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November 2018

Issue 93

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Happy 100th Dennis Brock. World s Oldest Serving Bell Ringer

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Well, lots to report in this issue. Reports of catalytic converter thefts continue, as are thefts of number plates. Please be vigilant. Also be aware of anyone scamming you and trying to get into your house. Help find what seems like a well versed scammer operating locally. He must be stopped. Have a look at p6. On a more positive note the Duck Island/sunken boat opposite St Mary s has finally been cleared and a very determined man in Sunbury has decided to take on the debris of boats along the riverbank. We wish Dennis Brock a very happy 100th birthday this month. He is the oldest serving bell ringer in the world and has lived in Sunbury all his life. A special peal of bells will be rung on November 24th in his honour by bell ringers visiting Sunbury from all over the country. Finally it is 100 years also since the end of the Great War. Do go and pay

November 2018 your respects on November 11th at the Sunbury War Memorial and think that behind each name on the memorial is a story of a life cut short in terrible circumstances and the awful effect it had on families across the village. Enjoy this issue. We will do it all again next month!

Photo: Here and now Photography

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Centenary of the Armistice 4 Do You Recognise this Man? 6 100 Years Living in Sunbury 8/9 Making the World a Better Place 11 Spelthorne Blooms 2018 12 Reclaim our Riverbank! 16 Spelthorne Business Awards 23 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 28 Recipe of the Month 34 Pressure on Food Banks 39 St Mary s Newsletter 40 Scams, Drugs, Antisocial Behaviour 44 LOSRA Says 47 Stories Behind the Memorial 49 Spelthorne WI 54 Gardening Matters 57 What s On/Noticeboard 58/61 Ad Index/Prices/Deadlines 62

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Centenary of the Armistice 1918 By Nick Pollard

A century ago, in November 1918, the most terrible war that the world had ever known was nearing its end, although to a Britain exhausted by four long years of struggle and sacrifice, the deprivations caused by the ruinous cost of the war and the submarine threat were making life very difficult. As reported in the pages of the Middlesex Chronicle, food rationing had been introduced for the first time in January, initially for sugar, but soon extended to meat, butter, cheese and margarine. It was made compulsory to use potato flour in bread. As recently as the 19th October, tea, jam and marmalade had been added to the list of rationed foods. Fuel was rationed too. The Brentford Gas Company which supplied much of this area reduced gas supplies by a sixth compared with the previous year, and all public entertainments would have to close by 10.30pm to save electricity and gas. Hotels, restaurants and clubs were only permitted to serve hot meals between 5pm and 9.30pm. So when it was suddenly announced that the Armistice had been signed, and the fighting would stop at 11am on the 11th November, the news was met with a sense of disbelief, to be succeeded by tremendous relief that it was all over. According to the Middlesex Chronicle, Sunbury was be-flagged in honour of peace and a procession formed at Kempton Park which marched through the district with bands, banners and noise . Churches held services of thanksgiving, although there seems not to have been any more widely organised celebrations. This was perhaps because it was an armistice, i.e. a cessation of hostilities. The war did not officially end until the Versailles peace treaty was signed the following June, whereupon peace celebrations such as the one seen above in Church Square, Shepperton, were held. How wonderful it would be if as many people as possible could attend their local Remembrance Sunday services this centenary year, particularly as it falls exactly 100 years to the day since the guns fell silent. We can then truly say of those men (and one woman) of Sunbury, Shepperton, Littleton and Laleham, whose names appear on the memorials which are the focus of the commemorations, We will remember them . The March of the Women - Surrey s Road to the Vote , the story of the local suffragette movement, is the subject of the next meeting of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 20th November at Halliford School in Russell Road, Shepperton, starting at 8pm. All welcome, admission ÂŁ2 for non-members Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts




Ashford Kitchens & Interiors 85 Church Road Ashford, Middx TW15 2PE 3QJ 01784 245964 www.ashfordinteriors.co.uk

Do You Recognise This Man? Help Stop Him Scamming

Surrey Police have released an E-fit image of a man they want to talk to about a burglary on Saturday, 8 September at the home of an elderly man in Lower Sunbury. Do you recognise him? The suspect reportedly accessed a property in the Halliford Road area at around 11am by pretending to be a builder. The victim, a 99-year-old man, was unable to prevent the man from coming in. Upon entering, the suspect allegedly went into various rooms, looking for leaks in the house. After walking the suspect out of the house, the victim then discovered that several items were missing, including a 150 year old silver fruit bowl, a picture frame, some trophies and a carriage clock.. Anyone with any information about who the man is should contact Surrey Police on 101 or use report.police.uk and quote the reference number PR/ 45180096557. Alternatively you can report information in anonymity to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Remember, most people who call at your home will be genuine but sometimes people turn up unannounced, with the intention of tricking their way into your home. You should always be aware when someone you don't know calls at your door. They can be convincing and often persuasive. Bogus callers may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, the police, health organisations, or gas, water or electricity companies. They may be dealers offering to buy your jewellery, antiques or furniture at what seems to be a good price but could actually be a lot less than the item is worth. They may be "workmen" trying to persuade you that you need urgent repairs doing to your home. You also need to be careful of callers offering to make building repairs or to tarmac your drive. Sometimes they can ask for money in advance or even overcharge you. For more burglary advice visit www.surrey.police.uk/burglary

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts





youfitclubs.co.uk 01932 899 901


Holiday Inn London Shepperton, Felix Lane, Shepperton, TW17 8NP

100 Years Living in Sunbury By Monica Chard, Editor

It is quite remarkable to meet someone who has lived in the same village for the whole of their life. But that the lifetime has been 100 years and still counting is really quite something.

Dennis on the Gloriana with the Mayor of Spelthorne in 2017

Sunbury Matters has carried a few pieces about local legend Dennis Brock over the years. His love of bell ringing started when he was only 9 years old and he indulged his hobby from his early teens by cycling the length and breadth of the UK to ring in churches far and wide. He is the oldest known active bell ringer in the world and is still Bell Captain at St Mary s, Sunbury. Dennis is also known to many for his talks on his time as a prisoner of war during WW2. He gives talks to local groups as well as visiting schools where pupils listen to his tales with eyes full of wonder. How can someone who has been through such hardship, seen so much horror and encountered the worst type of human being remain so positive? After my time as a PoW I vowed that nothing was going to get me down he says. That philosophy has kept in him good stead throughout his life. He exudes positivity and interest and laughs mischievously as he remembers tales from his younger years which were happy go lucky. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Dennis was born November 23rd 1918 in French Street above what was Mr Maidment s ironmongers (now Londis). Sunbury was very much a sleepy village. When Dennis was only 5 his mother died and he and his sister moved to a tied cottage with their father on an estate in Woking where Mr Brock was in service. When Mr Brock met a new lady and was to be married, it was felt that young Dennis would have a more stable family environment with his grandparents so he moved back to Sunbury. Both maternal and paternal grandparents lived here, as well as extended family. Granny Cook lived at 16 Green Street. Dennis was referred to as her 9th child. Money was very tight but Dennis has happy memories. Granny Cook insisted Dennis attend church and his love of St Mary s started then. He was a member of the choir, before his introduction to bell ringing a few years later. As a child, Dennis lived and breathed the river. He excelled at anything water related; swimming, fishing, rowing and punting. He and his friends spent all their spare time exploring and having fun. But he remembers also seeing bodies fished from the river and taken to the mortuary. As a young child far from being fearful of such sights, he was curious and it was to stand him in good stead. The mortuary was run by Granny Ayling who wore a rubber apron and smoked a pipe (one can possibly guess why!) Post mortems were conducted in the mortuary before bodies were taken to the undertakers in Green Street. When it came to school, Dennis excelled at everything. He initially attended the old church school in School Walk before moving to Nursery Road School (what is now Springfield) in 1925. He took the 11+ there and did so well that he gained a place at Hampton Grammar. But with 9 mouths to feed, Granny Cook could ill afford the uniform, books and other expenses that would have entailed, so Dennis started at the new Kenyngton Manor School (the first intake into that school in www.villagematters.co.uk

fact). He was a star pupil and was head boy in 1933-34. He had a Saturday job when he was 14, as a delivery boy for Mrs Wright the butcher. He would cycle around with the meat in his bicycle basket on a plate covered with cloth. He recounts how once he fell on a bump in the road in the Avenue, which was not much more than a track. The meat rolled into the dirt. Determined to deliver his order though, he took it down to the Thames by Turks Boatyard, washed the chops and put them back on the plate for delivery! Yes, he was rumbled and got into trouble over that one! Dennis noticed a new family had moved into Halliford Road and persuaded the butcher that is would be a nice gesture to delivery a pound of pork sausages. A girl was singing and playing the piano as the lady of the house opened the door. Dennis was mesmerised and having offered his welcome gift commented on the beautiful voice. That s my daughter, Joyce . Hearing her name, Joyce came to the door. Dennis remembers a girl in a green velvet dress and dazzling blond hair. It was 1932. Dennis was 14, Joyce was 13 and she was to be the love of his life. In 1934 Dennis left school and found his first job as a transport clerk at the Twickenham Gravel Company in Snakey Lane (the site of Adrian Hall). He was very organised and could do 120 words per minute shorthand, a skill Dennis has never lost. He was then taken on by Mr Lock who ran the undertakers in Ashford (taken over by Lodge Brothers in the 1960 s). Mr Lock needed a clerk who could do shorthand and who was not squeamish. Dennis was perfect! While he was there he started a correspondence course to take his O Levels which would allow him to follow a career into the civil service. He had built up a great friendship with Joyce and her family, who treated Dennis like a son. The family were all musical and would gather around the piano to sing. It does sound idyllic. But then war broke out, Dennis was called up and the happiness bubble burst. WW2 was a whole chapter in itself of Dennis Brock s life. There is not enough room to share the story here. On his return at the end Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

of the war which was immensely hard on him he picked up his life in Sunbury again. In 1946 he married Joyce in St Mary s. Joyce opted not to spend her rations on a white dress but chose one she could use again. This was the post war years and austerity ruled. A few months later Dennis and Joyce moved to Loud- Dennis and Joyce on their wedding day in 1946 water Road where new houses were being built. They bought the very first house. The road was still a grass track with gates at either end and orchards and farm animals grazing nearby. With rationing still in place, the young couple could only buy a few pieces of utility furniture but they made do. They shared a love of music, church and family and loved Sunbury. Dennis still lives in the same house. At 100 years old, Dennis still rings the bells several times a week. The activity, both physical and mental has without doubt contributed to his health and longevity. Speaking to Dennis and hearing how vividly he remembers the old days is really quite extraordinary. He is indeed a legend and we wish him many happy returns for November 23rd. A special peal of bells will be run in the morning at St Mary s for him on the day itself. On Saturday 24th there is to be a special peal rung at 9.30am composed of 5100 changes. It will take nearly 3 hours so you can t miss it! Dennis will be one of the ringers himself. And on Sunday 25th there will be a service of thanksgiving and celebration at St Mary s followed by drinks for well wishers in the Church Hall. What a life well lived. Many happy returns!



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Making the World a Better Place!

We were contacted by a reader who wanted to pass on her heart felt thanks to a complete stranger who came to her rescue when she was short of cash at the check out: I would like to say a huge thank you to the gentleman who helped me yesterday. I was at Tesco Sunbury petrol station. I checked my bank and mistakenly read I had £15 in my account. So put £15 of fuel in my car. My card was declined three times. It totally confused me as was adamant I had £15 left in my account. When I rechecked my account I realised I only had £12. So, with a queue forming behind me, I explained to the cashier, saying I would pay the £12 now then go to my mums and borrow the rest and bring it straight back. When out of the blue a gentleman in the queue said he would pay. I was so shocked I had tears in my eyes. I offered to pay the £12 which I had. But he said no he would pay the whole £15. You are truly a lovely gentleman and says how good our community is. I hope to return the favour one day to someone else that is in need in a queue. This generous act will hopefully make us all think of being a little more kind and considerate. A little kindness goes a long way. If only we could all slow down and think about being kind to one another we would all benefit from it. Thank you for sharing.

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Spelthorne Blooms in 2018 By Monica Chard, Editor A cocktail of pride mixed with green fingers and perhaps a sprinkling of home mixed compost created a perfectly blooming evening at Shepperton Studios recently for the 29th Spelthorne in Bloom Awards. The only sobering element were two notable members of the committee who had passed on this year; David Courtney and Gerry Ceaser. They were with us in spirit. Kathryn Maidment, Community Liaison for the Pinewood/Shepperton Studios group, gave a welcome to the glitzy setting. Mayor Spelthorne Jean Pinkerton made the point that with all the sad and bad news around, it was uplifting to be able to celebrate the little gems such as community blooms.

so much thought to those who gave so much, Colin Squire gave the Best in Show award also to Ashford War Memorial, stating that the reflecting nature of the planting had captured the feeling of the moment. It was a fitting choice. Sunbury shone in the South and South East in Bloom awards where again, Sunbury Cemetery and Sunbury Walled Garden were winners. It would be good to see some more entries for the awards from Sunbury. Our pub flowers looked great this year. Next year will be the 30th awards to lets get more focus on our village. Maybe we should enter our flowering boat! Leader of Spelthorne Council summed up proceedings without a slip of the tongue and gave special mention to some worthy of praise, namely the Spelthorne Council Streetscene guys responsible for the glorious hanging baskets across the Borough this year. Dennis Codd and Terry Davies (pictured below with Mayor Jean Pinkerton) came up to acknowledge the unanimous thanks from the room. Terry told me he had been out as early as 4am watering all day long across the borough in the seering heat of this record breaking summer. His response to my incredulity and thanks It has been an absolute privilege . All credit to this team. They did a marvellous job.

Leslie Grimes of Manor Lane, Best Hanging Basket Local godfather of green fingers , Leslie Grimes of Manor Lane was pipped to second place in the category of Best Kept Front Garden which went to Jim Pollock of Allington Avenue, Shepperton. However, he rightfully won Best Hanging Basket which he has been proud to be celebrated for over several years. Many congratulations on what looks like a beautifully cared for splash of colour. The Best Kept Small Pub was awarded to the Three Horseshoes in Shepperton with the Harrow in Charlton Village being kept in second place this year. Shepperton gardens jockeyed for position in the category of Best Riverside Garden with Rosie Wallace of Thames Meadow taking a third and John Davis of Hamhaugh Island, last years winner, taking second. | Best Kept War Memorial was won by Ashford but Laleham came in with a 3rd. In keeping with the centenary of the Armistice this year, and with Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Blooms help create a more colourful and positive place to live and work. Flowers always make you feel good and embellishing the borough is clearly so important to the committee and the participants. Thanks also to the superb Spelthorne in Bloom committee, without whom the borough would be all the poorer. Well done to all.


CHRISTMAS TRIBUTE ACTS at HOLIDAY INN Join us for a 3 course meal, Tribute Act & disco til late November 23rd November 30th December 6th December 13th December 20th December 22nd January 11th January 18th January 25th

- George Michael - Soul & Motown - Adele - Dirty Dancing/Grease - Robbie Williams - Freddie Mercury - Michael Jackson - Take That - Madonna


quote Ret SUVM2018

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7+ and 8+ Entrance Examination CLARENCE HOUSE PREPARATORY SCHOOL

Saturday 8th December 2018

Sch ola awa rships rded

8.30am - 12.15pm

• Small independent school for girls aged 7-11 • Ofsted OUTSTANDING 2017 • Specialism in S.T.E.M. subjects A



Clarence House 165-167 High Street Hampton Hill, TW12 1NL 020 8898 7310 www.jackandjillschool.org.uk










1 Small spring flowers (8) 6 Slender, narrow (4) 8 Climbing apparatus (6) 9 Untidy person (6) 10 Deprived of weapons (8) 13 Distort (4) 14 Confession, disclosure (9) 17 Hinged barrier (4) 18 Revolution, twirl (8) 19 Exercise treatment (6) 21 Tainted, unclean (6) 23 Removed trapped air from radiator (4)






14 15

16 18









2 Part of the crew of a touring band (6) 3 Rotter, bonder (3) 4 Being careful with expenditure (9) 5 Distress call (initials) (3) 6 Evicted, expelled (6,3) 7 Ailing, weak (6) 11 Hailed, spoke to (9)

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

Solution on p 55


12 Illegally leaving the armed forces (9) 15 The Lovely Bones actress ____ Weisz (6) 16 Croaky, raspy (6) 20 Clumsy fool (3) 22 Wordplay (3)



Reclaim Our Riverbank! By David Garrett Our local Thames is being systematically trashed. If you are not a river user, or don t walk the towpath, you may not have noticed, but it is truly awful what is taking place.

when all the accompanying dinghies and small craft are taken into account. The Environment Agency, which is responsible for the non-tidal Thames, has rules that stipulate a maximum stay of 24 hours, but the boat owners have realised that this is not enforced and have built up a sort of safety in numbers. Some of the boats are occupied, others appear to be empty and just enjoying a free parking space. Many of the boats are double, triple, or even quadruplemoored, and most are accompanied by one or more small craft. Numerous boats of all sizes are in semiderelict states of disrepair, many are patently abandoned and/or sinking. Some have no name, these (and probably many others) are certainly not registered. Many river users, as far as Ash Island, have reported excrement in the river, which is inevitable Huge accommodation barges, often referred to as – since the boats never go anywhere it is not diffislumboats, prowl the river. There are currently four cult to guess where their sewage goes to once their between Molesey and Sunbury locks, run as cynical holding tanks are full .. commercial operations, mooring wherever they please. These vessels exploit tourists and the poor who expect facilities such as toilets, running water, and locks on bedroom doors. Conditions on board have attracted comments like filthy like two sheds on top a floating piece of wood , houseboat is a dump , toilet facilities illegal, smelly, and not hygienic on booking.com, where the boats are advertised, and outwardly the boats are indeed revolting. The owner, who must be making a fortune running Reclaim our Riverbank 2 ( RoR2 ) was formed his overheads-free business, delights in mooring his recently as a community campaign group to fight ramshackle monstrosities (illegally and for free) on these abuses of the river. It is working with the statscenic parts of the Thames – such as opposite utory authorities, the local communities, existing Hampton Court Palace, or at lovely Hurst Park. Or action groups, and legitimate river users to remove outside the windows of law-abiding ratepayers: the blight of illegal mooring and abandoned vessels imagine TWO of these parked just feet away across from our riverbank. There are already early signs of your windows at Molesey lock, as happened to the success: Spelthorne has formed a specific task unfortunate owners at Hampton Court Crescent in group, headed by Councillor Vivienne Leighton, to October! address this and other problems on the river; the Further upstream, a large permanent community of Environment Agency finally started removing sunkitinerant boats are moored on the Elmbridge bank, en boats in October (seven!), with more scheduled; opposite Aquarius Sailing Club. The numbers fluc- and root and branch action is being prepared to fituate, but at times you can count over fifty boats nally end the illegal moorings and the scourge of the accommodation barges, although this will take time. RoR2 is seeking support from riverside communities from Molesey to Shepperton – if you agree with its aims and value our precious river please email it at reclaimourriverbank2@gmail.com to indicate your support and to get regular mailings as to progress.

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Join online at everyoneactive.com/MerryChristmas Spelthorne Leisure Centre

Sunbury Leisure Centre

01784 493493

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Nursery Road, Sunbury-on-Thames

Everyone Active manages these facilities in partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council. *Offer valid until 31/12/18 on fitness annual memberships. UK 16+. A joining fee applies and varies by centre. Annual membership – full price must be paid in advance. See www.everyoneactive.com/MerryChristmas for full terms.




APARTMENT C27 £329,950


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The Sales Suite, High Street, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4BY, open daily

0333 666 0107





www.londonsquare.co.uk Computer generated image and photography depicts London Square Staines upon Thames and are indicative only. *Travel times sourced from National Rail Enquiries. †Available on selected properties with a market price £329,950 on Help to Buy at London Square Staines upon Thames. Help to Buy is subject to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) terms and conditions and is available on new build homes up to £600,000 to customers where the property represents their only residence. You will require a minimum deposit of 5%, a Homes and Communities Agency equity loan of 20% and a mortgage of 75%. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Check that these mortgages will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home or you want your family to inherit it. If you are in any doubt seek independent financial advice. **Stamp duty is available on selected plots only, at the basic rate, subject to acceptance from your chosen mortgage lender and ensuring you are a first time residential buyer. Stamp duty contributions may vary depending on the property being purchased. This offer is available on reservations made before 30th November 2018 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Details and prices are correct at time of going to press. October 2018.

Are we a Community of Animal Lovers?

The answer to that is sadly not all of us. But let s start on a positive note. We had heard of the annual pet service at St Mary s but had never managed to attend. This year we went to experience it for ourselves. What an experience! Timed to coincide with the feast day of St Francis of Assisi it falls on the closest Sunday at the end of September. St Francis is the patron saint of Ecologists, known for his love of animals and nature. 200 or so humans and 60 pets of all shapes and sizes turned up to be blessed. The oldest pet was a tortoise of 60. The smallest was a stick insect and the youngest a pup of only 8 weeks. There were also chickens, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and a lot of dogs. Generally they were all very well behaved. Father Andrew talked to the congregation about the love a pet can give you and how we need to be thankful for the joy they bring to your life. He spoke of the importance of being kind to animals. Certainly my fellow dog owners will all attest to the pleasure they bring to us, the camaraderie amongst dog walkers and the smiles our four legged friends give us. Surely the British are a country of animal lovers then? So how awful to read stories of cruelty. We were contacted by a reader who was incensed at a cruel snare trap that had been laid for a fox. The creature had been caught in it and its desperate attempts to escape had caused it immense distress and suffering over a long period of time before a member of the public found it and had it put out of its misery. How can any human being be so irresponsible and cruel. The same goes for the low life we read about on social media who mutilated a family pet during a burglary. Anyone inflicting such mindless cruelty on a defenceless creature can barely be referred to as human.

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At this time of year, as the nights start to draw in and temperatures cool, many of us will start to see the moisture build up on our windows as we wake up in the morning. Whilst condensation is easily cured or managed by altering how a property is used, there are other causes of damp within a property that should be rectiďŹ ed before more serious damage can occur. Allowing damp to continue within a property could damage your clothing, bedding, furnishings and floor coverings. Microscopic mould spores are constantly present in our environment and warm damp surfaces are the ideal breeding ground for mould which will appear on walls, ceilings and floors. The World Heath Organisation estimates that 15% of homes in cold climates have signs of dampness and 5% have signs of mould problems. In warm climates, the estimates are 20% for dampness and 25% for mould. There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the causes of damp in properties. We take a

Shepperton Matters November 2018.indd 1

look at the causes and suggest some remedies you might want to consider, as early rectification is always better than cure and will ultimately be more cost effective.

Cause 1: Condensation Condensation within a property happens when water vapour comes into contact with cold surfaces to form dampness or water droplets. It is usually caused as a result of how the property is being used by its occupants. Although condensation is the most common cause of damp, it is usually the easiest to fix. Common household activities produce water vapour which lead to condensation, in the following quantities:











Condensation can usually be cured by simply ventilating the property. By opening the windows regularly, even if it is cold outside, for just 5 – 10

17/10/2018 17:27:48

minutes will allow moisture to leave the property quickly without letting too much heat out. Here are some other preventative measures to control condensation within your home: •

Simple preventative measures like checking in the loft for water staining around the chimney stack and roof timbers and rectifying any issues is essential; along with clearing gutters of debris and ensuring all joints are tight and that there are no cracks in the pipework.

Always make sure extractor fans are switched on in the kitchen while cooking and while the bath/shower room is in use to transport water vapour outside the property. The bathroom door should be closed while showering or bathing to stop water vapour travelling to other parts of the property.

Raking out old dried mastic and replacing with fresh will ensure window and door frames are both wind and water tight. Be mindful also not to lean anything against an external wall that will cause water to channel or collect, as this could transfer damp patches to internal walls.

Open windows while you are sleeping, cooking or bathing.

Cause 3: Rising Damp

Warmer air holds more moisture then cold so maintaining a constant temperature in the property throughout winter between 10oC – 18oC, will stop periods of low temperature when condensation will form.

Avoid drying clothes on racks inside the property, especially with the windows closed. A better solution to stop damp is to dry clothes in a well ventilated tumble dryer allowing moisture from the clothes to exit the property, or use a dehumidifier.

Cause 2: Water Leaks Water leaks are not uncommon and an obvious way for water to enter your home. Plumbing Leaks: The remedy for plumbing leaks is obvious – fix the leak as quickly as you can. As a tenant you must report water leaks to your Landlord or Letting Agent who is managing the property immediately for further investigation. Thankfully in the majority of cases once the leak has been fixed and the affected areas have dried out, the isolated incident should be resolved for good and won’t lead to any further damp within the property. A word of warning – if the cause is a leaking copper central heating pipe, enclosed within a cement screen floor, then when the pipe is replaced it must be lagged as the lime in cement can cause a chemical reaction with copper, resulting in pinhole perforations and repeated leaks in the future. Ingressive Damp: This is where water enters the property from an external source. The most common of which are leaks from ill fitting windows or doors, defective guttering and down pipes or defective flashings around chimney stacks or slipped tiles on the roof.

Shepperton Matters November 2018.indd 2

This is the most problematic and potentially the most costly to eradicate. Rising damp is caused by either a breakdown or breach of the damp proof course. In the former, the remedy is generally to inject the walls with a silicon chemical damp proof course after removal and replacement of the internal finish with fresh plaster that includes a damp proof additive. Rising damp saturates the plaster with hydroscopic salts and unless this is removed the salts will continue to attract moisture from the atmosphere. The second cause is most commonly due to soil or path levels breaching the damp proof course and is rectified by lowering the ground level and depending upon the severity, re-plastering may also need to be undertaken. If you are currently renting a property and are experiencing damp, contact your Lettings Property Management team or Landlord. If you are viewing a property to buy our advice would be to have a survey carried out on the property before progressing any further with the purchase. As a seller or landlord make sure you have dealt with any potential damp issues before putting your property on the market. Owen Miles MNAEA, Partner 01932 230033 owen-miles@curchods.com www.curchods.com

Read the full article online: www.curchods.com/blog

17/10/2018 17:18:50

e v i t s e F eer Ch


CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH at the INN 3 Course Scrumptious Menu £71.95

Bring the Family together for an extra Special Celebration with all the Festive Trimmings and a Special Gift for every child.

FESTIVE PARTY NIGHTS - £40.95 ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS Nights - £47.95 FESTIVE TRIBUTES - from £29.95 Contact the Events Team Today 01932 899933 / events.hishepperton@kewgreen.co.uk www.hilondonsheppertonhotel.co.uk Holiday Inn London Shepperton - Felix Lane Shepperton TW17 8NP Please quote Ref SUVM1018 when making your booking

Spelthorne Business Awards Shows off Diversity in Borough By Monica Chard, Editor

Spelthorne has a lot to be proud of. Some amazing businesses were on show at the inaugural Spelthorne Business Awards at Shepperton Studios recently. 160 gathered in the glamorous Orangery to celebrate the best of Spelthorne. Businesses small and large. The Orangery looks resplendent with dreamy drapes, sparkly lights and beautifully laid out tables. A veritable Oscar setting! There were 7 categories, each sponsored by a local business, and some amazing local businesses had been shortlisted. Many of these businesses may have passed you by. These awards sought to bring them into the limelight as finalists and ultimately winners. Amongst finalists you could find a full service advertising agency in the heart of Staines, a job placement service for ex soldiers looking for a second career, a crisp company, a company designing and making wind sensors used in wind turbines, a micro brewery, a micro bakery, a Lebanese food business and a company advising on keeping chickens. What unbelievable diversity we have in the Borough. What talent and creativity. Before announcing winners across the 7 categories we were treated to an inspiring talk by Ben Towers. This young man had beaten most of our achievements before he even left school. He started his first business at the tender age of 11 when he discovered that he could earn money making websites for his parents friends. The Sunday Times named him most influential teenager in the world and it was he who lobbied banks to open business bank accounts to under 18 s. The merger of his own business with another digital company netted him millions. He is still only 20. Let that inspire your children. Simply amazing! So on to our amazing winners in Spelthorne: Creative Business of the Year went to Zest4.TV, an outside broadcast company. Exporter of the Year went to Brown Bag Crisps for their hand made crisps which you To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

can find as far afield as China, Norway and Dubai. Healthy Business Award went to The Hazelwood Centre, the training ground for London Irish in Sunbury. Best New Start Up was awarded to the popular Willow Bakery in Shepperton. Best Business in Staines went to Caffe Gusto, an independent coffee shop. Independent Business of the Year went to Charlotte s Chickens. This family run business sells hybrid hens for families and schools and runs chicken keeping courses. Best Small Business went to Dyno, a franchise of Dyno Rod. (The two other shortlisted business really are small businesses and we were disappointed for Daisy Chain and Samara Cuisine).

Finally the Best Business in Spelthorne was announced. A little business called Brown Bag Crisps, started from a kitchen on Hamhaugh Island, Shepperton has become an international business success story. Phil and Viv Lambe could not be at the ceremony to collect either this or Exporter of the Year but were presented a few days later by Nick Wood-Dow (left above) and the smiles say it all. Huge congratulations! Well done to all business who entered, were shortlisted and who won. You deserve to be proud.


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk



Discover the hidden stories of Britain’s royal past this weekend at Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace.

Book online to save 35 minutes from Waterloo


Floral Corner by van Wonderen FLOWERS Tel: 01932 761071

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Familiar Faces from Beechwood Avenue?

This great photo was sent to us by Terry Pattinson who grew up in Sunbury and has many happy memories. We managed to connect Terry with a few long lost friends a couple of years ago. He is no wondering if any of his old pals from Beechwood Avenue are still around. This photo was probably taken just after WW2. Terry and his chums would have moved into Beechwood in the late 1930 s. Pictured in the photo are (back row left to right) Kenny Moore, Terry Pattinson, Michael Robinson, Allen Dobson (who lived in Ashridge Way) And in the front row left to right are Doreen Milarick, Peter Robinson, Terry s sister Pauline who is holding Linda Milarick, Brenda Peacock, and Doreen Dobson sister of Allen who lived in Ashridge Way. The picture epitomises camaraderie and an innocent childhood. If you recognise anyone, or have any news about them, please get in touch via Sunbury Matters: info@villagematters.co.uk.

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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Recently the Shepperton Aurora Rotary Club invited four very important students to a Celebration Evening at the Shepperton Holiday Inn. Emily, Alfie, Carla and Jamie from Sunbury Manor School received their RYLA awards after participating in a programme to develop leadership skills. What is Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)? It is a Rotary International programme which offers young people the opportunity to participate in physical and intellectual opportunities including:

• Team working • Positive leadership • Communication • Problem solving • Decision making

On these foundations are built self confidence and self esteem, vital aspects of citizenship. Boys and girls are selected by local Rotary Clubs ensuring that those chosen are from a wide range of ability and background and have development potential. This year Aurora, with the help of Sunbury Manor School, Shepperton and Sunbury Rotary

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Club and other supporters sent the four students at a cost of £400 each to a week s residential course. During the very successful evening which included teachers and parents, Emily, Alfie, Carla and Jamie gave an interesting presentation about the week. Joining us to receive monies raised by Aurora last year were the representatives of other charities; Cameo, Kick, Greeno Centre, Shepperton Youth Centre, The Impossible Dream and Paxmead. Expressing their thanks, we were told of the work of these good causes. Now to start the process of choosing the students and raising funds for the RYLA week next April and, of course, fundraising for many local charities.


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk


cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at www.hamptoncourthouse.co.uk

Duck Island Has Gone!

It had become quite a fixture in Sunbury. The ducks, swans and geese loved the island with a view of St Mary s. Sunday strollers would sit on a bench looking at the feathered residents basking in the sun, wondering WHEN it would be removed! Finally the sunken boat has gone. Thank you EA for a good start on sunken boats. Now for the very many more! See article on p16 and join the fight.

Sudoku By Monica Chard



2 8 6 8 6 4 1 3 5 9 7 3

7 5 3 8 1 5 1 7 3 8 6 2

Solution page 51

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


The Avenue, TW16

Darby Crescent, TW16

A unique four bedroom oak framed family home with off-street parking, an orchard garden and a garage. The house is perfect for entertaining both family and friends, energy rating d.

This five bedroom detached house has an open plan kitchen/dining area with bi-folding doors leading to a large garden, perfect for those family get-togethers, energy rating e.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100

£ 1,150,000

Green Street, TW16

Lower Hampton Road, TW16

A modern five bedroom house with a spacious reception room, kitchen/dining room and a driveway. The property has two bathrooms and underfloor heating, energy rating c.

Arranged over three floors, this four bedroom house has a garden with a versatile outbuilding. There are two reception rooms, four bathrooms and a gated driveway, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Call 7 days a week 8am - 8pm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Courtlands Avenue, TW12

Thames Street, TW16

This four bedroom Edwardian house is the perfect property for all the family. There are two large reception rooms, an eat-in kitchen and a great sized rear garden.

Located by the River Thames, a charming five/six bedroom Grade II Listed house. There are three bathrooms and master bedroom suite with a walk-in dressing room, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£2,595 pcm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£3,995 pcm

Roper Crescent, TW16

French Street, TW16

A two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with wood flooring throughout. The property has two reception rooms and a balcony overlooking communal gardens, energy rating b.

Set in Lower Sunbury, a charming Victorian home with three bedrooms, two reception rooms, a private front garden and a rear courtyard patio, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£1,800 pcm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£ 1,550 pcm

Tenants fees apply: £180 per tenancy towards administration, £60 reference fee per tenant and £144 for a professional check in (All inc of VAT).

Recipe of the Month Vanilla Melting Moments This super easy, light and delicious recipe with thanks to Evelyn Sims, Sunbury

Ingredients 6ozs. Self raising flour 4 1/2 ozs. (100g) cornflour 2ozs. (50g) icing sugar 8ozs. (200g) butter, melted and just warm 1 teaspoon vanilla essence Method Mix dry ingredients together, add butter and essence and bring together with a fork or wooden spoon. Place in piping bag with nozzle and pipe into short lengths onto baking sheet covered with non-stick silicone paper. Place in a pre-heated oven 160 degrees centigrade (remember fan oven will need 10C less of so), for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave to cool on a rack before indulging with a nice cuppa! Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts




Fully Fitted or Refaced Kitchens | Bedrooms | Home Offices Est. 1999

Order beOfrodrer oraes Chrbisetfm stemllas aCnhdriw a n d e ll pay tw he pVaAyTthe VAT

Senior Citizen Discount* S *T&C's Apply

why replace when you can reface? • Door swaps to full kitchens – tailored to your needs • Made to measure custom-built doors and units • Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks and taps Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

Call for a Free Estimate:

01784 245 259


Visit our Showroom: Dream Doors Twickenham, 33 Church www.villagematters.co.uk Road, Ashford, TW15 2UD 35

Dictionaries for Chennestone From Rotary Every year the Rotary Club of Shepperton & Sunbury presents dictionaries to Year 5 pupils. Our Rotary Club has presented these dictionaries over many years and they are regarded very highly both by the teachers and the pupils in the development of both language and writing skills. This year our first school for presentation was Chennestone Primary School where Headmaster Mr Macgill welcomed us and introduced the importance of dictionaries to the Year 5 pupils. Many pupils have already met our Rotary group at Shepperton Fair where we run the Hogwartz Express and offer stalls to smaller charities to carry out their own fundraising. Rotary runs many other activities to raise money to give to charity, including Christmas collections. Looking inside these beautifully illustrated Usborne English Dictionaries, pupils can find explanations that goes beyond that actual word to describe the different applications of that word. If you look up the word bicycle there are a further 30 words which show how the bike is made up, and that is before even looking at the gear system & the tyres! Using a dictionary helps to develop autonomy and confidence in the learner. In this picture Mr Macgill and Rotarians Catherine Black, Oliver Walker & Geoff Williams, having presented the illustrated dictionaries, stand with Year 5 pupils under the Chennestone mosaic. Rotary is an International Charitable Organisation offering service within our community. If you wish to make local friends as well as helping with charitable work & would be interested in joining Rotary, please contact Geoff Williams on 01932 782779 then join us for a meeting at the Holiday Inn to find out what we do. You will be very welcome.

Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635 www.jcstamps.co.uk



www.harvestfinancial.co.uk andrew@harvestfinancial.co.uk

01932 252900/07885 959377 Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



PLUMRIDGE & CO EST 1898 THE WORLDS OLDEST PHILATELIC AUCTIONEERS PLUMRIDGE & CO have been running stamp auctions for over 120 years. This rich philatelic history has been passed down three generations, with many of the worlds known rarities sold in the process. In the early 20th century, Plumridge & Co was renowned for their specialised and single owner sales. For example in 1928-29 an extensive general collection owned by E.H. Collins was auctioned in 12 sales over 27 days. Others of note include Mr E.J.Lee in 1936 and the H.P. Manus collection in 1932.

Today, Plumridge & Co have embraced the digital age whilst keeping the tradition and values at the core of their business In recent months, Plumridge & Co have been working with John Curtin and James Leigh at J.C. Stamps in Sunbury. Plumridge & Co’s next auction will be at Sunbury Cricket club where they look forward to welcoming local residents.

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Pressure on Food Banks How Can you Help?

Charities have warned that plans to move the 3 million people who are receiving tax credits and disability benefits on to the Universal Credit will trigger a vast increase in demand for food banks The Times October 6th 2018 In addition, the report goes on to say that families will lose ÂŁ200 a month under the new system. Claire Hopkins of St Saviour s food bank in Sunbury said It s a depressing statement that a policy that was intended to help people on lower incomes will end up penalizing them financially .

How Can you Help?

Give a Christmas Gift Campaign Hundreds of new unwrapped toys and gifts have already been donated for children who might not otherwise receive a Christmas present. The gifts will then be chosen by parents for each child; we will wrap the presents and give them stocking fillers and a family Christmas Day bag with chocolates, Christmas crackers, games, mince pies, selection boxes etc... Over the last few years many children and young people have benefited from gifts donated to The Community Foodbank: By giving a gift to our Christmas Present Appeal you can make a real difference in someone s life at Christmas. The campaign continues with an opportunity for people in and around Sunbury to donate a Christmas present which will again be selected by the parent; wrapped and given to a child who probably won t get a Christmas present this year due to financial or social reasons. I am a mother and appreciate the moments of watching your children open a present on Christmas morning, but, also realise the cost implication in doing so.

We need to receive any presents by the 12th December.

Festive Decorations Appeal Our Festive Decorations Appeal is for donations of good condition baubles, tinsel and other unwanted Christmas decorations. Do you have a Christmas box full of stuff? It comes down from the loft once a year and then goes back up, so why not donate anything you To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

don t need for a local family in need? You can leave them in the trolley at Tesco, St Saviours Church or Tony s hairdressers, both on Vicarage road. Do a Reverse Advent Calendar What is a reverse advent calendar? Reverse advent calendars work by you filling them every day with with items of food that can then be taken to our local food bank in Sunbury, in order to help those less fortunate that are struggling at Christmas time. After gathering in date non perishable items all month, you can take everything you've saved to St Saviours Church Sunbury, 205 Vicarage Road, Sunbury on Christmas Eve at 4pm to the family Nativity Play. Not only is this a fun thing for the whole work place to do together, from creating the advent calendar structure itself to picking the goodies to go in it, it more importantly teaches us the importance of helping others and seeing the bigger picture at Christmas. So if you want to do something a little different this year, you could create an advent calendar that you put something in every day instead of taking something out. Please get in touch with Claire Hopkins Social Transformation Pastor & Food Bank Manager claire.hopkins@stsaviourssunbury.org.uk Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Thursday 9.00am – 2.00pm St Saviour s Church, 205 Vicarage Road, Sunburyon-Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7TP claire.hopkins@stsaviourssunbury.org.uk 07549 952161 Radically Transforming Lives in the Love and Power of Jesus


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

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Sunbury Nursing Homes

Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AJ

Family run nursing home now in its 85th year Located opposite a beautiful stretch of the River Thames A home where the resident really IS the most important person “Just a word of thanks for all your kindness and care for my mother. We had almost given up hope of finding a nursing home of excellence which we felt she deserved and our experience with you was so heartening and reassuring."

    

expert 24 hour personalised nursing care for older people warm, homely and reassuring 'family' environment a home that is vibrant as well as caring and compassionate daily activities we don’t use agency staff

"I liked SNH more than other homes I looked at mainly because the residents and staff all looked so happy."

01932 785414 email: enquiries@sunburynursinghomes.co.uk


SUPPORT YOUR GP PRACTICE – HAVE THE VACCINATION WITH US! Did you know? Every flu jab you have elsewhere means fewer resources for your GP practice. The Flu vaccination provides the best protection against an unpredictable virus which infects many people and can cause serious illness and death each year. Influenza, or 'flu', is a highly contagious acute viral infection that affects people of all ages. Flu epidemics occur mainly in the winter months and can result in widespread disruption to healthcare and other services. A vaccine is produced every year based on the strains of virus expected to be circulating and is recommended for "at risk" groups. The vaccination is free for those most at risk of flu and is recommended yearly. This includes; Those aged 65 years and over Children aged 2 to 8 years old (Pre-school children aged 2 to 3 years will be vaccinated at their general practice. Children aged 4 to 8 years will usually be vaccinated at school). Pregnant women Anyone living with a long term medical condition People with caring responsibilities The practice has vaccinated 2,000 patients so far which is around half of those eligible. We have Flu Clinics on Saturday 3rd November & Saturday 10th November if you are able to attend – please book online via Patient Access or via the practice reception. If you are unable to attend a Saturday clinic please talk to a member of our reception team about alternative times to suit you.

PATRICK STONE Clean & Efficient Vacuum Chimney Sweeping Service Oil & solid Fuel Flue Cleaning


0208 979 1670 Mobile 07733 895213 38 WESTON AVE, WEST MOLESEY KT8 1RG

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Celebrate Christmas & New Year’s Eve at The Warren Lodge, The Anchor & Best Western Ship Hotels Celebrations include: • Christmas Party Nights • Festive Lunches & Dinners • Christmas Day Lunch • Boxing Day Lunch • New Year’s Eve Dining & Dancing To book your celebrations or for more information please contact our Christmas Coordinators Warren Lodge or Anchor Hotels Please call 01932 237652 Or email c&b@desboroughhotels.com Best Western Ship Hotel Please call 01932 848364 Or email mail c&bship@ ip@desboroughhotelss.ccom Warren Lodge or Anchor Hotels, Church Square, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 9JZ www.warrenlodgehotel.co.uk • www.anchorhotel.co.uk Best Western Ship Hotel, Monument Green, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8BQ www.shiphotel.co.uk

Scams, Drugs and Antisocial Behaviour We owe it to you all to share information on scams and things to be aware of in the village. Knowledge is key to protecting yourself and making sure you are not a victim of crime.

We reported last month on thefts of catalytic converters, taken from vehicles in residential areas in broad daylight. One resident whose mother s car was targeted set up a camera overlooking his driveway as he had a car of the type that had been of interest to catalytic converter thieves (do we call them cat burglars!) Lo and behold, the gentleman caught two guys on the camera one night on 20th September. Yes thieves, you are on film and we can clearly see what you are wearing. Information has been passed to the police. Our tip is that garages can fit a plate across the catalytic converter to make it much harder to steal, meaning it is more likely the thief will give up. Local garages do it. Check it out. This month we hear of number plate thefts. A reader who wished to remain anonymous wrote to us, wanting us to warn residents and tell you to be on the look out: I have had my front and rear number plates stolen from my car whilst parked on Station Approach at Sunbury-on-Thames on Friday. I reported it to the Police and had some new number plates generated but had to get them fitted separately at a garage as the thieves had wrecked the fixings whilst stealing the number plates, probably with brute force. Whilst I was getting the new number plates I overheard that someone else had had their number plates stolen locally. It is highly likely that the plates will be used by criminals so, if anyone else is the victim of this crime, they should report it to Surrey Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

Police as soon as you can by calling 101. You will be given an incident number which you should keep with you in the short term if out in your car. Our tip on this one is don t fit your plates with tape. You can get special screws which are difficult to get off, meaning the plates will usually shatter, making them useless. Increasingly we hear from frustrated locals who see blatant drug dealing and taking in Sunbury. Drug debris is frequently found in our parks and public areas. To us residents, it is so obvious when cars loiter in a car park which is used primarily by dog walkers. Young people sit in cars often with blacked out back windows. I wonder what they can be doing! They must think we are stupid. But the point is, these people don t care who knows what they are up to. What we need is a deterrent because at the moment there is none. Police presence in the area (a few patrols a day would help deter criminals) and more CCTV presence would help. It is important to log a call with police if you see suspicious activity. The more reports they get, the more likely they are to do something about it. Don t hesitate in calling if you see anything suspicious or anyone dealing s drugs. Finally do be careful if anyone tries to persuade you that they need to come into your house. Always ask for ID. If someone tells you that you have a cracked tile and suggest they can fix it and let s go to the cash point call the police. Our tip: Think of installing CCTV camera systems. There are plenty about at a reasonable cost and they can make all the difference. Look out for each other and don t let these criminals win.



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Lower Sunbury Christmas Market Lower Sunbury Christmas Market is on Thursday December 6th from 5-8pm. We will once again close off the road outside the shops and are expecting even more stalls this year. We can promise you Christmas music and carol singing with the Salvation Army. There will be food to buy, gifts to buy, a fantastic community raffle and you will even find Santa s Grotto at Laura s Hair and Beauty again. Do you want a stall? Do you want to help? Could you donate a raffle prize? Contact ; John on 07801 635106 Dennis on 01932 761071 or Monica on 07979 808991 We look forward to another great event!

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LOSRA Says . For or Against 20mph Speed Limits? Our Association has been approached by a local resident who is keen to drum up support for the idea of introducing a 20mph speed limit at the village end of both The Avenue and Green Street to reduce the speed of traffic and enhance safety. (See page 16 of last month s issue}. There is a view that 20mph limits are a waste of time unless there are specific enforcement measures, whether that means speed cameras or physical installations like speed bumps or platforms. Indeed, the Department of Transport research has confirmed that 86% of drivers exceed 20mph limits where there is no enforcement, travelling at an average of 26mph. LoSRA does not really have a strong view at this stage as we are aware that some residents already think that Lower Sunbury has more than its fair share of such features, with associated street furniture, and that even travelling over them at legal speeds causes a degree of extra wear and tear on tyres and suspensions. Obviously, anything which might improve safety is to be welcomed, but it would only be worth doing if it is effective, which would almost certainly mean physical speed-limiting features. This, in turn, would require funding and, in the current climate, is unlikely to be forthcoming.

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prepare to be amazed‌

Kempton n Steam Museum

Last steam of 20 ing 18!


g working g triplep Home of the world’s largest expansion steam pumping engine

Christmas at Kempton on 17-18 November 2018 Stalls, festive fun and mince pies and (Sunday only) a display of cars by the Mazda MX5 Club


Stories from Behind Memorials By Monica Chard, Editor. With thanks to Tom Stubbs In the run up to Armistice Day result of their wounds. Inside we attended a play called Four the church are two stained Families of the Fallen. Some glass windows, one dedicated of you may have seen it as it to all soldiers who fell in was widely performed. The battle in 1914-1918 and the format was four stories of other to a 2nd Lt. Charles names taken from a wooden H.S. Bruno who died in 1918 roll of honour in St James but whose name does not Parish Church in Weybridge, appear on the plaque. In July but what came out of that is 2015 the plaque was cleaned relevant across all memorials. and re-gilded with a grant We see rows of names of solfrom the War Memorials diers lost but usually know Trust. This was after the initinothing of them. Where were ative of Ashford s Tom they from? What were their Stubbs who applied for it. stories? Tom has written a booklet on Four Families of the Fallen the stories behind the names, brought us often unspoken researching painstakingly truths about life in Britain 100 into who the men were, years ago. One tale was of a where they lived and what Sunbury War Memorial mother whose sons name was they did before the war. They not on the memorial because names become people and he did not enlist. He was conscripted. This was their stories underline the devastation the war left seen as less than heroic so when it came to the emotionally on families all over the country and memorial, his name was missed off. further afield. Having a name on a memorial meant a lot to famiThe memorial of St Ignatius also carries the names lies. To some, it was the only tangible dedication of a Canadian and two New Zealanders, killed in to those lost, as some 50% of those who died duraction so far from home. ing the war have no known graves. Many of us gather every year at the Memorial in Think when you next look at these rows of names Green Street. You perhaps don t know about the on memorials. These men, many in the early years memorial at St Ignatius church just up the road. A of their life were the sons, brothers, husbands and plaque is set into a wall to the left of the church sweethearts, cruelly snatched away in the brutal, entrance. It faces the main street and can be seen filthy conflict of war. Think of their mothers, wives easily by those passing by. The plaque, which was and sweethearts waiting at home for them, who erected in the 1920s contains the names of 40 instead received a letter informing of their deaths. 'parishioners' who gave their lives in WW1. What is interesting is that recent research shows that only 10 of them seem to be names of relatives or loved ones who attended the church when the plaque was erected. The remainder have been traced as local family residents. The names of four brothers Burgess (see right) and their uncle Regan appear on the plaque. The uncle and one of the brothers were killed in the course of a naval battle in September 1914 so the mother learned of the deaths of her son and brother at the same time, the other 3 Burgess brothers; Andrew, Frederick and George brothers either died in action or as a To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Happy 113th Birthday Poppy!

Well 16th birthday to be exact as Poppy is a dog. 16 years old is an amazing age for a dog and the equivalent 113 in human years. Poppy gathered with her canine friends in Cedars Park for a sedate walk and lots of gravy bones. She has been with human mum Beverley since a pup and is still going strong. Beverley Boon said Poppy has been strolling Sunbury park, the streets of Sunbury and cedars park for 16 years, i am sure many people will recall us pounding the streets and parks at a pace! What can i say, i am sure like all dog owners my dog holds a very special place in my heart, she is my constant, my confident and wherever i am in the house or garden she is always behind me, nose into books, plants and all manner of things. Over the years i have lost shoes, socks and she is quite adept at running off with the washing too! Now she is older she has taken to strolling and her sight is fading but her sense of smell is so acute she barks at the postman around 10 minutes after he has delivered the post! The vet refers to her as a real little trooper! Over the years she has brought us such happiness and we feel blessed to have her in our family. Truly man s (or woman s) best friend.16 is a ripe old age for a dog, but we do know of a local Sunbury dog who is 20 and still out regularly with her owner. There must be something special in Sunbury!

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Sudoku Solution 5 1 2 7 3 4 9 6 8

8 9 6 5 2 1 4 3 7

4 7 3 8 9 6 2 5 1

3 4 7 6 8 2 1 9 5

9 6 8 4 1 5 7 2 3

2 5 1 9 7 3 8 4 6

6 3 9 1 4 8 5 7 2

7 8 5 2 6 9 3 1 4

Solution to November Sudoku

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1 2 4 3 5 7 6 8 9


NEW POPPY ORGANISER Mrs Melanie Searle Tel: 01932 785836 Email: sunburypoppy@outlook.com Following Irene Brockey's retirement, please contact Melanie Searle with any wreath requests for this year's Sunbury Remembrance Day Parade. If you could volunteer to help with this year's Poppy Collection please get in touch too

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CHRISTMAS DAY AT THE GREENO CENTRE Have you thought about what you might be doing over the Christmas period? The Greeno Centre in Shepperton will once again be hosting a Free Community Christmas Day Lunch. This is open to EVERYONE who may be on their own. You do not need to be a Shepperton resident. Do you want to do something different for Christmas? Would you like to spend the day in a community atmosphere? We welcome anyone, whatever your circumstances, old or young, on your own or with others and carers are especially welcome. Our aim is to join as a community to enjoy a sit down Christmas Day lunch and get to know each other. A fully packed programme is enjoyed from around 10.30 am until mid afternoon, with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee, followed by Carol Singing, Games, Quizzes etc and of course, a traditional Christmas Turkey Luncheon. We would like to express our thanks to the members of the Shepperton community, the local churches, businesses, community groups and individuals who kindly support this event each year with their generous gifts and donations. This event is organised by the Churches and Community of Shepperton. Free transfers from your home to the centre and return can be arranged. Volunteers are always needed too, especially drivers with a clean and valid licence and we need a clearing up team from about 2.30 until 4.30 PM If you are interested in coming to this event as a guest or volunteer please contact; Mrs Caroline Button :carolinebutton2006@yahoo.co.uk , or telephone/leave message on 07775 901 035 or 01932 247 255

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Spelthorne WI report on their Group Meeting 2018

The meeting was held at St. Hilda's Church Hall, Ashford and stewards from Hampton Tudor Rose WI welcomed us at the door. Cathy Hay, President of Ashford WI, the organisers, welcomed Sarah Endersby our Chairman for the evening. Sarah has had a busy year now that she has taken over as Treasurer of the Middlesex Federation from Susan Whitworth and thanked her for all her help and advice during this transition. Lorraine Reed has taken over as Chairman since Liz Morrell retired. The two minute reports were presented by Hampton Tudor Roses who have had a very busy first year setting themselves up with grateful thanks to other WI's for their help and Laleham who have enjoyed visits to Mayfield Lavender Farm, The Royal Academy & Poppy Factory as well as painting pottery and a talk from Hedgehog Rescue. Barbara Baghapour gave us an interesting account of the huge amount of knowledge and facts to learn on becoming a Blue Badge Guide and after 18 months of hard work and passing her exams she was presented with an umbrella! Refreshments were provided by Bedfont Belles as seen in the photo. Neil Long a DJ with Radio Jackie gave us an amusing account of his 25 years as a DJ including 6 years with Capital Radio and also entertained us with some magic tricks. The winners of the competition to create something by 'Upcycling , which was organised by Halliford were 1st Helen Whitman, Halliford, made a useful bag from a pair of jeans, 2 nd Anne Furst, Laleham, for her Flower Clock and 3rd Jenny Hanrahan, Bedfont Belles who made an Owl ornament (see above). The flowers for the stage provided by Sunbury on Thames were included in the raffle, with lots of other great prizes organised by Stanwell.


Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788

We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice

www.aldridgeandsons.co.uk See what our customers say about us at

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Crossword Solution C R O C U S E S O A C O L A D D E R S D I D I S A R M E D E D P E A D M I S S R R N E G A T E G Y R C S T P H Y S I O I E E A O B L E D F I N



Solution to November Quick Crossword

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Gardening Matters Lawn Love

By Rachael Leverton Moss becomes more evident as the weather cools but you're too late for raking by now. Probably best to embrace the lush greenness: moss lawns are all the rage in Japan anyway. On the other hand, if the weather is still warm and the ground is dry, apply moss killers, rake it out, reseed and water. You ll thank me next year. October is the best time for aerating the lawn. I used a fork for years until I bought a hollow-tine aerator three years ago, and now I'm a convert. You can't overdo it, insert them every few inches until you re fed-up. It s a great work-out. The There are times I threaten to astro-turf my hollow tines pull out little cores that look like entire garden, but then I remember the smell of fat worms. Leave them in place to recycle the freshly mown grass and how lovely it is to nutrients. Aerating improves drainage and walk through the dew with the dogs in the allows air, nutrients and rain to move down to morning, and I relent. the roots rather than sitting at the surface. Of all garden tasks I find lawn-care the most Normally by now there has been enough rain tedious. I am not a lawn enthusiast, preferring to allow the tines to penetrate the soil making plants. For me lawns are a necessary evil. I the job easier but who knows what the crazy like sitting on them, walking on them, and they UK weather will be doing when this article is make my flowers look good, in much the way published. a frame enhances a picture. So, I feel I do have It's best to fertilise the lawn after aerating if to give my lawn at least a little love and care. possible. This month is quite a good month for By October lawn growth has slowed so you fertilising the lawn if you haven t already got can raise your mowing height by at least one around to it. Not only does fertilisation give setting until mid-spring next year. If like mine you a fantastic lawn ready for the winter but your lawn sprouts moss the moment it rains, also offers some protection from the ravages of raise the mowing height even more so that at winter temperatures and diseases. least 1 to 2cm of grass shows above the moss Make sure you collect fallen leaves weekly to after grass-cutting. discourage moss and disease. Damp grass builds up inside the mower so give the mower a good brush, scrape or hose down after every use. This necessary housekeeping prolongs the life of your mower.

I know some gardeners like to discourage leatherjackets and worm-activity but frankly I like watching starlings poke around for leather -jackets, and I like worms, they are my little After the middle of October there is no point garden friends, so if the odd worm cast is the applying weed-killer, so if you haven't been price I must pay for their help then I'm happy diligent in weed control the only option will be to put up with them. hand-pulling them. I am rarely diligent about Happy gardening. weed-killing, so you are in good company here! To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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What s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email info@villagematters.co.uk St Mary s Autumn Fair, Saturday 3rd November, everyone welcome at the Parish Hall 10.00am - 2.00pm.Variety of stalls - jewellery, toys. CD s, bric a brac, tombola, gentlemens stall etc. Light lunches and tea and coffee available and even an early surprise visit from Santa and his little helper! Sunbury and Shepperton Arts Association 's next Coffee Concert is scheduled for Saturday morning November 3 at 10.15 for 11 am concert with Celia James ( soprano) and Lindsay Bridgwater ( piano)with music by Handel, Schubert and Puccini Tickets @ £12 include coffee and croissant from 01932- 787390, boxoffice@ssaa-arts .org and on door. Riverside Arts Centre, 59 Thames Street Sunbury TW16 5QF Walton Voices presents: A Remembrance of Things Past, Friday 9th November 2018 at 7pm. The music uses four poems on the theme of remembrance and commemoration, written by members of the Rosebriars Arts Initiative, a project which addresses issues of isolation, health and well-being amongst older people in Elmbridge through engagement with the arts. The choir will be conducted by our musical director, Jonathan Kilhams, and this will be the first time the works have been performed. Christ the Prince of Peace Church, Portmore Way, Weybridge KT13 8JD. Tickets £5. To book tickets email arts@rcsherrifftrust.org.uk or call 01932 229996 Spelthorne Natural History Society. Wednesday 14th November at 8pm, Greeno Centre, Shepperton. Presentation by Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture, who works at Kew Gardens. Richard will talk about the spectacular collections that can be seen in the newly restored. Kew Temperate House. £3 charge for non-members. Refer to www.snhs.org.uk for more information. Sunbury Working Artists present their winter exhibition 15th - 18th November 11a.m.5p.m in The Orangery, Squires Garden Centre, Halliford Road, Upper Halliford ,TW17 8SG. Free entry Shepperton Big Tree Night—Wednesday December 12th from 5-8pm in the High Street, Shepperton. Santa and his sleigh, food stalls, gifts, singing. A great family evening. Date for your diary - December 1. Friends of St Mary's invite you to join us in St. Mary's Parish Hall for an evening with a Harp, mince pies and mulled wine. More details to follow on our web site www.fosmsunbury.org, the next issue of Sunbury Matters and/or local publicity. Or contact 01932 784432. Ever fancied yourself as the next David Bailey? Then why not pop along to Laleham Camera Club. We are a friendly bunch who meet every Tuesday evening. New members are always welcome whatever your level. Find us online at www.lalehamcameraclub.uk or contact Paul on 07825 165974 Monthly Children s 2km fun run, in partnership with Nuffield Health, last Saturday of every month, 10am at Hazelwood Centre, Croysdale Avenue, Sunbury. This is a free event and all ages welcome! Hot and cold drinks and breakfasts available. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Kempton Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Show (for humans and now pets too!) A weekend filled with healing, laughter, friendship, learning and so much more. Over 80 exhibitors fill the venue with colour! A diverse and varied show with exhibitors ranging from organic food to yoga and wellbeing and everything in between. Yoga and other activities Join in our full programme of yoga and other health activity sessions. We have at least 15 sessions each day – Remember to bring your mats! NEW! We are excited to launch Holistic Pets, which is a new feature that puts a focus on the increasingly popular idea that we can take care of our pets naturally. Pet parents across the land are becoming ever more conscious of the products consumed by their beloved animal-shaped children and with this are opting for a more proactive and holistic approach to health care for their animals. We bring you a variety of animal healthcare exhibitors and therapists to provide solutions to the puzzling area of holistic animal wellbeing. Always very popular is the full programme of talks and workshops from speakers that are knowledgeable, informed and entertaining, all FREE with your admission ticket. Yoga and activity sessions just £8 for the whole day! See website for agendas to plan your weekend, there is a LOT happening!

BOOK at early bird prices with code Villagematters KP Nov https://holisticandmystic.com/portfolio/kempton-mbs/

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More...What s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email info@villagematters.co.uk Runnymede Arts Society November Lecture. November 21st. The Hythe Centre, Egham, TW18 3HD.Chinese Court Costume - A Journey Through the Imperial Wardrobe. A fascinating insight into who wore what formally and informally during the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911. highly decorative clothing of high-ranking Chinese ladies robes, headware and accessories. Some will be on display. Lecture by David Rosier. Coffee at 10.15, lecture starts 10..30. All welcome, first lecture free. Hawkedale Primary School Christmas Fair, Friday 30th November, 5-7pm, Sunbury. We warmly invite you to come and join in the fun and support your local school. We have a fantastic programme for the whole family: come and meet Mr & Mrs Claus, get in the festive mood with mince pies and mulled wine, join in with games and craft activities. You will find home baked cakes, raffle, a selection of stalls from local traders, tombolas along with good simple food and a licensed bar for the whole family to enjoy. The fair is open to everyone. Admission ÂŁ1 for adults, children go free. Please note it is cash only. Countdown to Christmas. A compilation of carols, songs and a panto, plus mulled wine and mince pies to get you into the Christmas spirit. Performed by Staines Musical Theatre Group on Sunday 2nd December at 2:30pm and 6.00pm at United Church of Egham, Surrey, TW209HP. Tickets available from 01784 605805 Oldest Stamp Auction in the World comes to Sunbury. November 17th 1.30pm. Sunbury Cricket Club. Do pop along. Viewing opens at 9am. Collections always sought

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Upcoming productions ALLELUJAH! Thursday 1 November - 7.00pm NT Live (Live Screening) Alan Bennett’s hilarious new play is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ (Daily Telegraph). A documentary crew follows the daily struggle to find beds on the Dusty Springfield Geriatric Ward. Tickets: £12 (£10 concessions)

La Bayadère Tuesday 13 November - 7.00pm Royal Opera House (Live Screening) Natalia Makarova’s production of this 19th century classic ballet brings an exotic world of the temple dancers and noble warriors to life. Tickets: £15 (£12.50 concessions)

The King & I Thursday 29 November - 7.00pm The London Palladium (Recorded Screening) Reprising her Tony Award-winning role, Kelli O’Hara takes to the stage alongside Tony and Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe, in a ‘powerhouse’ (The Times) performance. Tickets: £12 (£10 concessions)

The Nutcracker Wednesday 19 December - 7.15pm Royal Opera House (Live Screening) Tchaikovsky’s much-loved music is matched to a magical adventure on Christmas Eve for Clara and her Nutcracker doll. An enchanted Christmas adventure for all the family. Tickets: £15 (£12.50 concessions)

Antony & Cleopatra Thursday 20 December - 7.00pm NT Live (Live Screening) Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo star as Shakespeare’s famous fated couple in his great tragedy of politics, passion and power. Tickets: £12 (£10 concessions)

Image: © ROH 2016 - Helen Maybanks

Booking Information

Tickets available online at thehammondtheatre.co.uk For enquiries please call 020 8783 4418 The Hammond Theatre, Hanworth Road, Hampton, TW12 3HD Free parking on site, bar and disabled access available

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Independent Senior Day School Boys 11–18 years Girls 16–18 years


Saturday 2nd March 2019 9.30 am–12 noon


Thursday 8th November 2018 9.30 am and 11.30 am Tuesday 13th November 2018 9.30 am Tuesday 26th March 2019 9.30 am and 11.30 am Personal visits available throughout the year. Find out more and book your visit at: www.hallifordschool.co.uk

At Halliford your child will be known and respected as an individual and encouraged, supported and inspired to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Extensive coach service covering the surrounding area • Short walk from Shepperton Station • Shuttle service from Walton and Staines Stations registrar@halliford.net

01932 223593

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