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Every time the Village Hall Committee runs an event at Bighton Village Hall, people come up at the end and say “You ought to have more of these events”. Which is frustrating because we knock ourselves out trying to get people to book, and it can be like getting blood out of a stone. There’s usually a deathly silence until about five days before the event followed by a quick, light flurry of activity leading up to the day. We’ve spoken to organisers from other village halls, and it seems to be a universal problem. No such problem arose at the beginning of March, when well-known guitarist Gordon Giltrap graced our stage. Tickets were flying out of the door from early February, and Gordon performed to a full house on March 3rd. What a lovely man. He is supremely talented and in addition, a very amusing speaker. He performed alone, with five guitars lined up on stage with him (including one that he claimed to have bought in a car boot sale for a bargain price - until he had to spend £200 putting it right.) We had a great evening. As I have said before, when the village turns out for an event it turns into a grand reunion, with everyone saying “We must do this again soon!” Since you’ve taken the trouble to read this, please will you now make a resolution to come to some of the events we run? (And thanks to our near neighbours from Old Alresford who turned up – it was good to see you too.) Jill Buss

The word ‘Jubilee’ has not normally been part of our everyday vocabulary - at least, not until this year. But the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee seems to be capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of a large percentage of the population, and here in our own little corner of Hampshire, it is no exception, with events and celebrations being planned for the designated celebration weekend in June (keep your ears and eyes open for details!). But what is this word ‘Jubilee’? – after all, it has a far wider meaning than that linked to the Queen’s ‘Diamond Jubilee’. It has Jewish roots stretching way back in the Old Testament, where it was a year of emancipation and restoration that was kept every 50 years; a year during which slaves were to be set free, alienated property restored to the former owners, and the lands left untilled (pages could be written on this Jewish background of the word, alone!). In the Roman Catholic Church, Jubilee is a year during which plenary indulgence may be obtained by the performance of certain pious acts. Perhaps to us today, jubilee is best known as a season or occasion of joyful celebration; a time of jubilation… of rejoicing, usually associated with a special anniversary marking an event, such as a wedding anniversary, especially a 50th (Golden) but also a 25th (Silver), or a 60th (Diamond). 1

But this year (2012) our thoughts are directed towards just one jubilee – that of the Diamond Jubilee of our own Queen Elizabeth II. Just think about the magnitude of her achievement. Sixty years in one role. Even in the heyday of job security, which we certainly do not have today, people worked 40 years for retirement, a pension, and if they were fortunate enough, after such a lengthy period of active work, just a few years to enjoy a well-earned retirement. But the Queen has already reached a milestone 50% longer than most of us would ever have worked, and remember, it is not a role that she chose; it is one that came her way by accident of birth, and it is one with centuries of tradition, expectations and demands that have been foisted on her. One does not have to be a Royalist to acknowledge just what a contribution the Queen has made, not just to this country, and to the other countries over which she reigns, but also to the wider world. She is almost certainly the most famous female figure in the world, if not the most famous person. Having been born after the Second World War, I am not old enough to remember King George VI, so to me, Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch I’ve known, and the same applies to most of the population of our country. If the Queen reigns for a few more years (and remember her own mother was 101!), then many of us will have lived our entire life during the reign of just a single monarch. Thanks to the advent of television, which was just beginning to reach the homes of the average person when she was crowned, no other monarch before will ever have been seen and so instantly 2

recognised by her subjects – even Queen Victoria, who also achieved her Diamond Jubilee, would only have been recognised by a very small percentage of the population. It is truly remarkable, but even now the Queen continues to undertake a huge workload, with all the dignity and sense of duty that she has always shown. There can be little doubt that our Queen has won colossal respect and admiration throughout her long reign. She is possessed of countless qualities that have helped to establish the monarchy firmly in the hearts of so many people; qualities that have set standards that most of us could only dream of aspiring to. We will surely all have our own ideas of what makes the Queen so special. To me there is one quality that stands out above them all – in a word ‘commitment’. Her commitment to everything she does, whether it is a duty or not, is carried out with dignity, integrity and a passion that is unsurpassed. In fact, as I write this article just hours before catching a flight in search of some warm February sunshine, it occurs to me that that vital quality of ‘commitment’ is often sadly lacking in many of us. We each have commitments in several directions – to our family, our friends, our employer, our church, our community… the list is endless, but we could do better… I certainly could. As we, together with countless others around this country, and around the world, join in and enjoy the celebrations and thanksgivings for our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, why not also make it an opportunity to look at those commitments that we already have to see if we can do

better. And maybe, even look further afield to see if we can commit ourselves to other situations or needs, and perhaps help to make a difference. May this Jubilee year be a time of true celebration and thanksgiving for all of us.

OLD ALRESFORD NEWS Mollie Paul and Alison Huxley As we stepped into 2012 we were saddened by the loss of two very special ladies who had been very much a part of life in Old Alresford.

1st Sunday 9.30am Holy Communion (said) 2nd Sunday 9.30am Parish Communion 3rd Sunday 9.30am Parish Communion 4th Sunday 9.30am Parish Communion


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PARISH EDUCATION TRUST The Parish Education Trust is available to help with the cost of books, material and other educational requirements for anyone in the parish of any age. If you would like to apply for assistance with educational expenses, please put your request in writing to the Churchwarden, Lady Wakeham at Pinglestone House, Old Alresford, SO24 9TBL.

Mollie Paul, who had lived in Forge Cottage and later Wearne House for many years, had delighted us all with her performances on the stage for TOADS. Alison Huxley, who had lived in Brook Lodge since the 1970s was a great supporter of the village fair and many other village events. Both ladies had been married to husbands who also gave generously of their time for the village, Air Commodore Christopher Paul and Colonel Colin Huxley Services of Thanksgiving held at St Mary’s Church were very well attended. Tributes were paid to two well-respected ladies who loved Old Alresford and will be greatly missed.

Old Alresford Parish Council Annual Parish Assembly This will be on 26 April at 7.00pm. We hope parishioners will come to hear about another year in the Parish and to raise their concerns. We hope to have a speaker at the start and there will be drinks and nibbles beforehand.

Parish e-mail We now have 78 addresses for parishioners with email. This enables us to send material quickly round the Parish. We would be happy to have further addresses 3

Old Alresford Events to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II An Invitation to all those living in the Parish of Old Alresford Friday June 1st at 3pm: Jubilee Tea Party in the Christy Hall For all those who were born before the Coronation in 1953. Followed at 4.30pm by presentation of special Old Alresford Diamond Jubilee mugs and ice creams for all those aged 18 and under. And for everyone: Monday June 4th at 10pm lighting of the Jubilee Beacon on the tower of St Mary’s Church. Our beacon will be one of a chain of 2012 beacons to be lit across Britain. The National Beacon will be lit in London by Her Majesty the Queen at 10.30pm. You are warmly invited to join in the Celebrations! Offers of help and for more information please contact Erica Sisk 732735 or AlisonWakeham


to add. If you want to be added please email Parish Clerk Bobbie Smith:

Church path lights The lights have eventually been repaired. Please keep an eye open for any further vandalism.

Speedwatch Scheme Rebecca has had six volunteers to operate the system. At present its future is unclear since the uptake in the County was smaller than expected. More anon.

Phone Box We have not had any suggestions for the future use of the phone box. We would like some!

Christy Hall Management AGM


My name is Peter Brown, and I was born in 1946 in Langton House, Alresford. I am trying to trace relatives of my late mother Edith May BROWN who was born in Ropley in 1910, who passed away on 24th June 1976 at Basingstoke District Hospital. In later years of her life my mother was married to a Frederick George POULTER and lived at 119 Worting Road, Basingstoke. Throughout my childhood, I was in the care of Hampshire County Council, and placed into various homes and foster parents within the Hampshire area. Throughout this time I only met with my mother on two occasions.

Monday 16 April. All are invited.

Happenings and information from St. Mary's 14th April 9.30 – 12 noon: Churchyard clearup lots of tasks, removing ivy, moss from gravestones and so on, please bring your own trowel, trug, secateurs, kneeler, moss scraper, etc., and if wet plenty of spring cleaning inside - refreshments - coffee and brownies. Sunday, 22nd April: the Annual Church Meeting follows the 9.30 Service; come and find out about Church life and the people refreshments served. 29th April: no service at St. Mary's. Come and join members of the congregation raising funds at the CAR BOOT SALE in Winchester; bring a car and sell for St. Mary's or donate items for sale. Contact Sarah Richardson 732720 for further details Carol Beetham

I would like to make contact with any relatives or persons who knew my mother. Please contact me on 01952 594488, e-mail: Home address: 9 Boningale Close, Stirchley Park, Telford, Shropshire TF3 1RA. 5

GEORGIA TO AFGHANISTAN WITH EXPLORER JOHN PILKINGTON Saturday 21 April, 7.30 pm Christy Hall, Old Alresford John has been travelling again, this time in Central Asia. When he last came to Old Alresford, he was just weeks away from starting this trip and we have waited patiently for news of this latest adventure. This time John followed the branch of the Silk Road across the Caspian Sea to Samarkand, venturing on to Tajikistan and Afghanistan, and finishing on the Great Wall of China. As usual he will bring along a superb set of images giving us a unique flavour of the scenery, people and life of this remote part of Asia. John always enjoys coming back to the Christy Hall and it promises to be a fascinating evening for both intrepid explorers and armchair travellers. Tickets: £8 (£7 concessions) available in advance from Dave Exelby on 736007 or Refreshments (drinks) will be available.

Winchester Citizens Advice Bureau at the Alresford GP Surgery IF YOU NEED HELP Contact CAB on 01962 848000 or drop in to the surgery on Mondays between 1- 3pm (not bank holidays) IF YOU WANT TO HELP Please donate to CAB on line at Or send donations to CAB – Alresford, 68 St George’s Street, Winchester, SO23 8AH 6

BIGHTON NEWS Connie Appleton 21.11.1931 – 11.2.2012 24th

On Friday February, Bighton said goodbye to Connie Appleton, who died on February 11th. Connie lived in Bighton for most of her life, with her husband Fred and their daughter. All Saints church was full for the Service of Thanksgiving. She will be sadly missed.

Village Hall Monthly Draw winners January: £40: £25: £20: £15:

Bighton - Friday Bus New pick-up times for passengers who use the minibus from Old Alresford, Gundleton and Bishops Sutton. To be sure of catching the bus on the outward journey, we suggest that you arrive at the stop with at least 10 minutes to spare. The Brook 9.30am. Gundleton crossroads 9.40am. Bishops Sutton 9.45am. Arrive at the Alresford Community Centre 9.55am. Return trip starts at

Gail Johnson Brenda Hebberd Ian Johnson Ian & Stephanie Street

February: £40: Billa Hooker £25: Liz Scott £20: Simon McCowen £15: Sally Ann Manley

Diamond Jubilee To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee there will be a church service on Sunday, 3rd June, followed by a hog-roast lunch in the village hall car park.


Mobile Library Service Gundleton opposite Hill Farm 2.55 - 3.25pm

Bighton Three Horseshoes 3.30 - 4.00pm Every four weeks on Tuesdays as listed below:

March April May June

27th 24th 22nd 26th

Hampshire County Council has offered to provide an oak tree as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It has been suggested that it could be planted beside Bighton crossroads. 7

Royal Air Forces Association The Alresford and District branch of the R.A.F.A. meet at the Swan Hotel, Alresford on the first Thursday of each month, at 8pm. New members are always welcome. Contact Derek Sweetenham (Chairman) on 733559, or Brian Gabriel (Secretary) on 734482 for details.


YOUNG FARMERS’ CLUB Interested in farming and the countryside, enjoy meeting like-minded young people, aged between 10 and 26 years? Then why not come along to a meeting of Alresford Young Farmers’ Club. We meet in the Christy Hall, Old Alresford, on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm-9pm. To find out more about Young Farmers and the many varied activities, including competitions, stockjudging, farm visits, 4x4 driving, county shows, social events and much more, please contact: Tim Stevens, Chairman, on 07762 612820 or Emma Bowden, Secretary, on 07979 808927 or by post at: Grove Cottage, Moundsmere, Basingstoke, or at website address:

READER’S LETTER Mobile Library Users - Be Aware! It has been brought to my attention by Tom, our ever-helpful librarian, that the Mobile Library now charges for overdue books. Those of us who have been customers for many years have become used to the fact that missing the library’s visit was only a mild irritant – we had nothing to read for a couple of weeks. (Now four weeks.) This has now changed; charges similar to those imposed at main libraries will now be charged. This news came as a bit of a shock to those of us at Gundleton – and apparently to some others. Tom reported that one customer had inadvertently run up a bill of £42.00! Brian Davis Ed: Alerted by Brian’s letter I looked on the libraries website. The news was not quite as bad as he thought. So for those of you who use the mobile library, here is the position: Fines are charged if mobile library books are overdue, but only to a maximum of 15p per item (regular library charge is 15p up to a maximum of £6 per item). Users can avoid the charges altogether by phoning or e-mailing the office and renewing the books – before the books become overdue. It does appear, however, that if the van’s visit is cancelled, you will still be charged overdue fees unless you renew, although you will be able to claim back the money later. They blame the computer for this silly rule. I blame the foolish people who made the decision to charge in the first place.

JACKIE’S COUNTY COLUMN March When a member of the public rings me, it can be on any number of issues, and one call received last year has brought forward a really interesting project for Winchester. The caller, Tony Dowland, contacted me because he wants to create a memorial for the soldiers who passed through the Morn Hill Camp from 1914. The event happened mainly in the Itchen Valley Division. In World War I, there was a large camp for up to 50,000 soldiers set up at Morn Hill. They arrived here in the process of transit to France, and came through again on the return trip home. Unfortunately, too few did return from the front, and tragically, hundreds died of Spanish flu before they could reach their families. In 1918, a railway was built to carry supplies up to the Avington copse area at the west of the site, but it was quickly dismantled after the war ended. After some preparation, we held a Morn Hill Memorial Launch Event at the Holiday Inn, Winchester, and invited a number of interested parties to work out how to achieve the memorial by 2014, the 100th Anniversary of the setting up of the camp. We have had support from Brigadier David Harrison, one of the Deputy Lieutenants of Hampshire, who has agreed to be Chairman of the group, the broadcaster Dan Snow, and our local MP too. This is where you come in! Do you or your family have any recollections of the camp? Do you have any knowledge of this part of local military history? Perhaps your family history includes receiving the soldiers or seeing the railway? Please let us know! 9

Moundsmere Estate Management RURAL PROPERTY LETTING AND MANAGEMENT · · · · · ·

Landlords Free initial consultation. Flexible letting and management packages. Multimedia property marketing. Accompanied viewings. Professional tenant referencing. Local, rural property specialists.

Call us now to discuss your requirements and to hear about our special introductory rates.

Telephone: 01256 389253 e-mail:


0800 028 0888 Email: Textphone: 0808 100 2484 (for customers with hearing or speech difficulties) SMS TEXT Messaging: 07797 877 010



Mobile 07740 805353

Roger Dewey TV, Video and Audio service & repair. Aerials installed & repaired. Sky and Freeview digital boxes installed & repaired. Don’t be embarrassed to call if you can’t set up that TV, DVD, Video or Digibox, for our normal call-out fee we will happily come round and make it work, even if we didn’t supply it. 10


≈ STUDIES ♦ LIBRARIES ♦ CABINETS BOOKCASES ♦ PANELLING Designed and made to commission The Old Granary ♦ David Forrest Herriard Park FURNITURE Tel: 01256 381855 Fax: 01256 381856 David Forrest Tel: 01962 772034

The County Council owns part of the old railway line from Alresford to Kings Worthy, and I am delighted that after extensive consultation, a section has now been designated as a public footpath with permissive cycle rights. It is a hidden gem offering excellent sheltered flat walking, especially for those who are less nimble. We want to develop a ‘Friends of the Line’ group, which could work with the owners, and look to extend the route further if possible. I am holding an ‘open morning’ from 10am on the old line at Couch Green on May 10th as a first step towards this. M3 junction 9 is a nightmare for residents in the division. The Highways Agency has been sitting on a proposal to improve traffic flows there. We County Councillors have been pressing for the Agency to make a decision so that the work can begin on a feeder lane from Easton lane, and improved gaps in the timing for Spitfire link drivers. The second railway liaison meeting has taken place at Micheldever Station. A listed building, it is another gem, which houses a busy station, popular with commuters. At the meeting, local councillors and residents met with representatives from Network Rail and South West Trains to see what can be done to smarten up the station and alleviate parking issues there. Plans for Putting Pedestrians First in Alresford have slowed because of lack of funding, but a working party ensures this continues as a high priority for Alresford. The County Council has agreed to update its pedestrian statistics, in preparation for a full Town Access Plan, but I asked them not to do this in the period of bad weather: the town was very quiet in sub-zero temperatures!

April When you read this, I will be back from a trip to New Zealand. It was the holiday of a lifetime.

The scenery was amazing of course, but I was particularly impressed by the people of all ages that we met who had been working in or living near Christchurch at the time of the earthquake. Their descriptions of that day and how they lived with 10,000 aftershocks were a clear reminder of how communities have to cope long after the newspaper reporters have left the scene. Somehow, it makes you realise that you have to re-evaluate your priorities in life. Hampshire's Fire and Rescue services send teams to help in these emergencies, and this event was no exception. Thus, thankfully, our Council tax payment contributes to the rescue and relief efforts by sending out UK teams. When the County Council agrees to a 0% increase, who knows what contingencies will be needed during the year? The total reserve at Hampshire is over £200 million, and it is the opposition's argument that it is extremely unlikely that it will be needed to cover the whole range of contingencies within one year. The administration disagrees and so, unspent, the reserves grow even as services are cut, or people are charged more. But what seem to be the priorities in New Zealand? Many towns have a clear zero waste policy, and children's play and early years education feature high on the list. Roads were generally good too, with marked cycling lanes in urban areas. The Department for Conservation does an excellent job, but I didn't see a policeman at all. If you had to redesign Council services from scratch, what would be your priorities? Councillor Jackie Porter e-mail: Phone: 01962 791054 Text: 07973 696 085 or write to me at: The Down House, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hants SO21 1AX 11

FARM DIARY New arrivals at Goscombe Farm, Gundleton 2012 Early January started with the arrival of two litters of piglets and by the middle of January to my surprise another three litters of piglets had been born; the two boars Pete and Alex named by Harriet (Katie Price fan) had been busy boys. One really cold night I sat with one sow for 3½ hours (it can take up to 7hrs) producing just two piglets. On passing the afterbirth she suddenly became extremely aggressive towards them and would have killed them had I not secured them under a heat lamp. The next day she was no better, so luckily for the piglets I sneaked them into a litter born 24 hours previously and the sow accepted them. I am not looking forward to the electricity bill with four heat lamps on the go 24/7.

One piglet became cold and was very poorly, so we brought it home to the intensive care unit - yet another heat lamp with two-hourly feeds, (thanks, Harriet for doing night feeds). Polly is now a healthy, happy (but a bit small) house pig sharing her heat lamp, and in the evening, the fireside rug with the cats, a funny sight but seems quite normal now. I think she has an identity problem as she will not eat pig nuts but loves cat biscuits.

January also saw the arrival of five calves and I was looking forward to having a week or so to catch my breath but the cows had other ideas; I blame the spring weather we have been having. 14 calves arrived in 12

February with two born on the 29th, a long wait for their 1st birthday. The 1st day of March, cow 471 known as Mrs Jedward (as she had twin bull calves in 2010 named John and Teddy/Edward) presented us with her second set of twins; the second calf was breech, so help was needed. Mrs Jedward and her heifer calves, known as The Cheeky Girls are all doing well.

THREE GENERATIONS AT STATION GARAGE, ROPLEY There is a wonderful film called Waking Ned, in which the hero gives the eulogy about his best friend, who happens to be sitting in front of him. This is my opportunity to do the same for the Hebberd family. I’ve said all my life that if I ever had to go to war, I would like to go with a bunch of Hebberds beside me. This is rubbish, I want them in front of me. Nonetheless, we have been neighbours and close friends for three generations.

As I write this on the 6th March, two more calves have been born with two due anytime, no rest yet for a while! Sarah Jackson

NGS LOCAL GARDENS OPEN The 2012 National Gardens Scheme (Hampshire) brochure contains details of all Hampshire gardens open to the public during the year, including: The Old Rectory, Swarraton; The Hyde, Old Alresford; Hill House, Old Alresford; Weir House, Abbotstone Road; Old Alresford House; Brandy Mount House, Alresford; Lake House, Northington; The Down House, Itchen Abbas; and Abbey Cottage, Rectory Lane, Itchen Abbas. Space does not permit all the dates here, but you can check them at or Tel: 01483 211535 for a copy of the brochure.

Fred, the Patriarch, started Station Garage, Ropley in 1963. In those days he was a Special Constable and quite a scary figure. He once caught me speeding and gave me a well-deserved ticking-off, but I digress, and his second-eldest son Tony, left school that Easter to join him. You would drive up the hill to park on the slope, usually, of course, behind someone else who wanted to get out. That wondrous place, a mixture of Aladdin’s Cave and the Black Hole of Calcutta, where sparks would fly from a welder, the tyre pressure machine would hiss, and where oily rags and tools lay about in purposeful mode and somewhere bent over a car there would be Fred, Tony, their Uncle Jack Hebberd and Fred’s brother-in-law Uncle Snowy Kent. No matter how busy, no matter how stupid your enquiry, these giant, laconic kindly men always had time to stop and help with a slow smile and ready wit. 13


Bentley Homeclean

of Alresford PRIVATE HIRE Available for


For free estimate and advice

Any journey undertaken

01962 732111 MB 07734 699332


Tel: Mr Harding - 01420 86744 Mobile - 07876 020750

Over the years they have repaired mowers, go-karts, bits of boats, and many other things for the local community they served, as well as servicing a rich variety of vehicles with no fuss, a sure touch, and for far too little money. The garage also in those far-off un-PC days had a tiny office in the back, presided over by Magic Sue, the secretary, and in which there was a variety of calendars with girls who seemed to have mislaid most of their clothes, which one hardly noticed at all, and where the family ate their sandwich lunch. Brian, Tony’s brother, joined him when Fred retired, and with his enormous beard and genial disposition, looked a bit like Terry Waite as you would find him in the boiler room of the Titanic. I grew up with Tony and Brian, and they used to play with me (I was the ball), and they are two honourable good men of absolute integrity.

I often used to wonder how the Garage made a living for the family, and so did they, but they delivered school dinners, ran a taxi service, took Special Needs children out from Whitedown School in Alton, and very occasionally indeed sold a car. (They also won a TV, see photo!) Justin, Tony’s son and Fred’s grandson, who has the family’s Good Looks as well, joined the business in 1989, and rapidly became an excellent mechanic. Almost as wild as me in his youth, he has proved a worthy successor to Father and Grandfather as he takes over as the third generation of the family business. We all wish him, and his business partner Gary, well, and look forward to them continuing the service to the community so richly offered by his forebears. John Sargent


Mark Oliver All Aspects of Plumbing Undertaken Bathroom & Cloakroom suites Tanks & Cylinders Taps, Toilets & cisterns - Valves & Pumps

Central Heating Upgrades Tele: 023 8047 2325 Plumbing Emergency

07743 386 540 24hrs I cover the distribution area of this magazine

Peter Evans Plumbing Heating Bathrooms Tiling Oil-fired boilers installed & serviced

Winchester Bereavement Support WBS: Helping people to come to terms with grief and loss and to move forward with their lives.

Alton Hampshire

Tel: 01962 863626

Tel: 01420 89910

A confidential free service


FROM STEVE BRINE MP When we’re in Westminster, MPs attend dozens of meetings every week, drop into receptions and attend launches. Sometimes (and I had better whisper this) they are not exactly earth-shattering but occasionally an event comes along, usually when you expect it least, that knocks the stuffing out of you. That happened to me recently when I attended the launch of a new organisation seeking to highlight the lethal risks to young people of legal highs and so-called 'club drugs'. Mitch Winehouse (father of the late Amy Winehouse) joined hundreds of guests, celebrities and MPs at the Angelus Foundation event. It was set up by Maryon Stewart who lost her daughter Hester in April 2009 after she took a half-dose of the then legal GBL on a night out with friends. She was 21 years old. A short film was shown featuring families who have lost a child to these ‘legal’ drugs and you could have heard a pin drop. The Foundation seeks to get effective drugs education on the National Curriculum in schools throughout the country and will very soon roll out a national Wise Up! campaign so that young people make smarter decisions and parents have wiser conversations with their kids. Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare but in the case of these legal highs it can be prevented. I will be working nationally with other MPs to raise awareness of what can happen in the name of a good night out and I will be liaising with parents and schools locally to bring the Wise Up! campaign to as wide an audience as possible.

Since my last column for Village Voice there has been so much going on. I held a really busy street surgery in Broad Street with your very own Cllr Ernie Jeffs, brought the Schools Minister to Winchester to discuss teacher training at the University and I have spent a great deal of time working with the new leadership at our hospital since its merger with Basingstoke. I backed the merger because I think it is the only way we can maintain a full District General Hospital in Winchester and I have been mighty impressed with the ambition to make these hospitals real centres of excellence and provide the people I represent with some world-class services. I have also been working hard alongside the new Care Commissioning Group which will assume responsibility for the local NHS under the coalition’s health reforms. We have some impressive people running the NHS in Alresford / Winchester and I am determined we will build a service here that is everything we expect and demand from a modern national health service. See more at If you would like to get in touch on any issue you feel strongly about or need my help, please don't hesitate to get in touch via There is also a huge amount of information about my work locally and in Westminster at Steve Brine MP for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford 01962 791110 (constituency) 0207 219 7189 (House of Commons) Email: Website: Steve Brine TV: Sign up to receive Steve’s email newsletter 17

Free Home Fire Safety Visits. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service are engaging with the local community to offer home safety visits. These visits are carried out by our crews. They will come to your home and discuss such things as Ÿ Your "Home Escape Plan" Ÿ Kitchen & Electrical fire safety Ÿ Candle & Cigarette safety Ÿ Safe night-time routine Ÿ Give you advice on what to do if you do have a fire in your home The visit will include the installation of up to two smoke detectors per property (One per Level on escape routes), if required and an informal risk assessment of the home to point out any fire hazards and offering solutions to reduce the identified risks. To get your free home safety visit, or if you know an older person, a family member or neighbour, who would benefit from this free service, you can either pop into your local fire station, call on 023 8062 6809 or alternatively email the community fire safety team at: You can download a copy of our home fire safety leaflet at:

Useful contact points and further information: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service homepage: Community Fire Safety Department: 02380 626809 Email: 18

FASTER BROADBAND GETS THE GREEN LIGHT IN HAMPSHIRE Hampshire is to get £5 million of government funding to bring faster broadband to residents and businesses. The Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) funding is part of government plans to ensure that everyone in the country will have access to broadband. The dedicated broadband pages on Hantsweb, the County Council's website, have more information about Hampshire's funding allocation and our campaign, Faster broadband - getting Hampshire connected. The key messages are:

· It will take time to bring faster broadband to everyone in Hampshire

· The overall programme will last for three years

· Our immediate next steps are to secure a commercial partner to support and develop detailed implementation plans for the county

· We want businesses and the public to continue to register their interest support via our website: Karen Murray Director Culture, Communities and Business Services & Sponsor of the Hampshire Broadband Project


Friday 18th May 2012 Help spinal cord injured people live full and independent lives Want to do something different? Want to raise money where you live or work? Want to eat fish and chips, while raising money for charity? Hold a fish and chip supper on Friday 18th May 2012 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury and supporting SIA’s information and support services. You can hold a fish and chip supper in your own home or at work; or hold a larger supper at your local community centre. SIA will provide a fundraising pack containing hints and tips, recipes, invitations and donation envelopes. By inviting seven friends and asking them to donate an additional £5.00 you will raise at least £35.00 from your supper but we will also give you additional fundraising ideas to raise even more money for SIA. Last year we had over 100 suppers taking part in England and Wales and we raised £6,000. In the three years we have been running the event we have raised £20,000 to support spinal cord injured people. The money raised from the suppers will help the Spinal Injuries Association offer support to individuals who become paralysed and their families, from the moment a spinal injury occurs, and for the rest of their lives, by providing services and publications which enable and encourage paralysed people to lead independent lives. Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a spinal cord injury and there are 19

an estimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK alone. Community Fundraising Officer, Elizabeth Wright, says, “The Fish and Chip Supper is a wonderful opportunity for a great evening with friends and family. We are also encouraging people who work to hold a Fish and Chip Lunch in their work places to raise even more funds. You may even be a local community group wanting to run a fun evening with your group. Be a part of something special and make a real difference to help spinal cord injured people gain access to the information and support they need to enable them to live full and independent lives.” For more information or request a fundraising pack call Elizabeth Wright on 0845 071 4350 or e-mail or visit

FOR SALE Samsung CLP-610ND Colour Laser printer. Regularly maintained and in very good working condition. Recently serviced and image transfer belt and fuser unit both replaced. Used for printing Village Voice magazine.

Asking price: £150* Buyer collects.

Please call (09162) 734853 Demo of working condition provided on request. * NB: Price includes new spare Fuser Unit and toner cartridges.


WINCHESTER VILLAGES TRUST The income from this trust is available to provide assistance for those in need, where and when help is not available from public funds, or to help in emergencies. This may include: 1) Grants of money to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity. 2) Payment of transport costs for people entering hospital or residential homes or for relatives visiting such persons. 3) Gifts in kind to help those in need such as furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel and heating appliances. 4) Provision of tools, books, fees for examinations or tuition or travelling expenses to help obtain employment. 5) Help for children and young persons to take part in extra curricular school activities where parents cannot afford these costs. To make an enquiry if you live in Bighton, contact: Gail Johnson, Chautara, Bighton, Hants SO24 9RB – 736556 or if you live in Old Alresford, contact: Sue Alexander, The Hyde, Old Alresford, Hants SO24 9DH – 732043



College student, experienced; St John Ambulance trained; references available. Old Alresford and nearby. Please ring Cecily Mattock 01962 734044. I am a reliable, sensible, 15 year-old girl who lives locally and would love to do some babysitting. I have experience of working with small children through Alresford Brownies. I am available most evenings and weekends. Please give me a call. Jessica Rothwell 01962 773248. Reliable and mature 14 year-old. Both parents are CRB checked if required. Please contact: Katie Brookes 01962 735315.

Lewis’ Lawns – Local college student to mow lawns, can provide own mower, happy to provide one-off or regular service, reasonable rates. Call 07923 360357. Manure for sale: £2 per bag or £5 for three bags. For more information: Call 01962 733969. Ironing – Too busy or just hate ironing, then let me help. If you need regular bookings or just need help to catch up, give me a ring. I can come and collect. Tracy, 01420 562740 (Old Alresford) CLEANERS WANTED. Two cleaners required for Theatre and House at Grange Park Opera - Northington - during Opera Festival. Starting May 8th for 8 weeks, daily. Few days off. Own transport essential. Please contact: Sue Paice on 07801 931905.

Domestic, commercial & landscaping services

Established gardener since 1992 FREE QUOTES COMPETITIVE RATES


NOTICEBOARD APRIL 1st Palm Sunday service St. Mary’s Church: 9.30am. With distribution of palms. 8th Easter Day service St. Mary’s Church: 9.30am With distribution of eggs. 14th St. Mary’s Churchyard clear-up 9.30am - 12noon. French Market Broad Street, Alresford 18th Easter Fair Pinglestone Barn, Old Alresford, SO24 9TB: 10.30am - 3.30pm. 21st Georgia to Afghanistan with explorer John Pilkington Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm. 22nd St. Mary’s Annual Church Meeting Follows the 9.30am Service. 26th Bighton Village Hall Committee AGM Bighton Village Hall: 8pm. Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Annual Parish Assembly Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm. 29th Car boot sale (in Winchester) In aid of St. Mary's Church. Contact Sarah Richardson (732720) for further details. 22

MAY 10th Garden and Gift Fair Home Farm Barn, Farleigh Wallop, Basingstoke, RG25 2HT: 9.30am-3.30pm. In aid of Wellbeing of Women. Entrance: £5, Concs £4, Children free. 17th Bighton Parish Council meeting and Annual Parish meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm. 24th Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm.

JUNE 3rd Bighton - Diamond Jubilee activities There will be a church service followed by a hog-roast lunch in the village hall car park. Longstock Water Gardens Open from 2.00pm - 5.00pm. In aid of The Children’s Society. Entry: Adults £5, Children under 12, £1. 16th Old Alresford 2012 Fair On the Green.

JULY 19th Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm. Bighton Parish Council meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm.

SEPTEMBER 20th Bighton Parish Council meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm.

CLUBS PAGE If you would like your club’s details to appear on this page, please contact one of the editorial team. ALRESFORD HISTORICAL & LITERARY SOCIETY Meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Methodist Hall, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford. Visitors welcome. Enquiries: Robert Fowler [01962] 734125; Glenn Gilbertson [01962] 732726 ART Mondays, 10.00 - 12.00, Christy Hall. BIGHTON POTTERY CLUB Meets on Thursday evenings from April. Individual tuition also available. Contact Roy or Christine Hurn on 772330. OLD ALRESFORD CRICKET CLUB For further details ring J Stanbrook on 733612. THE OLD ALRESFORD DRAMA SOCIETY (T.O.A.D.S.) For details contact Helen Gard on 735228 or Jo Stokes on 732060. OLD ALRESFORD MIXED CLUB Meet in the Christy Hall every Tuesday from 7.30 to 9.30pm, and play snooker, billiards, darts, table tennis and table skittles. OLD ALRESFORD MOTHERS’ UNION FOR THE ARLE VALLEY BENEFICE Meet at Old Alresford Place. For details please contact the Branch Chairman, Carol Beetham on 732997. R.A.F.A. (Alresford and District) First Thursday of each month, 8pm. The Swan Hotel, Alresford. Contact Brian Gabriel on 734482.

SHORT MAT BOWLING Tuesdays 6 - 8pm and Thursday afternoons 2 - 4pm in the Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall. For further information contact Peter Bell [01962] 779285 or David Cherrett [01962] 732952 TICHBORNE PARK CRICKET CLUB We field three men’s teams and currently three Colts’ teams. The Colts are respectively: Under 11s, Under 13s and Under 15s. For further details contact Garry Allam on 735608. YOUNG FARMERS Wednesdays, 7.30pm, Christy Hall. For details contact the Chairman, Tim Stevens on 07762 612820, or the Secretary, Emma Bowden on 07979 808927. YOUTH CLUB, OLD ALRESFORD Friday evenings in the Christy Hall from 7.15 to 8.45pm, for school years 7 to 11. Contact David Hanks 01962 738559

Easter Fair in aid of

The Children’s Society Wednesday 18th April Pinglestone Barn Old Alresford, SO24 9TB, 10.30 am - 15.30 pm. Entry: £3 23

The Alresford Surgery Newsletter Station Road, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9JL Telephone No. 01962 732345 Fax: 01962 736034

Web site – For general advice or reassurance NHS Direct 0845 46 47

OUT OF HOURS 0300 300 2012

Patient Forum At the Patient Forum in January, several action points were agreed: That we will publish which days the doctors work also on our website. We will look at introducing online appointment booking and text message appointment reminders. We will write to the necessary organisations to highlight the fact that our patients are being greatly inconvenienced by the lack of blood test appointments available at the surgery and to request a review of the service provided. Thank you for completing the patient survey.

Repeat Medications and Dispensary We do not accept repeat medication requests over the phone - please return the slip provided with the previous prescription, fill in a form at reception or fax us on 01962 736034. You can also use our website to request medication. More details from the surgery or see our website.

including features in ‘Hampshire Now’ magazine. We know that some patients over-order their repeat prescriptions and we ask them not to stockpile medicines.

Samples Please provide urine and other samples only in containers supplied by us, properly labelled and if we have not asked for them, an explanation in writing of why they are being handed in.

Changes Dr Tara Kidd has left us to work in Wiltshire. We are disappointed to lose her services, particularly as she only returned recently. While waiting for a permanent replacement we are pleased to have secured the temporary services of Dr Jane Duggan.

Travel appointments

Our dispensary now closes on Tuesday lunchtimes from 1pm - 2pm, for staff training.

We are noticing an increasing number of appointments for travel advice and vaccinations that are being made shortly before departure. Some vaccinations need to be started well before departure to gain maximum protection and we recommend booking an appointment as early as possible.

Medicine Wastage

Lost Property

£20 million of medicines are wasted across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. A national campaign to reduce waste is planned,

We have a number of items left by patients, please contact the Practice Manager if you are missing anything.


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