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presents a solo exhibition by Paul Bennett April 12 - June 5, 2012

View @ Harveys Cellars 12 Denmark Street Bristol BS1 5DQ 0117 9294812

PAUL BENNETT Abstracted and expressional, Paul Bennett’s captivating seascape and landscape paintings create a sense of intimacy and isolation whilst simultaneously leaving the subject open to interpretation. Whilst being a great admirer of photography and photo-realism, Bennett aims above all to provoke emotional reactions rather than drawing too heavily on representational accuracy. He relies on memory to create his fascinating paintings and has deliberately not tied the images to anywhere in particular but rather intends for them to become eclectic syntheses of time, weather and place. Whilst obviously categorised as landscapes and seascapes, Bennett’s images are much more than that. Through his expressive brushwork and dramatic palette, he captures the immensity and ethereal quality of weather. By using rich textures, multiple layers and poured paint the artist endows his images with a tactile nature and his powerful colours capture the subjects’ intensity. For Bennett, viewer engagement is of extreme importance and one of the beauties of his work is its ability to reflect the mood of the audience, emphasising his intention of enticing people to experience his visions rather than simply consume them. These dramatic representations of the uncontrollable aspects of weather, entwined with an intense emotion are undeniably beautiful.

previous page: Adrift 4 oil on canvas 101 x 101 cm £1,100 right: Beyond the Sea 1 oil on canvas 92 x 92 cm £900

left: Immortal Sea 1 oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm £1,200

right: Immortal Sea 2 oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm £1,200

left: Sea of Ruins oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm £450

left: Seasons Fall 1 oil and gloss resin on canvas 64 x 64 cm £650

right: Seasons Fall 2 oil and gloss resin on canvas 64 x 64 cm £650

Wake 1 oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm ÂŁ350

Wake 2 oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm ÂŁ350

right: Seascape 21 oil on canvas 76 x 76 cm ÂŁ800

Paul Bennett  
Paul Bennett  

Solo exhibition catalogue for Paul Bennett at View @ Harveys Cellars