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AIR-COOLED TYPE WATER CHILLER-Screw Type-H Series RCUG180AHYZ1 510(12/7 & DB35) 510

MODEL NUMBER Nominal cooling capacity Cooling capacity(design)

kW kW

EVAPORATOR Type Material shell/tube Insulation Chilled water outlet temperature Chilled water inlet temperature Chilled water flow rate Evaporator pressure drop Specific Fouling Factor

¡æ ¡æ m3/h kPa ©O¡¤¡æ/kW

Shell-and-Tube, Dry Expansion Type Steel/Copper Polyethylene(25mm) 7 12 87.7 70 0.018

CONDENSER Type(Material) Condenser air inlet temperature


Cross Fin Type(Aluminium/Copper) 35

CONDENSATION FAN Type(Material) Quantity Revolutions


Direct drive Propeller Fan(Aluminium Alloy) 12 960


Drip-Proof Enclosure 12 Direct-On-Line Starting 6 E 1.1

FAN MOTOR Type Quantity Starting method Number of poles Insulation class Input power(motor)

COMPRESSOR Type Model Quantity Revolutions Circuits Refrigerant Capacity control Motor type Starting method Number of poles Insulation class Output power(motor) ElECTRICAL DATA Power supply Maximum unit voltage Minimum unit voltage Maximum unit current Starting current(Comp.No.1-) Running current(Comp.) Input power(Comp.+fan) DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Depth Width Height Net weight

Semi-Hermetic Screw Type 60ASCCW-Z 3 2880 3 R407C 100~15(5),0 Three-Phase asynchronism Star Delta 2 F 45



kW V/Phase/Hz V V A A A kW

380/3/50 418 342 513 178/178/178 306 181.7

mm mm mm kg

6,590 1,940 2170 4,865

NOISE The measuring point is 1 m from the centre of the machine's surfance and 1.5 m from floor level. 45-90 90-180 180-355 355-710 710-1400 1400-2800 Octave band¡¾Hz¡¿ 53.1 57.5 66.4 67.3 68.7 67.2 ¡¾dB(A)¡¿ 72.5 OPERATING SPACE Front/rear side of unit(with electric box side) Right,left and back of unit(without electric box side)

mm mm

2800-5600 47.2

900 1200,1200&100

The unit shall be run test in the factory before shipment. Note:Specifications in this sheet are just for reference, the detailed data of the unit shall submit to the contract. HAPG - Version 4.0

5600-11200 42.6

Hitachi air cooled type water chiller screw type h series rcug 180ahyz1 12 7 degree  
Hitachi air cooled type water chiller screw type h series rcug 180ahyz1 12 7 degree