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SUMMER EXHIBITION Jul 12 - Sep 11, 2012


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SUMMER EXHIBITION July 12 - September 11, 2012

View @ Harveys Cellars 12 Denmark Street Bristol BS1 5DQ 0117 9294812

SUMMER EXHIBITION We bring some sunshine to the View @ Harveys Cellars gallery with our Summer Exhibition. Six artists use the inspiration of Summer to create paintings exploding with colour and warmth, evoking memories and imaginary scenes.







VIVIENNE BAKER Mysterious and full of wonder, Vivienne Baker’s paintings will entice you into a magical world. Reminiscent of the pointillist technique, her paintings are created through a slow process of building up layers of differing tonal values and opacity. The unique effect that results is achieved by her combination of traditional methods with non-traditional tools such as decorating rollers and spray guns. The artist also draws heavily on memory and the use of tiny low resolution photographs for her inspiration which endows her images with an almost supernatural feel to them. Whilst the viewer is able to draw out trees, ponds and woodlands, the artist distorts her scenes in order to capture, above all, the essence of a place or memory. The concept of time is also paramount to her work. She uses woodlands as inspiration primarily because of the memories they contain due to their relatively long life span in comparison to the fleeting moment of a human passing through. The longer spent with Vivienne’s works, the more they will engross you.

Mona Lisa of the Swamp oil on canvas 132 x 118 cm ÂŁ950

Leyhill Boy oil on canvas 101 x 76 cm ÂŁ695

The Photographer oil on canvas 84 x 56 cm ÂŁ550

LOUISE MCNAUGHT Hinting at a world of myth and folklore, Louise Mcnaught’s striking creatures explore the fascinating relationship between animals and humans. Creativity is essentially a spiritual practice for Louise. She is heavily influenced by the Surrealists and Dadaists in her creative practice and incorporates notions of escapism, the sublime and the idea of the numinous within her art. Her bright, bold and vibrant palette contrast superbly against the rather more delicate and fragile technique she uses to draw her animals. Through their shattered, fragmented and vandalised appearance these creatures have an other worldly feel to them. Transport yourself away from the monotonous routine of everyday life through Louise’s paintings.

Wild Duo acrylic, spray paint, ink on canvas 60 x 60 cm £595

Large, Wild Eyes acrylic, spray paint, ink on canvas 60 x 60 cm ÂŁ595

VICTORIA HORKAN Characterised by a lively energy and lack of inhibition, Victoria Horkan’s oil paintings are mesmerizing. Aiming to capture the raw emotion of life in the modern world, she combines colour, whether vivid or brooding with abstract shapes to create her canvases. The artist believes that, particularly within our complex world of innovation, diversity and change, sometimes the simplest forms are the most beautiful. Therefore throughout her art, she transport elements back into their natural forms where, for her, they hold the most resonance Influenced by the Impressionists, her technical skill is particularly apparent in her ability to convey the fluidity of movement. This movement captures “snap shots” of time in a simultaneously vibrant and delicate manner.

Butterfly Series 6 oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm £2,500

above: Bird Flight oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm £2,500

right: Butterfly Landing oil on canvas 90 x 90 cm £2,500

WENDY HYDE Abstract Expressionist Wendy Hyde paints not what she sees of the visible world, but how she feels it to be. Her creative practice is inspired by three main sources; colours visible in everyday life, music and landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes. The resulting palette is vivacious and energetic and grabs your attention on first glance. The artist also holds a preference to paint on a large scale as it provides more artistic license in the sense of freedom of movement and experimentation. Viewer participation is integral to her abstraction as she wants her art to reflect the emotions people feel within their environment. The abstract quality enables each viewer to have their own personal relationship with each of her paintings.

Sweet, Delicate One mixed media on canvas 90 x 60 cm ÂŁ695

Symphony of Colours mixed media on canvas 100 x 120 cm ÂŁ1,300

SUE MEYERS Abstract artist Sue Meyers work is an explosion of life onto a canvas. Sue’s extensive travelling across America enabled her to experience the unique art of numerous cultures which held a deep impact on her work. Inspired largely by colours and forms found in our environment, she aims for her paintings to contain a spiritual energy captured from these natural elements. Her unique combination of several materials and textures create multi-layered visions in which the viewer is presented with a real sense of the fluidity and energy of the paint.

Dragon acrylic and metallic paint on canvas 120 x 90 cm ÂŁ1,400

Eye acrylic on canvas 120 x 90 cm ÂŁ1,400

Summer Heat acrylic and metallic paint on canvas diptych 150 x 100 cm (x2) ÂŁ3,850

RAMSI MUSA Spotted first for his talent in fashion by Browns Focus (one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the UK), the name Ramzi Musa is becoming increasingly collectable. His paintings are completely unique in their energy and reflect the passion and ambition of this captivating artist. Striking, bold and cheerful; each painting is painstakingly considered before being executed due to his use of the highly unforgiving medium of Indian inks. He employs this ink due to its unpredictable nature and physicality. Highly impactful, you cannot help but be struck by Musa’s work.

front cover: Summer Floral acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm £1,000

right: Blue Floral acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 cm £1,200

Summer Exhibition 2012  
Summer Exhibition 2012  

Summer Exhibitipon at View @ Harveys Cellars