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Erik Aguilar

Jose Puentes

Cesar Santacruz

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Eliu Iglesias





How do you feel knowing that you are one of the

best basketball players in CETYS?

It feels very satisfying know that the training and effort you have made over the years have served and led me to a higher level than other.


How many years have you practiced this sport?

8 years


What do you feel when you are selected to

participate in the selection of Baja California?

It feels a pride and excitement to further enhance and represent the state.


How many times have you been selected to

participate in the selection?

5 times


How long do you practice basketball a day?

2 hours and a half

basketball player in cetys



How long does it take to study?

2 hours


What motivates you to play basketball?

Actually the negative comments of others, motivate me to prove otherwise.


Who did inculcate you this sport?

Physical education teachers in my elementary school, I was invited to play and continued to support me so far, also my parents who are here supporting me in my decisions.



If you were one of the select to participate in a scholarship

here at the CETYS University, why do you think they should choose you?

I can relax

and forget my


I feel I've been persevering in what I achieve and I've had a good performance at school and in sports grabbing a good job representing the school.


Could you tell me what is basketball

drrrsfor you?

It is a sport where I can relax and forget my problems for a while and do what I really like. It is a life beyond the normal where I can concentrate and relax. 8l April,2012 l Interview

Participation in the Chemistry Olympiad.

-Cesar Matus •Why did you decide to start in the Chemistry

•What is the most difficult topic? Reaction steps.

contest? I remember, it happened when I was in second semester. I was in the school cafeteria

•Do you think this will be helpful for your personal

with a friend and she inviteed me. The same

development? Yes of course, I found a lot of benefits

week, I went and I like the class.

of this participation. I learned how to work correctly in the lab.

•How did you get in the group? First we did an eliminatory test and I stayed in. Then, we had to

•Who is the person who supports you the most?

do an exam in Tijuana. I was prepared for this,

Teacher Sergio, Eva Carolina Soto and my parents.

but I got sick and I couldn’t go for this test. The next year, I present this exam and I got in.

•What are the benefits you will have in future? Curriculum, UNAM tests points and relationships with

•What is the most interesting for you? What we

the participants.

study in normal class in the school is the boring part, that is only theory. But in the game we study

•What is your best level you have accomplished? I

theory application.

am the number 63 of Chemistry in Mexico.

•What do you like of this course? What I like so

•Do you feel proud of yourself? Yes I am very proud.

much is the most difficult, reaction steps. It is very interesting and hard.

10 l April,2012 l Interview



•How long did you start in the gym? 3 years ago.


•What is the function of these supplements? Protein synthesis, energy and a better performance.

•Why do you decide begin this activity? Because I didn’t have nothing to do in the evenings.

•How is the dose you have? 75 grams of protein, 25 grams of oxide nitric and 3 tablets of multi vitamin

•How many time do you are in the gym? Two for three hours.

•What are your benefits of the body building? Nothing. Well, I have a good body, I am strong and I have resistance

•How many muscles exercise for training? Two

and performance.

•Who is the person you most support? Agustin Fuentes.

•Do you think this will be a help for your personal development? Yes, I had mentioned you benefits, but in the

•Do you have any dietary supplement for your muscle

psychology, I am feeling good with my body, and it is a

building? Yes


•What kind of dietary supplement? Protein, amino acids and nitric oxide.


Jose Puentes

5.Do you have free time, if so, what do you do? Well, my free time is too short, and I use it to sleep or to make videos or in the weekends I work in the program of “La Voz del Valle”

6.What do you like more the competition of Chemistry, Math or Biology? I really miss the competitions of Math, I already had been two times in the Math Olympics, but I reach to a point that I couldn’t pass, and 2 years ago I went to the UTT competition in that area, I like it a lot. I didn’t like too much Chemistry, but I did like the experimental part on the competition, and Biology is a subject that I like a lot, but I didn’t have experience in that competitions so it was indifferent.

1.What motivates you to continue studying? The goal that I want to achieve in my life.

7.What do you want to study? Medicine.

2.What do you do to get good grades? Simply having well-ordered your priorities, sometimes

8.How do you see yourself in a future?

you have to stay home and finish your homework, instead

I don’t have to clear how I see myself in the future, but

to go and party, I think that is very important to pay

I see myself as a doctor, with family and with free time

attention in class, because that way you can relate the

to enjoy them.

new knowledge with the ones that you already know and that’s how you don’t need to study a lot.

9.Do you think that having 10 on the report card is reflected on your daily life?

3.Do you think that your exchange to CETYS was a good

I think that the 10 on the report card is a side effect,


because I always try to do my things right, and that

Yes, definitely it was a very good decision, because I was

helps me in every aspect of my life, in my house, with

very unsatisfied with the system of the COBACH, I didn’t

my family, in the school, with my friends, and is not

need to do anything, not even a little of effort to get a 10,

like I go with someone and I tell him, Hi, I have 10 in

and when I entered to CETYS I noticed that it was very

my report card, I can relate with people, and I don’t

difference the level of exigency that CETYS have, and I

need to say that, isn’t something that influence.

don’t regret nothing. 10.What do you think that is more important to be 4.Do you like to be in CETYS?

happy or have money?

Yes, I like it, but it’s tire, but it has been one of the best

Be happy, because money gives you happiness for a

decisions that I have taken and I’m very satisfy.

moment, and every people have to achieve happiness, that is the goal that we all have.

12 l April,2012 l Interview



•How long do you start in the gym? Two years •Why do you decide begin this activity?

Erick Aguilar

To get a great body •How many time do you are in the gym? Two hours •How many muscles exercise for training? Two •Who is the person you most support? My parents •Do you have any dietary supplement for your muscle building? Yes •What kind of dietary supplement? Protein •What is the function of these supplements? Protein synthesis, rebuilding of muscle tissue. •How is the dose you have? Two servings of 50 grams, a totally per day is 100 grams. •What are your benefits of the body building? I like to have a good body. •Do you think this will be a help for your personal development In this aspect, I am strong, I have a good performance and I feel good. I trust in me.


Bad use of Technology in class ULISES GRIJALVA

It is common for the student community in these times is dazed with their electronics. No young man who does not carry either a cell phone, ipod, mp3 player, iphone or a laptop to school. And it is not in school upon request, by contrast, are removed if students use them during class. But many of us know that we do not care at all that are forbidden to use them in class, we would much rather be talking to friends that the dull and desperate class teacher. It's a new era, the era of technology. Where anyone, no matter where, age or gender, much less living space, is electronics. It is probably easier being able to communicate with family and friends, get information simply and buy via Internet.

How to‌ ‌be awesome!

Ricardo acosta

Are you shy? Do you have a great talent to show to the world but you just don’t reflect that greatness with yourself? Here are some easy tips to follow in order to become an awesome person.

1. Develop a talent. Whatever your talent is, pursue it relentlessly. People who become "awesome" at what they do invest time into getting there. In fact, people always says that in order to become great at something, you need to spend 1,000 hours practicing.

2. Show off your talent. You could be the most amazing dancer or writer in the world, but you must let people to see the shining star you are, assist to talent shows, show your talent through youtube ,facebook, etc.

3. Be funny. Most people like someone who can make them laugh.

4. Be adventurous! Explore interesting things, be daring and not afraid to stand up to But this new life, the life of the technology is very negative. Despite the few advantages that brings. We may be in talk, but just feel a vibration or sound of our cell and we headed directly to answer the phone. But I think it is the fault of ourselves, as we get high with the new technology and social networks that give us no good fruit in life. That's why there avoid using appliances and bring to school, pay attention to the teacher even though this boring class and get to work.

14 l April,2012 l How to..

mean people, always stand for your convictions.

5. Look awesome. Develop a style and have an accessory by which everyone will recognize you are as soon as they see it, for example sunglasses, funny keychain, etc.

6. Act awesome. Be nice, kind, friendly and funny. People won't like a mean, selfish and unfriendly person.

7. Just be awesome. The most awesome people aren't even aware of their awesomeness. They just are. The awesomeness must come from a place within you. You can never force it out.



To all the musicians out there that want to step up and form a band, here are some steps to follow in order to form a great band. If you play any instruments or sing this steps will work for any genre you would like to play. Step 1: Be original, nowadays a lot of people who have a guitar and can play any “Metallica” song thinks that they have what they need to form a band. Use your influences right, don’t try to sound like them because everybody will notice it, use maybe their style or same tuning but never use their chords. Don’t be scared about playing with different instruments, maybe an ukulele or a 8 strings guitar use your creativity.

Step 2: Try new sounds, New bands keep stepping up and showing their selves more than past years thanks to technology and the social networking, but the constant in this fresh bands are the same sound, for example, take a record label and see the similitude between each new band, to “shine” in the music scene you need to shock the audience with fresh tunings, different instruments or a new style.

Step 3: Rehearsal every time you can, you need to practice a lot with your band in order to achieve that connection and sound you want to have, this will create a trustful atmosphere and this way it will be much easier to compose.


Step 4: Compose as much as you can, don’t waste your time making covers of your favorite bands, start making lyrics it doesn’t matter if you don’t sing in your band every fragment of new material is very useful.

Step 5: Learn to play a new instrument, if you play the guitar try to play the drums or the synth this way you can experiment more with your band and help your band members while they compose new songs. If you sing you should know any instrument in order to boost your band.

In conclusion I can say that the most important thing in order to become a great band, is to be committed with your band members, to be able to sacrifice your time and money for the band. If something stops you or makes you doubt about continuing making music then look for something else. 14 l April,2012 l How to..





student of 2nd semester from CETYS Preparatoria Campus Ensenada, won the 2nd place on Level B in the XXI National

CETYS Gets Silver Medal in the National Chemistry Olympics

Chemistry Olympics made in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco the last 19th to 23rd of

February in the facilities of the University of Guadalajara. The student measures his knowledge in Physics-Chemistry, Analytical

Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry with other 187 students from high schools from all the country. This was announced by the Teacher Luis Gonzรกlez Parra, Principal of CETYS Preparatoria, campus Ensenada. Montalvo Guzmรกn spent a week preparing in Mexicali, and subsequently to the national struggle by strengthening their skills and knowledge in Ensenada campus, under the advice of his teachers: Bio. Ana Luisa Torres, Chem. Raquel Hidalgo, and Bio. Sergio Barocio. Gonzรกlez Parra said that the positioning among the top results of the theme day was achieved through the resulting total percentage of the sum of theoretical and experimental tests that Ricardo Montalvo performed.

Measures knowledge with the best of the country. March 20, 2012.

18 l April,2012 l News

News: Strengthen link BC / Asia Recently, Dr. Fernando Leon Garcia, CETYS University System Chancellor, visited Korea to strengthen cooperation and exchange with various educational institutions of that country. This is part of

the activities

promoted by the Asia Pacific Institute of CETYS,





cooperation between Baja California and a select group of Asian nations. During his stay, the chancellor went in company with Mr. Wilberth Sanchez graduated, the institution link with the universities of that country, major private colleges to hold meetings with their counterparts. "The visit will result in increased mobility opportunities for students CETYS, particularly in intense summer from July 2012 to exchange semester in September

2012," said Leon Garcia. Also said to intensify the level of faculty participation in each short and academic events organized by the Asia Pacific Institute.

As part of its agenda, Leon Garcia attended Sungkyunkwan University, Hanyang University and Yonsei University, where he was received by the principals and other managers. The trip reinforced the globalization and the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Competitiveness CETYS, which are part of the Development Plan 2020.


Original New:


20 l April,2012 l Literary criticism






“The Raven” is a Poem by Edgar Allan Poe, where there is a narrator

describing the scenes of a strange night, when a raven knocks on the door.The interesting thing about this poem is that the raven never goes away from the room. At first it was by the window but then enters after a knock.It all begins when the narrator is sitting reading for the purpose of forgetting his beloved Lenore. The narrator hears a knock but it is nothing, and then hears the sound again but this time a little stronger, when he goes to investigate, by the window, was a raven. The raven stands on a statue, and the narrator asks the raven his name, witch the raven responds with a simple word, “nevermore”. The narrator is surprised by the capacity of the raven to speak, but he says he will be like all of the friends he's had, that he will fly as one of them. They had fly with the narrator’s hopes. Unfortunately while the narrator tells this to the raven, he only response with the same simple word, “nevermore”. He begins to think that he has used this word before.Although the response of the raven is always the same, the narrator starts to get interested in him, carrying a chair to where the raven was, he tried to understand more about this animal. The narrator begins to tell the story of his beloved Lenore and starts to feel strange, be feels like cry and then begins getting angry with Raven. He can´t exceed his love.After he desperately asks the strange animal when Lenore will find heaven. The response of the raven still didn’t change, it was still that one word, “nevermore”. All that is known is that the crow is still sitting inside that room and it doesn’t seem he will ever leave.


MOVIE REVIEW 22l April,2012 l Review

Hangover Review The Hangover part II, rated R-comedy.

Two years after the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu's plan for a subdued prewedding brunch. After family dinner, the start to drink beer in the beach. Doug was afraid to pass the same tragedy that happened in Las Vegas and he go away to his room. The rest of the friends group stay in the beach drinking beer with the brother’s girlfriend.

Next day in the morning, they woke up in a nasty hotel in Thailand downtown. They had a monkey in the room and a lot of drugs and alcohol. They found the Chinese man sleeping, but he died after he woke up. The rest of the group leaves the body in the freezer and then they start to browse evidence to find the brother’s girlfriend of Stu.

There were a lot of rare things in the group, like an unknown monkey, a tattoo in the Stu’s face, Stu lost a tooth, Teddy (brother-in-law) was missed, Chaw is in the room with drugs.

In the process of the browsing evidence, the recalled many things had happened the night before.

This movie is a good comedy rated R, bases so many of its jokes on shock value and yet clings so dearly to the exact same formula of the original, right down to the plot beats and character actions. If you had seen Hangover, you must saw the Hangover part II.

Raul Otero

24 l April,2012 l Review




Movie Review The movie Avatar is one of the few movies that I consider are good movies, because it covered all my expectations. Since it went out on the movie theater, I couldn’t wait for the first opportunity to watch the movie.

Since the moment it started, the story of the movie was really futuristic but not exaggerated and from a point

of view it looks real. Jake Sulley is the main character, he’s a paralytic for he matter a lot of works are impossible for him. He travels from the Earth to the planet Pandora, this planet is habitate by beings call Na’vy. This population it’s composed by blue beings that live in community and are looking for the welfare of their environment. Jake goes to Pandora because it’s part of the USA army, this army is in control of Pandora and it’s there just

for a mission, reaching the power source that’s in the home of the Na’vy, they’re planning on destroying it by force. The question is: how does a handicapped be of any help in the army? He goes because he’s scientific brother died and he is the only one that can use the clone that was created by humans to interact with the Na’vy. These clones are the ones that receive the name of Avatar. All the movie it’s about the scientifics looking for a good interaction with the natives, for the contrary, the army continues with their objective. Jake works in union with the scientifics and the army. It’s then that in the avatar body he reaches to the colony Na’vy and he falls in love with a native. Jake’s life now it’s divided. Will he make the order of the army? Or will the power of love be more powerful?

Victor Aguiñaga [25]

Last January, I went to Europe, this was my third time there, but this trip was different, I went with some friends from my school. This trip was planned by Don Quijote Travel Agency and CETYS. We traveled to Italy, Switzerland, France, and England. I was very excited about the trip, because it was my first journey out of Mexico without my family. We took 24 hours to arrive to Rome, we first arrived in San Francisco, then we passed through Frankfurt, Germany, and finally we arrived to Rome. We rode quickly to the hotel to get dressed and to go out. That first night we went to Plaza Navona and we ate and spent a nice time in the fair of there. The next day we went to historical places from Rome, the Colisseum, the Vatican, the Constantine Arch, Catacombs, etc. We spent 3 days in Rome, until we started to travel to the historical towns near Rome, some of those towns were Orvieto, San Gimigniano, Siena, Bergamo, and other beautiful towns, after we passed through those towns we went to Florence, Italy. We spent 2 days there, and we went to the Academic Museum and the biggest Salvatore Ferragamo store in the world.

From Florence we moved to Venice and we rented a Gondola, the guy that managed the gondola sang and they give us a bottle of champagne. We stayed 2 days in Venice, then we moved to Switzerland, all the freeway was snowing, we passed through the Swiss Alps and we stopped to play with the snow, we stayed one day in Zurich, and one in Lugano and Lucerna, from Zurich we took an 8 hours trip to Paris, France.

In Paris, we went to the Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, the Versailles Palace, to Les Champs-ÉlysÊes, the Moulin Rouge, and other important places from Paris, like the Notre dame Cathedral, at last we went to London one day in train, we went to the Big Ben, the train station of Harry Potter scenes, and other famous places, like the London Bridge, etc. The next day we returned to Mexicali, we spent another day in plane, we all returned with a big smile on our faces, grateful for the nice time that we spent on the trip, it was a beautiful experience and I really enjoyed the trip, it was one of my favorites.

26 l April,2012 l Personal Experience

My trip to Europe Jose Avila

Víctor Hugo Aguiñaga Villegas Age: 17 Date of birth: October 15th 1994 Place of Birth: Morelia, Mich. Occupation: Student, Musician, Active Member “Se Líder”. Years Active: 2009-present Biography: Victor Aguiñaga was born in Morelia, Mich. In 1994. At the age of 3 he moved to Mexicali, B.C. he was studying the kinder garden at Hans Christen Anderson School. Before ending his kinder garden education, he moved back to Morelia, because of his father´s work. When he was in 4th grade, he moved back again to Mexicali, living in Mexicali´s Valley. At the age of 12 he entered to junior high school, he graduated at 15 and now he is on his last semester on High School. Languages •Spanish as native language •English 70% without the endorsement examination. (English from kindergarten to the present, interrupted 2 years in elementary school) Merits and certifications (2011) Certification Office Excel 2007. (2010) Certification Office Power Point 2007. (2010) CETYS greats (Los grandes del CETYS), Merit, leadership (2009) Certification Office Word 2007. (2008)Distinguished student in the area, Valle de Mexicali Institute. (2009,2008,2007) Academic Excellence, three years of Jr. High school

Interests • Play the guitar •Sing •Work for society •Being honest •Work hard

28 l April,2012 l Profile



Survey: CETYS HIGH SCHOOL. Instruction: Select the answer you think is the correct about your CETYS Do you like your school? -Yes -No Does your classrooms are equipped with: Cannon Blackboard Chair desks Trash Can Air Conditioner Do you like your English teacher´s class? -Yes -No Why?: ____________________________________________ Do you and your classmates put the due attention in class? -Yes


Are you afraid to be expulsed out of CETYS? -Yes -No Why?:____________________________________________ [29]

Service The most expensive cars in the world

30 l April,2012 l Serice




Service The richiest groups or singers in the world 1. U2 (108,607,286 dollars) “Sunday bloody Sunday”

2. Bruce Springsteen (57,619,037 dollars) “Burn in the USA”

32 l April,2012 l Serice

WB 3. Madonna (47,2237,774 dollars) “Give me all your love”


4. AC/DC (43,650,466 dollars) “Highway to hell”

5. Britney Spears (38,885,267 dollars) “Gimme more”


Facebook Social networks have caused much controversy in recent years, they have come to use to people around the world. The contact is something simple so we can talk to someone in Singapore and meet in Mexico or Denmark. In school it’s considered a distraction, many teachers consider we only live to use these social networks. What happens is that most of these teachers do not know how important it is to update your Facebook because they have never had one or do not like the new updates. Whatever the case is, we should also have a little consideration when using it.

Facebook is a social network well known by the youth of today, a proof of this would be that until December 2011, there were already 845 million users sharing photos, videos and their entire personal life.

I believe that each and every one of these social networks are bad or affect in any way the people who use them, the problem comes when it is use for other reasons which were not meant to be. Facebook has served as a way of communication but many people with bad intentions use it to get personal data.

This type of facility that comes through Facebook ensures us that we can get information faster than before. We can actually use it to make a good profit for our development. For example, when you need to do teamwork, before it was necessary to gather after school and spend a long time doing nothing but still have a job done after a long time and now this has decrees, since we can communicate and do the work online.

As personal experience, I can say that social networks do serve to communicate and learn more about our friends, but I believe that something has been lost, our privacy. Since social networks have been a part of our lives, there are a few things you can do without someone knowing, by only sharing a family photo or commenting on a friend’s post, half the world knows what I did. As a personal recommendation, I think we shouldn’t leave Facebook because it's very interesting the things we learn from this tool, however, we always have to act with precaution since we don’t want to be a good gossip to our friends.

Victor Aguinaga 34l April,2012 l Essay



Hardcore Does every band with guttural screams bad or evil? I don’t think so, people are very judgmental in everything that is different specially in music, the first impression that people has about hardcore music or any genre with guttural screams is: “TURN THAT OFF, ITS SUMMONING THE DEVIL!” , typical mom kind reaction. If you are that kind of people you should really read this to eliminate that taboo about music with guttural screams. What people know about music with guttural screams is that some bands are satanic, but what people don’t know about them is that the majority of these bands are Christians and they´re the most representative bands of their genre.

Most of the people think that all the music that involves guttural screams is linked to Satanism or violence. Christian bands are predominant in the guttural genre with bands like The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Oh, Sleeper, For Today. These bands have accepted publicly that they are Christians and in every gig that they play they talk about it. Too many interviews and testimonies have been made about this subject.

Every name in a band has a meaning for the people that conforms it, and sometimes it just comes out. In all this Christians bands every name is related to their faith or their personal relationship with God. For example The Devil Wears Prada took their name from the book but they related it with a Christian concept that says “It's the same concept as our lyrics 'emeralds hold no hope' and many others. What we believe it to mean is that possessions don't matter at all and someday everyone will realize that this is true. When standing before God, he won't care about your sweet Prada scarf or Gucci shoes or whatever. It's a Christian reasoning for the name, we didn't name it to attempt at being fashionable or whatever.

People think that every heavy song talks about death, violence or Satanism but all these Christian bands are the exception; behind every song is a story, a testimony, or a life experience. We can see this in the song Second And Sebring written by Austin Carlile (Lead vocal in Of Mice And Men) that talks about his mother and the love that he has to her, her mother passed away when he was 17 years old and a way to honor her is making this song.”… This time I'll, make you, 33

Ricardo Acosta


Creative Classified document Name: Amelia Monterroso Age: 59 years old Marital status: widow Occupation: Former owner of the Mansion Monterroso and possessed of big money. Diagnosis: Her body found three days after her disappearance in the bottom of the lake Beckett. Blow to the top of the head, scratches on her arms and right leg. Clothes with blood. Results: Research in progress ....

This is testimony to the strange case of Amelia Monterroso. It is my simple conclusion and finally the unexpected closing of my painstaking research. I have decided, despite the consequences this may have, I have decided to show the true about the success. I was in Copenhagen Denmark, in where I arrived after Vladimir urgent letter communicating the sad and unexpected death of Amelia Monterroso. Risking all possibility of relationships, I decided to move my research to the same mansion where the unpleasant outcome occurred and the dead of Amelia took place, this mansion has been inhabited by the same family for years, a family renowned for its ancient lineage, but now my main suspects.

The first day I devoted my research to recognize the environment of the facts and possible suspects. I collected my results and draw my first line of inquiry: "Anthony (only child of Amelia) being unoriginal expected the fortune of his mother, just moved a year ago to the mansion, he lived with Evangelina (aunt of Anthony) from the early years of his life, but the death of her, forced the girl to return to her mother.

After many results, so much investigative lines, and a lots of weeks, my only suspect was the most unexpected, the statement of Vladimir (Butler). I called him at nine o'clock in the library of the mansion. When I opened the heavy door of the room, he was sitting on one of the big old brown chairs in the back of the room. I went up steadily feigning surprise at his exaggerated punctuality. When I saw him I couldn’t saw any sign of discomfort in his appearance, but with my years of experience, this is just a test of professionalism and experience.

36l April,2012 l Creative



When I finally finished the last question, I got up and shook his

complete my work. Vladimir simply shook my hand and decided to share with me a peculiar phrase: "Not everything is hatred and revenges my dear friend" he said, and then he left with long steps of







Only cost me two minutes to understand as inexplicable and unexpected end of Amalia, desperately I ran to the barn and there was the culprit ... the old horse Amelia, alone like her, which worked only with one eye. Traces of blood indicate that the dream to fulfill a simple dream of riding on the banks of the lake with such a dangerous creature, led to a severe blow to end the life of Amelia Monterroso.

Victor Aguinaga


hand a little disappointed in him because he didn’t help me to


Vietnam The Vietnam War occurred in present-day Vietnam, Southeast Asia. It represented a successful attempt on the part of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam, DRV) and the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam (Viet Cong) to unite and impose a communist system over the entire nation. Opposing the DRV was the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam, RVN), backed by the United States. The war in Vietnam occurred during the Cold War, and is generally viewed as an indirect conflict between the United States and Soviet Union, with each

nation and its allies supporting one side.

When was the Vietnam War? The most commonly used dates for the conflict are 1959-1975. This period begins with North Vietnam's first guerilla attacks against the South and ends with the fall of Saigon. American ground forces were directly involved in the war between 1965 and 1973. Causes: The Vietnam War first began in 1959, five years after the division of the country by the Geneva Accords. Vietnam had been split into two, with a communist government in the north under Ho Chi Minh and a democratic government in the south under Ngo Dinh Diem. Ho

launched a guerilla campaign in South Vietnam, led by Viet Cong units, with the goal of uniting the country under communist rule. The United States, seeking to stop the spread of communism, trained the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and provided military advisors to help combat the guerillas.

Americanization of the War: In August 1964, a US warship was attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. Following this attack, Congress passed the Southeast Asia Resolution which allowed President Lyndon Johnson to conduct military operations in the region

without a declaration of war. On March 2, 1965, US aircraft began bombing targets in Vietnam and the first troops arrived. Commanded by General William Westmoreland, US troops won victories over Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces around Chu Lai and in the Ia Drang Valley that summer.

The Tet Offensive: Following these defeats, the North Vietnamese avoided fighting conventional battles and focused on engaging US troops in small unit actions in the sweltering jungles of South Vietnam. In January 1968, the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong launched the massive

Tet Offensive. Beginning with an assault on US Marines at Khe Sanh, the offensive included attacks by the Viet Cong on cities throughout South Vietnam. Though the North Vietnamese 38l April,2012 l Historical



were beaten back with heavy casualties, Tet shook the confidence of the American people and media who had thought the war was going well.

Vietnamization: As a result of Tet, President Lyndon Johnson opted not to run for reelection and was succeeded by Richard Nixon. Nixon's plan for ending US involvement was to build up the ARVN so that they could fight the war themselves. As this process of “Vietnamization” began, US troops started to return home. The mistrust of the government that had begun after Tet worsened with the release of news about US soldiers massacring civilians at My Lai (1969), the invasion of Cambodia (1970), and the leaking of the Pentagon Papers (1971).

End of the War and the Fall of Saigon: The withdrawal of US troops continued and more responsibility was passed to the ARVN, which continued to prove ineffective in combat, often relying on American support to stave off defeat. On January 27, 1974, a peace accord was signed in Paris ending the conflict. By March of that year, American combat troops had left the country. After a brief period of peace, North Vietnam recommenced hostilities in late 1974. Pushing through ARVN forces with ease, they captured the Saigon on April 30, 1975, forcing South Vietnam’s surrender and reuniting the country.

Ricardo Acosta


There was one Thursday in mid-march where me and my friends planned to have a trip to San Diego to go to see A day to remember perform with

other bands, but there was a little problem I had the next day a Physics exam and I was hanging loose because of my grades. My friend Sergio was going to assist to the concert with us but he was afraid of the exam so he decided to stay and study.

40 l April,2012 l Nostalgia



[…Ricardo Acosta…]

My other two friends and I went in one car and my other two friends went in another. We arrived first because we left in time; on the other hand my other two friends left Mexicali late. When we arrived to the stage my friend Irvin left his ticket with my other two friends so he had to wait for them to arrive in order to get in the concert, but

my friend Gerardo and I entered as soon as they opened the gate. We enjoyed the concert a lot. We returned to Mexicali and we arrived at 4:00 AM, so as soon as I got in my home I took a shower and changed for school. We had the exam at 1:00pm and I hadn’t time enough to study a lot, so I decided to go with al I got. At the next week the teacher handed our exams and for my luck I got a 9.6 without studying and my friend Sergio that stayed to study had a 7.2. [41]

“The day of Mud” One year ago, we had a class called



Comunitario, and we had to do some hours of service, so we had some free classes. Every free

class we went to the soccer field and we played in teams of 10. One day the fields were wet and with puddles of mud, so we didn’t care about it and we still played. In every plays one guy whipped with the floor and they got wets and full of mud, in his pants, shirts, etc. The game was tie and the bell was about to ring, so I run to the other porter to try to make a goal, but I missed. Everyone was dirty, except me, I was careful because I didn’t want to get dirty, but it didn’t happen, the ball was coming to me, and a puddle of mud was close, so I kicked the ball and I slipped with the puddle and I got dirty, but I was the dirtiest of all, my back, my butt, and all my pants were dirty and I was sad, because I didn’t want to get dirty. Only some guys were not dirty so we make them fall into the puddle of mud so they got dirty like us, and we were all laughing. One guy was also very careful to not get dirty, and he kicked the ball and he slipped into the puddle of mud and he got all dirty, and he cried saying, “Why me?” and we all laughed. This day was very funny, because after the free class, all the boys of the classroom were dirty and muddy, the teachers were asking why we were like that, and we just answered, we were having fun.

42 l April,2012 l Humor

“Did you know why the man never returned to the moon?” The arrival of the man to the


questioned conspiracy need






theories, know






reached the surface and a total




walked on it. These were the missions Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 (between the decades




1972). They brought to the Earth more than 380 kgs of moon rocks; they were analyzed by different independents labs in different countries. Apollo generated more than 20,000 images that are available on internet. Many technology that we use today, were produced as a result of these missions, which cost more than 20,000 million dollars of that time. Over the lunar surface, some retro reflectors lasers devices were deposited, along with the scientific station called ALSEP, which even now a day are used to make measurements. The URSS, a worthy opponent of the USA during the “Space Race”, never expressed any doubt about this achievement

If the man reached the moon, why we never went again? The Apollo missions were developed as a part of a competition between two superpowers. After the launching of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, launched on October 4, 1957

and the launch of the first human in space Yuri Gagarin,

on April 12, 1961, the US was overtaken by the URSS space capabilities, this fact led the President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961, in an act of great courage, made a public challenge “this nation should commit itself to achieve the goal, before the decade is over, of landing a man on the moon and bring him safely back to Earth.” 44 l April,2012 l Investigative


The challenge won valuable time to the Americans, immediately important defense

WHITE BOARD resources were passed to the fledging U.S. space industry, allowing them to tie and

then surpass the Soviets. The Soviet moon rocket (N-1) never was in a position to undertake a successful flight, its chief engineer Sergey Korolyov died when the Americans orbited the moon in August 1968 (Apollo 8), the Soviets couldn’t reached them. On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11 left on the lunar surface two astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin) crowning the American triumph. Subsequently they came other missions, however, Apollo 13 put in trouble the U.S. space agency NASA and the U.S. government when its astronauts without managing to reach the moon surface, they had to be brought back to Earth and they were about to die on the vastness of space. Apollo 13 activated the alarms and the Republican administration understood the huge risk involved in every mission. In 1970 the NASA budget was cut by limiting the continuation of manned missions to the moon, the resources were redirected, and Apollo 18, 19, 20 were cancelled. Now a day, the limitations are the same, money, political vision and the extraordinary risks of such an undertaking. I think that the man went to the moon, and that they discovered many things from there, also thanks to the trip to the moon, the technology advanced a lot and we discovered many new things, and new technologies were created, like the internet, computers, etc. The man development since the first trip to the moon has been enormous and we are like in another era since then.

Jose avila


46 l April,2012 l



INSTRUCTIONS: try to fill out this sudoku!


Find the hidden words from "Chemist-Biologist area" in CETYS

e m o n a m u h u h c o c n

m i b o n o e s c m h t u g

48 l April,2012 l

h y o i y e u i y o c e e y

b m e t o d o l o g y o r p

o i c a n c c g h i g t p h

l g p g y e h n t r s h p i

i c e i d e m e a i l e b l

n o i t i s o p m o c i o o

c e o s p u h e o i o i s s

o s e e h y h o i l s g v o

t a e v t c t r o l e t y p

t c h n t e n g n t e v r h

h t i i m u y g o l o c e y

g c a l c u l u s a g e d d



TOP 5 best students in the class room

Name: José Alfredo Puentes López Age: 17 years old. Grade: 9.94 He´s a man who has a real objective in life. One day he ate Arabic food; it was a strange experience because the food was 200 gr. Of veal raw meet with so much pepper.

Name: Carlos Eduardo Vargas Verduzco. Age: 18 years old. Grade: 9.82 Eddie has so many good qualities but the best of these is that he can talk with the deaf people using sing language.

Name: Andrea Leal Martinez Age: 18 years old. Grade: 9.86 Andrea loves sturdy but she has a secret, she is a very good zumba dancer. The other day she did something weir, her pregnant dog had 8 dogs and she helped to extract her puppies, unfortunately one of those dogs died.

Name: Monica Aydé Sauceda González Age: 18 years old. Grade: 9.63 Al thought she is intelligent, he loves something that many of us won´t like, she loves to eat “Marias” cookies with ketchup. She says “they are delicious”.

Name: Elda Georgina Soto Galván Age: 17 years old. Grade: 9.61 When she goes to the bathroom she loves to do something not that unusual, but she really loves it. She not only takes shower, she sings and dances. “When I go to the bathroom I go with my iPod” she saw.




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