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Sight of Sound visual art inspired by, and integrated with, music

View Art Gallery presents a group show

Sight of Sound September 13 - November 11, 2012

View Art Gallery 159-161 Hotwells Road Bristol BS8 4RY United Kingdom for enquiries: +44 (0)5603 116753


PAUL OZ Explosive pop art artist Paul Oz aims for visual impact. He strives to create images that capture the viewers’ attention through their spectacular energy, movement and expression. He utilises several different techniques to create his powerful characters; usually painting on a flat surface, the paint on the surface of his canvases reaches up to two centimetres thick with defiant “splats and flicks”. This is intended to help create as 3D effect as possible to give the impression of the figures exploding off the board panels. For Paul, the appeal of portraiture is they way in which these renowned figures could mean everything or nothing to a particular person but that everyone has an idol they live up to and he therefore sees it as an honour to be asked to immortalise them through portraiture. Paul’s own words summarises the intention for his art superbly: to “blow your socks off and to illicit a response something along the lines of ‘woooohhhhaaa!”

over page left: Mick oil on board 129 x 111 cm £3,950 over page right: Keith oil on board 99 x 111 cm £3,500

right: Bob oil on board 129 x 99 cm £3,500

ED CHAPMAN Instantly recognisable and eye catching; Ed Chapman is one of the UK’s leading mosaic artists. His photo-realist portraits sets against contrasting bold colour backdrops never fail to impress. His distinctive mosaic process is painstakingly time consuming and intricate. His portraits constructed of ceramic tiles, can use up to 2,000 fragments, each hand-cut and placed. Chapman’s reasoning behind this unusual technique is his overriding desire to bring the ancient medium of mosaic into the 21st Century with his use of colour and contemporary subjects. Chapman views the fragmented effect of the mosaic not only on an aesthetic level but on a deeper, more personal level as he believes that it also acts as a signifier of the fragmented nature of our lives and our own unique make-up. His work definitely needs to be seen to be believed as, only in person, can you truly appreciate the dramatic and impressive talent of this unique artist.

Jim Morrison ceramic mosaic 62 x 80 cm ÂŁ3,500

GREGORY EUCLIDE Perhaps best known for his album covers for Bon Iver, Amercian artist Gregory Euclide creates sculptural relief works, paintings and installations. His works are evocative, non-traditional mixed media assemblages which resemble landscape paintings but defy categorisation. While Euclide’s works explore ideas surrounding nature and the human experience, they remain void of the human figure; according to Euclide, “When you see a human figure you identify with the form, what they are doing, and that becomes the emphasis. By showing just the land without humans I’m able to show it as it is and what they’ve left behind.” The 3D work is made from naturally occurring, organic matter with artificial, man-made materials, some of which are found objects, and through the use of bent and shaped paper introduces threedimensional topographical elements. Signed limited edition monoprints provide a 2D version of these figurative landscapes.

over page left: Sinkhole Atrophy With Blue-Green Replacement monoprint 34 x 43 cm £820 over page right: Warmed by Your Distance Burning monoprint 34 x 43 cm £820

Blanket in Your Silent Decay monoprint 60 x 66 cm ÂŁ2,400

KATHY HINDE Kathy Hinde creates video and sound installations and site specific work. Her approach combines different art forms frequently through collaborations with other practitioners and scientists. She regularly makes artworks that rely on input from the audience. Kathy creates video projections in a live context, by manipulating imagery ‘in the moment’. She is keen to find alternatives to the conventions of a screen and has projected video onto all kinds of surfaces including buildings, people, sheets of ice, the floor, sculptural objects and paper constructions. Her musical interests include generative systems, graphic scores and the use of adapted or self-made instruments. She has created works combining kinetic sculpture with musical automata, plus a number of online sound maps. Her first piece, Music Box Migrations explores the idea of using a picture as a musical score. Images of birds, bird migration patterns and maps are printed directly onto strips of card. Holes are punched according to chosen points on the images or map. These holes trigger notes when the score is wound through a music box – creating a (usually pleasing) melody. Kathy worked with Ivan Franco to create the second piece in the exhibition, a film, which emerged from the fusion of computer systems for new media and the ecological surrounding. By observing the resting of birds on telegraph lines, it was soon obvious how much the lines resembled a music score or piano roll. Thus, a computer-vision program was developed in order to scan a video of the birds behaviour to translate it into music, by triggering audio samples of a music box and a prepared piano in the same fashion as a modern step-sequencer. The prepared piano samples were generated by placing nuts, bolts, and pieces of rubber between piano strings to create a different sound-world and tuning system to a regular piano.

Music Box Migration winding music box mounted onto a unique wooden box, 5 bird migration scrolls made to order £330

JIMMY GALVIN As well as an artist Jimmy Galvin is a singer/songwriter and producer. His musical roots play a crucial role in his paintings; he often composes music that inspires and accompanies the abstract nature of his paintings. He describes the immediate impact he wants his art to have on viewers as being like “hearing Hendrix or Stravinsky for the first time.” Bold brushwork, thick paint application and rich colours; Jimmy Galvin’s art has been described as “compared to Rothko but with the intensity of Francis Bacon.” The aim of his art is to create pieces that connect with people and he wishes to do this through a revolutionary type of abstraction. This unique technique combined with his thought provoking titles is striking and impactful. Bristol based, Jimmy’s work is collected internationally and often attracts the attention of the music world.

over page left: Activate Your Soul oil on canvas 152 x 122 cm £2,700

over page left: Everything Changes oil on canvas 152 x 122 cm £2,700

Kill Me (I Love You) tryptich oil on canvas with bullet 12.5 x 12.5 cm £750 (or £280 each)

previous page left: Abstract 1 oil on canvas 25 x 25 cm £495 previous page right: Abstract 2 oil on canvas 25 x 25 cm £495 left: Red Abstract oil on canvas 30 x 25 cm £550

Electric Chair (Bedsit Revolutions 1986) giclee print 76 x 100 cm ÂŁ550 (framed)

FARIS BADWAN The front-man of renowned band ‘The Horrors’ has been one of the success stories of musician and visual artist cross-over. His illustrations have featured on releases by The Horrors, the Charlatans and Hatcham Social. Badwan says of his work, “What I want to get across is how much of a part of my life drawing always has been. It invades all of my daily routine, be it in the shredded form of masking tape stuck to my walls, line-drawings on restaurant napkins or supermarket receipts, to the sketchbooks I carry with me. It really is the one constant solid thing in my life – a stream which runs regardless of what I happen to be doing or where.”

Chris C german etching signed edition of 5 42 x 60 cm £385 (framed)

The Elephant german etching signed edition of 5 42 x 60 cm ÂŁ415 (framed)

Map of the World german etching signed edition of 5 60 x 42 cm ÂŁ385 (framed)

Nude Four german etching signed edition of 5 60 x 42 cm ÂŁ330 (framed)

Plastic Surgery german etching signed edition of 5 42 x 60 cm ÂŁ350 (framed)

JACK ADDIS Working digitally, Jack Addis systematically breaks, distorts and transforms images. His work deals with the idea of the physical and digital moving toward a singularity. His new work created for the Sight of Sound exhibition, Pas De Deux, is translated as ‘steps for two’ a ballet term for a type of duet. The idea of ballet is taken forward and given new meaning, from a fluid human dance to imitation mechanical movements. The figures are based on seemingly perfect classical statues given new life. In this new guise these perfectly formed figures lose their human features and take on a robotic feel. The pose also holds a new meaning, the figures’ rich heavily patterned bodies seemingly moving though splashes of colour.

Pas de Deux 1 and 2 Lambda Print under Perspex on a Silicon mount with Aluminium backing 29 x 72 cm £570 each

SUZANNE PARTRIDGE Suzanne is an established fine artist who has spent a period of her career as a street artist. This combination of genre can be seen in the free expression of application, dramatic use of imagery and colour, and occasional social comment. She builds a relationship with each of her paintings, without prior thought or planning. Influenced by music and lyrics of the moment, her palette is selected from mood. Layers of paint are applied and removed repeatedly until the end result represents her emotions and thoughts. Her current work for the exhibition is influenced by music and in particular the band Hey Colossus. Suzanne painted 200 album covers, all original artwork, over an intense period of 4 months this year. The art was then ‘secretly’ sold in the guise of a vinyl record cover at the bands gigs. It was only on closer inspection that fans realised they had bought a valuable piece of art for only a few pounds. The album covers now fetch increasing value on the secondary market as the awareness heightens. The Sight of Sound exhibition features 18 of the album covers and only the last few are for sale.

over page left: Girl with the Pearl Necklace oil on board 61 x 61 cm £960

over page right: Scapegoat oil on board 122 x 122 cm £2,950

right: selection from 200 Albums oil on album cover with vinyl record 30 x 60 cm £POA

right: Bread and Circuses oil on board 91 x 91 cm £2,350 over page left: LOL oil on board 91 x 91 cm £2,350 over page right: Dog Days oil on board 91 x 91 cm £2,350

SPACEHOP Spacehop makes graffiti inspired artwork and like most graffiti artists he started out painting on walls. Like many street artistss he made the transition to fine art in order to produce art that people could keep. Originally he used letter styles, but found he wanted to challenge himself further and, as a life-long sketcher of faces, portraits were an obvious place to start. Spacehop’s portraits include musicians, celebrities and more recently Asian gravure models. He chooses to paint in grey scale, inspired by a passion for Black & White photography, but keeps true to the traditions of Graffiti by only working with spray-paint (free-hand, not stencils). The detail of the imagery is all the more impressive knowing the tools that he uses.

Sid spray paint on canvas 85 x 100 cm ÂŁ495

Lily spray paint on canvas 85 x 100 cm £495

Bob spray paint on canvas 85 x 100 cm £495

John spray paint on canvas 85 x 100 cm ÂŁ495

WILL KENDRICK Will’s work occupies the space between disciplines by investigating the boundaries and perceptions of painting. Often incorporating sculptural and digital attributes, the resulting forms and surfaces encourage discourse through the continued debate of objectness in painting and also poses questions about the materiality of colour. The work explores ideas of order and chaos, painting and sculpture, avant-garde and kitsch and how these precarious pairings can exist together, through subtle formal arrangement and colourful sensory overloads. ‘All Watched Over’ is an installation consisting of a computer reinterpretation of the Richard Brautigan poem from which it takes its name. It plays on our perception of known systems of order by transforming both text and sound into simplified units of fluctuating hue. This piece builds on the artists sustained investigation into colour and looks at how language and code can be reassembled to produce an altered sensory experience.

ANNEMARIE WRIGHT Intensely thought-provoking and enigmatic; the longer spent with Annemarie Wright’s portraits, the more engrossed you will become. Her works are produced using ink and paper. From a distance they look like black and white images, however, up close, you realise that they have actually been constructed of beautifully executed handwritten text. Wright states that “everyone has different opinions and feelings that can be expressed through words – the aim of my work is to challenge people’s perceptions and make them realise that first impressions can change.” The unique element to this artist’s portraits is that the text always corresponds to the person or image depicted in the piece. This technique never fails to provoke intense emotional reactions ranging from laughter to tears.

Original paintings also available as limited edition prints: giclee on archival paper edition 100 £250 - £350.

I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment, You Are Here For Mine ink on paper 55 x 57 cm £1,980

Saints and SInners ink on paper 82 x 71 cm ÂŁ1,980

Jean Genie ink on paper 50 x 45 cm ÂŁ1,100

Punk Rock Poet From Outer Space ink on paper 67 x 64 cm ÂŁ1,200


Sight of Sound  

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