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March 2022

President’s Corner


Danish Sisterhood


Volume 75, Number 3

Honorary Member Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Published by the Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America, (Dansk Søster Samfund) as its Official Publication.

Christina Sallee, National President

With Easter at the door, I hope everyone still is doing well. We are not quite back to life as before the pandemic, but we are all getting used to the changes and living with those. My local lodge are getting together in March for our first meeting in a long time, and I am sure the same can be said for your local lodges. We Sisters have been very resilient through the pandemic, and while we have lost some sisters, we have also gained quite a few new ones. Overall, we all have been able to hang in there and see the light at the end of this long and deep tunnel. As I told you last month, we are having our Board meeting at the end of February, and we are planning the PowerPoint presentation to show all the districts who are still planning on having their conventions. We are aware that some District Conventions are now for the third year, not taking place and we are planning to cohost a Zoom meeting with Tivoli lodge showing the District Convention slides with updates from National Board, so you can get a small glimpse of all the things we have been doing and are planning. This should take place in June or July but stay tuned for more information. As you are aware we did put together a second trip to Denmark, September 22 to October 4th, so now is your chance to sign up and join us and Benedikte for a fabulous tour of Denmark and part of Germany to celebrate the 1920 reunification. Reach out to Connie Schell and come and see Denmark with us, more information is in the newsletter and our website. I wish you all a Happy Easter (God Påske) Sisterly Regards,

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Christina Sallee, DSS National President Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

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Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor

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"Remember that the real essence of the fraternal spirit is to be ever mindful of the welfare of others, to bring cheer and gladness into other's lives." -Christine Miller, 1947 Supreme President Dear Sisters, The above quote can be found on the cover of this issue--the cover of the first issue of the Danish Sisterhood News, published in 1947. What Supreme President Christine Miller said about our organization's spirit 75 years ago remains the same to this day. The Sisterhood has not been without its hardships or stressors. The past two years clearly are an example of that. But even through difficult times or stressful meetings and big decisions, we keep that fraternal spirit strong through our involvement in this wonderful organization. Our newsletter has undergone many a change throughout its 75 years. We've transitioned between different editors, we've gone through several re-designs of the DSN's look, and we even jumped into the digital age with both a print and digital edition available to our members. I'm looking forward to our organization and the newsletter staying strong for the next 75 plus years, whatever the format. I hope each of you continues to enjoy the DSN and that you're celebrating its 75th anniversary by sharing it and the Danish Sisterhood with others in your lives. Please remember to send along lodge reports, events, historical articles, stories and more! Until next time, Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor editor@danishsisterhood.com

Youth Birthdays Happy March Birthday to:

Names Thomas Keough Amerika Cole Phoebe Volious Zoe Edgington Macy Edgington

Lodge 21 68 102 131 131

Age 10 10 6 14 14

On the Cover Title: First issue of the DSN, 1947 Courtesy of: Danish Sisterhood archives, Museum of Danish America On February 15, 1947, the first issue of the Danish Sisterhood News was published. As you can see, this is the cover of that first issue, highlighting a letter from the Supreme President and more reports from lodges.

Submit A Cover Photo Do you have a photo that you’d like to see on the cover of the Danish Sisterhood News? Send in your submissions and yours could be featured next! Photographs must be high resolution and should be accompanied by a short description of the photo’s content. Photos from Danish events, Sisterhood meetings, travels around Denmark, Danish culture and more are all great topics. Send photos to: editor@danishsisterhood.com 3

Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

Officer's Corner: Karin Wasler, National Vice President Member Motivation Keeping members motivated is key to a successful, healthy lodge. The difficult part is figuring out how to do it. Motivation is a very individualized factor – each member will have different keys that unlock the secret to their own personal reasons for joining – and staying. By thinking about what each person's reason is for joining the organization, you can better help them get the most out of their involvement. Some members join groups to learn or explore something new. To motivate these members, continue to feed their curiosity by helping them learn about modern Denmark, a unique component of our culture, or even invite them to run for a lodge office that puts them a bit out of their comfort zone. Sometimes people may have joined to meet new people in their community. You might motivate them by involving them in ways that require them to interact with others, like helping with a committee. Think about the topics your members bring up during social hours: is it social justice? Is it animals? Is it supporting the local women's shelter? Invite them to give a presentation on how these topics are addressed in Denmark; or maybe this is a cause your group would like to support for a year or two. After all, our foundation is built on providing help for one another. Our Danish Sisterhood lodges offer members a wonderful place for our members to feel like they 'belong.' We share heritage

or even language, or maybe just a passion for all-things Danish. These shared values can help us feel satisfied, needed and validated. Providing opportunities for members to make contributions to the organization is especially important when it comes to motivation. Do you remember to acknowledge accomplishments at meetings? Do you thank each other for coming? Sometimes small gestures can have a big impact in how a person feels about belonging to an organization. Use peoples' names. Give individual attention to people – even in a Zoom meeting. Listen - a lot. And lastly, let them know how important they are to you. An exercise I used in my days working with college groups was to hold a brainstorming session on all the reasons people joined the group. Then, break up into subgroups and assign each subgroup part of the list. Have each subgroup analyze how well your Lodge meets each reason for joining. As a final step, have each subgroup report back to the larger group. This can be a great way to promote dialog in your lodge about how to improve motivation and engagement in your Lodge. Karin is a second generation Danish-American, born and raised in Wisconsin. She lived in Iowa, and Minnesota prior to moving to Los Angeles in the early 2000's to be with her now husband, Locke. Karin has managed a health and safety training program at UCLA since 2008.


Just a reminder to all you snowbirds, please let me know when you want to change your address for summer delivery of the Newsletter. You’ll find the change form in the back of the newsletter or email secretary@danishsisterhood.com Thank you, Glenda Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022


Update from Frihed Lodge #153, Hartford, CT We began our program year in September via a Zoom meeting. We were delighted to be “together”. We shared updates including the birth of Kim Renehan’s grandson Addison Jack in August. There are more grand babies on the way for other sisters. Betty Titus’ two grandchildren have completed degrees in the medical field. We also did some planning for the year’s meetings including speakers, charity gifts and of course good food. We enjoyed each other’s company again in October with dinner at the local Olive Garden for those members comfortable in dining out. Our November meeting featured a guest speaker Lisa Steen Riggs who is the manager of The Danish Windmill in Elk Horn Iowa (www. danishwindmill.com). Lisa is the mother of our newest lodge sister Katrina Riggs. Lisa shared information about the windmill’s move from Nørre-Snede Denmark to Elk Horn Iowa in 1976, reassembled in Iowa by over 300 volunteers. Elk Horn is a very small town (population ~600 in the 2020 census) that is nearly one-half Danish heritage. It was remarkable that they were able to raise the money for the move and later the repair of this windmill. Their connection to Denmark is strong as they actively market tourism

and have had two Danish documentaries filmed in Elk Horn in 2013 and 2014. The documentaries are “Denmark on the Prairie” and “Return to Elk Horn”. It was a very interesting presentation. December was all about Jul! Prior to our meeting we shared cookie recipes which were compiled into a small package by Karen Kollar and Kim Renehan. We celebrated with a hybrid in person / zoom Jul celebration. Jackie Smith opened her festively decorated home to our group. Since it was such a success last year, Sarah Petersen used an online tool to generate names for Secret Santa. This enabled us to share gifts with a particular person in mind. The gifts were either delivered in person or mailed prior to the event. The gifts were creative and included items such as a cross-stitch kit, mugs, books, towels and candy. Those in person enjoyed a ham dinner with sides and desserts at a beautifully decorated dining room table. Also, in December we shared with others in the community. Using money donated by our members, Kim Renehan and Karen Kollar purchased, packaged and delivered gifts for the Southington (CT) Social Services Children’s Christmas Party. We are looking forward to 2022!

Camp Grant Applications Due April 30 As I write this article in the middle of February, each, not to exceed the camp costs. Find an apthe wind is blowing and the snow is flying in plication at the Danish Sisterhood website www. central Minnesota, but I KNOW summer is coming danishsisterhood.org. Go under “What We Do” and that means CAMPS for to camp grants. kids. The Danish Sisterhood supports the members and Remember camp grant applicatheir children and grandchiltions are due by April 30, 2022, dren through age 18 who so get your application going are attending a camp during soon. the summer. This camp may Enjoy a summer camp!! be a day camp or an overnight camp. It can pertain to something about Denmark or can be about any of your interests. The Danish Sisterhood of America will assist you by awarding up to 8 camp grants of $100.00




Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

Tivoli Lodge Celebrates 20 Years Tivoli Lodge #300 was founded in 2002 as a way for individuals across the nation to join the Danish Sisterhood organization despite not living near a brick-and-mortar lodge. Initially, the only tangible member benefit was the monthly Danish Sisterhood News. Since the establishment of lodge officers in 2019, members now have monthly meetings, member initiations, Christmas parties, and even lodge leadership installations. Through the use of Zoom, we have developed friendships, heard of each other's Danish traditions and even seen some of each other's pets. Sound similar to your group's Zoom experience? That's because it is. The mission of the Danish Sisterhood is to strengthen, maintain and preserve the Danish heritage and traditions for future generations. Tivoli Lodge serves as the virtual arm (lodge) of the greater national organization. Meeting every second Thursday evening for a presentation about Danish traditions or culture followed by fellowship, members experience many of the same benefits of in-person lodge meetings. Our lodge leadership board is elected annually, and meets monthly to continue to help our lodge grow. It is a rewarding experience to

work with such talented people from across the country. Communication with lodge members is conducted via email, our monthly Zoom meetings and a members-only Facebook group. Presentation topics and meeting information can also be found on the National Foundation for Danish America’s website at danishamerica.org. At the close of 2021, Tivoli Lodge had 81members from 26 states. A good number of our members are also members of another Danish Sisterhood lodge and/or additional Danish-American organizations, which enriches our experiences - we learn what other groups are doing, and even share programming. Speaking of programming, this year we look forward to celebrating our 20th birthday with a virtual party; learning about the Spring 2022 Rebild meeting and trips in Chicago; initiating new members in March and much, much more. If you are interested in joining us, please see our website https://dss300.danishsisterhood. org/ or reach out to us at tivolilodge300@gmail. com.

Second Trip Available!

Trip includes: • Transportation in a 4 star bus, serving coffee, tea, and cold drinks during rest stops • 11 nights’ accommodations in 3 and 4 star hotels and one castle • 11 breakfasts and 11 dinners • All entry fees at museums, castles, ferry crossings, etc.

This year's trip to Denmark and the German Border Lands, planned for August 11-22, is full. Thankfully, Benedikte Ehrs has made a second trip available to us. Dates: September 22 – October 3 During 2020, the centennial of the reunification of Southern Jutland with the rest of Denmark was celebrated by Danes throughout the area. Part of this area was lost to Germany in 1864 during the 2nd Prussian War and part of this loss was regained by Denmark in a 1920 referendum. Join us as we explore this important and beautiful area during our 2022 Danish Sisterhood tour.

Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

Submitted by Karin Wasler, Tivoli Lodge president

For more information, see the Danish Sisterhood website, or contact our trip coordinator: Connie Schell E-mail: cschell4dss@aol.com Phone: 518-651-1789


Katherine Lodge #20 Update, Kenosha, WI Greetings to all our Sisters from Katherine Lodge #20, Kenosha, Wisconsin. We held our first meeting of the new year on February 16th. Our meetings have been virtual due to high levels of COVID19 spread in the area. New officers were installed: President: Anna Nielsen, Vice-President: Lisa Zanin, Secretary: Kara Ernst-Schalk (filling the remaining year left vacant by Anna Nielsen's new position), 1st Trustee: Jonna Chiapete, and 2nd Trustee: Mary Lou Nielsen. Majbritt Andersen-Stewart moved into the position of Past-President, our Treasurer remains Marge Orth and Vita Andersen continues as Guard. At our first new board meeting, we set the 2022 Calendar. Our regular meetings will continue to be held on the third Wednesday of each month. Virtual meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. When we return to in-person meetings, we will begin at 6:30 p.m. New locations for our in-person meeting are being explored. We have some exciting and interesting programs (mostly to follow our regular meetings) scheduled for the year. March will be a presentation on the pre-history of Denmark. April will hold a demonstration of how to make citronfromage. In May, we can look forward to the Midwest District Convention and, at our regular meeting, we will hold a memorial program for the Sisters we've lost in the last two years. Members will

share their fond memories of each of the deceased Sisters. In the summer months, we do not hold regular meetings, but still get together for some fun social events. We hold a Summer Solstice potluck/party in June (this year on the 18th/rain date 6/25). July is busy with participation in the Kenosha parade, and new events--Brown Bag & Beer and/or Brown Bag & Bingo at a local biergarten, and our big fundraising event. This year we will be having a wine tasting to raise money for our scholarship fund and chosen charities. Details will come out soon. For August we always celebrate our lodge's anniversary with a Sunday afternoon luncheon. Also new, we are looking at scheduling "coffee hours" at various times for Sisters to socialize over coffee/tea at local coffee shops as well. We are back to regular meetings for September, October and November. In addition to nominations and elections, some great programs are planned: presentation on the DSS Denmark trip, cooking demonstration for æblekage, and making Danish Christmas cards. Finally, we now have a lodge email address: danishsisterhoodkenosha@gmail.com. Hope all Sisters stay healthy and happy.

Find @danishsisterhood on Instagram! Join the Danish Sisterhood community, now on Instagram! We'll be sharing photos from Denmark, Lodge gatherings & events, educational graphics, latest DSS news and so much more!


Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

DSN Submissions Best Practices & Tips Submitting an article to the DSS Newsletter but don’t know the best way to submit it? To make the process smooth and easy, here are some best practices to follow when you send in a submission. Write Your Article If you’re having trouble getting started, just start writing—whatever comes to your mind first! Then, go back and edit and your work. Remember to include your name as well as your lodge’s name, number and location! After you’ve made your last edits, go back and double check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Or have another person give it a look—two sets of eyes are better than one! Document Format Make sure your article or submission is written in a Word Doc, a Google Doc, a TextEdit Doc or a similar word processing file. Don't put photos in the document! Photos Photos should be high quality and not blurry. They should be sent in the same email as the document containing your text, but as separate attachments. If images are too large, send them in separate emails as attachments or in a Google folder. Where to Submit You can send your submissions to our Editor, Lauren, at editor@danishsisterhood.com Topics to Write About Trying to come up with some new ideas? The first piece of advice we have to share is: write what you know! Did you grow up in Denmark? Do you have a Danish tradition in your family? Do you have a story that has been passed down to you by your grandparents? Just write it down and share it! If you're not in the personal sharing mood, no worries! Do some research on a historical item, event, place or person. Talk to the other sisters in your lodge and ask if you can interview them! There is a wealth of knowledge that our sisters have and there's nothing stopping us from sharing that knowledge! Address Changes, Missing Issues, Deadlines, etc. Address changes should be sent to our National Secretary, Glenda Madrid. You can email her or use the form at the back of the DSN. Youth birthday additions also go to Glenda! Missing an issue? Contact our Membership Trustee, Karen Vig-Keathley for a replacement. Wondering about our deadlines for each issue? We have them listed on page 15 for your convenience!

Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022


Historian’s Corner

Rest in Peace Betty White

by Donna Christensen Thomas, National DSS Historian Very recently we lost a national treasure and a shining star! I had been so excited as I anticipated the celebration of Betty White’s 100th birthday. I had enjoyed watching her throughout my life in her various roles, particularly on the Mary Tyler Moore show, Golden Girls and various game shows. Her 95th birthday television show included so many of her colleagues and personalities from throughout the decades. It was a “blast from the past” and so much fun to see these people again as they celebrated such a deserving woman! Sadly in this past year of 2021, we had also lost several of her co-stars: Edward Asner, Gavin MacLeod, Cloris Leachman. The other actors from the Golden Girls passed about ten years ago just to name a few who could no longer celebrate with her. Betty’s character Rose Nylund, was always my favorite as she told her stories about her life back in Saint Olaf, Minnesota. Was she possibly paying homage to her Nordic ancestors? I had always wondered. She used Nordic sounding words as she explained and shared stories with her Golden Girl roommates. She rarely specified which of the Scandinavian countries she was descended from. From the sounds of her Nordic words I was guessing Norwegian heritage. Of course, it was completely possible that the actor didn’t have any Scandinavian background, but I had always wondered. However, by researching Betty’s background the truth I learned was even better than I had imagined! When researching family history, one must start with the present that is known and work back in time to the unknowns. Betty Marion White was born on 17 January 1922 at Oak Park, Cook county, Illinois. Her mother, Christine Tess Cackitis (1899-1985), was born in Chicago. Christine’s father, Nicholas Cachikis (1874-1943), was a Greek immigrant. In the 1910 census Nicholas drove an ice cream wagon in Chicago and was married to Margaret Curtis Hobbs (1877-1929). By the 1920 cen-

sus he had added “chauffeur” as his livelihood. In the 1930 census he was a widowed and was rooming with an individual Both of Betty’s grandmothers were born in Ontario, Canada and were of English and Welsh background. Betty’s father, Horace Logan White (1899-1963) and wife Christine were married in Chicago in 1921. Betty was their only child. Horace worked as an executive of a lighting company. The family moved to Los Angeles, California when Betty was about 1½ years old. Horace had an older sister, Emma (1892-1963) who married Hugh Henry James (1891-1965), a civil engineer in Chicago. No known children were born to this union. Horace’s parents were Christen Hans Rasmussen Hvid (1865-1941) and Etta Lundy (1863-1939). Christen (sometimes found as Christofer) was born in Denmark and immigrated in the early 1880’s. He first settled in Negaunee, Marquette county, Michigan where both of their children were born. (This is also the birthplace of our Danish Sisterhood organization in 1883). By 1900, Christen was a traveling salesman according to the census, as the family was living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1910 and 1920, he was a salesman in the rubber business. He worked in a shoe store in Oak Park according to the 1930 and 1940 censuses and at the time of his death Throughout the years, the couple rented homes and usually had a boarder or two, likely for additional income. In the 1930 and 1940 census, they had been living with their daughter, Emma and Hugh Henry James. Etta had died in 1939. Horace had served in World War I and died only four days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Christen and Etta are both buried in the Aurora Cemetery, in Aurora, Ontario, Canada with Etta’s family. I had some difficulty identifying Mr. White as he is referred to as Christian, Hans, and Christopher on the various records. I didn’t know what the actual birth name was nor any idea of where in Denmark he had been born. In about 1861, 9

Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

Historian’s Corner (cont.) the King of Denmark had decreed the end of that the patronymic naming system in which a person took the name of their father and added “-sen” for the males and “-datter” for the girls. This system had been used for centuries, but was to be discontinued in part to simplify record keeping for the government. This didn’t happen quickly as the people in the cities tended to comply much more quickly than did the rural folk who perhaps took as long as the turn of the twentieth century to settle in on a surname that they would keep though the coming generations. Finally, I found it! “Christen Hans Rasmussen” was born at Stokkesmarke, Maribo county, Denmark to Rasmus Pedersen Hvid (born in 1822), a “skomager” (shoemaker) and Christiane Sofie Kristensen (born in 1832). His father and paternal grandfather were both “skole laerer” (school teachers). Christen had at least six siblings. I found his baptism record "Christen Hans Rasmussen” with “Hvid” for his father’s surname on the birth record, but not attached to Christen. I found “Hvid” in parentheses on some Danish records. However, Christen apparently adopted the Hvid (i.e. White) name after he immigrated to the USA. There were many Danes and other Nordic people in the places he had lived: Negaunee, Green Bay and certainly in Chicago, so “White” could have been easier to distinguish himself from many other men named Hans or Chris or those with the Rasmussen surname. I don’t know how “Christopher” fits into the picture, as this

was how his name appeared on the 1920, 1930 and 1940 censuses and his death record. Perhaps this was also a manner in which he might become further distinguished from others and “Americanized.” It would probably be less common than Hans and Chris for Scandinavian given names. I have not researched Christen’s siblings to find out more about the family as well as if they had immigrated or not. When I first identified Etta Lundy, I casually realized that was also the surname in my pedigree, but thought nothing more about it as I was trying to figure out the name of her Danish immigrant husband. The big surprise for me, as I tried to learn more about Etta (Lundy) and her family, led me to Warren county, New Jersey. I found that she was a fourth cousin, to my greatgreat grandmother, Susanna (Heacock) Kester (1860-1935). Susanna and her husband migrated from Pennsylvania to Audubon, Iowa, my hometown in 1882. We share ancestors Richard Lundy (1692-1772) and Elizabeth Large (16951745). This part of my pedigree contains mostly English and German Quakers. Assuming that the research is correct, that makes me sixth cousin, twice removed to Betty White! My son, Jason, had fun when he posted to his Facebook page that he was a cousin to Betty White. We have been able to enjoy the various tributes to Betty White. Rest in peace, Cousin Betty!

In Memoriam NAME

Cert #

Lodge # Location

Diane Moran Luetta Maixner

21807 22538

131 176

Ferndale, CA Dike, IA

Birth Date Birth Place 12.8.44 5.21.27

Eureka, CA Virdegre, NE




5.23.61 6.13.66

1.16.22 12.28.19

125. 250.

Membership Expansion Welcome New Members! Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

LODGE 81 181 181

NEW MEMBER Hanne Gronvaldt Jade Chouinard Lucie Winchell 10

SPONSOR Christina Sallee Janet Proper Janet Proper

Upcoming Presentations from Museum of Danish America Dear Danish Sisterhood Members, Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year has started well and that some of you are able to meet in person again. I am writing as a follow-up to the completion of the two-year project to sort, catalog, and make accessible your treasured collection. Your support for this project has been extraordinary, and the donations made by each of you and your lodges made this a possibility. As a thank you, and to show you what has been accomplished, I am offering to give a presentation to your lodges or districts. I have already scheduled presentations with some lodges and would like to extend that opportunity to all of you. The informative presentation will last about a half hour and gives time for questions and discussion. I will discuss the work that has been done, some of my findings, how you are able to access your collection, and what is next for this unique

collection. I would like to offer this presentation in whatever form you are most comfortable, be it in-person for a lodge meeting, or via Zoom. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your collection in more detail. Tusind tak, Cheyenne Jansdatter, MLIS cjansdatter@danishmuseum.org Archives Manager & Outreach Associate Museum of Danish America Scheduled Events: March 10, 2022: Hartford, CT Lodge #153, Zoom April 3, 2022: Heartland District Convention, in person May 13, 2022: Milwaukee, WI Lodge #15, in person May 14, 2022: Midwest District Convention, in person July 14, 2022: Tivoli Lodge #300, Zoom TBD: Denver, CO Lodge #21, in person

News from Princess Marie Lodge #86 Philadelphia Princess Marie lodge held a virtual zoom meeting on Saturday, January 15th. Brooke Crabtree (Ann Margret’s daughter) was awarded the lodge book scholarship - congratulations Brooke! All our officers will remain the same for the upcoming year. Past President Inge Olsen President Annette Olesen, Vice President Ann M. Hinrichsen, Secretary Bente Cloud Treasurer Suzanne Griffin, 1st Trustee Celeste Cattie, 2nd Trustee Kim Palagruto and 3rd Trustee Suzy Boyle. Our February Meeting was a Zoom Meeting- A Danish Cooking Class. We enjoyed a cooking Danish lesson making poached cod with mustard sauce. Everyone exclaimed it was delicious!!! Submitted by Bente Cloud, Secretary Lodge 86 11

Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

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Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022


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Danish Sisterhood News, March 2022

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Address Changes If you have moved please use this form to notify the Danish Sisterhood of America.

The Danish Sisterhood has a new and very special member status, the DSS Angels. This status belongs to those members that wish to gift their funeral benefit back to the Sisterhood. We have had some members in the past make the Sisterhood their beneficiary. We believe this is a generous and significant gift, and wish to honor them while we can, keeping a list of our current “Angels” posted. A couple of options are available:

Clip and mail to: Danish Sisterhood News National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St. Solvang, CA 93463

• A change of beneficiary to: Danish Sisterhood of America or, • A change of beneficiary to one of the national scholarship funds. Be specific, ie: Betty Hansen Scholarship, Past National Officers, Camp Grant, etc.

I belong to Lodge #: Name: New Address:

If you wish to change your status, please contact your lodge or the National Secretary for a Beneficiary Change Form. Your benefit does not need to be fully paid yet, and you'd be expected to maintain your payments, as the Sisterhood will not receive the benefit until your passing. Those that do not have a funeral benefit as part of your membership category can participate by donating $1,000 to the Danish Sisterhood of America. On behalf of our entire membership, we wish to thank and honor as our first Angels:

Lodge # Name

Lodge # Name

166 168 126 188 75 22 15

102 15 125 177 15 166 126 15 142 165 177 86 15 15 90

12 177 125 171 102 149 187 177 81 81 165 90

Viola Wilson Joann Scott Dorothy Petersen Karin Plagens Sandra Nelson Carole Hodges Andrea Sue Welling Leih Elizabeth Haar Glenda Madrid Nancy J. Mayland Johanne Gade Diann Weinman Carol Smith Meredith Sorensen Marie Jaeger Christina Sallee Melissa Sallee Marie Fairbanks Constance Schneider

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Membership Expansion

Susan R. Fisher Lou Ann Jensen Hanne Skaarup Else Lassiter Pamela H. Ruben Carolyn Sias Ruth M. Brigden Kristine Huss Seena Drapala Margaret Wetzel Verina Farrell Lorraine Buchanan Janice L. Schneider Debra Spotz Vicki Bousquet

LODGE 185 15 15 24 24 24

NEW MEMBER Cheryl Murray Meaghan Maybee Janet Dahlman Michael Gunlund Matthew Gunlund Patricia Gunlund

SPONSOR Minnie Mortensen Lois Flee Marcia Jante Martha Smith Martha Smith Martha Smith

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Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St Solvang, CA 93463

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