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Urban Oasis


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main road concept geoform Our architecture attempts to produce environments that unify project and context by creating continuity in experience and memory. Upon visiting the site… It became apparent to us, that the opportunity in this project was the beautiful existing landscaped ribbon to the south of the site and the possibility of closing the road that divided the site from the very long park. As a response… Therefore the significant idea for this project became one of integration, through a unification of the long ribbon park with our building form – creating a harmony and strength between the two, rather than a weakness in separation. The buildings are now seen as being on a landscaped estate which gives the building a prestige and also seen as an extension and completion of the garden ribbon. This is a significance and value it would not have on its own. We looked at traditional Chinese gardens to create the form of the architecture. There are 3 core parts to the arrangement of the architecture and its associated imagery: 1 Retail 2 Low level residential [L 1-8] 3 High level residential [L 9- 14] The retail is designed to be experienced as an extension of the existing park and to continue the experience as a walk within and around a garden setting, with flowers, water, fountains, pebbles and trees all around. A great place to shop, eat, meet friends and relax. The lower residential block uses various imagery and forms that are integral to the Chinese garden: -the idea of the TAI YU or large boulder rocks that are stacked randomly around a garden, -the idea of ‘openings’ or windows to vistas and views within and beyond the garden, and -the colour white, which is the colour of traditional Chinese garden walls. This strong ‘boulder/wall’ look also reinforces in the mind of the potential buyer a sense of heaviness that will make the buyer feel that it is a safer and especially ‘quieter’ apartment, given its closeness to the airport. Also part of the lower level is the police accommodation. This too is seen s a boulder of strength, made from concrete, with all the differently recessed and angled windows coloured with colours taken from the lotus flower.

作为geoform 建筑设计,我们企图在这个项目上创造出一个整体的 空间。 一个使环境统一的情感空间。

The upper residential block form is inspired by the role of the JIA SHAN or the artificial mountain. It has angles and ‘cuts’ through it that are part of the structural truss system designed to hold the large end cantilever projections. This framing is then wrapped in a steel mesh and screen that from a distance will be reminiscent of a mountain mist or fog. This mesh, that wraps around the roof as well, will assist in moderating and dissipating the heat off the building itself and will help with energy management and to keep it cooler in summer.

我们很明显的意识到在现存的地理环境中,有一个可以利用的非常条 件,那就是消除界于建筑面积和南部的公园之间的一条小路,从而使其 为一个整体,一个连接景观的纽带。 这个重要的发现使我们坚信能够规划出这两个不同相近的环境成为一个 连接的整体,从而消除它们之间的分离,扩大开发面积的利用价值。 以此思路,我们的设计中建筑与环境充分的融合在一起,建筑成为园林 的一部分,园林呵护着建筑,它们成为了不可分割的一体空间。 从建筑语言元素中,我们在寻找着传统的中国园林语言,并企图融汇这 个语言,用于我们的建筑设计之中。

The mesh and exterior structural framing create a safe screen all around each face of each unit which we have designed to be completely openable by a series of sliding glass doors that can open from side to side across the whole unit, allowing complete ventilation with cool breezes, whilst also giving the sense and excitement of a shaded mountain ledge or cave.

在设计中,我们可以把设计的内容分为三部分: 1、商业区 2、底层住宅区, ( 1-8 层) 3、高层住宅区, ( 9-14层)

The overall arrangement of the buildings has a dynamic rhythm and flow between the parts and the garden, is purposely not symmetrical, and attempts to create a beautiful disorder, typical of Chinese gardens. It presents a sense of mystery to the viewer as the sense of ‘identity’ cannot be seen from a single place and one must move around to understand the building’s dynamics as being an extension of the garden it has become a part of.

商业区域,我们创造的环境为四周环绕园林,鲜花,喷泉,流水,原石 和树木, 一个以人为本的购物,休闲,餐饮,汇集朋友的放松场所。 底层住宅,同样是具有诗情画意般的生态环境。紧密结合着中式的园林 设计: 立意1、 大的珊瑚石,原石,写意的排放在公园中。 2,从窗外的景象上,充分体现出传统的中式色彩。利用的色彩元 素可以是青砖灰瓦,白墙等清秀安祥的传统格调。 四周的山石墙给人一种厚重感,从而也会给居民一种安全和私密的安全 感受。 考虑到底层居住区的武警居住区域,这样的厚重山墙和私密感受混合着 凹凸的不同角度的山石,利用荷花一般的色彩,衬托出庄严并且活泼的 居住气氛。 高层居住区,我们的灵感起源于中国的假山和人工山景。利用于不同的 角度,钢结构材料,环绕着建筑体,从远处看会消失于雾气淫雨之间。 利用的结构材料选择也是考虑到绿色生态的系统,创造一个冬暖夏凉的 体系。 由于结构材料的选择利用,四周围的窗户全部可以敞开,推拉式门窗, 使室内的空气流通,能源节省起到极致的效果。 总体的设计理念上,每一所个体的建筑都有韵律的串联在一起,融合于 园林公园景观。不同的层次穿插正是灵感于中国的山水,与自然的结合 是我们现在和未来的设计主题。

master plan 1/1500

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis site

activate streets

integrate park

maximum height

sun + program

parking entry and drop off


os p o r p


g brid


se o p pro


Atrium space


ground floor 1/500

west elevation 1/500

ge d i r b


Urban Oasis public space

integrated public space



60 m²

upper typical plan 1/1000

70-80 m²

90 m²

lower typical plan 1/1000

Unit Area # of Units Percentage of Total 60 m² 250 35% 70-80 m² 395 55% 90 m² 71 10%


Program Area (m²) Commercial 12,021 m² Residential 61,071 m² Military 8,912 m² TOTAL

82,004 m²

Typical Tower Development geoform Proposal 8 Towers 2 «Towers» 8 Lifts 6 Lifts Facade Surface Area 37,710 m² 26,730 m² = 30% less surface area

east elevation 1/500

Urban Oasis

inspiration ?!

externalwall detail section perspective

Urban Oasis  

Multi-use development in Beijing, China. Geoform

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