size from 14 solar panels to over 500 panels. One proud customer includes Fallbrook

Equipment Rentals president Rick Windbigler, who proudly states, “Thanks for doing a nice smooth project, I will recommend you highly.” Fallbrook Solar Electric is different because of the leadership and approach towards design, engineering, and above all, customer service. “I believe that solar system design is an incredibly important part of the payback period of a solar install,” said Holtz, who believes that each solar system should deliver the expected solar energy, should be reliable, and should make sense as an investment. “Why install something unless you know for sure you will get the results you had set out to get?” asked Holtz. To find out if Fallbrook Solar Electric has a solution that will work for you, call to set up a personal project review with Holtz. “As a rule of thumb, solar begins to make sense as an investment if you are currently paying $150 per month or more for electricity,” said Holtz. “Throughout the collaborative process of finding the right solution, rest assured that there is a highly trained staff assisting in providing you the best solar investment possible.”

Fallbrook Solar P.O. Box 1450 Fallbrook, CA 92088 (760) 705-6780 A large ground-solar-array installed by Fallbrook Solar Electric to provide efficient and clean energy for agricultural purposes.


President of Fallbrook Solar Electric Ben Holtz, at a rooftop solar array installation.

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Celebrating Beck Grove’s

Golden Fruit T

Helene Beck creating in her kitchen.

Carl Kravats photo

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by Nathalie Taylor

he word “cuisine” has come to mean stylish food, however, the literal meaning of the French word is simply, kitchen. Helene Beck’s cuisine, or kitchen, has a French country house aura. Once you step over the threshold you are greeted by a massive antique stone fireplace and French-style cabinets filled with vintage crockery, knives Helene’s cookbook inspires readers and other cooking implements – to experience the exotic flavors persimmons, kumquats and blood some from as far away as Morocco. oranges can bring to a recipe. These are remnants of an era long gone, and this is where Helene is inspired to create delectable cuisine, experimenting with grove-fresh persimmons, kumquats and blood oranges. She is driven by her love of beauty to create culinary delights that are both delectable and pleasing to the eye. Helene’s kitchen, built from a lifetime of travel and fascination with other cultures, is what gives her the creative edge. It’s a kitchen built with passion – passion for antiques and a passion for her golden grove fruit. The culmination of Helene’s creative time in her kitchen is the recently published cookbook, “Jewels From My Grove.” It had been Helene’s dream for many years to publish a cookbook, but she didn’t know how to go about it. That is when she sought the help of publisher Amy Stirnkorb of Chef’s Press. The result is a stunning piece of art filled with irresistible recipes and captivating photography. “My goal was to generate excitement for this remarkable fruit, as well as to inspire the reader to experience the exotic flavors persimmons, kumquats and blood oranges can bring to a recipe. These flavors are joy. They are calming. They are satisfying. In this book I have shared many years’ worth of flavor blending that is too marvelous a secret to be kept any longer.” Rick Bayless, host of PBS’s “Mexico – One Plate at a Time,” comments, (as quoted in “Jewels From My Grove”), “I have been lucky enough to spend time with Helene Beck…roasting and simmering in her kitchen, and most memorably, feasting at her table…I cut into citrus and tropical fruits I’d never had before, and my horizons broadened.” Bayless’ experience is exactly the results that Helene hoped for. www.my-sourcebook.com

The Beck kitchen has a French country house aura and is well stocked. Nathalie Taylor photos

“If this cookbook brings people to the knowledge and enjoyment of these fruits; or creates a springboard for readers to develop recipes on their own, then it was worth it.” The cookbook idea had been simmering in Helene’s mind for a long time. But, the journey began with a husband and wife’s love for each other, love for life, and love for organic fruit. After Helene and Robert married, they began to travel to locales such as Morocco, Bali, Africa and other exotic destinations. During these travels Helene paid close attention to the cuisine of each country. When the Becks bought their Fallbrook property they went to work restoring the long-neglected grove. George and Gale Cunningham were a great influence on them regarding growing organic fruit, and Jerry Weiss helped their grove become certified biodynamic. The Becks dedicated their lives to growing organic fruit – mainly persimmons, kumquats and blood oranges. The pesticidefree grove gave Robert and Helene great satisfaction because they both felt driven to improve the quality of life for all living things. The first fruits to inspire Helene to create recipes were kumquats and persimmons. She began experimenting using “fresh off the tree” fruit. “Persimmons are a versatile fruit and lend an enchanting sweetness, as well as zest, to a recipe,” Helene noted. “Kumquats imbue sweet and sour tones, as well as color.” With an abundance of persimmons and kumquats that Helene couldn’t bear to see go to waste, she began to consider fruit preservation. In the spirit of preservation, her first product, dried persimmons, was created. The second product was kumquat piquant sauce. Thus her online fruit and condiment business, La Vigne Organics, was born. In 2004 I visited Beck Grove for the first time and was enchanted. I was delighted to be a guest at an event that definitely had the air of a Greek Epicurean feast with culinary art appreciation and delightful camaraderie. Chef Cindy Mushet worked feverishly to create some luscious desserts for that affair. Included in her delectable repertoire was Tres Leches, a light cake flavored with coconut and fresh ginger, then swirled on top with kumquat and whipped crème. Tres Leches, as well as other palate pleaser recipes created by Chef Cindy, Helene and others, are found in “Jewels From My Grove.” It was Helene’s generous spirit that drove her to share these recipes with the world. In her own words, “I wish that everyone could experience the same joyous feeling about this fruit and the recipes created from them.” “Jewels From My Grove” is available online at www.lavignefruits.com and at www.Amazon.com.


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I-15 and Hwy Projects Still in Process by Joe Naiman Several projects which will be built near State Highway 76 east of Interstate 15 have been approved but don’t look for too much movement this year. Here is an overview of all the projects in process. In May 2011 the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved the General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Amendment, zone reclassification, vesting site plan, vested tentative map, and environmental findings for Passerelle’s Campus Park project. The supervisors approved 521 singlefamily dwelling units, 230 condominium dwelling units, a town


center commercial area totaling 61,200 square feet, 157,000 square feet of professional office space, an 8.5-acre active sports park, six neighborhood parks, a community center, 5 miles of trails, and 197 acres of biological open space. D.R. Horton subsequently purchased the residential component, which is now called Horse Creek Ridge. The one percent base property tax will not be sufficient to fund county, San Diego Flood Control District, or North County Fire Protection District services, and in February 2014 the Board of Supervisors approved a Community Facilities District for Horse Creek Ridge which assesses an initial levy of $1,123 per singlefamily home, $852 per multi-family unit, and $7,400 per acre of undeveloped property with an annual two percent increase to cover the increased cost of service. In October 2013 the NCFPD board approved a property tax transfer agreement to transfer


seven percent of the one percent base property tax from the county to the fire district. NCFPD had approved such a transfer for Pardee Homes’ Meadowood project in March 2013. Meadowood was approved by the Board of Supervisors in January 2012 and will include 397 single-family homes, 447 multi-family units, 13 acres for an elementary school which will be built by the Bonsall Unified School District, four acres of park land, 128 acres of biological open space, 47 acres of agricultural open space, 5.9 miles of trails, and a wastewater treatment plant. The supervisors’ action also certified the Environmental Impact Report which included a statement of verified water service ability. The Meadowood area was within the San Luis Rey Municipal Water District, which is not part of the San Diego County Water Authority, and the Board of Supervisors’ conditions included annexation of the Meadowood property into the SDCWA. In April 2014 San Diego County’s Local Agency Formation Commission, which is responsible for jurisdictional boundary changes, annexed 267 acres of the total 390-acre project into the Valley Center Municipal Water District, the CWA, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, detached 243 of those acres from the San Luis Rey Municipal Water District, and annexed the entire 390 acres into the North County Fire Protection District while detaching that area from the San Diego County Regional Fire Authority. Although only the 267 acres proposed for development were annexed into the water districts, the desire to avoid a noncontiguous “island” led to the entire property being detached from the county-administered SDCRFA and annexed into the North County Fire Protection District. Pappas Investments is the expected developer of Campus Park West, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors in

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June 2014. Campus Park West comprises 116.5 acres and will consist of 283 multi-family dwelling units, 513,000 square feet of commercial use, 120,000 square feet of limited industrial use, and 31 acres of biological open space. Some of that land was already within the Rainbow Municipal Water District, CWA, and MWD boundaries although 99.94 acres were part of the San Luis Rey Municipal Water District before LAFCO’s February 2015 action to detach that acreage from the San Luis Rey district and annex the land into the Rainbow, CWA, and MWD territories. The annexation also included 141.3 acres of California Department of Transportation right-of-way, although the Caltrans area was not subject to annexation fees and will not be subject to property tax assessments. A tentative parcel map becomes a final map after all conditions of the tentative map, other than those for which permits cannot be issued until a final map is recorded, are fulfilled. The conditions of a final map include secured agreements to ensure that the infrastructure will be built and that payment for labor and materials used to build the infrastructure will be made. The Board of Supervisors must approve the secured agreements. A final map only creates legal lots; grading and building permits must comply with all elements of the checklist including environmental protection issues. Payment of the Transportation Impact Fee as well as processing fees is required to build new development. The TIF ordinance designates the area by State Route 76 east of Interstate 15 as a Village Core area; the current TIF payments are $3,760 per single-family residential unit, $3,192 per multi-family residential unit, $2,621 per 1,000 square feet for general commercial stores, $2,073 per 1,000 square feet for office use, and $1,155 per 1,000 square feet for industrial space. As of March 2016 NCTD has no plans to extend the frequency of Route 389, which runs from Escondido to Pala Casino with a stop at the park-and-ride by Interstate 15 and State Route 76, or to add a non-express route covering that area. None of the development project sponsors have discussed completion dates or future service with NCTD planning staff, although NCTD remains open to considering service concepts should any inquiry arise in the future. If a request is made for service, NCTD will review service design guidelines and standards, existing and potential service demand, potential operational or capital constraints, costs, and funding requirements before the NCTD board considers action. www.my-sourcebook.com

Los Osos or Grizzly Bear E

by August Fredy This is an interesting story related 35 years ago by August Fredy in The High Country Magazine, Winter 1981 edition. Fredy was a very well-known resident of Fallbrook with many interesting tales to tell. Published in Village News 1999.

ach time I pass the 150-ton granite monument at the northern outskirts of Temecula – “They Passed This Way” (thanks to Sam Hicks), I can’t help but think of the frontier people who encountered and suffered from the attack of the mighty, but awesome Grizzly Bear. It’s hard to believe that Southern California was in the heart of bear country. Imagine what the first white settlers from the

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They Passed This Way

East thought when they encountered the huge, massive Grizzly in this area. They grew to a height of four feet and a length of seven or eight, and attained a weight of up to 1,500 pounds. Standing on his hind legs, he could reach 10 to 12 feet with ease. There were eight kinds of Courtesy www.temeculavalleymuseum.org Grizzly Bear in California. Features that set the Grizzly Bear apart from other bears except the Brown Bears, are the shoulder hump, the long front claws, the color of pelage, and the structures of the skull and teeth; (as compared to the Black Bear with higher shoulders, a longer body, a straighter back and lesser elevation of the haunches). Its head is narrower and the snout and jaws are longer and less blunt. The maximum weight of the male California Grizzly is estimated at 1,200 pounds and some weigh as much as 2,000 pounds. Before the white man came to the North County area, the Grizzly was completely in charge. Indian arrows and spears had little effect on the big Grizzly. Probably no other animal is so intimately connected with the early occupation and history of the Temecula/Fallbrook area. His strength was tremendous, being able to knock down a bull or carry off a horse. The Indians very seldom walked the river or creek bottoms – the huge bear was always waiting for them. In his story of the life of Father Junipero Serra, founder of the California missions, Father Francisco Palou told of how the settlement of San Diego in 1769 was running out of food. The military commander Don Pedro Fages rode with soldiers to the Valley of the Bears, which is now called San Luis Rey, and retuned with bear meat. Bears could be seen in herds from Oceanside to Palomar Mountain. In Southern California, Grizzlies ranged seemingly to the edge of the desert. They were recorded on the desert side of the Cajon Pass, Bear Valley, San Bernardino Mountains, the San Jacinto Range, the Santa Ana Mountains (west of Temecula), and Rancho Santa Margarita (west of Fallbrook). A painting by James Walker shows vaqueros capturing a Grizzly Bear for use in a bear-bullfight at Rancho Santa Margarita, near the town of Fallbrook. Bear and bullfights were also held by the Spaniards at Pala, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ysabel (near Julian), Old Town San Diego, Los Angeles and the San Luis Rey Mission. In the 17th Century, the Spaniards learned about the ferocity and tenacity of life of the California Grizzlies. They were told they are ferocious brutes, hard to hunt. They attack the hunter with incredible quickness and courage. He can only escape on a swift horse. One painting shows a vaquero capturing a Grizzly Bear on horseback with his lariat, and the bear is pulling the horse and rider into him. Because the average vaquero rarely carried a rifle or a pistol (firearms were entirely the property of the military and special Spaniards), www.my-sourcebook.com

the use of the riata as a weapon was developed to perfection. Made of rawhide in four strands to the thickness of the little finger, and about 40 feet in length with the end tied in a running knot, this instrument, like the horse, was an indispensable part of the equipment of every Californian. The horse which the Californian rode had been carefully trained to assist its master in the Los Osos Roy Morrissey drawing catching of wild cattle, human enemies and savage beasts, such as the Grizzly Bear. Descendants of the Spanish rancheros hunted Grizzly Bears with the riata, even during the early years of the American period. In the area around San Jacinto, Santa Rosa and Cahuilla, in which the Luisenos lived, they regarded the Grizzly as an avenger for their God, Chungichnick. A necklace of the claws of a Grizzly (around five inches) was a priceless possession. In the cosmology of the Luisenos, Grizzlies, along with stinging weeds and rattlesnakes, were the avengers whom the great God Chungichnick invoked upon those who disobeyed his commandments. Long ago, when the Cahuilla near Palm Springs conquered a mankiller bear from the San Jacinto Mountains, the desert air throbbed all night with the singing and dancing of the people around the body of the monster. The Wentrem, possibly as a cathartic against the fear of a live Grizzly, indulged in hysterical hilarity while the hide of a dead one was being fleshed. They threw pieces of meat at one another, and anyone who was hit had to plunge into the river. Later, by the glow of the campfires, the animal’s head was put in front of a young and vigorous male dancer, who pantomimed the killing of the bear with a split-stick rattle. In one of the books, “The Silver Dons,” it tells how on September 11, 1839, Lieutenant Cave Couts led the U.S. Army troops out of San Diego to the desert, and in route, killed 16 Grizzly bears near Julian. History tells of the killing of two Cahuilla women by a Grizzly about 1875 in the San Jacinto area. From the evidence, we may conclude that the Grizzly injured Indians often to keep them in a state of respect or terror. One story of a Cahuilla is about an Indian who attended a bear/ bull fight at the Pueblo of Los Angeles. The Grizzly, a cowardly individual, was getting the worst of the battle and was knocked down. A Cahuilla Indian whispered to him, “You must fight and defend yourself; they are going to kill you.” Whereupon, the bear charged the bull and broke its neck. Hunters were witness to a desperate fight in the San Jacinto Mountains between a mountain lion and a bear. The fight is described as terrific. The superior strength of the bear easily enabled him to throw his antagonist down. But the lion used his paws and jaws so ferociously that the bear could not keep him down. Both animals were covered with blood. They fought until both were exhausted, then the lion dragged himself off into the brush, leaving the bear the winner. SOURCEBOOK 2016




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ahuilla Casino is kicking off Spring with a fresh new look and more rewards! Coming into its 20th year, Cahuilla Casino is overhauling their Winners Club and revamping the overall look of the Casino, both inside and out. The casino has been remodeled- adding new carpet, a state of the art air ventilation system, and new games. The all new Winners Club will have a dedicated staff to give the best possible customer service, and Club Cards will now be tiered. Best of all, the casino will only give away FreePlay rewards- no more MatchPlay as it had in previous years. “We have tried our best to listen to what our guests want. With these renovations, and new reward programs, we feel our patrons will experience a difference immediately,” say Marketing Manager Holly Halvatgis. “For new members, I feel we are offering one of the best new member dealsreceive $20 in FreePlay your first day signing up.” Cahuilla Casino is known for its small size, laid back atmosphere, and extremely friendly staff. As opposed to bigger casino properties, players come to Cahuilla because it is an easy casino to navigate with convenient parking, a wide variety of slot machines, and it’s a place where staff and players alike know your name and greet you with a smile. Day trippers can take the scenic drive up from valley cities to play, dine, shop and refuel on site. Roadrunner’s Bar and Grill serves lunch and dinner daily with brunch on weekends. Menu highlights include the popular burger, New York strip steak, turkey club sandwich and Cobb salad. Mountain Sky Fresh & Fast features a tasty pizza and fried chicken menu for diners on the go. Cahuilla Casino at Mountain Sky Travel Center is located in Anza with easy access via Highways 74 or 79. The casino carries over 350 slot machines and is open 24 hours, 365 days a year, for players 21 and older. More information online at: cahuillacasino.com. Address: 52702 Highway 371, Anza, CA 92539. Phone (951) 763-1200.

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Around 1850 the Americans built huge traps, large and strong enough to hold a Grizzly bear. Several old, log bear traps were seen in the hills ear Tomas Mountain and Cahuilla Valley of the San Jacinto Mountains area. A few Grizzlies of this area became known by name because of a distinctive feature or because of their exploits. In 1875 there was a bear in the Santa Ana Mountains known as Old White Face. In general, the Grizzly Bear’s last stronghold was in the Santa Ana Mountains, from Fallbrook to Santa Ana Canyon. One was shot in January of 1908 in the Trabuco Canyon area where Orange and San Diego Counties meet. One was killed in Riverside County near Tenaja in 1895. It has been reported that there was one killed in downtown Fallbrook in the middle 1800s near the Ridgley Martin General Store located on Main Street near Hawthorne Street. During the year 1900, Henry Steward, a farmer of San Juan Capistrano, shot and killed a Grizzly at Los Vallecitos in the north part of what is now Camp Pendleton. That place is now called Case Springs, and that was the last Grizzly killed in San Diego County. Measurements of that 1900 specimen from the San Onofre Canyon area included the sole without claws—12 inches long and eight inches wide.

Joseph Smith, the American pioneer who left his name on Palomar Mountain, had so much trouble with Grizzlies getting his stock that he had to get help from the Indians to get the bears under control. In Catherine M. Woods’ book about Palomar Mountain Teepees to Telescopes, Grizzly bears were referred to as “common as pigs, and herds of hem could be found on the mountain.” Bear Valley near Escondido was where the market hunters shot most of their bears for the restaurants in San Diego. The San Diego Union in 1871 reported a huge Grizzly Bear, weighing around 1200 pounds, was killed near Bonsall. Retired Fire Chief William Thurber Jr. of the Fallbrook Fire Dept. told of an old Grizzly Bear that lived on what was the Yackey Ranch. No one would kill the bear because he never bothered anyone. This place is now called the Bear Creek Ranch, which is in Sandia Canyon, north of Fallbrook. According to a story told by Videl C. Reche of Fallbrook, he personally knew six men who were killed in the Fallbrook area by Grizzly Bears in a 10-year period. In the early 1930s, I had the privilege of listening to Grizzly stories told by Mr. Wilmot, who homesteaded a section of land in the DeLuz Canyon before the turn of the century. He told of several Grizzly Bears that roamed in the DeLuz Canyon, killing livestock and bothering homesteaders. Before the Grizzly passed from the Grizzly scene, Charles Howard Shinn wrote an article suggesting that, although the great bear was doomed, it might live on in the minds of men – like the Lion of England and the Winged Bull of Assyria. www.my-sourcebook.com


by Tom Ferrall “The great secret in your backyard.” That’s how General Manager Philip Rodriguez describes Vista Valley Country Club, one of North County’s hidden jewels. Located off Gopher Canyon Road, Vista Valley Country Club makes an immediate impact on visitors with its newly-

renovated clubhouse and championship golf course, both surrounded by the natural beauty of rolling hills and majestic live oaks. Upon entering the clubhouse, visitors are engulfed in elegance and beauty. Decorated with treasures that owners John and Terri Havens acquired during their annual jour-

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Vista Valley Country Club is surrounded by natural beauty.

Courtesy photos

neys to France, the luxurious clubhouse offers ter and our training classes, all the social aspects, spectacular views of the course and surroundand six rounds of golf a year. ing countryside, creating a feeling of old-world “And we also have Junior Executive charm. Membership for those age 21 to 45, Individual Vista Valley Country Club is a first-class venue Membership, and a Family Membership,” with no pretentiousness, making it a treasure continued Rodriguez, who added there were also everyone can enjoy, from families with small non-residential individual and non-residential children to people who are looking to meet new family memberships available to those who friends or make new business acquaintances. live more than 75 miles away from Vista Valley “We have something for everybody,” said Country Club. Rodriguez, referring to the club’s vast array of Vista Valley offers everything from a fitness membership opportunities. center complete with personal trainers, instruc“We have a Social Membership, which allows tor-led classes and state-of-the-art equipment, to Valley Country Club offers a beautiful you to use the clubhouse and attend all of our Vista mouthwatering menu items in the dining room. location for your wedding and reception. dining events, our wine dinners, our holiday celExecutive Chef Marissa Gerlach believes in ebrations, and our concerts in the park,” said Rodriguez. “Then using real ingredients in her signature dishes and letting them we have our Sport Membership, which includes our fitness cen- shine. Her farm-to-table philosophy clearly shows in the way she

Jerry Burke Jr. REALTOR® – 21 Year Navy Retired 2014 Honorary Mayor of Fallbrook

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specializes in selling all types of equestrian properties from small residential ranches to professional training facilities throughout San Diego and Riverside counties. PSA Certified


Carter Camilleri



I am a 3rd Southern California has so much to ofer to Generation equestrians. If you have a property to sell or you are Equestrian who looking for a home for you and your horses, let me specializes in put my expertise to work for YOU! selling all types Visit My Website: www.RanchAndEstateHomes.com of equestrian Search Homes • Testimonials • My Blog • Equestrian Newsletter The patio offers an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. properties from small residential Contact Devon: 760.522.8559 or Devon@RanchAndEstateHomes.com @ approaches all of her dishes and gives personal attention to the ranches to needs of diners. professional “It’s so different to walk into the dining room and know the L E G Efaces N D Sof the people – you become a family,” said Gerlach, who training CalBRE #01047285 · Equestrian Division Director worked her way through celebrated Sonoma and Napa kitchens, facilities throughout San Diego and learning alongside some of the most talented and recognized chefs Riverside counties. in the business. “It becomes personal and food is very personal.”

Gerlach says she is trying to change the way most chefs serve food, using local produce, herbs and even meats. Along with the staff at Vista Valley Country Club, she keeps all food offerings local. I am a 3rd Generation “Here, it is more personal, more fresh and healthy driven, but Equestrian who I am a 3rd Generation we offer all of those comfort food favorites that our patrons love,” If you have a property Equestrian who specializes in selling said Gerlach, adding that she works with members to meet all specializes in selling of their dietary needs. “I’m not a ‘no chef,’ I’m a ‘yes chef.’ We all types of equestrian to sell or you are all types of equestrian always accommodate dietary restrictions.” properties from small looking for a properties from small Rodriguez said that the focus of the restaurant is to create a residential ranches residential ranchestoto home for you memorable experience for club members. professional training professional training “We are focusing on theme nights and creating social activities, and your facilities throughout facilities throughout everything from casual dining to more formal experiences,” said San Diego and horses, San Diego and Rodriguez. Riverside counties. Riverside counties. And what goes better with a wonderful meal than a nice glass let me put of wine? Vista Valley has that covered too, with a huge selection my expertise and private wine lockers for members. Also available is a private Southern California has so muchto to ofer to for work tasting room, a fireplace and an outdoor fire pit overlooking the equestrians. If you have a property to sell or you are golf course. YOU! Southern much tolet ofer looking for aCalifornia home for youhas andso your horses, me to Vista Valley Country Club believes in living a healthy lifestyle equestrians. you have atoproperty to sell or you areand total wellness, just like its sister property, Cal-a-Vie Health putIfmy expertise work for YOU! looking for a home for you and your horses, let me Spa Luxury Resort and Retreat in Vista. The club promotes that Visit My Website: www.RanchAndEstateHomes.com belief through a state-of-the-art gym available for use by all memputHomes my expertise for YOU! Search • Testimonials •to Mywork Blog • Equestrian Newsletter bers age 14 and older. Located on the second floor of the club and offering magnifiContact Devon: 760.522.8559 or Devon@RanchAndEstateHomes.com @ Visit My Website: www.RanchAndEstateHomes.com cent views of the surrounding hills and golf course, the Fitness Contact Devon Search Homes • Testimonials • My Blog • Equestrian Newsletter Center boasts a choice of high-end Precor cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, stair steppers, rowers, upright L E@ GENDS or Devon@RanchandEstateHomes.com stationary bikes, and recumbent bikes. Contact Devon: 760.522.8559 or Devon@RanchAndEstateHomes.com CalBRE #01047285 · Equestrian Division Director Nautilus and many other weight machines are available to provide weight and resistance training as well as physio balls, TheraBand exercise bands, mats for stretching, and free weights for use to customize or add to members’ workout. LEGENDS

Southern California has so much to offer to equestrians.






CalBRE #01047285Equestrian · Equestrian Division Director BRE #01047285 Division Director 




Building relationships for over 40 years.

The clubhouse has been newly renovated.

There are also options for members who prefer to participate in sports or classes for their workouts as Vista Valley offers an indoor, half-court basketball court and two immaculately-maintained Har-Tru tennis courts, along with fitness classes and personal training packages. “The great thing with Cal-a-Vie being our sister property is that all of our classes are taught by Cal-a-Vie fitness instructors,” said Gary McGiboney, Vice President of Operations. An elegantly decorated, onsite spa offers the perfect opportunity to wind down after a workout or round of golf on the awardwinning course at Vista Valley. Facials, manicures, pedicures and massages are all services offered at the spa. A whirlpool spa is also available for members who prefer to simply relax following an enthralling round of golf. “Most people pay $9,000 a week to go to Cal-a-Vie, but if you are a member here you get the same caliber treatments from the number two spa in the world,” said McGiboney. Speaking of golf, Vista Valley offers breathtaking views for those who choose to tee it up on the 18-hole championship course designed by Ted Robinson, Sr. Surrounded by stunning mountains and gorgeous views, no two shots are ever alike on this course that is miles away from the noise of the city. The immaculate condition of the course, the lush tree-lined fairways and sparkling fountain-sprayed water set the tone for a great round of golf for both the novice and experienced player. Vista Valley Country Club also has a team of PGA- and LPGAcertified golf professionals to assist members with their game via lessons and instruction. The professionals are also happy to arrange an informal round of golf to help introduce new members to those whose interest might be similar to their own. The Vista Valley Country Club Golf Shop offers a full range of exceptional golf merchandise, including the latest in apparel for men and women, accessories, and equipment from top manufacturers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, women have priority tee times, and men have priority tee times on Wednesdays and Fridays. The golf calendar is filled with different events for individuals, partners and families of all ages and skill levels. Vista Valley offers a plethora of programs for children who want to learn the game. Youth programs promote interaction among juSOURCEBOOK 2016

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nior golfers and their families being a place where members through participation in clincan come and dine or play ics, camps, intra and inter club 18-hole regulation Ted Robinson, Sr designed championship golf course. golf,” said Rodriguez. “We tournaments and competition. are building relationships and “We offer championship tees all the way to family tees to en- friendships, and creating opportunities for our members.” courage everyone to have a good experience on the golf course,” McGiboney agreed with Rodriguez’ assessment. said Rodriguez. “We are not your typical golf course,” said McGiboney. “There In addition to the fundamentals of the game, those involved is a lot to Vista Valley Country Club.” in the Junior Golf Program are taught patience, etiquette and the Memberships to Vista Valley Country Club are available in all importance of good sportsmanship. Juniors learn to abide by the price ranges, and for Fallbrook Sourcebook readers, the club is rules of the Club, and to respect the privileges afforded to them by presenting a special limited-time offer in which the $10,000 initiatheir participation in the program. tion fee will be waived for an 18-month commitment on all golf As if the championship course, relaxing spa and delectable deli- memberships. cacies offered weren’t enough, Vista Valley prides itself on its spe- For more information on Vista Valley Country Club or to learn more about cial events, including family dinners, themed happy hours, Ball- membership opportunities, please call 760-758-2800 or visit www.vistavalley.com. room Dance Series, summer concerts and many golf tournaments. Vista Valley Country Club is located just off Interstate 15 and Gopher Canyon Road at “We are creating more value to our memberships besides just 29354 Vista Valley Drive in Vista, California.



Kim Steel and Associates

Putting the Needs of Our Real Estate Clients First Weichert, Realtors® Murphy & Murphy


im Steel and Associates brings a fresh approach and a disciplined attitude to providing top-notch service to their real estate clients. For the team of U.S Marine veterans who work together at Kim Steel and Associates, that code of conduct, along with a combined expertise in the residential, land, commercial and income property markets, is the key to success, according to owner and licensed Realtor Kim Steel. “We are all about providing complete and quality professional real estate services to our clients,” Steel said, adding that her professional team focuses primarily on the real estate market in the Fallbrook, Bonsall, Vista, Oceanside and Valley Center areas. “We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and more when sellers and buyers list their homes and properties with us,” explained the former combat veteran. “And that extra effort means everything from providing market analysis, doing aggressive marketing and advertising, helping our clients find loan programs,and processing the paperwork for real estate transactions—which can be more than 100 pages per transaction!” In addition to working with homeowners and homebuyers, Kim Steel and Associates also provides real estate investors with acquisitions, marketing, property valuation, and assitance with consulting services. By doing so, according to Kris McCullough, also a licensed real estate agent and military veteran member of the group, “homeowners who need to sell quickly can benefit when their properties can be purchased by cash-paying investors.” “Many times, there are circumstances in which homeowners need to sell because of a divorce, or pending foreclosure, or probate, or if they are in the military and find out that they have to relocate immediately,” said McCullough, who has more than fifteen years of experience in real estate inSOURCEBOOK 2016

Staff of Kim Steel and Associates from left: Chet Smith, Kris McCullough, Adam Nogueira, Brittany Rinehart, and Kim Steel

vesting. “When we can sell their homes to investors, we make the process as hasslefree as possible for the sellers.” McCullough is also in charge of the marketing and advertising of client properties for Kim Steel and Associates, coordinating photography, mailers, flyers, newspapers ads, and videos and/or virtual tours of listed homes which are shown on social media. In addition, he also handles agentto-agent communications and consumer phone and email campaigns. Kim Steel and Associates also offers renovation services, particularly for distressed properties or cash sales, but also to home sellers who want to fix up their homes in order to increase a home’s market value, said Steel, adding that she spends ten to twelve hours a week reviewing current decor and renovation trends. Other members of the real estate team, also military veterans, work with sellers once their property is listed, and oversee the various stages of the home selling process all the way through escrow and moving day. That can cover inspections, repairs, clean up, trash removal, even “spending weekends painting a house if it needs it,” said Steel. “We’re told all the time by other real estate professionals that we’re crazy to spend our time painting a place,” she said with a laugh. “But if it needs to be done in order to

sell at a good price, we just pitch in and do it. We are a team here at Kim Steel and Associates, and that keeps us focused on making our service as successful as it can be.” And that teamwork attitude fits right in with the small-town lifestyle in Fallbrook, Steel added, saying that she and other members of the group enjoy living in Fallbrook and taking part in the community events such as last September’s “Keep Fallbrook Clean and Green” day in which she and other representatives of Kim Steel and Associates enthusiastically picked up the most trash during the event. “All the community events – the parades, the Avocado Festival makes us feel like we are back home in the small towns where we each grew up,” she said. “We knew that when we came to Fallbrook for the first time that this was the place for us.”

www.KSADreamHomes.com Kim Steel and Associates Weichert, Realtors®, Murphy & Murphy (760) 451-6318 | Office Phone Kim.Steel@Murphy-Realty.com CA BRE 01946982 130 N. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA 92028 47

ake Mike Le

Fallbrook and Bonsall HOME TO MANY Ryan Plackemeier

Sports Figures

Duke Snider

by Joe Naiman

any athletes who live or grew up in Fallbrook M or Bonsall are known far outside of northern San Diego County.

In 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder Duke Snider partnered with Cliff Dapper, who was a Brooklyn Dodgers catcher for eight games in 1942 before joining


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Well-Known the Navy and was a minor league player-manager in 1956, to purchase an avocado grove in the Sleeping Indian area. Dapper soon retired from baseball to manage the grove although he became active with youth baseball in Fallbrook. Snider continued playing through 1964 and his subsequent non-playing career in baseball included serving on the initial announcing team of the major league San Diego Padres. In 1980 Snider was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Dapper and Snider both passed away in 2011; Dapper remained a Fallbrook resident throughout his life while Snider lived in Fallbrook until spending his final months in an Escondido convalescent home. Mike Port played baseball for Fallbrook High School prior to graduating in 1963. He followed his college career with one minor league season before transitioning to front office activity. Port was once the general manager of the California Angels. He was the interim general manager of the Boston Red Sox in 2002, and in 2004 when the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years he was the team’s vice president for baseball operations. Port, who was the initial president of the Arizona Fall League, took a position with Major League Baseball in 2005 as the vice president for umpiring. Four Fallbrook High School players subsequently reached the major leagues. Matt Chico, Troy Cate, and Donny Lucy made their big league debuts in 2007. Mike Leake began his major league career in 2010, and in December 2015, he signed a 5-year, $75-million contract to pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals. Former major league players who live in Fallbrook or Bonsall include Dick Adams, Doug Baker, Gary Beare, Lee Howard, Mike Lee, and Rick Ownbey. Herman Reich lived in Fallbrook for 42 years prior to his death in October 2009. Ryan Plackemeier, who was a National Football League punter for three seasons, is the only Fallbrook High School graduate to play in the National Football League although the 2002 Fallbrook High School graduate is not the only former Warrior to play professional football. John Dutton was drafted by the NFL’s Miami Dolphins but played his professional career in the Arena Football




[Left Page] Duke Snider: Courtesy Photo Mike Leake: dbking, flickr.com Ryan Plackemeier: Courtesy Photo

[Right] Dode Martin: Courtesy photo Tony Hawk: timothyj, flickr.com Ethan Thovenell: Courtesy Photo

League; he quarterbacked both the Colorado Crush and the San Jose SaberCats to Arena Bowl championships and in 2006 EA Sports used Dutton on the cover of its arena football video game. Mark Shafer was a Division III All-American at Chapman University and played professional football in Germany before returnDode ing to Chapman for his law degree. Fallbrook resident Dick Enright was the University of Oregon head coach in 1972 and 1973 and was later a World Football League and National Football League offensive line coach. When Enright was the San Francisco 49ers offensive line coach in 1976, current Fallbrook resident Dale Mitchell was one of the team’s linebackers. Bonsall resident Bill Goldberg also played professional football before transitioning into professional wrestling and becoming a world heavyweight champion. Galen Tomlinson, who was Turbo on American Gladiators, is a Bonsall resident whose post-playing athletic career included a stint as Fallbrook High School’s girls volleyball coach. Fallbrook boys in more traditional wrestling have followed their grappling careers with bodybuilding. Last year Nick Perillo reached the state wrestling tournament as a Fallbrook High School

Tony Hawk

Martin Ethen Tho venell

senior, and in November he qualified for his professional International Natural Bodybuilding Association card. As a Fallbrook High School senior in 1998 Travis Wojcik qualified for both the state and the national wrestling tournament; Wojcik would subsequently win the Muscle Mania bodybuilding world championship in 2000 and his current muscular action is as an anvil player in the New York Metropolitan Opera’s production of Il Trouvatore. Fallbrook High School graduates Chris Toth and Mikel Palmerin have both played professional indoor soccer and have both been on

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[Left ] Brent Noon: By Chell Hill - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, ommons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20268974 [Below] Jeremy Piasecki: afghanistanwaterpolo.com

Brent Noon


Piaseck the beach soccer national team. Toth i is currently the Sockers’ goalie. His father, Zoltan Toth, also played for the Sockers before moving to Fallbrook. Erich Geyer was also a familiar Sockers name and face and spent many games away from his Fallbrook home coaching professional indoor soccer teams. Former Fallbrook High School player and coach Trino Martinez became the director of event operations and general manager of stadium operations with Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer and was also the operations manager of the organizing committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Fallbrook High School’s soccer teams have been coached by former Sockers Waad Hirmez and Carlos Basso. Fallbrook Community Airpark includes the office and hangar of Tom Aberle, who has won the National Championship Air Races in Reno several times. Drag racing legend Dode Martin has lived

in Fallbrook since 1926; he founded Dragmaster with Jim and Tom Nelson and the manufacturing company was originally in Fallbrook before moving to Carlsbad. Martin also won National Hot Rod Association national races as a driver. The off-road racing victories of Fallbrook brothers David and Paul Simon included the 1992 Baja 1000. Former Fallbrook resident Ethen Thovenell is a two-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier in Steer Wrestling. The Fallbrook rodeo cowboys who have qualified for the state finals include steer wrestler Wade Denny, bull rider James Miyagishima, and tie-down roper and steer wrestler Jack VanderLans. Sam Garrett spent the early part of the 20th century as a rodeo cowboy and trick roper and lived in Fallbrook for the final portion of his 96-year life including in 1985 when he was inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk lived in Fallbrook for four of his years as a competitor. Fallbrook High School graduate Colin Featherstone has competed in eGolf Gateway Tour, PGA Tour Latinoamerica, and Golden State Tour professional golf tournaments. Tom Leonard moved to Fallbrook after joining the professional men’s tennis tour. When Leonard wasn’t touring for tournaments

Thompson and Associates

“Your team set the standard for all of our home buying experiences in the future. Your professionalism, knowledge of the business, and skill at understanding the human side made the process effective, efficient, and painless. Thank you!” -Dr. L. Frankel

• Locally-Owned independent brokerage (not a “big box” corporation) • Located in downtown Fallbrook • Experienced in local issues – groves, septics, acreage • Active business in Fallbrook for over 12 years

Maggie Rogan, Broker, ePro


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Rentals & Real Estate


218 W. Fig Street, Fallbrook


Property Management,

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Susie Emory Selling Cottages to Castles Coldwell Banker Village Properties


hen you call Susie Emory to list your house for sale, she is backed by a team at Coldwell Banker Village Properties who all work together to meet your home-selling needs. “We have a unique marketing concept that no one else provides,” Emory said. “We have a full time graphic artist and an in-house print shop.” What this means for clients, is that Coldwell Banker Village Properties can respond immediately in providing all of the marketing materials needed to get your house noticed. Susie Emory can also help you find your next home. As a Fallbrook-area Realtor for more than 26 years, Susie Emory wears many hats. “I’m an adviser, a good listener, a caregiver, a problem-solver and sometimes I have to be a mind-reader,” she says with a warm smile. In business, as in life, Emory treats others as she likes to be treated. “I handle my clients with care and constant attention,” she says. “I love meeting new people and figuring out what

“I figure out what my clients need and then I try to meet those needs through good, honest work... I’m not greedy. I know what’s out there and I know my competition. I am willing to work with other agents and I always put my clients first.” – Susie Emory they need and want in a home purchase or sale. No two deals are the same. I welcome the challenge of meeting my clients’ needs.” Emory’s office is filled with awards and photographs of satisfied clients. Numerous testimonials, repeat business and referrals are a tribute to her honest work ethic and upbeat, positive outlook on life. “I figure out what my clients need and then I try to meet those needs through good, honest work,” she says. “I’m not greedy. I know what’s out there and I know my competition. I am willing to work with other agents and I always put my clients first.”

Susie Emory

Today’s homebuyers are more astute than they used to be, thanks to the Internet. “Oftentimes clients know what areas they want to look at and are pre-qualified for a loan when I meet them,” Emory says. “They’ve done their homework.” When asked what advice she would give new and seasoned buyers, Emory is quick with her answer: “Make sure your credit is exemplary,” she says. Emory knows north inland San Diego County like she knows the back of her hand. She also represents clients in Riverside County and provides them with the same hard work and genuine caring. Call Susie Emory to list your property for sale, or to help you discover a new life by finding your dream home!

Susie Emory Coldwell Banker Village Properties 5256 S. Mission Rd, Ste 310 Bonsall, CA 92003 1615 S. Mission Road, Ste C Fallbrook, CA 92028

(760) 525-9744 Direct CalBRE #01079037



[Far Lefft] Richelle Stephens: Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images AsiaPac Travis Wojcik at 2000 Musclemania World Champion Natural Bodybuilder competition. Courtesy photo.

phens Richelle Ste

Travis Wojc ik

he worked at the Pala Mesa Resort along with his brother, Bob. During the Leonard Brothers’ time at Pala Mesa they once had the grass mowed for use as a lawn tennis court so that Tom Leonard could practice for the Wimbledon tournament, which is played on grass. Brent Noon was the national shot put distance leader during his years at Fallbrook High School which concluded with his 1990 graduation and then won three NCAA championships while at the University of Georgia. Milena Glusac was a Fallbrook High School freshman when Noon was a senior; in 2001 Glusac won the national championship in the 20 kilometer, 25 kilometer, and half marathon races. Holly Hartzell graduated from Fallbrook High School in 2000 and then was an all-American water polo player for San Diego State University. Jeremy Piasecki coached water polo in Fallbrook, but his full-time job was as a civilian at Camp Pendleton. Piasecki

was sent to help rebuild Afghanistan, and when his water polo background became known he was selected as the coach of Afghanistan’s national water polo team. Former Fallbrook High School volleyball players Heather Hughes and Carli Lloyd have both played professional volleyball and have both been U.S. National Team members. In 2015 Lloyd was named the women’s volleyball Most Valuable Player at the Pan American Games. The 2016 Olympic Games may include Lloyd as a participant on the United States women’s volleyball team. Rugby will return to the Olympics in its seven-a-side format, and Richelle Stephens may be on the U.S. team. Stephens also participated in the 2015 Pan American Games as well as in the Olympic qualifying tournament which gave the United States a rugby entry in Rio de Janeiro. Casey Burgener, who spent his youth in Bonsall, won a weightlifting silver medal at the 2007 Pan American Games. He initially qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games by winning the superheavyweight competition at the national Olympic trials that year, but the United States wasn’t guaranteed an entrant in each weight class and Burgener’s weight division was deprived of American representation in Beijing. The years ahead promise even more success for area student athletes.

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European Service and Repair


utoheim has been a family owned and operated business since 1982. They are ASE certified and offer up-todate services and repairs on all European vehicles, while only using OEM parts or their equivalents. Having worked in the automotive industry for a combined total of more than 50 years, father and son team Danny and Mike Covo work hard to provide their customers with the highest quality of service and dedication. Using the latest technology and diagnostic tests to inspect a customer’s vehicle, both Danny and Mike are educated in the latest updates on automative repair. They can explain what a vehicle’s status is, the measures needed to fix the problem, and provide the customer with pointers to keep their vehicle running in top condition. Because they strive to provide their community with the best possible automotive repair service for

Danny and Mike Covo of Autoheim

European and import vehicles, they make sure customers get the chance to meet with the actual technicians who’ll be working on their vehicles. Most importantly, Autoheim offers coding and programing for most European vehicles including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini Coopers, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover/Range Rover and more. Diagnostics of a vehicle’s electronic equipment, which previously could only be done by the car factory or dealership, is now available at Autoheim. In addition to their long list of labors already offered, Autoheim now provides

a complete maintenance for all European vehicles. A unique service, which sets them apart from other competitors. For the customer’s convenience, they provide a complimentary shuttle service, or, if desired, a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at a discounted rate while your car is being serviced. Autoheim accepts most extended warranties, while also offering factory scheduled maintenance, warranty book validations, and factory recommended services. At Autoheim, they believe every car is a challenge and experience – a challenge and experience they enjoy taking with every car they work on. It is their passion for their work that allows Autoheim to provide the best service possible.

“Autoheim is ASE-certified and offers up-to-date services and repairs on all European vehicles while only using OEM parts or their equivalents.”

Autoheim 1236 South Main Street Fallbrook, CA 92028 (760) 728-2338 SOURCEBOOK 2016


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Renaissance Woman

Fallbrook sculptor and inventor Julia S. Rasor fuses together art, science and entrepreneurship

by Sandra Shrader

Betrayed and Idle Hands of Industry [far right] by Julia S. Rasor.

Julia S. Rasor always gets a little embarrassed when her friends sometimes teasingly call her “da Vinci.” A tall blonde with an exuberant smile, spiky hair and a firm handshake, she is the first to laugh off any comparison to Leonardo da Vinci, that unrivaled Renaissance master who proved that science and art were not mutually exclusive. But with Rasor’s lengthy and prestigious scientific career in the medical device industry and her highly respected reputation as a representational and abstract figurative sculptor, there is some truth to what her friends say. “After so many years of being involved with the creation of medical devices, from the scientific research end of that business to the upper management of it, I suppose that my decision to become a sculptor probably does look kind of strange,” said Rasor at her home and studio located in the hills north of Fallbrook. “But when I started out, in what was eventually to be a thirty-year career in medical device invention and entrepreneurship, I had decided to be a scientific illustrator and I took classes in anatomy and physiology,” she said, adding that as a teenager she drew an illustration of a surgeon operating with remote surgery device to accompany an article written by her physicist father for a

scientific journal. “So wanting to create art was a dream that never really disappeared for me.” Beginning in the 1970s, Rasor obtained a master’s degree in Physiology at the University of California at Davis, and she worked as a research associate and technical consultant for numerous medical businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. She continued to add to her resume with promotions as senior scientist and medical device consultant through the early 1980s, and in 1983 Rasor founded Rasor Consulting Group, a medical device consulting business. She also earned a professional certificate in engineering management from the University of San Diego at California during that decade. In subsequent years, Rasor not only continued to operate Rasor Consulting Group at various intervals up to the present, she also founded and was president/CEO/ inventor of CAPNIA, Inc., a Los Gatos-based medical device company traded on the NASDAQ that currently markets a monitor that accurately measures carbon monoxide in the exhaled breaths of newborns in order to identify and manage jaundice. CAPNIA also mar-

Courtesy photo



kets a handheld device designed to provide quick Rasor produced countless more figurative sculptures relief to migraine and allergy symptoms. and became accomplished enough to no longer need to From 2005-2006, Rasor served as vice-president use models, and, later, photographs to guide her work. for Broncus Technologies, Inc. in Mountain View. The Ultimately, as the artist became more skilled, it was her firm offers medical technology to diagnose and treat lung own ideas and thoughts which took form in her evocadisease. tive, poignant and sometimes unsettling representationBut in 2008, an economic recession devastated the al (recognizable) and abstract figures. medical device business, and Rasor began to consider a But when the kiln she was using became unavailable, return to her youthful dream of being an artist. Rasor was again forced to rethink how she wanted to “Business in the medical device industry just dried use other kinds of mediums to create her emotionally up,” she recalled, “and it was then that I decided to start infused sculptures. working in sculpture as a way to emotionally deal with “All I knew was that I wanted to keep sculpting, and financial downturn and with no longer being at the apex ceramics were out,” Rasor said, “so I went to Home Depot of my career.” and bought steel, mesh, wire and concrete. And I began All those years of “thinking in 3D to invent and conusing those materials, along with construction debris like FractAlien figure medical devices for the human body” gave Rasor, rusty nails or copper wiring or wood pieces that I found Agglomeration who actually worked with cadavers during her educaon my property. “ Courtesy Photo tion, a wealth of anatomical knowledge for creating figuCombining all those “industrial” materials has resulted rative art, she said. in abstract human sculptures that are studies in contrast between “I started in figurative sculpture using clay in 2009 when a girl- dynamic, edgy energy and ethereal grace. The small flat sections friend invited me to join her and a small group of sculptors in Palo of open weave steel mesh are layered upon each other in the way Alto,” Rasor recalled, smiling about the memory of creating her that human skin itself has layers, but adds a “see-through effect first sculpture from a bag of clay and sculpting tools. that accentuates emotion and movement,” said Rasor. “I was as surprised as anybody when the other members of the Use of the materials also makes it possible for the award-wingroup were impressed enough to tell me that my sculpture was ning artist to create and transport large sculptures, she added, goquite realistic and that it showed a great depth of human emotion!” ing on to say that her work has been exhibited at several locations

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5519 Mission Road, Suite C Bonsall, CA 92003


Beads ~ Chains ~ Findings Semi-Precious ~ Fresh Water Pearls Sterling Silver ~ Gold Filled Seed Beeds ~ Wood Beads ~ African Czech Glass ~ Sea Glass Crystals ~ Pressed Glass Leather ~ Tools ~ Pewter

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Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 10:30-6:00 • Friday 10:30-5:30 • Saturday 10-4 • Closed Sun. Mon. 55

including the Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook, the Fallbrook Art Center, the San Diego Sculptors Guild, the Oceanside Museum of Art and the La Jolla Art Association Gallery. Three of Rasor’s large sculptures are currently on display at the San Diego Botanic Gardens in Encinitas, and a fourth one was just accepted for [Left] The Accuser and [Right] The Accused. the 2016-17 exhibition. Along with her new-found passion for sculpture, the spirit of entrepreneurship still keeps Rasor busy launching new enterprises. Recently she was the founding CEO and now Chairman of the Board for Entrovita, Inc., a company that is developing a new airway device (an instrument used in situations when a patient’s airway is blocked or at risk of being obstructed.) Entrovita’s airway device will improve ease of insertion and decrease trauma for patients, according to Rasor. And in a brand-new business direction, Rasor has set up the San Diego Artist Retreat at her 4-acre mountaintop avocado ranch and art studio in Fallbrook. “I saw a need for a place where artists could go to clear out the clutter of everyday life, where they could get in touch with

nature,” she said, gazing out at the ebb and flow of clouds sweeping through the ravines below her property. Rasor bought the sprawling mid-century-style house in January, 2015, but, despite the fact that it was designed by famed architect Al Boeke (known for integrating house designs Courtesy photos with surrounding environments), the place had been empty for a number of years and needed substantial repairs. The fact that there were holes in the roof and critters inhabiting the rooms didn’t matter to the forward-thinking Rasor, who set about getting property renovations in motion. “I love it that this place can offer artists the solitude and exposure to nature that they need,” she said, adding that she plans to include workshops, retreats and residencies at the San Diego Artist Retreat. “And the retreat will be available for writers, poets and musicians as well.” However, much to Rasor’s delight, her ranch is only a few minutes away from downtown Fallbrook, and she soon became introduced to the community of artists who live in the area. In February,

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Diane Hartcorn Rasor taught a sculpture workshop at the Fallbrook School of the Arts. Like the artist-engineer-scientifically-curious Leonardo da Vinci who, even in his own time, became hailed as the first “Renaissance Man,” Rasor agrees that one basic tenet is constant no matter how many fields of interest one becomes accomplished in. “There are no failures in science,” Rasor said. “Every time is an experiment, a time to try new approaches and to test limits. And that’s just the way it goes with art too.” For more information about Julia S. Rasor and the San Diego Artist Retreat, visit: www.rasorssculptures. com/home.php; to see a video of Julia S. Rasor in her studio, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v= olt_7gXdM3M&feature=youtu.be. Sculpture titled “FractAlien Rescue” created by Julia S. Rasor. Shane Gibson photo

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Photo Bungalow Cheryl Nurse • Fallbrook, California • 951-314-8541 cheryl@photobungalow.com • www.photobungalow.com SOURCEBOOK 2016

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aving great hair is nearly impossible without the help of a great stylist. It takes time, effort and an eye for technique to have the best haircut. Diane Hartcorn is able to provide the best services for her clients, leaving them confident and proud with their hairstyle. Constantly educating herself on new hair techniques, cuts, colorings, and treatments, Diane can work to give clients the best look for their hair type, personality, and lifestyle. Individuals with curly hair can have great style with Diane’s help – she is a certified DevaCurl stylist, and can help any curly girl master her unruly locks. “Curly hair has to be treated in a completely different method, and I was trained in that,” said Diane, who has traveled as far as New Orleans and Los Angeles for training on new treatments for her clients. Located at Salon de l’art Nouveau, Diane has developed a loyal customer base – she even has one customer she’s been styling for 51 years. With this type of loyalty from customers, individuals looking for a new stylist can feel confident that Diane will not lead them astray. Customers are able to trust in Diane because she is not only a stylist, she is an expert in her field who has worked in several salons and has even owned her own business. When seeing Diane for hair care, one doesn’t have to find another stylist for hair coloring, as she is a certified Schwarzkopf color hair specialist, as well. Diane will carefully perform every new treatment, from ombre and balayage to vibrant all-over dye jobs on clients. Even those who need corrective coloring and hair repair can rely on Diane’s years of experience to give them the best look possible.

Diane Hartcorn Salon de l’art Nouveau 5525 Mission Rd, Ste G | Bonsall, CA 92003 (760) 414-1008 57

Brett Stokes

– a versatile, soulful artist Artist Brett Stokes with his mural at Café des Artistes.

by Nathalie Taylor


rett Stokes shares a philosophy with the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. In the poem, “The Force that Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower,” Thomas explores the interconnection of nature and life: “…The force that drives the water through the rocks, Drives my red blood…” In many of Stokes’ paintings his goal has been to express the interconnection of life, nature and elements. “I ponder the world – everything is connected and goes in cycles – I try to portray that essence,” Stokes explains. During the greater part of his multifaceted career Stokes has painted what he calls “objective” art. That is, art that represents a recognizable object. This type of art is represented in the pieces he created for the Leanin’ Tree greeting card company while an employee. In Fallbrook he painted several objective murals inspired by his life-long connection with the town. He may paint objective art, but Stokes doesn’t paint static objects. His painting is driven by emotion, and that is what gives life to the completed works. “I want to offer the viewer beauty and goodness,” he said. 58

Stokes’ artwork is thought-provoking, and sometimes contains many layers and hidden messages. He once painted a mountain lion head that was practically hidden. Against a background of blue, Stokes painted a faint, starry outline of a mountain lion’s head. Stokes explained that he knows there are mountain lions among us even though he hasn’t seen them. (I attribute this sensitivity to his Cherokee heritage.) If he had actually seen one in the area, the mountain lion head Stokes painted would probably have been a bolder color – more discernible. Stokes is able to take his insights and translate them to recognizable art. Capturing the essence of personalities on canvas is another artistic avenue where Stokes shines. A mural entitled, “Where Fallbrook Eyes are Smiling,” was painted in the former MaGee’s Tavern. This work included images of Fallbrook

Nathalie Taylor photo

personalities sharing good times. The group included Grammy Award-winning music legend Rita Coolidge. Coolidge noted, “I was absolutely honored to be in his mural – especially in the front row!” According to Coolidge, Stokes became one of her first friends after she moved to Fallbrook, and the two share a Cherokee heritage. Brett Stokes’ much-admired piece at Café des Artistes was inspired by Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night.” In this brilliant work, he created a fantasy meeting of several renowned artists. Stokes put much thought into the piece and added subtle suggestions that point the viewer towards the artists’ works. For example, a vase of sunflowers rests on the table in front of Vincent Van Gogh, and a melted watch drips out of Salvador Dali’s pocket.

I believe that art is the closest thing to magic there is because you are taking something from an intangible source and creating something that can be taken in by the senses. – Brett Stokes


Salon de l’art Nouveau An Experience in Luxury, Beauty & Pampering

[Top] One of Brett Stokes more recent painting. [Left] Brett Stokes captures Fallbrook’s native landscape in this painting. Courtesy photos

Salon de l’art Nouveau Staff

About nine years ago Stokes began to delve into abstract art, which he said, “exists below the radar of consciousness.” He also mentioned that it will take longer for someone to view an abstract piece than an “objective” piece. “I encourage people to pay attention to their feelings and to what the splatters and drips mean to them,” he said. Whether abstract or objective, his artwork bursts from the canvas and his pieces demand attention. When viewing, each individual brings their own perspective and life experiences to art. If I interpret a piece in one manner, and the next viewer sees something entirely different, I think that Brett Stokes has accomplished his artistic objectives. Stokes is a life-long Fallbrook resident. He attended Fallbrook High, Palomar College and then began his commercial art career. One important mentor was the late Dave Deal, who was working on Disney’s “Cars” film when he passed away. “He taught me so much – I am forever indebted to him.” At thirty years of age Stokes began to get serious about fine art work. His first show was at Fallbrook’s Brandon Gallery; and the pieces were Native American designs in pen and ink. His work is now represented on the website, www. findyourcool.us. Because Stokes is proud of his Cherokee heritage, much of his work contains Native American imagery. The award-winning artist has shown pieces around the world including galleries in Japan, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, and California. His works were well-received in Oklahoma at the Cherokee Heritage Museum’s “Trail of Tears” exhibit in 2004. Stokes “respects the earth and all of its wonders…like magical sunsets.” He suggests we should all, “take a few moments to look beyond the obvious.” Stokes feels that it makes a difference between “just being alive and living.” “As an artist my hopes are that I can see enough beauty and that people can see that beauty in the works that I have done.” SOURCEBOOK 2016


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Salon de l’art Nouveau 5525 Mission Rd, Ste G | Bonsall, CA 92003 (760) 414-1008 www.bonsallhairsalon.com | bonsallhairsalon@gmail.com 59

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CHILDREN’S APPAREL  Sweet N Sassy 1229 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1220  Sunshine Boutique & Salon 123 N. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (714) 658-7679

CHILDREN’S ORGANIZATION  Fallbrook Youth Soccer League P.O. Box 271, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 529-0909

CHIROPRACTORS  Fallbrook Family Chiropractic 1588 S. Mission Rd., Ste 115, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-9229  Fallbrook Spine Center 746 S. Main Avenue, Suite D, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8999

CHURCHES  Christ The King Lutheran Church 1620 S. Stage Coach Ln, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-2973  Community Baptist Church 731 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2966  Community of Faith Church 1844 Winter Haven Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (312) 473-8658  Fallbrook Apostolic Assembly 135 E. Ivy St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1717  Fallbrook United Methodist Church 1844 Winterhaven Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1472  Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living 331 E. Elder St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-8291  Living Waters Christian Fellowship A/G 2000 Reche Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1685  New Song Inland Hills Church 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 803-5813  SonRise Christian Fellowship 463 S. Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-5804  St. John’s Episcopal Church 434 N. Iowa Street, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2908  St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish 450 S. Stage Coach Ln, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 689-6200  tHE PLACE 201 N. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, 760-791-1059

COFFEE  Espresso Lounge 139 S Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-1012  Fallbrook Coffee Company 622 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-6000  Starbucks Coffee Company 1139 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 415-7425

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE  Fallbrook Old Town 300 N. Brandon Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (909) 746-3890

COMMUNITY CENTER  Fallbrook Community Center 341 Heald Ln, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1671

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS  AAUW Fallbrook P.O. Box 1061, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 728-6282  Bonsall Chamber of Commerce 5256 S. Mission Rd., Ste. 311, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 630-1933  Bonsall Rotary P.O. Box 934, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 758-0083  Bonsall Woman’s Club P.O. Box 545, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 801-7443


Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Members  Boys and Girls Club of North County 445 E. Ivy St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-5871  Fallbrook Ag Boosters P.O. Box 2913, Fallbrook, CA, 92088  Fallbrook Alumni Association P.O. Box 596, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 645-0101  Fallbrook Beautification Alliance P.O. Box 434, Fallbrook, CA, 92088,  Fallbrook Democratic Club P.O. Box 293, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 895-1778  Fallbrook Food Pantry 1042 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-7608  Fallbrook Garden Club P.O. Box 1702, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 728-6373  Fallbrook Knights of Columbus P.O. Box 551, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 723-1192  Fallbrook Land Conservancy 1815 S. Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-0889  Fallbrook Masonic Lodge No. 317 203 Rocky Crest Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-7830  Fallbrook Quilt Guild P.O. Box 1704, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 310-7964  Fallbrook Village Association P.O. Box 2438, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 723-8384  Fallbrook Village Rotary Club P.O. Box 2186, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 908-3507  Fallbrook Vintage Car Club P.O. Box 714, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 723-1181  Fallbrook Woman’s Club 238 W. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-6393  Fallbrook/Bonsall Rally For Children P.O. Box 2575, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 723-4238  Friends of Fallbrook Com. Air Park P.O. Box 322, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 728-9062  Friends of the Community Center 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1671  Friends of the Fallbrook Library 124 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-9606  Kiwanis Club of Fallbrook P.O. Box 54, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 468-4799  Legacy Endowment the Community Foundation 111 West Alvarado S., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-3304

 Mission Resource Cons. District 1588 S. Mission Rd., Ste 100, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 728-1332  Opportunities for Kids P.O. Box 2075, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 703-4981  Republican Women of Fallbrook P.O. Box 1328, Fallbrook, CA, 92088  Soroptimist Club of Fallbrook P.O. Box 1258, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 622-0204  The Brittania Connection Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-9986  The Rotary Club of Fallbrook P.O. Box 1227, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 212-3401  VFW Post 1924 1175 Old Stage Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8784

COMPUTER REPAIR  Lemon Computer Repair 5090 Avocado Park Ln, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 859-6987

COMPUTERS  Geek Girl I.T. Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 622-2712

CONSTRUCTION  John McNeill General Contracting 2251 Aqua Hill Rd, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 207-8571  Youngren Construction, Inc. 443 East Alvarado Street, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-9874  Zebu Construction & Design, Inc. 404 Minnesota Ave, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-7205

CONSULTANTS  ACS Group, Inc. 12526 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA, 92130, (425) 478-9699

COPY CENTER  Village Copy Center 132 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-7177

CRAFT BREWERY/TASTING ROOM  Fallbrook Brewing Company, Inc. 136 N Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 651-ALES

DENTISTS  A Smile Shoppe 521 E. Elder Street, Suite 203, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1592  Daniel A. Flores, DDS, MS 210 East Fig Street, Suite 201, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1182  Dr. Richard G. Goble, DDS 1108 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2261  Edwin W. Stewart, DMD 521 E. Alvarado Street #B, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-3535  John E. Duling, DDS 1385 South Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-9558  Nicholas Beye, DDS 645 E. Elder, Ste. A, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8375  Randy D Carlson DMD & Charles L Drury DDS 5256 S Mission Rd, Ste 1101, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 630-5500

DRY CLEANERS  Manor Cleaners 125 E. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1307

EDUCATION  Bonsall Education Foundation 5256 S. Mission Rd., Ste. 703#606, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 631-5205  Bonsall Unified School District 31505 Old River Rd., Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 631-5200  California Retired Teachers Association Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 550-2445  California State University San Marcos 333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd., San Marcos, CA, 92096, (760) 750-8889

 Fallbrook Union Elementary School Dist. 321 North Iowa, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-5400  Fallbrook Union High School District 2234 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, 760-723-6332 x6497

 Fallbrook Village Toastmasters Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 695-4127  Finch Frolic Garden 390 Vista del Indio, Fallbrook, CA, 92028  Friends of Willow Tree 1636 E. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (442) 232-2900  Montessori Academy 5570 Old Ranch Rd, Oceanside, CA, 92057, (760) 758-3309  Palomar College - Fallbrook Ed Center 1140 W. Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA, 92069, (760) 744-1150  Pinktower Montessori School 203 Laurine Lane, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-4754  REINS 4461 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-9168  Rock Rose School for Creative Learning 2809 S. Mission Rd., Suite G, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 468-8129

 St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School 450 S. Stage Coach Ln, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 689-6250  Zion Lutheran School 1405 E. Fallbrook St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-3500

ELDER CARE  Foundation for Senior Care 135 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-7570  Innovative Healthcare Consultants 746 S. Main Ave., Ste C, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-1334  Regency Fallbrook 609 E. Elder St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8504  Silvergate Retirement Residence 420 Elbrook Dr., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8880

Grove & Landscape -Family Owned since 1978Management Pco 98703 • lic. #606283

www.bejoca.com www.growingavocados.com

Charley Wolk SOURCEBOOK 2016

• installation • construction • residential • commercial



Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Members ELECTRICIAN  Fallbrook Solar Electric P.O. Box 1450, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 705-6780

EMBROIDERY  All Things Fallbrook 1816 Via Entrada, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-9990  SewGo Logo Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 712-5621


FITNESS  Club Paradise Fitness, Inc. 1371 S. Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-0133  Fallbrook Community Center - Wade Into Fitness 341 Heald Ln, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 212-FITU

 Fallbrook Pilates Core & More, Inc. 433 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-0731  Fallbrook Village Fitness/SIFT Personal Training 1588 S. Mission Rd., Ste. 115, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-3488


 AFLAC - Chris Seoane 40023 Temecky Way, Murrieta, CA, 92562, (949) 330-3948

ENGINEERING  Karn Engineering and Surveying, Inc 129 W Fig Street, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1134

ENTERTAINMENT  Curtain Call Company P.O. Box 682, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 468-6302  Griffith Park Merry-go-Round 4730 Crystal Springs Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 90027, (323) 665-3051  The Welk Resort Group 2655 Camino del Rio North, #110, San Diego, CA, 92108, (619) 516-7821

 Sheri’s Flowers 839 E. Mission, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-7756  The Social Flower 119 N. Main Avenue, Suite C, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 442-8600

FOOD/SPECIALTY  Dream Dinners 31757 Temecula Pkwy Suite E, Temecula, CA, 92522, (951) 302-6982

FOOD VENDOR  Sunshine Hot Dogs Inland Empire, CA, (951) 719-5996


ESCROW SERVICES  Fallbrook Country Escrow 1676 S. Mission Road, # E, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-5400

 DBA Charlotte Durick Fallbrook, CA, 92028


EVENT FACILITIES  Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens 220 Grand Tradition Way, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-6466


 Bucket of Nails 3137 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 468-7927  POSH Making forgotten furniture...Unforgettable Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 525-1221


 Valley Fort Sunday Farmers Market 3757 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (951) 695-0045


 Dynamic Garage Door Service Murrieta, CA, 92563, (760) 451-9396


 Russell Family Farms 205 Calle Linda, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8081

FEED & FERTILIZER  Crop Production Services 1041 E. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1400  Fallbrook Fertilizer & Feed 215 W. Fallbrook St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-5101


 Quality Gate Company 4118 Star Track Way, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-2901

GIFTS  Country Craftin 3757 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (559) 417-9906  Ranch of the Rhinestone Gypsies 413 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 715-3201


 Moffat Financial Group 5256 South Mission Road, #903, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 731-0489

FINANCIAL SERVICES  Ameriprise Financial Services 424 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-2693  Bank of America 1125 South Main Ave., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-5700  Merrill Lynch - Jon Frandell 5256 S. Mission Rd., Ste 1005, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 305-1921  Merrill Lynch - Tiffany Saxon 1615 S. Mission Rd., Ste 1005, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 731-5542  Stifel Nicolaus & Co., Inc. 5256 S. Mission Rd., Ste. 1201, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 643-1235  WealthBridge Advisors - Brad Tedrick 5256 S. Mission Rd., Ste 301, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 758-3702

FIRE & RESCUE  North County Fire Protection District 330 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-2005

 Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc. 2757 Gird Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8334  Golf Club of California 3742 Flowerwood Lane, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-3737  Vista Valley Country Club 29354 Vista Valley Dr., Vista, CA, 92084, (760) 758-2800

GRAPHIC DESIGN  Hopkins & Associates, Inc. 1816 Via Entrada, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-9990  KK Grafix 425 E. Dougherty St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-9690

GROCERY STORE  Albertson’s 1133 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-8177  Major Market 845 S. Main St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-0857

Chris & Kim Murphy



Whether you’re buying or selling, please give us an opportunity to show you the quality service that Chris and Kim Murphy are known for. Personal service with outstanding results. CA. BRE #01918026

130 N Main Ave, Fallbrook Corner of Hawthorne & Main 64


Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Members GROVE SERVICES


 East Brothers Grove Service 112 E. Aviation Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-2013

HAIR AND MAKEUP  Fantastic Sams Cut and Color 833 S. Main Ave., Ste C, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 691-5010  Susan Little For Hair 5256 S. Mission Rd., Ste 705, Bonsall, CA, 92003, (734) 216-1680

HARDWARE/LUMBER  Joe’s Hardware 640 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-4265  Pine Tree Lumber 215 E. Ivy St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-6151


Fallbrook, P.O. Box 12, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 297-6745

HEALTH  Fallbrook Healthcare District 138 South Brandon Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-9187  Herbalife 139 S. Main Avenue, Suite C, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (619) 244-6126  Isagenix/Nutritional Cleansing Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (713) 302-4230  One Body Health & Wellness Bonsall, CA, 92003, (760) 607-6911  Phyllis Sweeney, Encouragement Factor 120 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-3037  Scripps Health 4275 Campus Point Ct., CP10, San Diego, CA, 92121, (858) 678-6202  Young Living Essential Oils Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 468-9235

HEALTH CARE  Miracle Ear 1104 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 480-2266  Vista Community Clinic 1000 Vale Terrace, Vista, CA, 92084, (760) 631-5000


 Individual Member - Abbott, Allison Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 310-0372  Individual Member - Bamber, George Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-6786  Individual Member - Branche, Dianna Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 828-7711  Individual Member - Branson, Ronne Fallbrook, CA, 92028  Individual Member - Deming, Brian Chico, CA, 95928, (760) 828-1683  Individual Member - Elliott, David Fallbrook, CA, 92028  Individual Member - Erickson, Judith N. Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-2515  Individual Member - Graham, Christine Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-5408  Individual Member - Hiscock, Glad Fallbrook, CA, 92028  Individual Member - Hunter, Duncan El Cajon, CA, 92020, (619) 448-5201  Individual Member - Klentz, Anne Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-9082  Individual Member - Mitchell, Dale Fallbrook, CA, 92028  Individual Member - Mosher, Michael D. Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (310) 871-6326  Individual Member - O’Brien, Anthony Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 520-0205  Individual Member - Rashkin, Arnold & Emma Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2807  Individual Member - Rexrode, Kenneth Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 822-2185  Individual Member - Ross, Vince Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 505-0820  Individual Member - Shin, Susan Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2844  Individual Member - Steinhoff, Ralph & Laneta Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-4368  Individual Member - Trygstad, Jean Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-2208

INDUSTRIAL SAFETY PRODUCTS  Gloves Plus 4325 Los Padres Drive, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 390-2239

 MadDog and Lace LLC 805 E. Mission Road, Suite A, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 645-3612

HOME IMPROVEMENT  Renewal by Andersen 8266 Miramar Rd., #B, San Diego, CA, 92126, (858) 201-4321  Superior Rain Gutters & Awnings, Inc. P.O. Box 2318, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 731-0122  The Incredible Mr. Fixit (619) 405-6123

HORSE RIDING LESSONS  Fallbrook Riders, Inc. P.O. Box 1768, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 689-2044

HOSPITAL  Temecula Valley Hospital 31700 Temecula Parkway, Temecula, CA, 92592, (951) 331-2200


INSURANCE  Allstate Insurance 305 West Aviation Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-1331  Bankers Life 16855 W. Bernardo Dr., Suite 360, San Diego, CA, 92127, (858) 766-9234  Cyan Insurance Solutions 1667 S. Mission Road, Suite E, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 477-7542  Farmers Insurance - Cecilia Taylor agent 1191 E. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-7309  Hatter, Williams & Purdy Insurance, Inc. 43446 Business Park Dr., Temecula, CA, 92590, (951) 296-6833  LanMarc Insurance 40878 Daily Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-7440  Robert Bell Insurance Brokers, Inc. 605 E Alvarado St, Ste 200, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-8556  State Farm Insurance Agent - Thomas Logue 1672 S. Mission Rd., Ste D, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-3268

 Stromsoe Insurance Agency 24901 Las Brisas Rd., Ste 117, Murrieta, CA, 92562, (951) 600-5751


 Employers Workforce Relations Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 497-7823

ICE CREAM  Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors 1123 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8831  Tutto Dolce 110 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 726-7040

 Village Interiors 115 E. Hawthorne St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2637

IRRIGATION SUPPLIES  Fallbrook Irrigation, Inc. 115 Laurine Ln., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-9001

Health, Life, Dental & Long Term Care Specialists

Your local & independent agents at Cyan Insurance Solutions have been serving Fallbrook, Bonsall, Oceanside, Escondido, and Temecula since 1999. Customized protection plans for Families, Seniors, and Businesses. With expertise in Medicare, LTC, Social Security, & tax-free retirement income, Cyan is your one-stop shop as you approach retirement.

Call today for a Free Consultation!

Cyan Insurance Solutions 1667 So. Mission Road, Suite E Fallbrook, CA 92028 SOURCEBOOK 2016

Call 760-477-7542

or email Info@CyanInsurance.com www.CyanInsurance.com 65

Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Members JEWELRY


 Jewelry Connection 101 N. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-4629  The Collector Fine Jewelry 912 S. Live Oak Park Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-9121


 Berry-Bell & Hall Mortuary 333 N. Vine St., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1689

MOTORCYCLE REPAIRS & SERVICE  Patriot Cycles & Customs 128 E. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 385-3994

 The Juice Vault 139 S. Main Avenue, Suite B, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 731-1012


LANDSCAPE  Executive Landscape, Inc. P.O. Box 1075, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 731-9036  ProLawn Turf 41110 Sandalwood Circle, Suite 103, Murrieta, CA, 92562, (951) 600-4600  Waterscape Creations, Inc. P.O. Box 1147, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 731-5233

LIQUOR/SPIRITS  Fallbrook Liquor 1051 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-6187  The Happy Jug 138 S. Main Ave., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8622

 Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Society 123 W. Alvarado St., #B, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-1130  Fallbrook Historical Society 260 Rocky Crest Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-4125

MUSIC  Fallbrook Band Boosters, Inc P.O. Box 1604, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 468-4415  Fallbrook Chorale P.O. Box 2474, Fallbrook, CA, 92088  Fallbrook Music Society P.O. Box 340, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 451-8644



 Fallbrook Encore Club P.O. Box 1233, Fallbrook, CA, 92088  Fallbrook Newcomers Club P.O. Box 1392, Fallbrook, CA, 92088, (760) 560-7450

 Sprint Funding 131 E. Fig Street, #1, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 415-1452



 Fallbrook Skilled Nursing 325 Potter St, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2330

 San Diego Union-Tribune P.O. Box 120191, San Diego, CA, 92112, (619) 293-2415  Village News, Inc. 1588 S. Mission Rd. #200, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-7319

MANUFACTURING  Standish Precision Products Co. 323 Industrial Way, #1, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-7229



 American Cancer Society 2655 Camino Del Rio North, Ste 100, San Diego, CA, 92108, (805) 689-2151  California Protea Association P.O. Box 2553, Valley Center, CA, 92082  Fallbrook Senior Citizens Service Club 399 Heald Ln., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-4498  Fallbrook Sports Association 2551 Olive Hill Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 208-8141

 A Plus Urgent Care 617 E. Alvarado Street, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, 951-696-PLUS (7587)  All Star Physical Therapy 577 E. Elder Street, Suite I, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-2687  Community Health Systems, Inc. - Jack E. Johns Fallbrook Family Health Ctr 1328 South Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-4720

 Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center 113 E. Hawthorne, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-4105  Graybill Medical Group 1035 S. Main, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2777  Pediatric Partners 1107 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 451-0070  Rancho Family Medical Group 521 E. Elder St., Ste 103, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-8344  Rancho Physical Therapy 521 E Elder, Suite 106, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 723-8337

NURSERIES  Hall’s Plant Nursery 46385 Camaron Rd., Temecula, CA, 92590, (951) 538-2733  Madd Potter 136 Ranger Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-5635  Maddock Ranch Nursery 1163 Ranger Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-7172  Mellano & Company 734 Wilshire Rd, Oceanside, CA, 92057, (760) 433-9550  Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery 2940 Reche Rd, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-5340



 Operation Showers of Appreciation Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 807-7673

 IGO Medical Group 9339 Genesee Avenue, Suite 220, San Diego, CA, 92121, (858) 455-7520  Milagros Midwifery 577-E East Elder Street, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 877-9939

MILITARY HOUSING  DeLuz Family Housing 108 Marine Drive, Oceanside, CA, 92058, (760) 385-4835



 Perfection Imaging Technologies Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 931-8388

 Crestview Mobile Home Estates 1120 E. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (760) 728-2962

MORTGAGE LENDING  GEM Mortgage 1530 Tioga Trail, Fallbrook, CA, 92028, (805) 302-1227

Concealed Carry Courses

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Creative Zone All’s fair in love and art

for Fallbrook couple

Ceramic artist and owner of CR Studio4 Robin Vojak, works on a custom ceramic table design inside her Temecula studio.

Shane Gibson photos

by Sandra Shrader Cy and Robin Vojak are plagued by a million creative ideas. Well, perhaps not a million, but the Fallbrook couple whose combined artistic talents run the gamut from sculpting movie props to fine art to tile and mosaic art is truly rich in creative accomplishments. Whether it’s for dinosaur haunts, alien spacecrafts, ancient Egyptian temples or panels of Chinese dragons, Cy Vojak has made a name for himself as a consummate prop sculptor in the film, event, and fair industry. “Over the years, I have had a lot of fun creating props for every scene imaginable,” said Cy, who has worked on movies directed by Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, among other notable film makers. “Anything from building jungle waterfalls for the dinosaur scenes in ‘The Lost World, Jurassic Park’ to making the ‘Turboman’ toy that everyone wants in the Christmas movie ‘Jingle All the Way’.” A trip into Cy Vojak’s Fallbrook studio reveals an artist’s life lived with gusto. Surfboards hang next to the prop of an enormous foot and leg of an ancient Egyptian, giant molds of the continents adorn the walls, the front facade of a Mexican hacienda lines up along one side, and all manner of set scenery components are stacked in the rafters overhead. And his studio is where one will find Indiana Jones’ lost ark. Not the actual ark, but an identical replica constructed by the artist for San Diego’s 2012 Comic-Con, the hugely popular annual four-day event that showcases pop culture elements from films, video games, toys, comics and other entertainment media.

“Lucasfilm called me about building an Indiana Jones’ set for the 2012 Comic-Con event,” said Cy, adding that the film company was promoting the Blu-Ray DVD release of the collection of all four Indiana Jones’ movies in one collection. “So I replicated the Well of Souls—and the event used real snakes for effect!—and the ark of the covenant itself.” But it wasn’t an easy task to create the replicas because the original props from the movies had long been discarded, said Cy, who sculpts out of mediums such as styrofoam, particularly polystyrene foam and urethane foam. “The studio didn’t keep the props after the movies were made because storing scenery sets for years is not feasible for the film industry,” he explained. “So, with the ark, for example, all I had to work with for research were the film clips which showed the Egyptian ornamental designs on the lid and body. And I had to create the molds and find the right ornamentation. It was a quite a challenge, but it was a lot of fun too.” With computer-generated imagery being used in movies today, Cy, who not only has a masters degree in fine arts, but also holds a general contractor’s license to do home remodel projects for his “day job,” has more recently focused much of his attention on making large scenery props for fairs and educational events. He makes many of his projects durable enough “to withstand years of kid contact,” he said. While the scenery props take up much of the space of Cy’s studio, the artist’s smaller mixed media assembly sculptures offer just as much viewing delight. A combination of organic elements like driftwood, snake skins, and

Sculptor Cy Vojak lifts the lid of the Ark he crafted for an Indian Jones exhibit at the San Diego Comic Con.



Cy Vojak’s assemblage art pieces hang at his Fallbrook home. The pieces are constructed out of discarded and weathered items that Vojak meticulously assembles into interesting shapes and compositions.

seed pods assembled with throwaway detritus such as rusty tools, bent metal, torn paintings and anything the artist finds interesting, the assemblage art pieces are both thoughtful and humorous. “I take what other people think of as junk, and give it a new context, a new life in my art pieces,” said Cy, adding that his assemblage art pieces can take six months to two years to complete. “And I transform all that stuff that would normally get thrown out into a visual statement about life and culture today.” Mixing traditional and cutting edge ideas in another art medium, that of ceramic and metal tile work, is Robin Vojak’s forte.

Considered to be one of the country’s top artisan tile makers, Robin has been an artistic force in that industry for more than 27 years, including designing tile lines for the past seventeen years for Ann Saks, Inc., renowned for its high-end collections of hand-crafted tiles. As with Cy, Robin is a degreed artist, and and the pottery and ceramics maven first started making tiles in the 1990s as a way “to do something creative, make money and still be able to raise our four kids,” she said. “But I still enjoy coming up with the

Various art pieces and discarded items hang on the walls at Vojak’s Fallbrook home like a salvaged grill of a vintage car.

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Cy Vojack shows a picture of one of his favorite projects working as a Walt Disney Imagineer at Disneyland when he led the construction of a large interactive piece of cheese that children can play in at Disneyland’s Toontown.

Robin Vojak pours molten bronze into casting sand molds inside her in-house foundry at CR Studio4. Vojak produces ceramic and metal tile from start to finish at her studio before being sent off for installation.


designs and working with our custom glazes as much today as I did then. It’s a lot of work because we do everything in-house, but it’s so rewarding and no two tiles are ever the same.” CRStudio4 is a Temecula-based tile studio and foundry, and has three kilns and a smelter. It is one of a few dozen remaining companies which produce lines of artisan and hand-crafted tiles in the United States, said Robin. Whether it’s geometrics, raised bubbles, organic designs reminiscent of lakes and wood moss or natural brick layered with metal glazes, Robin is constantly finding sources all around her just waiting to be expressed artistically. And there have been a few instances in which inspiration arrived “when I was drinking the fruit of the grape,” she said with a laugh. Creative inspiration can be both a catalyst and a source of


Ceramic artist Robin Vojak prepares a batch of tile to be fired in one of the industrial sized kilns at her Temecula studio.

friendly friction between two artists who are married to each other, according to Robin. “I will get this great idea for a project and start to talk about the design or the look I want, and then Cy, who is a fantastic artist himself, will start to map out how it can be done or if maybe another approach is more do-able,” said Robin, adding that the couple never seems to run out of artistic ideas. “There is a lot of give and take, but, I have to say, our art is all the better for it.”

Courtesy photo

[Above] CR Studio4 finished work installed. [Below] Various pieces of finished pottery are displayed throughout Robin Vojak›s ceramic shop, CR Studio4 in Temecula. Vojak teaches ceramics classes at her studio each week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4pm-9pm and Saturday 10:30am-2:30pm.

To see Cy Vojak’s recreation of the Well of Souls for San Diego Comic-Con 2012, visit http://movieweb.com/comic-con-2012-indiana-jones-the-complete-adventuressnake-pit-on-the-convention-floor/. To learn more about Cy and Robin Vojak, visit: www.crstudioscenery.com, www. crstudio4.com, www.studio4ceramics.com/about-us.html.

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lay R. Sides, a personal injury attorney who has owned and operated the Law Offices of Clay R. Sides in Fallbrook for 29 years, likes to win. Better yet, he knows how to win. “I’ve tried, give or take, 130 jury trials and won almost all, you can count the number of losses on one had,” said Sides. “I’m very proud of the fact I have a very high win percentage.” Sides provides legal representation to people injured in automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle incidents, as well as people involved in dog bite cases. The nature of injuries include wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, soft-tissue injuries and open wounds. Sides is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, and UCLA (with Honors). He prides himself on being a “hands-on lawyer” who reviews every case personally and does all his own trial work. “You hire a lawyer, you get a lawyer,” said Sides. “You get me.” What a client gets in Sides is an attorney who often wins settlements without going to trial. “I have a reputation built on integrity and long-standing relationships, and I think a lot of times people will pay me

“I’ve tried, give or take, 130 jury trials and won all but two of them... I have a very high win percentage.” before a trial because they know if I go to trial I am going to get a good verdict,” said Sides. “That’s because I’m prepared for every case. Sometimes I take longer than other attorneys, but I’ve been told by several people that I always get more than other attorneys because I’m prepared and ready for trial.” Sides, who also has satellite offices in Temecula and Big Bear, opened his practice in Fallbrook in 1987 and knows the scrutiny a business receives in a small town. “Fallbrook was a real small town when I started practicing and in a small town, your results speak better than any advertisement,” said Sides. “There’s a lot of communication, and to survive in a small town you have to be honest, you have to be fair and you have to be good.” Sides and his wife, Jill, have been married for more than 25 years and live on a 47-acre horse ranch in Rainbow, where he raises his own racehorses. They have three children: Jesse, who is in his second year in law school in San Diego; Carlene, who is

Clay R. Sides

in her senior year at San Diego State; and Curtis, a varsity baseball player at Great Oak High School. “Jesse will be joining the practice, and what’s nice about that is it lets everyone know that this business is going to be in existence for a long time,” said Sides. Sides’ success rate allows him to enjoy many victory dinners. When asked about a dining tip, Sides offered up this advice – pro bono – to Sourcebook readers. “If you want to go to a great local restaurant, go see Bill and Nitza Ehmcke at The Gambling Cowboy in Old Town Temecula (42072 Fifth St.),” said Sides. “I promise you, you’re not going to find a better steak for 50 square miles.”

120 South Main Avenue | Fallbrook, CA 92028 (760) 723-2275 41950 Sixth Street | Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 676-7866 1133 West Big Bear Boulevard Big Bear City, CA 92314 (800) 675-5825 www.clayrsideslaw.com



Ron Mintle What do adventure, magic, entrepreneurialism and technology all have in common? – Ron Mintle.

Ron at the helm of Stars and Stripes with Dennis Conner.

Ron’s first airplane, a 1968 Cessna Cardinal.

Courtesy photos

by Julie Reeder You might know Ron from the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, just from seeing him in town, or driving his blue ‘cuda convertible in the Christmas Parade, but few people would know how interesting Ron is unless they’ve known him a long time. He speaks three languages (English, Spanish, and French) and does business all over the world. He has lived and worked all over the world including France, Japan, India,

Denmark, India, Mexico, Burma, Malaysia, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Botswana as well as others. In addition, his travel has taken him to over 140 countries. Ron and his wife Beverley first moved to Fallbrook in 1997 from the San Fernando Valley/Calabasas area. A banker who had turned them down for a loan to build a house in Valley Center recommended they look in the Fallbrook/Bonsall area because

the home they wanted to build in Valley Center was too grand for the area. “We saw ads in the newspaper and decided to look into Rolling Hills. There was no vacant land, but we found a fixer upper and it had a 7-car garage! After settling in, we were very involved in the Rolling Hills community and made many long-lasting friends, but we moved after 5 years to our present property where I could build The

A ca frie Ar r an nd b e y d or ou wre row co ck s ve s i yo red t. ur ?

LIFE, lived better. Have you been searching for a management company that understands your needs? At Equity Management and Realty Services, we believe that service should be custom tailored to fit the specific nuances of your community – from web-based management programs to 24/7 customer service and online client portals, we have the solution for what you need. FIND OUT WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LIVE LIFE BETTER. CONTACT US TODAY!

DON’T HOPE SO. KNOW SO. Call me for a fast, free Good Hands® Coverage Checkup. I can help you make sure you get the right coverage at the best possible price. Why wait? Call me today. ROSS E. CURTIS Insurance Agent (760) 723 1331 305 WEST AVIATION ROAD FALLBROOK rosscurtis@allstate.com CA Lic: 0710671

(951) 296-5610 | www.equitymgt.com Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company



Ron’s family has always been in construction and not only does he work on his vehicles, but he builds just about anything from structures to artificial rocks and water features. “And Bev is so creative it is like being married to The barn, built by Ron, holds a variety of historic artifacts and classic cars. Martha Stewart. Barn.” The Mintles now have a beautiful Some friends call us Martha and McGiver.” property in Gird Valley with a large barn Ron owns a software company called that holds a variety of historic artifacts and Yellow Magic. During more than 30 years, classic cars. It’s also a gathering place for the company has had to evolve with car buffs and his buddies in the Fallbrook changing markets and technology. Ron Vintage Car Club. previously created software that helped His love for cars has included owning build newspapers including the Dallas and racing exotic cars, but he is especial- Morning News, Miami Herald, Oakland ly fond of Lotus sport cars and American Tribune, and San Bernardino Sun, and at muscle cars. He restores and maintains one time, his software imaged the majorthem in the Barn. ity of bank checks in the United States. But


Services Roxanne L. Greene, CPA

eventually, he decided to focus on yellow pages exclusively. “Yellow pages are universal, so it was easy to expand our market. We were the first to come out with PC-based directory solutions for small publishers. We eventually were in 54 countries and creating directories in 24 languages.” The company was originally called Composition Technology International, but concentrating on yellow pages, in 1991 he stopped all other non-yellow page business and changed the name to Yellow Magic. Magic? You may ask, “What does magic have to do with technology?” Ron replies with a quote from author Arthur C. Clarke, who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” However, Ron was also a magician and a member of Magic Castle in the 70s. He was an actor on TV and stage and a male model. “I was into performing, and what was good about starting out in theater is that I gained the confidence to do what I

Helping you pursue your financial goals.

for Small Business, Non-Profits & Individuals

• Income Tax Preparation • 1099 Form Preparation • Flat Rate Payroll Services • QuickBooks Set-up, Clean-up & Tutoring • Bookkeeping • Sales Tax Preparation

Left to right: Dennis Holman, MBA, CFP®, Vice President/Investments; Vicky Kugler, Registered Operations Coordinator; Mac Hunter, Vice President/Investments; Riana Sanchez, Wire Operator/Cashier; Bob Kuech, Senior Vice President/Investments; Jill Reynolds, Vice President/Investments; Bruce Baker, Vice President/Investments; Amy Hamblen, Client Service Associate

Roxanne L. Greene, CPA • 760-726-4316 R. Greene & Associates, Inc

5256 S. Mission Road, Suite 205 Bonsall, CA 92003

Bonded & Insured

(760) 643-1235 | (866) 779-2736 5256 S. Mission Road, Suite 1201 Bonsall, California 92003 Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated | Member SIPC & NYSE | www.stifel.com



The first car that Ron raced autocross - a 1961 TR3.

Ron’s second autocross car was a 1970 Lotus Elan.

now do, speaking at conferences all over the world.” “As time went on, as the big telephone companies migrated more toward cell phones, they got out of yellow pages. There is a huge misconception that yellow pages are dead (just like newspapers). If you go to the website www.yellowmagic. com/Power_of_Yellow/ you will find that print yellow pages are still a very influential media, especially for local purchases. Highly localized directories like the Fallbrook Directory are very important to the local community and are doing well. But a print publisher needs to offer digital

Ron driving a Nascar car on the track of Datona Motor Speedway.

advertising as well. Newspapers and directories are in the business of connecting buyers with sellers and do a very good job of doing just that.” Ron fell in love with computers when he saw the first one at the 1968 World’s Fair. “That was the start of my love of computers and the quickly evolving technologies associated with computing. Over the years I have developed systems for tracking galaxies for supernova research, laser controllers for laser light shows, bar codes on the labels of grocery store shelves, imaging checks for banks, and

producing time tables, technical manuals, catalogs, newspapers, and directories.” Ron has customers now in about 15 countries. While some of his clients are big companies and international telephone

2005 Lotus Elise a car Ron currently drives.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, BUSINESS & CLIENTS WITH SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION • Hard Drive Destruction • Walk-in or Pick-up • Affordable Rates • Any Size Job • We Take Your Monthly pick-up service Old X-Rays/Films starting at $35/Month at No Charge Shred It Before They Get It! Protect Yourself aNd

Your faMilY froM

No hidden fees!

Serving Fallbrook & Bonsall for 8 Years

951/506-1826 www.951Shred.com 28061 Jefferson Ave. Ste. 8, Temecula Mon-Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-3 SOURCEBOOK 2016

Secure Document DeStruction 77

Ron Mintle’s home in Rolling Hills with examples of the structures, water features and landscaping he created.

companies, he mostly serves independent companies in the US, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and South America. Ron discovered his wanderlust after receiving a scholarship to go to school in France and travelling all over Europe. Ever since, he has traveled all over the world enjoying meeting new people, eating new foods, and learning about new cultures. Ron said, “Traveling affords recreational

opportunities for snow skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, sailing, and cross-country motorcycle trips. I have skydived, swam with sharks, explored sunken ships, and flown aerobatics. I’ve flown my own plane all over the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.” “I’ve lived and worked all over the world and didn’t know many of my neighbors in L.A., San Francisco, New York, Paris, or

About Bankers Life Strength in Numbers The Bankers Life agent force ranks among the top in the nation, with more than 5,000 dedicated agents in more than 300 sales offices. In 2014, we served more than 1.4 million policyholders and managed over $14 billion in assets.

Extensive product portfolio

As you enter and navigate retirement, Bankers Life will be by your side every step of the way, helping to protect your financial security. Our extensive product portfolio includes life insurance, supplemental health insurance, long term care, and annuities.

Tokyo. Bev and I moved to Fallbrook and it quickly felt like home. From our home in the hills, we can hardly even see our neighbors, but we know more people in Fallbrook than we have ever known elsewhere. I love the fact that we come to town and walk through stores or the post office and run into friends and people we know. “We love that Fallbrook is our home.”


Service you can trust

Our agents live in the communities they serve and travel to clients’ homes and businesses. They can show you how to help safeguard against unexpected health costs, generate guaranteed income, protect your loved ones and promote an enduring legacy.

Community involvement

Bankers Life is proud to support the Alzheimer’s Association®, Meals on Wheels Chicago and Military Warriors Support Foundation, three outstanding community partners that share our commitment to causes affecting our customers and their families.

Personal business philosophy:

I’m dedicated to helping my clients protect their financial security as they prepare for retirement. I hold myself to the highest level of personal and professional integrity and promise only to recommend insurance product solutions that are in my client’s best interests.

Marc Sigmon Insurance Sales Representative

Retirement Care

Office 858.592.8847 | Direct 858.766.9234 marc.sigmon@bankerslife.com

Bankers Life 16855 W Bernardo Dr. Suite 360 San Diego, CA 92127 78

CA Lic #0K45485 CO Lic # 492314


Jackson & Parkinson, Trial Attorneys Robert W. Jackson Changing the Perception of Attorneys

Robert W. Jackson at Trial Stars Dinner


hen Robert W. Jackson puts on his suit for court, it comes with more than three decades of experience as a respected nationwide trial attorney. His message is simple and heartfelt, “I want to change the public perception of lawyers, and I do that by focusing on one client at a time and doing the very best that I can for each and every client.” Robert’s first law office was opened in

Fallbrook in 1984, and the Fallbrook High School alumnus expanded the small town practice over the years to include three Southern California locations where he attracts and serves clients from around the nation. Jackson specializes in catastrophic injury cases, and is joined by a partner who is also a personal injury attorney. “We treat people like they’re family,” Jackson said. “Every aspect of the case is handled on an individual basis.” His caseloads have ranged from wrongful deaths and traumatic brain injuries to pedestrian cases and construction site accidents. To date, he has taken more than 80 cases to jury trial and mediated and

arbitrated hundreds of cases. But it’s no secret amongst legal affiliates that a high percentage of cases handled by Robert W. Jackson are ultimately settled before they reach a trial. “We have outstanding trial results. The insurance industry knows we’re not going to settle for anything short of full justice,” Jackson said. Jackson has been awarded either “Trial Lawyer of the Year” or “Outstanding Trial Lawyer” six times in his career, and over four times in the past ten years. “Every case that we take in my office has a story, and we strive to be the messenger of that unique and personal story,” he said.

Brett Parkinson Helping the Individual


Brett Parkinson

orking on behalf of others and representing them in court is what Attorney Brett R. Parkinson does best. Often people come into Parkinson’s office feeling mistreated by an insurance company and

confused about how to proceed. The insurance company just didn’t seem to care, they say. Parkinson has found that “if you don’t stand up to the ‘bully’ in those situations, people will keep being mistreated.” Parkinson enjoys being able to use his experience to help level the playing field for his clients. Parkinson’s legal career began as a law clerk to two federal judges. He then worked for several years as a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Utah before he decided to transition to helping people involved in personal injuries. Although it might not seem like a natural transition, Parkinson’s father was a personal injury lawyer, so it was like “going home.” Parkinson works hard and is dedicated to helping clients receive full compensation for their injuries. It is not uncommon for Parkinson to be in his client’s home learning their story. “You can only learn so

Jackson & Parkinson, Trial Attorneys 205 West Alvarado Street | Fallbrook, CA 92028 (760) 723-1295 SOURCEBOOK 2016

much in your office. To really understand how an injury has affected someone, let them walk you around their home, showing you what they can and cannot do. Only at that point, do you know your client’s story well enough to share it with a jury,” says Parkinson. Parkinson’s represents injured persons throughout the state of California and in Utah as well. Currently, the firm has about or over 100 clients in Utah who were affected by the large Wood Hollow Fire in 2012 as well as hundreds of clients in Northern California who were affected by the Butte Fire. The San Diego County-based office of Jackson & Parkinson have enjoyed success in their newly opened office in Riverside County. Parkinson was raised in Indio so it was natural to open up an office in the desert. His father, James Parkinson, is ofcounsel to the firm.

www.jptriallawyers.com robert@jacksontriallawyers.com brett@jacksontriallawyers.com 79

Chef-Owners Share Favorite


127 West Social House

Faro Trupiano, owner and chef of 127 West Social House in Fallbrook, with Italian Nachos consisting of pasta chips, braised lamb shank, asiago bachamel, smoked mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and Kalamata olives paired with a beer flight from the 20 craft beers offered at 127 West. 127 West Elder Street, Fallbrook • 760-645-3803 • www.127west.com

Shane Gibson photo

Four Local Restaurants to Enjoy!

Cafe dés Artistes Authentic Italian - Daily Specials 945 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook (760) 728-0200

Where ‘Pub’ meets Gourmet Grub 127 West Elder Street, Fallbrook (760) 645-3803

Shane Gibson photo

Owner and chef of Cafe des Artistes Michael Calvanese with an organic portobello mushroom sandwich consisting of sweet red onion sauteed in a balsamic reduction, organic greens, tomato and avocado. Also the Cafe dés Artistes Mediterranean salad consisting of organic greens, Kalamata olives, red pepper, pine nuts and feta cheese. 103 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook • 760-723-3350 • www.cafedesartistes.us

Village Pizza Juice Extractions, Protein Shakes and Smoothies 139 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook (760) 731-1012

Fariba Motlagh, owner of Village Pizza in Bonsall with a hand tossed supreme pizza.

Raise the Bar on Your Coffee House Expectations! 139 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook (760) 731-1012

5256 Mission Road, Suite 832 Bonsall, CA 92003 River Village Plaza 760-414-9899 www.villagepizzabonsall.com

Faro Trupiano TrupianoRestaurantGroup.com 80

Shane Gibson photo


Fresco Grill Owner and chef of Fresco Grill in Bonsall Leoni D’Arcangelo (left) and chef Pedro Pliego serving Insalata Saporita, a Spring mix lettuce with poached pear, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese with a kiwi and pear vinaigrette; Insalata di Mare, a seafood salad served cold with seared shrimp, scallops and calamari on a bed of baby spinach and lemon vinaigrette; and Insalata 29, a wedge salad served with tomato, red onion, crispy bacon and Fresco’s signature creamy caper and blue cheese dressing. Shane Gibson photo

5256 S. Mission Road, Bonsall • 760-631-1944 • www.frescorestaurants.com

Fallbrook Café

Yama Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Chef Gomez Leon prepares Prime Rib dinner & Strawberry Waffles. Juicy Prime Rib is served with au jus and/or creamed horseradish, carrots & asparagus, baked potato with butter & sour cream. Dinner includes roll, soup or salad and dessert. Enjoy breakfast all day, and indulge in our delicious Strawberry Waffles! Michele Howard photo

Owner ​& Chef S ​ teve Hunkuk​ Lim present Salmon Sashimi [left dish] and Super Bowl Roll [right dish]: a mix of crab & shrimp meat, cucumber, avocado, and topped with Yellowtail, Salmon, and Tuna with house sauce.

739 E. Mission Rd., Fallbrook 760-728-1898


Michele Howard photo

Restaurant & Sushi Bar

1067 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook 760-723-9788 www.yamasushifallbrook.com

Now Open All Day Mon. thru Sat.

Try Our New Rolls Lunch or Dinner! You won’t be sorr y!

911 Roll

Golden Tiger Roll

Chicken Udon Baked Halibut Roll

Protein Roll

Lollipop Roll Mex ican Roll


House Salad

Baja California Roll Yakisoba Shrimp

Fallbrook Flower Roll

760-723-9788 | 1067 S. MAIN AVE., FALLBROOK, CA 92028 81

Michele Howard photo

Michele Howard photo

Michele Howard photo

El Jardín

Garden Center Cafe & Grill Scoreboard Pizzeria

Jon Large, Owner/Chef, displays Carne Tampiquena - Certified Angus Carne Asada with heirloom sweet peppers, red onion, cremini mushrooms and queso fresco.

Chef Ramon Rubio presents Grilled Mahi fish on a bed of citrus coleslaw with pineapple mango salsa. Includes Garden Center Salad.

Chef Matt Napier recommends the Barbecue Chicken Pizza topped with red onion, cilantro and fresh mozzarella cheese. The secret is in the sauce!

1581 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook 760-728-4556 www.eljardinfallbrook.com

1625 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook 760-728-4147 www.gardencentercafeandgrill.com

1125 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook 760-728-9997 www.facebook.com/scoreboardpizza/

Join Us For

Wild Wednesdays!

cos Mahi Fish Tacos • Carne Asada Ta

•C s o t urri B &

iote Chicken • Pollo Fu h c A • s ndid Taco s a o t i n ar

arga spberry M ritas a R te & a n a egr m o P , o g 760-728-4556 an M 1581 S. Mission Rd. us Exciting & Delicio Fallbrook Open 11:15am Daily & 10:30am Sundays 82


La Caseta Owner and chef of La Caseta Mexican Restaurant in Fallbrook Delos Eyer with a Del Mar y Tierra plate consisting of tender choice Angus carne asada steak with marinated grilled shrimp, rice, beans, and guacamole. 111 N. Vine Street, Fallbrook • 760-728-9737 • www.lacasetafinemexicanfood.com Shane Gibson photo

Tea Lane

Golden Kitchen

Elaine Lasater, owner and tea specialist of Tea Lane in Fallbrook with a high tea, three tiered tray consisting Shane Gibson photo of assorted tea sandwiches, clotted cream and jam, Tea Lane signature scone and assorted mini desserts. Tea Lane offers a variety of 65 tea blends.

Owner and executive chef of Golden Kitchen Thai Food in Fallbrook Ann Sinsombutcharoen (left) with a Golden Seafood Ka Pow dish consisting of mixed seafood, sauteed with Shane Gibson photo bell pepper, onion and basil. Golden Kitchen manager Irene Sinsombutcharoen (right) with Fresh Roll Shrimp consisting of organic spring mix, carrots, cucumber, and cilantro wrapped rice paper. Irene also with the Satay dish consisting 6 charbroiled chicken skewers served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.

119A Main St., Fallbrook • 760-835-1852 • Open Tues-Sat, Sun by Reservation

119 N. Main Ave., Fallbrook • Jackson Square, 2nd Floor • 760-451-6464

Garden Center Cafe & Grill Fallbrook’s Finest Grill

Breakfast & Lunch Everyday 8:00am-2:30pm Sunday 8:00am-2:00pm Dinner Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5:00pm-8:00pm

The highlights of

our menu are Certified Angus Beef ® Prime Rib and Fresh seafood. We are known for our fresh salads, homemade soups and desserts prepared daily. Signature pasta, chicken and pork dishes are favorites also. Our wine, beer and champagne list is complete and moderately priced.

760-728-4147 | 1625 S. Mission Rd. Fallbrook SOURCEBOOK 2016


Tekila Cocina Mexicana Tekila Cocina Mexicana Manager Manny Enriquez (left) with Manny’s Birthday Tacos consisting of handmade corn tortillas with barbacoa, topped with cabbage and red onions. Tekila Cocina Mexicana Executive Chef Jose Trinidad Romero (right) with El Molcajete Azteca consisting of a choice between chicken or carnitas with fresh Oaxaca cheese, grilled nopal cactus smothered in spicy tomato sauce and served with corn or flour tortillas. Shane Gibson photo

5256 S. Mission Road, Suite 907, Bonsall • 760-643-1278 • www.tekilacocinamexicana.com

Nessy Burger

Main Street Cafe

Charlie Webster, owner, displays the Nessy Burger with 1/2 lb. fresh, never frozen beef patty, cheese, sweet onion, tomato, crisp iceberg lettuce, Thousand Island dressing on an ultra fresh sesame seed bun. Assorted soft drinks to choose. French fries that are the best!

Owner of Main Street Cafe in Fallbrook Chris Ioannidis, with a Lykos Skillet breakfast dish consisting of gyros meat, red onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives and topped with feta cheese. 507 South Main Ave, Fallbrook 760-730-1405 Open 7 Days a Week

4775 Via Belmonte, Fallbrook Next to Pala Mesa Market on Old Highway 295 www.nessyburger.com Michele Howard photo

Shane Gibson photo

Great Menu • Fabulous Prices • Excellent Service

I Dare Ya... I Double Dare Ya!* Next to the Pala Mesa Market on Old Hwy 395

4775 Via Belmonte, Fallbrook, CA 92028 We Now Offer Gift Certificates! Now find us on FaceBook.com 84

NessyBurgers.com Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Sat & Sun 9am-5pm

*Not a Contest. Just Bragging Rights! Same delicious burger since 1988!

Open Daily 6:30am – 2:30pm (760) 630-2747 • 630-4798 Fax 307 Main Street, Vista CA, 92084

www.CurbSideCafeVistaCA.com www.my-sourcebook.com

Rosa's Mexican Restaurant Chef Jaime Vazquez presenting Fuente de Mariscos (Seafood Combination Plate) with oysters, octopus, shrimp ceviche, fish ceviche, marinated scallops & crab meat surrounded by cucumber, avocado and lime and [R] Camaron Costa Azul - large shrimp stuffed with ham, wrapped in bacon then deep fried, accompanied by grilled zucchini and potatoes, rice and beans, avocado and lime wegdes. 1075 S. Mission Rd., Suite A, Fallbrook • 760-728-8006 Michele Howard photo

Aquaterra Restaurant at Pala Mesa Chef Sean Sullivan holding House Smoked Rosemary-Brown Sugar Salmon [left] with potato leek cake, crème, chives, served with a small salad and Blackened Salmon Tacos [right] with mango-avocado salsa, grilled corn, orange jalapeno sour cream, cotija cheese, green cabbage and hot sauce. 2001 Old Hwy Rod 395, Fallbrook • 760-731-6805 • www.palamesa.com

Courtesy photo

Z Cafe

Vince's Pizza to Go

Co-owner of Z Cafe in Bonsall Michael Toma, with the Pacific Halibut dish paired with brussel sprouts, bacon, mushrooms, beurre blanc and mashed potatoes.

Co-owner of Vince’s Pizza To Go in Fallbrook Ed Lueking, with Vince’s Deluxe pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, green bell peppers, olives, onions and mushrooms.

5256 S. Mission Road, Bonsall 760-940-1751 www.zcafeinbonsall.com

Shane Gibson photo

855 S. Main Ave, Suite A, Fallbrook 760-723-4997 www.vincespizzatogo.com Shane Gibson photo

Dining Guide

Casa Estrella Cocina de México

Featuring authentic Mexican food! Casa Estrella offers dine-in, take out, catering and full bar. Come try our award winning salsas. We are open Monday-Saturday 3:30pmclose and Sunday 9:30am-close. Breakfast served on Sundays from 9:30am to noon.

3757 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-3200 www.facebook.com/casaestrellacocinademexico SOURCEBOOK 2016


Dining Guide

Yama Restaurant & Sushi Bar Try Our New Rolls!

Enjoy Yama’s warm welcome and dine tableside or at the sushi bar in a relaxed atmosphere. Extensive choices of the freshest, high-quality sushi, sushi rolls, and sashimi will please even the most discriminating palate. The light and crispy tempura is outstanding; try the shrimp or vegetables. Teriyaki salmon, yakisoba noodle dishes, and chicken or beef teriyaki bowls are also delicious. Try the new lunch specials. ACTIVE MILITARY 10% DISCOUNT.

1067 S. Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 723-9788 Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9:00pm | Fri 11:30am-9:30pm | Sat 12:00pm-9:30pm

Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant Your senses will come alive with the aroma of authentic Mexican cooking as you are seated either inside or on the patio. Enjoy the carne asada, chicken, fresh fish, shrimp, or carnitas – in burritos, tostadas, or tacos. Treat yourself to the best tasting chili rellenos, and seven seas soup. Salsas, red and green, are so good you’ll take some home. Serving beer, wine, and wine margaritas. Large parties welcomed.

1075 S. Mission Rd, Ste A, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-8006 Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, 7 days a week.

Fallbrook Cafe Looking for that home-style cooking? Fallbrook Cafe is the place. The menu is extensive, portions are generous, prices are great and the daily specials are superb. Enjoy Belgium waffles & pancakes with fresh fruit toppings, omelets, eggs benedict, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, fresh fish, prime rib, and more, all with quality ingredients made fresh daily. Best chicken pot pies EVER!!

739 E. Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-1898 Open 7 Days a Week!

El Jardín El Jardin has been a Fallbrook tradition for over 40 years. We take pride in locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. Start with beer-battered avocados and a premium margarita, then enjoy one of our House Favorites such as Achiote Chicken, Grilled Mahi Tacos, or the famous Pollo Fundido. Fresh chips & salsa abound. Join us for “Wild Wednesdays”! Open for lunch & dinner Tues thru Sun: Tues-Thurs 11:15am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11:15am-8:30pm, Sun 10:30am-8pm.

1581 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-4556 www.eljardinfallbrook.com

Golden Kitchen Thai Food First Thai Restaurant in Fallbrook! Authentic Thai cuisine with fresh herbs and vegetables. Enjoy your meal and taste your way through Thailand. We reflect culture, color, taste, and texture using ingredients that have medicinal benefits as well as good flavor. Lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. Located in Jackson Square on Main Avenue. Serving Happy Hour from 3-6pm. Call for lunch specials.

119 N. Main Ave, 2nd Floor, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 451-6464 Open Sun-Thurs 11:00am-8:30pm & Fri-Sat 10:30am-9:00pm 86


Dining Guide

Village Pizza of Bonsall

With over 18 years in business, Village Pizza of Bonsall serves fresh, delicious pizza, sandwiches, salads, soups and more. A family-owned restaurant, we use quality ingredients in all of our dishes, including homemade dough and sauce. Brick-oven pizzas, stuffed sandwiches and satisfying pastas keep customers coming back for more. Take-out or dine-in at our newly renovated dining area. Open Sun-Thurs 11-9 & Fri-Sat 11-10.

5256 S. Mission Road, Ste. 832, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 990-1598 www.villagepizzabonsall.com | Located in The River Village Center

Tekila Cocina Mexicana A unique experience of authentic Mexican food created from cherished family recipes. We serve traditional Mexican favorites as well as exciting daily specials from different regions of Mexico. All of our dishes are made from scratch - people love our food; they can tell the difference in how fresh it is. Even the tortillas are handmade for each order. Tekila Cocina Mexicana is open Sun-Thurs 11am-9:30pm & Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Full liquor license.

5256 S. Mission Road, Ste. 907, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 643-1278 www.tekilacocinamexicana.com | Located in The River Village Center

Fresco Grill and Wine Bar More than an Italian restaurant, Fresco Grill also offers fresh fish daily, steak, lamb, chicken and vegetarian dishes with a great selection all year round. Every item on the menu is made with choice fresh ingredients. Owner Leone D’Arcangelo insists on using the same European-inspired flavors that are found in his homeland Italy. Come in for live music Wed & Fri or for a Sunday champagne lunch buffet from 11am-3pm. Gluten-free avail.

5256 S. Mission Road, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 631-1944 www.frescorestaurants.com | Located in The River Village Center

Z Cafe Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, San Diego’s finest craft beers & wine, and featuring Hawaiian specialties. Great food at a great price. With healthy portions of fresh, homemade quality cuisine, sushi, salads and soups, you’re sure to find something you love. Come by and enjoy our patio which offers beautiful views of the San Luis Rey wildlife preserve while you enjoy one of our signature dishes such as an Hawaiian bowl.

5256 S. Mission Road, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 940-1751 www.zcafeinbonsall.com | Located in The River Village Center

Garden Center Cafe & Grill A great dining experience! For breakfast, enjoy huge omelets, stuffed French toast, huevos rancheros or other traditional breakfasts. For lunch, try the exceptional salads with homemade dressings, soups, grilled sandwiches, fresh fish and daily specials. Dinner has an exquisite menu which proudly serves Certified Angus Beef® prime rib, steaks, fresh seafood, pastas, and more, incl beer & wine. Dine inside or on the beautiful garden patio. Catering avail. Like us on Facebook!

1625 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-4147 Breakfast & Lunch Mon-Sat 8-2:30pm, Sun 8-2pm | Dinner Thurs-Sat 5-8pm SOURCEBOOK 2016


Dining Guide

Vince’s Pizza to Go

A Fallbrook tradition since 1984. Vince’s Pizza is focused on providing great food with fast, friendly service in a to-go format. We offer a variety of Italian meals - from Party Menus and Family Dinners, to stone-baked pizzas and lasagna as well as salads and sides. We are conveniently located next to Major Market and are open 11am-8pm everyday. We offer delivery from 4pm-close.

855 S. Main Ave, Suite A, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 723-4997 www.vincespizzatogo.com

Tea Lane Sequestered in leafy Jackson Square Courtyard is Tea Lane where diners can delight in teas and cuisine reminiscent of Victorian England. Enjoy afternoon High Tea in the elegantly decorated parlor. The menu offers traditional tea foods, Welsh Rarebit, assorted sandwiches and tempting desserts. Choose from 51 varieties of tea from the “sniffing wall.” Tea lane also offers children’s teas.

119A Main St, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 835-1852 Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday by Reservation Only

Main Street Cafe This is a real gem in the middle of Fallbrook! Great breakfast house serving generous portions. Awesome food prepared with delicious fresh ingredients. Known for having the best skillets in town. Great service and great prices.

507 South Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 731-1405 Open 7 days a week 7:00am - 3:00pm

La Caseta Fine Mexican Food After 34 years of serving Fallbrook, La Caseta has become synonymous with great Mexican food. Ingredients for the dishes served are locally sourced, and there are new specials to try every time you visit, alongside the already popular traditional menu. It can be hard to choose just one dish to enjoy at La Caseta, so you may want to bring a few friends to share several choices. Open Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm and Fri-Sat 11am-8:30pm.

111 N. Vine Street, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-9737 www.LaCasetaFineMexicanFood.com

Scoreboard Pizzeria Our signature pizzas are on display so you can try by the slice, or order your own choice of toppings. Enjoy antipasti, caesar, or house salads all with freshly made dressings. Also popular are the pastrami sandwiches, torpedo, turkey, bacon, avocado sandwiches, pasta, meatball subs & chicken wings. For dessert try the cinnamon & sugar knots. Widescreen TVs, games for kids. Serving premium craft beers & wine.

1125 S. Mission Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028 | (760) 728-9997 Open Mon-Sat 11am-10pm & Sun 10am-9pm. 88


Affordable & Quality

Home Care Services Our name says it all...

We treat every client as family. Caring, compassionate staff, all experienced and thoroughly vetted.

We go beyond the routine tasks that come with home health care and provide the meaning of home as well.

We’re here when you need us. Carlos Perez, founder, takes pride that the services he provides are of the utmost quality and most affordable in San Diego County. After being in the medical business for over 20 years, he has created the standards of care his employees abide by. He also frequently checks on his clients personally to make sure they are receiving the best services possible. “Their family is like our family. We treat their family as our own [in hopes] we will be able to give their family peace of mind,” Perez says about the treatment each client and their family receives.

Call today for affordable, reliable home health care. Affordable & Quality Home Care Services Carlos Perez

Founder of Affordable and Quality Home Care Services LLC

760.468.3075 760.622.8042 Patient Care Coordinator

www.AffordableAndQualityHomeCareServices.com www.aqhomecare.com

We Welcome New Patients!

David Bridgeman, MD Hui-Wen (Annie) Dai, DO Board Certified Board Certified Family Medicine Family Medicine (also speaks Mandarin and Taiwanese)

Local Doctors. World Class Care. aT Graybill Medical GrouP we’re about making sure our patients receive the highest quality medical care available. from wellness classes to providing access to the finest inpatient care in the region, your health and well-being are our first and foremost priorities.

n n n n n n n

Victor Huang, MD Board Certified Family Medicine

Peter Jenson, MD Board Certified Family Medicine

Jeffery Petersen, MD, DC Board Certified Family Medicine


fallbrook’s largest and longest-standing medical group serving area residents since 1998 board certified family and sports Medicine specialists onsite digital x-ray, Mammography, ultrasound and bone density lifestyle management classes and seminars chronic disease management access to regional area hospitals convenient hours—early morning and evening appointments available

866.228.2236 | www.graybill.org Frank Winton, MD Board Certified Family Medicine and Sports Medicine

Gabriella Carenza, FNP (also speaks Spanish)

1035 s. Main avenue | fallbrook, ca 92028

An Independent Member of the Sharp Community Medical Group

Graybill Medical Group Celebrates 18 Years of Service and Commitment to Fallbrook The office’s six board cerTified physicians, family nurse practitioner, and 27-member support staff provide a broad array of experience, skills and education to assure their patients receive a quality healthcare experience. fallbrook’s largest and longest-standing medical group offers family Medicine and sports Medicine as well as onsite diabetes management education, diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound, digital mammography and bone density scans. as part of the region’s largest independent multi-specialty group, the office also has direct access to a full spectrum of specialty care, the latest medical technology, and high quality inpatient care. “our company motto, ‘Personalized healthcare for all Generations,’ aptly reflects our care philosophy of providing highly focused care for each member of the family, from infancy through adulthood,” said Graybill physician frank Winton, Md. “as family Medicine specialists, we provide primary care and coordinate any specialist care. if inpatient care is required, we have physicians on staff at the region’s finest hospitals.”

board certified in family Medicine and sports Medicine, dr. Winton sees a lot of senior patients for sports-related injuries. “of course we want to see our older patients improve their health through physical activity and other lifestyle changes, but in the event of illness or injury, we have the expertise to provide first-rate comprehensive care.” The Graybill Medical team also includes Mds david bridgeman, Peter Jenson, Jeff Petersen (also a licensed chiropractor), and Victor huang; osteopath annie dai, do, a board certified family physician who also focuses on integrative and holistic medicine; and Nurse Practitioner Gabriella carenza, fNP. rounding out the team are office Manager Julie robinson and her staff, who work tirelessly to assure timely appointments and top notch customer service. “We are committed to fallbrook and look forward to continuing to serve our patient’s needs,” said dr. Winton.“Many of us live and are raising our families here, so we have a personal stake in the health and well-being of this great community we call home.”

Dr. Richard Goble Exceptional Smiles through Exceptional Dentistry


he only way to do great work is to love what you do,” said Steve Jobs. Richard Goble, DDS, loves what he does and it shows in the expert work that he performs on each one of his dental practice patients. He feels that cosmetic dentistry can improve one’s image and in turn, boost confidence. “We have a wonderful team and we are here to help our patients,” he remarked. Dr. Goble’s dental practice is not just about teeth – it’s about people. He enjoys getting to know his patients. The minute that anyone steps in the door to the warm, inviting waiting room, they feel at home. His office is equipped with advanced technology, including digital x-rays and a 3D pan, which pans through the mouth to give a three dimensional view of the entire mouth. One of the benefits of the 3D pan is that it allows Dr. Goble and his staff to differentiate between the various diseases of the mouth. “It is the best way to get a complete diagnosis,” Dr. Goble noted, “It also allows us to put implants in and virtually see where they will go.”

“Cosmetic dentistry can improve one’s image, and in turn, boost confidence.” It pleases Dr. Goble to see the satisfaction that patients feel after coming in. “Many are, at first, very apprehensive, but we have the ability to make top quality crowns that last a long time – in one appointment.” These crowns are bonded and beautiful. There are advantages to making same-day crowns. Patients skip the series of appointments needed for traditional crowns; and they also avoid the uncomfortable feeling of wearing an ill-fitting temporary cap. Dr. Goble has been making a difference in the lives of his patients through dentistry for 37 years. It was a life-long dream of his because his father was a dentist, and he could see that he enjoyed his work. Dr. Goble earned his DDS degree in 1976 from the University of the Pacific Dental School, and then continued his education at the post-graduate dental

Dr. Richard Goble

school – Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry (LVI). As a result of his training, Dr. Goble is adept at advanced techniques in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. After Dr. Goble completed his dentistry degree he joined his father Dr. Gaylord G. Goble in his Beverly Hills practice. But, in 1991, searching for a more peaceful, rural atmosphere, Dr. Goble and his family moved to Fallbrook, where he established his practice. Getting that perfect smile has never been easier. Just pick up the phone and call 760-728-2261. Also, find out how Dr. Goble’s patients rave about their treatment at the website: www. fallbrookcadentist.com.

Dr. Richard Goble 1108 S. Main Avenue Fallbrook, CA 92028 (760) 728-2261 www.fallbrookcadentist.com



Fallbrook attorney and consultant Carl Morrison works under the radar for more accurate rainfall forecasting by Sandra Shrader Whether it’s by rain dances, rain gauges or reams of weather data run through computer models, predicting when, where and how much of the wet stuff will land has been an inexact science since humans started planting crops. Even today, with all the weather balloons, satellites, super computers and radar stations, predicting precipitation continues to

include a frustrating percentage of guesswork about whether or not we will just simply need our umbrellas, but also if floods will happen and reservoirs will overflow. But Carl Morrison, a Fallbrook attorney and president of Morrison & Associates, Inc., anticipates that those percentages will be greatly reduced with a new weather radar unit prototype that uses X-band radar to

EyE CarE for thE EntirE family


• Cataract Surgery • General Ophthalmology • External Eye Disease • Medical & Surgical Glaucoma • Medical & Surgical Retina • LASIK/Refractive Surgery • Dry Eye Syndrome • Cosmetic Surgery

• Zo Skin Health • Botox • Comphrehensive Eye Exam • Optical Dispensary • Glaucoma Treatment • Cornea Procedures • Outpatient Surgery Center • Prosthetic Eyes • Pediatric Ophthalmology

Board-Certified Ophthalmologists Anjali S. Parekh, MD Douglas H. Clements, MD Eric K. Chin, MD J. Grant Tew, MD, FACS R. Duncan Johnson, MD

Licensed Optometrists Abby C. Brotherton, OD Brooke A. Coleman, OD

Board-Certified Ophthalomologist with Subspecialty Training in Oculoplastic Surgery

Jeffery M. Joseph, MD



521 E. Elder Street, Suite #102 • Fallbrook • 760-728-0465 92


AQPI’s expanded radar ability to track the precipitation intensity and location, down to the neighborhood, of a storm’s landfall within two to twelve hours before heavy rain begins is enormously valuable. – Carl Morrison

Carl Morrison.


Treats Disorders of the Bones, Joints, Muscle & Nervous System Pain Relief

Geriatrics Pediatrics Shane Gibson photo

provide more accurate and unprecedented forecasting of rainfall amount and location in as little as one to two hour’s notice. “There are different radar systems which are used as meteorological tools, but the X-band radar is very useful because it works to fill in the forecasting gaps left by traditional weather radar units,” said Morrison, whose firm is currently overseeing the installation of four of the X-band radar units for a multi-government-agency fourphase project in the San Francisco Bay Area called the Advanced Quantitative Precipitation Information (AQPI) System project. AQPI is part of the Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. With the installation of the four X-band radar prototypes and supporting existing and new weather forecasting infrastructure and modeling, the project is the first such weather forecasting of its have been installed there. “Two weather radar systems—the S-band, or NEXRAD, and the C-band—have been in use for decades, but forecasting analyses by those radar systems have been hampered by geographical factors such as mountains or valleys,” Morrison explained. “That is why weather forecasting has always needed to factor in percentages of certainty or uncertainty when it comes to rain forecasts.” Due to its projection of particular wave lengths which can “see” and track raindrops inside of clouds, radar first began to be employed in the 1930s as a meteorological tool. Present-day weather forecasting systems use “Doppler Radar” which emits short bursts of radio waves (or “pulses”) through cloud formations generated by what is rather poetically called atmospheric rivers. The ARs, as they are commonly called, are narrow plumes of moisture such as the Hawaii-to-the-North-American-West-Coast’s Pineapple Express, for example, and are constantly moving through the skies above us. When a radar wave, or beam, hits a moving object such as a raindrop, it echoes back to the radar source which then measures the raindrop’s velocity, thus making it possible to track the direction and intensity of an incoming storm. “When you see those green spots swirling around a weather forecasting map on television, those are actually the radar pulses,” said Morrison, adding that green usually signifies light precipitation, yellow signifies moderate precipitation, and red and purple indicate heavy and very heavy precipitation. The National Weather Service uses what is known as S-Band—or NEXRAD (Next Generation Radar)—radar programs which have been around since the 1970s, but began to be used in the early 1990s. The S-band radars are usually located on fifty-foot towers “in what SOURCEBOOK 2016

Emotional Balancing Men’s & Women’s Health Nutrition

760-451-2188 Randall WegeneR, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac. California & National Board Certified

593 E. Elder St. Suite A, Fallbrook

WegenerAcupuncture.com A legacy of excellence.



951-506-3001 951-303-1414



13 Locations to Serve You! Murrieta

951-894-1600 951-696-7474 951-878-9820





Lake Elsinore

Apple Valley

760-723-2687 951-677-7221 951-674-9515

951-652-3334 619-535-6900 760-810-7767


looks like giant white soccer balls on top,” Morrison said. “Those are usually permanently installed in the mountains, and are used for near and far range weather observation. But the S-band radar was first used to detect thunderstorms in the Midwest, and they don’t work as effectively in California’s terrain.” C-band radar has also been in use for weather forecasting since the 1980s and, while the C-band radar units can have satellite dishes similar to those “soccer balls” on S-band units, they are usually constructed with much shorter towers, and they are permanently stationed in lower land elevations such as valleys. However, due to their mountain locations, portions of S-band radar beams tend to aim too high over clouds at lower elevations and can overshoot precipitation levels. Conversely, the beams of C-band radar weather units located in valleys can be blocked by surrounding terrain, and thus they cannot reach higher level clouds to measure water moisture. That is where the usefulness of X-band radar for weather forecasting becomes a valuable meteorological tool, Morrison said. “Although X-band radar has been around for a while, its short range wave lengths, higher operating frequencies and higher resolution imagery has become important for filling in the gaps in rainfall forecasting,” he explained. “Not only do we get a much narrower margin of error as far as when a storm will hit, we also can narrow down the location as to where that storm will hit.” Unlike the S-band and C-band radars which operate on longer

Now in Fallbrook

A+ Urgent Care has been serving families in Southern California since 2000. A+ Urgent Care has five clinics and serves communities like Fallbrook, Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore and Menifee. n We are a comprehensive urgent care

Open 7 Days a Week Including Holidays & Extended Weekday Hours Until Midnight Fallbrook Hours*: Monday-Friday 8:00am-Midnight Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm Holidays 9:00am-5:00pm

clinic that treats all ages for a multitude of injuries and illnesses. There is no appointment necessary. When you have a need for healthcare, we are there to serve you. n Services include treatment of seasonal illnesses, lacerations, broken bones, female exams, work injuries, school physicals, X-Ray and Laboratory diagnostics.

951-696-PLUS (7587)

www.AplusUrgentCare.com - Online Check-in Available! Fallbrook A Plus Urgent Care

617 E. Alvarado St, Fallbrook, CA 92028

Our mission is to bring Christ centered and humanitarian healing to evidence based medicine.*Hours may vary at Riverside county locations, please check online. 94



S-BAND Three types of radars are shown: C-Band, X-Band and S-Band.

Courtesy photos

wave lengths and lower frequencies, X-band radar is more sensitive and can detect smaller water particles than the older radar systems. The first phase of the AQPI project was completed in January, 2016 with the installation of the first prototype X-band radar unit in Silicon Valley. Three more of the X-band radar units will be added in the third phase of the project along with the installation of another moderate range C-band radar unit in Sonoma County, all of which will augment the Bay Area’s established weather forecasting system of existing S-band and C-band radar units, rain gauges, moisture probes and other technology. The X-band radar prototype units are portable which offers an economic advantage over the other fixed-location radar system units. In addition, X-band radar units are visually less conspicuous and “small enough that we were able to use a crane to install that first X-band radar unit on the top of a building,” said Morrison. According to Morrison, whose company provides negotiation and facilitation services for various projects which need to be coordinated between different government, state and local agencies, the AQPI project came about because the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission became concerned about extreme weather conditions such as this year’s predicted El Niño conditions. The agency was alarmed about the potential for heavy rainfall and how that could impact the agency’s ability to process wastewater. If San Francisco’s combined sewer and stormwater system’s underground storage area becomes too full from street runoff during heavy rains and enough wastewater stored in the holding area cannot be pumped back to the wastewater treatment facility in time, the excess sewage water is forced to flow into the San Francisco Bay, resulting in contamination to the Bay and causing the sewer agency to incur huge fines. Through AQPI’s enhanced weather radar system, wastewater officials will be notified of the need to increase pumping to the wastewater treatment plant. The AQPI project then expanded to include the following participating agencies: Santa Clara Valley Water District, the Sonoma County Water agency, the Bay Area Flood Protection Agencies Association, and the local sponsorship by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, an organization that oversees wetland and wildlife habitat preservation in and around the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary. AQPI will provide the estuary officials with information about impending storm surges and other weather-related events affecting the wetlands. www.my-sourcebook.com

X-Band radar in use in California.

Francesc Junyent photo

Other AQPI participants include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes based at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego, the U. S. Geological Survey agency, and Colorado State University, one of the pioneer institutions in the development of Xband radar systems and X-band radar networks. Water levels at reservoirs and dams would likely also be lowered by releasing water in advance if the AQPI radar system signals heavy rains in the future, thus avoiding spillage and overflows and to accommodate new runoff and rainfall. Since more than 50% of the San Francisco Bay Area’s rain come from atmospheric rivers which flow over the region, AQPI’s expanded radar ability to track the precipitation intensity and location, down to the neighborhood, of a storm’s landfall within two to twelve hours before heavy rain begins is enormously valuable for flood control management and dispatching emergency personnel to areas before those locations are flooded, said Morrison. “Unlike now with the more traditional weather radar systems, emergency responders will know which places are going to have

rains and possible floods, and go there rather than to where it might be raining,” he said. One of Morrison’s tasks is to coordinate funding for the AQPI project. California’s Department of Water Resource, which manages the state’s water resources. He assisted in obtaining $19 million in grant monies from California’s Proposition 84, the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond which voters passed in 2006. The $19 million will fund the first three phases of the AQPI project. Morrison will continue to facilitate negotiations for funding of the project’s final phase four, which includes offshore weather forecasting analyses done via the use of aircraft and drones. Of course, his role will involve bringing together all the remaining participating agencies—and even the National Football League because the 2016 Super Bowl 50 will be played in Santa Clara—as the project moves ahead. “There are a lot of meetings, presentations and horse trading that has to happen with a big project like this,” Morrison said. “But it’s going to be worth it in the end, come rain or shine.”

Serving the healthcare needs of our community’s children...

Pediatric Partners Established in 2000, Pediatric Partners MPC is a team of Board certified pediatricians who provide quality healthcare to our community’s children. We have consolidated our Fallbrook offices into one larger facility. Our dedicated and friendly medical professionals are: • Amanda Del Re, MD • Genevieve Minka, MD • Christine Taft, MD • Jennifer Carrasco, CPNP Pediatric Partners welcomes new patients and accepts most insurance plans- TRICARE, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna and others. 1107 S. Mission Road w Fallbrook, CA 92028 Phone: 760.451.0070

www.pediatricpartners.net SOURCEBOOK 2016


Temecula Valley Hospital Your Community Hospital


he 140-bed, fivestory Temecula Valley Hospital (TVH) is defining a new era in healthcare with its advanced technology and patient-focused care. The hospital opened on October 14, 2013 as a center for healing with a soothing environment that has peaceful scenic views, natural light and spacious, comfortable lounges. With 300 affiliated physicians, over 600 employees, and 170 volunteers, TVH offers the community a comprehensive range of services similar to hospitals in large metropolitan areas. The hospital offers major specialty services, including open heart surgery through a clinical collaboration agreement with UC San Diego Health. TVH is also designated as a STEMI Receiving Center and Stroke Ready Hospital by the Riverside County Emergency Medical Services Agency. The Joint Commission has also designated the hospital as an

hours, and families are invited to participate in the process. The hospital building itself features innovative design techniques to help enhance patient care. For example, the hospital abandoned the traditional “racetrack” design, in which patient rooms circle a central nursing station, to shorten the distance between the nursing staff and their support areas so they have more time to spend with their patients.

“Patients are treated as an integral part of the care team, encouraged to collaborate with doctors and nurses in making decisions that affect their care.” Advanced Primary Stroke Center. Patients are treated as an integral part of the care team, encouraged to collaborate with doctors and nurses in making decisions that affect their care. There are no restrictions on visiting

The Temecula Valley Hospital building was designed for future expansion to help accommodate the area’s continued growth, and the hospital’s 37-acre campus can accommodate additional expansion as community needs grow.

Unique Features and Amenities • 100 percent private rooms • Bedside electronic clinical information system • Wireless cardiac monitoring for all patient beds • Emergency services with bedside registration, 24 hours a day, seven days per week • A cardiac catheterization lab/ interventional suite • Five high-tech surgical suites • Room service dining on demand • 24-hour visitation in all patient areas • Outdoor dining • Meditation areas • Homelike waiting areas for family and friends • Décor featuring works by local photographers

Temecula Valley Hospital | 31700 Temecula Parkway | Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 331-2200 | www.temeculavalleyhospital.com 96



Temecula Valley Hospital is close by for you.

Temecula Valley Hospital Designations:

Temecula Valley Hospital is transforming the delivery of healthcare in the region with

• Advanced Primary Stroke Center

• Emergency care • Specialty programs for - Cardiac - Stroke - Orthopedics - Neurology • Innovative technology including: - Digital imaging - Cardiac catheterization lab

• STEMI Receiving Center for heart attack

• Chest Pain Center

Now online ER Wait Times • ER Reserve temeculavalleyhospital.com For a free physician referral, call 855.859.5203

Here for you when you need us. There’s no reason to go anywhere else … Temecula Valley Hospital is right here for you. Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Temecula Valley Hospital. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. 151965

31700 Temecula Parkway | Temecula, CA 92592

Smiling Through It All Not even life-threatening health challenges keep Aunjelique Andersen from serving others by Robin Thayer Courtesy photos

You could be saving somebody and not realizing it...God put you there for that moment.

– Aunjelique “Jeeky” Andersen


It’s not unusual when you first meet Aunjelique “Jeeky” Andersen, to be greeted with a beautiful smile and a face that radiates pure joy. After meeting her seven years ago, my life, and I’m sure many of those who have come to know Jeeky as well, has never been the same since. May her story be an inspiration to all. Jeeky has always been very passionate about helping people, especially children in need. With a background working in television, she double majored in Social Services and Video/ Television in college, shortly after she married Chad Andersen in 2001. That same year she started her own photography/video business, Jeeky Productions. In 2005, Jeeky worked for a year at Casa de Amparo, a children’s shelter in Oceanside. She then worked for The Outdoor Channel in Temecula. In 2008, Jeeky wanted to spend more time with her 8-year-old son, Kevin, so she started working with Bonsall Elementary School’s extended daycare program. In May of 2010, Jeeky had just turned 31. She was planning a summer program to teach a Television and Video Enrichment program to local children, combining her two passions. She also had her sights on running for Honorary Mayor of Bonsall because she wanted to serve her community. Then came the diagnosis that July. After delays because doctors thought she

was “too young to have breast cancer” and many tests, Jeeky was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer (at that time only found in three percent of women), and the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes. Being diagnosed as triple negative meant that her cancer would not respond to three common treatments. With those unavailable, she would need to endure one of the most extreme treatments available: harsh doses of chemotherapy followed by extensive radiation. But not before a double mastectomy was performed at the end of August. Did that deter Jeeky from her plans? Of course not. She went on with her enrichment program. She had just started her first round of chemotherapy when she held her first Honorary Mayor fundraiser. With her family and friends cheering, she was named Honorary Mayor of Bonsall in October. She served in that role for the next year, all while still enduring her cancer treatments. Two months into the chemotherapy and extremely ill from it, Jeeky was www.my-sourcebook.com

Jeeky and son Kevin in 2010. Jeeky had just had her long hair cut to donate to Locks of Love. Her chemo treatments were about to begin.

Jeeky’s husband, Chad, shaved his head in honor of his wife. Kevin grew out his hair so he could donate to Locks of Love. Jeeky was now undergoing chemo treatments.

also busy arranging for giving away Christmas trees to needy families -- a family tradition. On March 17, 2011, Jeeky finished her treatments and was declared cancer free. Her prognosis: 30-40 percent chance that the cancer would return within five years. What did she do? She immediately headed back to working at the extended daycare program, which she loved. In May of that same year, Jeeky, who had run in many different races throughout the years, ran in an annual 5K race that she had run the year before. She was excited to only add 4 minutes to her time! That November, she ran in the Susan G. Komen 5K and noticed that she was having difficulty breathing when running up hills. She assumed that she was still recovering from the chemotherapy treatments.

By the following March, the difficulty in breathing, combined with a racing heart, became more noticeable. Many tests and several doctors later, they narrowed in on the cause. On July 31, 2012, a test was performed at UCSD Thornton Hospital wherein Jeeky was awake while they put a scope into her heart. The outpatient test was supposed to take 30 minutes. When an hour and 30 minutes went by, Jeeky knew there was something wrong. Jeeky was admitted to the hospital after the procedure. The doctor and his head nurse entered her room. The first words the nurse said to this 32-year-old woman were, “You are dying.” Jeeky had Pulmonary Hypertension. It was so far advanced by the time she was diagnosed that her right lung and heart were severely damaged. They told her that she would probably have died of heart failure within the next two weeks. It was a slowly progressing dis-

Walt Combs, MD Single Oak Office

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M e d i c a l Daniel Nunez, PA-C

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G r o u p

Call 951-676-4193

Anna Julien, DO Murrieta Office

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Rose Kult, FNP

Temecula Pkwy Office

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Lyn Drake, FNP

Robert McDaniel, PA-C

www.RanchoFamilyMed.com • 5 Locations to Serve You FALLBROOK

521 E. Elder St, Ste 103 Michelle Uttaburanont, MD Deborah Layton, FNP Hospitalist

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Urgent Care Available 7 Days a Week in the Temecula Parkway Office Location Rancho Family Medical Group is affiliated with Regal Medical Group for all major Commercial and Senior/Medicare HMO Health Plans

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Jeeky, Honorary Mayor of Bonsall, in the Fallbrook Christmas Parade, December 2010.

ease that started in her lung, probably when she was a teenager. This then put too much stress on her heart. To make matters worse, all of the breast cancer treatments just masked the symptoms. Her prognosis: hopefully 10 years if she had medicine pumped directly into her heart and all went well. A heart and lung transplant were out of the question because she could not be put on the donor list until she was five years cancer free. At this point, she had just reached the one-year mark. The tube that would be used to pump the life-saving medicine was placed into her heart. That pump has been on her hip ever since. If removed for only 10 minutes, she would start to experience heart failure.

Jeeky was told that 100% of all patients in her condition experience depression, usually severe. Jeeky responded, “Not me!” Yes, tears flowed that day and many times since. She has had some very difficult and painful days from medicine side effects, but that beautiful smile of hers still blesses everyone around her. Her doctors had doubted her saying she would not become depressed. They no longer do. In fact, they bring medical students in to talk to her when she is getting her continued checks and treatments. Jeeky says she has a choice. She could choose to be sad, which she portrays by dramatically saying, “Ohhhhh, I have 10 years left… this sucks…being Negative Nancy all the time,” or she can be joyful that she has been given a gift, happily saying, animated with a huge smile, “What am I going to do with my 10 years?!” She then commented that this reminds her of Jesus’ parable about the 10 talents – are you going to bury or invest? Of course, Jeeky chooses to invest. And what has Jeeky done with that pump at her side in the last four years? So many things and she is just getting started. She has followed a dream and in December 2012 she performed in the first of several plays. She not only has speaking and singing parts, she tap dances! She has to be careful not to get her heart rate up too high while dancing, but she still dances – and smiles that beautiful smile.

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• Home Birth or Birth Center Birth • Water Birth and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean • Prenatal and Postpartum Care – From the beginning of pregnancy through 40 days after birth • Well Woman Care – Including Pap Smears & Breast Exams • Holistic Women’s and Children’s Health Care Most Insurances Accepted ~ Sliding Scale for Medi-Cal Families Se atendemos en español

Cristi Lewis LM, CPM, CHom 760.877.9939 hrhmidwife@gmail.com | www.hrhmidwifery.com 100

The Fallbrook Adult Day Care Center, “The Club” is a wonderful resource. A hub for fun activities, including arts & crafts, pet and music activities and gentle exercise. “The Club” is the perfect destination for those who need extra assistance or are memory impaired. We offer help by giving caregivers a breather, a time of respite, while their loved ones come for the social and fun atmosphere.”

Enjoy One Day FREE on Us! Call 760-723-7570 Foundation For Senior Care 135 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook • Lic. #374601769


If you ever see me crying for what seems to be no apparent reason, never think that it is because I am weak or I have given up. It is simply because I feel loss, triumph, and wonder. Loss because I have lost close to a year of my life, triumph over a battle, and wonder because I always wonder if people see me the same way I see myself. – Aunjelique “Jeeky” Andersen, March 8, 2011

Speaking of not getting her heart rate up, Jeeky had five doctor visits in one day scheduled at Thornton Hospital. She and her husband went to the nearby Torrey Pines Running in the Vista Strawberry 5K in 2010. Gliderport to have lunch. The next thing she knew, she was jumping off that seaside cliff with an instructor in a paraglider. She said the flight was amazing. What a great way to celebrate because the date was March 17, 2014, her third anniversary of being cancer free! At her appointment that afternoon, as part of monitoring how the heart medicine is working, the doctor asked her what she had been doing. Can you imagine the look on her doctor’s face when she told him she had just jumped off a cliff in a paraglider? Priceless. But then her doctors know that Jeeky is someone very special. When others in her same condition might be curled up in a ball in a dark room depressed, she is out in the sunlight living life to the fullest. When asked what is on her “bucket list,” the first thing she men-


tions is what she has already started doing – being a mentor to teens in the Solutions for Change Teen Program. She has also been working on another item on her list. As of February of this year, her family has completed the very intense Foster to Adopt screening process and are now on the list. The child that is fostered by Jeeky and her family will be given an incredible gift. Why is mentoring, donating and volunteering so important to her? She says, with tears in her eyes, “You could be saving somebody and not realizing it…God could put you there for that moment.” How many years does Jeeky have left on this earth? She’s not sure, but she goes unafraid into the future because of her faith saying, “I am not worried about where I am going, because I already know…if He takes me tomorrow, I am fine.” Writer’s note: May this story inspire you to cherish each heartbeat as Jeeky does. Live life to the fullest and love with all your heart. It is not the quantity of the years, but the quality of those years.

Healing Touch Massage Therapy

Yvonne Villareal, H.H.P. ~ Since 1984 Specializing in an Eclectic Blend of Swedish, Eselen, Deep Tissue, Sports, Tui Na, Reiki & Healing Touch

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rich minga facing danger on the job by Nathalie Taylor


Minga in the 2003 film “Master and Commander.”

I make a living dying – I get shot, burned, blown up, drowned, and smashed by dinosaurs.

– Rich Minga


Courtesy photos

ravery is defined as: “Ready to face and endure danger or pain.” Synonyms include, intrepid, bold, daring and courageous. All of these words can be used to describe Fallbrook’s Rich Minga, who works in the entertainment industry as a stuntman. In his chosen profession, bravery is of the utmost importance. Minga’s inaugural year was 1994, when he worked as a stunt driver in the television show, “Baywatch.” Now a seasoned veteran, he has worked on many feature films and television shows. “I make a living dying – I get shot, burned, blown up, drowned, and smashed by dinosaurs,” he said. In the 2003 film “Master and Commander” Minga said he was “killed about four or five times – drowned, hit by cannon balls, stabbed and washed down a flight of stairs by a huge wave.” The “wave” was actually water from a 500-gallon tank. “The detail on that set was unbelievable,” Minga recalled. “Every day we went into makeup for an hour… they made our eyes bloodshot, made us look exhausted and painted our teeth brown and yellow…” “Snakes on a Plane” (2006), was initially filmed in Canada, but the fuselage of

the plane was flown to Los Angeles for a re-shoot to give the “PG-13” film an “R” rating. “We did re-shoots for three days,” explained Minga. “I was a human pad – climbing over chairs and protecting actors.” For many stunts Minga drives motorcycles and cars – and crashes motorcycles and cars. Stunt driving is dangerous work, and as Minga noted, “Things can go wrong – weather, equipment failure – it is not an exact science.” Even changes in positioning of props can affect a stunt driver’s performance. “You can’t just put a hot dog cart on a corner without telling anyone.” From set decorators to special effects personnel – they all need to be vigilant about changes. If a hot dog cart was suddenly placed in a different position than what was originally planned, the driver might not be able to see a pedestrian on the corner, and that pedestrian was his cue to “slam on the brakes and slide the car.” “The smallest detail is important,” Minga stressed. Not all stuntmen have a love for driving, but Minga is one of those with a passion for it. Minga exceled in off-road racing at an early age, and in 1980 he www.my-sourcebook.com

1371 S. Mission Rd. 760-731-0133 • Personal & Small Group Training • Group Fitness, Senior & Boot Camp Classes • Child Care Available • Unique Outdoor Workout Areas


Minga’s vehicle in the Baja 1000 “Prerun.”

Minga poses with Patrick Dempsey at the 2006 Baja 1000.

raced in his first Baja 1000, finishing 6th in his class. In 1987 he was at the pinnacle of the sport when he won the offroad world championship. Minga was honored as the “1987 Overall Champion” for SCORE/HDRA by winning six of the eight races in the series. Actor Patrick Dempsey raced with Minga for the first 100 miles of the 2006 Baja 1000. During the 100-mile trip with Dempsey, a helicopter followed them along the route. He was then airlifted out to appear on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In November 2015 Minga completed another Baja 1000 – winning in his class with a BF Goodrich sponsored off-road race car. This was his fourth Baja 1000 victory.

Dust was ever-present when Minga drove a support vehicle in the “Paris to Dakar” race in January 2007. The 21-day, 7,000-mile endurance test, which concluded in Africa, led them over dunes, rocks, and other rough terrain. “It was a life-changing event,” he said. For the last three seasons Minga has worked on a Discovery Channel reality show called “Street Outlaws” (2013-present). Since the show highlights illegal street racing, there is no need for stunt drivers, so Minga was hired as a stunt coordinator and is in charge of safety. “It is a reality show. These are top notch street racers who own their own cars.” Minga explained. “This show is very dangerous.

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Calle 4ta Diaz Miron #8150 Suite 205 Downtown Tijuana, Mexico


DistriCt ProGraMs & events

Minga driving for a Fiat commercial.

It’s street racing with telephone poles and fire hydrants – it’s not a set.” Minga is also a BF Goodrich Brand Ambassador and Performance Team member, traveling the country with public appearances, ride and drive programs, and tire testing. As if he is not busy enough, Minga works as a driving instructor at the Ford Racing Minga as a Cuban policeman in “Charlie’s Angels.” School in Utah; and as a driv(TV-2011) ing instructor and guide for Wide Open Excursions. Because he is an expert on Baja travel, and an accomplished motorcyclist, Minga has found employment behind the handlebars as a guide for Baja Bound Adventures, which specializes in motorcycle tours. He recently returned from leading seven clients (riding dirt bikes) on a 1,700 mile trip. Riding motorcycles from Tecate to Cabo San Lucas – one end of Baja to the other – is a challenge, but Minga feels a great deal of satisfaction as he guides the riders. The area where they ride is desolate, but they do stop at an occasional village where the residents view them as celebrities – asking for autographs. “The villagers come flying out of their houses and we stop and talk with the kids – then give them stickers and candy,” Minga related. “When you take these riders to Baja and introduce them to the culture, it changes them forever,” Minga explained. “That is the magic of what I do down there.” Living with danger has its challenges, but Minga presses on. How does he cope with the danger? “Crashing a car or dangling on a cable fifty feet in the air can be scary,” Minga confessed. “My Christian faith comes into play. God gives me strength, support and protection. I pray before stunts – then I find peace – and am ready.” Even when Minga works as a stunt coordinator, rather than a performer, prayers are still a key part of preparation. “Whether I am slightly involved, or very involved in a stunt – I always pray.” It has been a wild ride for this bold, daring man. Each experience has been different, and each experience has had its own challenges and rewards. Where will his next adventure take him? I didn’t get a chance to ask. Like the intrepid adventurer he is, Rich Minga was off in a cloud of dust. SOURCEBOOK 2016

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Fallbrook Healthcare District is committed to: Mission stateMent Promoting the health of the people of the District and enhancing access to sustainable, quality healthcare services. vision Collaboratively identifying and supporting a broad range of healthcare needs within the District in pursuit of positive measureable outcomes in community health. values • Dedication • Efficiency • Integrity • Objectivity • Prudence • Respect • Transparency BoarD oF DireCtors

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Fallbrook Healthcare District P.o. Box 2587, Fallbrook (760) 731-9187

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SYSTEMS HELP FAMILIES & THEIR HOMES by Tom Ferrall Harry Jones, founder of PureartH2o Technolo- And then the alkaline filter regies, focuses on providing a way for families and vitalizes the water by adding estheir homes to be healthier. sential mineral back into it.“ The “I’ve always been interested in cleaner water,” human body is composed of 70% said Jones, master plumber who decided to spe- water. We maintain a healthy What Partaof cialize in the water filtration business more than balance through what we drink Don’t You nine years ago. Want toand what we eat every day. A Courtesy photos In an effort to help people enjoy cleaner, healthhealthy PH is above 7 which Harry Jones. Hear? ier water, Jones created a line of products that im- is alkaline, below 7 is a acidic. Drinking alkaline water brings up proves the water you receive from your local water your PH. When your PH is high (alkaline), your immune system is Don’t systems, miss I Lovewhole You or any other and in a much more protective mode. People with ailments district through reverse osmosis boosted sweet sounds this February… house filters, and water softeners. or diseases usually have low PH (acidic), so it’s important to keep How well will you hear your loved one during a Valentine’s dinner date? Will you be able to hear Dorothy tell Jerry “My filtration system gives you better quality your PH up.” “You Had Me at Hello” during movie night with your girlfriends? water by greatly reducing contaminants as One of Jones’ signature products is Scalexpel Water Conditioner, We understandsuch how challenging hearing problems can be fora green people. solution to residential hard water problems. chloramines, pesticides, and solvents,” said Jones.

I Love You

Every day we see people leaning forward, heads cocked and even cupping their ears—struggling to hear. As hearing care professionals with over 65 years of experience, we help people find solutions for better hearing so people, like you can hear I Love You this Valentine’s Day or any day of the year. The best way to reassure yourself that you are not missing sweet sounds this February is to get a comprehensive hearing exam and consultation at Miracle-Ear.

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The Miracle-Ear Advantage! 3-Year Warranty on Most Hearing Aids* One of the BEST warranties in the industry! FREE Lifetime Aftercare Follow up appointments for cleaning, adjustments, minor repairs and hearing tests are always convenient and free. Over 1,200 Locations Nationwide to Service Your Hearing Needs No matter where life takes you, you’ll find the same outstanding Miracle-Ear care and service. 65 Years in Business Miracle-Ear is America’s Most Recognized Brand in Hearing Aids! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee** You’ll love your new hearing aid, or we’ll take it back. Leading Edge Technology Our newest products featuring GENIUS™ provide high definition digital sound. Serving People in Our Communities The Miracle-Ear Foundation™ and its donors provide hearing aids and aftercare services, free of CELEBRATION!charge, to those in need.


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*Audiotone® Pro not included. **If you are not completely satisfied, the aids may be returned for a full refund within <xx> days of the completion of fitting, in satisfactory condition. Fitting fees may apply. See store for details. †Studies conducted at the University of Northern Colorado (2014) and Oldenburg Horzentrum (2013) showed that Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using GENIUS with Directional Focus, compared to people with normal hearing. This corresponds to over 25% improvement in speech understanding.



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You’re InvIted to help us celebrate our neW, COnVenient location!

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n LEADING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY, customized to your unique hearing needs, preferences and lifestyle n 65+ YEARS OF INNOVATION in hearing technology, starting with our introduction of the world’s first all-in-the-ear hearing aid n 100% INVISIBLE AND DISCREET models of hearing aids, so you can hear your best and live your life with the utmost confidence n THE PEACE OF MIND that comes with a satisfaction guarantee, plus a 3-year limited* warranty and 3-year loss and damage protection n A LIFETIME OF AFTERCARE at no extra charge, including hearing aid checkups, cleaning and adjustment † ? 1,200 LOCATIONS across the country, assuring you of hearing n MORE THAN outstanding care and service wherever you live or travel n A COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY through the Miracle-Ear Foundation, which partners with local Miracle-Ear representatives and donors to provide free hearing aids and services to eligible adults and children


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People want better, cleaner water. That’s what I do. I’m covering your health, home or property, your appliances, and fixtures. – Harry Jones, founder of PureartH2o

Once scale forms on your faucets and glass, it’s very difficult to remove.

“The build-up of mineral deposits in your water heater, faucets, and shower valves is a costly problem, particularly in hard water areas, where water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium,” explained Jones. “Mineral deposits will start to form corrosion the minute your appliances and fixtures are installed. “Scalexpel water conditioner provides the green solution to residential hard water problems and has proven effective in significantly reducing mineral build-up on faucets, shower valves, and tankless water heaters,” continued Jones. “After it’s installed, it goes to work on your existing scale as well. And with proper care, it keeps all your plumbing faucets, fixtures and appliances looking like new, and keeps maintenances low too.” Jones added that his products are “a must”for people doing a home remodel. “If you’re remodeling your home or buy a new house, you invested a lot of money in your new faucets and appliances, Protect them!” said Jones.

Jones said all of his products work to reduce the chloramine in your water. Chloramine is used by San Diego area water districts to disinfect water supplies. “Since many water districts switched from chlorine to chloramines for disinfection of drinking water, reports have surfaced that chloramines may damage Reverse osmosis systems pipes and appliances,” said Jones. “It has provide the whole household been linked to pinholes pitting in cop- with bottled-quality water. per pipes. Also, it may react with certain types of rubber washerO-rings, such as those used on angle stops, flexible lines, and water heaters.” When asked to summarize PureartH2o Technologies, Jones responded,“People want better, cleaner water. That’s what Scalexpel is a green product that I do. I’m covering your health, home or dramatically reduces scale buildproperty, your appliances and fixtures. up and minimizes corrosion. It’s simple to install and comes with a 10 year warranty.” For more information on PureartH2o Technologies, call Harry Jones toll-free at 1-888-614-4483. You can also email him at: hjones@purearth2o.com or visit his web site at www.purearth2o.com.

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Local Invaluable Benefits of


by Julie Reeder Honey has been enjoyed both as a sweetener and for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It’s been used for soaps, creams, and cosmetics. It’s great for cooking, mixes well in baked goods, salad dressings, tea, and pairs well with cheeses, fruit, yogurts, etc. Did you know there were 2,000 year old vats of sealed honey found in King Tut’s tomb? The honey is believed to still be edible. Honey is the only food produced by insects that humans can eat. It’s the only food item created with the sole purpose of being stored. Why? Since bees need to eat during the winter, and plants aren’t flowering, they needed a food source that wouldn’t spoil after a few months. They needed something non-perishable (at least for a year or so) and nutritious — they needed honey. During its production, the bees slightly overcompensate, creating a nutritious food that has the potential to last for hundreds of years or more. No other food source is created this way and we now know that in addition to its great taste and medicinal purposes, it contains great nutrition. Is all honey equal? No. Local raw honey is the best. Our area produces some wonderfully rich and tasteful honey, including orange blossom and sage. The very best raw honey will also be organic – beekeepers must adhere to very strict regulation in order to be certified organic. While it’s hard to pin down an exact definition of “raw” honey, a label that says “untreated” or “unpasteurized” may be an indication, but not a guarantee. The words “natural” or “pure” don’t mean anything in regards to honey processing.


Many beekeepers consider honey raw only if it has not been heated above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it is heated above 105 degrees, the consistency changes along with the taste. Pasteurized honey is heated to increase shelf life and prevent crystallization. It can be heated to 161 degrees or higher and at that point, many of its beneficial properties are compromised. Raw honey typically contains small wax particles and pollen. Honey in its purest raw form is alkalinizing in the stomach and contains amylase, an enzyme that helps break down foods containing starch. Strained honey, also known as filtered honey, has had the particles removed, but not the pollen. Much of the honey found in grocery stores may contain corn syrup or cane sugar. In order to test your honey to see if it is unadulterated, combine a tablespoon of honey to a cup of water and see if it dissolves easily. Real honey doesn’t dissolve very easily in water. Or, place a cotton wick in a tablespoon of honey and light it. Honey will burn. Bee pollen also is very valuable. It is the male seed of a flower blossom, collected by honey bees and combined with the insects’ digestive enzymes. It’s considered by many as a perfect superfood because it’s so highly assimilable, and its nourishment, containing nearly all nutrients humans need to thrive, including protein. It is 40 percent protein, with about half in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body. It’s even richer in protein than any animal source and contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. In addition to the luxurious benefits of

If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. – Albert Einstein

honey bee products, bees are so important to our agricultural area for pollenization. Did you know that each bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip? And they do it for free! More than 85 percent of the Earth’s food system relies on pollinators to exist. Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.” The honeybee population of the planet has been in steady decline since the 1940s. There has been much written about it, being commonly referred to as colony collapse disorder (CCD). During the winter of 2012/2013 it is believed that there was a 30 percent loss in honeybee colonies. Researchers are working to identify the problem and rectify it. Some of the possible culprits are believed to be pesticides, pathogens, parasites, or environmental stressors. Some believe it may also have something to do with wireless signals confusing their communication systems. Whatever the cause, what can you do to promote healthy bee activity? Create wildflower areas for bees and adopt less aggressive, less pesticide-intensive practices, especially the use of pesticides with neonicotinoids. This way we can contributing to the health and beauty of our area – nutritionally and agriculturally! www.my-sourcebook.com

Fallbrook EyEcarE cEntEr Providing Complete Eye Care For Adults And Children With A Highly Trained Staff To Tend To Our Patient’s Eyecare Needs.

Services Include: • Comprehensive Eye Examinations • Fashionable & Trendy Eyewear Sunglasses • Contact Lenses • Optical Dispensing • Co-management for Laser Surgery • Protective Sports Eyewear • Industrial Eyewear

Diagnosis & treatment: • Eye Infections • Eye Injuries • Dry Eyes • Eye Diseases • Cataracts • Glaucoma & Diabetic Eye Exams

Specialty Item contact lenses Include: • Bifocal • Toric • Synergeyes Hybrid • Keratoconus

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Minor repair and Fabrication of Glasses available on Site *Some restrictions apply.

Roy Moosa

A man of many endeavors by Chuck Tillotson

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OPEN Mon-Fri 8-5 & Sat 8-2

Roy Moosa grew up in New Jersey, so his first exposure to the wide open spaces was when he came to California in 1971 to attend University of Southern California (USC). There he obtained a bachelor’s and master’s in Cinema and after graduation moved to Orange County and worked for Fortune 500 companies as their advertising and media manager. In 1982, Moosa started up his own video and advertising company and produced TV commercials, corporate presentations, and eventually became a public communications specialist. Moosa moved to Fallbrook in 1994 because he was so impressed with the quaint rural character of the town. He decided this was the place to live for him, his wife Christine, and their two daughters, Jennifer and Lauren. In 2005 he purchased a commercial building in the downtown portion of the village and set up his business, which by then included a real estate brokerage, a tax consultant business, and a licensed automobile dealer specializing in classic cars. Roy’s first venture in taking on a leadership role in the community was when he was elected President of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club in 2009. He worked hard at organizing and building up its membership and reputation to the point that in 2015 the club enjoyed its largest and most successful car show ever, which drew an attendance of over 20,000 people. He also envisioned the potential for retaining the rural character of the village and its charm, which many of the surrounding communities had tried to do. In 2014 he became President of the Fallbrook Historical Society, which up until then had done a good job in maintaining historical records of Fallbrook but needed fresh energy. Like the car club, he began building membership, working on publicity and established a downtown presence in the Juice Bar on Main Ave. More recently, Roy worked to put together a merger of the Historical Society and the historic Reche Schoolhouse organization that further expands the overall collection of Fallbrook’s history into one unit. His goal is to continue to focus attention on the society and the rich history of Fallbrook as www.my-sourcebook.com

Roy Moosa (L), President of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club being presented the first print of the poster for the 2015 Car Show by Mike Johnson (center) and Bill Ahrend (R) co-chairs of poster development. [Left page] Historic lithographs used by early Fallbrook fruit growers, provided by board member Mary Belton, which Roy arranged to have installed in the Juice Bar on Main Ave. to provide a downtown presence for the Fallbrook Historical Society. Courtesy photos

well as expanding its presence in the downtown area. In 2014, Roy took on yet another endeavor and became President of the Fallbrook Village Association (FVA) and began working with the Chamber and the downtown merchants to develop special programs to attract visitors. One of the most recent successes was with Hot Summer Nights. After Fallbrook Connections Networking founded the events, the FVA took over sponsorship and the last two years created “Fallbrook Summer Nights.” The goal of these events was to attract families by creating a small town festival feeling. During those evenings, attendees enjoyed displays, vendor booths, music and dancing, car shows, and entertainment for children. Each night had a different theme. Roy also chairs the Fallbrook Revitalization Committee and coordinates the use of the Vince Ross Village Square at Alvarado and Main Ave., the Heyneman Park at Beech and Mission, and the Fallbrook Library parking lot, which is a parking trust. In addition, he is an elected member of the Fallbrook Community Planning Group that meets once a month to review planning and land use issues. However, the most admirable aspect about Roy’s activities is that he manages, in a very calm and unruffled manner, to carry out all of these civic-minded endeavors while still operating his real estate business (Sun Realty), classic car sales (Horizon Motors) and his tax consulting business (Sentry Financial Services). When he is asked why he involves himself in so many endeavors, most of them without remuneration, his response is that he is “on a mission to help revitalize Fallbrook by preserving and promoting what the village already has, and that is the ‘Charm of Small One of the “Fallbrook Summer Nights” events that Roy worked to produce in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Town America.’” the downtown merchants. SOURCEBOOK 2016

Expanded Automotive Repairs & Services Classic Car & Hot Rod Repairs

FAST • HONEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP Come in for your next tune-up or engine repair

• 30K, 60K, 90K Services • Oil Changes • High Performance Modifications • Cold Air Intakes • Trailer Hitches • Shocks & Struts • Electrical Wiring • Brakes

• Performance Chips • Headers/ Manifolds • Catalytic Converters • Welding • Custom Exhaust • Suspension Modifications

And more!

Mon-Sat 8-5 | 212 W. Beech Street, Fallbrook

760.728.1234 sonnysmufflers.com Locally Owned & Operated by Fallbrook Residents Sonny & Shannon Johnson 111

Apostolic Assembly – The Faith

Community Baptist Church

135 E. Ivy St. Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1717

731 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-2966 www.cbcfallbrook.org fallbrookcommunitybaptist@yahoo.com

Baha’I Faith – Fallbrook PO Box 36, Fallbrook, CA 92088 800-22-UNITE

Bonsall Community Church 31542 Old River Rd., Bonsall, CA 92003 PO Box 21, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-945-1276

Calvary Chapel of Fallbrook 488 Industrial Way. A-1, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-9138 www.ccfallbrook.com

Centro Cristiano de Victoria 405 W. Fig St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-586-8144 or 760-453-1021

Christ Church Fallbrook 2000 Reche Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-2007 www.christchurchfallbrook.org

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church 131 E. Fig St., Ste #3, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-613-7402 www.cornerstonefallbrook.org office@cornerstonefallbrook.org

El Alfarero Located at Living Waters Christian Fellowship 2000 Reche Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92029 760-484-6858

616 E. Alvarado St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 619-201-2680 760-645-3003

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 512 S Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-2274

Life Pointe Church 221 N. Pico Avenue, Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 2648, Fallbrook, CA, 92088 760-728-7771 www.lifepointefallbrook.com fallbrookfirstbaptist@gmail.com

Fallbrook United Methodist Church 1844 Winterhaven Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1472 www.fallbrookumc.org

Church of Christ

First Church of Christ Scientist

621 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-4244 www.lds.org

Iglesia Pentecostes Casa de Adoracion

911 E. Elder St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-2667 www.emmanuelbaptistfallbrook.com pastorsw@sbcglobal.net

First Christian Church

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints

Located at Zion Lutheran Church 1405 E Fallbrook St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-518-2203

Emmanuel Baptist Church

1620 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-3256 www.ctklc-fallbrook.org 1588 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 1821 Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-3900 www.fallbrookchurchofchrist.org church@fallbrookchurchofchrist.org

Iglesia Cristiana Mas Que Vencedores

318 W. Fig St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-7649

1109 E. Fallbrook St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-0242

Grace Presbyterian Church Fallbrook (PCA) 1978 Reche Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-689-2213 www.gracefallbrook.org questions@gracefallbrook.org

Hilltop Center 331 E. Elder St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-8291 www.cslfallbrook.org

Living Waters Christian Fellowship 2000 Reche Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1685 www.lwcfchurch.com

Mission San Antonio de Pala 3015 Pala Mission Rd., Pala, CA 92059 PO Box 70, Pala, CA 92059 760-742-3317 www.missionantonio.org

New Song Inland Hills Church 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-560-5000 www.newsongchurch.com

North Coast Church 2400 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 Ofc: 550 Industrial Way, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-2888 www.n.coastchurch.com

church Guide Mike McCoy photo



Pauma Valley Community Church

Seventh Day Adventist Spanish Church

32077 Community Church Drive, Pauma Valley, CA 92061 PO Box 345, Pauma Valley, CA 92061 760-742-3551 www.paumavalleychurch.com ministry@paumavallerychurch.com

439 Iowa St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-1661

1636 E. Mission Rd. Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-6814 www.ststephenfallbrook.com

SonRise Christian Fellowship

The Potters House Christian Center

463 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-5804 www.sonrisefallbrook.com

504 E. Alvarado St., Ste. 107, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-822-7151

Pentecostals of Fallbrook 805 “C” E. Mission Rd. Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-451-0567

Rainbow Community Church 2560 Rainbow Valley Blvd, Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-2051 www.rainbowcommunitychurch.com rainbowcommunitychurch@gmail.com

Riverview Church 4980 Sweetgrass Ln., Bonsall, CA 92003 760-941-1430 www.refc.org | riverview@refc.org

Seventh Day Adventist English Church 1200 Rainbow Valley Blvd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-723-7733 www.fallbrookadventist.org fbrooksda@gmail.com


St. John’s Episcopal Church 434 N. Iowa St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 PO Box 1576, Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-728-2908 www.stjohnsfallbrook.com

St. Stephen Lutheran Church

The Waters Church 40055 Ross Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-703-0590 www.thewaterschurch.com

Zion Lutheran Church 1405 E. Fallbrook St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-728-8288 www.zlcs.org zionchurch@zlcs.org

St. Peter’s Catholic Community Church 450 S. Stage Coach Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-689-6200 www.stpeter-fallbrook.org


Ongoing renovations help Fallbrook’s oldest church keep its heritage intact by Sandra Shrader

If Norman Rockwell had ever traveled to by members of the Methodist Episcopal Fallbrook in the last century, there’s a good Church, a religious movement that began chance that the iconic artist who captured to be popular in United States shortly after quaint scenes of American life would have the American Revolutionary War. In 1965, been inspired to do a painting of the First ownership of the church changed to First Christian Church. Christian Church. They both would have been roughly Although funds have been limited for the same age. Rockwell was born in 1894, repairs, the largest renovation project is just a few years after construction of the nearly finished because eighty percent of small, picturesque house of worship the roof replacement recently has been with its splendid steeple and bell tower Stained glass on the second floor of First Christian Church in Fallbrook. done, he said. [Top] Fallbrook’s First Christian Church Pastor Gary Galbraith, inside was completed in 1888. Unlike the artist, the church’s stained glassed foyer. “However, as was a common design Shane Gibson photos however, who died in 1978, the little whitecomponent for churches constructed in the shingled church on the hillside corner of Fig Street and Mission late 19th century, the pitch of our church’s roof was built at a steep Avenue is still standing. Its nearly 135-year-old structure a tangible angle so there were safety issues, and we couldn’t offset the cost by link to the days when the railroad first brought new settlers to using volunteers to help with the re-roofing,” said Galbraith. “But Fallbrook. we’ve made good progress, and once the rest of the new roofing is But as with all buildings of historic years, the First Christian done, then we’ll be looking at other repairs such as upgrading the Church is constantly in need of loving care, according to its pastor building’s electrical and plumbing systems.” Gary Galbraith, who has been leading the church’s congregation The current congregation at the First Christian Church is about since November of 2015. seventy-five people, according to the pastor, and at a maximum “Our church is the oldest church in Fallbrook. It was the first the cozy structure, built when Fallbrook was a fledgling, sparselychurch built here and, while it is quite sturdy, there is a lot of repair populated township, can hold two hundred worshipers. work that has been done and still needs to be done,” said Galbraith, Galbraith added that, although the church was mainly adding that the original construction of the building was done constructed with what he believed to be durable red cedar wood, 114


Fallbrook Transportation Providing Luxury Transportation to the Friendly Village

[Top] The Fallbrook First Christian Church was built in 1887 and still uses the original pews after the church’s construction. [R] First Christian Church Pastor Gary Galbraith at the church podium.

dry rot is an issue in other parts of the building including its carved corbels and fancy wooden moldings. “Over the years, moisture has gotten inside some of the decorative elements, for example,” he said. “The corbels look just fine from the outside because they have been painted over and painted over, but they are filled with dry rot so they need to be replaced.” Preventing damage to the church’s exterior from water runoff on the hillside streets is another matter that needs to be be addressed, Galbraith continued, noting that affordable solutions included low barriers of brick or stone around the base of the building. Also, not to be overlooked for overhaul are the stained glass windows which are original to the structure, he added, explaining that over time the leading that holds the colorful glass pieces together has worn down, causing the glass to “sag and bow out in some places.” According to historical records, First Christian Church was originally built at a cost of $3500, but congregation members were able to raise $2700, leaving a debt of $800. Galbraith wishes that the repair costs needed to keep the church, its steeple, and its classrooms and kitchen (added between 19301940) were as manageable as what it cost to build it in 1888. He estimates that repair expenses for the antique building could be as much as $150,000, and fundraising has been a very slow process. But the pastor is committed to the cause. “It’s a constant labor of love, and we’ve put a lot of elbow grease and dedication into keeping our church building as safe and beautiful as it is,” said Galbraith. “And we plan to keep on doing that. This church is an important part of the community, past and present.” And in this age of mega-churches with tilt-up concrete walls and theater-style seating, such devotion to keeping the historical and petite First Christian Church, whose bell rang in the birth of the last century, standing tall in Fallbrook throughout the 21st century too is reassuring indeed. First Christian Church renovations include a new roof.


Gary Galbraith is the pastor of First Christian Church, located at 318 West Fig Street in Fallbrook, CA 92028. For more information, call 760-7287649 or visit www.facebook.com/ FCCofFallbrook/


Owner and driver of Fallbrook Transportation Teresa Harsha

hile the Friendly Village is a small community, there are plenty of times when locals and visitors need someone to transport them to the airport, a cruise terminal or to an evening out with someone special. When the need arises, the community turns to Fallbrook Transportation LLC for luxury door-to-door service. With luxury sedans and van service available for transport, Fallbrook Transportation provides an intimate experience as clients commute or simply want to enjoy a lovely dinner without worrying about the drive home. Owners Randy and Teresa Harsha have prided themselves on providing excellent service, regardless the transportation need. As longtime Fallbrook residents, Randy and Teresa want to let customers know how much they care about the community. “Many of our clients are referrals from satisfied customers. I have even had the pleasure of transporting some of my fellow classmates!” said Teresa. “We offer door-to-door service at a flat rate. We are not a shuttle or taxi service, and we don’t pick up others that aren’t in your party. We strongly feel our rates are competitive for the services we provide and we do not have any hidden charges or surge fees.” Because Fallbrook Transportation has been serving the Friendly Village for over 16 years, the company has acquired many devoted customers, and gives a special shout out to the Friends of Fallbrook for encouraging the community to support other locals with small businesses. “Being born and raised here gives me a great sense of community. We firmly believe in supporting Fallbrook,” said Teresa. “We not only live local, we shop local. Our customers support us because we support the community.” Don’t hesitate to call Fallbrook Transportation LLC. Operating 24/7 they are available most of the time with short notice. Reservations are appreciated. Get your travel experience off to a great start with Fallbrook Transportation LLC. After all, the important part is getting there!

Fallbrook Transportation LLC TCP-014165-P (760) 728-9665 | (888) 401-8294 www.fallbrooktransportation.com fbrktran@pacbell.net


The 51st Annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show An Experience for the Whole Family


or the past 50 years, thousands of people have gathered in Fallbrook to celebrate some of the most beautiful automobiles ever built. On May 29, 2016, The Fallbrook Vintage Car Club will host the 51st annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show (FVCC) “On the Grass” at Pala Mesa Resort, where last year over 20,000 visitors and enthusiasts flocked to the event. Just a few of the 450 cars showing at this year’s event will include everything from early 1900s Brass Era originals; 30s and 40s cars of every description and make; original and modified cool cars of the 50s; muscle cars of the 60s and 70s; and anything at least 25 years old. Car lovers can spend hours going through hundreds of vintage cars that span the decades. The 2016 featured cars will be the authentic 289 and 427 cobras (1961-1967) and GT350S and GT500S GT mustangs (1965-1967). Guests can watch as awards are given to the best judged class and non-class vehicles, while talking to owners. Many of them have taken years restoring their vehicles to better than original factory condi-

Thousands of people enjoy the annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show

tion, and have spent many hours before the show cleaning, polishing, and preparing their pristine vintage stock and modified vehicles for the event. The beautiful vintage vehicles will be set in the gorgeous backdrop of the Pala Mesa Resort, just off of Old Highway 395. This year, parking has been doubled and the number of entrances tripled, with the California Highway Patrol providing traffic control for easy access to the show at the major intersections on 395 to speed traffic and parking. Guests can also enter exclusive FVCC raffles, buy FVCC car show posters, or even purchase unique merchandise that cannot be found elsewhere. The 51ST Annual If some of the family isn’t keen on cars, there are plenty of other activities FALLBROOK VINTAGE CAR SHOW to enjoy. Over 75 vendors will have wares to sell, and guests can stop by Sunday, May 29TH the beer and wine garden to refresh Featured Cars - Shelby Originals themselves, enjoy the faire of the many food vendors while strolling through the grounds. As the day progresses, everyone can head to the free live concert and enjoy some of the top hits from the Woodie and the Longboards Beach Boys Tribute band, the Heartbreak Hotel Eagles Tribute band, and the Hard Days OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FROM 9:30 UNTIL 4 Night Beatles Tribute band. The three WITH FREE ADMISSION AND PARKING AM


On the Grass at Pala Mesa Resort • Swap Meet • Beer and Wine Garden • Food Vendors • Free Live Concert Beach Boys • Eagles • Beatles • Tribute Bands • Children’s Play Area - Bounce Houses and More FALLBROOK VINTAGE CAR CLUB PALA MESA RESORT For Info and Registration Go to: FALLBROOKVINTAGECARCLUB.ORG OR SCAN QR CODE Proceeds Support Youth Organizations, Senior and Civic Organizations, and Military Groups

palamesa.com 760.731.6807


2001 Old Hwy 395 Fallbrook, CA 92028

one-hour concerts will be held at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. As parents enjoy themselves, children can visit the play area created just for them, with bounce houses and more to enjoy. The FVCC has proudly supported many of Fallbrook’s nonprofit organizations throughout the years, and proceeds from the car show will go to support youth, senior and military organizations around the community. “Last year, the FVCC gave back $17,000 to various nonprofit organizations,” said Doug Allen, the 2016 FVCC car show chair. “That includes the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, REINS, Fallbrook High School sports teams, the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, and many more.” Fallbrook’s various organizations rally around the car show, said Allen. “We have well over 200 volunteers from the different organizations helping at the event,” he said. The Fallbrook Vintage Car Show will be held on May 29, 2016 rain or shine, and will be open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission and parking are free. For pre-paid preferred parking to the car show on the Pala Mesa Resort, go to www.palamesa.com/preferred-parking. For more information, go to www.fallbrookvintagecarclub.org.

Fallbrook Vintage Car Club www.fallbrookvintagecarclub.org carshowchair@fallbrookvintagecarclub.org www.my-sourcebook.com

The 51ST Annual

FALLBROOK VINTAGE CAR SHOW Sunday, May 29TH at Pala Mesa Resort

Featured Cars - Shelby Originals


On the Grass at Pala Mesa Resort • Swap Meet • Beer and Wine Garden • Food Vendors • Free Live Concerts Beach Boys, Eagles, and Beatles Tribute Performances FALLBROOK VINTAGE CAR CLUB PALA MESA RESORT For Info and Registration Go to: FALLBROOKVINTAGECARCLUB.ORG OR SCAN QR CODE Proceeds Support Youth Organizations, Senior and Civic Organizations, and Military Groups

palamesa.com 760.731.6807

2001 Old Hwy 395 Fallbrook, CA 92028

Jack Story The Music Man by Chuck Tillotson

Jack Story was born in 1934 in Fallbrook and has lived his entire life in this charming village community except for a two-year stint in the Army. In the early days of his life, Fallbrook was a farming community, so Story had to combine the chores of farm work with education. While he performed farm chores very well, he was quite self-conscious in school and found achievement in scholastics very challenging. School was quite competitive for Story; his peers could spell better, learn arithmetic faster and even excel in sports more than he could. So, it was a music teacher that began Story’s lifelong adventure with music. His school music teacher told his parents that Story seemed to have an aptitude for music. His father asked him if he wanted to play an instrument and after saying yes, Story was presented with an alto saxophone that had been in the family. Story learned how to play the sax very quickly and it helped him gain confidence in himself. His music teacher was impressed with his ability and began scheduling special performances for Story all over town, some out of town and even at music festivals where he always achieved a superior rating. And, with a last name like Story, it wasn’t hard for people to remember him. As time went on, Story also developed an interest in singing and in 1952 he joined a local group that sang barbershop harmony. In 1954, the Barbershop Singers called themselves the Avocado Empire Chapter of Barbershoppers and became affiliated with the International Society now located in Nashville, Tenn. After a few years the Avocado Empire group changed its name to the Palomar Pacific Chapter of Barbershop Singers as it remains today. In 1955 Story was drafted into the Army and his music background and ability placed him with the 282nd Army Band stationed in Fort Jackson near Columbia, S.C. where he served out his two

The 4CITY4 Barbershop Quartet pose for a publicity photo in 1990. From l to r, Dick Stern (lying down), Lloyd Davis, Charlie Brown and Jack Story. Courtesy photos


Jack and his wife Shirley at the January 2016 Installation Banquet for the Pal Pac Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

years of duty. While there, he met his wife Shirley and after he was discharged, they returned to Fallbrook where Story began a career in agriculture by managing a 55-acre avocado grove for 15 years. Eventually, Story became recognized for his grove management skills and that led to managing avocado groves for other people as a business, which he did for the remainder of his active career. However, managing the business of farming and the groves didn’t prevent Story from continuing his association with the Music Men Chorus of the Palomar Pacific Chapter of Barbershop Singers. He became very active in this association and throughout the years in addition to harmony singing he has served as Music Director and held most of the Board positions including President of the group. For over 20 years he also sang in a quartet called the “4 FOR 4.” In the world of Barbershopping, they were well known throughout the western states. Over the last 62 years, Barbershop singing and playing the sax was his avocation, and he is still actively involved with both forms of music. Upon request, Story plays his sax at various events as well as continuing to sing barbershop regularly with the Music Men Chorus. Another avid interest in Story’s life has been the participation and involvement in the Fallbrook Historical Society. Since joining the Society in the early 70s, Story has served this organization in many ways including tenure on its Board as a Member at Large, Vice President, President and Landscape Manager as well as a docent. He has written many articles about the rich history of Fallbrook including a booklet of his own memories of his life in this town. Story is also a treasured resource for anyone needing historical information about Fallbrook in the days gone by. After all these years, Jack Story is still full of enthusiasm for life, has a strong Christian faith and is looking forward to the future for many more years of music and fun.

Jack with his favorite tenor sax (circa 1981), which he still plays today at various events throughout the local area.

Pictured at the Jan. 2016 installation ceremony are members of the Music Men Chorus, from left, Kerry Witkin, installing officer; Al Leuthe, president; Jack Story, past president and founding member; Charlie Wendt, music/performance; Tom Redler, marketing/PR; Bill Olszanicky, chapter dev.; Roger Hufferd, programs; and Alex Turmulo, sec./treasurer.




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ARC FOR TOKENS e) (A $ 75 Valu purchase th the Available wi hday Package. rt Bi of any


*Price for up to 10 Guests. $10.99 for each additional participant.

Deposit Required. No personal checks accepted. Height, age, weight and footwear restrictions may apply. Water Slides only available during select water slide operating dates. these packages are not valid with any other offer. times and dates are limited. please call location for details. Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance. All parties must begin at the scheduled time. No outside food or drinks allowed, excluding birthday cakes and ice cream.

25 Discount!

Bring in this ad for a $

* • Invitations $ • Party Supplies pLuS tAx • 1 1/2 Hours in Party Area • A Host to Serve & Assist • 2 Slices Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza • Unlimited Soft Drinks

ALL DAY Unlimited use: • Go-Karts • Lazer Tag • Miniature Golf • Rock Wall • Carousel • The Train • Tea Cups • Frog Hopper • Rookie Go-Karts


Water Slides SEASONAL

*Price for up to 10 Guests. $15.99 for each additional participant

Reservations required. Discount available on any of our birthday packages with minimum of 10 guests. Discount given at time of party. Not valid with other offers or discounts. No cash value. Mention “Sourcebook” when making reservations. Expires 4/1/17.

Cheryl Nurse photo


Thomas Rondeau photo

Shirley Binn photo

Cheryl Nurse photo

Cheryl Nurse photo

Every Sunday, 10am-3pm Sunday Farmers Market at the Valley Fort Located at 3757 S. Mission Road in Fallbrook. Vendors vary weekly. Lots of local produce, plants and florals, handmade quilts, gift items and much more!


Fourth Sunday of Every Month Classical Sundays The Fallbrook Music Society presents concerts throughout the year. For more information visit: www.fallbrookmusicsociety.org. Sunday April 17, 9am-5pm 30th Annual Fallbrook Avocado Festival This yearly festival hits Main Street in Fallbrook and celebrates its agricultural heritage. Come enjoy delicious food, live music, arts & crafts, farmers markets and much, much more! Shuttles available, no pets allowed. For more information, call the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce at (760) 728-5845. Saturday April 23, 6-11pm Masquerade Dinner and Auction Gala Benefit for Boys & Girls Clubs of North County. Including silent auction, dinner, dancing and entertainment. Located at Pala Casino Spa and Resort, 11154 Highway 76, Pala. Tickets on sale at www.bgcnorthcounty.org. For more information, call (760) 728-5871 or email brianpa@bgcnorthcounty.org. This is a 21+ event. Sunday April 24, 11am-4pm Arts in the Park Bring the kids! A lovely day to take a stroll through the paths surrounded by Live Oak trees and smiling faces. Enjoy art-related activities, such as hands-on crafts, live entertainment, music, magic and puppet shows! Admission is free and food is available for purchase. Parking is $3 (parking is limited - free shuttle bus from Potter school parking lot). Live Oak Park, 2746 Reche Road, Fallbrook. For more information visit: www.rallyforchildren.org. Saturday April 30, 10am-4pm “A SOoo California Garden” Show The Fallbrook Garden Club presents its 82nd flower show, which is an “all horticulture” show with an emphasis on what works best in a Southern California garden subject to a variety of temperatures and water needs. There will also be a plant sale, workshops and information booths. No admission charge. Located at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1620 S. Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook. Saturday April 30, 11 am REINS of Life Golf Tournament Tournament to benefit REINS therapeutic horsemanship therapy program; event to pay honor to golfers of the 20s and 30s; golfers encouraged to wear argyle socks, vintage golf caps, knickers, etc. Registration 11 am; shotgun start at 12:30; cocktail hour 5:30 to 6 pm; dinner 6 pm. Located at Vista Valley Country Club. For more information or to register, call REINS at (760) 731-9168. Saturday May 14 Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Leave your non-perishable food donation outside by your mailbox in a bag or box for collection, and the USPS will donate it!


of EVENTS Saturday May 14, 11 am Fallbrook Library’s Annual Luncheon Fallbrook’s 2016 Community Read activities end with a luncheon featuring Hector Tobar, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of this year’s read, Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of the 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free. Tickets are $35 and go on sale Feb. 19 at The Bottom Shelf (at the library) or on www.fallbrooklibraryfriends.org.

Sunday May 29, 9:30am-4pm Fallbrook Vintage Car Club 51st Annual Car Show Come participate in this historic event! Over 400 show cars, over 70 swap meet vendors, food available for purchase, beer & wine garden and live DJ. Woodie and the Longboards will perform three live tribute sets at 11:00, 1:00 and 2:30. (Beach Boys, Eagles and Beatles). Proceeds benefit numerous, local charitable causes. Free parking and admission. Located at Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Highway 395, Fallbrook. For more info and car registration visit www.fallbrookvintagecarclub.org.

Saturday April 30, 5:30-10pm Wine, Brews & Blues Festival Live blues, silent auction, art sales, hot rods, dancing, dessert court, wine & handcrafted beer tasting with food from local restaurants. Proceeds benefit local and international charities. Presented by the Rotary Club of Bonsall. Located at the California Center for the Arts Escondido, 340 N. Escondido Blvd, Escondido. Visit www.bonsallrotary.com for tickets. 21+ Event. Saturday May 28, 7:15am-noon Avocado Half Marathon & 5K Race starts and ends downtown on Main Avenue at Alvarado Street. This year’s event is raising money for Fueled by the Fallen, which honors the military and public service agents who have lost their life protecting America. For more information visit www.avocadohalfand5k.com.

Monday May 30, 11am Memorial Day Program A traditional Memorial Day observance and program, sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1924, will be held at the Masonic Cemetery, located at 1177 Santa Margarita Drive, Fallbrook.

Wine & A Bite, August 2015.

Saturday May 28, 10am Memorial Day Observance A Civil War-themed historical remembrance will be offered at Odd Fellows Cemetery at the corner of West Clemmens Lane and Alturas Road in Fallbrook. Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day, as it originated after the Civil War to commemorate Union and Confederate soldiers who perished in that conflict. This event, presented by the Sgt. William Pittenger Camp 21 of The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, is educational in nature and open to the public. Due to the uneven ground surface, guests are encouraged to wear flat-soled shoes.

Ken Seals photo

Friday June 17, 5-8pm Wine & A Bite Art Walk Stroll Historic Downtown Fallbrook, stopping at several venues where you’ll enjoy wine, a bite of gourmet food and a unique art experience at each stop. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org.

Saturday June 18, 11 a.m. Fallbrook Historical Society Community Picnic The event and museum grounds will be open to the public and admittance is free. Everyone is invited to bring along a dish and join in the celebration of Fallbrook’s heritage at the corner of S. Hill Ave. and Rockycrest Rd. Monday, July 4, 4-9:30pm 4th of July Celebration and Fireworks Located at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, 220 Grand Tradition Way, Fallbrook. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org.

Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Upcoming Events

Please refer to our website for times and location details: www.FallbrookChamberOfCommerce.org April 29

Lunch Mob at El Meson de Mi Tierra, 232 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook

May 2

First Monday Coffee at Chamber office

May 12

SunUpper hosted by Mission Resource Conservation District at Community Garden, 1717 Alturas Road, Fallbrook


May 13

Awards & Installation Luncheon at Grand Tradition Estates & Gardens, 220 Grand Tradition Way, Fallbrook

May 18

SunDowner hosted by Fallbrook Connections Networking Group at 127 West Social House, 127 W. Elder, Fallbrook

May 20

June 15

June 6

June 24

Lunch Mob at Panda Express, 1115 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook First Monday Coffee at Chamber office

June 9

SunUpper at Fallbrook Historical Museum, 1730 S. Hill Street, Fallbrook

SunDowner at Vista Valley Country Club, 29354 Vista Valley Drive, Vista Lunch Mob

June 29

Wine Down Wednesday at Casa Tiene Vista Vineyard, 4150 Rock Mountain Rd., Fallbrook


Friday July 8, 5-9pm Fallbrook Summer Nights Centered on Main Avenue at Alvarado Street, this summer celebration continues! Events will include military appreciation, classic cars, live music, beer and wine in the Village Square, street vendors and much more. Friday July 15, 5-8pm Wine & A Bite Art Walk Stroll Historic Downtown Fallbrook, stopping at several venues where you’ll enjoy wine, a bite of gourmet food and a unique art experience at each stop. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org. Friday July 29, 5-9pm Fallbrook Summer Nights Centered on Main Avenue at Alvarado Street, this summer celebration continues! Events will include military appreciation, classic cars, live music, beer and wine in the Village Square, street vendors and much more. Friday August 12, 5-8pm Wine & A Bite Art Walk Stroll Historic Downtown Fallbrook, stopping at several venues where you’ll enjoy wine, a bite of gourmet food and a unique art experience at each stop. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org.

Christine Rinaldi photo

Friday August 19, 5-9pm Fallbrook Summer Nights Centered on Main Avenue at Alvarado Street, this summer celebration continues! Events will include military appreciation, classic cars, live music, beer and wine in the Village Square, street vendors and much more. Saturday September 10, 7am-12pm 6th Annual 9/11 Memorial Climb at Monserate Mountain Come out to commemorate those fallen on 9/11 by hiking Monserate Mountain (off Stewart Canyon/ Old Highway 395). Registration starts at 6 am, ceremony at 7 and hit the trail by 7:30! There will be many vendors lining the perimeter, a chance for kids to see what it’s like to have on turnout gear plus talk to some civil servants, and enjoy delicious food. Friday September 16, 5-10pm Lobster on the Green Rotary fundraiser including live music, silent auction, and great food! Located at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, 220 Grand Tradition Way, Fallbrook. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org. Saturday September 17, 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Reche School House Chicken Pot Pie Dinner

Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Upcoming Events

Please refer to our website for times and location details: www.FallbrookChamberOfCommerce.org July 14

SunUpper at CR Properties, 128 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook

July 20

SunDowner at Ingold Sports Park, 2551 Olive Hill Road, Fallbrook

July 29

Lunch Mob

July 31

Inaugural Discover Fallbrook Scavenger Hunt

Aug 1

First Monday Coffee at Chamber office


Aug 11


Aug 17

Joint SunDowner with Bonsall Chamber at The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, 1700 Vandergrift Blvd, Oceanside

Aug 26

Lunch Mob at Pala Mesa Resort

Aug 31

Wine Down Wednesday at 127 West Social House, 127 W. Elder Street, Fallbrook

Sept 8

SunUpper at Moffat Financial Services, 5256 S. Mission Road, Suite 903, Bonsall

Sept 21

State of the Chamber Dinner at Zion Lutheran School, 1405 E. Fallbrook Street, Fallbrook

Sept 23

Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook

Sept 30

Lunch Mob

Oct 3

First Monday Coffee at the Chamber

Nov 10

Oct 13

SunUpper hosted by Phyllis Sweeney Encouragement Factor

Oct 19

SunDowner at Regency Fallbrook, 609 E. Elder St., Fallbrook

SunUpper at Fallbrook Senior Center, 399 Heald Lane, Fallbrook

Nov 16

SunDowner at Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living, 331 E. Elder St., Fallbrook

Nov 30

Oct 28

Halloween Lunch Mob at Nessy Burgers

Nov 7

First Monday Coffee at the Chamber

Wine Down Wednesday at 2 Plank Vineyards in Vista, 2379 La Mirada Drive, Vista

Dec 14

Chamber Christmas Party


Saturday September 17, 1-4 pm Day for Kids FREE family event that invites adults and kids alike to take one day to celebrate what it means to be a kid! Carnival games, prizes, food, swimming and more! Located at Ingold Boys & Girls Club, 445 E. Ivy Street, Fallbrook. See www.bgcnorthcounty.org or call (760) 728-5871 for more information. October 1-31 Fallbrook Scarecrow Days See all the original Scarecrows that the local businesses put outside for the festivities. Then you can vote on your favorite ones at the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, 111 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook. Sunday October 2, 1-4:30pm Stagecoach Sunday Fallbrook Land Conservancy’s annual fundraiser. Includes authentic stagecoach rides, live music, barbeque dinner, silent auction and raffle, wildlife exhibits, kids’ games and more. Located on the grounds of the historic Palomares House, 1815 S. Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook. Call (760) 738-0889 or visit www.fallbrooklandconservancy.org. Sunday October 9, 10am-9pm Music for the Revolution Fundraiser for Fallbrook Food Pantry. All day music festival with eight bands. Food vendors plus wine and beer garden. Kid zone with bounce house and zip line. Ticket price TBD. Located at Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Hwy 395, Fallbrook. For more information, call (760) 728-7608.

Saturday October 1, 10am-2pm Fire Prevention Week at Station 1 Come with the whole family to climb inside fire trucks and meet real Firefighters! Located at Station 1, 315 E. Ivy Street, Fallbrook. Sunday, October 2, 5-10pm Rally for Children Fundraiser Come rock the night away at Rally for Children’s annual fundraising event. Featuring dinner, live music, dancing, raffle prizes and silent auction. Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Highway 395, Fallbrook. For more information and tickets visit: www. rallyforchildren.org. Sunday October 11, 10am-4pm 18th Annual Fall Festival of Gems Event includes vendors selling minerals, fossils, jewelry and other earth science related items, a special raffle, mineral panning, wheel of fortune and geode cracking and silent auctions. Located in front of the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Museum, 123 W. Alvarado Street in Fallbrook. Sunday October 16, 11am-3pm Fallbrook Alumni Association Annual “Picnic in the Park” Celebration for all FHS Alumni! BBQ lunch available (prepared by FHS Ag Students) and opportunity drawing. Located at Live Oak Park, 2746 Reche Road, Fallbrook. For more information email: fuhsalumniassn@gmail.com.




Sunday October 16, 10am-4pm Fallbrook Harvest Faire An Autumn-themed faire of handmade crafts, local foods & treats, petting zoo, pony and hay rides, scarecrows on display and pumpkin contest. Beer and wine garden with music. Located in Historic Downtown Fallbrook. For more information or for vendor opportunity visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org. Friday October 21, 5-8pm Harvest Wine & A Bite Art Walk An Autumn stroll in Historic Downtown Fallbrook, stopping at several venues where you’ll enjoy wine, a bite of gourmet food and a unique art experience at each stop. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org. Friday November 11, 10:30am Veterans Day Parade Parade proceeds down Main Avenue from Fallbrook Street to Alvarado followed by a ceremony at Vince Ross Village Square. Hosted by VFW Post 1924.

Friday December 2, 4:30-7pm Fallbrook Community Tree Lighting The night will include caroling, hot cider, and holiday performances featuring the FHS Marching Band and the Fallbrook Music Society. Located at Fallbrook Community Center, 341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook. Saturday December 3, 5pm Fallbrook Christmas Parade Come join the fun and watch this impressive parade down Main Street in Fallbrook. This year’s theme is “Joy to the World.” Sunday December 4 Fallbrook Historical Society Old Fashioned Christmas Open House Join the event filled with Fallbrook’s rich heritage as well as Fallbrook holiday spirit. Assorted local vendors featuring handmade gifts and decorations, food vendors, arts and crafts tables set up for the kids, and special performances.

Saturday November 12, 8:30am Thanksgiving 5k Walk/Run to Feed the Hungry Starting and finishing at the Fallbrook Food Pantry, 1042 S. Mission Road. For more information, visit www.fallbrookfoodpantry.org or call (760) 728-7608.

Friday December 9, 5-8pm Holiday Wine & A Bite Art Walk A holiday stroll in Historic Downtown Fallbrook, stopping at several venues where you’ll enjoy wine, a bite of gourmet food and a unique art experience at each stop. To purchase tickets and get information visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org.

Saturday November 26, 10am-4pm Village Artisan Faire A holiday-themed faire of handmade crafts, art objects and holiday delights along with live music. Located in Historic Downtown Fallbrook at corner of Main and Elder Streets. For more information or for vendor opportunity visit: www.fallbrookchamberofcommerce.org.

Saturday December 10, 10am-2pm Jingle Rock Jingle Rock is a family event to celebrate the season, sponsored by the Bonsall Education Foundation. Musical performances from Bonsall schools highlight the event. There are outdoor activities for children, including bounce houses and laser tag, the opportunity to visit Santa and raffle baskets to raise money for BEF programs.

Providing Award-Winning Community News and Advertising to Over 200,000 Readers VALLEY


1588 S. Mission Road, Suite 200, Fallbrook - Near the Grand Tradition

This is an upstairs address, if you can’t make it up the stairs, please let us know and we will come downstairs to you.

Call 760-723-7319 for Advertising & Subscriptions villageeditor@reedermedia.com | frontdesk@reedermedia.com | sales@reedermedia.com www.villagenews.com | www.myvalleynews.com | www.anzavalleyoutlook.com 124

Ammunition Rd W. Clemmens Ln Almond St

Our Office is Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Village


Grand Tradition Way


DBCS makes


Rainbow Nation

By Ruth M. Haferkamp (Formerly Ruth M. Haring)


n May 12, 1987, the Drakensberg Boys Choir School (DBCS) took a historic first step towards the “South African Rainbow Nation.” A first (to my best knowledge) combining a white choir, (the DBC) and, a black choir, (the Kavango Choir) to tour together in the then-South Africa/South West Africa. A first also for the DBCS, since the inception of the school in 1967, had never previously pursued the concept of conducting a concert tour with another choir. It all began in the latter part of 1986, while in my capacity as the Director of Public Relations for the DBCS. Having received an invitation to attend a luncheon at the SABC-TV studios in Johannesburg, along with local personalities, there was a member of the South African Defence Force (SADF). Lively conversations were flowing over lunch, when the military representative approached and commented to me, “You must be very proud to be the Public Relations Director for the DBCS.” My immediate reply was, “Yes indeed, proud and honored.” He then proceeded to tell me about a military choir consisting of young black men, namely, the Kavango Choir, members of the SADF RUNDU 32 Battalion located in South West Africa. Not hesitating a beat, I replied, “Wouldn’t it be a marvelous opportunity to pursue the possibility of spotlighting a unique approach and enabling the two choirs (one black choir, one white choir) to travel and perform together on a concert tour in SOURCEBOOK 2016

Photo Courtesy of Die Kat Magazine

(the then) South West Africa?” Little did I realize after making that statement, what a tremendous amount of dedication and delicate negotiations that would have to take place, in order to set the stage for such a monumental, historic moment in time, for the DBCS, the Kavango Choir, under the auspices of the South African Defence Force, and, South Africa/ South West Africa. Subsequently, the SADF invited me to a fact-finding mission on the Angolan/SWA border, traveling on a C-130, swooping down and flying over the Okavango River, viewing hippopotami and elephant below us, with the ultimate result, being introduced to the Kavango Choir and a starting point for the groundbreaking negotiations. Upon meeting the Kavango Choir, I was most impressed with how gracious and welcoming the young men were. The pièce de résistance was when the Kavango Choir treated me to an exclusive concert of music, song, and, dance, a moment in time I shall never forget. The next step was an hour-long road trip to meet with Hompa Maria, the Chief of the Kavango People. This was an official/ unofficial meeting for her to share her thoughts and blessings on our upcoming planned historic tour. She was proud, honored and thrilled that such a choir tour would actually come to fruition. In addition, flights were made to Windhoek for negotiating 125

Ruth M. Haring meeting with Chief of the Kavango People, Hompa Maria.

Photo courtesy of SADF Arrival at Oshakati.

strategic planning meetings of concert venues, and, of course, the intricate infrastructure required for a concert tour of this magnitude. The initiation and creation of the repertoire and dance entailed months of exchanging music cassettes between the two choirs, harmonizing with each other’s choir cassettes, while creating and tweaking the repertoire for this history-making concert tour. The DBC departed Waterkloof Airbase on May 11, 1987. The next day, May 12, after months of planning, the time had arrived for the two choirs to finally meet and assemble on stage. The venue for the first rehearsal, and subsequent, first historic concert of the combined choirs was the Grootfontein City Hall, South West Africa. Yes indeed, a moment of profound history had begun. The first

Photo courtesy of SADF

rehearsal had eyes looking left to right, nervous laughter emerging, and performers trying to get the momentum of the dance steps just right. And then, somehow, some way, there was a touch of wonder unfolding on stage. A black hand reached out to a white one, a white hand reached out to a black one, steadying one another, while formulating the dance steps. Blissfully and almost magically as the rehearsal unfolded, the combined choirs created a sight and sound to behold, while harmonizing and truly creating a goose pimple moment for us all. While the choirs continued their rehearsal session, I quietly slipped out of the auditorium to walk alone in the sunny warmth of the day, enjoying the beauty of the gardens surrounding the city

The Fallbrook


Makers of Music for Fallbrook and Surrounding Communities Do you like to sing? Come join us on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. We are always looking for additional voices. Call for complete information!

4 Miles of Trails on 37 Acres


ince 1989 the Fallbrook Chorale has continued their “dream” to be a “music maker” for our community. We are a non-profit community chorale group, organized for the purpose of providing vocal music to Fallbrook and the surrounding communities. We participate in various community sponsored events as Memorial Day, 9/11 Tribute, Veterans Day, and annual concerts in June and December. We provide a wide diversity of musical selections both sacred and secular, including classical, pop, show tunes, spiritual and jazz. We believe our music has significant educational value. We provide free attendance at our concerts for active military and for children when accompanied by a paying adult.

Call 760-390-9726

fallbrookchorale.org • fallbrookchorale@gmail.com 126

An Urban Oasis

230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, CA . 760/ 436-3036

SDBGarden.org www.my-sourcebook.com

BelAire Studio Photo

Initial meeting with the Kavanga Choir in Rundu.

Photo courtesy of SADF

hall. In a moment of reflection, I felt a tear or two slip down my face. After days, weeks, and months in preparation for this moment, I realized with gratefulness, my mission had been accomplished. As we proceeded to embark on our concert tour, the conductor of the DBC, Mr. Christian Ashley-Botha, and the conductor for the Kavango Choir, Lt. Arno Botes raised their batons, “creating a historical first” for the Rainbow Nation. Our travels extended the width and breadth of South West Africa. Audiences were mesmerized as the two choirs created music entertainment, the likes of which no one had previously experienced before. What a gift it was at the conclusion of each concert to receive such joyous standing ovations from the enthusiastic concert guests. Alas, after an adventurous river cruise, flying in a C-130, Puma Helicopters, and an abundance of heart warming and unforgettable experiences, sadly, the time had arrived for the two choirs to bid adieu. Our final concert performance was held where we had begun, at the Grootfontein City Hall. Again, to our astonishment the City Hall was full to capacity. The intensity of the music performances, both choirs on stage together, song and dance, an eclectic selection of arrangements starting with Beethoven’s Gloria Creation Hymn, to traditional, then on to Barry Manelo and ABBA classics, Music of Israel, and much more. The “Grand Finale” was approaching and as the Kavango Choir sang a farewell song to the DBC, the members of both choirs were visibly emotional. Then the DBC reciprocated with a farewell song to the Kavango Choir. The emotions on stage were so intense that the curtains had to be closed. I left my front row seat and proceeded up on to the stage and behind the stage curtains, to witness the shaking of hands, some tears, and some hugs that these fine boys and young men extended to each other. Conductor Lt. Arno Botes approached me and extended a bear hug with tears in his eyes and said, “Ruth, we did it!” At the conclusion of our unbelievably successful two-week tour, the DBCS Meister Conductor, Christian Ashley-Botha (Bunny) said to me, “Thank you Ruth for pursuing the concept of this historically unique DBC and Kavango Choir concert tour that will transform the image of our school forever. This was a small step for us all who participated in the concert tour, a giant leap forward for the continued focus for the DBCS.” I know for certain each and every young boy present on this momentous concert tour will never forget their unique travels and experiences, while having the opportunity to have contributed to a great historic moment in time. One young DBC member summed up perfectly while on tour when he said, “Mrs. Haring we are being treated like water in the Sahara Desert.” Indeed we were! (Excerpts from Ruth M. Haferkamp’s African Memoirs, submitted to the DBCS to coincide with their 50th Jubilee Year 2017)


Ace Party Productions

Fallbrook’s only complete Party Rental Store

Special Occasion? We’ve Got you Covered!

Weddings ~ Birthdays ~ Graduations ~ Quinceañeras

Lido & Enrique Favela

• Dance Floors • Stage & DJ • Tables & Chairs • Nice Linens • China & Glassware • Catering Equipment • Canopies & Tents • Patio Heaters • Inflatable Jumpers


760.451.0639 584 Industrial Way, Suite C, Fallbrook Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm Sat 8:30am - 12:00pm 127


NATURE! Preschool playground and Jr. playground

DeLuz Ecology Center

11 mi. north of Fallbrook on DeLuz Murrieta Rd.


5 miles of hiking trails and intermittent stream; 1926 one-room school house

Don Dussault .75 acre

804 Alturas Rd.


Trees, play equipment

F.U.E.S.D. Park 1 acre

321 N. Iowa Street


Nice shade trees and grass

Fallbrook Youth Baseball Ingold Fields 15 acres

2551 Olive Hill Road


5 baseball fields, snack bar

Ingold Community Sports Park 17 acres

2551 Olive Hill Raod

Jackie Heyneman Park

         


2 baseball fields, 2 soccer fields, snack bar, indoor soccer arena;  No dogs allowed

Corner of Beech St. and Mission Ave.


Nice grass play area and walking loop

Live Oak Park

Corner of Live Oak Park Rd. and Gird Rd.


Oaks/Year-round streams/ Gazebo/ Pavillion/Horseshoe pits/         Exercise Course

Palomares House

S. Stagecoach Lane near Brook Street


Hiking Distance




River Loop Trail

5.8 miles, roundtrip


Sandia Creek Drive just south of Santa Margarita River

Shade of oaks, sycamores, year-round river

Hill Trail

1380 acres

1.29 miles, one way


Rock Mountain Drive, 0.5 mile north of Santa Margarita River

Mostly horses, must cross river

Santa Margarita County Preserve

2.5 miles, one way


De Luz Road, south of Santa Margarita River

Scenic views of river, equestrian staging area

1380 acres

173 acre

  


Trail & Size



 


Walkways, Arboretum, Wildlife Sculptures


1.5 acres


26 acres


.5 acre

Dogs Allowed*

128 acres

Tennis Courts


Wheelchair Access

Corner of Fallbrook St and Heald Lane

7 acres


Community Center Park

Picnic Tables




Basketball Court

Location / Address

Ball Fields

Park & Size

Play Equipment



Lee Ann Weise photo

   

     *Dogs must be on leases at all times.



Fallbrook & Bonsall Offer Many Parks and Scenic Trails Dogs Allowed*





Preserve & Size




Anneka Zijlstra photo

Hiking Distance


Location / Address



No walking trails


West side of La Canada Road

Riparian area only

Bonsall Preserve 27.36 acres

No walking trails


S. Mission Rd & Hwy 76 (NW corner)

Riparian area only


.5 mile trail


Brook Road

Riparian habitat

.25 mile


Sumac Road, 1/2 mile off Pala Mesa Dr

Views, plants, flowers, rock outcroppings

Karen Tucker at Heller’s Bend

2.1 miles, mostly a loop


Southwest side of Heller’s Bend Road

Views and riparian forest

   

Los Jilgueros

1.5 mile loop


Mission Rd

Ponds and bird watching

22.98 acres

14.5 acres

Engel Family 10.37 acres

48.55 acres 43.5 acres

Monserate Mountain 340 acres

Rock Mountain

3.9 miles moderate / roundtrip, difficult mostly a loop

Pankey Road at Stewart Canyon Road

Mountain and ocean views 

1.5 miles


Sandia Creek Drive

Views, creek, rock outcroppings, wildlife

Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

Must have written permission


Contact Tom@Tchester.org for tours

Local flora, fauna and historical points

Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve & trails 6925 acres

.6 - 2.2 miles, mulitple trailheads

easy/ moderate

Visitor’s Center, 39400 Clinton Keith, Murrieta

Vernal pools, oak woodlands, wildlife

2-3 trails, 78 acres

4300 acres

 

 

 

 

      *Dogs must be on leases at all times.

A colorful Pocket Field Guide is available for purchase through the Fallbrook Land Conservancy. The guide contains information on native plants and animals plus a map of the Santa Margarita River Hiking & Horse Trail System. The pocket field guide is available for sale at the Chamber of Commerce, Fallbrook Fertilizer, Grangetto’s or by sending a check payable to Fallbrook Trails Council for $11 to Joe Comella, 974 Via Hillview, Fallbrook, CA 92028. SOURCEBOOK 2016


Bridging Business Opportunity with Community Growth

BONSALL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 5256 S. Mission Road, Suite 311, Bonsall, CA 92003 In River Village Plaza

760.630.1933 WWW. B O N SA LLCH A M B ER . ORG Roxanne Greene, Bud Coale, Lori Gaye


Homes • Land • Groves • Investments 760·728·8000 cbvillage.com

5256 So. Mission Rd Suite 310, Bonsall (River Village) and 1615 So. Mission Rd Suite C, Fallbrook 130


Bonsall Chamber of Commerce

MEMBER DIRECTORY ACCOUNTANTS/ TAX PREPARATION Roxanne Greene & Associates..... 760-726-4316 5256 S. Mission Rd #205 Bonsall CA 92003 www.greeneassociates.org

James Grimard, CPA..................... 760-945-0777 5256 S. Mission Rd #1010 Bonsall CA 92003 www.kearnsco.com

ADVERTISING/MARKETING Marge Meyer Associates, Inc....... 760-645-3458 1595 Baja Vista Dr Fallbrook CA 92028 www.margemeyer.com

AGRICULTURE/SERVICES Bejoca Grove & Landscape Management................................. 760-728-5176 POB 2168 Fallbrook CA 92088 www.bejocalandscape.com

Euro American Propagators, LLC.888-323-0703 32149 Aquaduct Rd Bonsall CA 92003 www.pweuro.com

AIR CONDITIONING/ HEATING/SERVICES All Star Duct & Vent Cleaning....... 760-685-0638 POB 1379, Bonsall CA 92003 www.allstarductandvent.com

ANIMALS/SUPPORT SERVICES Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary......... 760-685-3533 230 W. Aviation Rd Fallbrook CA 92028 www.fallbrookanimalsanctuary.org

Rick Williams Personal Dog Training......................................... 760-728-1292 POB 185 Fallbrook CA 92028 www.facebook.com/Rick-Williams-Personal-Dog-Training

ANIMAL CONTROL Pacific Coast Animal Control........ 760-696-7604 Bonsall CA www.pcanimalcontrol.com




India Hicks.................................... 714-349-2921

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ARTS/MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT Art of Paradise.............................. 619-277-4010 www.artofparadise.com

California Sculpture Academy..... 760-987-4804 300 Alvarado St Fallbrook CA 92028 www.californiasculptureacademy.com

Salon De l’art Nouveau................. 760-414-1008 5525 E Mission Rd #G Bonsall CA 92003 www.bonsallhairsalon.com

BICYCLES Lean n’ Mean Bicycle................... 760-295-9582

Daring Greatly Band..................... 760-637-4975 Facebook/daring.to.be.great; www.Daring-Greatly.com

Fallbrook Center for the Arts, Inc..760-731-9584 103 S Main St Fallbrook CA 92028 www.fallbrookartcenter.org

5519 Mission Rd #B Bonsall CA 92003 www.leannmeanbicycle.com

CARPET/FLOORING-CLEANING/ RESTORATION: Birchall Restoration...................... 760-728-8735

Fallbrook House of the Arts.......... 760-912-1108 432 E. Doughterty St Fallbrook CA 92028 www.fallbrookhouseofthearts.com

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Steam Team Tile & Carpet Care... 760-390-9505

ATTORNEYS/LEGAL SERVICES The Coulombe Law Firm P.C......... 760-723-7400 5256 S. Mission Rd. #703-018 Bonsall CA 92003 www.coulombe.com

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AUTOMOTIVE Toyota of Escondido..................... 760-746-0601 231 Lincoln Parkway, Escondido CA 92026 www.toyotaescondido.com

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Better Business Bureau................ 858-496-2131 4747 Viewridge Ave #200 San Diego CA 92123 www.bbb.org

Just inside the Back Gate of Base, 15 minutes from Bonsall Town Center! Paintball, Airsoft, and Low-Impact Paintball options for all ages!


Playland: Kids Theme Park with Ziplines, Obstacle Courses, Jumps, Lazertag, Climbing Tree, and more!


Perfect For: Team Banquets, Birthday Parties, Church Outings, Summer Camps, and Corporate Groups!

1700 Vandergrift Blvd Oceanside CA, 92057



Bonsall Chamber of Commerce

MEMBER DIRECTORY Boy & Girls Club of North County.760-728-5871

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Fallbrook Republican Women Federated...................................... 760-468-0538 POB 1328 Bonsall CA 92003 www.fallbrookrwf.org

DENTIST/ORTHODONTIST Dr. Randy Carlson & Dr. Charles Drury........................... 760-630-5500 5256 S. Mission Rd #1101 Bonsall CA 92003 www.bonsalldentist.com

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Health Borrego nt plans eve n ope to foster nication country commu Inspire Kidz wine for lic raises funds pub event h wit , A-7 children rs will be

Knee Deep in the Hoopla, A-3

Temecula Valley Girls their make Softball All Stars B-10 post-season mark,


Swap Health membe k Borrego Community Hall of the Renck rs Allison Valley Outloo at the Anza with membe questhe Anza meet their Special to answer Meet to the High nity and ry 1, 2014 traveled commu March 1. out passing On FebruaHiking Group City of tions on rs will be and Open4-H the Country of Barstow to The membe Crater to the Pre-Gr at the new just east to visit the Pisgah. invitationslater that day e Desert Care Clinic, Ludlow ing event foot tall the Mojav Anza Health The clinic Area in Crater is a 320 above facility, end of town. 3. Pisgah a that towers at the eastto open March volcano left over from 18 clinicsinactive field is slated o Health has that oclava special from a large eruption Borreg nd. They the southla in small, ruralg volcanic years ago.interesting around g clinics lly of offerin curred 21,000 ions ize in openin is especia have a missionent healthThe site the lava tube format are and consist areas tubes of host a fullble and because there. The cools afforda new clinic will h Friday. m can see lava crust of an visitors throug lleynews.co care. The www.myva when the Monday formed whole outer surface time staff A-2 over the stream. TH, page drains, 2015 see HEAL active lavaally the stream tubes July 10 – 16, Eventu open tube. Theseformaan to leaving in size from small ground can vary surface of the structures the tions on large cave-like . ly explore lly h. visirelative larger tubes. will often g throug especia one of the of the cave itself, g that that hikers to say I was again after crawlin lava openin Inside lava tube I’ll have see these tubes a small inside of. side. The ar from a them in to the other their peculi r tors will find down emerges to excited I had not seen narrow crawl a tube Siggins res, with me of gopheof they can g will lead to because the Elijah ed structu passageway visiting arrived, shape, remind ut for one old The openin and this . many years.experience ions individuals. cavern sturdy grouplava crust. tunnels or a hide-oes from an My first its tube-like format passageway, ula our were large n a creatur to a Temec After the the hard A-3 that crater and when my childre leader Siroky, those worm was opens rough that G, page hiked over ed When Kori told by doctors y, were so happen the 4-H hiking on High we be careful scary movie. ht of the trip The see HIKIN n-Sirok t, was Some areas and I had to knees. highlig residen er Lilly Detilliorare heart in 4-H; Recht, a Hamilt O’Leary TheTim Glove Cave. of a other hikersand scrape our tubes down intoinside the mouth her daught teacher. was Jane sed with ary hyperWriter Biology a brave Hiking not to fall find surface r as goingStaff is located 7, was diagno School would called pulmon it was like d to be Often we’d lose a membeh the cave hope a team I decide I learned Recht I condition 2007, she said we’d crater. in Temecula officials and then d bravely throug tension out of a movie. other steps will leader whenng to see the there with they crawle of volunteers and say is “a great B-5 the scene be traveli3 hours to get see page seven other solve what they surfaced at their traveled ined group of has problem” that a determ September 10, 2015 newest amenity.




Volume 15, Issue



nities celebrate mu Local com Businesses remember style Roses need Health local woman Day in tending in Sept. nce brings Independe MotherB-1 C-1 s to awarenesdition rare con

atorian and Salut ictorian 2014 Valed nounces HUSD An Business see page A-5

hout the s throug Distric t High schoold Schoo l announce Unifie Hemet are proud to salutatori) and (HUSD torians their valedicClass of 2014. torian the ans for calculates valedic using a HUSD orian honors grade student’s and salutat where the SAT scores are formula e and point averag awardmay be lower multiplied. honors are These top s whose GPA . ed to student or second than first Brengle Savannah School is hone as High Hamilton Savannah Brengl a have ah carries ored to Savann combined torian. Valedic and scored a 4.23 GPAthe SAT. DiUC San 2010 on to attend She plans Engineering. study ego and A-2 , page see HUSD

Summer campd options aboun in Old Town Temecula


Village News a l s o se rV i N g t h e c o m m u N i t i e s o f

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Volume 19, Issue 37


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����������A-6 ������������A-4 see ss FPUD, Directorypage������������ ����A-6 Busines -9 ar ������������ Anza Calend�����������������������������������B �������B-4 Classifieds ������������������������ �������������B-6 Dining Guide Linda McDonald-C ������������������������ �����A-8 News Education Special to the Valley ������������������������������B-5 Entertainment ������������������������ B-8 and Neighbors! ������������ Hello Friends a little different Health ������������������������ Thought I’d discuss one which ev& Garden ���������������������A-2 and Home week -8 ������������ topic this photos to know about Local �����������������������������������������������A -7 ery gardener needs Jodi Thomas equipment or tools Lion Carl s: lt-rt; Pets ������������ ����������������������������������A and that’s what garden. t a succes r Jane Recht, the �������B-1 in Estate needed Contes ������������ are h Teache Real t Speec page B-1 Hennings, see ������������������������ r Emma chapters Sports Lions Studen make the tant Winne one of many school stuAndrea Verdin helped Miller, Contes people Lions Club, chose high represent how Special to The Village News this year’s Roy; Dad Curtis within MD4, Hennings to was unsure e a goal, , Julie to achiev Daryl Hosler r unit, but dent Emma next round. contest stronge when in the many hands DeMenge, Residents the speech t Chair and near Fallbrook’s nia and to do that. in 1937, nor them It takes gs won level row” h Contes of Califor were Bruce changed “church are raising concerns Gover Hennin high school up Judges Student Speec Things the State s is divided into District the conagainst a potential cell phone Roberts, 9, hold ns ting all over the local Kendall regarding Shane Gibson photos onHigh defense as he runs the ball during Fallbrook’s 47-0 Simmo Fallbrook Warrior running back James and Nicholas evades the Serra the district Lions Deputyn suggested a great at now be compe 11, Jamie Frederick Fire Department each of towerpage thatA-5 would be built on a shutout as Cayla chapters. the contest came Frank Coistoproved to be every will Courtesy photo onRoberts, Friday, Sept. 4.save the Canyon Lake H, Thom an attempt to church property. of severalidea to hold something that test, which has been held By Jodi see SPEEC your signs inJuly The the start ate for 3. and have feel T h e C o m m u n i t to Baptist Friday, success year marks of the high out of a search s could particip of the are many who today y located every local ation A new Chapter since. limits and there Church Call of Fallbrook, seen by at23-7319 Harris elected leaders. Contest,” all the 15 districtlarger organizt with year year the Anza install ment Speech Kim abandoned by their took matters r. The anothe r This business the intersection of Stage Coach r! 760-7 togethe districts to interac e a California “Student owne Some residents school unique to the Multiple in becom Lane genews.com the Managing Editor and Reche Road, has requested home hands, protesting in thevilla wanted more and Daniel into their own an event 3, just chapters another a county Or variance to allow for Lake resiadvertising@ on Friday, July Multimedia Journalist Courtesy photo s one . Lions Club annual A group of Canyoncity officials that decision the construction of a 289-square 4 (MD4) 15 district that before the city’s ones enter into District composed of dents aren’t happy extension with one day July celebration. StandAs a family’s loved important to Justin Triplett foot cell phone tower, considered MD4 is a one year in Fourth of it’s their golden years, a commercial project, in a rural as “a declined County for fire services. ing in front of the fire stationheld was discussed. living in their proposal continue Riverside the son to residents her heat, to accept so allow them described residential-zoned Triplett neighborhood. city assistance to do Tim O’Leary 0The city’s refusal has the sweltering a kind and generpassersby to recall homes and receive help million offer caring son and Home, Inc. can of signs urging man with a county’s $1.75 Staff Writer safely. Right at matter. Christian young her son had left the nearly 11,000 residents , page A-8 ousTOWER, page said A-8 luck should see SERVICES families with this – the second see big heart.” She to the Lord and Canyon Lake out of city see page B-3 A $25,000 reward his life occur within approved by Temof its kind to be two years – has rededicated out to others. She an emergency past was reaching members ecula over the key information said they had both been in been offered for man who at the Bridge Church in case of a 24-year-old his for years the doorway of Temecula. was killed in also appealed Triplett’s letter safety conapartment. is still – which council’s public Announcements to the �������������������������A-2 The first reward after Old cerns. Business is still active – was authorized and ���������������������������������������D-4 and friends “To date, the murderer(s) Classifieds ������������������������������������D-6 Temecula,” Town merchants the of pressed wandering the streetsnot safe!” fans of a slain musician The ��������������������������������������������B-4 recent are action. Dining she wrote. “We she is working city for such an was spurred by a �����������������������������������C-10 Education Triplett said council decision with police investigators Entertainment ������������������������������B-6 mother’s anguish. loss is almost closely case. Health & Fitness ��������������������������B-2 in the shot at “The pain of this Joyce Triplett, Triplett was fatally killing me!” Justin Home & Garden �������������������������C-1 unbearable for wrote in a June 10:15 a.m. on Sept. 22. The door Ashley Ludwig Legals ��������������������������������������������D-7 the victim’s mother,Council. “Justin he opened the occurred after Staff Writer 11 letter to the City Portofino ApartObituaries that God �������������������������������������C-8 precious gift to his unit in the the 29000 block trampoline was the most in Opinion �����������������������������������������A-5 on ments, which is Temecula’s premier vertical with has given me.” Road. towards city council Councilman gone Real Estate �����������������������������������C-1 of Rancho California residents’ feelings reported station’s park, Get Air, has The letter prompted new the June 23 hangs on the depicting some Course. With Two nearby residents ��������������������������������������������D-2 Naggar to ask forSports arguing A lone sign the Canyon Lake Fire Station the new Ninja with a unaniof between a parkour Mike had heard people obstacles that fall television show, discussion that ended the Triplett that they about the time of the the closure Kim Harris photo door.back Shon Hagan gains yardage for Fallbrook during their home game against Serra High School. Warrios won, 47-0. Warrior running course and popularWarrior,” kids are mous vote to include city reward or fighting page A-3 a homicide in an existing also spoke “American Ninja see REWARD, the Ninja Course Triplett lining up to give program. Joyce reward the as try at Get Air. briefly to the council

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Church’s cell tower plan opposed by residents

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ore! And M Yearly to Volume FouRTeeN Customers Return

Warriors romp on, stomp on Serra High

disappointed to learn that there is not going to be immediate action to resolve littering, trespassing, and illegal bonfires in the Santa Margarita River area.

Home & Garden




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Temecula Marks |

2015 ediTioN

r Entertainment Pala Casino - Bands, Belly

for Christmas Déco and Inspiration pg 4


tion As a City of Transi & Transformation

Laughs and a Below Ground Wine Experience

Hank’s Hardware Taps Dutch Roots pg 81 Homes for Wounded Warriors pg 96

pg 18


Trupiano - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Fallbrook Art Center:

Art & Community

pg 76

Creatively ConnectedFeatures pg 6

Home & Garden

Pala Mesa Resort Anil Yadav’s Crown Jewel

Local Woman Fights Disease with Raw Food Diet

pg 142

pg 42

Local Guides:

Discover Camp Pendleton Museums

pg 124ble The Unstoppa

Kaitlyn Parra pg 26

Bonsall High School

ar • Choose

calendInnovative Holiday eventsLaunches Program pg 136

• gift wrap joy anyway


Calendar of Events Area Restaurants Area Churches Non-Profit Clubs & Organizations Chamber Directories Trails, Parks & Preserves

GALAXY OF GLASS And More Inspirational Art Shows


Right at Home Inc. helps disabled and seniors




High school sports gear up D-1

Fallbrook & Bonsall

enifee ed M Featur nts Reside Inspires All 36

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Temecula grapples with huge popularity of special needs playground

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Get Air Temecula cashes in on parkour ninja warrior craze




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see page B-4

Fallbrook Warrior running back Bryce Olivo sneaks in a touchdown against Serra High School on Sept. 4. See more photos on page D-2.

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Advertiser Index 100 Main................................................ pg 62 A Healing Touch Massage Therapy..... pg 101 A+ Urgent Care..................................... pg 94 Ace Party Productions......................... pg 127 Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic................................... pg 93 Adolfo & Manny Pool Supplies.............. pg 25 Affordable & Quality Home Care Services............................................. pg 89 All Star Physical Therapy, Inc................ pg 93 Allstate Insurance - Ross E. Curtis........ pg 75 Angel Society of Fallbrook..................... pg 15 Autoheim............................................... pg 53 Bankers Life Insurance.......................... pg 78 Beach House Winery........................... pg 123 Bead Gallery.......................................... pg 55 Bejoca................................................... pg 63 Bishop’s Tree Service............................ pg 21 Bonsall Chamber of Commerce.......... pg 130 Boys & Girls Club of North County........ pg 12 Brett Parkinson, Attorney....................... pg 79 Cahuilla Casino............................... pg 40, 41 Casa Estrella Cocina de Mexico........... pg 85 Club Paradise Fitness......................... pg 103

Coldwell Banker Village Properties................................... pg 52, 130 County of San Diego Recycling............. pg 34 CR Properties Real Estate Services..... pg 67 Curbside Café....................................... pg 84 Cyan Insurance Solutions..................... pg 65 Defensive Tactics & Firearms, LLC....... pg 66 Dental World Tijuana........................... pg 104 Devon Camilleri HomeSmart Legends......................... pg 44 Diane Hartcorn...................................... pg 57 Dr. Richard Goble, DDS........................ pg 91 El Jardin Mexican Restaurant......... pg 82, 86 Eli’s Farms............................................. pg 26 Equity Management & Realty Services............................................. pg 75 Essential Touch Massage.................... pg 104 Fallbrook Alarm..................................... pg 39 Fallbrook Café....................................... pg 86 Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce......... pg 60 Fallbrook Eyecare Center.................... pg 109 Fallbrook Food Pantry............................pg 11 Fallbrook Healthcare District............... pg 105 Fallbrook Healthcare Partners............. pg 132 Fallbrook Heating & Air Conditioning..... pg 27

Donna J Weaver photo


Fallbrook Locksmith.............................. pg 38 Fallbrook Overhead Doors and Entry Gates................................. pg 26 Fallbrook Propane Gas Co...........Back Cover Fallbrook Solar Electric......................... pg 31 Fallbrook Transportation.......................pg 115 Fallbrook Vintage Car Club..................pg 116 Fallbrook Vintage Car Show.................pg 117 Fallbrook Winery................................... pg 55 Foundation for Senior Care The Club.......................................... pg 100 Fresco Grill and Wine Bar..................... pg 87 Garden Center Café & Grill............. pg 83, 87 Geri Sides - Coldwell Banker Village Properties............................... pg 48 GO by Vivint Solar................................. pg 69 Golden Kitchen Thai Food..................... pg 86 Graybill Medical Group.......................... pg 90 Hartcorn Construction........................... pg 18 HomeLife Housekeeping....................... pg 24 Inland Eye Specialists........................... pg 92 Jerry Burke, Jr. Keller Williams Realty.................. pg 43, 61 John Hine Subaru.............. Inside Back Cover John Hine Temecula Mazda............................ Inside Back Cover

Margaret Larson photo


Johnson Interiors & More, Inc............... pg 23 Kim and Ken Real Estate Group............. pg 1 Kim Steel & Associates - Weichert, Realtors - Murphy & Murphy...................... pg 46, 47 Knockout Pest Control & Termite........... pg 30 La Caseta Mexican Restaurant............. pg 88 Law Offices of Clay R. Sides................. pg 74 Lynn Stadille-James RE/MAX United.................................. pg 45 Main Street Café................................... pg 88 Manor Cleaners..................................... pg 17 Meineke Car Care Center Fallbrook...... pg 36 Merrill Lynch Wealth Management........ pg 71 Milagros Midwifery............................... pg 100 Miracle-Ear.......................................... pg 106 Miranda & Associates............................ pg 73 Mountain West Financial....................... pg 72 Mr. B’s Discount Blinds.......................... pg 35 Mulligan Family Fun Center.................pg 119 Nessy Burgers....................................... pg 84 New Day Solar...................................... pg 29 North County Welding Supply............... pg 37 One Shop Beauty Supplies & Salon...... pg 56 Pala Mesa / Fallbrook Vintage Car Club............................................pg 116 Pala Transfer Station & Recyling........... pg 24

Paradise Buick GMC............................... pg 9 Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac.................... pg 8 Pediatric Partners.................................. pg 95 Photo Bungalow.................................... pg 57 PureartH2o Filtration............................. pg 16 R. Greene & Associates........................ pg 76 Rally for Children................................... pg 14 Rancho Family Medical Group.............. pg 99 Ray White Cement................................ pg 28 Ray’s Insta-Tune..................................pg 110 RE/MAX United.................Inside Front Cover Robert W. Jackson, Attorney................. pg 79 Rogan & Associates - Maggie Rogan.... pg 50 Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant................... pg 86 Salon Ana.............................................. pg 68 Salon de l’art Nouveau.......................... pg 59 San Diego Botanic Garden.................. pg 126 Scoreboard Pizzeria.............................. pg 88 Shred & Go!........................................... pg 77 Sonny’s Muffler & Auto......................... pg 111 Steam Team Tile & Carpet Care............ pg 56 Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc............ pg 76 Susie Emory - Coldwell Banker Village Properties............................... pg 51 Tea Lane Parlor..................................... pg 88

Team Gallegos - Rudy & Sandy RE/MAX United.................................. pg 49 Tekila Cocina Mexicana......................... pg 87 Temecula Valley Hospital......... pg 96, 97, 133 The Collector Fine Jewelry...................... pg 5 The Fallbrook Chorale......................... pg 126 The Madd Potter.................................... pg 42 The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton.............................. pg 131 The Pond Guy....................................... pg 32 Thompson & Associates........................ pg 50 Toyota of Escondido............................ pg 134 Trupiano Restaurant Group................... pg 80 Village Home Care.............................. pg 107 Village Pizza of Bonsall......................... pg 87 Vince’s Pizza to Go............................... pg 88 Vista Valley Country Club........................ pg 3 Weichert, Realtors Murphy & Murphy............................... pg 64 Yama Restaurant & Sushi Bar......... pg 81, 86 Youngren Construction Inc.................... pg 33 Z Café.................................................... pg 87 Zion Lutheran School.............................. pg 7

Kim Carlson photo

Margaret Larson photo


Bryce Thayer photo


4th Annual Sourcebook

PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS Congratulations to this year’s winners! We asked our readers to submit photos of the community - people, places, events and everything that makes Fallbrook and Bonsall special! We love seeing our community through your eyes. To be considered for next year’s Sourcebook photo contest, please send your high resolution photo submissions to sourcebook@reedermedia.com.

1st Place - Bryce Thayer Bonsall Landscape

2nd Place - Shirley Binn

Shirley Binn Non-Profit Guide........................pg 13 Shirley Binn I-15 and Hwy 76........................pg 34 Shirley Binn Calendar of Events.................... pg 120 Kim Carlson Advertiser Index...................... pg 138 Christel Lakata Non-Profit Guide...................pg 11 Margaret Larson Advertiser Index................pg 138 Margaret Larson Advertiser Index................pg 139 Mike McCoy Church Guide......................... pg 112

Jennifer Moosa Honorable Mention..............pg 140 Pat Newell Table of Contents............................pg 4 Pat Newell Honorable Mention.....................pg 140 Cheryl Nurse Calendar of Events..................pg 120 Cheryl Nurse Non-Profit Guide......................pg 14 Cheryl Nurse Honorable Mention.................pg 140 Thomas Rondeau Calendar of Events...........pg 120 Thomas Rondeau Honrable Mention............ pg 140

See winning photo on page 2

Bryce Thayer Old Bonsall Schoolhouse..............pg 6 Bryce Thayer Non-Profit Guide......................pg 10 Bryce Thayer Advertiser Inex......................pg 139 Donna J. Weaver Non-Profit Guide................pg 14 Donna J. Weaver Advertiser Index............... pg 138 Lee Ann Weise Hiking Guide......................pg 128 Anneka Zijlstra Hiking Guide....................... pg 129 Anneka Zijlstra Honorable Mention...............pg 140

Honorable Mention Photos

Pat Newell photo

Thomas Rondeau photo 140

Cheryl Nurse photo

Cheryl Nurse photo

Anneka Zijlstra photo

Jennifer Moosa photo www.my-sourcebook.com

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