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December 2017 Issue 15

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Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 23 February 2018

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: - ‘Visit the School’ page

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ

Welcome! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Don’t forget “Magical Molesey” on Dec 6th and the Bridge Road “Winter Wander” on Dec 7th. After both these fantastic community events, Christmas truly will have begun for us Moleseyites! Also look out in the magazine for the events at both St Paul’s and St Mary’s! In this month’s issue we look at the rise of a true star, Molesey resident Petula Clark. The history of the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol is also

December 2017 featured ,and we hear about the “Tanners Bridge” painting that hangs in the Molesey library. We also learn of some of the weird and wacky Christmas traditions from around the world. Have a great Christmas and see you all in January.

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Petula Clark A Molesey Girl

Molesey and surrounding towns have for many years been home to celebrities. Among those who have lived in Molesey is British actress and music legend, Petula Clark. Born in an Epsom hospital on the 15th November 1932. She lived with her Parents and Sister Barbara in Chessington. Moving to Riverside Avenue, East Molesey in 1948. Her first public performance was in 1939 singing with an orchestra in Bentalls Department store, Kingston upon Thames. Petula in 1953 with her dog Cheeco outside her home in Riverside Avenue


Her earliest radio Show was in 1942. As an actress she was cast in her first film, “Medal for the General”, in 1944. This was followed by a further twenty nine films, including in the late 1960’s “Finians Rainbow”, and “Goodbye Mr Chips”. She had a successful British recording career during the 1950’s, and in 1961 she had her first UK number one hit single “Sailor”. Petula left the family home in Molesey in 1957, moving to an apartment in Victoria, London. Also that year she made her first singing appearance at the Paris Olympia, where she was received with acclaim. This was the beginning of a successful European career. Further international fame followed in 1964, with her recording of the Tony Hatch composition “Downtown”. A worldwide hit single. In the US alone selling To advertise email


By John Taylor

three million copies, becoming her first number one hit record there. Success quickly followed with fifteen consecutive US top forty hits. These Included, “I Know a Place”,” Source Various/Paul Chard My Love,” “Don’t Sleep in the Subway,” and “This is My Song”. US concerts and shows followed including several seasons in Las Vegas. Often under the pseudonym of Al Grant, Petula has written many of her own Compositions, including the 1965 top ten hit “You’re the one”, recorded by The Vogues. In the 1970’s, she continued recording, and appearing in concerts as well as making several TV appearances. In the nineteen eighties she starred as Maria Von Trapp in a London stage version of the “Sound Of Music”. Further musicals followed, ”Someone Like You”, (for which she composed the score), “Blood Brothers”, and Andrew Lloyd Webbers, “Sunset Boulevard”. She was the subject of “This is your life” in 1964, 1975, and 1996. Becoming the only person to receive the television tribute three times. The Queen made Petula a Commander of the British Empire in 1998.After a career of more than seventy years, Petula shows no sign of taking things easy. She continues recording albums, including her latest “From Now On”, and “Living for Today”. A sell out, UK concert tour in 2016, was followed by both an Australian and US tour in 2017. More concerts are scheduled for Canada in Spring 2018. She has been a Geneva resident for many years, and when I last spoke backstage to Petula after her October 2016 Guildford concert. She mentioned that when staying in London, she enjoys driving into Surrey, visiting places from her childhood, and teenage years. She has very fond memories of the time she lived in Molesey. Petula Clark from Surrey. From Childhood Star to enduring International Star. Or call Paul on 07946 494288

Thinking of replacing your kitchen, bedroom, or home office? Visit one of our large showrooms for inspiration & to book your FREE design visit.

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Hampton Court Palace 8 - 10 December



Details correct at time of print. The Good Food word mark and logo are trademarks of the BBC.©BBC. The BBC Good Food Shows are organised and presented by River Street Events.

A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

Source : Wiki /Various Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol was first published in London by Chapman & Hall on 19 December 1843. Telling the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come, the story has become a firm favourite all over the world. As we all know, after their visits, Scrooge is transformed into a kinder, gentler man. Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol at a time when the British were examining and exploring Christmas traditions from the past, such as carols, as well as new customs such as Christmas trees. He was influenced by experiences from his own past, and from the Christmas stories of other authors, including Washington Irving and Douglas Jerrold. Dickens had written three Christmas stories prior to the novella, and was inspired to write the story following a visit to the Field Lane Ragged School, one of several establishments for London's half-starved, illiterate street children. The treatment of the poor and the ability of a selfinterested man redeeming himself by transforming into a more sympathetic character are the key themes of the story. There is discussion among academics as to whether this was a fully secular story, or if it is a Christian allegory. The first edition sold out by Christmas Eve; by the end of 1844 thirteen editions had been released. Most critics reviewed the novella positively. The story To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

was illicitly copied in January 1844; Dickens took action against the publishers, who went bankrupt, reducing further Dickens's small profits from the publication. He went on to write four other Christmas stories in subsequent years. In 1849 he began public readings of the story which proved so successful he undertook 127 further performances until 1870, the year of his death. A Christmas Carol has never been out of print and has been translated into several languages; the story has been adapted many times for film, stage, opera and other media. With A Christmas Carol, Dickens captured the feeling of the mid-Victorian revival of the Christmas holiday. He inspired several aspects of Christmas, such as family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, dancing, games and a festive generosity of spirit.


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Tanners Bridge Painting in Molesey Library By Anthony Barnes/Molesey Local History Society This is a detail from the painting of Tanners Bridge, which hangs in Molesey Library. The caption of the painting reads ‘Bridge over the Mole 1905 by Arnold Helcke’. Tanners Bridge is the bridge across the Mole at

the end of Spencer Road. There is a path between the houses to Tanners Bridge, leading to the new Ember Cut and a second bridge over the Ember, which brings one to Cow Common and the site of the Ember Mill at the end of Orchard Lane. This way was the original road from Molesey to Esher before Esher Road was built in the 1760s, so it is quite important historically. It was donated to the Library by Miss Veronica Tudor Williams who lived in Matham Manor for several years until the mid-1960s. Miss Tudor Williams took a prominent role in the 1965 protest against proposed development plans for high density housing, involving the Wolsey and Palace Road area and threatening Matham Manor. The concerted action by residents became the basis of the formation of the Molesey Residents Association. To advertise email


Miss Tudor Williams was also renowned as a breeder of African Basenji dogs. These dogs do not bark, but ‘yodel’, and are considered to be highly intelligent. They were the pampered pets of Egyptian nobility, and the goddess Anubis had a Basenji head. In 1947, King Farouk bought four puppies from Miss Tudor Williams, and they travelled to Egypt by air in a style befitting their heritage, each with its own seat on the plane. She also provided the Basenji, named My Lady of the Congo, to star in the 1956 film based on the book Goodbye My Lady by James H Street, together with four additional dogs to serve as "doubles" for My Lady. At the end of the film, My Lady was adopted by the 13year-old star, Brandon de Wilde, and the other four dogs were kept by members of the film crew. Miss Tudor Williams played a key role in the history of Basenjis in England and America and she wrote a book called Basenjis: The Barkless Dogs of Central Africa, which is now out of print, but still highly prized by Basenji lovers. In 1959, Miss Tudor Williams travelled to the Southern Sudan and brought back Fula of the Congo. Fula is said to be the single most important native Basenji ever imported and is in the pedigree of most Basenjis throughout the world even to this day. Fula was never shown, but just 9 years after her arrival the impact she had on the stability and improvement of the breed was such as to prompt the late Stanley Dangerfield, writing in the Daily Express, to pen the following: “No dog of any breed has ever made a more dramatic contribution to progress.” Or call Paul on 07946 494288

A W in te r Treat Mulled Wine & Mince Pie ÂŁ4.50

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The Mitre Hotel, Hampton Court , Hampton Court Road, Hampton Court , Surrey, KT8 9BN

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FOOD & DRINK AT THE MITRE in Januar y 2018

With panoramic views of the River Thames, The Mitre Hotel, Hampton Court offers the perfect setting to enjoy a tasty meal, be it a relaxed affair with friends or a special occasion with a loved one. Terms and Conditions Apply. Offer available from 1 st - 31 st January 2018. Offer is not redeemable against the Set Menu or any other offer.

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Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! A white Christmas is something many of us dream of, but how much do we know about snow? Snow is made of a bizarre and complex substance which we take completely for granted – water! Water is a liquid at room temperature, unlike other substances with similar-sized molecules, such as ammonia or methane – these are gases. Water requires more energy to boil it than other liquids and unlike most substances which shrink as they freeze, water expands as it turns to ice. As it turns out this is rather important. Ice is less dense than water so it floats. If it became more dense like most substances lakes would freeze from the bottom up and aquatic life would die. But because water freezes from the top down, the floating ice forms a layer on the surface which insulates the water beneath allowing it to stay liquid and all the swimming creatures to survive. few people know that for snow to fall at temperatures higher than -40C a special particle called an ice nucleus is required. Snow seeds as they are known include fine particles of soil, dust, and volcanic ash. These ‘seeds’ pass through the clouds of water vapour in the upper atmospheres and it is on their surface that ice crystals form which become snow. Snowflakes are all different because of the way they attract new water to their ‘corners’. As the crystals fall through the atmosphere they pass through different layers of temperature and humidity, and get tossed around by the wind. The interplay between the snow seeds, random water droplets and their need to grow in a hexagonal fashion means that each snowflake grows rapidly in a unique way until they are large enough to fall as snowflakes. The perfect snowflakes that we see on Christmas cards are actually quite To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

idealised. Most snowflakes are imperfect, but they do have an underlying symmetry which has been noticed by humans for thousands of years. Most flakes are 1cm or less across but occasionally atmospheric conditions conspire to form giant snowflakes. In 1915 snowflakes 10cm across fell in Berlin, and in Montana in 1887 flakes 38cm (15 inches) across were recorded.

But if snow is made of ice (which is clear or possibly slightly blue), why is snow dazzling white? Well the reason is because of the complex structure of snowflake crystals. Light rays bounce around from one crystal of ice to another, randomly until they find their way out. Because of the very short distances between the reflective surfaces the light rays are efficiently scattered and none are absorbed, and if no light is absorbed then a substance appears white. If we do have a few flakes this Christmas then you can amaze your friends with how much you now know about snow! All together now…’I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…’ By Monica Cox


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The History of Christmas Baubles By Tracey Anderson Every year we go with the children to choose a new Christmas tree decoration. We don’t do themed trees in our house so our annual tree is a history of the kids’ eclectic and often eccentric tastes down the years. Traditional inherited hand blown glass ornaments nestle alongside a plastic gingerbread man, a gaudy fairy in striped tights, a robot, a festive dachshund, and a host of other unlikely characters. Every year is a delight of discovery as my teens and preteens unpack, reminisce and tease each other over their past choices. But where did the idea of decorations originate and how did they evolve into what they’ve now become? Tinsel originated in Germany in the early 1600s. Back then it was made from real shredded silver. Tinsel makers hammered the silver until it was thin, then cut it into strips. It was so popular that tinsel machines were invented to keep up with demand. Clearly silver was a little expensive and eventually the plastic variety took over.

Europe. They were often hung upside down from the rafters. In modern times improved manufacturing techniques have allowed for the production of artificial trees which can be very difficult to tell from the real thing! In Victorian times, Christmas trees were been decorated with candles. In 1895, an American man, Ralph Morris, was so concerned about the fire hazard of candles and Christmas trees that he invented the first electric Christmas lights, which are similar to those still in use today. Over the years there have been glass and plastic variations of reindeers, stars, fruit, butterflies, birds and even festive dachshunds (see above!) but the debate still rages about whether there should be an angel or a star on top of the tree. Merry Christmas!

We have the Germans to thank for baubles. They were invented in the 1840s by Hans Greiner. His original glass fruit and nuts developed into beautiful ornate ornaments which so charmed Queen Victoria that she brought them back to Britain. As they were all hand-crafted the first, baubles were very expensive. Improvements in plastic manufacturing meant that cheaper versions became available, and baubles became available to the masses. The green fir tree was originally used by Pagans and Christians to celebrate winter. Pagans used branches of the fir tree to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, as a reminder that spring would come again. The Christians adopted them later. The tradition of Christmas trees seems to have originated about 1000 years ago in Northern To advertise email


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Beware of the Threats of Ransomware by Iain Last

One of the most worrying cyber-threats today must be the growth of ransomware. A compromised computer typically results in an often-irreversible encryption of valuable files and on occasion, entire disk drives. A 2017 cyber-security study reports that payment generated by ransomware has grown from £187,000 in 2016 to over £4,600,000 in just 12 months. This represents a growth of 2,503% -a nice earner for the unscrupulous! You will no doubt have read about a ransomware known as 'WannaCry' and the huge

unprotected “zero-day” victims. So, at work or at home, will our free or purchased antimalware software always protect us from ransomware? In short no, as there can simply be no guarantee of protection. Ironically, it is we who can offer the greatest protection to our computers, since it is also we who pose the greatest threat. Historically, the human factor has always been a catalyst to malware and ransomware attacks. All this said, is there anything we can do to help protect ourselves? Absolutely.

impact it had on the NHS in April this year. Of the 236 trusts, 81 were infected, resulting in thousands of appointments and operations having to be cancelled. The bottom line is ransomware has fast become a business, is here to stay, can harm a Fortune 500 company, a shop in our local high street, and most definitely can harm you. A key challenge for all anti-malware manufacturers is keeping up to date with the latest malware intelligence. Current statistics indicate new malware is being released at an average of 350,000 variants per day; and therein lies the root of the problem. Since everything new must first be discovered, a period of learning must always exist. Unfortunately, this period of unknown exposes the world to millions of

Always be extra vigilance when opening suspicious emails, and links Walton Road,attachments Don’t Forget!! leading to unfamiliar websites. If you are ever unsure, just don't do it. Those few seconds of restraint could save you hours, days, if not months of frustration. Keep your operating systems, security software, web browsers and other common applications up to date. A routine backup of your important files will give you the greatest assurance of ransom free file recovery. Always keep several copies of your backups in a safe place and disconnected from any computers. And finally, remember knowledge is power! So why not take a moment, grab a cuppa and Google the term “ransomware”.

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Crossword 1

























1 Milk-producing animal (6) 2 Person lying outside to get a tan (9) 3 Royal dog (5) 4 Burnt remains (3) 5 Female party-giver (7)

6 7 11 13 15

Across 1 Melodious sounds (5) 4 Attain, accomplish (7) 8 Royal ruler (7) 9 Latin American dance (5) 10 Astonishing, impressive (7) 12 Large bird of prey (5) 14 Thrift store (7,4) 18 Officially register (5) 19 Delivers mail (7) 21 Occupation, vocation (5) 23 Faltering speech (7) 24 Discord, disunity (7) Down 25 The taste of toothpaste (5)

Type of tree (3) 16 Thawed, defrosted (6) Rubbed-out, removed (6) 17 Vitality, dynamism (6) Rise from bed (3,2) 20 Large group of bees (5) Male wedding attendants (9) Donkey, burro (3) By the Molesey 22 Local History Society Soothe, assuage (7) 23 Group of items (3)


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The Hersham Centre Molesey Road, Hersham Surrey KT12 4HL

SUPPLY, DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF LUXURY BATHROOMS Walton Bathrooms offer 6,000sq ft of showrooms with over 60 new displays, a dedicated tile studio and experienced in-house designers. All products shown are by Villeroy & Boch from the decadent and luxurious Venticello range. Brassware by Dornbracht from the MEM range in the colour Cyprum.




drink AND BE

MERRY avernaitalian


020 8941 3545

Averna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria 142-144 Walton Road, East Molesey, Surrey. KT8 0HP

A Christmas Truce One of the most remarkable events of the First World War concerns the 'Christmas Truce' of 1914, in which the soldiers of the Western Front laid down their arms on Christmas Day and met in No Man's Land, exchanging food and cigarettes, as well as playing football. The cessation of violence was entirely unofficial. There had been no prior discussion and troops acted spontaneously from goodwill, not orders. The most famous account of events involves British and German forces; however, French and Belgium troops also took part. No-one really knows what initiated it. There were some reports that British troops heard their German counterparts singing Christmas carols and joined but there were also reports of German and British soldiers erecting signs wishing each other a 'Merry Christmas'. Driven by feelings of goodwill, home-sickness and

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By Louise Addison

combat-weariness some men crossed the lines with their hands up, and troops from the opposing side went to meet them. Commanders either turned a blind-eye or joined in. Food and supplies were exchanged and tools and equipment were borrowed. Games of football were played and bodies trapped within No Man's Land were buried. In many areas the truce lasted for the whole of Christmas day but in some places the peace lasted much longer and it was several weeks before the bloody conflict resumed.


Keith Barron 1934 - 2017 Molesey Matters was saddened to hear last month of the passing of Molesey resident Keith Barron. UK actor Keith Barron, who starred in sitcom Duty Free, died aged 83 after a short illness. Barron, who was from South Yorkshire, rose to fame in the 1960s as Detective Sergeant Swift in The Odd Man. He also appeared in Coronation Street, Doctor Who, Benidorm and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Barron is best-remembered for his role in Yorkshire Television sitcom, Duty Free, where he played David Pearce. A statement from his

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agent said Barron enjoyed "a long and varied career, of which he was immensely proud�. He is survived by his wife Mary to whom he was married for 58 years and his son, Jamie, also an actor."

Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock

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“The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent” ISI Inspection Report, June 2017

Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School is an Independent Day School for boys & girls aged 3 - 7

Open Morning: 30th January 2018 at 9.30am 01372 462781 22 Milbourne Lane, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9EA

Weird Christmas Traditions Source: Various For many Japanese, traditional Christmas dinner is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Demand is so high that, reservations must be made to eat at a KFC on Christmas Day. During the run-up to Christmas, Colonel Sanders statues outside KFC’s Japanese outlets wear Santa gear. The chicken is served in special holiday packaging. Demand is such that an online service has been created: order your Xmas Family Bucket in advance and have it delivered. In Norway, they have a solid idea of what witches and evil spirits do and do not like. And man, do those spirits love brooms. They also love Christmas, so on Christmas Eve, people hide their brooms, so witches and the like won't hang around. For good measure, a male family member may pop his head out the front door and fire off a few blasts from a shotgun to show those spirits who's boss. The story goes that when German families decorate the Christmas tree, the last ornament to be hung is the Christmas pickle usually a blown glass ornament that may have been passed down through generations. It is tucked away in a hard-to-see spot (it is green, after all). The first child who finds the pickle on Christmas morning gets a special gift and good luck all the next year. Zwarte Piet, or Black Peter is Santa's helper in the Netherlands. Sinterklass (Santa Claus) arrives on the eve of St. Nicholas Day in a steamship with his slave Zwarte Piet, portrayed in public processions in several cities. Since about 1850, children who don't behave Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


during the year were told that Black Peter might take them back to Spain, where Sinterklaas lives In certain parts of Scandinavia, nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a giant straw effigy of a goat. The "Yule Goat," (or julbocken, if you're fancy) originated like most Christmas traditions, in that people aren't exactly sure. It has some roots in Norse mythology, wherein the god Thor rode around in a chariot pulled by goats. But in more recent history, the lore plays out more along the lines of the Christian association of goats as demonic creatures. In Austria, St Nicholas has an evil counterpart called Krampus. He is the bad cop to St Nick’s good cop, a demon-like creature with one task: to punish bad children before Christmas. Men dressed in devil costumes roam the streets, carrying chains and a basket for abducting especially bad children and hauling them to hell. It's certainly one way to keep the kids off the streets. Welcome to the bizarre Catalan tradition of caga tió or 'defecating log’. Locals in Catalonia create a character out of a log, drawing a face on it and giving it a hat. Then they spend a fortnight 'feeding' it fruit, nuts and sweets. On Christmas Eve, the entire family beats the log with sticks and sings traditional songs until the log excretes all its treats. It's hard to comprehend why this tradition hasn't caught on elsewhere.

Festive Dining this Holiday Season

Make Christmas extra special this year and let us prepare a delicious lunch with all the trimmings. December Festive Lunch & Dinner

Christmas Day



per person

per person

Cele Ne w Y b rate ea w i t h u r ’s E v e s from


per pe 0 rson

Terms and Conditions Apply. Subject to availability. December Festive Lunch & Dinner Price is available throughout December excluding 25th December. New Year ’s Eve Dinner late reservations incur a £10 supplement per person.

B O O K T O D AY Speak to a member of our team call 0208 979 9988 or email


The Mitre Hotel, Hampton Court , Hampton Court Road, Hampton Court , Surrey, KT8 9BN

Sudoku Solution on Page 40


6 5

8 2 9 6

3 4 7 5 2 6 4 5 9 7 2 1 9 1 8



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Congratulations must go out to Molesey’s very own, Sophie Faldo, winner of this years Great British Bake Off!! The track cyclist and former army officer, who is also training to become a stuntwoman, dazzled the

Once again many congratulations Sophie from all in Molesey!!

judges with her baking skills. Former ballet dancer Sophie says that her obsession with baking began after she got her own kitchen for her first time, explaining how she hasn't looked back since baking a birthday cake for a friend.

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MiBODY has the perfect gift… MiBODY wants 2018 to be a year when even more people discover a form of exercise that helps them stay or become healthier, fitter, pain free and more mobile no matter what your ability. We run many sessions a week outdoors in Bushy Park, but are pleased to announce our new and exciting indoor suite of activities held close by to include yoga, pilates and Stretch classes. We understand that taking part in any kind of exercise can be tough and feel daunting, so we have introduced some fabulous new packages that make it possible for you to share your membership with a loved one or friend. We want exercise to be accessible to everyone whether it’s just a walk or something more challenging. With our packages you can mix and match sessions and activities to suit your style and budget. MiBODY has the prefect gift…. We also have gift options available, so you can buy that special someone anything from a single session to membership for 12 months. Either way we will send you a deluxe handmade card in which to present your gift. Why not give the gift of a Yoga class or one of our amazing outdoor sessions this Christmas. Our timetable and range of packages are available to view online, alternatively come and talk to us in person or give us a call. Our trainers are experts in their field, and have a wealth of experience covering high performance sport, the military, and those who train the trainers to the public. With us you train with the best.

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Molesey Matters was very privileged last month to be invited by Molesey Boat Club to attend the planting of a tree, both to mark its 150th anniversary and also to look forward to the next 150!! On a cold but beautifully sunny morning, we raised a glass as the Mayor, Rachael Lake, Regatta Secretary, Ted Bates and Club President, David Porteous each placed a spade of soil to help the tree (a birch) on its way. Located in Hurst Park, on the bank of the regatta course, the tree represents a long lasting tribute to the club’s stature in Molesey. Founded in 1866 it has become one To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

of the premier clubs in the UK. Turn up at the club on almost any Saturday and you are likely to see at least a couple of Olympic champions taking to the water. The legendary achievements of Gold Medallists like Jonny Searle, or Martin Cross are woven deep into British rowing’s illustrious history. Club President David Porteous was keen to point out, however that just as for the last 150 years Molesey Boat Club has always been about community, the next 150 will be no different!


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t. J u l y 2 0 0 7

Book before the 20th of December

and you will get 10% OFF

ZOOM! Avanced power teeth whitening

Making sure e you have a white Christmas Book you appointm r ent now! 83-85 Bridge Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9HH

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The Jigsaw Revival By Sarah Davey

I was Christmas shopping recently and for the first time in many years found myself browsing jigsaw puzzles. I was mesmerised by the number of different types and designs. There were funny ones, quirky ones, puzzles with irregular-shaped pieces, gloriously beautiful reproductions of famous works of art, extra-tricky pictures of boxes of sweets,

or baked beans, and some fabulous threedimensional puzzles. These were not the jigsaws of my youth. The jigsaws I remember came in faded boxes with boring photos of country cottages, or a generic bluegreen landscape on the lid. No, these jigsaws looked enticing and exciting. A jigsaw revival seems to have taken place and I had somehow missed it. Jigsaws actually originated in the late 18th century, when European map makers pasted maps on to wood and cut them into pieces. They were a useful way to teach children about geography. Puzzles as an adult pastime emerged around 1900. They were expensive because each piece was cut individually, but they quickly became popular social pursuits in country houses for weekend parties. As production became cheaper they became popular with the masses too. In the interwar period of the 1920s-1930s many companies


used them as advertising gimmicks. Lots of jigsaws from that period depict black and white photographs of factories and workers or products. We aren’t talking high art here but if you come across them in charity shops they possess their own charm. Jigsaws can be a silent and calming activity, or done in pairs or groups they can be sociable affairs. They are also gloriously cheap compared with other forms of entertainment, which explains why weekly cardboard puzzles became a national obsession in the US after the economic crash of 1929; in fact so many people wanted them that there was a national jigsaw famine! In our own current slow economy and extended period of austerity jigsaws seem to be gaining in popularity again. Like adult colouring books they are absorbing and stimulating but not overly demanding so can be seen a mindful activity and as such may be beneficial to our mental health. Dame Margaret Drabble the author became a fan of jigsaws when her husband was undergoing extensive treatment for cancer. She couldn’t concentrate on books or crossword puzzles but jigsaws helped her to focus. She says they gave her an illusion of control, creating order from chaos during a period of intense stress, and she feels they actually saved her sanity. She wrote a book, ‘The Pattern on the Carpet,’ about her personal experience. Our own queen is said to be a huge jigsaw fan. Apparently she borrows regularly from the British Jigsaw Puzzle Library. This wonderful institution (of which I knew nothing prior to researching this article) houses thousands of beautiful hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles, which can be borrowed. Membership for the jigsaw enthusiast in your life, along with Drabble’s book might be a rather inspired Christmas present this year perhaps? Happy puzzling. Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

A New CafĂŠ for Molesey Dale and Jo along with their two young children have recently moved to Molesey from Melbourne, Australia. On a visit to England last year, they heard of the opportunity to take over The Purple Kitchen in East Molesey. After a number of years in executive office roles, they made the decision to follow their dream of opening a coffee shop and Miss Polly Cafe was born. Their vision is to provide good, locally sourced, exceptionally cooked food in a

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modern, clean and warm environment. Top this off with a friendly and genuine service and delicious locally roasted coffee. Passionate, hardworking and dedicated, they are keen to become active members of the community who support local at every opportunity. You can find them at Miss Polly Cafe, 119 Walton Road, East Molesey. A big welcome from Molesey Matters!!


esher tyre & exhaust

- FREE valve & balance on all our tyres Free local - BUDGET & BRANDED tyres supplied and fitted collection - SERVICING from £49.99 + VAT (all makes) & delivery Save up to 50% on main dealer servicing (prior bookings only) - SPRING checks £29.99 + VAT - MOT - Diagnostic equipment - Air Conditioning - Welding and MOT repairs Valid until 30th December 2017 production - Clutches - Exhaust Hampton Court Way, Thames Ditton - Batteries

15% OFF

020 8398 1727

Local Author

Carmen Souchet, writing under her pen name Molly CliffordNixon, has published her second book “Short Stories and Flash Fiction”. All of the stories were born while attending Studio Writers of Sunbury, a creative writing group mentored by Stephen Cartwright and as the cover suggests the reader is invited to journey through human emotions, fantasy, humour and the supernatural. Short Stories and Flash Fiction” contrasts greatly with the author’s debut novel “The Burden of Guilt” which is a romance intrigue set in the 1960’s. Whether you enjoy a long or short read “Short Stories and Flash Fiction” is the book for you. Find out whether Timomathon will survive the war raging within Infinity, to be able to return to Humanland; if Anna escapes justice when she seeks revenge for the death of her husband. Travel through stories of the unexpected, the natural and the super-

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natural. Decide whether logical explanations exist. Laugh at the humour, shed a tear at the sorrow, reflect and, on occasion, let your mind leave reality behind. Both books are available in paperback and kindle versions on Carmen is already penning her third book which will be a full length novel, “Return to Infinity”. Short Stories and Flash Fiction has achieved a top ten status in the short story section on Amazon.


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cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at

Recipe of The Month Salted Chocolate Truffles

Method: In a small saucepan over medium heat, bring the milk to a boil. While this is heating, place the chocolate and coconut oil to a large heat proof bowl. Put it in the oven and preheat it to 180C°. Yes, bowl in the oven then preheat it. Once the milk starts to boil, open the oven and carefully pour it over the chocolate and coconut oil. Close the oven door and set your timer for five minutes. After five minutes, carefully remove the bowl, off the oven, add the vanilla extract and sea salt, then stir the mixture until smooth and glossy. Don’t worry if this takes a couple of minutes! Wait for the bowl and chocolate to cool and place in the fridge to harden for an hour or two. You want it to be hard enough to roll into balls. Roll the mixture into balls and cover in whatever toppings you wish!

Ingredients: 280g Dark Chocolate (roughly chopped) 1 Tbs Coconut Oil 6 Tbs Almond or Soy Milk 1 tsp Vanilla Extract Small pinch of sea salt Toppings: Raw cacao or coco powder, ground almond and sea salt, desiccated coconut. Adaptations: The basic recipe is very easily adapted, and I have made many variations with great success. -Mocha truffles: Use 3 Tbs of Expresso coffee with 3 Tbs of Almond milk instead of the full 6 Tbs of milk. -Orange liquor truffles: 2 Tbs Cointreau + 4 Tbs Milk. -Adding cinnamon, cloves or anything you think may go with the chocolate mixture

Recipe courtesy of my wife Monica Monica’ss niece, niece Leila (pictured)

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Urban Wildlife Garden

You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy wildlife A Blog by Molesey Resident - Della Reynolds The birds have been a bit twitchy lately. They had become so used to my feeding routine they would often be down eating while I was still inside the shed sorting out a new fat ball. Then spend the whole morning mooching around the garden until every seed was hunted down. Well, that was before the incident. Now, they just sit on the roof for long hours looking at the food lying beneath them on the ground. Perhaps they are admiring the unique patterning of the scattered seeds which must look something like a Pollock from their perspective. Or perhaps they were witness to another hit a run attack in my urban oasis. Every now and then a brave soul will come off the roof to hover over the seed, only to rest finally on the fence. It may be joined there by a few of the others but none of them are willing to be the first to put beak to seed. Wild animals face this dilemma throughout their lives. Eat and be eaten or stay safe and starve. Even the starlings won’t come down for the mealworm and suet pellets. By mid-morning they hungrily hit the feeders in a rush, gobble up what they can and fly off. Guerrilla style eating raids replacing the usual argy bargy banter at the feeding tray. So what has spooked them I wondered and then I saw the culprit. A tabby moggy who would appear from

round the side of the shed and use the cover of the pyracantha to pounce on its prey. Once all the birds had departed this intruder would crouch on the floor to eat the peanuts and seeds, crunch crunch, with just no respect for the artistic design. It occurred to me that what these birds needed was a stool-pigeon. A volunteer to sit on the fence and give them all an early warning. It could be a

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different pigeon every day on a rota basis but pigeon etiquette didn’t provide for such an option. Instead they all fed furiously until the first one became spooked. Sometimes there would just be a few seconds between landing and taking off again. One particular pigeon had an annoying habit of sitting in contemplation on the garden table. He would watch the others gobbling up the seed and when the time was right he would belly flop onto their backs causing them all to immediately take flight, giving him prime position until they returned again. In an effort to encourage the birds back I placed a friendly blue tit onto one of the feeders but they were not to be fooled by this static metal bird. Interestingly, the change in rou-

tine did encourage a number of different birds to visit the garden. The collared doves who generally visited in pairs were able to clean up all the seed left by the reluctant pigeons. Equally, the robin and blue tit were more willing to visit the fat ball and nuts without the rabble starlings giving them grief. In nature there are always winners and losers. But fearful of another fatality I decided to put up a cat deterrent to give the birds a fighting chance. I put a row of plastic spikes on the fence closest to the feeders, the usual stalking route for tabby moggy. The cat can still enter the garden (and does so) by walking across the shed and coming in the other side. But at least from this approach there is plenty of time for the birds to take off. Lately, the cat is not such a regular visitor and a kind of peace has been restored in the urban wildlife garden just in time for Christmas.


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A local Company with Local Knowledge & Experience No pressure. No hassle. Just quality products and workmanship at honest prices We have been established since 1985. All of our work is guaranteed. We don't ask for a deposit... We understand that choosing your new home improvements is a huge decision that can take time to really settle on the best option for you. Our approved installers are there to help you make the best choice for your home and deliver the highest levels of value, security, style and energy efficiency to your home. We believe you deserve more than 'just another double glazing windows installer.

See what some of our satisfied customers think • 31 years established, local, independent company • Extensive range of quality products from Vevo • Great range of colours available • Windows, doors, bi-folds, casements, porches

“Installation of double glazed windows and back door. This is a local family firm which came highly recommended. All personnel were efficient, friendly and courteous and the work was finished to an excellent standard”. Sunbury “Patio window and door fitted. No hard sell. Work was accomplished very efficiently with obvious pride in their work and product.” Shepperton

We trust you will be happy with the finished job.

• Energy efficient doors and windows • Professional design and installation • People you can trust • A friendly approach to improving your home

Walton Road, East Molesey Surrey, KT8 0DT

Tel 020 8941 9925 select installer

Kill or Cure!

Hangover cures to die for…possibly for real!

It’s the morning after the night before! You feel as though Santa and all his reindeer are performing a festive version of Riverdance on top of your head. So you reach for a hangover cure… How about pickled sheep eyeballs washed down with a tomato juice and brine cocktail? Mongolians swear by it apparently…rather them than me! In ancient Ireland hangover sufferers were buried in wet river sand. It was said to cure the worst of the symptoms. I’ll pass thanks. A college friend swore by a concoction he called ‘Prairie Oyster’: Crack an egg into a glass without breaking the yolk, add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and swallow whole. Even watching him drink it was enough to send me and my lurching stomach running for the bathroom.

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Personally I have always found that if I’ve overdone the celebrations at a party then drinking a large glass of water before I turn in for the night really helps. In the morning I drink more water with a recommended dose of paracetamol. If your stomach is a bit sensitive you can try an antacid to calm it down, then if possible go back to bed. When you are ready to eat something try a banana. They are easily digestible and help to replace lost minerals, though many people do swear by a fryup. Possibly the saltiness and protein-rich foods (bacon, eggs and beans) help there. The Scandinavian equivalent is pickles and fish but I suspect you really do have to be Swedish to entertain that notion. The only way to completely avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol. But most of us like a drink at Christmas so the best advice is to drink in moderation, don’t mix drinks (wine or beer, not both), and alternate alcoholic tipples with soft drinks. That way you’ll enjoy the morning after as well as the night before!


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Solution to December Quick Crossword

Solution to December Sudoku

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We Specialise in: Extending the life of old Roofs Felt and GRP Flat Roofs New Roofs Leak Repairs Tiling & Slating UPVC Guttering Roof Consulting We are a small Family run company who can help with all roofing work and specialise in repairs. Call us for a free estimate or advice

0208 241 80 90 find more info at our website

2 Meredith Court, 8 Victoria Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 3DR

Garden View

This month - the Christmas Wreath Until fairly recently in history, certainly up to Victorian times, people could never be certain they would safely survive the harsh winter. So they developed rituals and displays to help them get through the darker days. One such symbolic display of hope was the Christmas wreath. The circular shape is symbolic of eternity or everlasting life because it has no beginning or end. From a Christian perspective it represents the unending circle of life, with the traditional Holly as the thorns on Jesus’ crown and the red berries as his blood. Now we hang them on our doors and use them as table centrepieces because they look wonderfully opulent and festive. The word ‘wreath’ is linked to the word ‘wrist’, both words describing the form of a continuous circular shape. This became fused with ‘wrethe’ from middle English which means a twisted band or ring of leaves. At this bleak time of year, it’s traditional to use evergreens and other brightly coloured flowers, foliage, or fruits to adorn a wreath. In past times the addition of expensive and rare fruits such as pomegranates, indicated wealth, but wreaths also included the display of pinecones, seashells and even imported products. Once the decorations were taken down, the edible parts would be eaten and the bounty of summer could be enjoyed in the depth of winter. Making a wreath is fun and relatively easy. You can make a simple and cheap evergreen circle or push the boat out and create an elaborate bauble ring. You can buy a ring of flower-arrangers’ foam. Soak it in tepid water, and then stick sprigs of Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


evergreen foliage from the garden, flowers, berries, dried fruits, nuts, and bows into it using wire if necessary. Or you can make your own base by taking a ring of string wire and covering it in moss or hay. This will need to be held in place using thinner gauge wire. You can then wire in foliage and decorations. I will just warn you about holly though; working with it can be a painful experience so wear gloves and maybe have a box of plasters handy! If you want to try something different you can use a circle of pine cones, dried leaves, threaded popcorn and cranberries or woven red and yellow dogwood cut from your garden and interweaved with battery-operated lights. Use your gardener’s imagination. Happy Christmas gardening.

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Friends of Fleetside Friends of Fleetside have been busy planting crocus snowdrops and daffodil bulbs around Fleetside and along the banks in Pool Road and Island Farm Road. for all to enjoy supplied by the MRA. The seat we made has had lots of use by

young and old alike. On a cold and windy Sunday Morning Julia Nielson in the presence of her family , friends and the Mayor unveiled the plaque on the pillar by Nielsen’s Field. This was originally an idea from Friends of Fleetside to match

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the plaque on the other pillar. With the support of Councillor Ernest Mallett and the MRA we were able to make this happen and Julia and her family were delighted. We hope the community allotment in Island Farm Road will be up and running soon, this is something for everyone in Molesey to take part in and enjoy. Something for the young and young at heart to do, when you are shopping in the shops along the Walton Road, look out for the Secret Santa’s which we have placed in the shop windows along the Walton Road, each one has a letter on his sack. All you have to do is work out what the message says then fill in the entry form, which can be collected from the Card Shop and return it by the 5th Dec for the winner to be announced at Magical Molesey on the 6th. We will again be having Carols around our Christmas tree on Fleetside all are welcome, look out for the posters with the time and date or join us at for more details. A big thankyou to all the people who have help us with our different projects over the past year, we have lots of things planned for next year and look forward to meeting you. A beautiful sunset was also photographed by Mike Guest, one of the Friends of Fleetside on Molesey Heath.

Or call Paul on 07946 494288

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Home Care Workers Required Surrey Homecare require Home Care Workers to assist our clients in Esher/Sunbury and Surrounding Areas. Applicants must be able to drive and have their own vehicle Experience preferred but not essential as full on-going training provided, including QCF Level 2 & 3 in Health & Social Care. Excellent rates of Pay starting from ÂŁ9.65ph to ÂŁ12.25ph, plus Holiday Pay, Double Pay

For further information or to apply please contact Helen on

01372 462118

for Bank Holidays. Company Car scheme available.

NEWS FROM THE MOLESEY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION War Memorial The East and West Molesey War Memorials have never included the names of local people who lost their lives in the Second World War, but this long standing anomaly has now been addressed. The Molesey Second World War Memorial Association has been working for some time to produce a suitable memorial, and two new polished granite slabs engraved with the missing names were installed by the West Molesey Memorial in time for the Remembrance Day Commemoration in November. These include the names of those connected with Molesey who died in the Second World War, and those from the First World War whose names were not already on the existing West Molesey Memorial. This brings together all the Molesey names on one site, and includes Civilians and the Welsh Guards killed at Imber Court. Drake Park Last year, Elmbridge Council refused the application for a major development of 1024 homes on Green Belt land adjacent to Fieldcommon. The applicants appealed against this decision, and a planning inquiry to determine the appeal began at the Council’s office on 31 October, expected to last approximately 10 days. We will update residents via our website when we have any news about the outcome. Removal of Roadside Trees The MRA has become increasingly concerned about what appears to be a deliberate policy whereby Surrey County Council (SCC) is now refusing to replace roadside trees which have been removed because they have become diseased or unsafe. This has happened with a number of trees in Molesey Park Road and, more recently, in Nightingale Road, where residents are determined to challenge the decision. The roadside trees in Molesey are an important To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

part of the local landscape, and our SCC Councillor, Ernest Mallett, is pressing SCC to adopt for a more flexible approach Floating Pennywort The annual invasion of the invasive floating pennywort has continued to cause problems along the River Mole, particularly the stretch between Ray Road and the Wilderness, and MRA Councillors have raised this with the Environment Agency. The EA say they have been working continually since the Spring to remove the pennywort, but resource constraints and unusually prolific growth during a particularly warm spell at the start of the Summer, has caused them to fall behind schedule. They have now secured the services of a special “weed” boat, and we hope this will lead to some much needed improvements soon.


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Dominic Raab Our Local MP

In the lead up to Christmas, Parliament’s main business will be scrutinising the detail of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. As one of the Ministers responsible for steering the Bill through Parliament, I know how crucially important it is. There is a huge amount of technical detail. But, ultimately, the Bill does two basic and fundamental things. First, the legislation enables us to take back democratic control over our laws. This was the number one reason why people voted to leave the EU in last June’s referendum. The Bill will make sure that MPs like me are directly accountable to voters in Molesey for the law of the land. By taking powers from the EU back to Parliament, the Bill will increase accountability on a whole range of issues, from consumer protections to environmental standards. Second, the Bill manages a key risk of Brexit, by avoiding a legal cliff-edge when we leave. It does this by taking a snapshot of EU legislation from the day we leave, and then transferring it into UK law. By doing this, the Bill guarantees a smooth transition, providing legal certainty from the day we leave the EU. This is vital for businesses that rely on that legal certainty, as well as citizens in Molesey and elsewhere going about their daily lives. From that moment, we can carefully – and in good time – decide which particular laws we wish to retain, revise or repeal. The scrutiny going on in Parliament is an important opportunity to forge a stronger consensus behind both the Bill and the wider process of Brexit. I have listened to constructive criticism during this process and found it valuable. It can help strengthen the legislation. There have been good points and reasonable suggestions made on all sides of the political spectrum. It is important to listen to legitimate concerns, so that we can be sure we get this legislation right. Amidst the media din surrounding Brexit, the vast majority of MPs are getting on with this important work – with both sides of the debate listening to each other.

Dominic Raab Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton

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Ideal Gift for Grandparents!

A glorious trip down memory lane. Great songs, dance, magic and laughter starring at “enormous expense” your favourite artistes from BBC TV’S ‘THE GOOD OLD DAYS’ now being re-run on BBC 4


0844 871 7646* |* *Bkg fees apply. Calls cost up to 7p per min plus your phone company’s access charge.

Booking Information Tickets available online at For enquiries please call 020 8783 4418 Free parking on site, bar and disabled access available

Upcoming productions The Nutcracker • Royal Opera House

Tosca • Royal Opera House

Tuesday 5 December 2017 • 7.15pm • Live Screening

Friday 9 February 2018 • 7.15pm • Encore Screening

With its festive period setting, dancing snowflakes and enchanting stage magic, Lev Ivanov’s 1892 ballet has become the perfect Christmas entertainment. The screening will be introduced by Darcy Bussell.

Drama, passion and fabulous music – Puccini’s operatic thriller is one of the great opera experiences. From its strident opening chords, Tosca conjures up a world of political instability and menace. Dan Ettinger conducts a star cast led by Adrianne Pieczonka, Joseph Calleja and Gerald Finley.

Young Marx • NT Live Thursday 11 January 2018 • 7pm • Encore Screening Rory Kinnear (The Threepenny Opera and Othello) is Marx and Oliver Chris (Twelfth Night, Green Wing) is Engels, in this new comedy written by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman.

Rigoletto • Royal Opera House Tuesday 16 January 2018 • 7.15pm • Live Screening David McVicar’s acclaimed production of Verdi’s potent and tragic opera is conducted by Alexander Joel, with an excellent cast led by Dimitri Platanias, Lucy Crowe and Michael Fabiano.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof • NT Live

Thursday 22 February 2018 • 7pm • Encore Screening Tennessee Williams’ twentieth century masterpiece stars Sienna Miller alongside Jack O’Connell and Colm Meaney. On a steamy night in Mississippi, a Southern family gather at their cotton plantation to celebrate Big Daddy’s birthday. With the future of the family at stake, which version of the truth is real – and which will win out? HHHH ‘Innovative and powerfully acted’ The Sunday Times HHHH ‘A brilliant, lacerating account of the play... unforgettable’ Independent

The Hammond Theatre • Hampton School • Hanworth Road • Hampton • TW12 3HD

Events Coming Up Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink For the a truly regal skating experience London has to offer this winter, head to the Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink and take to the ice at Henry VIII’s former home. Adults £14/children under 15, OAPs, students and concessions £12/children under 12 £10 and family tickets (3+1 or 2+2) £40. Hampton Court Palace Surrey KT8 9AU Friday 24 Nov 2017 to Sunday 7 Jan 2018 Squires Christmas Lunch Join us for a fabulous festive feast this Christmas season with great food, beautiful decorations and a fantastic atmosphere! 12-3pm. 3-courses: Adult £18.95 – Child £12.95. 2-courses: Adult £15.95 – Child £9.95. Squires Garden Centre - Woodstock Lane North Long Ditton Surrey KT6 5HN Until Saturday 23 Dec 2017Contact telephone: 020 8398 7170 Molesey WI meets at Imber Court on the first Wednesday of every month 7.30pm for 8pm, where we have a guest speaker or activity. Visitors are welcome for a £5 fee. First visit is free with a copy of Molesey Matters. Follow us on Facebook - Molesey Women's Institute (Molesey Crafty Ladies). The late Diana, Princess of Wales, was often described as the "People's Princess" but a princess 200 years earlier with strong links to Surrey was the first to enjoy that unofficial title. Princess Charlotte of Wales, who often visited the county before living in Claremont House (now Claremont in Esher), will be the subject at the January talk of the Molesey and District Antiques Society. James Eaton, a lecturer and Royal Palace Guide, will be talking about her life. The meeting is in Imber Court at East Molesey on January 9th, starting at 8p.m. Members free, non-members £ Claremont Landscape Garden - Wreath-making workshop Tuesday 5 Dec 2017 Welcome the season with a hot drink and a mince pie as you learn how to create a Christmas wreath with natural materials gathered in the garden. Booking Essential. Phone: 01372 476436.Claremont Landscape Garden, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey KT10 9JG New Year’s Day Classic Car Gathering Everybody – whether you’re driving a “Classic” or not – is welcome to the largest New Year’s Day Classic Gathering in the UK. With over 1,000 vehicles expected, live music and a winter barbeque 9am - 4pm Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0QNMonday 1 Jan 2018Contact telephone: 01932857381 The Moscow State Circus - Miracles. Now I know this is not near Molesey but……. London will play host to one of the most spectacular circus displays in the world when the Moscow State Circus returns to the City for a special Festive season at Ealing Common The world’s most famous circus will bring it’s latest & greats production Miracles . Nowhere else will you witness all the magnificent ingredients served up in this truly great show, an experience that you won't want to miss. Ealing Common, London, London W5 3JB Wednesday 20 Dec 2017 to Sunday 7 Jan 2018 Rose Theatre Kingston Alice in Winterland Thursday 7 Dec to Thursday 7 January. This spectacular new stage production of Lewis Carroll's timeless books takes the audience into a fairytale land of wonder and adventure. The production features professional actors alongside members of the Rose Youth Theatre. High Street Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1HL, Box Office 020 8174 0090 Open Mon-Sat 10am to 8pm (6pm non-performance days). Christmas Fayre at Hampton Court House on Sunday 10th December 2017 from 1 pm to 4 pm. Free entry. Christmas stalls, workshops, carol singing, mulled wine and Christmas treats for all. Hampton Court House, Hampton Court Road, East Molesey, KT8 9BS contact: To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288 53 Or email

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teeth straightening plus professional home tray teeth whitening



Dental Practice

Get straight white teeth for next summer from just ÂŁ56 per month*

*terms & conditions apply

Walton on Thames : 01932 222266 Molesey : 0208 001 8385

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