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Facts of Victoria Falls Would you like to know about Victoria Falls Facts ? What are Victoria Falls Facts ? Follow me for raise awareness interesting information about Victoria Falls Facts. The Victoria Falls are large wall covered with falling water has caused one of the seven wonders in the world of nature and known as (Mosi oa-Tunya( means "Smoke raged" in southern Africa. The Victoria Falls is the most important characteristic of the Zambezi River. Victoria Falls located in middle part of Zambezi River. If you are looking for a vacation with enough entertainment and sports competitions, undoubtedly Victoria Falls is best place to enjoy this vacation. Because Victoria Falls is as unique areas for boating, hunt animal's and other exciting sports. David Livingstone was the first person who discovered and called Victoria Falls in honor of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

Natural features of Victoria Falls Victoria Falls have 355 feet (109 m) high, on the Zambezi River, on the Zimbabwe– Zambia border. Zambezi River is fourth largest after the Nile, Congo, and Niger

Rivers in Africa, Passes from six countries. Two-thirds of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and other part are in Zambia, with 1,700 meters wide. Victoria Falls height twice of Niagara falls and twice wide of Horseshoe Falls, Is registered in the UNESCO list as a World Heritage.

Which side of Victoria Falls?? If you want see whole of Victoria falls, Zimbabwe side of waterfall is best option for view. But if you want see rainfall and moon bow, the Zambian side is best case. For amusement and tourist facilities In Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls, attracts many tourists other than Zambia side throughout its history.

Tourisms in Victoria Falls Tourists were very few in 1905-1910s. But after the establishment of the Bulawayo railway line and independence of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls became one of the tourist attractions in South Africa. In drought season from September to December the water level decreases, that can be walked by foot in it. But in other seasons is still powerful. The river has 300 islands are residential and most of them are feeding by aquatic animals. Now more tourists of Zimbabwe are from African countries, Although European tourists and ecotourism from Britain, has grown in recent years. Also Zimbabwe government intends to provide air navigation, the development of rail and road conditions for the country to become a tourist destination from Africa continent. In other side, Zimbabwe government added 9000 room to its hotel capacity for attract 7 million tourist in 2017.

The important hobby of Victoria Falls Livingstone during his travel, had gone to one of the island for rest and for this reason the island has been called Livingstone. Near living Stone Island exist a natural swimming pool with a few meters wide that many tourisms don't know, it separates by beam path of the precipice. This place is called the Devil's Pool. The plant and animal species around the waterfall are also very scenic and interesting. Suppose you are swimming in the Devil's pool and animals such as sea lions or rhinos are near you? It's interesting or no?

Tourists have the opportunity to swim in Devil's Pool strongly feel the water pressure of 100 meters. But in the wet season Devil's Pool is closed due to severe water pressure, because there is the possibility of falling into the deep waterfall. In fact, tourists play with death in Devil's Pool.

Victoria Falls valleys and openings Victoria Falls has a seven openings that the details are as follow: 1. The most important valley include the Zambezi River flows into Victoria Falls. 2. The second valley located in south of Victoria Falls and has a length of 2.15 km. 3. The third valley located in the farthest southern part of the Victoria Falls and has a length of 1.95 km. 4. The fourth opening located in 1.5 km distance other to Victoria Falls and has a length 2.26 km. 5. Fifth valley is located 5 km from Victoria Falls and has a length 3.5 km. 6. Songwe gorge is located in 5 km of south the Victoria Falls and stretching 3.3 km. 7. The latest gorge near songwe gorge that longest river runs it about 120 km, and located in eastern part of Victoria Falls.

Moon bow Spraying water can be seen within a few hundred meters from Victoria Falls. The water droplets cause very beautiful rainbows that in the light of the

moon reflected in the water droplets and are known rainbow arcs moon bow. Moonbows are faded due to the low light of the rainbow.

Bridge at Victoria Falls Bridge "Victoria Falls" is the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe has 650 feet length and 500 feet height. Victoria Falls Bridge made in April 1905 by Cecil John Rhodes that wanted connect Cape Town to Cairo with one railway line.

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