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First Impressions


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First Impressions 2014

View Art Gallery presents a student show

First Impressions 2014 September 4th to 21st, 2014

View Art Gallery 159-161 Hotwells Road Bristol BS8 4RY United Kingdom for enquiries: +44 (0)5603 116753

First Impressions 2014 is the third of our annual student exhibition at View Art Gallery. Each year we invite students from schools and colleges to submit work to our panel of judges. The criteria for selection is to reflect the values we have as a commerical gallery; the art aims to be of good technical quality and have aesthetic appeal, but above all it has high impact, either in its narrative or application. This catalogue showcases the shortlist of work selected by the judging panel and the work that will be exhibited during the show. The winner of the 2014 prize will be announced at the private view on Thursday September 4th.

Jess Moran

Bird Portrait oil on canvas

Isla Waring

Self Portrait oil on canvas

Stewart Humphreys

Sandy Bay etching, 15 x 10 cm

Brean, Somerset oil on canvas

Isobel Pickering

Vacated Spaces mixed media A3 (triptych)

Emily Dunlop

Pure Imagination acrylic on board, 101 x 130 cm

Distance acrylic on board, 60 x 76 cm

Katie Heyward

Caine Brunt

Parrot ink on cartridge paper 40 x 58 cm

Georgie Harrop

Pouring Colour ceramic H 50 cm

Anna Dymond

Untitled Pen, acrylics & collage on paper 84 x 43 cm

Kate Williamson

Bird Baby high fired porcelain, wood 25 x 30 x 14 cm

right: The Frog Prince porcelain, cotton, wood, foam 78 x 100 x 56 cm over page: Rabbit Men high fired porcelain, resin H 26 cm each

Alexandra Morgan

Untiled drawing, collage on paper A1

Charlotte Godfrey

Untiled perspex, wire, paper, graphite drawing, 60 x 50 cm

Anna Weatherley

Untitled mixed media on board 60 x 50 cm

Annie Hillman-Clough

Untitled oil on board 84 x 60 cm

Ceri Hooper

Untitled mixed media on paper, 85 x 35 cm

Iona Keeley

Steam Portrait oil on canvas

Brittany Walker

Baby Animal acrylic on paper

Adam Reid

Flowers and Glass oil on canvas 30 x 26 cm

Dan Pap

Page 76 marker, acrylic, gouache on paper 25 x 25 cm

Laura Selbie

Unexplored Congo late 1800s Indian ink and graphite on paper 30 x 42 cm

Darren Broad

Hoard oil on canvas 91 x 67 cm

Lizzy Drury

Abandonment graphite on paper, 102 graphite x 137 cm on (each) paper 102 x 137 cm

Jenny Francis

Details photograph on paper

Luke Smith

Reality photo on paper 67 x 84 cm

Yana Jaff

Acrylic Judy mixed media on canvas 70 x 110 cm

Nikki Fox

Tunnel to Heaven acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48cm

Lily Urbanska

Arctic Circle mezzotint print on paper 7cm diameter

Bergen Reflection mezzotint print on paper 7cm diameter

Mehreen Siddique

The Humble Crab oil on canvas 7’ x 4’

Tom Miller

Kitchen emulsion, acrylic, spray paint, inks and PVA on paper 119 x 84 cm

Libby Apted

The Iconic and Infamous mixed media on wood 60 x 70 cm each

Immy McAndrew

Who Has The Monopoly mixed media sculpture

Stuart Cranfield

Mum oil on board 40 x 40 cm

Samantha Bartley

Untitled print, pencil on cartridge paper 42 x 59 cm

Hannah Ghotbi-Ravindi

Allah is God, God is Yahweh, Yahweh is Love acrylic on canvas

Jesse-Kate Viljoen

Sharp Exhale acrylic and cotton thread on canvas 91 x 76 cm

Will Ness

Dead Crow oil and acrylic on paper 147 x 102 cm

Anna Peduzzi

Birds oil on paper

Harrison Dowling

Digital Manipulation (illusion) digitally enhanced photographs

Fenella Pakeman

Broken Bottles and Jar acrylic on paper

Luisa Zilio Nina, Frida, Dylan, Jean-Michel embroidery, 14� diameter each

Victoria Anne Collis

Untitled drypoint using oils

Andrea Oke

Memory Archive stop motion animation

Memory Archive seeks to collect and preserve memories. Each chapter of Memory Archive forms a portrait of the Narrator, sharing with the viewers aspects of their history which are emphasised by the imagery of the stop motion animation. However, the Narrators hands are also seen performing tasks which have an association with the people they have become.

Thank you to all the students, teachers, parents, curators and administrators for supporting this special exhibition. I am continually impressed by the artistic talent in the South West region. I hope that View Art Gallery can help provide students with an insight into the workings of a commercial gallery and support them in taking their first step on the journey to becoming a professional artist. Nick Waugh Director, View Art Gallery


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First impressions 2014 catalogue  

Catalogue for First Impressions 2014 student art exhibition and competition at View Art Gallery

First impressions 2014 catalogue  

Catalogue for First Impressions 2014 student art exhibition and competition at View Art Gallery

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