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A Beautiful Death Giant Snails

& Tiny Lions

Summer Salon 2013

st March 21 2013 May 16, 2013

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Summer Salon 2013

View Art Gallery presents a group show

Summer Salon 2013 July 11 - August 25, 2013

View Art Gallery 159-161 Hotwells Road Bristol BS8 4RY United Kingdom for enquiries: +44 (0)5603 116753


PAUL KESSLING Dynamic, expressive and vibrant, Paul Kessling’s extraordinary paintings deal with the underlying power of landscape. Having trained as a sculptor, Kessling is very much drawn to the forms and mass of the natural world, seen through changing light and weather. It is this meeting of the transient and permanent that he is particularly interested in. Whether a dramatic thunder storm, or something simple like a beam of sunlight hitting the sea, these unique images, with their moving fields of colour, burrow deep into the old roads, scenes and skies that generate them.

Skywriting (detail) oil on board 172 x 108 cm ÂŁ7,500

Helios oil on paper 100 x 84 cm ÂŁ2,650

The Holies II oil on paper 100 x 84 cm ÂŁ2,650

PAUL BENNETT Making a statement over the bombardment of media advertising, the need to appear immaculate and the way we absorb our visual life, Paul Bennett’s figurative work is intriguing. His creative process begins by taking images from magazines and the web. He uses these in an ironic manner, in order for the finished paintings to be completed removed from the polished photo shoots and plastic people from which he is referencing. The flat and empty backgrounds are used to enhance his message as he aims for the subject to be totally removed from its origin, thus providing him with the freedom to reinvent, and portray, the figure in a more expressionist way.

Lately oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm ÂŁ1,300

Into Dust oil on canvas 61 x 91 cm ÂŁ1,100

Pretty Little Thing oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm ÂŁ1,300

End of Story oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm £1,300

KATE KESSLING Feeding directly from the natural world, Kate Kessling’s intricate work, explores subjects ranging from skulls of animals to woodcut prints of tree sections, detailing two hundred years of naturally produced art, hidden inside tree trunks. Her interests lie predominantly in reptitition and how differences and similarities respond and work against each other. Whilst having dramatically different individual styles, Kate and her husband Paul Kessling, have also collaborated for a series of mosaic works, which utilises different coloured pegs to enhance viewer participation.

Hunting Tigers Out In India giclee print, edition of 50 119 x 93 cm ÂŁ750 (framed)

One Hundred Years Red wood cut print 132 x 119 cm ÂŁ1,950

Two Hundred Years Grey wood cut print 98 x 108 cm ÂŁ1,300

PAUL & KATE KESSLING These collaborative pieces by the Kessling duo are made from resin and concrete. They are based on the Pythagorean numbering systems in which arrays of dots are used to calculate complex mathematical theorems. As self-confessed ‘colour geeks’ both the Kesslings’ respective art practise involves using colour, so working together they have produced a new body of work using interchangeable individually coloured pegs that allow the eye to intuitively process pattern and colour harmonies; a colour calculus.

Dot Matrix 35 resin, concrete and iron 55 x 77 cm £2,650

Dot Matrix 77 resin and concrete 138 x 94 cm ÂŁ4,950

Dot Matrix 28 resin and concrete 54 x 95 cm ÂŁ1,870

MIKE STUART The graffiti of stokes croft, classical work, the iconoclasm of punk rock, have all played a part in the development of Mike Stuart’s unique art. Largely depicting mythological and fantastical imagery, it remains crucial to Mike that his work is seen as representing real life and the search for the meaning of life. Prepare to be taken on a journey through ulterior worlds, filled with unusual creatures, dramatic compositions and enigmatic characters. “I don’t believe it is enough to be good at drawing, I feel a sort of duty to be good at living and for art to be an expression of that”

The Last Match pen on paper 45 x 57 cm £395

Bees pen on paper 76 x 100 cm ÂŁ750

Fury pen on paper 81 x 114 cm ÂŁ1,200

Scolopendra Scorpions pen on paper 45 x 57 cm ÂŁ395

Weave pen on paper 45 x 57 cm ÂŁ750

LIBBY LLOYD Exploring how we see and experience colour, Libby Lloyd’s work augments Op, Pop and Science to form a visual aesthetic. Largely inspired by the history of colour theory, Libby is particularly interested in the relationship between painting practice and the organisation of colour by painters and physicists. Luminous in colour, her larger works have been created with a flat application of paint, resulting in the transparency of the inks being more visible as the eye is drawn to the relativity of colour and optical vibration. The white negative spaces interact with the colour patterns, which makes it challenging to focus and fix your gaze. Dynamic, interactive and colourful, Libby Lloyd’s work is a visual feast.

White Noise (detail) silkscreen print on canvas 125 x 125 cm £2,200

Yellow Deity silkscreen print on canvas 125 x 125 cm ÂŁ2,200

The Colour of Love silkscreen print on canvas 125 x 125 cm ÂŁ2,200

Black Alert silkscreen print on canvas 125 x 125 cm ÂŁ2,200

White Noise silkscreen print on canvas 125 x 125 cm ÂŁ2,200

MATTHEW NOBLE A Bristol based mixed media artist, Matthew Noble’s works in silkscreen allude to the human need to control and organize. His inspiration stems from discoveries within physics, which often present a randomness or chaotic and unsettling conclusion. He aims for his work to illustrate how, as humans, often what we so keenly pursue, tends to remain evasive by nature and therefore defy category. Hence the seemingly random appearance of his subject matter. When discussing his own work he brilliantly describes it as illustrating “the kind of nonsense that occurs in my noggin”

Blue for a Boy silkscreen print, edition of 10 93 x 93 cm £800

Time silkscreen print, edition of 25 82 x 98 cm ÂŁ600

Queen Queen Guillotine silkscreen print, edition of 30 69 x 89 cm ÂŁ550

JESS OAG-COOPER As winner of the innaugural First Impressions prize in 2012, we have enjoyed watching Jess develop her style over the past year. Jess’s interest lies predominantly in exploring the dynamic nature of colour and how different shapes and materials can be layered together to create unusual textures. Utilising anything from burnt fabric and wax to silver leaf and latex to build up her sculptures, this labour intensive technique results in astonishing visual effects. Subtle ripples of colour, layers of texture and reflective qualities, this emerging artist’s work, is bound to captivate. We are also delighted that Jess’ ‘food dress’ sculptures that were so popular last year are now available as images in a limited edition print.

Negative Space I & II plaster, pigment, silver leaf 65 x 45 x 8 cm ÂŁ300 each

Splitting Cells dye, fabric, latex installation ÂŁ450

ADELE UNDERWOOD Unnerving yet engrossing, Adele Underwood’s eye- catching paintings aim to reveal common truths for all humanity. Her paintings are essentially narrative and whilst eternally seeking meanings, her conclusions are never forced. Instead she intends for the viewer to draw out their own personal messages from her intriguing works. The latest body of work engages you with a somewhat sensitive concept: burgeoning sexuality. She symbolises the difficulty and confusion that many of us contend with, particularly during adolescence, through the inclusion of animal masks and faces within her images. Whilst on initial appearance Adele’s creations may seem humorous, the longer spent engaging with them, the more unsettling elements slowly become apparent.

Yeh Baby charcoal, oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm ÂŁ2,640

I Choose Life and Enter charcoal, oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm ÂŁ2,640

A Leap of Faith charcoal, oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm ÂŁ2,640

FRAN WILLIAMS Deeply evocative figures, richly textured canvases and elusive settings draw you into an ulterior world. The surfaces of her canvases play an integral part of her creative practice. Although not always visible once the work is complete, Fran is constantly writing random words, thoughts, lyrics and questions, onto the surfaces of her paintings. She sees this as a personal journey, which is then completed once reaching the viewer as they are left to interpret it subjectively. An established popular exhibitor at the gallery, Fran’s art never fails to touch the viewer and stimulates multiple emotional responses. We may feel ‘broken’ sadness, abandoned joy, torment, longing or desperation.

You Will Know oil on wood 30 x 40 cm £880

Resonance oil on wood 30 x 40 cm ÂŁ880

When oil on wood 30 x 40 cm ÂŁ880

Journeys from the never ending story oil on wood 60 x 30 cm ÂŁ1,320

We Could Fly oil on wood 30 x 40 cm £880

DAMIAN DALY Enchanting, unnerving and exquisite, Damian Daly’s art is a constant source of intrigue. Inspired by a wide range of influences, from memories and his subconscious to sci-fi and comic books, Daly’s imagination is captivating. Having nothing but a vague theme in mind before he begins each image, the resulting drawings always retain an element of fantasy through the mysticism that they emit. The beauty behind Daly’s art is how it inspires viewer participation. The detailed layers of narrative mean that the audience are on a continuous journey of discovery, constantly able to unearth new elements and points of intrigue. Combining a total freedom of expression with incredible technical ability Daly’s drawings will transport you to another realm.

Pink Lady oil on board 70 x 100 cm £1,300

Ohm WIP 1 pencil on paper 70 x 100 cm ÂŁ895