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May 2022

President’s Corner


Danish Sisterhood


Volume 75, Number 5

Honorary Member Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Published by the Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America, (Dansk Søster Samfund) as its Official Publication.

Christina Sallee, National President

May is here and filled with exciting news and celebrations. As many states and countries have removed or drastically reduced pandemic restrictions, now is the time for us to again start planning on returning to in-person meetings. I realize that the last 2 years have been very difficult for us all and I hope that we can all get back in the habit of attending our meetings and events. It will be good to see and interact with our Sisters again face to face, and not on a screen. We will also have to acknowledge that how we conduct meetings and events will possibly have to change to keep up with the current times and practices. The world has become much more electronic (payments, meetings, lists, forms) and we in the Sisterhood will have to keep up with those changes both locally and nationally, if we do not things could end up looking grim. The good news is that your Board is working to ensure the continuation of the Sisterhood by building, planning and shaping our future. This is what the national board has always done for you and the sisterhood, and Boards will continue to do this for years to come. One of the important celebrations in May is Liberation Day which is observed May 5th, but many Danes light a candle and set it in the windowsill on the evening of May 4th to signify that the dark times were over. The evening of May 4th, 1945 was when Danes heard that they had been liberated from the German occupation of World War II and blackout curtains would no longer be enforced to ensure darkness. In remembrance we continue to place a candle in the windowsill on the evening of May 4th. This is one of the reasons I look forward to our

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Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor

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Dear Sisters, Spring is here and summer is coming fast on its heels! I hope all of you are staying healthy and are able to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends, family, and of course, your Danish Sisterhood Sisters! I have been very busy with work and finally found some time to sit for a few minutes and think so I could write to you all.

Youth Birthdays Happy May Birthday to:

Names Etilyn D Rock Addison M Parise Elle Eggleston Laiyla Tidwell Emery Teague Adeline Madrid

In this issue, I'm so happy to see that many lodges are active once again and are enjoying spending time with one another. It looks like all of you have been busy too! You'll also find an article later in this issue about something called Square Stories. It's an article I wrote about something that I'm very passionate about and something that has a special place in my heart. Better yet, it's Danish! I hope you all enjoy the article. Remember to keep sending in updates to your Danish Sisterhood News and to have a safe and healthy summer! Until next time, Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor editor@danishsisterhood.com

Lodge 4 26 68 117 131 177

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On the Cover Title: January 2001 Cover of the DSN Courtesy of: Danish Sisterhood archives, Museum of Danish America This cover of the Danish Sisterhood News was published in January 2001. It features an image of Greenland. Hopefully this image keeps you cool as the summer months approach!

Submit A Cover Photo Do you have a photo that you’d like to see on the cover of the Danish Sisterhood News? Send in your submissions and yours could be featured next! Photographs must be high resolution and should be accompanied by a short description of the photo’s content. Photos from Danish events, Sisterhood meetings, travels around Denmark, Danish culture and more are all great topics. Send photos to: editor@danishsisterhood.com 3

Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

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Denmark trip as we will be in the border area between Denmark and Germany, and I am sure there are many stories to be told in the contested areas during WWII. We still have some spots available on the

You can contact me to request your marketing needs: trustee3@danishsisterhood.com On a personal note I have been a member of DSS Lodge #4 in Chicago for 10 years. I was elected to the national board as trustee in 2019. For my lodge I have served as their secretary, trustee and social secretary. For the Midwest District I’m currently their secretary-treasurer. I currently work part-time for a large podiatry office and babysit for my 2 grandsons Connor 7 and Nolan 4. I’m also the Executive Director of the American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants a national organization for podiatric medical assistants. I’m the great granddaughter of P.S. Vig he was a Danish American pastor, educator and historian in the Lutheran church. He was integral to the formation of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America and the United Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church. I’m extremely proud of my Danish heritage.

trip so do join us for a trip of a lifetime by reaching out to Connie, or any one of the Board members, for more information. Sisterly Regards, Christina Sallee, DSS National President

In Memoriam NAME Diana Kramsvogel Lorna Hansen Mavis Agerholm Betty Mollerskov Henny Sorensen Irma Sloan Bente Bob

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Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

Kenosha, WI Solvang, CA Kenosha, WI Kenosha, WI Newark NJ Troy, NY Cleveland, OH

Birth Date Birth Place 9.1.26 1.19.30 1.14.27 12.10.21 3.4.25 10.10.24 5.9.39 4

Kenosha, WI Michigan Racine, WI Racine, WI Hillerod, DK North Troy, NY Denmark




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250. 125. 1000. 250. 1000. 1000. 250.

Des Moines Lodge #102 Honors a Longtime Member, Kirsten Lundgren According to Kirsten, she is the most senior member of Danish Brotherhood Lodge #15, also the first female member and the first female President. Kirsten is also a longtime member of Sisterhood Lodge #102. She was born in a Copen­hagen apartment with a midwife assisting her mother on Septem­ber 13, 1932. She likes to say she was born and raised on the sidewalks of Copenhagen. There was no lawn to play upon, only sidewalks and a courtyard. They always lived in an apartment, never a house. She remembers clothes hanging on the line, roller skating and wonderful trips to the beautiful parks of Copenhagen. Two and a half years after her birth, her broth­er was born. She states she had a pleasant childhood. She had a 'stay at home mother'. She started attend­ing an all-girl school at age 7. Schools were divided by sex, one for girls and a different one for boys. Kirsten's grandmother and father were Ger­ man. She had many German cousins. When Germany occupied Denmark during WW II they used the schools as their headquarters. The displaced students used the churches for schoolrooms. Kirsten was eight years old at the time. The Germans confiscated what food they want­ed, so the Danes had no meat or fruit. Horse meat be­came the staple. A tragic accident on March 21, 1945 caused the deaths of 100 students and teachers when a French Catholic School was accidentally bombed. A nearby house full of Danish prisoners was also bombed, allowing many prisoners to escape. The survivors of the bombing were told to get up, walk home and never look back. The houses were flaming all around. The scared children hid in their bedrooms. When the war was over on May 5, there was a party all night long. They got to have bananas again. An aunt who had married a Jew and escaped to Sweden came home. She brought marga­rine. The World's Friendship Association was started. The Exchange Student program began. Kirsten spent 3 weeks in England. They had a student from Hol­land live with them for a while. Danish students started learning English in 5th grade. Kirsten worked for a bank in Copenhagen and always received yearly passes to Tivoli Gardens.

On one of the Tivoli trips she bought cigarettes and met an American soldier. They went to have ice cream and had a nice visit. The next day he came to the bank to see Kirsten and also met her parents. He went back to the war. He had a Danish heritage and came back to visit. He proposed marriage and a Visa was arranged for Kirsten to go to America in 1952. They traveled on the Royal Viking to Ameri­ca. She arrived in America on November 24, 1953 and they were soon married. In those days, every­body wanted to come to America. It was a great surprise to live on East Broadway in Des Moines. She had expected something like the streets of Broadway in New York. Instead she saw cornfields and gravel roads. Her father wrote and asked if she wanted to come home. She wrote, no. Her brother came in the summer of 1955. Then her parents came. Her father had been a tailor in Denmark and continued working in Des Moines. He worked for Gov. Robert Ray. Some of the jobs Kirsten held include: Inventory clerk at an auto parts store, title work at Cars Incorporated. She lat­er took classes at Grand View and Iowa State. She eventually taught third grade in Saylorville. In 1961 she joined the Danish sisterhood. After a foreign food festival in downtown Des Moines, she joined the Brotherhood, which was a small group of only men at the time. Many of her Danish 'things' were destroyed in moves. One of the special Christmas traditions was always having an Advent Wreath where a candle was lit each week before Christmas. Another tradi­ tion involved her parents secretly setting up a 'tree' in a separate room on Christmas Eve. After supper they were allowed to light the candles on the tree and then see the decorations of baskets of fruits and goodies that they were now allowed to eat. The piano was played and carols were sung, and they danced around the 'tree'. 'Santa', played by her Grandfather, rang the doorbell, and then joined in celebrating. The tree stayed up until Epiphany. Another tradition was the special almond to be found in the Christmas pudding. Submitted by Claudia Holcomb


Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

Greetings from Bluewater Mermaids Lodge #184 Sarnia, ON/Port Huron, MI Spring is finally coming to our area, we still get frost at night but the grass is green and the trees are thinking about coming out. The border between Ontario and Michigan is again fully open and the “snowbirds” are returning to Ontario from wintering in Florida etc. Families are beginning to get together , restaurants and theaters are again open but masking is still required in many indoor facilities. After meeting in person in Sept., October and November we had to return to Zoom meetings until this March where 6 sisters from the Ontario side met, the Michigan sisters are not crossing the border yet. On April 23rd 7 of us met again and it was great to be together to catch up and exchange stories.

A few sisters have had Covid but have recovered. Most have had at least 3 vaccinations., Our Lodge do not have any plans for an annual Convention this year. Being a cross border Lodge do have some unique problems. We are hoping for some more normal times. We are thinking about you and look forward to the next Newsletter. Wishing you all a happy Spring and Summer and an end to Covid. Sincerely, Gitte Monteith, Lodge #184 Correspondent

Lodge #75 Enumclaw, WA - BINGO Fundraiser for Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Greetings sisters, The members of the Enumclaw Danish Sisterhood Unity Lodge #75 held a family BINGO event at the Danish Hall in Enumclaw on 4/29/2022. The event was to help raise funds for

Save the Date. Danish Festival Returns June 12, 2022 @ 12 noon Seneca Lake State Park Routes 5 & 20 Geneva, New York The park Entrance Fee is $7 Please bring a dish for the smorgasbord table and your own table ware. Musical instruments are welcome and music is available. Come and enjoy Hygge. Any questions contact: Meredith Sorensen (585) 586-9237 or David Seymour (585) 410-5080

Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid. The community came out and gave us great support for our cause and even had some fun. We had BINGO with prizes, great food and fantastic raffle prizes. The City of Enumclaw businesses and sisterhood members donated a number of great raffle prizes. The Enumclaw community were very happy to support the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid and they gave generously. A check for $2,000 was sent to the World Central Kitchen to support the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid. Heidi Althauser, Enumclaw Danish Sisterhood Unity Lodge #75 Treasure www.enumclawdanishsisterhood.com


Updates from Lodge #102 Des Moines, IA In April, we attended a very successful Heartland District Convention in DesMoines, Iowa hosted by the Sisterhood District Board. The theme was “Keeping the Danish Spirit Alive”. Our programs were folk dancing, singing, and a presentation by a H.C.Andersen storyteller. We were fortunate to have three National board members with us. Our special guest was Glenda Madrid from Solvang, CA. The other members were from our district, Nealna Gylling , Brainerd. MN and Linda Holz. DesMoines,IA. Carol Rudisill from our lodge received a much deserved Outstanding Sisterhood award. Our biggest news is that we have received

six new members. After introducing ourselves, we found that we have wonderful Danish connections and a new enthusiastic group! We continue to plan for upcoming business and events with our May Brunch, bake sale in connection with a church garage sale, and a picnic in June. We will also get our items from the past ready for the Museum of Danish America SH archive project. “Life itself is the most important fairy tale” by H.C. Andersen Carol Christiansen, Lodge #102°

Resolution: Marilyn Jensen Wadsworth with a good eye for design. She had to give up the shop due to injuries in a car accident. Marilyn joined our lodge in January 2010. She eagerly shared her love of all things DanDansk Familie Lodge in Rochester, NY is sadish. Hosting a lodge meeting, she would use her dened to lose Sister Marilyn Wadsworth, who Danish Lace china. While spending many windied suddenly in March. She is survived by her ters with her mother in Florida, she would visit a husband John, her mother Esther K. Jensen, sisScandinavian shop there and often brought back ters Karen Baylis and Frances Anne Jung, sistergifts for other sisters as well as items to contribin-law Marsha Young, and several nieces and ute to Danish Day festivities. nephews. Marilyn was a longtime member of Marilyn was a tireless volunteer for The Baptist Temple, where her funeral was held years with the Asbury First Storehouse at a March 19. Marilyn’s paternal grandparents, Hans Jen- large Methodist church in the city, which provides household goods and clothing for folks in sen and Sophie Bengsten, emigrated to the U.S. in 1894 from the town of Toksvaerd on the island need. She contributed many linens she found by of Sjaelland. They married in Wisconsin. Marilyn searching for them at estate sales. Always thoughtful, our sister brightened was born in Wellsville, NY to Frank E. and Esther many lives, sending flowers, bringing meals, and K. Jensen. John and Marilyn made their home in sharing her love of books and reading. Our lodge the Rochester area. charter was draped in her honor. Marilyn will be She owned and ran a fabric shop, Sew Chic, for 18 years on Schoen Place in the suburb missed by all of us. of Pittsford. She was an excellent seamstress Marilyn Jensen Wadsworth March 25,1944 – March 11, 2022

Membership Expansion Welcome New Members!

LODGE 81 300

NEW MEMBER Kari Isaksen Linda Bakke 7

SPONSOR Sharon Wellsandt Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

Early Spring Update from Amber Lodge #186 The Amber Lodge #186 met at Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Brainerd to celebrate Fastelavan. We skipped our normal business meeting to focus on food, games and breaking the cat out of the barrel. Joining us for the day were; Barb Wenshlag’s daughter Julie and her grandchildren, Nathan and Annelise, Nealna Gylling’s husband Don, niece Robin and husband Jason, along with their children Sawyer and Lucas, and Amber Thusholt’s children Soren, Emma and Josiah. After several games of BINGO, we shared a potluck of hotdogs and treats, then the kids took turns hitting the barrel to free the candy and cat. Josiah was crowned the Fastelavn king.

ments in preparation for sale. April In April, we welcomed guest speaker, Sonja Merrild from Grand Rapids, MN. Sonja shared her experiences as a Danish immigrant to the United States and how those experiences have been impacted by the various parts of the country she has lived in. A large part of her conversation focused on what defines Danish culture and how it is expressed in values, food, tradition, design and lifestyle. It was an enjoyable and thoughtful discussion. I think, as a group, we could easily have continued the conversation for a much longer period. Sonja joined us for lunch then we concluded the day with our business meeting. Thank you Sonja!

March Along with our usual business meeting and shared potluck lunch, we finished out the March meeting with some crafting time. Several felted red hearts were adapted and decorated as orna-

Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

Jane Matthies-Holtan, Correspondent


Historian’s Corner

Farewell to William "Bill" D Fries

by Donna Christensen Thomas, National DSS Historian Did you hear that Bill Fries (pronounced as “Frees”) died on April 1, 2022? Perhaps that name doesn’t “ring a bell” for you. Does “C.W. McCall”? This became his character and stage name for Mr. Fries about fifty years ago. I heard the announcement earlier this month that the “One hit Wonder from Iowa” had died. That’s not quite accurate. While he was best known for the “Convoy” song, he had several more songs which enjoyed commercial successes. Our hometown hero has quite an interesting story and background. He even has Danish ancestry! He died in Ouray, Colorado, age 93, from cancer. Billie Dale Fries was born on on 15 Nov 1928 to William Dale Fries (1892-1952) and Margaret Marie (nee Nielsen) (1907-2000) at Audubon, Iowa, the eldest of four children. Bill, the father, was a foreman for Kozy Manufacturing, which made buildings. The younger Bill later changed his name legally to “William.” According to his wikipedia page, his first performance was at the age of three as he sang “Coming ‘Round the Mountain” in a local talent contest. His father played the violin while his mother played the piano. They played ragtime music together for local dances. Bill became the drum major for the high school marching band and graduated with the class of 1946. Our neighbor, Joy (Madsen) St Peter recalls sledding with him and a few others on the golf course when they were in high school. He went on to college and pursued graphic art and set design which led to an occupation in the advertising industry. I first became aware of this local hero in 1974 as he made a hit with television commercial for Old Home Bread for the Metz Baking Company. The series of commercials chronicled the romance between a truck driver named C.W. McCall and a waitress named Mavis at the Old Home Filler-Up an’ Keep-on-a-Truckin’ Café and truck stop. (You can find these archived on YouTube. com.) He was the voice of the song, but not the

actor in the commercials. Nonetheless, the character was “born” and a dozen other hit songs and movies featured the outlaw country songs. Another local talent in the Omaha area, Chip Davis, from the Mannheim Steamroller fame wrote the music. Classically trained Davis, would win County Music Writer of the Year in 1976 in a genre he didn’t even like! The “Convoy” song and others used the the CB radio to rebel against the then new Federal speed limit of 55 mph. In 2014, it was featured in Grand Theft Auto V. In February, as he was interviewed while on hospice care, he gave his blessing for the use of his signature song for the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada and was reportedly “energized and enthusiastic” about the revival of interest in the song and its message. His paternal grandparents were Heinrich Johannes Nicolaus Fries (1847-1899), a laborer, and Catharina (Brasch) (1855-1921). They were immigrants from the Schleswig-Holstein duchies. They had married in 1877 in Davenport, Iowa and had five children. They lived and died in the Brayton, Iowa area of Audubon county. Bill’s maternal grandparents Carl Christian Nielsen (1881-1975) married Myrtle May Webster (1882-1970) whose Webster family came from New England while the Tuten and Neill families were very early pioneer settlers from Ireland and Scotland to Audubon County and go back as early as 1808 there. Carl immigrated in 1890 along with several siblings and parents and was an independent well digger by profession. His father Hans Peter Nielsen (1849-1923) came from Ribe, Denmark and wife Gertrude Marie (Rasmussen) (ca 1853- ?) along with several of their children came to the Kimballton area. Many of their descendants remain in the area. One hundred years ago, Sharon Township, where Kimballton is located, was 95 percent Danish! Today, it remains largely Danish as well. Rest in Peace, Bill Fries!


Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

Uncovering the Mysteries of the Square Story by Lauren C. Nielsen

During my sophomore year of college, I took an Introduction to Creative Writing course with Professor Lise Kildegaard. I had no idea what I would discover that day as we began the course’s fiction unit. Professor Kildegaard began the unit by introducing us to short-short stories, with one particular style highlighted above all others—square stories. The Discovery “A square story? What’s that?” I thought. But as soon as the word “Danish” came out of our professor’s mouth, my ears perked up and I was immediately intrigued. Square stories, I came to learn, were invented by a Danish author named Louis Jensen. While in that class, I looked down at my handout to see several stories typed out on the page. Two of those stories were very short and very squareshaped! I read one, then the other, and I fell in love. These minuscule stories sparked vibrant images in my mind, and yet they were constructed with so few words. We were given an assignment for the next class—write two of your own square stories. I never knew then that square stories would take me on such an adventure. By nature, square stories are not just any short story. And they’re not micro-fiction either. And while they are often lyrical and poetic, they are not just poetry either. Square stories are a little of each of these things. They are very very short. Some can be only a few words, some a bit longer. Louis Jensen’s square stories typically contain fewer than one hundred words. And while they are very, very short, they do tell stories. Each story includes a plot, characters, and oftentimes a role reversal. They cross boundaries while, at the same time, staying inside of them. Square stories also cannot be categorized into one genre. Instead, they consist of overlapping genres. Jensen’s stories contain elements of children’s literature; fantasy and fairytales; surrealism, magic realism and absurdism; fables; and Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

jokes or humor. In an interview, Jensen once said that if he were to express a wish, “it would be for more space for the weird, the strange, the unpredictable, the extremely sad and the extremely humorous…all that kind of literature where the text shows itself in another way than we are used to—.” Each of those elements listed are incorporated into his own square stories. This is where I started when I began that writing assignment. I looked at the world and how it is filled with the weird and the strange and then I began writing and started there—right were the weird, the strange and the unpredictable all came together. The Author Louis Jensen was born in Nibe, Denmark on July 19, 1943. In 1970, he published his first poem and then his first book of poetry followed in 1972. Jensen also wrote novels, the first, Krystalmanden, being published in 1986. He published his first volume of 100 square stories in 1992, thus starting his “Square Story Project”. For this project, he set himself a goal of writing 1,001 stories and so he did. Each volume written contained 100 stories, and in 2016, he published his tenth volume of 100 and his eleventh volume containing one single, final story. Each story began with a number. The first began with “Engang der var…” or “Once there was”. As the stories go on, they are numbered with “a second time, a third time” and so on. The stories, while written for children, can be enjoyed by any age group. Each of Jensen’s books is illustrated by Lillian Brøgger, a prize-winning Danish Illustrator. Many of the fantastical, surreal or absurd elements were present in Jensen’s square stories because of the influence that other authors had on him. One of these authors included the great Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Sadly, in March 2021, Louis Jensen unexpectedly died of a heart attack while bicycling with friends. 10

The Adventure Now, earlier I mentioned that square stories took me on an adventure. Well, here it is. Professor Lise Kildegaard wasn’t just a fan of square stories. She’s also the sole translator of Jensen’s square stories. Two years after I learned of square stories in my creative writing class, I was a Senior in college deciding on what Senior Project I wanted to complete. As an English Writing major, I had the opportunity to complete a writing project. Being completely enchanted by square stories at this point, I decided to write my own. And I didn’t just write a few—I decided that I would have my very own “Square Story Project”, just like Louis Jensen. So, for my first set of stories, I landed on the number 90. Why 90? Well, a square has four corners, each corner has 90 degrees. So I decided that my project would be set up in four parts, each containing 90 stories. Eventually I planned, and still am working toward, the goal of writing 360 square stories.

I still keep in touch with Lise Kildegaard, and every now and then, she shares new translations of Jensen’s square stories. She also continues to promote and share square stories through articles and interviews. You may have even heard of these square stories at the Museum of Danish America in 2021 where they featured an outdoor exhibit of Jensen’s square stories. Each time I hear about a new article, interview or presentation about Jensen’s square stories, I of course hop right to it and voraciously take it in. I continue to learn so much about these fun, quirky and unique little stories. I hope that by sharing my story and my passion with all of you that you all will take a moment to experience these little stories yourself. After all, they are meant to be experienced. I’ll leave you with the first square story I wrote way back in that creative writing classroom.

A tall, majestic castle popped up from the book. Alongside the castle was a pop-up princess with her pop-up prince and their pop-up royal court. They ruled the pop-up kingdom with their pop-up proclamations. And beside the book was an orange orange.


Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

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Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022


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Danish Sisterhood News, May 2022

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The Danish Sisterhood has a new and very special member status, the DSS Angels. This status belongs to those members that wish to gift their funeral benefit back to the Sisterhood. We have had some members in the past make the Sisterhood their beneficiary. We believe this is a generous and significant gift, and wish to honor them while we can, keeping a list of our current “Angels” posted. A couple of options are available:

Clip and mail to: Danish Sisterhood News National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St. Solvang, CA 93463

• A change of beneficiary to: Danish Sisterhood of America or, • A change of beneficiary to one of the national scholarship funds. Be specific, ie: Betty Hansen Scholarship, Past National Officers, Camp Grant, etc.

I belong to Lodge #: Name: New Address:

If you wish to change your status, please contact your lodge or the National Secretary for a Beneficiary Change Form. Your benefit does not need to be fully paid yet, and you'd be expected to maintain your payments, as the Sisterhood will not receive the benefit until your passing. Those that do not have a funeral benefit as part of your membership category can participate by donating $1,000 to the Danish Sisterhood of America. On behalf of our entire membership, we wish to thank and honor as our first Angels:

Lodge # Name

Lodge # Name

166 168 126 188 75 22 15

102 15 125 177 15 166 126 15 142 165 177 86 15 15 90 177 185

12 177 125 171 102 149 187 177 81 81 165 90

Viola Wilson Joann Scott Dorothy Petersen Karin Plagens Sandra Nelson Carole Hodges Andrea Sue Welling Leih Elizabeth Haar Glenda Madrid Nancy J. Mayland Johanne Gade Diann Weinman Carol Smith Meredith Sorensen Marie Jaeger Christina Sallee Melissa Sallee Marie Fairbanks Constance Schneider

City: State: Zip Code:

Membership Expansion

Susan R. Fisher Lou Ann Jensen Hanne Skaarup Else Lassiter Pamela H. Ruben Carolyn Sias Ruth M. Brigden Kristine Huss Seena Drapala Margaret Wetzel Verina Farrell Lorraine Buchanan Janice L. Schneider Debra Spotz Vicki Bousquet Marianne Larsen Bente Bob

LODGE 15 20 300 300 300

NEW MEMBER Gwenn Hansen Jamie Mattek Mona Mordoff Richard Mordoff Janet Copeland

SPONSOR Marcia Jante Karen Vig-Keathley Martha Smith Martha Smith National

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Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St Solvang, CA 93463

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