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Corporate Art What is Corporate Art? I don’t think there is a definitive answer to what type of art should or shouldn’t be displayed in businesses and public spaces, but I do think there is a better chance of some art complimenting the typical corporate environment. Of course there will be many exceptions and this is what makes selecting art so interesting and enjoyable. There needs to be an understanding of individual and corporate brands, clear direction on what the art is being used for, and a profile of the typical audience. People and businesses buy art for many different reasons so in this Corporate Art brochure we can only generalise and play percentages. In our experience, this brochure contains examples of some of the most applicable art for the corporate environment, based on style, scale and message. For more information please contact the gallery, where we can create refined proposals based on an initial brief.










Frederique Swist Where art meets science. Digital images are created from observing molecular structures.

Paul Bennett A seascape painter who uses thick layers of oil paint to create the evocative scenes of remote UK coastlines.

Ursula Buston A painter who seeks ‘colour happiness’ for herself and her viewers. The scale ranges from small canvases to 3m2 panels.

Martha Winter An environmental artist who creates images of land seen from an aerial view. The work is made from earth and natural pigments.

Beth Carter A creator of bronze (or resin) sculptures that depict imaginary creatures based on nature and mythology.

Chuck Elliott A digital artist whose use of large scale and vibrant colours demand attention.

Simon Ledson A seascape and landscape oil painter who takes inspiration from the Somerset plains at dawn and the Cornish coast.

Harriet White A photorealistic painter who creates larger than life size canvases of beautiful detail.

Al Greenall An abstract artist who uses mixed media to produce city-scape paintings.

Jemma Grundon An oil painter who explores the effect of light on our landscape.

Nell Kerr An enamel artist who paints from inspiration taken from the countryside of the South West of England.

Wendy Allan A light artists whose ‘light pipes’, made from fabric and resin, can be viewed individually or as an installation.

We hope you enjoyed our brochure. To discuss any of the content, or for any other enquiry about the gallery please contact us using the details below. 159-161 Hotwell Road Bristol BS8 4RY 05603 116753

Corporate Art  

Images of art that suits the typical business environment or public space.

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