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Plan a perfect trip for Vietnam in 2017: 10 places in 10 days

Vietnam is a country which is located in Indochina Peninsula at Southeast Asia lying on the South China Sea. This country is known for its bustling cities, Buddhist pagodas, rivers and beaches. Vietnam is one of the newly attractive destinations for New Year’s Eve in South East Asia. One can able to complete the tour of Vietnam in 10 days only.

Vietnam in 2017: Tourist Destinations • Hoi an is a well preserved and delightful ancient town which is located at the central coast of Vietnam. Its attractions are comprised of centuries-old Buddhist temples and pagodas, quaint museums and colonial shop houses. These attractions lie within the popular and beautiful areas of Ancient Town and Riverside. • There are Vietnamese trading port that was built in between 15th and 19th century, the riverside and ancient town of Hoi a City those were declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All of these sites are a well-preserved mixture of Chinese, Japanese, French and Vietnamese architecture.

• The best part of exploring Hoi an is the attractions of the area that can be easily accessible either on cyclo or on foot as it has pedestrianfriendly streets.

• If the tourists want to explore places that are beyond Hoi an Ancient Town then there are a number of pristine beaches and local villages those are less than an hour distance away from Hoi An. The tourists must never miss out some sightseeing of Hoi a Vietnam during the vacation of this tour.

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Plan a perfect trip for vietnam in 2017: 10 places in 10 days