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July 2016

Issue 58

Welcome! As we go to print for the July issue, the longest day has just gone and it is a funny thought that the end of this month is the best for picking blackberries! What a thought! Swan upping is happening on July 18th this year so if you have not seen it yet, do try. 10.45 or so at Shepperton Lock usually. After the fantastic Shepperton Fair it is the turn of Chertsey’s Black Cherry Fair. Lovely that Littleton has a fair gain this year (July 9th). We love the painting of it on this months cover. Thanks to David Whitson. If you have not yet visited Mayfield Lavender in Banstead it is worth going. It is quite something to see rows of beautiful purple lavender in a little corner of Surrey. Congratulations to the Spelthorne Museum for their Queen’s Award.

July 2016 Such an achievement. We will start a focus on some of the exhibits at the museum in next months issue. It is a busy time in my world as I prepare to launch another magazine. A little further down stream this time in Molsesy. Very exciting times!

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Village Matters Ltd Advertising / Editorial : Monica Chard Telephone: 07979 808991 Email: monica@villagematter Shepperton Matters is a member of the Village Card scheme Front Cover: “Littleton Fair” painting by David Whitson, a member of Shepperton Artists. Cards available from the artist: Please ‘like’ us on Facebook. www.facebook/ Sunbury&SheppertonMatters

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A Summer of German V-Weapons By Ken Battle During WW2, our community faced a new and worrying threat as Germany commenced its V (Vengeance) weapon campaign against London. Between late June and September in the summer of 1944, the Sunbury/Shepperton area was struck by five V-1’s (doodlebugs) and finally a single V-2 rocket. Each of these carried a high explosive warhead weighing approximately one ton. Although air-raid sirens gave warning of approaching V-1’s, their point of impact was unpredictable. No warning was, of course, possible for V-2 rockets which arrived unannounced with an impact velocity of at least 2500 mph. June 23rd 0815 hrs. V-1 scored a direct hit on the Southern Railway line 0.75 miles east of Sunbury station. Ninety-two feet of double track was demolished, but quite remarkably, repair crews restored services on both tracks by 1600 hours the same day. July 4th 2023 hrs. V-1 strike in the Thames backwater just behind Tumbling Bay weir (Beasley’s Ait Lane). A number of riverside wooden bungalows were destroyed and residents injured. Three young lads, fishing there that summer’s evening, were only 50 yards from the explosion and had to scramble up the riverbank as a six to eight foot high wave surged down the backwater. July 23rd 0314 hrs. V-1 strike in Watersplash Farm wheatfield beside Gaston Bridge Road, close to Green Lane, causing slight damage to adjacent properties near Westway. August 12th 0624 hrs. V-1 direct hit on No.173 The Avenue, Sunbury. Three houses were totally destroyed and the standing remains of a fourth required later demolition. Sadly, Clara Riddell (84) at No.173 and Eva Hall (47) at No.175 were killed and two males injured. An early-rising five year old, living nearby at No.144, recalls looking out from his dining room window and seeing the V-1 in the final seconds of its approach from the SE, before it dived following engine cutout. After the explosion, he remembers that all Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


the leaded-light windows at the front of his house were bowed inwards. Later that day he watched as a small detachment of POW’s from Kempton Park, cleared rubble away from the road to provide better access for all the relevant emergency services. August 29th 1307 hrs. V-1 strike in a field beside the old Hanworth Road and directly opposite the PIM works. Wartime documents show that 14 female PIM staff were injured. Elsewhere it is recorded that some passers-by at Sunbury Cross suffered slight injuries, and that several windows were smashed at the relatively nearby (240 yards) Sunbury Station and associated Signalbox. September 15th 0407 hrs. V-2 rocket strike on the Sunbury Metropolitan Water Board site beside the old Hanworth Road, causing serious damage to an embankment between a reservoir and filter beds. This incident came exactly one week after the very first V-2 attack on London, at Chiswick. A wartime document notes “Red and white flash of explosion seen by guards at POW’s camp - duration 2-3 seconds”. How ironic would it have been had the V-2 landed on the many German prisoners-ofwar held in that camp at nearby Kempton Park! Almost 150 houses in Ashridge Way, some 200 yards from the explosion, were damaged. The Wandsworth Greyhound Racing Kennels, adjacent to the MWB site were also damaged, but it is likely that there were no greyhounds in residence, due to wartime restrictions on racing events. Fortunately, the V2 impact point was almost 500 yards away from the magnificent MWB Engine House, now the home of the Kempton Steam Museum and Railway. March 27th/28th 1945. London suffered the very last of its V-weapon strikes, after allied forces finally overran Germany’s mobile launch sites in Holland. Ken Battle is a member of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society

Get Shepperton into Zone 6!

You have read in these pages before about various campaigns to get Spelthorne into TFL Zone 6. Kwasi Kwarteng himself is in support of this change, but we need your help too. We have received the following notice to share with you regarding a public meeting in July.

TFL and the Ministry of Transport, all of whom we have invited to our public meeting. Our campaign has over 4,000 signatures and we will be holding the meeting at the Thomas Knyvett College in Ashford on 7th July at 7.30pm inviting the pr ess, r epr esentatives from the education authorities, the rail companies, business and entertainment companies and our interested Spelthorne residents. We invite all Spelthorne residents to join us and would ask you to your attendance via our Eventbrite web site to be found at: where you can also find more information about our campaign and answer a few questions on Surveymonkey which will be addressed at our meeting, as well as our petition.�

“We have recently received an email from a Sunbury resident supportive of our campaign, who described how she and other friends and neighbours travel out of their way to avoid paying the expensive fares from Sunbury station into London. We believe that being in Zone 6 would benefit our residents and make rail transport into and out of London into our borough easier and less expensive. We have strong campaign team consisting of County and Borough Councillors, members of Please spread the word, get to the meeting the Spelthorne Business Forum, our MP and if possible and let’s get fares down in our assistant and passionate supporters. We are in Borough. discussion with the two train companies that have been short-listed to run the rail franchise, which is up for renewal in 2017, as well as

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Shepperton Fair’s Carnival Atmosphere By Monica Chard, Editor A steel band, feathers and neon galore, a party atmosphere and (a little) sunshine...Add in a parade of Harley Davidsons, some miniature horses and a huge marquee and the ingredients for a wonderful day at the fair were all coming together. The crowds completed it and June 11th, the 43rd annual Shepperton Village Fair was a great day. I may not have arrived on the back of a Harley this year, but I did scramble up the climbing wall - no, I do not have a photo (and I am kind of hoping no one else does either!) The raft race was, as usual, full of inventive craft complete with water cannon and smoke.

huge marquee, as well as the many stalls, you may have noticed the new History of the Fair boards. Did you spot yourself at one of the fairs so many years ago? Hopefully you also visited the photographic boards. Shepperton Matters sponsors the photo competition so we always have a keen interest. As well as some magnificent photos across all categories by some accomplished adults, we were once more stunned by the quality of some of the entries by the youngsters. Amy Hannaford-Cooper once again deserves special mention. At the age of only 11 her eye for photography shows a natural talent. Her entries time and again had the judges (two of whom are professionals) exclaiming in delight at the maturity of her work. Winners across the categories were Paul Thrush the Derek Belsey Memorial Trophy, Amy Hannaford Cooper - Juniors, David Povey - Open Category and Dawn East - People. The new Celebrating Shepperton category brought some really imaginative executions of Shepperton and resulted in three joint firsts from Amy HannafordCooper, Debbie Morrell and David Povey. Congratulations to all the winners. We hope to publish some of the entries in coming months.

The stalls were buzzing with visitors. I turned 20p into ÂŁ1.20 on the panning for gold at the Owen White & Catlin stand (the best return on investment I have had for a long time!), I bought some lovely flowers from the horticultural stand and I enjoyed some magnificent pulled pork thanks to the Sea Cadets. It was great to meet some of the charities I have been in touch with but not met. We were entertained by dance, gymnastics and mini marvels as well as Punch and Judy. In the

It was a long day for the organisers. The Shepperton Fair Committee and other volunteers were down at Manor Park preparing all day on Friday and were taking everything down long after crowds left on the Saturday. It would not happen without these dedicated volunteers. If you want to get involved in some capacity next year then do get in touch: Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Queen’s Award for Spelthorne Museum By Monica Chard, Editor

The volunteers who run Spelthorne Museum have been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK. Spelthorne Museum was founded in Staines in 1980, and since then the volunteers have run the museum themselves, with financial support from Spelthorne Borough Council. Approximately 40 people are involved, the longest-serving having been involved since the museum opened 36 years ago. Besides staffing the museum, the volunteers plan and mount exhibitions, both at the museum and at external events, run family friendly events in the museum, provide an educational service to local schools, host visits from community groups, publish books on local heritage, and answer queries from the public. A Young Archaeologists Club also meets at the museum. Nick and Sue Pollard from the Spelthorne Museum Volunteers were invited to represent the group at a garden party at Buckingham Palace on 19th May, in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Spelthorne Museum Volunteers are one of 193 charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups, 6 of whom are based in Surrey, to receive the prestigious award this year. The number of awards given to groups this year is slightly higher than last year, showing that the voluntary sector is thriving and full of innovative ideas to tackle community challenges. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work in their communities. The awards were created in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and winners are announced each year on 2 June – the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation. The Spelthorne Museum Volunteers will receive the crystal award from the Lord LieuPlease mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


The Spelthorne Museum Committee

tenant of Surrey later this summer. Julia Gibbs, Chair of Spelthorne Archaeology and Local History Group which runs Spelthorne Museum, said: “We are tremendously proud to have been honoured in this way. It’s a real recognition of the countless hours of unpaid work that have been put in by our volunteers over the last 36 years. We are very much focused on sharing the history and archaeology of the Borough of Spelthorne, and we hope that members of the community will feel inspired to join us and carry on this fascinating and worthwhile work” The museum is well worth a visit. It is full of facts and historic pieces and the volunteers are hugely knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge with visitors. Opening times: Elmsleigh Room (through Staines Library), with information on the history of Spelthorne: Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm. (Tues/Thurs 7pm and Saturday 5pm) Thames Room where there are further displays is open Wednesday and Friday 2-4pm. Saturday 1.30-4.30pm Spelthorne Museum 1 Elmsleigh Road, Staines, TW18 4PM

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Gordon Bennett! It’s Wasn’t Just HRH’s Birthday!

In was on my own birthday that the Greeno happened to be celebrating the Queen’s 90th so I felt I had a right royal celebration when I popped along to see the party. Cockney singer Gordon Bennett was belting out jaunty little numbers that the gathering knew by heart. A song sheet was provided for those who might be a little rusty - and the likes of me who did not know all the words. Trestle tables were laid out bedecked with union jacks and the crowds sported hats and waved flags. HRH was even there too, albeit in cardboard cut out (her presence was needed elsewhere that day). Our own deputy Mayoress, Vivienne Leighton was there and make a great effort to talk to as many of the gathering as possible. There was a cake for everyone attending, with a royal crest on it and a special lunch was served. It was a magical atmosphere, made even better for Gordon asking if there was anyone else who had a birthday that day…”Me” I found myself shouting out. Everyone in the room sang happy birthday to me and Nessie and Pat presented me with flowers and a card. It is a birthday I won’t forget and I have no doubt that those attending had a real treat. Another great from the Greeno!

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Postcards from the Past By Monica Chard, Editor A set of postcards from 1919, sent simply to The Cottage, Littleton, Shepperton have had us delving into the past once again. The Cottage, refers to Astleham Cottage which was originally on Littleton Common, now the site of the Queen Mary Reservoir. The set of postcards were given to us by local resident Tina Delicata, who picked them up at an antique fair. The cards themselves are of naïve Dutch scenes and all made in and sent from Italy. Signed “Fred” they were addressed to Master Bert or Master Jack Ferris. One is marked “Italian Expeditionary Forces, March 5th 1919”. Another says simply “Just a card to let you know that I am coming soon”. Was this an elder brother? Who knows but the collection, cards themselves and contents tells us a lot about that era. Astleham Cottage was in fact dismantled by Sir Richard Burbidge in 1913 and moved from its original site to a new location about a quarter of a mile south. The cottage would have been right in the middle of the site of the new reservoir, constructed to solve the problem of supplying London’s increasing demand for water. (There is no note of the date of reconstruction but it must have been complete by 1917 when Sir Richard Burbidge died. The earliest photo of the completed building is 1922. Maybe until now….This photo is of the Ferris family at a wedding in 1920, courtesy of the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society. Amongst the children are surely Jack and Bert and possibly also Fred amongst the adults, newly returned from Italy.

Burbidge’s game keeper. He died in the 1930’s but the Ferris family continued in the cottage until the 1970s. The house gradually fell into disrepair, remaining empty and vandalised over some years. With gravel extraction about to commence the house was again in the way or progress, but the potential was identified as a new office for the Chiltern Open Air Museum in Buckinghamshire.

Under the terms of their lease, they had to have offices in a period building and Astleham fitted the bill. So again it was moved and reconstructed. You can visit it as it stands now and imagine the family life that went on. What a wonderful story these postcards have uncovered. Chiltern Open Air Museum Newlands Park, Gorelands Lane Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, HP8 4AB

Records suggest that the Ferris family were the first inhabitants of the newly reconstructed house. It is also possible that they were living in it before it was moved. Mr Ferris was in fact Sir Richard Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

(junction 17 M25. Follow brown signs Tel 01494 871 117


Shepperton Ducks Take to the Water

Here are the two Shepperton ducks, before they flew off to Staines to take part in the Staines upon Thames Day annual duck race in support of MidasPlus. The Shepperton Matters duck is on the left with...yes‌my face at the front! Peggy Pickering of Shepperton Artists painted all the scenes of Shepperton herself. Scenes include Desborough Sailing Club, Shepperton Manor House, the planted boat at the end of the High Street, the war memorial and St Nicholas Church. She did a great job for me! The other duck is for Shepperton Artists. Nearly 20 members contributed to this duck. He comes complete with artists beret and a paintbrush in his bill. The race was on June 26th so after this issue has gone to print. Therefore we are not able to report on how successful these fellows were. The event is in its 5th year and raises money to help disadvantaged families who have nowhere else to turn. The more ducks the merrier, so why not join in the 2017 race. A large duck is £50 and you can decorate it however you like. The winner gets a donation to charity as well as a night at the Runneymede Hotel.

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“Let’s Make Spelthorne Sparkle!” Says new Mayor We were honoured to be "And for the current Mayoress, invited to the recent inaugushe gets this" he said, promptration of the new Mayor of ly giving her a kiss. Spelthorne, Councillor AlSo what of our new Mayor? fred Friday – more of this to Councillor Alfred Friday is a follow. Sunbury resident of some 30 To start proceedings the years standing. Alfred, is very outgoing Mayor Councillor cosmopolitan being a quarter Mark Francis gave a speech each of Danish, Polish, and summing up his year in ofIrish and from Lincolnshire fice. I have seen Councillor and speaks French and GerFrancis many times during man. Councillor Friday was a the past year. He and his professional charity fundraiser wife Cathy deserve a holiuntil his retirement in 2012. day! He spoke of the huge Councillor Tim Evans proprivilege it had been serving posed his election as Mayor as Mayor. He spoke of maand spoke of his sharp wit, jor events like the Magna fairness and intelligence. Wife Carta pageant and being on and Mayoress Kaye, who was board the Gloriana. He brought up in Stanwell, was a Mayor of Spelthorne Cllr Alfred Friday spoke of being coaxed into former actress, model and a tug of war...wearing dancer and together with the mayoral robes! And he spoke about the honour Mayor they form a formidable partnership. of being amongst the people, at fetes and fairs. Seeing the newly elected Mayor in action in These people, he said, is what makes this bor- his opening address I think he will be in his ough special. He described giving out awards element. He speaks well and with authority. as "sprinkling fairy dust" and making people He began by urging both camps in the Council smile. to conduct their pre Referendum campaigns in Councillor Francis was not only Mayor for the a civilised fashion and accept that whatever the year, he also did his day job as an electrician. outcome, the Council must move forward in He told the tale of doing a job at the house of a unity, in the best interests of the Borough. local couple. They had the paper lying on the Alfred spoke warmly of the community and table with a photo of the Mayor in full regalia the volunteer groups that underpin so much of at an event. The couple kept looking at him their work. The Mayor’s chosen charities are and whispering, before finally pulling up the Parkinson’s UK, (a condition close to his courage to ask "Are you the Mayor?" On reheart), One to One (a charity tackling learning ceiving a response in the affirmative they got difficulties) and Home Start (which helps the best china out and stopped him working. young families with basic needs). He overheard them telling the neighbours, The Mayor and Mayoress plan to ‘Make "We've got the Mayor here for tea". Lovely! Spelthorne Sparkle’ and very much hope we As he handed over to the new Mayor his adall have fun along the way! It sounds as if the vice was "Get vases....lots of vases!" He protheme of fairy dust is continuing with sparkle ceeded to give the traditional bunch of flowand laughter – we wish them well. ers...not to the current Mayoress, his wife, but to the incoming Mayoress Kaye Friday. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Mayfield Lavender A Corner of Provence in Surrey!

One of Surrey’s favourite beauty spots is now at the height of its splendour and well worth a visit. If you have not got there yet I highly recommend it. It is a very photogenic place to spend an hour or two and it is not that far away. Mayfield Lavender celebrates its 10 year anniversary this summer having provided the village of Banstead with its own little piece of Provence for a decade. It is only about 30 minutes away, so do go. Over the years thousands of visitors have toured the 25-acre organic lavender farm and enjoyed its wonderful fragrance and picturesque setting. This year the farm’s owners Lorna and Brendan Maye are hoping the lavender season will be the best yet and they can share its beauty with more people than ever. Brendan said: “We have seen many changes over the last decade but one thing that has been constant has been the loyalty and support of the local community. “Banstead and the surrounding area was famed for lavender growing in the 18th and 19th centuries, and this area produced most of the world’s lavender oil demand until the 1930’s when the industry disappeared.

“We have also seen a huge increase in the number of visitors who live outside the local area, often travelling hundreds of miles from within and outside the UK. They have seen and heard about our stunning field through social networking and want to experience the sight of our beautiful field for themselves. “ Mayfield Lavender is open until September 15th, every day from 9am to 6pm. A nominal £1 per person entry fee covers the cost of the upkeep of the farm. Parking is free. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


It can be found at 1 Carshalton Road, Banstead, SM7 3JA. The farm also has its own alfresco tea shop and a gift shop selling a variety of unique lavender goods and plants. For more information and directions visit Find them on Facebook at or on Twitter @LavenderSurrey. The 2016 Photo Competition is now underway so get snapping for your chance to win £200 in cash. This year Mayfield are looking for more stunning photos taken at the beautiful lavender farm. They are also looking for photos incorporating their products so if you can think of a creative way to show off the products don’t delay and get snapping. For you movie makers, there is a new mini movie category which has a separate £200 prize. Videos must be no longer than 1 minute in length. Video entries may be posted to youtube, please include the text Mayfield Lavender Farm in the title and a short description and a link to the site in the description. Then send the youtube link to the address below. Send all your entries to: The only thing left is to go over there! I went last year and I was overwhelmed, partly by the stunning views of row upon row of purple blooms but also by the effort some of the visitors go to to stage beautiful photos, some of which are shown here.

Mayfield Lavender 1 Carshalton Road, Banstead, SM7 3JA

Out of Pinewood Woodsheds and onto the Trees

Our Men in Sheds are making a real mark on the local community, producing numerous items in their shed at the Greeno. They rely on wood donations to keep up with the influx of requests they receive for all things wooden from local residents, charities and family. With so much wood being used at both Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, it made perfect sense to see what could be done to help the local Shedders keep their supply topped up with off cuts of wood no longer needed by the Carpenters Mill at Pinewood Creative. Laurens Nockles, Director of Pinewood Creative says, “The Carpenters Mill recycles a substantial amount of wood on a weekly basis. We couldn’t be happier for the Men in Shed’s to make use of materials we won’t use again or don’t need. The fact that they are making bird boxes for Shepperton Studios L-R: Richard Edgar, Olivia and Bat Boxes for an event at Pinewood Studios in July makes it Beale, Phil Mackenzie, feel like we are not only helping the Shedders, but also giving Keith Coles, Dean Horne, back to the community. Hannah Gonsalves, We will continue to supply wood to them for as long they’re hapJamie Ashworth py to make wonderful wood things in their Shed for anyone based in and around the Pinewood Shepperton Studios area.” The Studio Operations and Sustainability Teams at Shepperton Studios were delighted to invite Richard Edgar, Phil Mackenzie and Keith Coles from Men in Sheds to Shepperton recently to nail up the very first bird box made for the studios with wood from Pinewood Creative!

Sudoku 3 5 8 1 7 1 4 7 2 6 9 5 7 5 9 8 7 8 2 7 3 5 1 5 8 4 3 2 6 7 9 5 8 1 9 2 Solution on page 47 Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Shepperton Volunteers raise over £10,000 for Marie Curie

Volunteers in the Shepperton Fundraising Group for Marie Curie are celebrating after hitting a fantastic milestone! The group have raised a total of £10,000 in 2 1/2 years for Marie Curie and have provided over 500 hours of hands on nursing care for people living with a terminal illness! The group have regularly attended the Shepperton Village Fair and the Big Tree Night. They have also organised a collection in Shepperton High Street for the Great Daffodil Appeal in March each year as well as placing and Joan Ball, Jim and Sylvie Fullbrook and Emma swapping collection tins in local shops and businesses. Clarke of the Shepperton Fundraising Group Emily Akeroyd, Community Fundraiser for Marie Curie says “I am so proud of the Shepperton Fundraising Group for their incredible achievement. The £10,000 they have raised has made a huge difference to families facing terminal illness in Surrey. The group could not have raised this much without the support of the whole community. Thank you to everyone who has collected for us, entered our raffles or played Jolly Jam Jars at the Shepperton events and to everyone who has donated to our cause. We appreciate your support.” Fundraising groups help to spread the word about Marie Curie locally, organise collections and events and help to promote our national fundraising campaigns. You can give as much or as little time as you like and it is a great way to meet new people and be more involved with your local community. If you are interested in getting involved with fundraising in your local area please get in touch with Emily by email at or phone on 01883 832642.Marie Curie provides hands on nursing care to people with any terminal illness in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. They also run a helpline where anybody affected by terminal illness can find advice, information and support or can just talk to someone about what they or a loved one are going through, the number is 0800 090 2309.

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Trip to Shepperton Studios for Littleton Year 1’s

When asked what makes Littleton special, Year 1 pupils nominated “Shepperton Studios”. They were rewarded by a visit to the site. On arrival they were given a “seek sheet” and had to look out for landmarks around Littleton Park House. They were told fun facts and stories about the objects before heading off to Theatre 2 where they met with Pete Burgis who is a legendary British Foley Artist, based full time at Shepperton Studios. He has worked on over 150 titles including the Oscar winning The King's Speech, Gosford Park and Slumdog Millionaire and many others including, Band of Brothers, Atonement, Quantum of Solace, Captain Phillips, Cinderella and the Harry Potter films. He is also a double Emmy Award winner Littleton Year 1’s with Pete Burgis and a triple Golden Reel Award winner. ‘Foley’ is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance the audio quality. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the slurping of tea or the smashing of glass to a squeaky door or footsteps on grass. Pete showed the children a silent clip from the popular children’s film, Paddington (2014), alongside footage of him creating some of the noises and sound effects for the film using his extensive collection of props. The highlight of the trip was the children actually recording audio in Pete’s studio. A microphone had been set up and all of the children were asked to act as if they were playing with their friends in a playground. The sound was recorded and added to a film Pete and his team are currently working on! The voices of the children from Year 1 of Littleton Church of England Infant School may well be heard as the noisy children playing in a big, Hollywood film due out early next year!! The fantastic day was finished off with a lovely picnic lunch in the gardens of Littleton Park House, a great treat for all of the children involved. Community Liaison for the Pinewood Group, Kathryn Donovan, said “these visits are about enjoying the studio alongside the local community and is a great way of educating children of all ages about the local history of the studio.”

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“Time for a Change”, says Daisy Chain Advertorial

We have had our shop Daisy Chain in Shepperton for 35 years (one of the longest standing shops in the Village). When I say the Royal ‘WE’ ,what I really mean is that my Mum (Wendy Thomson) has had the shop for 35 years with me (Jo Hornsby) rolling in 25 years ago ! For the last 10 years we have been desperately trying to persuade our land lady to sell us the freehold in order to really make the changes that we have dreamed of making for about 6 years. And then out of blue at end of last year she offered it to us at an amazing price, so we could not refuse. And as this goes to print we would have just signed the all important paperwork to at last make the whole thing our own. With the planning application just approved we are ready to go and start a brand new chapter in the Daisy Chain story. After a huge amount of hard work We have been lucky enough to still be able to have a successful business after 35 years but the fact is, it’s just not enough to just sell flowers any longer. With more and more people encroaching on our trade (thinking they can do it as well as we can !!!) we really need to be different and offer something else, something new. So this is what we are going to be doing . We are going to be gaining more space to be able to sell a more varied choice of items. We are also incorporating a family member into the business. She is a London cake designer so she will be offering bespoke cakes, handmade biscuits, personalised items and lots more

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which will be a perfect fit to go with the flowers. She will actually have her cake studio at back of shop....dangerous !! We are also going to be doing some really lovely other bespoke items that will also fit perfectly with what we will be doing in shop in the way of design and feel. We considered a ‘modern’ style but we have decided to go more rustic/retro, back to brick, exposed lighting and natural wood. We feel this is a more homely and welcoming look for a florist and somewhere that people will really want to be and shop . Obviously we are very excited as we will be completely rebranding as well, so lots of exciting new changes. Also quite scary as we will probably need to relocate for about a month while old walls and floors are replaced with shiny new ones!!! There are going to be lots of new exciting changes coming and things that we cant wait to offer in Shepperton that are not being offered already. We cant wait to share this with everybody but we are not going to give it all away now we are going to let you know over the next coming months exclusively here in Shepperton Matters. So watch this space as we will keep you updated on our progress and hopefully give you the AFTER pictures in about October / November. Meanwhile say good bye to the old look... Jo x


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Recipe of the Month American Style Corn Bread To mark Independence Day on July 4th Serves: 4-6 (1 loaf) Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 30-35 minutes

comes out clean. If it doesn’t then the loaf needs a few more minutes. When cooked, remove from the oven. Leave to cool slightly for ten minutes but serve warm for best results.

Ingredients Vegetable oil (for greasing) 175g / 6oz plain flour 1 tsp salt 4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp caster sugar 280g / 10oz polenta 115g / 4oz butter (softened) 4 eggs 250ml / 9floz milk 3 tbsp double cream Method Preheat the oven to 200C / Gas mark 6. Brush a 20cm / 8inch square cake tin with oil. Sift the flour, salt and baking powder together into a bowl. Add the sugar and polenta and mix together. Rub the butter into the dry ingredients until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Lightly whisk the eggs in a separate bowl. Stir into the polenta mixture and mix until thoroughly combined. Spoon the mixture into the prepared in and smooth the surface. Bake in the preheated oven for 30-35 minutes. To check it’s done insert a cocktail stick into the centre of the loaf and check to see whether it Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Shepperton Celebrates Horticulture By Monica Chard, Editor I would challenge anyone to say they do not like flowers. They bring such joy to our lives. Sadly I cannot say I have green fingers myself, but I do love seeing my garden develop throughout the spring and summer season. Mr C himself sticks to making chutney in the autumn and rather nice it is too! I had not realised until recently that we have our own mini ‘Chelsea’ in Shepperton. How could I have missed it? This year however I was invited to go and see the blooms at the Shepperton Horticultural Association Summer Show, just as the judging was happening. The first thing that struck me was the scent as I went into the Village Hall. The second thing was the magnificent array of sweet peas.

Elsewhere were tables of magnificent blooms, entered into many different categories. Categories include Roses, Sweet Peas, Garden Flowers and Pot Plants and Floral Art. There are also categories for Fruit and Veg. The cauliflowers and broccoli looked fantastic but there have been difficult conditions in the garden this year. In addition there is a Domestic section including jams and chutneys and various baked items. Yum! There is also something for the children and the Brownies and Beavers take part as well as local schools. I loved the Dolly Peg scarecrow (see photo) Judging is based on a point system and follows the RHS and NAFAS rules so Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


everything is done in an official fashion. However the show is very friendly and is open to everyone, however new they are to growing. There are three prizes per class. It is probably not the money that is the main driver, but the pleasure of entering and seeing your produce in the show. There are about 80 member of the association, with an age range of mid 40’s to 90’s. Members are not just from Shepperton but from Byfleet and Staines so spread the word! The show is not just open to members, but also to non members. A single entry is Floral Art 15p for members and 30p for non members. (Yes, you did read that correctly!). What is so important in a show such as this and in the association itself is what it does to foster community spirit. That is so key in our villages. A club such as the Shepperton Horticultural Association needs members and they need support. They are thankful to many local businesses, without whom they could not carry on. However, what they also need is the public to support the shows and to enter. I think this is a wonderful local community event so I am already volunteering Mr C to enter his chutney next year! Remember, it is the taking part that counts. The Autumn show is on Saturday 3rd September. Details on how to enter nearer the time so look out in Shepperton Matters.

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LRA Show off new Logo at Open Gardens By Monica Chard, Editor After discussions with Laleham Primary School earlier in the year and providing awards for a Story Telling Competition in April 2016, the Laleham Residents Association announced a "Design a tshirt" competition to be held for the pupils of the Upper School in Laleham. With the backing of Neil Meehan, the Head Teacher, LRA Chairman David Furst attended an assembly and asked pupils to create a design that could be worn on t-shirts by members of the LRA and helpers during our summer events. The response was great and over 70 entries were submitted! and far came to visit 16 garden venues across the village, including 4 new ones. The LRA raised ÂŁ640 during the day to reinvest in the village. I was running from event to even that day so Mr C and I manage only 6, but were delighted with what we saw. It was great to wander into Church Close off the Broadway to see the little hidden gems. It was so peaceful and the lawns were so well tended. We then went down to Blacksmiths Lane to visit LRA Committee show off the winning designs The level of work was so outstanding that the LRA decided to award two first prizes and to print the winning designs on the front and back of our summer t-shirts. The locally based actress, Nina Wadia has kindly agreed to present the prizes to the winners and runners up at our Laleham Fair on 2nd July 2016. The winners are Francesca Pilley and Daniel George. Runners up are Leo Godfrey, Daisy Hobbs, Tess Church and Lily Hyman. The LRA also gave special mention to Lydia Skelly,Thomas Dryer and Callum Tunnell". Open Gardens was declared a great success. The weather was relatively well behaved and 150 Church Close visitors from near To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

some old favourites as well as some newcomers. It was a such a lovely experience. The LRA is grateful to all who opened their gardens and are always looking out for new gardens. Do get in touch.


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Holiday Inn Shepperton Welcomes New General Manager

Holiday Inn London – Shepperton is pleased to announce the appointment of Aman Dubey as their new General Manager. Aman brings an impressive range of experience from his time in London, formally the General Manager of the Holiday Inn London – West, during which time he was awarded the IHG Europe, Middle East and Africa General Manager of the year, 2010. Aman also led the opening of largest Holiday Inn Express hotel in Europe (Holiday Inn Express London-Heathrow T5, 300 rooms). Aman worked for London’s Hilton hotels for five years. As a service and sales driven manager Aman will draw on his experience to bring the high service standards from the capital to Shepperton. His range of knowledge and experience will be a strong asset to Holiday Inn Shepperton. On his new role Aman says: “This is a really exciting time to join Holiday Inn Shepperton and I am thrilled to be involved in the hotel’s planned extensive upgrade programme whilst also being involved with the local business’s, charities and communities”

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Message from the Surrey Fire & Rescue

There have been a number of house fires in Spelthorne over the past 18 months, some of which have sadly resulted in deaths. I would like to emphasis the importance of having a working smoke detector in your home. A smoke detector will detect a fire in it's early stage which will then alert you to the fire giving you plenty of time to escape from your home. On many occasions I have attended 'house fires' where the occupiers have been outside of their home where they are safe before the fire has fully developed. Although it is a sad loss for the home owners to see their property on fire at least they are outside and have survived the incident. Surrey Fire & Rescue Service offer a free Safe & Well Being visit where a fire crew from your local fire station will visit your home to highlight any possible safety issues and fit smoke detectors if required. This is a free service which can save lives. If you would like a Safe & Well Being Visit please contact SF&RS on 0800 085 0767. Sunbury Fire Station will be holding a Fire Safety event in the autumn to speak in more detail about this and to answer any questions you may have. We will publish details in this magazine. Watch Commander Dan Pearson

Have Fun with Pilates! Pilates is a form of exercise with an emphasis on core strength. Regular practice can lead to a stronger leaner body with increased protection to your spine helping you to stand taller and able to move with a new ease. We meet at Laleham Village Hall every Monday evening between 6 and 7 Classes are relaxed and informal and all are welcome regardless of age and experience. You won’t have to enrol on a whole course as you pay just £9 each time you come and you won’t need to bring anything as everything you need is provided. But be warned....once you start you won’t want to stop! Looking forward to seeing you.

For more information call Charlie on 07967 736341 Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Why Advertise with Village Matters... “Pound for pound, Sunbury & Shepperton Matters are the best publications we have ever advertised in!” Longacres Garden Centre Call 07979 808991 to book your space

Professional • Reliable • Airport • Local & Long Distances • Email: Licenced by Spelthorne Borough Council

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Word Search

Can you find all of the holiday-related words listed in the grid? C K J F C A R A V A N H B E P












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airport beach bistro break cafe camping caravan coast cottage cruise ferry fishing flight haven hiking holiday hotel jet ski journey lodge

museum outing packing park play pool reading resort rest sailing sand sea suitcases sunbathe tour Solution on p50

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Into The Wild By Kate Duggan

Get back to nature with a weekend survival course!

fixed blade knife, amongst other activities.

If you’re looking to unleash your inner Bear Grylls, or just get back to nature, a survival course may be the answer. You could throw yourself in at the deep-end by jetting off to the wilds of Zimbabwe, or the hot sands of the Sahara. Or you could ease yourself in gently, with a weekend survival course right here in the UK.

Weekend activities differ depending on the course you choose, but you’ll likely end up learning to build a fire, find food and create a shelter. You could also find yourself mastering other skills, such as making traps and snares, preparing game, or wood carving. The Survival Schools in Devon and Staffordshire offer a choice of several weekend courses. You could craft traditional weapons and tools, including bows and arrows, or find out how to track animals in the wild, for example. If you fancy getting back to nature with the family, you could try the Family Bushcraft & Canoe Overnighter at The World of Bushcraft Centre in Bedford. Suitable for age eight and over, the experience includes learning to paddle a canoe down the gently flowing River Ouse. You’ll set up camp in the woods for the evening (using a canvas bell tent), learn how to light a fire with a bow drill, and make a Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Ray Mears Bushcraft also offers weekend experiences for families. From building shelters, to sharing stories round the campfire, it’s a great way to switch off from technology and reconnect with your family. Other two day experiences include a weekend trip learning how to navigate through UK woodlands. Wildwood Bushcraft runs survival weekends in Scotland and Surrey, with activities such as fire lighting, foraging and building shelters. If you love wandering through the woods, but don’t fancy sleeping in them, some centres also offer half day activities, which don’t involve camping out. You could learn to forage for wild food with Woodland Ways for example, learning about different types of edible plants and fungi, and how to gather and cook them. Most survival courses don’t need you to bring any specialist equipment, but some are selfcatering and you will need suitable clothing and a few essentials, such as a sleeping bag, reusable water bottle and torch. You should receive a list of any kit that’s required when you book, but if not, do ask. Your team members may not be too happy if you forget your toothbrush… There are several survival centres around the UK, including: Survival School: Woodland Ways: Ray Mears Bushcraft: Wildwood Bushcraft:

9 8 5 1 3 7 2 4 6

6 1 7 2 8 4 9 3 5

3 4 2 5 6 9 1 8 7

5 7 6 9 1 3 4 2 8

8 3 9 6 4 2 7 5 1

1 2 4 8 7 5 3 6 9

4 5 8 3 9 1 6 7 2

7 6 1 4 2 8 5 9 3

2 9 3 7 5 6 8 1 4

Solution to July Sudoku

0333 123 0212 Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds Chosen in the comfort of your own home

Interior consultant providing first class bespoke service from start to finish. Let me come and see you, let me help you choose your design and let me help you transform your home, office, hotel or business Call me for a one to one consultation and advice

10% off in June

With 20 Years experience Angela Charles can create a set of curtains or blinds as individual as you T: 0333 123 0212 M: 07786 157160 E: To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Shepperton Residents’ Association It was good to see so many residents enjoying the Village Fair, and weren’t we lucky with the weather? The illegal occupation of land in Sheep Walk continues. The issues are very complex, with several pieces of land owned by different individuals. Both the County and Borough Councils continue to address this problem. Additionally, residents have objected to the noise and unsocial behaviour arising from the unauthorised use of off-road and quad bikes on land on the East side of Sheep Walk: however the land owner is now arranging for the land to be properly secured to prevent future access. Plans for the re-use of the Barclays Bank building in the High Street have been recently submitted to the Borough Council. Whilst it is good to see that the site is planned to be brought back into use, we do have a number of concerns, (particularly relating to overdevelopment), which have been registered with the Council. We are keeping a watching brief, to see how the proposed plans progress. Also, development work at Thurlestone Parade, has now commenced. Readers will recall that this planning application was refused by the Borough Council in 2013 but subsequently approved by inspectors on appeal. The enhancements include the renovation and reconfiguration of the existing residential accommodation and provision of 5 new flats. Prior to that work it will be necessary to prune our well-loved cedar tree. Fortunately there is a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on the tree so any cutting can only be done under the direction of an arborist appointed by the Borough Council. Eco Park News: public access to the Community Recycling Centre has been temporarily extended on weekdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm from 1 July until 30 September, with opening at 08:00am instead of 09:00am on Saturdays. Weekend closing hours remain at Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

4:00pm and Sunday opening hours remain at 09:00am. We still wait to learn what charges the County Council are going to make for the disposal of certain types of waste material. Commuters and regular users of the rail service from Shepperton will be delighted to learn that the frequent flooding of the line at Fulwell and the consequential closure of operations is being addressed by repair work at the Fulwell tunnel to take place in the period from 16th to 30th July. During this time there will be no trains running between Teddington and Shepperton, to be replaced by buses throughout this period. Richard Hewitt


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Sign up for Autumn Classes and Get Fit for Less

It is already time to start thinking about the Autumn! It is the perfect time for taking up a new interest or continuing self improvement. There is so much on offer at the Sunbury Adult Learning Centre: Bridge, Photography, Ballroom and Latin Dancing....and of course, Exercise! We are being told constantly that we need to keep moving to get ourselves feeling more positive as well as feeling more mobile. If this sounds like something you know you should do then we have good news for you. There is a special offer on for the over 50’s. Dance and Exercise courses at the centre are being offered as part of the Active 50+ for longer, happier and healthier lives. As part of the Get Active 50+, Surrey Adult Learning has an offer for people aged over 50 to help them be more active, have fun and make friends. The project aims to improve health amongst older adults across the county following the revelation that almost 60% of Surrey adults do not meet the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) recommended guidelines of 150 minutes per week moderate intensity physical activity. So there is a £40 discount to get you active. Eligible learners can receive £40 off selected dance and exercise classes. To take advantage of this opportunity have a look at the range of classes on the website: Or call 0300 200 1044to book a class. (Terms and conditions. Learners need to be 50 or over on the start date of the course for the discount to apply. The £40 discount can only be applied to courses of six weeks or longer)
















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At the time of writing we’re busy preparing for our Village Party on 2 July. Next month we’ll let you know how it went but we have great hopes that the weather will be fantastic and it will be a really enjoyable event. Watch this space. We’re also hard at work liaising with Spelthorne in Bloom on this year’s hanging baskets to keep the village looking beautiful and on the same subject we’re trying to drum up support for looking after the various planters around the village. Let us know if you can help. Thank you to everyone who turned out for the AGM on 26 May. It was a well-represented meeting with residents showing that they are interested in village issues. We are a new Residents Association Committee so we are still finding our feet in many aspects of Village life. The current committee has taken over from the very experienced team of - Richard Kennedy, Jackie Taylor, Sally Gee, Ross Maynard, Adrian Corti, and John Cole; some of them having had 20 plus years on the committee and seeing very many changes during that period. We would like to thank them for their hard work. We would also like to thank Monica Chard for giving us a lovely talk on the Village Matters business. We which would urge you all to read Shepperton Matters every month as it is a very informative local magazine. As well as Monica we also had the pleasure of all our Borough and County Councillors attending which we really appreciate. The residents had a heated exchange on traffic and speeding issues and we hope that we are now moving forward in a productive way to achieve the very necessary traffic calming throughout the Village - this starting with another traffic survey. But on the plus side Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

we’ve been promised our white gates at last … any time soon. We’ll keep you posted. So once again thank you to everyone for giving up their evening, and thank you to Wendy, Howard, Stuart, Denise, Shivali, Sarah and Kevin for all their hard work throughout the year. Everyone at the AGM was happy for the current committee to continue for another year. If you are interested in joining us, old and young alike, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Karen Howkins, Chair, CVRA


Flowers and Fairy Tales July is a very busy time in the life of St Mary Magdalene Church in Littleton. Not only is it a popular time for summer weddings, it's also the time of the annual Flower Festival. Masterminded by Dot Hogan and Zandra Ceaser, (for more years than they will admit to), the Flower Festival is a beautiful and fragrant celebration of summer. Each year the Festival has a theme. Over the past few years, themes have included ' Films', 'Nursery Rhymes', 'Favourite Hymns', 'Olympics' and 'The Borough of Spelthorne', this year the theme is 'Fairy Tales'. Arrangements are made up by members of the church, other churches and some local businesses. Every surface, nook and cranny will be filled with flowers. It's amazing how people's imaginations work, and how props are incorporated into the arrangements to represent the theme. It's fun to try to guess the subject before looking at the tag The Festival starts on Friday 22nd July through to Monday 25th July and is open from 9am to 6pm. Entry is free, all we ask is that you enjoy the flowers. This is a rare opportunity is look around this beautiful Norman church, which is situated on Squires Bridge Road, close to Shepperton Studios. If you visit on the Saturday afternoon, you can take the opportunity to stroll across to the Rectory Garden to have a delicious Strawberry Tea. There will be cover in case of bad weather, and there will also be supervised activities for the children. Jill Greenwood


Pest Control

Member of the British Pest Control Association Full Public Liability Insurance Cover

Wasps ● Bees ● Rats ● Mice ● Ants Fleas ● Squirrels ● Moths ● Moles

Tel: 020 8979 1670 Mobile: 0773 389 5213

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White Lodge Fund Raiser is a Ball

The Summer Ball has become an annual event for St Mary Magdalene Church. Our beautiful church dates back to 1135 AD and each week sees a growing congregation attending 3 Sunday services, as well as a range of services, baptisms, weddings, funerals and social activities across the year. The Summer Ball enables us to raise much needed funds to keep our ancient building going, but we also feel it is important to help others. Hence, we have supported The White Lodge Centre in Chertsey for a number of years by raising funds for them during the evening, which are matched funded by Barclays Bank. This year we were delighted to return to The Mulberry Restaurant in The Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge. We enjoyed drinks on the terrace while guests took their chances with the tombola and the raffle. We then sat down to dinner in the beautiful restaurant where the tables were decorated in carnival style by Aziatics who have kindly donated the flowers every year. The menu of smoked salmon, marinated rump of lamb and a lemon tart was delicious. We then had the auction, the raffle and the silent auction before getting on to the dance floor. We were serenaded throughout the evening by Omar and Collette who took us down memory lane with familiar tunes to which we were able to put our dance moves to good use. We have raised over ÂŁ4000 this year thanks to the generosity of our guests, members of the church community and the local businesses who have donated prizes. If you would like to join us next year then please put 24 June 2017 in your diary.

Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635

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Eco Park Update I am bringing you an update following the Charlton Lane Liaison Group meeting on 15 th June. We are anticipating a new pile driver to arrive imminently following on from relative quiet. It will mean there will be 3 pile drivers in use, leaving us with an almost constant banging until the end of August! To date they have completed approximately 400 piles out of a total of 1,600. SITA say that it has been quieter this time however, as they have only received a small handful of complaints about the noise. We were told that they would be working on the inner perimeter road to help alleviate queues from Charlton Lane into the CRC. This will not solve the fact that the average queues are around 40 minutes a figure not disputed by the area manager. I have all along had a fear that they are hoping for a 24-hour operational site. As you have no doubt heard by now Surrey County Council approved at the last Planning Committee an increase in operational hours. But this is not sufficient for Suez / Sita and they are putting in yet another Planning Application for an increase in building hours up to 6.30pm and 24 hours a day for the internal workings, something we were told with very little notice. Still lucky us we will be able to go to the dump with our car seats down, with 1 bag of rubble only – 25Kgs (not 2 bags of 12.5kgs) and they won’t be considering charging us until the Autumn and from the 01 July – 30 September they will opening to the public until 6.00pm, So ear plugs ready and don’t let road rage get the better of you if you want to go to the CRC. Thank you once again for your support. Karen Howkins (SATEP)

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Garden Maintenance Lawn Mowing, Tree & Shrub Pruning, Planting Schemes, Weeding Lawn Treatments Seasonal Lawn Treatments, Scarification, Aeration

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Landscaping Garden Designs, Patios, Decking, Fencing, Turfing

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A Fast and Friendly Service Office 0208 572 5243 Mobile 07837 585101 Call anytime!

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Gardening Matters Ornaments Ornaments polarise gardeners. They’re a love ‘em or hate ‘em subject.

I fell firmly into the hate ‘em category. I thought they had a place in big country gardens but looked slightly tacky in suburbia. This antipathy may date back to my childhood and Mrs. Frost, our elderly neighbour, who had a front garden stuffed to the brim with gnomes, windmills and concrete toadstools. If our ball ever strayed into this shrine to kitsch she’d burst from her house with a bansheelike scream, brandishing a broom at us.

My father had a grumpy gargoyle-like creature, set among ferns at the bottom of his patch. It made everyone who saw it smile in recognition of my dad’s own avuncular manner. A girly friend of mine has a series of small bronze faeries set around her tiny plot, which are perfectly in tune with her personality. I favour natural materials myself but several years ago I purchased beautiful and rather elegant heron created from recycled metal. I adore it because it reflects both my love of birds and my passion for recycling. It stands near a boulder fountain and I occasionally brandish a broomstick at my sons when their football strays too near... Ornaments for all...and not a gnome in sight To set off ornamental grasses try ceramic balls in vivid blues and greens set among cobbles. For minimalist contemporary plots, mirrored columns and pyramids look striking.

Somewhere along the way though I’ve mellowed.

Classical statuary and urns look best in more formal, traditional settings. They are best made from marble or stone. Resin copies can look tacky.

As I’ve studied show gardens and magazines I’ve realised that ornaments have a definite place in a garden as long as two important considerations are met:

Don’t be frightened to show your sense of humour. Quirky can look brilliant in the right setting.

Context The or naments complement the style of the garden. Classical statuary doesn’t work in contemporary spaces, while traditional gardens might need to avoid stainless steel or modern, abstract sculptures.

Sculptor Dennis Fairweather’s best seller is a stone face and hands which emerge from a tub of water as if the figure had just been for a dip! Natural materials can be a good starting point for garden ornament novices. Balls and sculptures made from willow are subtle and elegant additions to any garden.

Size Or naments should be an appr opr iate size for the setting. Rules are there to be broken of course and whatever your garden type or size the ornament you choose should be special to you.

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By Rachel Leverton


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Scotts Decorating Services


Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

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Office: 01932 711196 Mobile: 07880 715856

PETER the HEATER Heating and plumbing Installations & repair Boiler replacement and service Fair Pricing Gas safe registered Free estimates. OAP discounts

We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice

01932 232393 or 07830 314155

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What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send info on local events to to be listed here July 2nd Laleham Fair, The Br oadway, Laleham Village Salvation Army Open Day. Come and visit the beautiful and histor ic building and gardens. July 2nd 2-4pm. Guided tour , cr eam teas and Salvation Ar my band. Black Cherry Fair - 9th July from 10.30 Abbey Fields, Cher tsey Music in the Park. Come and enjoy a fr ee after moon of music in the Walled Gar den, Thames St, Sunbury. 3-5pm. July 3rd Staines Lammas Band, 17th July Jake Fryer and All That Jazz, 24th July Sing Spelthorne and 31st July The Cobham Band Sunbury Cricket Club Music Nights. J uly 8th The J ackie Lynton Band. £7.50 on the door. Lower Hampton Road, Sunbury. Plenty of parking Spelthorne Choral Society. Summer concer t with cor onation music to celebr ate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. Saturday 9th July. St Peters Church, Laleham Road, Staines. With strawberries and cream and sparkling wine. Conducted by Sean Bui. Accompanied by Lindsay Bridgwater. Tickets £10 online or £12 on the door. Staines Musical Theatre Group Presents ‘Magical Moments’ Join us as we celebrate our Golden Anniversary performing many of the best-loved song and dance numbers from a selection of our past shows. Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July 2016. Magna Carta Arts Centre, Thorpe Road, Staines TW18 3HJ, Evenings 7.30pm, Saturday Matinee 2.30pm. Adults £12. Concessions £10. For tickets call us on 01784 605 805 or order through our website Swan Upping will commence on Monday 18th July from Sunbur y on Thames, outside the Weir pub on the Molesey side of the river at 9.30am. It will pass through Shepperton Lock at about 10.45am and will finish on Friday 22nd July at Abingdon Bridge, Oxfordshire July 21st-24th. Little Ar ts Festival pr esented by Sunbur y & Shepper ton Ar ts Association. See ad in this magazine for line up. TW12 Jazz Festival. Friday 22nd July-Sunday 24th July. Venues acr oss Hampton Hill and Teddington. Schedule, ticket prices and further information at The Big Camp 16th J uly. For one night only you can camp in some of the South East ’s most unusual locations as 23 National Trust places open their doors for the 2016 Big Camp. Many will offer food, live music and camp fires as well as woodland craft making, stargazing, storytelling and bat hunts. Space is limited. Sunbury Regatta - August 13th, Rivermead Island, Thames Street, Sunbury. From 11am. Stalls, family fun, Sunbury’s Got Talent final, firworks...and rowing, skiffing and Dongola. Chertsey Agricultural Show - August 13th & 14th. From 9am-6pm both days. Chertsey Meads. Livestock galore as well as stalls. This is a fab day out for the whole family. To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Community Matters Shepperton & Laleham Staines Horticultural Society Floral Art Group meet monthly on Wednesday evenings. Meetings are a mix of flower arranging demonstrations and practical workshops. A small friendly club we welcome guests. For more information contact Anne Hart 01932 564835. The Probus Club of Shepperton for r etir ed business and pr ofessional men meets on the first Tuesday of each month at The Anchor Hotel to hear a speaker followed by lunch. In May we had a talk on " Prostate Cancer". We welcome new members; please telephone 01932 223814 or 242372 Shepperton and Oatlands Scottish Dancing Club meet on alter nate Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 8.00 p.m. to 10 p.m. in St Andrews Church Hall, Hersham Road , Walton on Thames KT12 4AA (Tuesdays) and Oatlands Village Hall, St Marys Road, Weybridge KT13 9PT (Wednesdays) for Social Scottish Country Dancing. Please come and join us. For further information please contact Barbara Dickson on 01483 728053 or email Monday July 25th - SHEPPERTON VILLAGE HALL 10-12.15 Shepperton Artists (SAA). Open Day displaying paintings and cards for sale and refreshments available.Come and have a chat with the artists and see them working. Walton Voices summer concert, ‘ A Classical Night at the Movies’, 7.30pm Saturday 16th July, Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton on Thames, KT12 1AT. Also featuring the Bourne Concert Band. Adults £12, Under 11s go free. To purchase tickets contact 07884 348172 or

Send community events info to

The deadline for the August issue is July 19th.

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Domestic Cleaning Jackie’s Cleaning Electrician Paige Electrics 58 Estate Agents/Property Curchods 32/33 haart 29 Event Sunbury Comedy 41 Sunbury Golf 19 Sunbury Regatta 27 SSAA Art Festival 30 Fruit/Veg/Flowers Quality Fruit 6 Garden Centre Longacres 25 Garden Services/ Supplies Easicut Mowers 56 Before & After 56 SJL Paving 58 Glazing Repairs Glenn Hudson 47 Village Windows 54 Handyman/ Maintenance/DIY i-Handy 54 L&P 43

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Health/Wellbeing Everyone Active 13 Holiday Inn 11 The Gym 17 Happy Days NLP 24 Fabulous Fear 26 Pilates with Charlie 42 Heating/Plumbing Home Comforts 52 Peter the Heater 58 Ironing Service 28 Kitchens Ashford Kitchens 5 Kitchen Makeover Dream Doors 35 Lettings Agency Newboulds 21 AR Lettings 18 Mobility Services Shepperton Mobility 43 Nursery Stewpots Nursery 28 Oven Cleaning Ovenclean 58 Pest Control Molesey Pest 53 Removals Thorogood 58

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23 9 58 64 8/9 53 56 61 43 48 38 19 49 64

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July16 Shepperton Matters  

A monthly community magazine for Shepperton

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